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Penny. 05-07-2019 11:13 AM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding. I skipped gym class because my friend cancelled and I was still slowly cooking until late, with lots of breaks. Dragging!

Beth, good luck with your water goal today.

Bill, credit for talking yourself out of the snack, and for doing your presentation.

Maryann, lol at dh interrupting your morning routine. My daughter is up unusually early trying to talk through my morning routine. Coffee, breakfast, and 3FC are my meditation. Let me do!

Joy, early happy birthday to you! That's how travel eating goes for me too. It's hard not to indulge in the celebration of it all.

karenrn 05-07-2019 11:58 AM

Good morning coaches,
I'm in between airport runs. I have taken my houseguest and will leave in about an hour to take my other friend and her husband who will be returning to MN for the next 6 months. It's actually raining off and on here this morning which we can always use. Yesterday food was on plan except for the addition of one drink (the only one that was left). I'm going to try to stick to no alcohol to get a little weight loss underway again. I don't have any social events except book club on Monday, and I don't ever drink at book club. I don't have any company coming either. Today is going to be a planning day. I need to have a list of things to do over the summer. I did sign up for a couple of classes that will be on Mondays and Fridays in June. I am even going to make a list of programs I want to watch if I'm bored during the day since dh isn't much for watching anything but news and sports. I also saw previews of several movies I'd like to see when they come out, including Woodstock, Pavarotti and Maiden to name a few. I'm so glad there are some that look good, at least to me. Amazing Grace was good, but honestly I was glad it wasn't any longer.
Penny You are really doing a lot of creative cooking. I'm going to have to change it up around here a bit.
GardenerJoy Happy Birthday . . almost. Enjoy the weekend in the fancy hotel.
Maryann Too bad you don't have Onebyone there to help with the print making.
Bill Good job leaving those M & M's in the vending machine. I'm looking forward to my backpacking later this summer when I can eat some of those things and not have it last on my hips.
Beth I finally got started back with the water yesterday. I put it on my plan and told myself I needed to do it. The bad part was I drank the last liter after dinner. My sleep was disturbed many times for trips to the bathroom. That reminds me, I had better go get my water.
Curlyjax I'm sorry you're going through a rough time. Grief is hard. How did your eye appointment go?

Well, I guess that's about it for today. I must say I enjoyed my friends visit and now I'm ready to get thinking about plans for summer.

bethturnaround 05-08-2019 12:55 AM

Hi everyone!

Chicago The Musical was a great production--all strong performances. We both really enjoyed it. I saw a college production a few years ago; DD hadn't seen it before but knew some of the music. We had dinner at a salad place where you pick your ingredients and they make the salad for you to order. I made good choices on my order--and it was delicious. I'd definitely go there again! One downside of a lighter dinner and a late night is that I'm going to bed hungry, but as we all know, going to bed hungry won't hurt me any. I can eat in the morning :-)

Food was totally on track today. I'm doing mostly products again--so 3 products and then a really good and healthy dinner. I drank lots of water. I emptied my 22 oz water bottle 4 times today. I'd have had more if I'd had water at the theater or on the train on the way home, but at least I didn't have to wait in line at intermission!

I even got some good walking in today--walked to my office, walked to dinner, walked to a store (errand with DD) and then to the theater, and then back to the train station. It felt good to be moving--I have to remember that I like that feeling.

G'night all!


BillBlueEyes 05-08-2019 05:21 AM

Wednesday - Beatles release "Let it Be" album (1970)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Last class on the cell led to a discussion about the rejection of science by some in the general public - particularly those who insist that there is no evidence that the earth is not flat. There appears to be an increasingly vocal group who believe that whatever they choose to believe is better than peer-reviewed scientific research. Hope that this is a passing trend.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, with no snacks to set me back. After dinner I had some emails to write that I was procrastinating about. I finally just did them. Certainly feel better having done them than not having done them. Yay for occasionally getting things right.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Getting past the FREE breakfast at hotels is a great start for the day.

maryann - LOL at the unexpected appearance of your DH. When that happens around here, I act startled as if I'd never met DW before.

Karen (karenrn) - LOL at "but honestly I was glad it wasn't any longer."

Beth (bethturnaround) - Yay for a day with lots of walking.

Penny. - Thanks for the reminder that a house full of people requires a lot of cooking.

Readers -

day 27 Master the Seven Question Technique
Once I accept the fact that I have to monitor my
eating in this way, dieting will be easier.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 203.

maryann 05-08-2019 10:07 AM

Yesterday was off. The first class of printmaking bordered on chaos and I barked at students. I later apologized but felt bad about myself all day. Teaching is 95 percent planning and review. Second class was smooth and no barking. Credit.

