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  • Good morning!

    Yesterday continued the evening eating with a second serving of dinner and weight continues up. One more day of work.

    Maryann, I hope your days home are enough to decompress before your trip. I'm glad it was at least better than last year.

    Bill, your wife is a real shrimp sharing hero. Kudos for braving the elements for winter grilling.

    Karen, welcome home! It's interesting insight on being too minimalistic, and sounds like she doesn't usually get guests. Sending you healing wishes for that miserale cold.
  • My day was much better yesterday and I have a good plan for today.

    Exercise: +65, 1025/1200 minutes for December

    maryann: I can relate to, last minute, not wanting to go on a trip that I planned and was looking forward to. Of course, I go and have a good time with bad times mixed in, because that's always the way travel is. The trip seems no worse or better for my having had a moment before I left.

    karenrn: I'm glad you're safely home and hope you're feeling better soon.

    BillBlueEyes: I added The Goldfinch to my queue. I'm surprised how often we like a movie only to find that the critics were less impressed and vice versa, which is why I don't read reviews ahead of time. I sometimes peruse the "best of the year" lists just to make sure that I'm aware of what is being talked about. But, I've stopped getting every movie on the lists.
  • Good morning coaches,

    Food was on plan and weight is holding. My cough is lingering and unfortunately when we spoke with my mil last evening, she is hoarse. She does't have a cough or stuffy nose, but she obviously has something. I cleaned out the fridge of any outdated or unused things and then did some grocery shopping yesterday. I'm working on uploading some CD's that my friend loaned me, which takes awhile, but that was about it for the day. I still don't quite feel up to starting back with some exercise, but soon I'll at least get out for a walk. Maybe a short one with Otis today. Otis was so tired yesterday it was unbelievable. I think the trip took it out of him. Too much new every day.

    GardenerJoy Glad you had a good day . . . oh so close with your exercise goal.
    Penny I hope you can have a nice relaxing day today.
    Bill I'm glad to hear you liked the Goldfinch. I read the book a few years back, but hadn't seen the movie.
    Maryann I hope your few days at home are just what you need.
    Curlyjax It is good to have the time to think, especially when our heads are in a good place. I hope you're enjoying these days.

    Only a couple of more days and we're in a new decade. I love the thought of 2020. It's going to be a banner year, I'm planning to make it that way! You all have a great day.
  • Monday - Astronomer Edwin Hubble announces existence of other galactic systems (1924)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had a vegan soup for lunch; felt like a mindful eater, CREDIT moi. Learned that a friend who is in his fifties got a new job. It feels good to hear that a touch of gray hair doesn't disqualify someone from working.

    Spent much of the day reading my Christmas present, the book, The Cruelest Miles, that I've mentioned before. Can't believe that I'm so hooked reading about how to run dogs before a sled in minus 40 degree F weather. My mind slows down just thinking about minus 40 degree F. In Alaska's interior where the Athabascan Natives live, the annual temperature swing can be 180 degrees F - from -80 to +100. Hard to image.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for a good day and a plan for the next one.

    Karen (karenrn) - Glad to hear that your cold is getting better. Cleaning the fridge is a great way to take control of life.

    Penny. - Happy weekend - in your frame of work.

    Readers -
    day 37 Keep Up with Exercise

    How Claire Changed

    Her physical therapist started her off slowly. He was encouraging and supportive. Claire began to do the recommended stretches at home between sessions, and her back slowly healed. She was proud of herself for making herself go to her appointments and for doing her daily exercises at home.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 252.
  • Speaking of movies that critics like and real people don't, we couldn't make it through Ad Astra. They worked so hard to make space travel seem routine that they made their movie boring. The boredom was not relieved by Brad Pitt playing an entirely emotionless lead.

    I have an appointment this morning. I'm trying hard to not let this feel like the end of my holiday retreat. I plan to stay off social media until January 2, so I'd like my energy to continue to be quiet and reflective. I have some errands today, too. As I write this, I realize that the best way to preserve that quiet energy is to do the errands on the way home from the appointment. Then, I can retreat into my home.

    I'll make a salad bar to bring home from the appointment and errands as part of my lunch. Knowing that it will be ready to eat as soon as I get home will be enough to keep me from eating anything else while I'm out.

