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  • Good morning coaches,

    Weight was down a smidge today from a couple of on plan days. I didn't know if I'd get up and hike or what, but since I woke up at 1:30 and got only 30 minutes or so sleep after that, I kind of feel that tired in the eyes feeling and decided on a low key day. I did get out and take Otis for a walk at 7 a.m. and it was already 70 degrees. My plan for the rest of the day is a little housework and working on a module from my Phit n Phat stuff. It's new and some of the other gals are finding it helpful. I'm sure I'll make a few phone calls today too.

    GardenerJoy I hope your package arrives today and I bet it will be a great machine to have.
    Penny That is sad about your first boyfriend and I hope second boyfriend fares much better. Yes it was a long drive to Prescott, but honestly it is great to get out and get away a bit. We always have to get out of town to hike when the heat comes. In July we will go to Flagstaff and camp out and hike for three days at a time to really get ready for August.
    Maryann I'm glad you could protest, but safely. My friend and I thought Prescott looked like it was open. We joked that they opened and didn't tell the governor.
    Bill It sounds so different to hear of you waiting in line so long to shop. Only Costco has had a line here and it moved quickly. Thanks for posting pictures of my hike area. I don't know how to insert a link. You've probably told me, but I haven't ever done it successfully.
    Curlyjax That is nice that a sign was put up for your ds. There are a number of signs in our neighborhood letting us know that a graduating senior lives there.
    Waving to Adriadnestar!

    Have a great day all of you!
  • Wednesday - National Nurses Day: Florence Nightingale born (1820, Florence, Italy)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Walked, CREDIT moi, to the Target store where I had ordered, for pickup, a box of Cascade dishwasher detergent. When I wasn't able to get it at the supermarket I resorted to google; found the last two boxes on planet earth within walking distance of my house. Was tempted to get both - an evil hoarding feeling. Quickly realized that someone else could use the second box; there'll be more when I need it months from now. 'Customer pickup' sounds like being aware of the notion of social distancing. I walked in the store expecting a big sign pointing to customer pickup. Had to wander the whole first floor to find a clerk. "Upstairs, all the way back, then to the far right." As far as one could travel in the store! Took the escalator holding the moving belt with my left, gloved hand. Made it to Customer Service where there was no line. With my right, ungloved hand, I presented my cell phone with the order's bar code visible for the clerk to point to with his reader. Held up my (demanded by their website) driver's license which was scorned, "Don't need that." The box was brought out. "Don't I need a receipt?" "No." So, stuffed it in my backpack and walked out the front door, pausing to grab a Purell wipe to clean my hands. Glad it worked. DW is glad that we can continue to wash dishes. She doesn't object to the perfume label, 'Fresh' because she said she'd never found any that didn't have some perfume. Mission accomplished. It's humbling that I find that a topic worthy of discussion, but times are different, different, different.

    Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Salmon grilled on the deck was eaten inside because it's now chilly again. Bragging about being warm is over.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - That Famag Grilletta dough mixer looks strong enough for the task. I assume you chose the magenta (Raspberry Pink), LOL. Congrats for lasting until 8:45 pm waiting for Godot.

    maryann - Congrats to your seniors for protesting responsibly - makes their point that they are adults with a different opinion.

    Karen (karenrn) - Ouch for the lack of sleep - hope you have time for a secret daytime nap.

    Penny. - LOL that the masks kept you a little warmer. Sending supportive thoughts for the emotional loss of a boyfriend from long, long ago. Congrats for choosing a second boyfriend who is "stunned by the stupidity of humanity" but keeps plodding forth.

