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bethturnaround 08-18-2018 11:32 PM

Hi everyone!

An OP food day today--more carbs that probably necessary (Japanese salad and miso soup) but good choices. I had two pieces of sushi but ordered salmon as my entree so I'd be protein heavy instead of rice heavy. Then I stopped without finishing and let DH finish it off--I was done and stopped. Not full, just done.

I did get up and walk this morning--and felt great about it. I will tomorrow, too--it feels good to know that the exercise piece--at least walking--is no longer a struggle for me. That gives me hope that I'm when I'm ready to start doing some strength/resistance training that I'll get to the point where that isn't a struggle either.

DH and I went into the basement today to start thinking about packing/organizing for our move next month. I found two boxes of clothes that I didn't realize were there. I think they might mostly be too big for me now, but even if I'd found them earlier I wouldn't have been able to wear them--they're all fall/winter clothes and the sizing/timing is wrong. At least I can give them away instead of moving them :-)

G'night all!


silverbirch 08-19-2018 05:12 AM

Terrible night's sleep which I'm tracing back to eating a cake-thing from the farm shop. (And yes, I ate it in the car.) These cake-things are chockful of sugar and do a number on my tummy. They are not even very nice. The thing is, by the time I get there and do the shopping I am exhausted. Not sure why. Now I've identified this problem I think I'll start taking a snack to eat afterwards (so perhaps I'll have to think around the "no eating in the car" rule). I don't know. It seems a little counter-intuitive as the farm shop is of course full of food, but the reality is that there's nothing there I should eat immediately without pain of some kind or another. Thanks, everyone, for listening. More thinking required. Should I take a snack? Should I attempt to stop all eating in the car? Should I do something else?

Packing today to go to my mother's for a few days from tomorrow. I'm going to have a haircut in London en route which is a good move. The last one was a bit too edgy for me and got in my eyes all the time so I had to pin it back. As a result I've looked frumpy for a few months.

I've given up using my phone for notes and so on and am back to a paper diary and pocket book. I'm going to list Advantages in the back of the pocket book.

Beth, good luck with the packing and organising.

maryann, I must have missed why you're off dairy produce at the moment.

Bill, sorry to hear about your new passport photo. I am having trouble with the mere idea of taking a photo to put on a website. The DB says it's because I've got a rubbish haircut and that I'll feel better after the next one. Possibly, but the way people keep saying to me "you're looking very tired" doesn't fill me with optimism about a new photo either.

Joy, something else I like about "drink or dessert" is that it offers you a choice rather than a cast-in-stone, take it or leave it Rule. And both options are acceptable to you. So you still have agency, so to speak, without having to think too hard. Perhaps I should have something like that for the post shopping eating. "Yummy snack from home or deep breathing" - something like that.

BillBlueEyes 08-19-2018 07:20 AM

Sunday - National Aviation Day (since 1939, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was our yearly venture into square dancing, CREDIT moi. Fortunately, most of the other folks aren't serious dancers either. It's a party where I know many of the others and go with the flow. Took pride that we weren't the worst of the dancers there.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including a picnic dinner before the square dance. I had the job of driving to a local bakery to get ciabatta bread for sandwiches. To my great credit, I did not purchase any of a dozen to-die-for pastries including a pecan affair dripping with sugar. I did buy ham croissants for breakfast this morning. They aren't low calorie but are worth working into my plan as a rare treat. When I paid I was handed a small role as the reward for arriving with my own shopping bag. So neat! (Whole Foods gives 5 cents off the tab.) Now we have a small role to be eaten.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Great strategy to plan to have a salad when you get home. I, too, like the simplicity of "Drink or dessert."

silverbirch – I'm rather fond of your haircut - don't often see curls piled atop the head. I'd recognize you anywhere. Kudos for trying to find a solution to an acceptable snack for the farmers' market.

maryann – Ouch for stress despite it helping on the scale. Enjoy your Almond Milk while you can. Like DW's Soy Milk, I've read that the term 'Milk' will be reserved for cows. Almond Milk will have to be labeled "that which has come from an almond."

Beth (bethturnaround) – Yay for finding two boxes that don't have to make the move with you - with Kudos for having the courage to face your basement thinking about packing it all in boxes.

Readers -

day 12 Practice Hunger Tolerance

what are you thinking?
Here are some common sabotaging thoughts experienced by dieters who struggle with tolerating hunger. Make Response Cards to read whenever you need them. . . .

