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  • Phone check in. Weight is at ticker. I am still focusing on five fruits a day. The new meds might finally be kicking in. I was able to look up from the anxiety/depression and see a little perspective. For instance, in my day there is really only one and a half hours that are a super challenge. The rest of the day I am more confident. That makes me feel like I don’t have to quit today. Only one and a half hours!

    I also put lipstick on for the first time in weeks. That is a sign I care at least a little. My boys are still struggling with harvest and DS hasn’t been feeling well running. So we are walking through these trials as a family. Thank God for them.

    Best to all. I caught up on yr posts and you all seem to be “doing the deal” as they say.
  • Hi everyone!

    Getting ready to move is crazy busy stuff.

    Weight is down today. I ate dinner out last night but made good menu selections and packed up close to half my meal up to take home before I even started eating. As it turned out, I still didn't finish what I left--and overate a bit. I was 'entitled' to a bowl of fruit but the server didn't bring it and I didn't ask for it--the meal itself was more than I needed. I had the leftovers tonight--they were yummy--and it means another set of good choices :-)

    I'm still on 3 products most days with one meal--I'm going to stay at this level for a while, but if it turns out to make sense to have a second meal some days, I will--just keep it low carb.

    I finally got a walk in today. I felt guilty--there's so much packing and organizing and shopping to do for the remodel and move, but I felt so good about the movement that I'm glad I went.

    The contractor says they'll be done on the 10th or 11th, and we're moving that weekend. I picked out light fixtures for 2 of the bathrooms today and accessories and faucets for another one. This decision stuff is hard.

    G'night all!

  • Thursday - Free Software Foundation is founded (1985, Massachusetts)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was chase the (3 yo) DGD day, CREDIT moi. Nap time consisted of five minutes of pretending to try to sleep. Ouch. She's out of the portable crib onto a mattress on our bedroom floor. That means she can just get up and explore anywhere, anytime. I suppose that I could celebrate that she's growing up. "I'm a big girl now." Well, sorta, LOL. The day's blow-your-grandad's-mind skill was climbing the structure at the play-space at a new level. Seems that the caution that made me feel safe has been discarded for a bravado. Remarkable? Oh, YES. Heart pounding? YES, YES, YES.

    Entertainment was driving to my poor, abandoned Nissan LEAF to change its tire to the Donut Spare. It went easily since I remembered the trick that when the lug nuts are removed and the wheel refuses to leave the car, one slowly lowers the jack so that the weight of the car shocks the wheel to move. Then jacks back up and moves on. I don't remember where I learned that, but it worked; the wheel resisted all attempts to bang it, kick it, and swear it to leave its happy place. It probably hadn't been removed since built some 5.5 years ago. Today's excitement is to get me to tire dealer to see if the tire can be patched. I may face replacing the tire, which, for sanity, means replacing all four tires and their embedded tire pressure sensors that have an estimated seven year life. In my next life, the butler will handle this nonsense.

    Dinner was leftover lasagna with a large green salad. DW plans the most simple meal possible after a day with the DGD when she's spent.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for a salty day. Like the expression, "giving myself a bit of grace."

    maryann – Neat to identify that there's only a 90 minute span of super challenging time at work. One can survive 90 minutes.

    curlyjax – Yep, it's a challenge to find a safe venting person - one who doesn't try to take over and solve the issue. Cheering you on from here. I second gardenerjoy's recommendation for a small dehumidifier for your basement - an inexpensive first step.

    Beth (bethturnaround) – Yay for walking despite having so much to do to prepare for your move. It does seem like hundreds of decisions are required for a home prep.

    Penny. – Super Kudos for getting cool clothes and haircuts for your kids and still all be on speaking terms.

    Readers -
    day 14 Plan for Tomorrow
    Once I accept the fact that I have to
    write a food plan every evening for the
    next day, dieting will be easier.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 139.
  • Thanks for the dehumidifier idea Joy and Bill. We had an old one that we rarely used, and then I read about some catching fire(!) so I put it out of my mind. I think I will just start over with a new one.
    I talked with a financial advisor on the phone yesterday and am going to meet with him for a few months. i figure it is worth spending a little money to have someone organize things, make a plan for the future and keep me on track. I'm taking a gamble since he is pretty new at this but has a lot of relevant experience and is quite eager- I figure he will really give me a lot of attention!
    Penny- Glad you got the shopping etc done! Always a challenge with the kiddos.
    Maryann- so glad you're feeling better.
    Beth-Sometimes having too many choices is much harder than choosing between just a few, it does get overwhelming!
  • My weight dropped 1.2 kgs in the three days that I wasn't looking. Proving, once again, that the scale reading on any given day is pretty meaningless and I would do well to set much less store by it.

