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  • i'm popping up to visit family in Vermont today so i probably won't check in during the weekend. It will be a nice weekend except i'm allergic to their 2 dogs and their old house, so i will take some antihistamines and deal with it. DS has a race today first so i have time in the am to zip around and get things done first. The Vermonters are quite healthy so it will be easy that way.
    It turns out the official paper is part of an audit review for potentially false tax returns and lots of other folks apparently had to do this, so it should be fine after i send in my info.

    Joy- I got The Coroner from the library, the only place you can stream it is Amazon Prime but it isn't free. Unforgotten looks good, thanks for the idea! I like the shows that aren't too bloody.
    Bill-i have lovely memories of november at the beach in long island, bundled up against the wind with very few people there.ooh that bread looks good!!
    Beth- credit for squeezing in a walk!
    Penny-hope the concert was fun- what a nice mom you are for going along!!
    wave to maryann and nationalparker. Happy weekend all!
  • Good morning!

    My kids had a great time at the concert, even with sore feet and stiff legs from standing in one spot for so long. One of my sons (well, all three) is very musically talented and came right home to reproduce some of the songs on the piano and guitar. I love that it was inspiring.

    Food was on plan, weight holding.

    I started a painting yesterday and will work on that today. So many of my hobbies are sedentary.

    Beth, mixed bag is better than throwing in the towel. Credit!

    Bill, bread is my sugar, for sure, and that seeded bread looks delish.

    Joy, good luck with grocery shopping. Kudos for the three day weigh-in streak.

    Curly, hoping the allergies aren't too bad. Enjoy your weekend!
  • Hi everyone.

    We're getting down to the wire on moving--configured closets tonight (after spending all day figuring out what we were going to do). Picked carpet for the one room that gets carpet. Picked a counter top for the bathroom that had an orange counter top with blue shell sinks. It will be a lovely beige with streaks of brownish gold--totally different than orange and blue! I did get up 45 minutes earlier than DH so spent that time walking to the library to return DD's books. It was a lovely morning to be up and about.

    I want out for fast food for the first time this year. Wow. I ordered my burger without a bun and had a side salad. I still haven't managed to get to the grocery store--and this is going to be a crazy week. I may ask DD to go. I'm not even going to try to walk tomorrow--if I get up before DH I'll spend the time packing my office.

    G'night all!

  • Sunday - Nobel prize in Chemistry awarded for work on cells' DNA repair (2015)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies – Early morning bird walk, CREDIT moi, saw a few fall Warblers and the standard group of October birds including a single Double-crested Cormorant drying its wings atop a buoy. It was unusual to see a large group of House Finches - just so much red to not be a Scarlet Tanager or Northern Cardinal. The lone Red-tailed Hawk flew over after we were done and walking back to our cars.

    Eating was OK, CREDIT moi, with one afternoon snack and, with some effort, an evening snack not taken just by recalling that I didn't need a snack. As I get tired I think that a nibble will fix that so that I can get a little bit more done. Dinner was a bean dish so I get to have been a vegetarian for the day.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) – Around here Saturday is a terrible time to shop - all those folks who aren't retired are filling the stores, LOL.

    curlyjax – Waving back toward Vermont - what a great place to visit. Yay for reduced anxiety about the Mass Dept. of Revenue.

    Beth (bethturnaround) – Orange and blue does sound a bit striking - if it's one's own choice. Inherited? Not so much, LOL. Yay for a hamburger without the bun.

    Penny. – Congrats for raising a son who'll immediately sit down to reproduce a song from hearing it once.

    Readers -
    Week 3 Go: Start Your Diet

    This week, you'll learn additional Cognitive Therapy techniques to greatly strengthen your resistance muscle and be better able to reject tempting food - even if it's right in front of you. If you struggle with dieting because of the characteristics I described in Chapter 3, you'll take big steps this week toward changing your mindset. You'll start to evolve from someone who struggles with dieting to someone who thinks like a thin person.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 140.
  • Saturday shopping didn't go that well. I missed the exit for one store, didn't resist a treat at the second. So, I'll work on making sure shopping happens on weekdays, when I'm more likely to be functioning well. As BillBlueEyes noted, it's a much less crowded time to be in the store and I can usually arrange it to be right after I've eaten so it's easier to talk myself out of treats.

    Daily weighing streak: 4, Weigh-in: +0.05 kgs, Exercise: +35, 195/1200 minutes for October

    curlyjax: my library has The Coroner, too, so I'll check that out!
  • Good morning coaches,

    I don't think I've done so well with the change from famine (no visitors) to feast (lots of company), and it is no ones fault but my own. When I'm home I usually have so much control over my time and routines that I seem to have let little things throw me off track. I do enjoy the company though. My brother and sister in law are very easy to have around and they visit often. Yesterday we had their kids and grandkids over and it was really fun. The kids are all amazing swimmers even though they are only 4, 5, and 6. Otis had a blast playing with them all. I did get out for a long walk with brother and sister in law yesterday. It was fun visiting with my nephew and his wife who sold their house, are redoing a large van and taking off for a one year tour of the US with their kids, 4 and 6, and the dog (what???). First stop is up to Washington to stay with my brother and sister in law (his Mom). My brother will help him finish the van if need be. After the holidays they'll head back south and start with the southern part of the states. Oh to be young and ambitious!
    GardenerJoy I think the only day worse shopping than weekends is Senior Citizen Day which is I think the first Wednesday of the month. They give a discount of 10% for everyone over 55, but I usually don't think it's worth trying to get through the store.
    Bill I wish you were around to identify some birds for me.
    Beth It sounds like you have an organized plan for your move . . I would never have thought to configure closets before I moved in.
    Have a great Sunday everybody!