Sabotaging Thought: Why should I deliberately make myself feel uncomfortable by skipping lunch?
Helpful Response: I need to experience hunger to decrease my fear of it. This experiment will help reduce my anxiety about hunger in the future. The best way to get over my fear is to face it. This experiment will strengthen me for the next time I'm hungry and it's not time to eat.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 125.

karenrn 08-19-2018 11:03 AM

Good morning coaches,

I've had a couple of days of less than stellar tracking and I know what that means. Friday was probably okay calorie wise, but yesterday was over for sure. One of my friends was here on a layover for the afternoon and it was so good to see her. We've known each other since the first grade. She lives in Southern California and became an Alaska Airlines Flight attendant at age 63. She is a beautiful gal, divorced, and wanted something to do. Anyway, the interesting part is that she is 5'10" and has always been gorgeous, but not slim. You would never say she was heavy, nicely proportioned but not thin. Since becoming a flight attendant and being busier, she has lost 28 pounds. What she tells me is that she just doesn't have the big appetite she used to have. It got me thinking. I have this perception of myself as someone who needs large portions. Healthy food, but large portions. I'm am going to try to tell myself a different truth. "I eat healthy foods and I do not have a big appetite." Please dear God, let it work!

It's down to the countdown for leaving on my car trip. I'm driving 11 hours the first day to stay in Carson City, NV. My plan is to hike Maryann's Mt. Rose on Thursday morning providing the air quality and weather are okay. The length and elevation gain would be fine for me, but the fact that it is 8000+ feet at the start is the difficult part. I will take it slow and do what I can. I downloaded the map onto my Gaia GPS phone ap which always makes me feel safer. I'm trying to be sure I have the foods I'll need for on the way over on day one and then the hike. I've got protein bars, apples and tuna packets and tortillas to get me through. These next couple of days will be fine tuning the packing.

Bill The square dancing always sounds fun. We have line dancing lessons here, but I can't ever get my husband to go. I probably just need to find a girl friend who would like to go.

Silverbirch Oh no, a rubbish haircut. That sounds awful. I bet you'll be feeling good after the next one.

Beth I bet you're getting excited about your move. I actually don't mind moving although it's probably because I haven't moved often. I always say dh sets down a tap root and I have to chop and chop to get him to make a move. I think we'll be here forever.

Maryann That is so exciting that you are only 4 pounds from goal. Now if you could just get some sleep.

GardenerJoy Your diligence is an inspiration.

Penny Great job moving down a size. Are your dogs old? My pup gets stubborn and doesn't want to walk sometimes and I pick him up and carry him a little ways and then he's good to go.

You all have a great day.

Penny. 08-19-2018 11:11 AM

Mornin' everyone!

Yesterday, I stayed on plan with food, rode my bike to return the green Beck book to the library, and also did some grocery shopping during the same bike trip. The dog walk was done too. That's 2/3 bike rides and 5/7 dog walks completed for the week.

Weight was down a smidge, making total weight loss 13 pounds.

Gardenerjoy and Silverbirch, I like the drink or dessert motto too. Any quick rule to make social eating simpler to navigate is welcome!

Beth, that must have been a surprise to find the clothes. Moving is nice for a declutter and fresh start.

Bill, the free roll reminds me of our Mexican grocery store. They have a wall of Fanta 2 liters at the end of each check stand and if you spend over a certain amount, you get a free bottle. The kids think it is so great. Enjoy your ham croissant.

Karen, my dogs are not old but one is a minidoxie who gets tired and decides to quit, and the other is a pug who wants to walk but gets labored breathing after a while. I hope the air quality is good for your hike. Fingers crossed! Our air was great yesterday and crept up from green to orange today.

gardenerjoy 08-19-2018 03:52 PM

I'm rolling out a big project on my blog this afternoon. I'm having pre-party jitters--simultaneous fears that no one will show up or that too many people will and I'll run out of food (because of the limited supply of metaphorical beer and hot dogs). However, none of that is reason to eat real food. So, I'll stick to my plan.

  • posted nineteen days in a row
Weigh-in: +0.05 kgs, Exercise: +30, 670/1200 minutes for August

silverbirch: Depending on the timing, I sometimes have good luck eating a snack before I leave home. It doesn't necessarily stop the cravings, but I usually believe myself when I say, "You just ate; you don't need anything now."

bethturnaround 08-19-2018 09:44 PM

Hi everyone!

