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gardenerjoy 08-16-2020 11:34 AM

It's always nice to reach the half-way point of my exercise goal at the midpoint of the month.

DH and I agreed that today's theme is "lazy Sunday." It's been fun for me to decide what things fit that theme and what things don't. I've decided that a morning walk fits because it's in the mid-70s and an August walk with that temperature fits any theme.

Exercise +35, 710/1400 minutes for August

onebyone 08-16-2020 11:04 PM

Hi Coaches

Scale bounced up today: 279.5
Still. It stayed under 280. These little things are indeed progress. I am anxious for 276.

Food today was a bit weird. I ate most of my food before 2pm. So for the most part I closed the kitchen there. I made beef ribs in the instant pot early this morning so DH's portion was wrapped and waiting for him at the same time I was making him breakfast. I ended up having supper for breakfast and lunch for lunch and no supper at supper time. I am happy to feel emptier at bedtime than I have the past two nights. I've noticed it is needed for me to move my weight down the scale.

We had lots of irritating off and on with the internet today. It's flaky here sometimes. So all my plans to upload images and do work on websites was scrapped. These days when my primary plans get scrapped I don't feel the energy or the drive to fill in the time with something else. Oh well tends to be my response.

Maryann: I have to congratulate you on your online class success. Keeping the attention of your students is no easy feat. You are gaining possibly the most important skill around these days: creating compelling online content. This skill is everything right now, no matter what you are doing or what field you are in. Fantastic. Your school and your students are very lucky to have you.

BillBlueEyes 08-17-2020 05:44 AM

Monday - George Orwell publishes "Animal Farm" in the United Kingdom (1946)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Walked, CREDIT moi, with DW, DS, and his SO, for a leisurely three mile hike around the local reservoir. All the other walkers, runners, bikers, and dog walkers wore masks and maintained social distancing - as did we. The published prediction of "occasional sprinkles" did happen; but very occasional and very light - didn't even take my hat out of my backpack. When we got home, my shorts and Polo shirts had arrived. I do love getting a package in the mail. All fit - at the size smaller than what I'm wearing. Yeah for an NSV that feels good. I trust that the temperatures will rise again so that I can wear the stuff, LOL.

Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner, at the kitchen table due to chilly outside temperature, was gazpacho, and a huge green salad supplemented with the remnants of the rotisserie chicken dying in the fridge. DW heated the chicken with a quick white sauce to get some moisture back. It worked. After dinner snack was a Gala Apple because the watermelon is all gone. Peaches, strawberries, and blueberries at breakfast were all their usual summer best.

onebyone - Kudos for being able to retire feeling "emptier at bedtime." Bit step, that. Ouch for flaky internet service - it's such a needed commodity these days.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, walking in the mid 70's is a pleasure. Congrats for making your exercise half-goal at its half-duration.

maryann - Congrats for making a class so interesting that a bombing student stays for the duration. I'm glad to hear that Michigan is still open to incoming Freshmen.

Penny. - Congrats for making it back "in the acceptable decade." I asked DW if she cared that I bought Cascade. "Why would I care, you load the dishwasher." So, I've been buying Cascade forever thinking that I was doing as told and I've always been free to explore other brands. I don't feel brand loyalty - I feel total disinterest, LOL.

Readers -

chapter 2 Experience the Difference

Stage 2

You will continue to eat this way for a lifetime. ... You won't stick exclusively to the limited options in Stage 2 for long. And in Stage 4, I'll teach you how to modify the plan to include your personal recipes.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 29.

curlyjax 08-17-2020 07:37 AM

Another nice relaxing day yesterday. I've been thinking about getting a kayak, but not sure how I could get it on my car, since it doesn't have a rack, and I would have to get one installed, etc. Also I would have to hoist it up there etc. There are ones that snap together and i'm thinking that could be good; not as sturdy etc but i'm not looking to kayak in the ocean. There weren't any available until recently, so i'm thinking I should snap it up if I want it.
I have a small treat planned for today but other than that i'm going to be back on track! Now my other hip is starting to hurt and I've really got to get this weight off. I really do not want to have another hip surgery. It actually felt better when I went on my stationary bike so I'm hopeful that's a good sign.

maryann 08-17-2020 09:28 AM

Food better. Scale within 3 pounds of ticker. That feels good. Today is 5 months off added sugar. That is historical.

Curleyjax: I am going to investigate a kayak as well. It is the lifting I am concerned about. We have the lake behind us up in the mountains so it is not like I am going down the rapids.

Penny. 08-17-2020 10:22 AM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight is down.

