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Penny. 05-27-2019 10:24 AM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight is still up. It's my last work day of my work weekend (shifted over a day, to take a turn with a holiday) so that never helps the weightloss.

On Thursday I leave for a conference, staying at a hotel with no good food choices. Some planning will have to be done.

Karen, credit as always for getting a hike in.

Beth, it is hard. We have to keep trying new things to manipulate ourselves into doing the opposite of what we want to do. It's tiring.

Bill, lol at touring the new construction. I used to sneak into them when I was a kid. Now I tour finished homes with my home health job, and it is still fun.

Curly, I appreciate this group too! It's good to let a little dieting (or other topic) steam out somewhere.

karenrn 05-27-2019 01:04 PM

Good morning coaches,

Yesterday's food was not on plan. My overeating was cottage cheese, which I'm sure most of you would not imagine. Dh used to eat it every day for lunch and has changed up his lunch so we had a Costco sized container sitting in the fridge. I love cottage cheese whipped in the food processor with sweetener and cinnamon. I had a couple of bowls of it with strawberries and it was delicious. Dinner was higher in sodium, so between the two weight was up this morning. I got up and hiked Bell Pass and felt like a million bucks. It's a cool morning here again. When I got home I took Otis for a walk, so I've had my exercise. I haven't made a food plan for the day, but I guess I have in my head. I've been having a cabbage salad with chicken and Trader Joe's spicey Asian peanut dressing which I love. I bought a cabbage instead of cole slaw in the package and my Breville food processor worked great to make it nice and thin the way I like it.

Penny I hope your day goes smoothly and quickly so you can enjoy a couple of days off before your conference.
Curlyjax I like what Brene says about, "the story I'm telling myself". It is true for me in many cases. I listened to her book Braving the Wilderness and enjoyed it. Good luck with the Instinct Diet. I haven't heard of it, but I know sometimes we just need to pick something to follow.
Bill I think sometimes we have to plan higher calorie food, at least we are making a conscious decision. I think your temps were about the same as ours yesterday.
Beth Good to see you. My husband and I were just talking about dieting the other day. It's simple to make the plan, but not easy to follow it.

I hope you all enjoy the day.

maryann 05-27-2019 04:33 PM

Good Afternoon, Coaches.

I am on day 3 of garage cleaning. DH is so busy farming and this is something I can do to contribute. I have been scrubbing walls, eliminating all species of spiders and donating/ tossing what the boys will let me. One motivation is to make a nice space to grind my own flour from wheat DH brought back from the coop. Also, I want to set up my new dehydrator. Going with Atomic Habit’s advice of make it easy and make it satisfying. I bought a four foot table to house both machines and if the garage is clean I won’t mine going into it. I also challenged myself by driving a farm truck myself to get everything I need at Lowe’s.

We have so much fruit that goes to waste in the summer because we don’t pick it so this should be very satisfying.

Yesterday went to Berkeley to visit friends I have known for 37 years. So good to see them. It was a real spirit lift. I just ate what I wanted so up a pound today. But I have logged food and have a plan to hop right back on track.

Wave to all.

bethturnaround 05-28-2019 12:11 AM

Hi everyone,

3 day weekends are wonderful! We had one day to play and two days to do "stuff"--and I feel so relaxed with that extra day and the extra accomplishments!

Food was OP today--I'm planning on doing all products NO EXCEPTIONS until we leave for our summer vacation on June 22. I think I'll do better with no decisions. I've also really got to find a therapist to work with on my food issues--I just want to eat once I start--it isn't hunger. It isn't hurt or sadness or joy--I just like to eat. I hadn't realized that--although looking at prior attempts to lose and the resulting gains, it's probably always been true.

Was a bit light on water today--something to concentrate on tomorrow.

G'night all.


BillBlueEyes 05-28-2019 05:39 AM

Tuesday - Sierra Club formed by John Muir and others in San Francisco (1892)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Spent a good time in a geek's carnal indulgence emporium - Micro-Center. I'm in need of a more portable computer, possibly a tablet. I have to select from about a thousand options. The kindly, informed, helpful staff keep asking, "What will you use it for?" as if I knew what I'd use it for when I haven't owned one before. When I bought my smart phone, I'd never have said that I'd use if for Google Maps and Waze. Or even for texting because that wasn't part of my life when my old phone didn't do texting. Didn't make my choice mainly because I kept drifting up to more and more powerful configuration until I was looking at a loaded Microsoft Surface Pro - with a pen, a portable keyboard, a connection box with all the interfaces that aren't included on the uber thin tablet, and a nifty cool cover that folds in thirds. The charger comes free, LOL. I walked out with a smart-phone charger for my car that I actually needed and two 32 GB thumb drives because they're so cheap I just like having a stack of them on my desk.

Excitement happened after dinner when our washing machine refused to spin and discharge the water. Ouch. Today will be spent finding a repair person to come make it work. We've grown to be fully dependent on a working washer and dryer. Don't vision DW kneeling by a stream pounding our clothes, LOL.

maryann - It's such a good idea to have a need for the space when attempting to clean up an area. Love the notion of grinding your own flour.

