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  • Credit for an OP day with walk. I hope to never take it for granted. This morning is a treat. Outside coffee with two friends that I have missed. We have a standing monthly dinner that has been postponed twice. We will be in her lovely backyard and bring our own mugs. But she says we are welcome to use the bathroom. Coffee and bathroom do go together.

    I still have to work today but it will be a nice beginning.

  • Good morning! We're off to a slow and late start which pretty much reflects the energy of a cool, rainy day. We're under a frost warning for tonight! But this is likely the last day for months that I'll experience my house as a cozy refuge, so I'm going to enjoy it. We'll make chili for supper.

    Weigh-in: N/A kgs Exercise: +55, 330/1400 minutes for May
  • Good Morning!

    Yesterday was under budget and weight is down a smidge.

    I spent most of the day reading The Jungle and it is very depressing. A good read. A necessary read. I'll finish it up today.

    Curly, sorry you are feeling depressed about your job. I'm glad you have someone to vent to.

    Aridnestar, credit for the run!

    Karen, I get the same thing when I have the dogs in the stroller.

    Bill, those mattresses can be quite awkward and heavy to maneuver. Will we ever have company again is a good question. lol

    Maryann, enjoy your coffee plans!

    Joy, enjoy your cozy day. Chili sounds good.
  • Had a lie-in this morning and have had a lovely relaxing day, including a zoom-trivia quiz with other teachers from 4 schools - our school won, which made the experience even better! Not the best day of food choices but definitely not the worst - more a portion control issue than anything.

    BillBlueEyescongrats on a job well done on the mattress moving!
    maryann, well done for an OP day. I hope your coffee date was wonderful.
    gardenerjoy we have a similar frost warning for the weekend - hoping my seedlings in the (unheated) greenhouse will make it through OK.
    Penny Is that the Upton Sinclair book? I had a look online and it does look like a harrowing but important book. My current reading is my usual choice of apocalyptic fiction, perhaps a bit close to the bone in these times - it's the Wanderers by Chuck Wendig and it's about a strange epidemic. Only just started but interesting so far.
  • Good afternoon coaches,

    I am back after being gone a long time. Starting over yet again. Food was OP yesterday. Today my sister bought me candy for my birthday shared some of it with her and plan on sharing a lot of it this weekend with DH. Took a late evening walk yesterday and didn't think about changing to long sleeves. Now I have a bunch of mosquito bites on both arms. I can't find my Beck Pink Book so maybe it is time to buy the green one.

    BillBlueEyes - thanks for keeping this post going and for little snippets of the book for me to pondor
    maryann- I am so glad you got to do your coffee date - my sister and I having lunch together in her car was the first time seeing her in months
    ariadnester & gardenerjoy - hope your plants make it through the frost - we are looking for 90s this weekend

    I am planning on staying OP this weekend even with Mother's Day. Nothing planned for me.
  • Saturday - World Migratory Bird Day
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Walked, CREDIT moi, to bring a stamped, large, manilla folder to the nearby Post Office. There was a long line, appropriately spaced six-feet apart. I, however, had weighed my folder on our small kitchen scale and attached three one-ounce first-class stamps at home. I chose not to wait in line; just put it in the collection bin outside while smiling politely at the folks waiting. This waiting in line business has little appeal. BIG excitement was to drive to the lawyer's office to sign the stack of papers of our "Estate Plan" that I've mentioned here before. By arrangement in advance, we called the lawyer's personal cell-phone from a designated parking spot outside her building. She appeared with two witnesses - administrators in her office. In response to questions, "Yes, by our own free will. Yes, competent. Yes, over 18" which she then turned around and repeated to the witnesses who had heard us scream this out of the car window to the three of them standing in the parking lot as far away as possible. Driver's licenses were photographed. They disappeared into their office building and we drove home. Less than ten minutes. The binder of papers will be FedExed to us. For the price, we'd looked forward to sitting at the table fondling the stack of pages. "Call me if you have any questions," was the substitute.