    Penny I think it's great you have hobbies, sedentary or not.
    Curlyjax Have a fun visit to Vermont.
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was on plan, and I got the grocery shopping done. Today, weight continues the same. It feels like it's been a while but I'm on day four. I need to get the bean soup in the crock pot and sautée the veg.

    The kids have started a massive perler bead project, recreating "Bold and Brash", a painting from Spongebob, in a scale that covers the dining table. Dh and I spent a couple hours working on it before they woke up. It's going to take a village and weeks.

    Beth, the old bathroom counter sounds fun! Haha! I kinda love the old stuff. Kudos for the library walk.

    Bill, the bird walk sounds nice. Kudos for managing the snack cravings.

    Joy, sorry the store trips were frustrating.

    Karen, you must have the fun house to visit! A pool and warm climate. Your nephew's travel plans sound wonderful. If he doesn't already know about Roadside America, it's such a great resource for kitchy sites along the highways. It led us to seeing a pyramid in Wyoming and the largest tree house in the world in Tennessee.

    Oh, and the Prairie dog town in Kansas with the five-legged cow, which I was dissappointed to discover was not a functional 5th leg but hanging limp from the back.
  • Hi everyone.

    Crazy busy day today--didn't even try to walk. I must have gone up and down the stairs dozens upon dozens of times. I changed out over 30 electric outlets--up and down off the floor. I never could have done this 75 pounds ago. It's really good for me to have a real moment of "I wouldn't have been able to do this before."

    We're getting down to the wire--both in the remodel finish up stuff and the packing here at home.

    There's just so darned much to do! We've at least agreed to postpone emptying the storage area for several weeks--we'll have a weekend between the move and DS's visit (with his girlfriend and possibly dog) to work on getting things in order.

    I am almost fanatically organized--but that doesn't create time where there isn't enough!

  • Monday - International Day of the World's Indigenous People (since 1982, UN)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies – Standard Sunday walk with DW, CREDIT moi, despite my nagging thought that we should drive since we were on a tight schedule. After we got home, we walked to meet a friend to watch the HONK parade with all its strange, uninhibited glory. One surprise was the large size of the Tibetan group - proudly carrying the flag that's banned back home. The adult women wear the three-panel aprons, as is common in Lhasa. Kids march along with parents; little kids ride on dad's shoulders. Diapers are changed in whatever grassy area provides space. Candy is tossed to the kids on the street. One group marched all drumming Home Depot buckets. Groups travel from around the country for the two-day brassy good time. There was even a marching group in support of native plants. We waved at a friend marching vigorously - not unusual to be a gray-haired person marching along.

    Eating was planned, although that plan was for an Italian Sausage sub. I eat an Italian Sausage sub about once a year to prevent building a craving. I do love them in all their fatty glory. Seeking balance, I only took one small bite of DW's fried dough. Fried dough is just the worst food product offered at events. If I start on one of those, I'll finish it; so I just didn't. We ate a FREE frozen yogurt of a brand I'd never heard of.

    But best of all, I bought a new leather credit card clip that I carry in my front pocket. A vendor had a display of a full variety that included the exact one that I wanted. My real accomplishment was to pay normal retail price - I'm stuck in that old must-get-it-on-sale frame of mind even for a $25 product. Motivation was that the one I was carrying was so ratty that it drew stares whenever I pulled it out. Now emptied, it looks ratty even beneath the dignity of an adult male, LOL.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) – Shopping while hungry is usually a set-back for me; I'll just pick up random stuff that I don't need.

    Karen (karenrn) – Yay for kids to amuse Otis. I love the notion of a whole year to tour the country.

    Beth (bethturnaround) – Super Kudos for upping and downing to change 30 electrical outlets. Yep, that'd be a challenge with extra pounds.

    Penny. – Wow, I had to google Perler Bead Project - that could occupy you for ages. Kudos for four days on plan.

    Readers -
    Week 3 Go: Start Your Diet
    Give yourself credit and
    build your confidence
    that this time
    you can succeed.
    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 141.
  • I had a headache all night. It's rare for me to have one at all, much less one that lasts more than a few minutes. I'm going to diagnose it as dehydration and drink more water today to see if that helps.

    Daily weighing streak: 5, Weigh-in: +0.05 kgs, Exercise: +30, 225/1200 minutes for October
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was on plan, food prepped, and weight holding.