My self chastisement somehow made my diving into sweets at work legitimize. It got ugly as I scraped of frosting of a cake in a faculty room. I hope I have hit a bottom with sugar. I have come up with a new attempt. I will start planning food for 24 hours after lunch. I keep derailing in the evening so maybe starting fresh every late afternoon will help me stay on track. Willingness is the key.

Beth: We have tickets for Hamilton in Chicago in June. Super excited.
Karen: I am looking forward to planning a summer with an open calendar for the first time ever.

Glad you are all here and checking in.

karenrn 05-08-2019 11:34 AM

Good morning coaches,

Just got back from my hike. I was heading up to Bell Pass when it started raining of all things. I turned around and did a different loop which didn't take me quite as far out in case it really poured. It wasn't cold, but would have been to be soaking wet for long. I got 2 hours and 15 minutes in without quite as much elevation gain. I'll get out there again tomorrow. Food was on plan yesterday and weight is heading in the right direction. Funny how that happens. I don't have any big plans for today, but will continue with some things around the house and planning. I'm rereading a book about the John Muir Trail that is very useful for planning specific spots to camp etc.

Maryann Sweets are difficult for me many times too. I can keep white sugar in the house without a problem, but even brown sugar is too tempting. Luckily I am forgetting about the dates that are way high in a kitchen cabinet. Do you have a list of possibilities formulating for your summer time?
Bill You are sure right about the increasingly vocal group who believes whatever they choose to. My pet peeve is about the people on the different FB hiking groups that tell us all what works for altitude acclimatization but have no interest in the research.
Beth Congratulations on the good day with exercise too. The musical sounds great. I need to buy tickets occasionally since I always love it when I go.

Have a good day everybody!

Penny. 05-08-2019 12:06 PM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding.

Beth, I'm glad it was a great day out with your daughter. The salad place sounds great!

Karen, credit for getting your hike in.

Bill, Have a great day with the DGD!

Maryann, I'm sure the kids got a lot out of your print making class. I loved that stuff!

bethturnaround 05-09-2019 12:17 AM

Hi everyone!

I've had a good day--all products, lots of water. I got a lot done this evening, but didn't get in a walk. I give myself credit for food and water, though, as well as many accomplishments--I made a minor dent in a very long to-do list. (Actually it's a Kanban board, but I'm a bit of a geek--ordinary to-do lists aren't good enough for me)

Tomorrow I'm planning a similar day--but will make myself go for a walk--even if it's only 10 minutes--just getting out and starting will be a good idea. So, food plan is 5 products. Exercise plan is to walk for 10 minutes after finishing work. Water plan is to refill and finish my water bottle for every product.

Personals do make a difference in how well I do, so I'm going to work on doing personals several times per week.

Penny: You weight is holding, you say, but the numbers show you're getting really close to goal!

karenrn: No airport runs today? Rain is always surprising in Arizona (unless it's monsoon season). I remember how surprised I was when a planned hike was cancelled due to rain--I think it only happened once the entire time I lived in Tucson. We weren't used to making "rain plans". We go to a lot of theater. DD and I have discovered $25 on the 25th where Broadway in Chicago sells $25 tickets on the 25th of the month. If you buy from Ticketmaster on the 25th the fees are outrageous, but DD works across the street from the box office and there are no ticket fees when purchased at the box office.

maryann: I'm sorry yesterday was a rough day. I hope today was better. Hamiltonis amazing. We've seen it 3 times :-). I still enter the ticket lottery almost every day anyway--a 4th time would be just fine with me!

BillBlueEyes: Credit for no snacks. Do you find that you don't need to eat between lunch and dinner? If I eat a reasonable (meaning not big) lunch, I do need a snack about 3:00.

G'night all!


BillBlueEyes 05-09-2019 07:10 AM

Thursday - Lincoln Cathedral consecrated (1092 , Lincoln, England)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Exercise was chase the (3.5 yo) DGD day, CREDIT moi. She converted walking to the subway stations into adventures. Each flower had to be examined, then named by DW, then repeated by the DGD. She found a used battery in a curbside garden; picked it up; said "This shouldn't be here." Then she picked up a crushed plastic water bottle. Then a crushed bottle cap. Then she'd drop one or the other and pick them all up again - until we, finally, made it to a public trash barrel and public recycling barrel. Much work spent sorting out what went into each. To get to the Boston Children's Museum, we have to walk past the Boston Federal Reserve Bank. Its driveways are protected by the most ferocious gate crossing barriers that I've ever seen. We were so enamored that an officer had to come over and ask us to stand aside so that a truck could leave. Got to see a steel-web gate lowered into slits in the pavement. Decided right then and there not to rob the place.