Maryann, that is hilarious the hacker stayed for class. You are awesome!

Curly, uh oh, I hope your other hip is not going to give you issues now. No no no.

Bill, lol about the dishwasher detergent. I guess I do buy it because my husband loads and tells me to buy it. It then becomes a habit, doesn’t it. Congrats on the smaller clothes.

Onebyone, finishing the day's food so early is tough, isn’t it? That’s my usual. Now I'm meeting people for dinner occasionally and wondering how to do that without overeating.

Joy, kudos for the halfway goal success. I guess I had a lazy Sunday too.

karenrn 08-17-2020 10:54 AM

Good morning coaches,

Yesterday food was not on plan and the scale was back up. I have not been at all consistent and it shows. I didn't hike this morning but did get out for a walk with Otis. I'm just checking the temp when I wake up about 4 and decide. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a little cooler. No big plans for today, but I do have a low tire light on and will get that checked as soon as the tire store opens. I have brand new tires, so hopefully it is nothing. I listened to some more of the Masterclass courses yesterday and I'm enjoying that. My food plan is made and I think my biggest problem is having too much time on my hands. Like some of us have said having a snack sometimes fills the gap or transition time between what we are doing. My gap is just too long.

Penny Congrats for another on plan day.
Maryann I'm sure being totally off sugar would be helpful to me too. That was really funny about the kid who bombed the class and stayed. We all know your students are so fortunate to have you.
Curlyjax Kayaks are so popular. I can't tell you how many we saw when we were driving between here and Washington. My older brother who died years ago used to do some whitewater kayak racing. I guess you'll have to do a bit more research to determine what will work.
Bill Congrats on the smaller clothes arriving and fitting. What a good feeling that must be!
Onebyone Having problems with the internet would be awful right now. I hope it's better.
GardenerJoy Lazy Sunday was the theme here for me yesterday. Good for you for being half way to your monthly exercise goal.

Well I guess I'll head out to the tire store before it gets any hotter. Have a great day!

gardenerjoy 08-17-2020 11:53 AM

We got a walk in already. It's going up to 88 which after a few cooler days, seems like something to avoid. We developed the morning walk habit to combat the days where it went up to 95, but apparently our tolerance is lower now.

Exercise +60, 770/1400 minutes for August

BillBlueEyes: congrats on the NSV of smaller-sized shirts. That's great!

onebyone 08-17-2020 02:00 PM


To celebrate my 20.3 lb loss my first milestone reached on my way to my goal of being "statistically normal according to BMI charts" I have treated myself (Beck says we should!) to this long longed-for book:


I have not picked my ukulele back up during the pandemic as I had hoped I would. But the pandemic ain't over so it's still time to learn the uke. I will not only learn to play the uke, I will also sing, out loud, with my uke.

My next milestone is 20lbs down the road.

256.3lbs. I wish myself happy travels!

Billblueyes When I read your clothes arrived in the mail, I immediately flashed on receiving Christmas parcels in the mail as a young kid, filled with unwanted clothes from my grandmother in Ottawa. I wanted toys. Or books. Instead I got yukky clothes! I know you are thrilled and Credit for ordering and for being the right size to fit them!

Penny. 08-17-2020 09:26 PM

Second check-in to confirm my plan to finish out the day successfully.

I have a dinner date tomorrow night, so definitely do not want calories to go over today as well. Navigating weightloss around these restaurant outings is really hard for an overeater, and I'm not sure how best to do it.

I can read my beck advantage card and need some stress relief plan for when I return home. That is the risky time: needing to decompress from the social anxiety.

Onebyone, congrats on the 20 pound milestone! Woohoo!

Karen, good luck keeping the boredom snacking in check. It is harder to stay distracted from food without things going on.

BillBlueEyes 08-18-2020 05:53 AM

Tuesday - FDR dedicates Thousand Islands Bridge connecting US & Canada (1938)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner was on the patio but ended promptly because it was chilly, even while wearing long sleeve and long legged attire. I'm so psyched to get warm enough to wear my new shorts and Polo shirts. We again had the pasta salad; DW made one HUGE bowl of it so we'll be having it again. Methinks that it's the Dijon mustard in the dressing that makes it so good.