    Readers -
    chapter 1 Begin a New Way of Life

    How the Program Works

    There are several essential parts of the Beck Diet for Life Program. It provides you with a well-balanced, healthy, enjoyable eating plan. But before you change what you eat, you learn important skills: . . .
    • How to consistently use good eating habits: eating everything slowly, while sitting down and enjoying every bite.
    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 14.
  • I ate some healthy things yesterday and not healthy things, and went for a walk. All in all a balance. Still need to work on not munching during tv time. I watched a Seinfeld special on Netflix- I can't believe he's 65!! I like the fact that I know everything he references, unlike some younger comics.
    I think my body has decided its a great time to start having hot flashes, yay. DD already cranks up the heat all the time since she's cold, so I'm starting to dress like its 90 degrees out. Today is takeout day, and i'm getting pizza and trying some beer from a local beer place. I have never been into beer but tried some of manfriend's once and liked it, so i'm branching out.
    I had a dream DH came back to life and looked like his old healthy self. Clearly I am missing him. I haven't dreamt about my mom yet who died last March, but I think of how she would respond to things often.
    Onwards with the day.
    Penny- sorry about the old boyfriend. Suicide is so sad.
  • Curleyjax: I bought Seinfeld tickets for Dh bday last month. He is scheduled for October and I bought insurance in case it is cancelled. DH has fond memories of watching the show.
    gardenerjoy: I inherited the Kitchen Aid with dough hook and have used it for making homemade pasta. I will have to try it for bread. Like Penny, I use my bread machine (Zoirushi) on dough setting then taker it out and cook it in a regular pan. But DS is pretty open about eating anything including the kitchen sink so he sets a low bar for me.
    BBE: Nice Godot reference.
    Karen: It is good to listen to your body.

    Yesterday was OP. I did some calculations (which is rare.) The slowly descending scale was the impetus. According to a BMR calculator (given age, weight, height and activity level) I burn 1906 calories a day. I have kept meticulous daily food plans ( for me anyway) for 50 days. I eat an average of 1420-1520 calories a day. 1906-1520 = 386 extra burned calories. Times it by 7 days in a week = 2702 . Divide it by the 3500 calories in a pound = .77 a pound weight loss a week. And guess how much weight I have lost over 7 weeks? No WAYYYYYYY. .75 lbs a week.

    What does this mean? The good news is the system works. The bad news is the system works. I want SOOOO much to blame it on the gods, or magic, or luck, or (my favorite) the unfairness of the universe. The truth is I am right on schedule. At this rate I will be solidly under 170 in 14 more days. I know it is more than calories in and calories out because of all I learned about the brain's reaction to keeping me at a set point. So the fact that I am losing means I am so far doing an ok job at not initiating all the hormones signals built into me to keep my weight at set point. I also know that if I had been eating refined sugars I would never have this kind of clarity. I have never had it before.

    So for today I soldier on. thank goodness I can retreat back to World Geography where I belong instead of math. (BBE: Don't check my numbers. I'm very vulnerable with arithmetic )
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding.

    I made my usual four loaves of bread but turned one of the loaves into two pizzas, of which I had none. Credit to me!

    Joy, looking over that dough mixer made me want one so bad! It looks amazing. My larger kitchen aid pro can hold four loaves worth of dough but just barely. Plus, we have had to change out the shredded gear and it has sounded bad ever since.

    Karen, yay for the smidge down. We have to celebrate the little drops. I saw a video talking about the lack of shortness of breath with extremly low O2 sats early on in the disease. I guess the people who are starting to feel winded are more advanced stage. Yikes! Those little monitors are a good idea.

    Bill, that is ridiculous to have the "curb side" pick-up so far into the store. I'm sure it used to be for encouraging spending but a pandemic is not the time.

    Curly, bummer about the hot flashes. One thing that helps me is one of those blue gel ice packs on the bottoms of my feet. It seems to calm it down quickly.

    Maryann, the weightloss math is a sad reality isn't it? At least we are keeping ourselves from continuing to gain all this time we creep down the scale.

    Wave to Ariadnestar!
  • Still no package. Fortunately, the computer let us know that something went wrong by 4pm so I was able to get a walk in. Hopefully, today!

    Weigh-in: N/A kgs Exercise: +50, 240/1400 minutes for May
  • Good morning coaches,

    Food was on plan yesterday and my plan is written for today. I got up this morning and out the door before 5 to hike the Gateway Loop, then home to walk Otis. I slept like a log last night because I took 1/2 a Costco sleep aid and 1 Naprosyn for the thumb discomfort. I don't like to take a sleep aid (for fear they will contribute to Alzheimer's), but I also know I occasionally get in a pattern I need to break. I did do some work on the Self Sabotage course yesterday and I think one of the thoughts I need to work on is that I am a volume eater of very nutritious food, therefore the volume is not a problem. However, it is a problem because I don't lose weight that way. Anyway, more work to do on that today.