    Eating was on plan without daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner was a previously-frozen lasagna from Whole Foods. The whole pan was 2.5 servings. We each had a fourth so it could serve as two meals. That made my dinner only 0.625 servings - slightly small. But I'm not starved for calories so got to go to bed thinking that I was a tad hungry. Not really hungry. Continue to feel privileged that we're not suffering like so many people are. Just inconvenienced. Oh - my scheduled FedEx package of small importance didn't arrive by 9pm even as I sat in the first floor living room with many lights on to attract the driver. "Tomorrow is another day."

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Went downstairs for dinner and asked DW if she'd heard about the frost warning. She pointed to her six, new, potted Coleus on the counter ready to spend the night inside. Their future is in a large pot on our front sidewalk - a yearly tradition.

    maryann - Neat plan to visit at a distance in your friend's backyard using your own coffee mugs. Might be our future.

    millie56 - Kudos for making a plan to be OP for the weekend that includes Mother's Day. Yay for a late evening walk; Ouch for mosquitoes.

    Penny. - Think I'll let you read The Jungle for both of us; I don't need depressing at this moment.

    ariadnestar - The review describes Chuck Wendig's Wanders as including "a teenage girl who may be the world's last hope." I'll pretend that it's a hopeful novel - but not read it anyway, LOL. Good luck working portion control - a known challenge.

    Readers -
    chapter 1 Begin a New Way of Life

    On the Beck Diet for Life Program . . .

    You will learn to eat healthfully. You will develop an eating plan that you can comfortably stay on for life. The menus include such family favorites as meatloaf, chili, pizza, pasta, burgers, stir-fry, sandwiches, and much more. Some dishes require no cooking whatsoever with many others going from refrigerator to table in 20 minutes or less. I have also used simple ingredients that you can find in any grocery store for a reasonable price. This is a diet you can easily enjoy and sustain - and it's not only good for you, but also good for your entire family.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 14.
  • I'm enjoying a bit of a lie-in myself today like Ariadnestar. I'm enjoying waking up to cool mornings, I like Spring to ease in. Some years its really hot suddenly.
    DS had his 18th birthday this week, which was bittersweet because its yet another milestone my husband isn't here for. I've been dreaming about my husband this week; he loved doing male stuff with DS and would have been so happy. We didn't do anything for the birthday other than his favorite food, but about 10 of his friends did a "driveby" which was very fun.
    I've just been depressed and mopey for a few days, the pandemic is really getting to me. I know i'm not alone in that.
    My exciting plans today include the usual dump run, groceries and depositing my stimulus check which finally arrived.
    Mille56 -welcome back! I hear you with starting over yet again.
    Penny- yay for a smidge down!
    Bill- I had to laugh at your description of screaming out the window for your legal transactions.
    Wave to all!
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was on plan and weight is down a smidge.

    More bread and hummus was made, and this time I used one of the loaves-worth of dough to make one pizza and one dessert pizza. The kids really liked the dessert pizza. It was just a streusel and drizzle of icing on the crust.

    I also finished my book, went on a bike ride with dd, and watched the first of the two It movies (ick ick ick) with dh.

    Millie, welcome back!

    Ariadnestar, yes it was Upton Sinclair. A 30 book collection of his was cheaper than the book by itself, so I have a lot of his books now. I thought about starting another but decided I need a palate cleanser and went for an autobiography of Tegan and Sara (musicians). Your book sounds interesting!

    Bill, credit for staying on plan and extra credit for keeping the lasagna pirtion so small. lol at the legal transaction out the car window.

    Curly, happy birthday to your ds. My son turns 19 week after next.
  • Another very calm day here today - the weather was nicer than expected so I was able to go for another run and do some work in the garden. Apart from that not much has been accomplished in the household, but sometimes a day like that is just what is needed. Tomorrow is the weekly early morning grocery run - we ran a bit short this week so I'll need to make sure I'm getting enough to see us through. It's just so much more expensive with all three of us eating all of our daily meals at home - I know we're saving in other places and on the whole I think we're spending less, but every week the total on the cash register makes me gasp as it's a LOT more than I'd have spent on the weekly shop before the lockdown.

    millie Hi, nice to 'meet' you - well done on an OP day. I hope you have a good Mother's Day, even with no big plans. Our Mother's Day is in March so it seems a long time ago!
    Bill Blue Eyes, that lawyer experience sounds so bizarre - what a time to live through!
    Curlyjax, Happy birthday to your DS, and sorry that these milestones can bring sadness mixed with the happiness. It's good that you can dream about your DH - I dream about lost loved ones sometimes and it leaves you with a feeling that they are still around, in some way.
    Penny, dessert pizza sounds lovely. I'm still playing with the idea of home made sourdough but I think I can resist a bit longer before I succumb.

