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BillBlueEyes 03-22-2020 07:33 AM

Sunday - Niagara Falls runs out of water because of a drought (1903)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Held the ladder so that DW could prune the oddly growing branch of our Sourwood Tree (Oxydendrum arboreum). The branch just up and decided to grow sideways, touching the main trunk. This is, apparently, a no-no to arborists - even arborists who live on a postage stamp sized yard in the city. Yesterday, in the cold, was the designated day to prune the branch. I was required because climbing a step ladder on uneven ground can have unfortunate consequences. Mission accomplished; the odd branch is pruned in just such a way as to allow it to grow upward. We have improved upon nature, LOL

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi. Exercise for the day was a bird walk. Six of us walked about a local place, keeping our social spacing of six feet. I didn't even bring my telescope to share since that brings us all to the same spot. Saw 24 species on a cold March day. Male Robins were fighting for territory. Red-wing Blackbirds were establishing which milkweed was theirs. The Red-tailed Hawk just sat on a branch as if self-quarantined. Was good to be away from any source of news for a few hours.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on ten hours of sleep in one night. And you're not even a college junior recovering from an indiscreet evening. Thanks for the tip of looking at the camera. We'll try that.

maryann - LOL at "Miraculously, every time I distracted myself I forgot to die of hunger." It's good that you can talk to your mom about what she wants at this point while she has a choice. That should make it easier as her choices dwindle.

Karen (karenrn) - What a great reminder that we need to get out and do something to survive, "I find that after a short distance I am no longer worrying about the problems of the world."

curlyjax - Yes, it's good to remember to be grateful that we still have heat, water, electricity, and the internet. Hope you can help your DD find some calm during these times.

Penny. - Tater tots do me in every time they become available in my life which, these days, is fortunately rare. Neat point that we have to learn how to overcome our social conventions to learn how to maintain safe space between us.

Readers -

chapter 11 When to Stop Losing and Start Maintaining

But I Want to Be Thinner!
You can do a number of things if you're unhappy with your Lowest Maintainable Weight:

Continue to enrich your life. If you haven't already, it's now time to do all the things you put off until you lost weight, as discussed on Day 40. The richer your social, family, work, spiritual, intellectual, creative, and recreational life, the less you'll focus on your weight. Compared to these important aspects of your experience, the desire to be even thinner is really superficial, isn't it?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 275.

gardenerjoy 03-22-2020 10:09 AM

Cold and rainy today. They even predicted some morning snow showers, but I haven't spotted any of that. I may stick to indoor exercise.

I wrote a blog post about the self care activities that are working for me right now: Self Love in the time of Coronavirus #SundaySalon ? Joy's Book Blog
I'm always looking for new things to try.

I'm going to check Facebook three times today and avoid the news sites all together (although I get a surprising amount of news from Facebook). Some Sundays, I log off Facebook and email completely, but I seem to want a little more connection than that, right now.

Exercise: +55, 895/1300 minutes for March

karenrn: We had a lovely walk. I love reading about your hikes and I think we'll get out and do one for variety. But, I'm also really enjoying our neighborhood walks. We're seeing more folks than usual also out taking walks.

Penny: How did the homemade pizza go? I've sometimes have good luck with taking a small serving of something yummy along with a giant salad. By the time I've finished the salad, I can usually talk myself out of a second serving.

BillBlueEyes: That's great that you could manage a bird walk with friends and continue social distancing practices.

curlyjax: Sending comforting wishes your way for you and your DD. I have moments of worry for people who use structures like AA meetings or group therapy to keep their lives on an even keel. And, their families.

karenrn 03-22-2020 10:41 AM

Good morning coaches,

Yesterday was an on plan food day and no drinks. The funny thing is that I just decided no drinks, drank plenty of water and when we were going to bed I realized it was just no big deal. Once I set the intention I just didn't even think about it. Yay me! Here's to many more of those days in the near future. Dh took Otis on a walk in the morning, which he always does on the weekend, and I took Otis on a walk right after lunch. It was just beautiful and plenty of people on the green belt, but well spaced out. There have been stories on the local news and FB about how crowded the trails are nearby. I often go on less travelled trails and I'll hope that is the case when I go again tomorrow to the Superstitions. I decided this morning to take an inventory of the main food items and shop today to fill in the gaps. We have plenty of breakfast food and dinner main course items, but I need to pick up a few things including produce.