    GardenerJoy That machine looks fabulous and I am proud of you that you can have the homemade bread in the house and not be 400 pounds. I fear I would be.
    Penny I'm proud of you and the bread too and extra credit for no pizza.
    Maryann Those calculations are kind of tough to look at. When I am losing (which of course is not enough), I try to just multiply by 50 and say that would sure be great in a year.
    Curlyjax I hope seeing dh healthy is your dream was a comfort. I have had my parents in my dreams a few times and they were back and healthy and wondering what we had done with all their money.
    Bill That sounds crazy to go clear to the back of the store for a pick up. I actually thought they would bring it out to the curb for you, but I guess that's my stupidity.

    Well time for me to move on to doing some PNP homework and then I am going to vacuum the hardwood floors and do some dusting (that is the minimum).

    Take care all of you and stay healthy!
  • Thursday - Dome of the Hagia Sophia collapses; ordered rebuilt (558, Constantinople)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Plugged in my Nissan LEAF to charge overnight because we're going someplace tomorrow. Excitement has now become that the electric car needs to be charged. If this continues long enough, I'll report that I've charged my cell phone. Then I'll report that I wore pants all day although nobody noticed. The scale has been kind to me for five days this week. Despite my ability to ignore good news, I'll take that - even concede that I contributed by avoiding daytime snacks. So, CREDIT moi.

    Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner was served inside despite the patio table and chairs looking inviting. It remains too chilly to want to eat outdoors.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Here's hoping that you are mixing dough even as I type.

    maryann - Super neat that you were able to convince yourself that the scale is, indeed, following what your body should be doing according to your math. That was well done. It's on my Bucket List to get better at world geography. Wish I'd been more aware sooner.

    Karen (karenrn) - Would seem to me that the days of your hiking require volume eating. Not sure how you change volume on non-hiking days. Happy dusting day.

    curlyjax - Yay for branching out in your tastes. Neat that you continue with takeout Wednesday at your house. It's a comforting gift of your mind to present you with a memory of your DH in his old healthy self.

    Penny. - Neat that you mush on producing loaves of homemade bread, feeding your whole crowd. From here, does seem like a loaves and fishes challenge. That was a sobering video; thanks for sharing.

    Readers -
    chapter 1 Begin a New Way of Life

    How the Program Works

    There are several essential parts of the Beck Diet for Life Program. It provides you with a well-balanced, healthy, enjoyable eating plan. But before you change what you eat, you learn important skills: . . .
    • How to plan in advance what you are going to eat, monitor your eating as you go along, and stick with three meals and three snacks a day.
    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 14.
  • Yesterday I started to get depressed about my job. I'm SO grateful to have a job and be able to work from home currently, but its getting so repetitious, and now i'm doing a project that seems stupid to me.I did call one of my colleagues and get to vent with her, so that was nice. She complains way more than I do since she's been at the agency forever, so she's a great person to talk to when I'm feeling down. I really hope when the dust clears I'll be able to find a job I really enjoy within a year. I make didly working for a non profit, so it's not asking too much to have the job be interesting, right?
    Enough venting. It does help to think long term during the pandemic.
    The beer was okay- the pizza was great!-I like hard cider and wine better. It was fun to try something new anyhow.
    Geez, its getting late again, personals tomorrow!
  • I happily moved my details down another pound. Credit OP and exercise. Lots accomplished at work but my biggest day of the work week today.

    Wave to all.
  • The package arrived late yesterday and was left down by our mail boxes. It was 75 pounds and had tape all over it that said "2-person lift." My guess is that there weren't two people on the truck. Only the small trucks can make it up our driveway and no one could safely carry it up by themselves. We fetched it with the car--the first time that the car moved all week. It's a relief that waiting for the package will no longer be in the background of our days.

    Weigh-in: N/A kgs Exercise: +35, 275/1400 minutes for May
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was a smidge overbudget and weight is holding.

    I've had breakfast and am back to bed to read, feeling low energy today.

    Have a great day, everyone!
  • Good morning coaches,

    I'm home from the Gateway Loop hike and walking Otis. Otis and I drove to the nearby park cause there are recycle bins on the street. The bad news is that the garbage truck came to the park shortly after we got out of the car. I had to carry him aways and of course I got the comments about "who is getting a walk here?", but eventually I could put him down to go. Never a dull moment with my boy. Food has been on plan and weight is moving ever so slowly in the down direction. I've got to head to the store soon to pick up a few things, but mainly to pick up a prescription for my husband. No big plans for the day but I think I'll watch the movie Edie that is on Amazon Prime. It was one I thought I might see at the theater months ago and didn't.