Karen (karenrn) - Never heard of overeating cottage cheese, LOL. Yay for Bell Pass for always being there for you.

curlyjax - Thanks for "the story i'm telling myself" - seems like a useful way to step back and see the situation.

Beth (bethturnaround) - Sounds like a good weekend. Good luck with your search for a therapist who is helpful.

Penny. - A conference with good food choices is unusual - have a good one.

Readers -

Day 29 Resist Food Pushers

What is the message in these stories? We often feel that we're hurting people's feelings when we refuse their offer of food when, in face, they either feel neutral or, at worst, have a mild reaction.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 208.

curlyjax 05-28-2019 07:29 AM

yesterday I grocery shopped again-I feel like i'm spending a lot on food, but I do have two teenagers!-and prepped part of a dish that i am making for work today. We're having a healthy lunch with different salads. I also made the I diet soda bread, which is a very hearty bread that doesn't contain yeast. And I have planned my meals for the next few days in accordance to this diet. I think if you swear off sweets and alcohol for 2 weeks you're going to lose weight anyhow. It's helpful to have a structure to follow and I can do it for 2 weeks. Today's challenge will be no dessert at lunch, especially if someone brings something homemade.
I also took DS out for driving practice. It was successful but we both joked about our heart rate going up quite a bit:)
Penny- it will be interesting to see what you come up with for the conference food.
Karen- the south beach diet uses ricotta cheese and sweetener as a filling dessert and its good, i can see how you like the cottage cheese version. Maybe your body was craving calcium!
Maryann- so jealous of all the fruit! Dehydrator will be fun to use.
Beth-I like to eat too, and I like the taste of food, which keeps me going. Although i do use it as a comfort too.
Bill- laundry machines are indeed one of the best time savers invented. When we lived in an apt i had to shlep baby DD to the laundry room everytime I had to do laundry, and I am so grateful to have my own machines now.

gardenerjoy 05-28-2019 11:38 AM

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! Ours was quiet. No excuse for not posting really, except that I sometimes make a quiet weekend special by doing none of my routine things -- only non-routine things. I doodled and did genealogy research.

My eating gradually improved over the weekend which is much better than the opposite! I'll see if I can get it even better now that I'm embracing routine again.

Exercise: +25, 915/1100 minutes for May

bethturnaround: Keep us apprised of your therapist situation. I'm sure I would benefit from that but not sure how to go about getting what I need, so I attempt the do-it-yourself approach. That might work, but I would need to do it more regularly.

Penny. 05-28-2019 11:42 AM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight floated back down a little but still up from my low.

I'm going to spend the morning relaxing by knitting and listening to another audiobook I started to get through my knitting project that was started to get through my first audiobook. Lol

I am listening to Reading Lolita in Tehran. Interesting insight into living in Iran as a woman.

Karen, dh misses cottage cheese so much. He had to quit eating it when he had to cut salt, and it was a fav snack. Your prep sounds yummy!

Maryann, kudos for getting the garage sorted! Food drying and wheat grinding sounds peak hippie. Add in a tray of wheat grass for chewing and weed for smoking and you have my childhood in a nutshell. :lol:

Bill, congrats on the new tablet. Always fun to have a new toy!

Beth, credit for getting back on plan. Not having to plan food does make it easier.

Curly, the two week goal sounds great. I wish my current driver's permit holding son would let me take him out for practice. I'm not looking forward to the insurance hike but I'd like to check off my teaching job as completed.

Joy, a quiet weekend sounds perfect!

maryann 05-28-2019 12:18 PM

Good Morning. Day off work today to wait for piano tuner for the ranch office upright and the baby Steinway In our house. It would not have been my preference to do so late in the school year but the tuner is having a hip replacement and it is now or never.

Weight is creeping up again as I continue to make excuses about finishing school year and plenty of time in the summer etc... three pounds up from ticker.

Today I will focus on water and protein plus a mandatory green smoothie no matter what my brain says.

karenrn 05-28-2019 04:21 PM

Good afternoon coaches,

Perfectly on food plan yesterday and so far today. I drove to a park very nearby where I could walk Otis on the greenbelt without having to walk past the garbage bins. It worked like a charm and we had a nice walk. I had quit walking there awhile back due to some off leash dogs. There has been a lot of talk about the off leash dogs on our Nextdoor group and hopefully it has helped. We saw 3 large dogs today, but they were all on their leashes. After that I went to the gym and did 65 minutes on the elliptical and 10 more on the treadmill to get my 15,000 steps in. I will say it is much faster to get the steps in that way, rather than hiking, but I don't feel like it's as good a workout even with using the Rolling Hills program on the elliptical. I'm sure I could make it tougher though.