GardenerJoy Thanks for your blog post on self-care and also the cabbage salad recipe. I'm going to buy cabbage and ginger root today because as you say, cabbage lasts a lot longer than lettuce. The neighbor has an orange tree and lemon tree that hang into our yard, so no problem with those items.
Bill I'm glad you got out for your bird walk. I think being outdoors helps so much right now.
Penny I sure hope the PPE is available to you and all our healthcare workers. I wouldn't work without it either.

Dh is out washing his car. Once he's finished (he's in the middle of the driveway) I think I'll head to the store to get that over with. I'm glad I remembered the neighbors orange tree. We can always eat them for our fruit. You all take care and have a good day.

Penny. 03-22-2020 12:22 PM

Good morning!

Yesterday was not too bad. I was going to stop eating after my two slices of pizza for lunch, but had another two slices for dinner. Weight is down a smidge from the other day.

Bill, you really know your birds! I have a book and the Merlin app but they havn't gotten much use. Credit for an on plan day!

Joy, good idea to supplement with a salad. I'll definitely be checking out your blog entry after posting.

Karen, lucky you, having fruit available in the yard! I was trying to boost my water intake yesterday too. Cheers!

maryann 03-22-2020 03:16 PM

Happy Sunday, Coaches.

I continue to be abstinent from sugar. I feel so much less hungry. I get twinges of "I need another serving" after I have finished a meal but then I get onto the next thing on my food list and I make it to the next meal. I have exercised three out of four days and that makes a huge difference. I am trying to get up to Tahoe but between spaced storms and my mom, I don't think I'll make it until Friday. All I need for food is eggs and they are nowhere to be found around here. I will get up early Monday morning and go hunting for them. I am making whole wheat rolls from scratch. I ground the wheat this morning. I will eventually need white flour because I do a 3/4 whole wheat - 1/4 white ratio but that is for another day. I am writing a history of my overeating while doing my OA step work. Boy it has been a long and painful 50 year relationship with food. I am ready for some peace.

Thinking of everyone as we adjust. I find keeping to a daily schedule plus one novelty item is keeping me very content. My novelty item tomorrow is cleaning the garage. I hate to start but love when it is finished.


BillBlueEyes 03-23-2020 04:48 AM

Monday - George Frideric Handel's oratorio "Messiah" premieres (1743, London)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Took a six-foot-separation walk with DW, DS, and DIL around a still-open public area near our two homes. Drove in separate cars to get there. Walked in pairs seriously six feet separated. Didn't hug or touch. The area was lightly populated and the folks that passed us also kept their separation. Felt that we observed the spirit and the letter of the recommendations.

Was recruited as "mule" to get three five-gallon buckets of compost from our backyard to our community garden. I did the hauling. DW prepared the ground to put in her snow peas in a week or so - maybe about April 1st. In the adjacent playground, there were multiple families out and about staying a responsible distance from each other. Unexpectedly, a brass band was playing on the grass for everyone's enjoyment. Don't know the why or wherefore of the band; they were just there.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for the link to your blog with tips for calming. I long for just walking up to a neighbor and chatting for a minute. Just the normal contact.

maryann - Hope yesterday's earthquake near Tahoe didn't hurt you guys. My DS said that his store was out of bread flour. Presumably, everybody decided that they would start to bake while quarantined.

Karen (karenrn) - Lucky Otis to get two walks in one day. Smart to plan your pantry needs.

Penny. - Even from here I'd like a few slices of your homemade pizza. Yay for a smidge.

Readers -

chapter 11 When to Stop Losing and Start Maintaining

But I Want to Be Thinner!
You can do a number of things if you're unhappy with your Lowest Maintainable Weight: . . .

Focus on the parts of your body that please you the most. I'll bet your automatic tendency is to focus on the parts of your body that you don't like. Of course, you're going to feel dissatisfied. Instead, focus on the parts that you do like.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 275.

curlyjax 03-23-2020 07:07 AM

I attended my church's virtual reality meeting which was nice, although I blacked out my video at one point because i kept giggling about how terrible I looked:) and I was eating a snack. I wrote a wrongly worded email to my supervisor about staying home- it sounded pretty aggressive because I was feeling panicky. Last night I wrote an apology, and I slept terribly, which means i'm super hungry today. I really hope they let me stay home soon. I'm a passionate person and I am sometimes too honest and open about how i'm feeling. I was honest that I didn't have enough to do at home, and now its biting me in the butt. Take care all!

gardenerjoy 03-23-2020 11:35 AM

I got enamored with an art project and did pretty much nothing else yesterday. I suspect that was good for me, but I want to get back to a more normal routine today. Otherwise, the undone things will start to be sources of stress.