We ate lunch at a table on a pier overlooking Boston Harbor. She looked at the map of the tall office buildings across the inlet, then pointed out each building in real life that corresponded to the map. Walked past The Barking Crab restaurant whose sign said "No Parking Offered." On the waterfront, there's no room for cars. The DGD fed the edges of her peanut butter sandwich to pigeons. Pigeons who have much experience with little girls chasing them so they fly just before being caught. I count on their expertise - I have no desire to deal with the DGD catching a pigeon. Might mean a trip to the hospital emergency room. My own eating was 100% on plan, CREDIT moi.

maryann - Yep, sugar is just evil. Congrats for getting that second printing class under control.

Karen (karenrn) - Yay for rain in Arizona! I can imagine that Internet-Experts on altitude acclimation are difficult to deal with. Did you read that DNA gathered from the latest fossils of the Denisovans showed them to have the gene that modern Tibetans have that improves oxygen uptake? Wouldn't it be great to have that gene.

Beth (bethturnaround) - $25 tickets is just terrific. Will you go again? Yes, it's the gap between lunch and dinner that has the strongest calls to nibble snacks. I eat lunch early since I eat breakfast early, but that's just rationalization, not justification. When Sugar Snaps are in season, I grab a handful of those and consider it clean eating.

Penny. - On plan is always Kudos worthy.

Readers -

day 28 Get Ready to Weigh In

Tomorrow marks the end of your second week of dieting. When you get up in the morning, step on the scale. Wear the same weight clothing as you wore last week. Calculate your change in weight, add a new dot on your weight-loss graph, and connect the dots.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 204.

curlyjax 05-09-2019 07:28 AM

Finally feeling better. I had a chat with my man friend and felt sad afterwards. I want more of a relationship and he doesn't. I was looking forward to having a nice romantic weekend away in the summer. however he still wants to be friends...and maybe occasional "benefits" :) Still its good to know where things stand and I feel better now.
I remind myself today that I AM strong and I DO have self control with my thoughts and actions.
The eye doc exam went well and my eyes are healthy thank goodness! It's normal to get more light sensitive as you age, good to know.
Today I am going to work and then picking up DD and the rest of her stuff. Going to be a long day but at least we've dealt with some of the stuff.
I called in sick the other day so I could take a day to putter around and relax. And I got a massage yesterday. I am good to go!
Karen- so funny about our weather differences. We have had so much rain here. It does make everything beautiful and green.
Beth- glad you're feeling better too!

maryann 05-09-2019 10:23 AM

Beth: Thxs for reminding me about water. It made me reach my quota yesterday.
Karen: my list for summer includes research for possible second career plans and joining some hiking meetup groups to learn how the whole process works.
Karen: Nice that weight is holding.
Curleyjax: Glad you are in a better place.
BBE: I remember when DS was more interested in water going down a drain than the museum next to the drain.

Listening to Atomic Habits. It is nothing new and repeats much of Beck stuff but I like the pertinent examples. For instance, yesterday I tried the Point and Call method that Japanese train conductors use to avoid danger. They point at light and say Red. Then they point at all clear sign. And say Ready to Go. The suggestion is to use it with food. I pointed at work sweets I stole the day before and whispered Those will make me gain weight. I passed by.

I also really liked making a 24 hour plan at 4:00 pm. I didn’t overeat in the evening.

Have a good day.

Penny. 05-09-2019 11:12 AM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding.

Beth, excellent getting back on plan the last couple days. Getting started is the hardest.

Bill, kudos for the on plan eating and keeping dgd entertained.

Curly, that does sound like a long day, especially with how far it is to pick up dd. The weekend is near.

Maryann, I thought Atomic Habits was a good little read. Same stuff but always good to tell my brain again.

karenrn 05-09-2019 02:29 PM

Good morning coaches,

I've done so much already it almost seems as if it could be afternoon. I left at 5:15 and hiked Bell Pass, then to Trader Joe's and regular grocery store on the way home. After that Otis got a good walk, since the recycle trucks are finished and finally on to Costco. I've been listening to podcasts all morning and feeling very motivated. I think it helps that I don't have any company here and I can work on my food plans etc and take my time. I am supposed to be doing some journalling and doing a worksheet if I overeat which I have not done. I'm going to try to incorporate those things since I actually pay for this Phit n Phat plan each month. She dovetails well with Beck, at least in my opinion. Weight is down a smidge more today.

