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  • Saturday - The Beatles' "Love Me Do" single goes #1 in the United States (1964)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Walk, CREDIT moi, included stopping at a nearby supermarket because we needed one banana. It's my job to be sure that we each have a banana for breakfast. Not that difficult. I buy 14 bananas each week. Seems that I ate a banana with my peanut butter sandwich for lunch and hadn't accounted for it. Thus a full virus-exposing trip. No line; few shoppers. Although at the bin with bananas there were three of us queued. We stepped back giving each other at least six feet with exaggerated courtesy. Felt like living in a civilized society for a moment there.

    Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner on the patio just doesn't get boring. I'm currently suffering from the desire for a KFC fried chicken sandwich - because they were advertised on my computer screen with description of the advanced pickle that cost ten times the cost of a normal pickle. Remembered with DW at dinner the times, decades ago, of buying a bucket of KFC for a bunch of us and eating it all. My brain remembers that fondly without remembering that I just don't consume that much food anymore. Maybe I could buy a KFC fried chicken sandwich, eat one bite, and pay a teenager to finish it.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Hope you can find satisfactory food between now and Monday's shopping. Dead batteries seem more common with all of us driving so much less.

    maryann - I'm impressed with the notion of walking before breakfast. Never tried it.

    Karen (karenrn) - Ouch for needing surgical repair; Yay for finally knowing what the problem is. I agree with the notion that I only appreciate my thumb when it's not available.

    curlyjax - LOL at "play the old lady card when it helps!" - gotta remember that. Always Kudos for not going back for seconds.

    Penny. - Kudos for working out your own PPE solution. Such a shame that our system hasn't yet stepped forward with PPE for all those that need it.

    Readers -
    chapter 1 Begin a New Way of Life

    You Will Change Your Mindset

    By the time you finish the Beck Diet for Life Program, you will notice how different the "new" you is from the "old" you.

    The old you thought: It won't matter if I eat this unplanned food because it's only a small piece.
    The new you thinks: It does matter. If I eat this, I'll be strengthening my giving-in habit.
    . . .
    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 18.
  • I met my exercise goal for May -- yay! I still have a daily exercise streak to keep up, plus a sub-goal of ten strength-training workouts. I did the ninth yesterday and prefer a rest day between, so I intend to meet that goal tomorrow.

    For all that I know that exercise is more useful for other things than it is for weight loss, I'm convinced that the muscle-building that I've done in the last couple of months is making it easier for me to lose weight now. My body likes using its new-found muscles so less of my movement depends on gravity and more utilizes muscles (and calories).

    Weigh-in: -0.5 kgs Exercise: +45, 1410/1400 minutes for May

    karenrn: I'm glad you have a plan but sorry that it's surgery. That's a good idea to get some things prepared ahead of time so that life is easier when you only have your non-dominant hand available.
  • I keep surprising myself when I look into the mirror- my hair ts really different! Dark brown. Now my face looks a little pale and my eyebrows look nonexistent in contrast, i'll have to do something about that next. It's a never ending battle! I think I will like it when I get used to it.
    the landscape folks are here finishing up, and they're even mowing the lawn which I didn't ask for, for the same price. I do hope they're pulling out the poison ivy instead of just zapping it but either way it will be gone for now. I don't usually have workers so it feels a bit wierd sitting here while they are toiling away.
    I did not sleep well at all so today will be a bit of a wash but that's okay, I could use a day to just putter and get the weekly shopping/dump run done.
    Maryann- i used to roll out of bed when I woke up too early in the summer and took a walk. Such a great way to start the day!
    Karen- oops about arthritis! I hear so much about it with my elders i guess that's where my mind went Glad you have a way to deal with it.
    Penny- I hear you about those protesters. Hopefully since they're outside they'll be okay.
    Bill-I think KFC is indeed one of those things one remembers fondly, but then you have it and ooh would it be heavy tasting.
    Gardenerjoy-that makes sense what you say about exercise.
  • A very rare thunderstorm this morning at 4 am woke me up. The rain has a wonderful smell. It was a nice send off to an early morning walk. This might be the toughest habit to implement. I love my habit of sitting on the couch with coffee and breakfast to pray meditate. It is a wonderful opportunity just to veg out. But it is done and I will live with it for a week to see if I can incorporate it. Since it will officially be summer vacation on Friday I can schedule myself anyway I want.

    Today’s new food try is a Veggie chili in the pressure cooker.

    At the health food store I bought Matcha to go packets. I learned it is powdered Japanese tea. Lots of health benefits and it dissolves in a water bottle. I get to count it as a green serving. I made a smoothie with it plus spinach, fruit and pea protein. Very delish. Don’t drink tea from China. There can be high percentages of lead especially in black and oolong because of pollution. Interesting.

    And the big news is I am down a pound which puts me at a number I haven’t seen for over a year. Small steps. Small steps.

    Karen: I’m sorry about the operation but at least there is a solution.
    Penny: I think it is wise to prepare for this as the new normal.