I find a series on Netflix to watch while I made art that suits my current mood. Morgan Freeman hosts, essentially, a comparative religion class in his calm, compassionate voice -- National Geographic's Story of God.

Exercise: +20, 915/1300 minutes for March

karenrn: I just love the picture of you picking an orange and lemon as needed. We had half a plan once to attempt to grow citrus in our sun room. We'd look brilliant now, if we'd managed to implement it.

maryann: I also grind my wheat. One of our local grocery stores carried it in bulk, but the last time I was there they had it on "discontinued" price. So, this morning I ordered 36 pounds from the same website where I bought my grinder several years ago. It was on back order, but they expect to ship it on April 3. That should be soon enough for us. I'll also need white flour, eventually, too, for the same reason that you do.

Penny. 03-23-2020 12:49 PM

Good morning!

Stress eating happened again yesterday after talking to my mom on the phone. She is feeling better but does not seem to be taking isolation as serious as I'd like. :(

A while ago I ordered some fancy new Rx glasses online and they are finally arriving tomorrow. Exciting times in quarantine!

Joy, great blog post, thanks!

Have a good day everyone!

maryann 03-23-2020 01:02 PM

Good Morning,

I went on an early reconnaissance mission and scored two, five pound bags of King Arthur bread flour. Im set for the year because our big bread eater will be gone in August. So strange to think of that. After three stores I found hand soap and two dozen eggs at the natural food store. They had just got them in. I restrained myself from taking more. Credit moi!

My sister says my mom has taken a small turn. I might have to go down there sooner than expected. The big to do today was cleaning the garage. I think I will play the hour trick. How much can I get done in an hour?

Good news is I was OP and I am so grateful.

Curleyjax: I believe the truth is the only thing we have in the end. CRedit for telling yr truth.
Gardenerjoy: it is great that the unmilled wheat lasts forever.
BBE: You always know the news around here before I do. I am probably heading up to Truckee on Friday.
Penny: Getting new glasses IS very exciting. Im an legally blind without mine.

karenrn 03-23-2020 05:00 PM

Good afternoon coaches,

Just a quick post before I hit the shower. Another on plan and no alcohol day yesterday and I'm proud of that. This morning I met my backpacking buddy at the trailhead for what turned out to be a 9 mile hike. We actually kind of hooked a couple of hikes together out in the Superstitions. I always feel fabulous during and after hiking. I feel so fortunate that the trails had only a few people on them and it's something I can safely do. We made plans for another long one in a week and maybe a shorter one in between. Tomorrow I will be home many more hours so I will do personals then.

BillBlueEyes 03-24-2020 05:08 AM

Tuesday - John D. Rockefeller Jr donates NYC East River site to the UN (1947)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Strange event from our voluntary semi-quarantine: A friend had put her house on the market just as this pandemic his. Ouch! I expected a six month delay and a lowered selling price. In four days, she got two offers and accepted the one ABOVE asking price. Just Wow! The strange part is that she needed to sign a document and email it back to her broker immediately - but she wasn't near a printer. That's where we fit in. She came over; was properly sequestered at the front door fully six feet from DW. I'd received and printed the documents. She signed, and I scanned and emailed them back to keep the sale moving along. It was truly odd to treat this old friend is such a standoff manner. In the olden days, like a week ago, DW would have had the tea kettle boiling before she got here. Long ago and far away.

Dinner was takeout from a favorite Thai restaurant desperately trying to stay in business. I drove to the front door; DW stepped only inside to the front desk. We overtipped a bundle, then came home to add brown rice and a green salad to their Chicken Mango Curry main dish. Not bad.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - That National Geographic's Story of God looks great. Thanks for the tip. I'm a sucker for Morgan Freeman's voice.

maryann - Congrats on scoring some bread flour. I do hope the grocery shelves soon return to normal.

