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  • Welcome to the discussion group, support group, Diet Coach group, Diet Buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:
    The Complete Beck Diet for Life
    and the first book
    The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.
    The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

    The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:
    With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with our plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.
    This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

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  • Wednesday - New Year's Day 2020
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Happy New Year to you all. Hope you celebrated as it arrived with fireworks blasting. Yesterday, we substituted for our normal Wednesday with the (4 yo) DGD so that she could spend the night and her parents could go to a party. She's asleep right now in the room next door; hasn't made a peep since being tucked in at 8 pm. I'm typing fast since I expect her to appear at any moment. We took her to the Harvard Museum of Natural History that was hosting a kid's day where kids were invited to come dressed as their favorite animal. She wore her "LlamaCorn" outfit - also known as her "UniLlama" outfit. She thinks it's the best.

    Dinner was picked up at Whole Foods; I chose a rotisserie chicken so we'll get several more meals. Entertainment was a thirty minute DVD of The Cat in the Hat. I did enjoy that Thing 1 and Thing 2 were called to save the day. I'd forgotten about Thing 1 and Thing 2. How could I? I only read that to my own kids a thousand times, LOL.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for the reminder that you won't starve if lunch is delayed. I sometimes act like my life is at stake.

    Penny. - Yay for a low cal day to set the stage for the new year.

    Readers -
    day 37 Keep Up with Exercise

    How Claire Changed

    When Claire's back healed, her physical therapist recommended that she go to a gym. Clair discussed the possibility with me, saying, "I know it's a good idea. But I'm just too intimidated." I reminded Claire that she had the same reluctance when she first started going to physical therapy.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 252.
  • Good morning coaches,

    Food was probably a little over yesterday. We celebrated NYE with our Minnesota friends and she had some very tasty homemade sweets that made the cut into my mouth. I decided before I went that I wouldn't have sweets unless they were worth eating. They were. Weight was up a pound from yesterday. For the year I am down 4 pounds and I am up 4 pounds from my lowest weight that I hit during the year. Because I haven't exercised in the past couple of weeks I really feel flabby, although I know some of that is just in my head. I'm heading out for a moderate hike soon. I'm finally feeling good enough to do it without coughing up a lung. My focus is to lose 12 1/2 pounds in the next three months. I know it can be done; let's see if it can be done by me.

    Bill I'm sure you had a great NYE with dgd. She is such a source of entertainment.
    Penny I'm sure a low cal day is coming soon.
    GardenerJoy Were you successful in sleeping through the fireworks? I was and so was Otis.
    Maryann I'm not sure when you're leaving, but have a fabulous trip. I hope you had enough home time that you feel ready to go. I too know about planning a trip and then wishing I didn't have to go.
    Curlyjax I loved the questions from the church service you recently attended. I love this time of year for introspection and goals. One of my new goals is to have a huge spirit of hospitality. After visiting with my brother and sister in law (super hospitable) and then my mother in law (doesn't seem to know how, but was glad we were there), I want to be sure anyone who comes to our home feels extremely welcome. Of course there is always the health goals, but others regarding relationships that are so important.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day. I'm going to get some warm clothes on and go for a hike. It's clear blue skies, but only 38 degrees.
  • Happy New Year!

    I slept through the midnight noise-making, but DH didn't, so I was awake for a while around 12:30 when he got up and had to settle back in again.

    We're going to have a repeat of recent holiday meals today -- turkey, brussel sprouts, and stuffing. I'll use a measuring cup so that I don't go overboard on the stuffing like I did at Christmas.

    We have our annual doctor's appointment bright and early tomorrow morning. That's a motivator to keep things light today. I don't want to feel bloated when stepping on the doctor's scale.

    I met my December goal with a lot of working out in the last week. Not too surprising, my body feels better -- stronger and more flexible. I want more of that in 2020!

    Exercise: +55, 1200/1200 minutes for December

    Penny: Here's my pumpkin yeast bread recipe: Pumpkin (Winter Squash) Yeast Bread ? Weekend Cooking ? Joy's Book Blog
  • Good morning and happy new year!

    Yesterday was another piggy day and weight is up. I am probably 20 pounds down for the year, but 12 pounds up from my low in August, and 18 pounds from goal.

    Bill, thanks for the new monthly post. Have a nice day with DGD!

    Karen, that does sound very cold for AZ. Have a nice hike!