    I disvovered my 14yo son grew so fast he has stretch marks all over his back. It seriously looks like he took a whipping back there. it looks like stretch marks but the placement was odd to me. A quick internet search tells me it is normal, and somewhat common.

    Beth, your fitness ability is a major nsv! Credit!

    Bill, that sounds like a great community event. I especially love the home depot bucket drums.

    Joy, sorry about the headache. You are on a roll with the daily weights. Kudos!
  • Good morning coaches,

    It's Monday and round one of company is gone. I'll be picking up the next couple at the airport in less than 48 hours. I've gotten out for two walks so far today, once with Otis and once with Otis and sil. It isn't enough, so I'll head for the Y this afternoon for a time on the elliptical and some weights. I have had a little too much food and it shows on the scale this morning. My plan is to be very diligent today and tomorrow and hope that it gets me back on a roll. I can't blame the company, it is me that is making the bad choices.
    Penny Whoa, your son must be growing very quickly.
    Joy Sorry about the headache. I used to get them once in awhile, but haven't for at least a few months. They always seemed to last about 3 days. I think it was from muscle tension in my neck and shoulders.
    Bill The Honk Parade sounds very much like the Parade of the Species that is held in Olympia, Washington every spring. I used to love going to watch it and always thought it would be fun to dance down the street in one of the groups.
    Beth Your many talents amaze me. I don't think I would tackle changing out an outlet if my life depended on it. I suppose if I had to, but it scares me to death.
    Okay, well on with the day. I will report tomorrow about how my food plan for the day goes and also what I did at the Y. I really need the accountability at least until I get back on track.

  • Hi all,

    I don't even want to think about how bad my food choices were today or how many cookies and pastries I ate. I gave myself a stomach ache, and I didn't stop even though I knew I needed to. I didn't stop to read my cards, though--and I should have--I can always get to them on line. (I was at a conference.)

    This is the sort of thing that worries me--I've made bad choices for the last several days. I am going to go back on 5 products for the remainder of the week. I think it's the best way for me to nip this in the bud--no choices to make, no questions about what I should or shouldn't eat--back to 5 products and break this cycle.

    I finished the outlet changing at the house today--did the guest room plus the 2 outlets by the bed in the master--they're now power with 2 USB outlets--just what we need bedside. I also learned that the mirror and light I bought for one of the bathrooms won't work the way I want it to--but that happens--I'm trying to get more confident in my decorating--but this one isn't going to work out. I liked that mirror, too. :-)

    G'night all.


  • Tuesday -Leif Ericson becomes first European to reach North America (1000, "Vinland")
    Diet Coaches/Buddies – My class was cancelled yesterday due to the holiday giving me an unexpected chunk of time to get some stuff done. Life seems to consist of chasing that what needs to get done. When I get to heaven, I'm gonna hustle like crazy for the first week to get caught up in advance for the next thousand years. Then I'll want to peek down and see what mankind has learned about the brain. If mankind has progressed in the study of the brain. If mankind still exists. Maybe I'll have forgotten about mankind. Hard to get my head around being a thousand years in the future.

    In the present, I had a good day even though I had my limit of snacks - limited CREDIT moi. The evening event was two hours spent around a coffee table where I avoided the Brie and crackers because it just looked too tempting to have just a small taste. I've had Brie and crackers before - hardly rare and unusual.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for a headache severe enough to mess up your night's sleep. Hope it passes quickly.

    Karen (karenrn) –Yay for two walks with Otis. Thought of you yesterday when I turned on my phone after breakfast. I had a series of text messages: "We're almost at the entrance to the park." "We're in the park, starting up the trail. Where are you?" "Try to catch up with us before the falls." I immediately texted back, "Check the phone number; I'm not who you think I am." Got a VERY grateful reply. Hope they found their hiking partners.

    Beth (bethturnaround) – Outlets with embedded USB ports are such a good idea. Congrats for getting all that done. Kudos for making a plan to get back in your grove.

    Penny. – Ouch for having to buy clothes for a 14 yo growing that fast.

    Readers -
    day 15 Monitor Your Eating

    Even if you're already following a diet, don't skip today's task. It's essential! If you're starting your diet today, let me start by congratulating you. Today marks an important change in your life. Give yourself credit for getting this far.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 141.
  • Hi coaches! we're back and had a nice visit. Two nights were enough though, my allergies were starting to catch up with me. The dogs were fun to watch- there is some sibling rivalry going on at times. The older dog will whine if he isn't getting attention when the younger one is. They have the best life living on a farm.
    i did a little shopping in Montpelier, the smallest state capital in the US - smallest population. I was surprised that it wasn't crowded on a 3 day weekend in prime leaf peaking season. The mountains were SO beautiful with the changing colors.
    In the car, DS and I listened to part of Unbroken on tape, a very good story but hard to listen to at times. Inspiring what some people have lived through!!
    My sister in law and I discussed a technique where you count backwards from 5 quickly and it helps you refocus on buying or eating something. I am going to use that today for the free candy!
    Will catch up with personals tomorrow. Wave to all!!