    Exercise: +60, 1085/1200 minutes for December

    BillBlueEyes: My brother's been a fan of dog sledding for several years. He writes reports on Facebook through the season that are fun for those of us who wouldn't even know how to pay attention to the sport, especially since he highlights the women who are making rapids strides.
  • I went to a lovely church service yesterday. We were encouraged to ask questions of ourselves like, what do I want to bring into me into the new year, and what do I want to let go of. There’s a lot of stuff i want to let go of mentally, but the extra pounds are something too of course! The sweets are mostly gone which will help.
    I have one more week off: i’m going to keep working on paring down my recipes and coming up with some quick, healthy meal plans.
    Karen- glad your cold seems to be subsiding. I love the thought of 2020 too!
    Bill- that book does sound interesting. I could never deal with the extremes of Alaska!
    Penny-hope the work day went well. Is your house still chaotic from Christmas? My kids tend to strew things about- and leave them
    Gardenerjoy-I know what you mean, I’ve really enjoyed the quiet reflection time too.
    Maryann- I find it stressful to prepare for a trip, even one I look forward to. Often the eating is balanced by how much extra walking one does.
  • Good Morning,

    Thanks to everyone for replies. I meant to respond yesterday but I got caught up in some more anxiety going nowhere. The key for me is to set a time limit to quiet time. I need to get into action or my mind becomes a dangerous neighborhood. Today I have another 20 minutes and then I am getting to work. I have Xmas to take down and laundry to do. Packing is this afternoon afternoon hopefully a few items arrive from Amazon.

    I have two OP days and am down four pounds from the trip. The salt etc... is incredible. My plan for the trip is to stay really hydrated, continue to track and avoid baked goods. Credit for exercise. I want to stay vigilant because the scale number is still five pounds higher than where I wanted to start the trip.

    Gardenerjoy: I agree about critics. I look up box office totals on movies I really like and see they make under $1,000,000. Is it the critics who keep people away?
    BBE: I am looking to download books for the trip but I think I’ll stick with warmer climates it is Greece after all.
    Karen: be gentle with yrself. That bronchitis is tricky business.
    Curleyjax: Glad yr are taking the time for self reflection.
    Penny: Good for you for advocating for yourself. Yes it is scary and energy burning but so important.

    Watched Two Popes on Netflix and really enjoyed it.
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday included some disordered eating. In the evening I got dressed again just to drive to the store for cake and chocolate. Weight is holding.

    I might cruise over to the library to pick up a Beck book to reread.

    One good thing is I picked up lots of vegetables and looking forward to making this potato, onion, cabbage mix in the crockpot.

    Maryann, yay for getting back on plan and shedding some of it already.

    Curly, I have the urge to put away all the Christmas stuff the moment presents are opened on Christmas morning. Dh has to do the lifting into the attic and wanted to wait until at least the day after. So, it is all done and dusted.

    Bill, yay for a good book! Reminds me of one I read, The Discovery of Slowness, that tells about early British exploration of the Arctic. Brr!

    Joy, a break from social media sounds like a good idea for me too, though my brain keeps telling me 3FC is also the social media I need a break from, which is probably my disordered eating talking.

    Karen, yay for energy coming back! I'm sure you'll be back to your usual workouts in no time.
  • Wednesday - New Year's Eve
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Installed a timer switch for the third floor bathroom fan, CREDIT moi. It had begun buzzing instead of turning on the fan. Turns out that YouTube had a video showing exactly which capacitor fails due to heat to cause that problem. A new switch cost less than the capacitor. So, I bought a new switch and installed it. An easy job. DW is grateful since she uses that fan more often than I do.

    We had black eyed peas over white rice for dinner - an old childhood favorite for New Year's Day. We use a recipe from a New Orleans cookbook that my sister gave us decades ago. New Orleans should know about black eyed peas. My job was to procure the ham hock a week ago. Did that, including asking the butcher to split a package of two ham hocks, which they did without complaint. Yesterday my job was to pick the meat off the bone after stewing with the peas. I did nibble; salted ham pickings are so good. Dinner also included a mess of spinach and a big green salad. A good ratio of other food for the small amount of ham in the beans.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for the tip; I'll take Ad Astra off my list. Not sure about a gun chase between guys in rovers on Mars. [We were fans of Susan Butcher who won the Iditarod several times. She was a hero around here because it was hard to believe that a local girl could do that stuff in Alaska.]

    maryann - Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy preparing for your trip to Greece.

    curlyjax - Neat to think about what we want of the new year.

    Penny. - Drooling over "potato, onion, cabbage mix in the crockpot" - with those ingredients it has to be good.

    Readers -
    day 37 Keep Up with Exercise

    How Claire Changed

    She actually began to feel good before, during, and after exercising. She began to change her view of herself: Maybe I can do this. I am getting stronger.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 252.
  • Yesterday went well. That's a good reminder to myself that I won't starve if lunch waits until 1:00pm instead of noon (or earlier, some days).

    Today, I'll bake pumpkin yeast bread and fix cabbage salad. That will give us good things for the next couple of days.

    My goal is to be asleep enough by midnight that I don't wake up when the noise-making happens. I haven't achieved that yet, but it's a worthy pursuit.

    Exercise: +60, 1145/1200 minutes for December
  • Good morning!

    Still haven't clawed my way back to a low cal day and weight is holding in the up position.

    Bill, good idea to install a timer switch. Any fancy NYE plans?

    Joy, pumpkin yeast bread sounds interesting. Do you have a specific recipe online I can take a look at?
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