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Penny. 05-18-2019 11:02 AM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding.

We are celebrating my son's 18th birthday and he wants biscuits and gravy, the old gut buster mac n cheese, and pie/icecream today. I won't be eating any of it but they won't care through their tears of joy at having the non-vegan food.

Maryann, the massage sounds heavenly!

Joy, I see those exercise minutes steadily increasing. Credit!

Bill, credit again for sticking to the shopping list. The store tries very hard to persuade you to do otherwise.

karenrn 05-18-2019 11:07 AM

Good morning coaches,

I got back home in the late afternoon yesterday. We were so fortunate to get a campsite in a small campground in Oak Creek canyon of Sedona about 1 1/2 miles from our first days hike. We went to the campground first and the host knew of someone who was leaving. We filled out our form and paid the $11 (half price because we have the senior pass) and then left for our hike. We hiked Wilson Mountain which was about 7 miles out and back with 2300 feet elevation gain starting 4600 feet. It was lots of switchbacks and some bit steps. There was a beautiful view back to Sedona from the top. Yesterday we hiked Bear Mountain which I've done once before 7 or so years ago. I forgot what a scramble it is and how many very high steps. We both decided about 2/3 or it was enough for us. We had good discussion about summer backpacking. My friend had done a spread sheet with alternative campsites for the trip I invited her on. At first I was a tad annoyed for no good reason, but I realize I need to be thankful to have an intelligent friend who is willing to be involved in the planning. Usually it is me doing all the planning and feeling responsible for everything, probably even including the weather. We have planned a couple more car camping trips in the higher elevation areas of AZ for July to do more training. Food was on plan because I ate what I took and not all of it. I came home with a little weight loss. The goal now is to keep heading in that direction. I just made a menu plan for the week and I'll be heading out to the grocery store soon. We're having unseasonably cool, beautiful temperatures here. I should have headed out the door to hike this morning, but I just needed a little down time to get organized etc. Besides that I'm hiking early the next two days.

Bill The chicken sausage on baguette sounds delicious. I have some chicken sausage in the freezer. I think I may just buy a couple of rolls and peppers.
GardenerJoy I hope you had a good low energy day yesterday and took advantage of doing things that didn't require much energy.
Maryann Enjoy your weekend alone. I love that I have a lot of alone time if I want it.
Penny I'll probably be resorting to the gym soon. Actually I should be for at least upper body stuff. Really hard to get there when the hiking is so good.
Curlyjax I'm sorry you are feeling down in the dumps, but know you have folks who care about how you feel. Don't worry about telling us how you're feeling. You've taken quite a hit these past couple of years. I hope you enjoyed the comedy show and have some good times over the weekend.
Beth Any helpful tricks are great aren't they. It sounds to me like you are making good progress. The main thing for me is that I never quit.

Have a great day all of you!

maryann 05-18-2019 11:55 AM

Thank Heavens for Saturday.

The massage was great. Food was OP. No cooking, a late meeting and an early bed meant no foraging at night. Those tactics arenít doable when the boys are here but for this weekend they may see me back to ticker.

Iím off to Chico State. There is a little dress shop where I had alterations done. It is difficult to find summer work outfits with the specifics for which I look. I need to be able to wear certain shoes for my plantars faciaitiis. It has to require no slip and three quarters sleeve. It must also have shape. No mu mus allowed :) I am following Beckís principle of putting time into things that motivate. Looking my best does that.

Exercise is bike and yoga.

I began reading a book by Dr Amen but then I read scathing rebuttals on him by most brain drs. He is compared to a snake oil salesman. Iíll switch to Kesslerís End of Overeating.

Happy weekend all.

