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  • Plan C happened for supper -- I'm celebrating that as On Plan.

    Snacks were still whacky. I have the right things in the house and the wrong things out of the house, now, so I think today will go better.

    Yesterday's summary
    Made food plan: 100%
    Implemented food plan: 70%
    Exercise: +20, 935/1000 minutes for December

    BillBlueEyes: we did the DNA thing with ancestry a couple of weeks ago, so the results came back a couple of days ago. The big surprise for me was that in spite of both my parents having German surnames, nearly all of my genetic material is from the British Isles.
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding. We had a holiday gathering with friends and, despite offerings of chips, cookies, and cider, I just sipped on water.

    Lately, I've been feeling my resolve weaken. But I really want to reach my goal weight. Yesterday I cooked and stocked the fridge with a peasoup and an egg/veg bake. Having foods made and ready keeps me on plan.

    Karen, I keep meaning to check out that podcast but haven't yet.

    Bill, how's the obama book?

    Joy, credit for plan C! You're doing great on your exercise minutes.

    Curly, it sounds like you are being very productive! Credit! LOL at your son wanting a salad.
  • Day 1 of reset. Curlyjax, jump on the wagon. Two protein smoothies planned plus small meals. I am not on Facebook but I downloaded some Phit and Phat podcasts Karen is talking about. I will clean fridge then go food shopping. We are heading East for a college hunt in 6 days and it would be great to be down a couple of pounds to start.
  • Good afternoon coaches,

    I hiked today but shortened it because it was so windy and cold. It was still a moderate hike and 90 minutes, better than nothing for sure. Food is on plan, but today's plan will include a couple of beers. I just finished updating my photo album of Barrett Christopher. I have uploaded all the photos and videos we have received from people in text messages and I am making an album, beginning with the very cute announcement we got in September and then the photo of Daddy hitting the golf ball that exploded blue for the gender reveal. At first I was worried he may not survive and it would be so weird to have this album, but I think he will pull through even though it is tough. I am not that tech savvy, but so far so good. When I watch the slideshow of what I have it is hard not to sob. I'm sure one day when we all watch it, we will all sob, especially Mommy and Daddy who are going through so much.

    Maryann I know you will be down a few pounds before your trip. Where will you be heading?
    Penny I can't believe how well you have done. Do you allow a treat occasionally?
    GardenerJoy Having the wrong things out of the house makes all the difference for me. It isn't often that I just overeat on plan old food.
    Curlyjax I hope you get that FAFSA done soon because I think it will be a weight off your shoulders. Mostly I just do my plan in MFP because I have used it for so long. I do write it down abbreviated just so I can then look the next day and say how I did.
    Bill It will be interesting to see what your DNA test shows. I spit in the vial at my brother's for my sister in law who is really in to genealogy, but I haven't heard anything from her. She wouldn't let me pay for it and said she got a special deal, but I would like to know.
    Honestly I think I need to just get them for dh and me and do them.

    ​​​​​​I best get moving. We're meeting a bunch of friends who are in town this evening. They are from Minnesota and we met one of the couples when we rented their condo for a bit when we first moved here and again while our kitchen was being remodeled. Then tomorrow we're meeting a a couple from Washington. I worked with the guy in the stock brokerage business before I went to nursing school in my late 30's. He is an absolute hoot and I can't wait to see them. Christmas itself was quiet, but as usual, my life is feast or famine and it will be feast for a bit now. (hopefully not food wise)
  • Sunday - Astronomer Edwin Hubble announces existence of other galactic systems (1924)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Alas, dinner conversation fell into the gotta-reduce-our-stuff-while-we-still-can think. It was triggered by a friend telling DW that she'll move to Virginia in a few years, recognizing that she's creeping up in years and won't forever be able to maintain her large home. It's painful to recognize that a cherished friendship will slip away and doubly painful to recognize that we, also, seen to age a year every twelve months. My basement has material for possible projects that are no longer even on my might do list. Every time this subject comes up I realize that I need to hire someone to help me. I just don't let go easily.

    Dinner was chicken grilled on the patio - a nice touch for the end of December. We haven't had real snow yet but are able to read in the papers that the Midwest has been hit hard. It will come. One of my Christmas presents was a pair of rubber coated warm gloves made just for dealing with snow. I look forward to using them.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Concise way to view it, "I have the right things in the house and the wrong things out of the house." It is odd that the German names didn't match predicted ancestry.

    maryann - Yay for reset. I thought college was already selected.

    Karen (karenrn) - That's such good news about your DGN Barrett Christopher. Your Minnesota visitors are lucky to be with you instead of the snow back home.

    curlyjax - Hope your DD's wisdom teeth gums heal quickly. Neat that your DS wants salad.