I ate the food I intended to today but overate at dinner. I should have stopped earlier--I served myself too much food and I ate it all. They were all good choices (fresh berries, fresh veggies with hummus, baked tomatoes, homemade meatloaf), just a bit too much of them. I even knew it while I was finishing but I wanted to enjoy the berries. I need to think about how to get about stopping when I've had enough, even if I want more. The baked tomatoes were amazing--my cousin grows tomatoes (my attempt this year was a bust) and he picked those for me last night. And then I ate the melted cheese from the tomatoes from the pan--they were good--but that is not how I'm supposed to eat.

I walked this morning at the forest preserve near our new house. There's a route that's exactly the 40 minutes I like to walk, so that's a good thing. It's really beautiful but it will not be a good summer walking place, so I'll need to find another forest preserve nearby that's more wooded. The reason this one isn't optimal for summer heat is because the entire walk is exposed to the sun--which is a bit rough when it's 90 degrees and sunny! I planned meals before I went for my walk, so went to the grocery story nearest the house--they had the best produce--beautiful and good prices.

Joy: Credit for recognizing that running out of metaphorical hot dogs isn't something to real-world eat over. I credit you for your exercise so much--it really has been motivating me!

Penny: Congrats on 13 lbs! A bike ride to the library sounds great. Our new home is a 35 minute walk to the library--but I bet it's a really reasonable bike ride--thanks for putting that in my head! What's your next book?

Karenrn: One of my books has this to say: I can’t manage what I don’t monitor. I made a card of it in a cool font :-)

BillBlueEyes: Square dancing sounds like fun! I had to use plastic bags at the grocery today--I had DH's car and it didn't have my reusable produce and grocery bags in it. I felt bad bringing home so much plastic.

silverbirch: I think it's what rules serve you best. I allow myself to eat in the car because it is convenient for me and I am eating things I intend to be eating. For other people, "don't eat in the car" is a great rule. What is yours? "Only planned snacks in the car"?

I'm including my weekly summary--I just reviewed it with DH, too--it's my part of my working out how I'm going to maintain this weight loss. I'm still losing, but I'm trying to transition to a maintenance mindset as well as real food :-) I feel really good about this week. I forgot to check my blood sugar one morning and everything else is on track. I have to remind myself that 6 days of walking out of 7 is a complete success--my goal isn't "daily"--my goal is ~160 minutes a week--and I'm there and then some!

G'night all!


silverbirch 08-20-2018 02:18 AM

Off to my mum's today. I'll have yet another go at trying to work out why my eating goes slightly haywire. I also have a particular hill in mind for improving my cardio performance. In fact, I think that improving my breathing could help with off-piste eating. Good, something to work on.

BillBlueEyes 08-20-2018 06:46 AM

Monday - NASA launches Voyager 2 towards Neptune (1977, now 7 billion miles out)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was our standard Sunday walk, CREDIT moi, noting that the gardens along the way were in their end-of-summer stages. I wore a long-sleeved shirt as if it were September already. Those of us having a hard time giving up summer must work overtime in denial.

Eating was good, CREDIT moi, including dinner on the patio even though that required wearing a shirt against the chill. Our excitement of the day was to find a way to bang the front plastic 'bumper' of our Toyota back in place. It had been pulled out somehow - maybe by banging a curb. With two screwdrivers and two people it seems to be sufficiently back together. I'd hate to replace it since it goes from one front tire to the other like an apron. It provides no bumper-like protection; perhaps it serves as a windscreen. I'm so old that I remember when cars had metal bumpers so strong that a tow hitch could be connected to tow the car. BTDT.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Hope your project rollout went well. Not sure that I understand, "metaphorical beer and hot dogs."

silverbirch – I need to add "off-piste" to my vocabulary - so descriptive.

Karen (karenrn) – Neat idea to work on your perception of what portion size you need.

Beth (bethturnaround) – Oh yes, the melted cheese on the pan is so tempting. Kudos for making plans for walking from you new home.

Penny. – Love the idea of getting two errands into one bicycle trip.

Readers -

day 12 Practice Hunger Tolerance
Once I get over my intolerance of
hunger, dieting will be easier.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 126.

gardenerjoy 08-20-2018 08:04 AM

My roll-out of my project got off to a good start. I'm doing seven posts in seven days, but they're all written and scheduled. So there's nothing for me to do now but monitor. I think I want to plan a week of activities because I don't think constantly refreshing the screen will be good for me.