    Have a good Saturday
  • Good afternoon coaches,

    Yesterday had some off plan eating in the afternoon after an annoying walk with a friend. She is a nice gal, but we see things quite differently and I am not good with letting it go although I didn't say anything to her. This morning I had a nice hike with Hiking Suzanne, not many on the trail we chose except a ton of bees and gnats due to the Saguaro cactus being in bloom. No bites but the bees were noisy and the gnats annoying. I'm sure weight is up from my salty snacks yesterday, so I felt the best thing would be to stay off the scale for a day or two. Today is a good on plan day. Dh and I gave Otis a bath and are anxiously awaiting the return of his groomer. I spoke with another groomer, but when I sent photos she said he is just beautiful but she wouldn't have time to do that kind of a job. I thanked her for her honesty and we will wait until his regular groomer decides to come back to work (please God let it be soon). We will be under 100 degrees here today for the first time in awhile and it looks like we'll be in the 90's for the next 10 days. Yahoo!

    Well, dh is home from the driving range so I'm heading out to the pool, personals tomorrow.

  • What a lazy day! I haven't had one of these in awhile. I have puttered, practiced the piano, read some of my favorite frugal blogs, and simply laid on the couch staring out the window. I seem to be craving quiet today. I do need to get a few things done before I head down to the ranch to join the boys. We are spending the night down there.

    I bought two whole chickens at Sam's club yesterday. They will last us three days. DH carved one yesterday. We had a nice chicken dinner with fresh bread and caprese salad. Tonight with the leftover chicken I'll make a little casserole with green enchilada sauce and cheese. Then Sunday we'll carve the second whole chicken and make Pesto Pasta for my Mom. Not bad for a ten dollar investment. I did a little research on the meat issue. My menus are not very heavy on the meat side anyway. If I have to buy more expensive steak, DH will be in heaven.

    Yesterday was OP, weight holding. I have promised I will finish this and do yoga although I am not very excited about it.

    Welcome back, Millie.
    Karen, I have spent a lot of time hiking in those saguaros. You have brought back lots of memories.
    Ariadnester: When is your school out?
    BBE: what are you reading if it is not The Jungle? I am reading Indigo Girl with my book club. Historical fiction.
    Penny and Curley: Happy bday to your boys. Mine turns 18 in June.

    The nice news was my son is one of the Valedictorians of his class. That kid must have been switched at birth!
  • Sunday - Mother's Day and Lilac Sunday
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Happy Mother's Day to all and Happy Lilac Sunday to all who appreciate Lilacs. Harvard's Arnold Arboretum has a zillion visitors each year on this day; however, it cancelled their Lilac Sunday 2020. (That's sad. On the other hand it's 39 degrees F outside right now and the Lilacs are late.) Wind yesterday gusted to 50 mph and kept the trees constantly in motion. Not a good day for walking about.

    FedEx was bountiful: the small package arrived; and a book that I'd ordered for DW from Amazon Prime arrived after a full month. Felt like the skies had rained happiness. The small package was the jigsaw puzzle Votes for Women which now dominates our dining room table tempting me every time I pass.

    Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. The scale was kind to me this morning which I celebrate. My brain treats my eating and the scale readings as separate events to be celebrated when they tend in the same direction.

    maryann - Congrats for such mileage from two Sam's Club rotisserie chickens. I'm currently reading Underland: A Deep Time Journey by Robert Macfarlane. It's got me hooked. Congrats to your DS for being one of the Valedictorians.

    Karen (karenrn) - So jealous of your Saguaro cactus being in bloom. Just don't get those around here. Congrats for holding your tongue with your friend of different views.

    curlyjax - Today will certainly contribute to your desire for Spring to ease in, LOL. Will be hard to tell that it's May outside. Happy Birthday to your DS; neat that his friends drove by to celebrate.