    Daily weighing streak: 1, Weigh-in: -1.2 kgs, Exercise: +30, 85/1200 minutes for October
  • Good morning!

    My plan yesterday with the concert, was to stay on plan with the addition of one gin and tonic. The drink was so small (slightly bigger than a dixie cup, mostly ice), I decided to have two. A fun time was had and weight was down a smidge today.

    Hubby and I had to laugh about a couple nonstop making out in front of us. We are old and brought the earplugs instead of the psychotropics. Darn!

    Beth, kudos for the controlled restaurant meal and the walk!

    Maryann, sending gentle hugs. You sound very fragile right now and I hope things are turning around.

    Bill, I'll have to remember that trick for getting the tire off. Lol at the butler plans. Where do I sign up?

    Joy, kudos for the weight loss! The ups and downs can be so frustrating.
  • Good morning coaches,

    All is well with me. Food plan is pretty good with the addition of 1/4 of a very large chocolate chip cookie yesterday. I did the elliptical at the Y for an hour yesterday and today hiked Bell Pass for 2 hours and 50 minutes. I can usually do it in less time, but with the erosion from the recent rains causing me to slow down along with high humidity, well I was just happy to do it in the time I did. My brother and his wife are with us until Monday, but they are busy with their kids so not seeing much of them. Otis turned two yesterday and today is at doggie day care for a little longer. I took him before my hike so he could have a fun day. I had my first Medicare exam on Tuesday. Luckily my doc did a physical exam along with the questions regarding memory, safety and vaccines. My labs are all back and I'm as healthy as I feel, knock on wood. I told her I feel a bit guilty for my good health, but she reminded me I work at it . . . and I do. I do realize others work at it too and aren't as fortunate. I am grateful for my good health for as long as it lasts. Have I mentioned before? I used it to print a coupon to get a discount on Otis's Xanax and I just used it to save a good bit of money on my hormone replacement. Then I decided to look up Viagra . . . whoa, huge savings. This may be TMI, but at my pharmacy it's $16.61 for 30 tablets.

    Penny Glad your weight is moving down. As I always try to remind myself when I'm feeling down about my weight, "we look better and better the whole time, not just at the end". You are doing great!
    GardenerJoy I agree that it's hard to get on the scale when you know it will be up. Good job on the down.
    Bill Thanks for the tire changing tip. Speaking of watching little ones do crazy things, I took my sil up to watch her grandkids yesterday. The little boy was hanging from the ceiling from a hanging inversion hammock for yoga. He had the fabric wrapped around his ankles to keep him in place, until it didn't. I told Laurie she better put 911 on speed dial. He is a crazy kid who was riding a big without training wheels before he was three.
    Curlyjax It sounds like speaking with a financial person will give you great peace of mind. Hopefully he will also give you some reading references so that you can educate yourself along the way.
    Beth I can imagine how heading out for a walk with so much to do was difficult, but I'm sure it's a good stress relief and also time to clear your head a little bit. I sometimes get a lot of problems solved while walking/hiking.

    One more little tidbit to share before I go get Otis. I know we've discussed Amazon Prime for movies and programs, but I want to be sure you are also aware of Amazon Music. I have the ap on my phone and they have great music that can be sorted my artist, genre or whatever. I listed to a playlist this morning that was just super. Check it out!

    Okay, off to pick up the pup. Have a great day!
  • Hi everyone.

    We went out for dinner again tonight--I have to do some grocery shopping if I'm going to cook! I made a good menu choice and consciously decided to enjoy ice cream for dessert. I ate lightly of the other starches though--fruit instead of potatoes, and only a few bites of the starchy veggies. I also managed to totally skip the bread--that's a challenge for me and I feel good about that.

    Exercise was shopping at Home Depot (again). I found a mirror for one of the bathrooms. My to-do list is way longer than the time between now and our move! I barely recognized myself looking in the mirrors while shopping--I've changed so much.