Maryann I hope you can enjoy your day even though you're waiting for the tuner.
Penny Listening to a book and knitting sounds like a restful day.
GardenerJoy Glad your weekend eating was good. Holidays can sometimes be tough, but I guess not as bad without a get together.
Curlyjax I bet you're buying a lot of food with two teenagers in the house. I remember how much my three brothers and I ate and it was quite a haul.
Bill So it sounds like so far you just looked, no new tablet, huh? I can't believe all the things there are available. My laptop battery is now so old it can't be replaced, so I just use it plugged in.
Beth I think my eating is similar to yours, or at least my feelings about eating are similar. Most of the time my resistance muscle works pretty well, of course not always. Good luck in finding what works.

bethturnaround 05-29-2019 12:22 AM

Hi all,

I'm glad it's a shorter week--I already feel as if I want another weekend :-)

Food was OP today. We ended up going out late to run errands and I didn't think about bringing anything. DH stopped to get himself food but I waited it out and ate when we got home. YAY! Credit!

I'm going to the theater with DD tomorrow to see Falsettos. I told her I'd keep her company at dinner if she liked but wasn't planning on eating.

G'night all.


BillBlueEyes 05-29-2019 05:03 AM

Wednesday-Sojourner Truth addresses 1st Black Women's Rights Convention (1851, Akron)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It was a drizzly day - the kind that calls to stay inside. When I spend a lot of time at home, I discover how many SPAM phone calls we get each day. "There's no problem with your Mastercard, but ..." and "You'll save 10% on your electric bill by ..." I'm so ready for a law to be passed that outlaws cold robot calls. I'm in favor of the robot calls from my doctor's office and the pharmacy reminding me of an appointment or a prescription pick up. They should be 'opt in' - I have to sign up for them.

Eating was good, CREDIT moi. It was our usual Tuesday-grilled-salmon day for dinner. The grill sits only a few feet from the kitchen door so drizzly doesn't prevent using it. My BIL had one under the roof of his patio-porch; he could grill in his bedroom slippers, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Have you traced back to the first Joy's to land in the Americas?

maryann - LOL at the reality that piano tuning gets mingled with hip surgery. Kudos for "no matter what my brain says."

Karen (karenrn) - Sweet Otis - getting driven to a nice place to walk. Off leash dogs are a problem in the area that we love; their owners are the most entitled folks I've ever met.

curlyjax - Yep, feeding teens feels like feeding an army, BTDT. Congrats to your and DS both for surviving driving practice.

Beth (bethturnaround) - Had to listen to the clip of Falsettos - sounds fun. Super Kudos for waiting until you got home even as your DH was getting food.

Penny. - Thought of your when I read that today is the anniversary of the fall of Constantinople to end the Byzantine Empire (to Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II) in 1453. You have so much history and many cultures you're facing.

Readers -

Day 29 Resist Food Pushers

If you find that you're assuming others will be disappointed if you turn down food, ask yourself:
  • Won't I be disappointed if I accept the food and stray from my food plan?
  • Why is it more important for me to please them than it is to do what is best for me?
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 208.

curlyjax 05-29-2019 07:25 AM

I stayed mostly OP yesterday. I did have some pasta and chicken salad, but I did NOT have any of the many desserts on display, yay me. And I announced that I was going on a diet for 2 weeks, so now I have some accountability at work. I did have an allowed snack of fiber cereal at night as i was quite hungry. Tonight I will plan on toughing it out.
I'm going to get a cortisone shot today for my hip, so hopefully that will do something good.
Penny- sounds like you had quite the childhood growing up!
Karen- offleash dogs are a big nuisance, and scary when they're big. I do not like being jumped on, and some dog owners are quite irresponsible about their dogs.
Bill- i'm with you on the robocall law!!
Beth- yes, i find with a long weekend it makes you want more time off, i'm ready for this weekend too!
Joy- a quiet weekend can be quite nice.
Maryann-I can't believe the school year is almost up, you must be quite ready for it.

Penny. 05-29-2019 10:17 AM

Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding.

The hotel we are staying at has one of those Keurig coffee makers so I picked up some coffees for me and dh, and hot chocolates for the kids. The room also has a microwave and fridge, so I am making beans and sauteeing veggies for burritos we can heat up in the room. Cereal and sandwiches should cover the rest.

Maryann, lol at mandatory green smoothie no matter what my brain says.

Karen, the dog walk in the park sounds perfect. Kudos for getting your steps in at the gym.

Bill, I need to touch up on the history of Persia. I'm still getting through the current events of life since the revolution and takeover by the Islamic Republic. I agree, solicitation calls are the worst! It is what made me finally ditch the landline and get a cell phone, and now I get the junk calls on the cell phone.

Curly, I'm hoping the shot today helps your hip pain.

Beth, credit for sticking to plan.

maryann 05-29-2019 10:25 AM

Good Morning.

Yesterday’s physical started with “You’ve gained a lot of weight.” Nice. This was actually not the truth. In one year I have gained five pounds. He was looking at the unhealthy drop I had when I was so sick in September going off all meds. Oh well. The truth is I have 15 pounds to lose. No kidding. I don’t want to get a resentment and “eat at him.” Today I will take a page from Beth and go two green smoothie meal replacement. Lots of packing up to do so I should be pretty busy and that will keep my mind off food.


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