BillBlueEyes 05-19-2019 07:04 AM

Sunday - The high altar of Paris cathedral Notre Dame is consecrated (1182)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Walked, CREDIT moi, included stopping at a new restaurant trying to get a paper menu. It was in the afternoon and the door was locked. Darn! My attempt at making a reservation on line failed also. They'd gotten a positive review in the newspaper recently; I may have to wait til summer to get in.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, with the half of a California Orange for evening snack my only snack. I had a few bouts of need-to-eat-something-right-now, but I really didn't. When I'm not nibbling on peanuts, the jar just sits there unloved. I may develop enough empathy for the poor peanuts to take a handful so they don't feel neglected. Now that's a Sabotaging Thought that Dr. Beck didn't include in her book, LOL.

maryann - Thanks for the reminder, "Beckís principle of putting time into things that motivate" - I can use that.

Karen (karenrn) - Yay for finding the very campsite you wanted - for Senior Citizen price.

Penny. - Congrats for being a good mom and serving your starving teenage son some gut filling food. Biscuits and gravy are always served at the breakfast bar when I'm at a hotel in the South.

Readers -

Day 29 Resist Food Pushers

Many of the dieters I've counseled have told me they "had to eat" to avoid hurting someone's feelings, even though they knew it meant straying from their diet. Bill, for example, told me that he felt he had to eat whatever his wife prepared for dinner. Allison told me she always ate a piece of whatever baked goods her coworkers brought to work. Melissa never refused the desserts her mother-in-law made. They all were certain that even a polite refusal of food would offend the other person.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 207.

maryann 05-19-2019 11:48 AM

Good Morning,

Yesterday was one of those perfect OP days I wish to recreate many times over. I did not regret the end of any meal. I did not think of food between meals. I read my advantage cards and exercised as promised. It felt great. Not having to cook was a big part of the success as was clothes shopping which is always a great distraction. Relying on external aids isnít bad until I get some losses on the scale. Iíll take it. Today is nearly the exact same food plan. I have errands and a book to read plus church.

BBE: yr California orange has a rival. My pink grapefruit tree has the BEST grapefruit ever. I eat 1 to 2 a day.

Enjoy Sunday everybody.

Penny. 05-19-2019 11:50 AM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding.

It's meal plan prep day. I was hoping to get the garden planted this weekend too but that is not going to happen.

Karen, lucky to snag that campsite. I'm really hoping to go camping sometime soon.

Maryann, I'm glad the massage was nice. It sounds like you are having a nice weekend to yourself. I need one of those!

Bill, lol at the peanuts getting neglected. Kudos for getting though head hunger.

karenrn 05-19-2019 11:50 AM

Good morning coaches,

Food was on plan yesterday, but weight was up a smidge in spite of it. Oh well, I shall continue on the plan. I just got back from a 6 mile hike. A friend and I met at the trailhead at 5:15. The weather is unseasonably cool and it's a little cloudy, so just terrific for a hike. I also have good hikes with the group tomorrow and Friday, and I'll do my own thing in between with this great weather. I've got to take advantage of it while I can. Before long I'll be heading out at 4:30 a.m. when it is 85 degrees for a low. I just feel amazing when I can get a hike in first thing in the morning.

Bill The poor peanuts . . . maybe you should rehome them with someone that can show them more love, or eat them.
Maryann I'm glad you're having a relaxing time. Enjoy every minute.

My food plan for the day is done. I did add a snack, which I just ate. Breakfast was at 4:30 or so and I just figured lunch was too many hours to wait. I hope you all have a nice Sunday.

BillBlueEyes 05-20-2019 06:02 AM

Monday - Amelia Earhart took off from Newfoundland -1st woman to solo Atlantic (1932)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did half the standard Sunday walk with DW, CREDIT moi. Only half because it was raining hard when the time came to walk home and we, believing that the clear air meant that no rain would ever arise, had no umbrellas. So, for the first time ever, I pushed the 'Lyft' button on my smartphone. Then, I fixated watching the screen as my assigned driver drove to where we waited. After we got home, it wasn't over. I got one email from Lyft asking how my driver had done and how much I wanted to tip. Then a second email asking me to evaluate the experience. I've read enough to know that all future requests to use Lyft are based on my 'status' as a rider which is constructed from the driver's rating of me and of my rating of my driver. I typed the buttons that served my interest as being a 'good rider'. The advantage of taking a cab is that you pay and it's all over.