    I haven't been doing a good job with tracking my weight (although I've been weighing daily), recording my sugar (was out of lancets but bought more today), reading my cards, or reading diet books. Hmmm. I read some cards today--that was good for me, I think. I just have to get through these next few weeks--I'm still weighing daily, though--and that's key to keeping me on track.

    karenrn: I love the reminder that we're looking better and better the whole time. Yay for healthy labs!

    penny: Good to hear you enjoyed the concert, even with excessive PDA and way-too-small drinks :-)

    joy: It's hard to remember that the scale is information, not a value statement, isn't it?

    curlyjax: I admire how many really hard things you're working through. Hugs.

    BillBlueEyes: laughing at the idea of leftovers for busy days--I bet every day with DGD counts as a busy day!

    Night all


  • Friday - Edwin Hubble identifies Cepheid variable star (1923)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies – Made it to two different tire dealers that I trust; the tire on my Nissan LEAF is damaged in its sidewall which means that it can't be repaired. Estimate for replacing all four tires and 'servicing' the embedded tire pressure sensors is $637. Ouch! Of course, it could be worse. I've read of folks who paid that much just to get towed to a dealer and replace ONE tire along with a bunch of ancillary pieces (that I avoided by not blowing in the jar of Fix-A-Flat) at dealer prices. If I can't find my adult side to just go do it, I'll ask DW to buy them for me. She's supportive that way - by writing a check from our joint account. Don't snicker; we each have our own way of waltzing around irrational behavior. Meanwhile, I happily ride about on the Donut Spare remembering, with a little chagrin, how often I scorned cars with that insipid little tire on the street.

    Eating was OK, CREDIT moi, - partially because we were out for the evening. Heard a lecture by Dr. Russell Mittermeier on Conserving Biodiversity. I'm so happy that there exist folk who take this seriously. I learned in a side conversation, that there'll be a big biodiversity brouhaha at Walden Pond next summer to celebrate the 90th birthday of E.O. Wilson who has moved from his beloved ants into preserving the entire planet's biology. Walden Pond is a small place; it'll be challenged to have a zillion folks converge on it to celebrate its isolation.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) – LOL at scale jitter - by 1.2 kg. Thanks for keeping us in the metric frame of mind here.

    Karen (karenrn) – Yay for a good hike in the Bell Pass. Since you've been in the business, would you kindly re-organize the U.S. Health system since no one else seems willing to take it on. I do worry that, should I get old, I'll only be able to afford aspirin. Thanks for the Amazon Music tip.

    curlyjax – Super Congrats for getting an appointment with a financial advisor.

    Beth (bethturnaround) – Life moves forward one mirror at a time. Choosing fruit instead of potatoes is a good strategy - Kudos.

    Penny. – LOL at "brought the earplugs instead of the psychotropics" - which would have been difficult to explain to your kids.

    Readers -
    Week 3 Go: Start Your Diet

    It doesn't matter if you're starting a diet for the second time or the twentieth time. The knowledge you've gained and the practice you've put in for the past two weeks make you more equipped than you've ever been to:
    • Plan what you're going to eat.
    • Eat in a healthy way.
    • Resist hunger and cravings.
    • Respond to sabotaging thoughts that lead to unplanned eating.
    • Give yourself credit and build your confidence that this time you can succeed.
    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 140.
  • credit for hopping on stationary bike yesterday, but i have to find a different show to watch than the British Baking show at 9:00. Way too many goodies that encourage snacking I'm waiting for Season 2 of The Coroner which I really enjoy.
    I do well eating in the morning, but at lunch i'm craving coffee, which then turns to wanting something sweet. We have halloween candy around at work and its all free, so i was out of control with that yesterday. I need to reframe this- its fine to have coffee, but not if it turns into a trigger. Maybe if i bring fruit-
    I got a scary letter from the state saying I owed money. Apparently they sent me a form in May that stated I needed to send some proof of tax witholding. Somehow I missed that but I think I can still send it in. I'm puzzled about this since I had an accountant do my taxes, I can't believe she didn't do this at tax time.
    Karenrn- I didn't know about the Amazon Music so thanks! Too funny that animals benefit from Xanax too!
    Bill- interesting about Walden Pond. It's been years since I went.
  • I have a challenging day. On the plus side, it should be easy to skip a snack because I won't have time to eat it.