    Penny. - Kudos for sipping water when chips were offered.

    Readers -
    day 19 Stop Fooling Yourself

    what are you thinking?
    You might not have many self-deluding, sabotaging thoughts right this minute. But these thoughts probably will surface later, when you want to eat something you shouldn't. Be prepared and have your responses ready.

    Sabotaging Thought: It's okay to eat this because the amount of food is so small.
    Helpful Response: Just because it doesn't have many calories doesn't mean I should eat it. I shouldn't! I need to use every opportunity I can to break myself of the habit of eating things I haven't planned.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 164.
  • yesterday wasn't much of a reset except I did throw out some chocolates, and I'm bringing the rest to church today. I did plan to eat some dessert last night, partly because I didn't have much for dinner, and I didn't get seconds. I never feel bad about tossing out candy and sweets, its not good for us and its not good for the starving kids in (fill in the blank) either!
    I spent a lot of time driving DS around, errands and waiting on DD. Today I am going to church and meeting a friend for lunch. The portions are supposed to be big so I will plan to bring some home, and we're having salmon tonight so that should balance things out.
    I dreamed about my husband last night, but even in the dream I realized it didn't make sense that he was there. Wierd.
    My new mantra is "pain free" because my leg is really hurting, and ultimately weight loss will be a big help for that.
    Maryann- ooh, college tours! Have fun. My DS is going to start doing that soon too.
    Karen- that album sounds lovely. You will indeed enjoy it in the future! I'm sure you will be getting lots of visitors soon wanting to escape winter!
    Bill-good idea to hire someone to weed out. It's the best gift you can give your kids, get rid of the stuff so they won't have to!
    Penny- you have amazing resolve, you can do it! Yes, having the right food on hand is a big plus.
    Joy- interesting about your results!
  • I followed my plan yesterday -- yay! Today's a bit trickier with a bunch of questions about when I want to go grocery shopping. At the moment, I have my supper plan blank and my lunch plan with a big question mark next to it. I'll try to get that all cleared up in the next hour or two.

    Yesterday's summary
    Made food plan: 100%
    Implemented food plan: 100%
    Exercise: +20, 955/1000 minutes for December
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was on plan and weight is finally down a smidge after 10 days.

    I had a book request come available at the library that I have no recollection of requesting or who recommended it. It came out this year and is poorly titled The Case Against Education: Why the Education System is a Waste of Time and Money. I got about 100 pages in and it is what we already know: compulsory schooling is not great for longterm knowledge but statistically it is shown to yield a better income due to employers using it as signaling for intelligence, conscientiousness, and conformity.

    Maryann, credit for day one of the reset!

    Karen, that is great news that DGN is hanging in there. Your slideshow is going to be much appreciated.

    Curly, kudos for getting the chocolate out of the house!

    Bill, impressed by the outdoor grilling this time of year. We most often think it's too much work even in the summer.

    Joy, credit for the on plan day!
  • Good Morning, Coaches.

    Credit for following plan 100%. I listened to a podcast of Phit and Phat and the point I really agreed with is to have a plan that I will eat, not necessarily one that will make me lose weight. My important first step is to stop mindless standing while eating. Scale did dip and now I am two pounds above ticker. I have set a reasonable plan and will take a walk this morning in the sunshine. We will take the Xmas stuff down and maybe go out t o a rare movie - The Green Book.

    We are taking a quick trip to Chicago and BBE's hometown of Boston. DH has never been. We will visit University of Chicago, Notre Dame, Boston University and Tufts. It looks like the weather might be accommodating. We also have a long standing quest to visit all the NBA venues so we have tickets to the Bulls and the Celtics. it is a lot to pack into a few days but we love the hustle and bustle of traveling as a family.

    Wave to all.
  • Monday - New Year's Eve
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Exercise was the standard Sunday walk with DW, CREDIT moi - walking in mild weather for the end of the year. It felt odd to hear folks wishing us to have a Happy New Year. I'm glad to have 2018 gone.

    Eating was good enough. Dinner was our comfort food combination of rice and beans topped with a hamburger meat mixture. It's a favorite, gets several meals from one prep, and is just a good as leftovers. Our Christmas tree now sits on the curb waiting for the city truck to take it away to be ground into mulch for parks and public areas. I do like that a few thousand trees get recycled instead of burned each year.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Always a good day with an achieved food plan.

    maryann - It's good to be reminded that standing-while-eating still needs to be fought. You do sound like you've got a super packed travel schedule.

    curlyjax - LOL at "and it's not good for the starving kids in (fill in the blank) either!" Neat that you can toss sweets.