Eating was good, CREDIT moi, including serving dinner to a table of nine. One of the nine was our (3.5 yo) DGD who refused all food offered and ate the PBJ sandwich that her mom made and then some whole cucumber slices that her dad had to make since the ones in the salad had been cut in half (imagine!). Fortunately, the strawberries that I'd prepared for dessert met her standards. A teenage niece was vegan and we'd been able to get appropriate foods for her when we picked up the whole dinner at Whole Foods. One more time I'm grateful that Whole Foods allowed us to conjure up the party in the afternoon after the restaurant plans didn't work out. And then to ungratefully grouse at the price. Flashing my Amazon Prime barcode allowed, "You got savings," to be happily announced the cashier. We saved $2 on the strawberries reducing our total to only $139. Perhaps you don't read my gratitude in that, LOL.

maryann - Drooling over your pink grapefruit. Sorry that you had to use your valuable time to shop for clothes.

Karen (karenrn) - Yep, 4:30 til lunch is a long wait. Love that you get out hiking so early.

Penny. - Amazing that you can even THINK about prepping a week's meals and planting your garden at the same time. You have my nomination for Pioneer Woman.

Readers -

Day 29 Resist Food Pushers

Do you find you have a similar problem? If so, you probably have two notions that get in the way: The first is that other people's desire to have you eat their food is more important than your desire to lose weight. The second is that it's wrong to stick up for yourself (at least where food is concerned), especially if it means disappointing someone else.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 207.

Penny. 05-20-2019 10:09 AM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding.

I managed to end the weekend with half the meal prep done and DH weeded the garden bed areas, getting them ready for the new soil mix and baby plants. More to do.

Karen, credit for moving your day back to chase the cooler hours. Have a great hike!

Bill, That's interesting about Lyft. Nice that Whole Foods is able to last minute provide ready food for a party of eight at home. I haven't tried that route.

karenrn 05-20-2019 04:16 PM

Good afternoon coaches,

I just got back from Monday's hike with the group. Thank goodness I can ride with the leader cause you should see the roads we go on. Friday's hike will include an hour and a half on a dirt road. Today's hike was about 8 miles on part of the Arizona Trail a bit north of here. We hiked to the top of Mt. Peeley. It was mostly great switchbacks until we had to go up to the top. The weather was cool to cold and we just missed the rain. Lots of hiking for me this week since we are having unseasonably cool weather. It is 70 so far today when our normal is 96. Food was a bit over plan yesterday and weight was stable. I haven't really written a plan yet for today, but will do it now. I did have a lemon bar at the end of the hike.

Penny Good job on getting half the meal prep done and dh working on getting the garden prep done.
Bill Of course we have Whole Foods here, but it isn't handy and boy am I glad. For the most part I am just too frugal although I'm sure it is much more reasonable than taking a party of 9 out to a restaurant.

Okay, time to get cleaned up and see if I can get anything done around here.

maryann 05-20-2019 07:34 PM

Late post. Substitutions for plan accommodated fresh cherries and apricots. But whenever I get home I need to be extra careful not to dive into anything while I am prepping food. Being extra tired doesnít help. Maybe a long bath before. DH can bbq and a salad is already made. I purchased gum to keep in my mouth. I think I can prep the rest of the fruit tomorrow. I just need to stay out of the kitchen.

Wave all.

BillBlueEyes 05-21-2019 04:08 AM

Tuesday - Charles Lindbergh, in the Spirit of St Louis, lands in Paris (1927)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Walked, CREDIT moi, to see the movie of two days of recording in 1972 by Aretha Franklin, Amazing Grace. Was just amazing. We were mesmerized the entire 90 minutes. And, most oddly, it was the end of its run locally and we were the only two folks in the theater. It felt like a butler should bring us iced tea. Was fun to spot Mick Jagger lingering in the audience. Like Aretha, he looked like he was 47 years younger. Fortunately, we had pocket umbrellas because we walked home in a downpour. Pocket umbrellas are good for keeping one's nose dry; otherwise I was soaked to the skin. Had to put on all dry clothes for dinner.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi. Dinner was leftovers from Sunday's dinner party. DW insists that one buys no more than a quarter-pound of beef per person. I think a half-pound per person assures that there will be meat left on the serving platter after everyone is satisfied - my sign that I haven't shortchanged the guests. Evening snack was a California Orange - but diluted with a leftover Biscotti. Even though planned, it was a biscotti and they're not made of zero calorie ingredients.

maryann - Gum is a great strategy.