    Daily weighing streak: 2, Weigh-in: -0.15 kgs, Exercise: +30, 115/1200 minutes for October

    curlyjax: I love all things British, but have resisted the British Baking Show for fear of the cravings it would start. The Coroner sounds good -- are you streaming that from somewhere? You might like Unforgotten: Unforgotten #TVReview #BriFri ? Joy's Book Blog
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was on plan and weight is back up a smidge.

    Tonight is the kids' concert they are very excited for (the last concert was just dh and me). No gin and tonics for me this time, and we'll be in the general admission, under 21 area, which means standing for several hours.

    Curly, good idea with the financial advisor. Maybe you should contact the person who did your taxes to clear up the missing info. Good luck avoiding the sweets today.

    Karen, kudos for the hike. You've encouraged me with the reminder that we look better the whole journey of weightloss before but it's good to read it again. I need it every once in a while! TY.

    Beth, I hope you got the grocery shopping done and are not too overwhelmed with the to-do list today.

    Bill, ouch for tire expense! I read a joke somewhere about being quoted $700 by mechanics no matter what the issue. It does feel that way.

    Joy, kudos for the daily weights and I see another loss there. Nice!
  • Hi everyone.

    Mixed bag today. Credit for my walk--squeezed it in between work and dinner/theater. Credit for ordering well at dinner and not digging into the bread the server brought. No credit for dessert after dinner or cake during intermission at the theater. Definitely a mixed bag.

    In a weird thing, I learned that my feet have shrunk enough that the shoes I wore tonight didn't really fit--they were at least a full size too big. Who'd a thunk it?

    G'night all!

  • Saturday - Thomas Edison shows his 1st motion picture (1889)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walked about on Plum Island, CREDIT moi, sometimes spotting birds but mostly just admiring the sand dunes. When gazing over a vast stretch of grasses, there was inevitably a small patch of red. The colors at the seashore are infinitely varied. I've never seen a painting of sand dunes that begins to capture all its colors. This is a rare unspoiled spot on the Eastern Coastline. On a cool weekday, it was almost deserted. We did see one busload of middle-school kids bussed in from somewhere - some perhaps there first time to see the ocean. Yay for school trips to expand the lives of kids. I did have to concentrate on the notion that feeling a chill is not an emergency (thanks Dr. Beck). However appropriately dressed, standing on the boardwalk atop the dunes facing the ocean gets a stiff wind to suck out all the body heat. I was dressed warmly enough for 50ish degree F weather, but not so much that I couldn't feel the wind. I was reminded that an occasional feeling of chill is OK - otherwise I'd have to dress like a polar explorer for every walk. Seems to me that aging produces an exaggerated fear of the cold forgetting that it'll be brief and that I can turn around and go back at any time.

    Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including lunch with a friend who served carrot soup with warm Seeduction Bread. Warm bread is a weak spot. DW stopped buying it for us because we just ate it. And ate it. It was our gift to the hostess and we, appropriately, left the remainder of the loaf with her. I did, however, eye it as if it should go home with us. Bread could easily be my downfall. One great strategy got applied about an hour before bedtime. I had an urge to go get some peanuts to nibble while I read a book. Instead, I brushed my teeth. CREDIT moi for using a strategy instead of grabbing food.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for busy as a way to control snacking.

    curlyjax – Ouch for hearing from the Mass DOR - they should be seen and not heard. Good luck with the FREE Halloween candy - a challenge for me, also.

    Beth (bethturnaround) – Ouch for shrinking feet. It's a major inconvenience thinking about replacing all the shoes in the closet.

    Penny. – On plan is always a good day. Hope you survived those hours of standing at the concert.

    Readers -
    Week 3 Go: Start Your Diet

    These are all life changes that will become a part of your new mindset as you continue to practice your skills every day. Are you surprised by how much you've learned? If you're starting your diet this week (of if you started it a while ago), don't you feel better prepared? For example, you now know two crucially important things about hunger and craving: The first is that you can tolerate these uncomfortable sensations no matter what and that if you don't give in to them then they'll pass. The second is that you can make them pass much faster by using your anti-craving techniques, changing your mindset, and engaging in helpful behaviors. Now, you'll know what to do for the rest of your life.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 140.
  • We're out of food. So, groceries is a big priority today on top of my usual slate of activities on Saturday. Who knows? I may decide it's the ideal time to shop. I'm always bushed when I get home on Saturday. I might as well shop on the way home to use the last of the energy.

    Daily weighing streak: 3, Weigh-in: +0.1 kgs, Exercise: +45, 160/1200 minutes for October