    Penny I hope you have a great relaxing day and have more energy tomorrow. The video you attached was very good. I guess the gradual decrease in oxygen saturation level is like other lab levels that when changing slowly the body accommodates, if it moves quickly it can be deadly. Of course that oxygen saturation would be deadly in time and the doctor made some very good points. I think some of the things they are saying on the television should change so people go to the hospital rather than dying trying to avoid the hospital.
    GardenerJoy I'm glad you received your machine. Will you just keep it in a spot on the counter? That's a heavy machine to have to move regularly.
    Maryann I hope your day goes well and glad weight is doing the right thing in response to your efforts.
    Curlyjax Yes it would be great for you to have a job you really enjoy for sure.
    Bill It doesn't take much to get excited about it these days. Glad your weight is responding to no snacks. You have been so diligent with that. I wish my hiking required A LOT more food, but it doesn't seem to as verified by the scale. The hike I've done the last couple of days is only 90 minutes. It is so hot already that if I go longer it's too hot when I get home to comfortably walk the dog. The temps are quite a bit above normal, but are supposed to go back down to highs in the 90's next week.

    Okay, off to the store with me. Have a great day!
  • Hi All. Work's been quite busy over the past few days, but tomorrow is a holiday so the weekend has begun! We usually have a holiday the first Monday in May, but it's been moved to Friday for the whole country in honour of the 75th Anniversary of the end of WW2 in Europe (VE Day).

    I picked up a hip injury in January that I've slowly been rehabilitating - running is usually my exercise of choice but I've not been able to run without pain. I had a phone consultation with a physio a few weeks ago who suggested short strides, so today I gave it a go. Just a 20 minute run, but no pain and very enjoyable - and actually faster than the runs I was doing before the injury (I'm a good few pounds down since then, and I think the regular cycling and yoga has really helped). That's today's victory!

    karenrn I'm in awe of your early morning walks - now the mornings are lighter here I'm considering getting up an hour earlier for an outdoor run or cycle - what a way to start the day.We done on your self-reflection.
    BillBlueEyes, I'd love a Leaf - my good friend has one and it's a lovely car. They're very expensive, but I hope that by the time I need a new car they will have come down in price a bit. Well done on the3 downward trend!
    curlyjax Sorry you're not enjoying work at the moment, but you're right, it's a good time for making some future plans.
    maryann Well done for dropping the pound!
    gardenerjoy Glad the package arrived - very interested to see what you make with it!
    Penny Sorry you're feeling low energy - time for a bit of self care.

    Happy Thursday all!
  • Friday- Jacob's Pharmacy sells the first Coca-Cola; contained cocaine (1886, Atlanta)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Exercise was hauling the second twin-sized mattress to the third floor. CREDIT moi for our marriage surviving. Nothing stresses a relationship more than holding a heavy object that is supported by a lifting strap connected to both parties while negotiating how to maneuver around a sharp bend in the stairs where the Mansard roof constrains height. If I fell backward, the mattress would come down on top of me and the connected strap would pull my DW on top of the stack. It worked well. Would work better if either of us were actually as strong as we think we are. Hard to accept that something as easy as a "Hotel Quality" mattress would feel heavy. That's done. We're no longer embarrassed at the thought of sending guests to that bedroom. If having guests ever happens again in the future.

    Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Email arrived this morning stating that our package will arrive by 9 pm tonight. It's a small item for DW that's neither important nor costly. I will not get excited. I will not wait. I will not worry whether it gets stolen while we're away for an hour this afternoon. Not me. Won't even think about it.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Neat that your dough mixer has arrived home. Strange that it was just left at the end of the driveway; you might have been an elder person living alone. Glad that you and your DH could lift it.

    maryann - Congrats for a pound.

    Karen (karenrn) - Ouch for constantly facing "who is getting a walk here?" Strangers feel entitled to comment on everything. Hope your shopping trip finds the few things that you need.

    curlyjax - Congrats for finding a safe place to vent to help keep sane. Yep, not being broke at this time puts us ahead of all those who don't have money for groceries. It's not an equal-burden pandemic.

    Penny. - Back to bed after breakfast is a treat - a treat that requires a whole house of cooperating folks.

    ariadnestar - Kudos for the changes that make your running easier. Ouch for the hip injury - hope it heals.

    Readers -
    chapter 1 Begin a New Way of Life

    How the Program Works

    You learn these skills as well as how to get yourself to practice them, day after day - even if you are tired, stressed, busy, or unmotivated. You learn how to exert self-control.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 14.


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