Karen (karenrn) - Now that's an endorsement, "I always feel fabulous during and after hiking." Kudos for on plan.

curlyjax - Kudos for struggling to find a way to make your job work in these times.

Penny. - LOL at "Exciting times in quarantine!" - I know the feeling.

Readers -

chapter 11 When to Stop Losing and Start Maintaining

But I Want to Be Thinner!
You can do a number of things if you're unhappy with your Lowest Maintainable Weight: . . .

Say to yourself, Oh, well. Think about how you've been able to accept a lesser goal in other parts of your life. How did you come to peace with it? Do you still struggle every day because your job isn't as satisfying as you want, your home doesn't look the way you'd like it to, you don't have as much time as you'd like for recreational activities? Or have you come to accept these imperfections in your life? Have you said, Oh, well, I'm not crazy about this aspect of my life, but I guess I can't have everything ... and I'm glad that I at least have [e.g., good friends, a good job, a hobby I love]? You might need to do the same with your weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 275.

curlyjax 03-24-2020 07:00 AM

still not working at home since i still don't have access to our agency software- they are working on it. Which I said a long time ago they should get me, but hey whatever. I was calm and asked to work from home one day, that i had enough to do for one day any how. So they are agreeable to that. And i also said i'm not comfortable going out into the comunity to deliver things to consumers, which they understood. I'm REALLY trying hard to not argue with things that don't make sense to me, i've never been good with blindly following orders:)
I slept better last night.Still eating too much but i've made a salad for lunch twice now. I realize how much i like NOT sitting in a cube all day normally which is what i'm doing now. I'm trying to get to work on time so i've given up my morning stretches which is probably a bad idea but oh well.
Wave to all!

gardenerjoy 03-24-2020 10:26 AM

I've designated today as an Art Day. Apparently, that's helping me now.

Someone set up an event for this Friday in our town: Art in the Yard. The idea is that while we take our daily stroll around our neighborhoods, people will have artwork out to see. I'm not sure the news spread very widely, so I might be the only one in our neighborhood. But that's okay.

I'm making my largest doodle yet -- poster-sized -- on a piece of cardboard that I painted white and put vinyl tape along the edges. So, it's all kind of rustic to start, which makes it a whole lot easier to go ahead and make marks on it.

Exercise: +50, 965/1300 minutes for March

maryann 03-24-2020 10:55 AM

Good Morning, Coaches.

Yesterday was OP so today marks 1 week off sugar. I continued attending virtual OA meetings, wrote a food plan, and continued work on my step workbook.

I am almost finished with The Hungry Brain. I will not miss listening to the horrible experiments they have done on the mice but I have learned so much about the physical aspects of being a compulsive overeater. They have done lots of research with twins ( not horrible experiments) that have determined overeating has a 70% genetic component. This involves everything from being a stress eater (other people as a result of genetics under-eat due to stress) to how much weight a body will gain when overeating. Yes, some people do eat more and not gain weight. It is a neurological response (forgot the name) that causes naturally thin people to become "fidgeters" and burn off the extra calories.

What all this means to me is that I lost the genetics "lottery" in terms of slimness. The analogy made in the book was I inherited a body that is a loaded gun. However, the book makes the point that my ancestors with the same genetic makeup were not over weight. So although my body is "the gun" my environment is "the trigger." If I make an analogy of someone with Type 1 diabetes ( and I am in no way minimizing that debilitating disease) I can not handle excess sugar and refined "fast food." The difference is that diabetics MUST take insulin to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I must abstain from sugar and refined foods. I am luckier in that sense. However, I have made my road tougher mentally because I was very overweight as a child. Once the body has become overweight, it does everything in its power to retain the extra fat by playing tricks like raising satiety requirements and lowering metabolism. I have taught my body to comfort myself through fat, salt and sugar. My body will not forget that. Wow. This makes it more critical for me to be rigorous about keeping to a bland diet filled with foods that have high satiety indexes such as yogurt, lean meats, fruit, eggs, nuts, etc. . .

All of this is the truth feels absolutely true based on my experience. Nearly 50 years of restricting food is a lot of information. I am just for today please to have found a path to peace especially as I am isolated right now. I I have a choice to have a program. That feels good.

Thank you for letting me blurt all this out. I am thinking about all of you.

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