Karen (karenrn) - Fun to be reminded that you're looking for weather cool enough to hike and we're looking for weather warm enough to hike.

Penny. - Neat that you have DH weeding the garden.

Readers -

Day 29 Resist Food Pushers

I'd like you to think about these two ideas in a different way:
  • You're entitled to work toward your goal of losing weight as long as you're not maliciously trying to make someone feel bad.
  • It's okay to disappoint others. Disappointment is a normal part of life. Their disappointment most likely will be mild and fleeting.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 207.

curlyjax 05-21-2019 08:15 AM

I finished reading Atomic Habits. The biggest takeaway for me was make it easier to do the habits you want to do, and continuous practice is key. I usually go grocery shopping Sunday and then i don't feel like doing food prep after, so maybe i should switch it to sat. i did that this week and it was nice not to have it hanging over my head after church. Having healthy food prepared is definitely key.
I'm thinking of taking a class this summer on meditation for stress reduction. It's 8 weeks and is on the mornings of my day off, which on the one hand is perfect, and on the other hand i'm giving up the part of my day off when i'm most productive. Still it appeals to me, i would do better with some instruction and feedback than on my own, and i like group participation in this format. You have to fill out a somewhat intrusive form with questions like- what makes you happiest? what do you worry about? then someone reviews the form and determines if you are a good fit i guess:)
I'm going into work late today and staying later. We're doing an ice cream social which i'm helping with, so i am planning for a little ice cream, but saner eating the rest of the day.
Penny- happy belated birthday to your son. Another “adult” in the family!
Karen- glad you have cooler weather to hike in. Sounds like things are going well there.
Bill-Was fun to spot Mick Jagger lingering in the audience- I had to re read what you wrote there!
Maryann- I love our change of seasons, but the fresh fruit in CA does sound so wonderful!!

gardenerjoy 05-21-2019 09:43 AM

I didn't mean to stop posting. I can usually sustain my healthy eating without daily posts for a few days, max. So, I'm back to make sure that things don't start to slip.

Credit for attending a party on Saturday and having nothing to eat or drink. Credit for coming home hungry from an evening meeting last night and having nothing to eat or drink (except water). Sometimes the easiest way to prevent overeating is to just not start eating.

Today's adventure is driving out to DH's family home (about 45 minutes away), picking up his out-of-town aunt, bringing her back the 45 minutes this way and then up to airport (about 20 minutes away). We'll probably be home by lunch, but I'll want to be careful with my plan for the rest of the day since that's going to take more energy than I usually expend in the morning.

Exercise: +55, 645/1100 minutes for May

Penny. 05-21-2019 10:15 AM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding.

Day one without my gym buddy ended with me skipping the gym. Ha! Dh had a neurology appointment and his meds were increased and a very invasive, potentially worthless brain surgery was discussed again. I need to push that out of my mind asap.

One more meal plan recipe to make today. I'm really dragging it out this week!

Joy, good to see your post this morning! May the family shuttle service go smoothly and the food temptations be few.

Maryann, staying out of the kitchen is a great strategy when I know I'm going to be tempted. I made dh put the leftover mac n cheese away this weekend for that reason.

Curly, that's what I got out of Atomic Habits too. Now, what's the next read? I have some kid books I've promised to read but have moved back in the line. My 8yo will be giving me the stink eye if I don't get on it.

Bill, maybe one of those pocket sized ponchos would be better. I had a couple in my purse for an outdoor concert and it saved the day. Our poncho fit over ourselves and our folding chair. All those young, underprepared kids were suffering but not us old nerds.

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