    Penny. - LOL at the "dessert pizza." Glad that your streusel isn't in my kitchen. Glad that your DD is still into her bike.

    ariadnestar - Yep, lots of food being consumed at home during isolation. I was impressed when I calculated how much I was spending on lunch each day at work; it added up over a year.

    Readers -
    chapter 1 Begin a New Way of Life

    On the Beck Diet for Life Program . . .

    You will eat and fully enjoy your favorite foods and beverages. This plan allows you to select - every day, if you wish - a reasonable portion of chips, fries, desserts, alcohol, or any other food or beverage you like. I will show you the portion you can eat and still lose weight, and I will teach you how to limit yourself to only that portion. Many of the dieters I counsel report that they are finally able to eat these formerly "forbidden" foods without guilt or fear - and each bit tastes that much better because they know they will feel satisfied, will easily limit themselves, and can have more the next day if they plan in advance.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 15.
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was on plan and weight came down another smidge.

    I had to do some grocery shopping since my mom wants sourdough for mothers day, and we were out of white flour. What an absolute shitshow (I can't wait to see if this word is starred out lol).

    People without masks, no limiting of customers at the door, the one way arrows have been removed. I guess they are moving toward not caring at all anymore.

    Karen, lol at the annoying hike with your friend. Oops! Credit for not losing your cool.

    Maryann, lazy days are needed sometimes. Those roasted chickens are going into some non-lazy recipes though, instead of just being picked at on the counter, so I'd say your day isn't so lazy.

    Aridnestar, good luck at the store. Hopefully you have a better experience than my store.

    Bill, the puzzle looks very cool. Kudos for the scale jiggle in the right direction.
  • happy Sunday to All,

    Beautiful day here. High of 80 in the afternoon. We are going to visit Mom on the patio. I realized I have less than a month of school and that feels good.

    Yesterday was abstinent from sugar but the food plan changed every ten minutes which is a sure sign Im trying to manipulate things compulsively. More standing and eating than I have done in a week. Credit for logging it all. Credit for yoga. Credit for a modest plan today. The best M day gift I can give myself is staying OP.

    Wave to all.
  • Good morning coaches,

    Totally on plan day yesterday which makes me feel better both physically and mentally. Today the food plan is completed and my exercise is minimal since I'm not going for a hike or walk. We just had a little thunder and a brief rain shower, which was nice. It's still 81 degrees at 8 a.m. though. I've got the laundry started and will be watching online church at 9 a.m. I've been more consistent with that than I had been attending church. After that I'll do some more on the self sabotage class. I was off to a good start, but need to keep going. As much as anything it just keeps me being mindful of my goals.

    Penny We haven't had arrows on the floor in the grocery store that I go to, but I think having the snow birds leave for home early has helped minimize the population and people have been quite good. Most everyone has a mask on and are being very respectful of keeping distant.
    Bill Thank you for putting in all the links. I just love lilacs and had several bushes in our yard in Washington. I went to Catholic school and remember weaving crowns for Mary during May with lilacs and miniature roses. The saguaro all look like they have hats of white flowers on them, even the arms have the hats on.
    Maryann I'm glad you had such a nice day. Terrible to say, but I have those often, especially lately. What are your favorite frugal blogs? I love to read some of them and get inspired. I also signed up for the next round of Becoming Minimalist, which for me is just decluttering. I still haven't really gotten to the photos and some trinkets from my Dad. Who wants a box of miniature Hummels and their Bavarian village? Or some Jonathan Winter cottages? Luckily they are packed in boxes and don't take much room in the bottom of the linen closet. I bet you would have them gone in no time Maryann.
    Adriadnestar I have found the grocery bill is higher too. We do usually eat most meals at home, but I'm sure the prices are higher. It also seems they have a few more employees, such as the gal outside the door who is disinfecting each cart.
    Welcome back Millie! I am good for frequent restarts. Mainly I just never quit other than an hour or two here and there.
    GardenerJoy Have you tried out the new machine?
    Happy Mother's Day CurlyJax and all the rest of you mothers!


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