    Have a great Saturday.
  • Good morning coaches,

    Food was on plan and I'm just going to weigh twice a week. I'll weigh in on Tuesday. I got a call from my Tucson friend this morning and thank goodness she is not taking me up on my offer to help her move her storage into a smaller storage. With my surgery Wednesday, I told her we would have to do it in the next few days. I think I'll have enough on my plate with trying to get some meal prep done and have the housework all done up. I've made a batch of spaghetti sauce this morning that will be enough for 4 meals or so. I'll get a few more things made in the next couple of days. One of my friends had this same surgery with the same surgeon a few years back and said she was off work for 3 months. She is an OR tech though and I'm sure she had to have full use of her hand. I'm practicing using my left hand for more and all I can say is that it is interesting.

    Maryann Congratulations on the weight coming off. What a great feeling.
    Curlyjax Oh I bet the new color is fun. I have some eyebrow stuff that I really like. It's called benefit Gimme Brows. It's like a small tube of mascara with a tiny little brush. I think I purchased it at Ulta.
    GardenerJoy You are so good with your exercise goals. I'm worried about how I'm going to do with mine.
    Bill Holy moly it's been years since I've had KFC. In 2004 I had way too many KFC chicken nuggets while caring for my sil who was dying of cancer. I don't think I've had any since. I was in weight gaining mode for sure.
    Penny I agree this will probably be a new way of life for sometime to come. I'm glad you'll have some lab coats to protect you.

    Well, I'd better think about some more plans for these few days. I've also got paperwork to fill out for an appointment with a different doctor. Probably easier to fill it out now that after I have a splint on.
    Take care and have a good Saturday!
  • Sunday - The Big Ben clock tower goes into operation (1859, London)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Exercise was shoveling the peat moss into my DD's yard. Was fun. We did it with the (4.5yo) DGD all at a distance. Remarkably, the DGD was helpful. She got low on the ground putting the mulch around the little plants. She showed me their strawberry plant fully covered in mesh. "The squirrels get there and the birds and racoons just as soon as a little red shows. This year we'll get to eat them." Repeating, nearly word-for-word, the description given to me earlier by my DD. After dinner walk with DW explored more homes that we normally just drive past rapidly.

    Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. The scale continues to annoy me. I cannot think of a single reason that I gained two pounds this week. It's a test of my Beck resolve to just mush forward. At dinner on the patio, DW noted that the Robin feeds only one chick when she returns with food. Interesting, only one gawking head gets the moth or worm in her mouth. Hopefully, on the next trip the other chick will get fed. Not like an Atlantic Puffin who returns to the nest with a beak full of small fish to feed several.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats for completing your May exercise goal - early even. Like being reminded that exercise is for the good of my body, not for immediate weight loss.

    maryann - Yay for a thunderstorm to put a fresh smell in the air. Really close to summer vacation.

    Karen (karenrn) - Ouch - hope you're not out of commission for three months. Smart to fill out your paperwork before the splint.

    curlyjax - Welcome to the world with your new look. Kudos for moving forward with that. Just enjoy looking elegant while your contractor does the heavy lifting.

    Readers -
    chapter 1 Begin a New Way of Life

    You Will Change Your Mindset
    By the time you finish the Beck Diet for Life Program, you will notice how different the "new" you is from the "old" you.

    The old you thought: Uh-oh, I might lose control and eat too much at the party.
    The new you thinks: I know exactly what to do if I'm tempted.
    . . .
    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 18.
  • I ended up going to an outdoor garden place with my green thumb friend and buying probably too much stuff. I am behind everyone -I'm late to the garden party! and need to get the garden beds prepped first but am hoping to press DS into service with that. I didn't realize there were vines growing in one area so I am going to limit what I put there for now. I'm also not sure if there are old poison ivy vines. There was some PI growing on the house that the landscapers ripped down so I'm not touching that side of the house. It will be a fun new hobby and I'll learn as I go. Today I am taking a walk with a friend in the am so it will be nice to catch up. I did pretty good eating until dinner when I ate wayyy too much. Back on track today.
    Bill- how fun that DGD can help outside. So nice you can continue to see her. They are such sponges.
    Karen- thanks for the eyebrow tip, I will check it out. You definitely have enough to do before your surgery. I remember when we were waiting for DD to be born, my mom fell while walking and ended up miserable for a few days, with her wedding ring having to be cut off because her finger was so swollen. She didn't have surgery or anything but it was bad timing for sure. She stayed to help with the baby for a few weeks but was in some pain.
    Maryann- summer is definitely a good time to start the morning walk habit. You are doing great!
  • We're getting creative about using what's left in the fridge. I'm making chop salads with the carrots and broccoli. Who needs lettuce?

    Weigh-in: N/A Exercise: +35, 1445/1400 minutes for May
  • BBE: So fun to have DGD to help garden. You and Curleyjax and obviously Gardenerjoy are lucky to be passionate about growing things. I was two and a half hours cleaning up the lawn and spring “pods” and thought of it only as exercise. I love outside but I don want to be responsible for it. Hee hee.
    Karen: I am glad you escaped the moving help. You might have taxed the thumb further.

    I downloaded Greger’s app called daily dozen. It has all the diet tweaks I have been studying. It also has daily to dos. One is to exercise 90 mins a day. That again is for health not weightloss. I think Karen is the only one close to that.

    I did do my morning walk and saw the scale dip a little again. Research shows weighing twice a day is more effective than once a day. This is hard for me to believe but that is an easy habit to try out.

    We have a drive through graduation to go to. I have to get DS grad cards out.

    Wave to all.
  • Good afternoon coaches,

    Just a quick note to say that in spite of several things going wrong, food is on plan. That is all for today.
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