    Penny. - Shaking my head, "...due to employers using it as signaling for intelligence, conscientiousness, and conformity." So we're teaching our kids to form a line?

    Readers -
    day 19 Stop Fooling Yourself

    what are you thinking?
    You might not have many self-deluding, sabotaging thoughts right this minute. But these thoughts probably will surface later, when you want to eat something you shouldn't. Be prepared and have your responses ready. . . .

    Sabotaging Thought: It's okay to eat this because otherwise I'm wasting money.
    Helpful Response: I'm better off wasting money than gaining weight.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 164.
  • Quick wave as I'm going to work today. Church folks were glad to receive the chocolates, especially the gold coins. The service was very participatory about letting go of 2018, what we hoped for in 2019, etc, and very nice. My lunch with my friend was lovely, so good to catch up and have a leisurely lunch. I did bring half of it home, it was a huge spinach pie and way more than I eat for lunch.
    Does washing dishes count as exercise? If so I have done a lot!! I'm thinking of replacing old, poorly working dishwasher this year as a treat to myself.The new ones are more energy efficient.
    I'm looking forward to eating leftovers tonight and a quiet night in with a movie, not a huge NY Eve person.
  • Good morning coaches

    Food was on plan yesterday but I did not get any exercise to speak of. I was very pleased with myself for having such a good food day though. I looked at the menu for the restaurant where we had lunch and ordered a salad that I thought was going to have chicken on it. It didn't, but had a few beans and the tiniest bit of cheese. I found although I was quite hungry it was enough. I thought about adding extra protein at dinner, but realized it wouldn't kill me if one day had a little less protein than I'm used to. Today I'll walk Otis and then take a walk with a friend. I'm not even sure if we have any plans this evening or not. I'm just fine with not having any plans.

    Curlyjax Yesterday sounds like a very nice day. I like our new dishwasher, but boy does it take a long time. The good news is that it's so quiet you wouldn't know it was running except the light on the front.
    Bill I'm surprised to hear you say you will be glad to have 2018 gone.
    Maryann We saw The Green Book on Christmas and both of us liked it very much.
    Penny Weight doesn't move too quickly when you're getting close to goal. You are getting there and I'm sure learning good habits along the way.
    GardenerJoy I hope your plan went as well yesterday as it did the day before. It's so great when the on plan days become the norm. I'm really hoping for that for myself.

    I've been doing 24 hour plans for the past bit but now I'm going to try to do a weekly plan. It shouldn't be too difficult since I eat the same breakfast and lunch nearly every day. It's really only a matter of deciding if we'll have any dinners out and then deciding what we will have. I have servings of spaghetti and macaroni and cheese in the freezer. I think we'll have each of those once a week and then figure out the rest. I'm so grateful that dh is good with whatever I decide to do . . . that is as long as he doesn't have to shop or cook. I'm working on really good portion control so that I can have some of the things I love, but didn't used to eat such as macaroni and cheese. I made mac and cheese and added up the calories for all the ingredients and then decided how many portions it had to make in order to be reasonable calorie wise. Boy was I amazed at the calories. I always make this for dh when I go away for a few weeks and I was probably making portions for him that were at least 800 calories. It's cold here again this morning, so I'm glad Otis isn't pestering me about a walk just yet.

    Happy New Year to each of you!!!
  • Yesterday, I eventually managed to both write a plan and follow it -- credit!

    Today is hard to plan with an HVAC guy in the house and a possible genealogy expedition to the library to examine a roll of microfilm with baptisms from the 1840s. I wrote a plan, and I have a reasonable level of confidence that I can follow it.

    Our exciting New Year's Eve plan includes our favorite supper in our current repertoire plus Incredibles 2 on DVD.

    Yesterday's summary
    Made food plan: 100%
    Implemented food plan: 100%
    Exercise: +25, 980/1000 minutes for December
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was on plan and weight dropped another pound.

    Another book came available at the library, I do remember requesting: Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman. So far so good, except his goal weight recommendation is very low!

    For women: 95 pounds for the first five feet of height, then add four pounds for every inch therafter.

    For men: 105 pounds, then add five pounds for every inch over five feet.

    After I hit my goal, I would need to lose another 36 pounds. lol

    Bill, I think there is a level of conformity required to be an employee. My job has a dress code etc. It seemed like old info, but hopefully I didn't quit reading before he described in detail the revolution to change the system.

    Joy, excellent on plan day! I see a trend forming.

    Curly, spinach pie sounds yum! Enjoy your quiet NYE in.

    Karen, credit for the on plan day and getting your week of food planned.
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