    Joy, yay for meeting your exercise goal and feeling the results! Thanks for the recipe link! It looks good. I did find a vegan recipe I hope is just as good.
  • In San Francisco waiting for a loading call. The last four days have been great food wise. I bought a kale and chicken salad for the flight. I found some dried banana chews that are quite tasty. Only 115 calories and really satisfying. All in all, I'm pleased with foods. I am a deal about getting to the airport early. Four hours today but in my defense SFO is three hours away and a lot can happen in between.

    Shopping high end boutiques is eye opening - a $700 Hermès scarf and a 1400 Burberry backpack. No thank you. I have a few books loaded. The two flights are total 16 hours. So here we go.

    Wave to all
  • Thursday-American science fiction author Isaac Asimov born (1920, Petrovichi, Russia)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - The (4 yo) DGD bundle of energy finally woke up. She crawled around the floor as a kitty for two hours until her mom picked her up. She proudly showed her mom and dad her Amethyst geode fragment that we'd bought for her from the museum shop. The kid is a rock hound already. Hope there's plenty of room at her house for storing her collections. We then led a bird walk, CREDIT moi, spotting few birds in the cold. Did get to see two Red-tailed Hawks at the same time. They're always a treat.

    In the afternoon we walked to a New Year's Day concert of Baroque music. I'd never heard of the composer Rameau. His was a lively piece with one section "in the style of a hurdy-gurdy." Great fun. A few young kids were there but mostly folks with gray hair. Maybe only the gray-haired can afford such concerts. Dinner was a repeat of the black-eyed peas cooked with ham over white rice. There's enough for one more meal. Childhood memories with every bite. Love that stuff.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Happy Doctor's Appointment day. What a great way to start the year motivated.

    maryann - Waving toward Greece, you might be landing even as I type. You'd look good wearing a Hermès scarf - the Queen of England does.

    Karen (karenrn) - Kudos for setting the bar that you wouldn't have sweets unless they were worth eating.

    Penny. - Kudos for giving yourself credit for the 20 pounds down for the year.

    Readers -
    day 37 Keep Up with Exercise

    How Claire Changed

    Claire took my suggestion to visit a nearby gym to see what it was like. The staff was friendly, very few people were model thin, and the whole experience was much less intimidating than she had predicted. She also talked to a personal trainer while she was there about the possibility of signing up for a few sessions.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 252.
  • I didn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve at all, but I had lunch and a long chat on New Year’s Day which was great. I’m also having breakfast out today with a friend. I have really enjoyed this time off from work but I need more sociability too.
    I took the plunge and joined a dating website. I doubt I’m going to get much attention since i’m overweight, grey haired and in my fifties, but we’ll see. In part I want to meet more people this year. I’d like to form some group like “thinking about your life in your fifties” but other than meetup which costs money, i’m not sure how to do that.
    Maryann- have a great trip!
    Karen- hospitality is a lovely goal. Glad your cough is finally better!
    Bill-Birding on the first day of the year sounds lovely. I suspect you’re right, tickets to everything are very exspensive.
    Penny- you have made such amazing progress in the past, I know you will continue. The holidays are rough. I find having kids means there is more snack food around too which is hard to resist.
    Gardenerjoy-great job meeting your December goal!
  • Good morning coaches,

    Yesterday was a perfectly on plan food day and amazingly the scale is down a pound. I actually went to bed a little on the hungry side. This morning I'm doing the same moderate hike I did yesterday, but two day two of the gals from my Saturday morning group with PNP will be joining me. They are twenty years younger but have not been big hikers. I need to be sure not to go too fast so they will enjoy it and I might gain some new hiking partners. I started doing planks and my arm exercises and have made a goal of doing those 5 days a week. I still would have time to tune up my arms a bit by summer. The only way to do that would be to gain some muscle and I know that won't be fast.

    Curlyjax How's your hip doing? Is the pain significantly reduced? I sure hope so.
    Bill You do take in some wonderful events. I wish dh were more interested in that kind of thing . . . I doubt it will ever happen though.
    Maryann Safe travels and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.
    Penny Twenty pounds down for the year is terrific. I'd say just focus on that!
    GardenerJoy Good luck with the doctor's scale . . . I'm never pleased because just the fact that my clothes are on makes it seem too high.

    I hope you all have a great day. I'm off to hike and it is cold!
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was finally on plan and weight is holding.

    I'm going to gentle yoga this morning with my friend, and hope it's not crazy packed.

    Bill, that sounds like a great start to the new year.

    Curly, how is the hip? That is very brave setting up a dating profile! Good for you!