Excitement was walking, CREDIT moi, to try to buy some Vitamin D3. The CVS had shelves and shelves of D3 - but none at the low dosage of 10 mcg (400 IU) that's appropriate for our self-prescribed supplement. We're warned not to overdo Vitamin D3 for some reason and I get a bunch from fortified milk and salmon as well as walking without a hat in the sunshine - a benefit of thinning hair, LOL. CVS wants to sell mega doses - not for us. So, it'll be on my list to try today and, if not, push the buttons to get it through Amazon. Side effect is that I discovered our favorite cereal on hyper sale for $1.88 a box (instead of $5.49, $3.69, and $2.99 at three different nearby stores); I bought a bunch with expiration dates well into the future. I'm addicted to bargains.

onebyone - Kudos for rewarding yourself with a book - Yep, a key Beck strategy. Ouch for the memory of unwanted gifts of clothes as a kid.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, I recognize that lower tolerance thing. Always Kudos for a walk.

maryann - Happy Anniversary for five months with no sugar. Is your body acclimating to no sugar?

Karen (karenrn) - Hope that low-tire warning is a trivial issue. I'm mesmerized with the technology that allows the computer of a car to know the pressure of each individual spinning tire.

curlyjax - Good news that your stationary bike helps your hip. Neat idea to have a kayak.

Penny. - Yay for each tad of weight down. Happy date night; may it be fun and without unwanted surprises.

Readers -

chapter 2 Experience the Difference

Stage 2

You will continue to eat this way for a lifetime. ... I'll also teach you how and when to make flexible rules for eating, so that you will continue to benefit from the diet forever, without regaining the weight you lose. In short, I'll provide you with the eating plan that you can stick with for life.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 29.

curlyjax 08-18-2020 07:04 AM

Quick wave as I'm going into my agency this morning and need to be on time:) I'm psyched to get back into my regular routine soon even with getting up earlier, it will give me some more normalcy as well. I did all my exercises/wts yesterday and stayed mostly on program yesterday.Wave to all!

maryann 08-18-2020 09:12 AM

BBE: my bananas, plain yogurt, balsamic vinegar and a little Swerve ethrytol was too sweet this morning. I drink my espresso black now. Yep my body has definitely adjusted to no sugar. Ethrytol is a sugar sub that doesn’t raise blood sugar levels. I tolerate it very well.

Excitement yesterday was more than half the town was blacked out due to lightening hitting a power something or other. Distance learning with no electricity. Meets were cancelled for the day. I raced to high school which had power but not much luck connecting. I used the day to develop some curriculum. Crazy times. I went to the ranch because power was out here for 12 hours and it was 105.

Credit that none of it was worth overeating. Scale is down a little. This month’s total loss is zero but I knew this weight has a plateau always.

karenrn 08-18-2020 10:23 AM

Good morning coaches,

Food was on plan yesterday and my plan is made for today. I walked Otis this morning and don't really feel like hiking until the lows are below 90. We will get there one of these days. I did need a new tire yesterday because I had a screw in the side wall. The good news is it was nearly free because of my tire warranty and the tires were so new I didn't need 4 like I did one other time with an all wheel drive vehicle. We had a fabulous lightening show last night, but still no rain. It was right during the convention, so I didn't see all of it, but I could watch it out the window. I watched the convention on Amazon Prime which I got working on the TV in the bedroom. Dh was not at all interested in watching, so I left him to the larger tv in the family room. I will say it was a bit strange watching the convention the way it was due to Covid.

Maryann A blackout with these high temps would be no fun at all. Good job on not eating with the crazy day you had.
Curlyjax It sounds like you had a good day yesterday. I know for me it is a confidence builder to get a day or two under my belt.
Bill I wish we could share a little of our warmth with you. We've got plenty to go around. It's the warmest summer on record here. We've had the most days with a low over 90, most days with a high over 110 and even the most days with a high over 115. Not exactly the kind of records we're looking for. Have you had your Vitamin D level checked?
Penny I hope you made it through the day on plan and that the posting helped. Maybe that's what I should do.
Onebyone Congrats on the 20 pounds gone! The ukulele is almost as popular as kayaks lately. Let us know how it goes.
GardenerJoy I would love your temperatures for walking, but maybe not the humidity.

Penny. 08-18-2020 10:58 AM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding.

I forgot to mention my routine COVID 19 testing for work came back negative. Woot! Reading all the stuff about asymptotic carriers did make me wonder.

Maryann, that breakfast sounds very interesting. I'm trying to imagine that flavor combo in my mouth. lol

Curly, absence makes the heart grow fonder, even when it comes to a work commute? Have a great day!

Karen, the lightning storm sounds amazing! I'm glad the tire fix was covered.

Bill, I've started taking my D and B12 sporadically instead of daily, since my levels were good. Maybe that will mitigate any adverse effects of taking the higher dose. I don't know what I'm doing. :lol:

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