Penny I think we would have to give you the award for being most consistent. You are a rock star.
Maryann I have hiked with several meet-up groups and continue to do so. There are a couple of others that I haven't continued with, mainly due to the size of the groups. They have been great for me and I hope you find one or two that you enjoy. On Monday I'll hike with the group again and again we're doing a hike that I wouldn't do without folks who have done it recently. I listened to Atomic Habits and agree there were some good examples. I just put it on my hold list again. It must be super popular because it will be nearly 6 months until I can get the audiobook.
Curlyjax I'm glad you're feeling better and it's good you communicated with your friend. So much better to know what's going on than delude oneself. At least you know you're available when you do meet someone.
Bill Very interesting about the Denisovans. I bet the Nepalese and perhaps the Peruvians have the same thing. It's a good thing you and your wife are intelligent cause you've got a little whiz on your hands.
Beth I forgot to look up the Kanban board before typing this, but I will. Sounds like you are on a good roll with everything. I'm envious of your inexpensive Broadway tickets. And here I was just thinking you must have an extremely large entertainment budget. You should have seen the rain we had about dinner time yesterday, it almost reminded me of the monsoon. We sat out on the covered patio to watch it rain. We sure never would have done that in Washington, but it's an event here.

Well, I guess that's it for today. I didn't make my food plan until after the morning hike and errands, but it's done now. Next is to start doing some journalling.

bethturnaround 05-10-2019 12:56 AM

Hi everyone,

I have lots of credits for today. I ate products as I planned. I drank tons of water. After work, I decided to do my walk at the forest preserve. I felt a bit silly driving to it (since it's quite walkable) but since I was only planning a short walk, I wanted it at the lake and not in the neighborhood. I told myself 10 minutes, but I did the whole look, which is closer to 30 minutes. I feel good about that! I have a 5k on Saturday morning (walking) and I think I'll be fine.

Tomorrow--another after work walk--and if driving to the park makes me walk, then that's what I'll do, even if it does seem silly.

I managed to have a very productive evening and get a lot of things on my Kanban board (geeky to-do list) completed. I'm pleased that I got everything listed that I need to do and that I'm working on it--between two different volunteer things, planning a vacation, and various household chores, I seem to have a lot on my plate right now. Oh yeah--and dieting takes attention, time, and energy!

karenrn: You went hiking at 5:15 in the morning? You are absolutely amazing. We have season tickets to 3 different series--that really keeps the cost per ticket down and then we supplement :-). Gifts in our family are frequently 'adventures', so DD took me to the theater for a holiday present, we gave DH's DD theater tickets for her holiday present, we're taking DD to the theater for her birthday.

penny: karenrn is right--you are incredibly consistent!

maryann: I'm glad you're getting your water in. I think I'll check out Atomic Habits, since two of you recommend it! (Just put a hold on it--I'm 142 out of 38 e-copies!) It's interesting how shifting the timing of your plan makes a difference. It makes sense--I'm most motivated right when I make my plan--and if evenings are the hardest time to stay on plan, a late afternoon planning session could make a huge difference.

curlyjax, The DTR talk is really hard but it's better to have it and know what you're both thinking. Now you can decide what you want, knowing what he wants. It's not all up to him, after all! Credit for taking a day off and puttering--that can be so relaxing!

BillBlueEyes: lol at the idea of DGD catching a pigeon! Credit for no snacking!

G'night all!


BillBlueEyes 05-10-2019 07:43 AM

Friday - Golden spike completes US transcontinental railroad (1869, Promontory, Utah)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Walk, CREDIT moi, included the library where I returned two books and took out NONE. The library return date helped me with a newish book that I'd checked out two weeks ago that only slightly interested me, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport. Since it had to go back, I decided to give it one hour - two max - to get what I could from it. That was just how much it needed. It's argument that we spend too much time on social media sites such as Facebook (and, errr, 3FC) felt right, but I'm not ready for his 30 day complete detox. He argues that you should never press [LIKE] on Facebook because it just keeps you hooked. At least I'm not hooked on Twitter.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, with no snack except for a California Navel Orange in the evening. I did have cravings for something but I used the "Only one hour til dinner" argument and got through it. My great achievement of the day was to defeat the Federal Government of the United States of America by successfully getting the information that I needed from its Social Security website despite its best efforts to protect it.

maryann - Kudos for using the strategy, "Those will make me gain weight."

Karen (karenrn) - I laugh every time you mention Otis needing to be protected from recycling trucks. Neat that you're out hiking by 5:15 am.

curlyjax - Congratulation for having that discussion rather than stuffing feelings. Love the thought, "I AM strong and I DO have self control with my thoughts and actions."

Beth (bethturnaround) - Thanks for sending me off to learn about Kanban boards. I never thought about applying that sort of organization to my private life even though I spent my career using something similar for major software projects. Neat that you're that close to a forest preserve.

Penny. - As always, on plan is good.

Readers -

day 28 Get Ready to Weigh In

Don't even think about trying to skimp on food today in order to have a more favorable outcome tomorrow. You need to squarely face whatever number you see on the scale. And eating too little today might set you up for going overboard in the following day or two.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 204.

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