    Karen, yay for on plan and down a pound. Have fun with the new hiking buddies.
  • The doctor's appointment went well. We'll see how the labs turn out. He likes how much I exercise and that my weight was a little down.

    Exercise: +45, 45/1300 minutes for January

    Penny: I've been using almond milk in my yeast bread recently and it works really well.

    Bon voyage, maryann! I get to airports super-early, too. I'd rather wait after I get through security than anywhere else. We walked through Hermès in Paris, but I ended up buying a couple of scarves at a little boutique on the Left Bank. They are just as fun to wear and a lot cheaper.
  • Friday - Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs incorporate Apple Computer, Inc (1977)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Walked, CREDIT moi, to the library both to return and fetch. My favorite librarian gave me her view of the chances of the New England Patriots making it to the Super Bowl. Not good. She carefully explained that she'd worn her lucky Patriots socks and other steps; "Must have been that other folks didn't do their lucky routines." Yay for silly thinking.

    Eating was OKish. The only snack after dinner was a very small bowl of leftover diced fruit. The notion of topping it off with leftover ice cream crossed my mind, but I got so engaged with the Alaskan dog teams bringing diphtheria medicine to Nome, that I lost track of time. DW is ready for me to be done with the book so that she can read it. It hasn't made me want to follow a dog sled in minus 60 degree F weather. Nope, that's not for me.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Great to get a doctor's confirmation that you're living a healthy lifestyle.

    Karen (karenrn) - Yay for going to bed a tad hungry - a good sign.

    curlyjax - Congrats for having the courage to step forward in life. None of us with a few years of life behind us look like models. There are many fish in the sea in the same condition.

    Penny. - Oh yes, the gyms are packed, packed, packed at the start of the year. Hope you find a space.

    Readers -
    day 37 Keep Up with Exercise

    How Claire Changed

    With significant trepidation, Claire signed up. Since her birthday was the following week, she told everyone in her family that she wanted sessions with a personal trainer as a birthday present. It was difficult for her to make herself go at first, but she kept all her appointments. Her trainer was so encouraging that she left each session thinking, Hey, that was good, instead of her usual, I didn't like that ... I wish I didn't have to do it.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 252.
  • Good morning coaches,

    Another on plan day with a hike and no alcohol, weight down a tiny bit. I've been putting alcohol on my plan frequently and I still am, but I'm trying to limit because I know weight comes off easier and I feel better without it. The hike yesterday was pleasant, but very slow. I know the gal who was slow was doing the absolute best she could and I'm sure it was tough for her. I remember those days and I hope she felt good about doing the hike. Today I will hike Bell Pass, alone, at whatever speed I want. That's the good news about hiking alone. I did follow thru and did my arm exercises and plank. My arms and shoulders need a lot more muscle and unfortunately there is only one way to get it. I need to go easy on myself but be consistent.

    Bill The book sounds very good.
    GardenerJoy Yay on the good report from the doctor. You are so consistent with your exercise and I'm sure your body is very happy about that.
    Penny Good job on getting back on plan. I really do know that is the most important thing . . . just get back at it. How was yoga?
    Curlyjax Are there any meet-ups that are kind of inline with your topic of Life in your 50's. I don't know how much it costs to start a meet-up, but the ones I belong to are free for me.

    Well it's a little dark and cold to go out hiking just yet. Maybe I'll run to the grocery store first. You all have a great Friday!
  • I'm back for the new year, hello to everyone. Sorry to stay away so long. Nothing much has changed on the eating/exercise front since I reported in last time. Still doing the personal training twice a week, still eating okay except I have found myself snacking after dinner so have put a stop to that for the past week and weight is at 220. I'm waiting (weighting? haha) to break through that 220 barrier which I WILL do by Sunday.

  • I’m reading yet another self help book called Small Move, Big Change, about using “microresolutions”. Basically making a concrete, achievable goal, like “I won’t eat after 8:00 pm”, so fits in with Beck. Now I just need to start doing instead of reading.
    My hip feels tight and occasionally aches but so much better, and I know it will keep getting better not worse, thanks for asking peeps! Definitely glad I did it. I’m trying to figure out how to increase activity without overdoing it.
    Karen-That is awesome that you outhike people 20 years younger!
    Penny-yay for on plan. Gentle yoga sounds nice.
    Gardenerjoy-glad appt went well.
    Bill-thanks for the kind words. I think I look better in real life than photos but its worth a shot.