  • posted twenty days in a row
Weigh-in: +0.00 kgs, Exercise: +45, 715/1200 minutes for August

Penny. 08-20-2018 12:28 PM

Sunday was on plan, and I got a huge pot of chicken chili verde made, as well as sautιed a bunch of veg. The rest of the family can put their chile verde over rice, nachos, whatever. I'll put mine with veg. Weight was down another smidge today.

Today I will ride my bike to my mom's and do the dog walk. Not a lot.

Beth, I've reserved the book you mentioned at the library. In the meantime, I'm reading Wuthering heights (for the first time!) and finished a book my son has been wanting me to read, The Land of Stories. Good job on keeping consistent with your chart.

Silverbirch, enjoy your visit with mum and the hill walk!

Bill, long sleeves already? Nope, I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer either.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on launching your project!

karenrn 08-20-2018 03:58 PM

Good afternoon coaches,

Yesterday's food was on plan and today's is planned. I went to the Y and did the elliptical this morning. I can't take anymore shoulder workouts before I leave cause I'm still sore . . . so no Crossfit until I return. It's hair do day today. I've taken Otis to the groomer's which makes me feel just horrible. He gets so nervous even with taking xanax before hand. He doesn't get this way with dh cause more often when he goes in his car he's going somewhere fun. Then I went to Costco and I was so happy that they have the gift certificates again for the doggie day care. With the gift certificates it's a savings of 20%, which really adds up for more than 4 weeks that he'll be going. I'm heading out to get my hair done soon. I've scheduled both of us right before I leave and again right after I get back.

Penny The chicken chili verde sounds really good.

GardenerJoy I'm glad the project is off to a good start.

Bill I wish I could give you some warmth. It was 88 when I walked Otis this morning at 5:30 and is expected to be 107 today. As much as I will miss dh and Otis, I am just dying to get out of the heat. I just hope the smoke leaves the areas I'm going to be visiting.

Silverbirch Have a great visit with your Mom and enjoy the hill.

Beth Great job on your chart. Looks like your off the steroid? Are you all better?

I guess I'll go recheck my packing while I don't have a helpful cocker around.

bethturnaround 08-21-2018 12:17 AM

Hi everyone!

Today was almost OP food wise--ate too much taco meat. Ate some prior to making my taco salad and then overserved myself as well. Food choices were good and other quantities were fine. I am still struggling with stopping eating when there are a few bites left but I've really had enough. I combat some of that by serving smaller portions but that's a workaround. It was raining tonight so DD and I drove to the library--and then I went and walked the indoor track at the gym. I like walking outside better but not in the rain!

karenrn: My blood sugar is still a bit elevated but it is going down--based on what I'm eating it should be 85!. The rash is recovering and no longer itchy. I refuse to help DH at the lot anymore--I am not going through this again. Your workout schedule is amazing--Crossfit, Y...

penny: A big mess of food you can serve on veggies is awesome. That sort of thing works well here, too.

Joy: Credit for getting your week all ready in advance. YAY for 20 days in a row!!!

BillBlueEyes: It's still August. We can be in denial about autumn a little longer.

silverbirch: Hope you have a great visit with your mom.

G'night all.



BillBlueEyes 08-21-2018 07:42 AM

Tuesday - National Senior Citizens Day (since 1988, President Ronald Reagan)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Took a walk around a reservation on city land, CREDIT moi, to see an area being restored to native plants. Restoration first requires removing abundant invasives that are preventing the natives from taking root. The natives, but not the invasives, are attacked by both rabbits and deer. It's "red in tooth and claw" out there, indeed. Saw one Double-crested Cormorant drying its wings in the breeze. All's right in the world.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, with tuna fish salad sandwich for lunch using the last of the ciabatta bread that I'd bought for Saturday. For whatever reason, the rules of our marriage dictate that I make tuna fish salad in a quantity enough for sandwiches for the two of us. My image of tuna fish salad is high protein with low calorie. That is, of course, before adding the mayonnaise and the bread that seems healthy because of its neat name despite being white bread in disguise. The scale rewarded me with a four pound down wiggle - not real but I'll savor it for the duration.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats for getting your new project started.

Karen (karenrn) – Kudos for planning and reaping the results of planning.

Beth (bethturnaround) – Love your, "It feels good to nurture myself with healthy food."

Penny. – Ah, Wuthering heights:
I have just returned from a visit to my landlord - the solitary neighbour that I shall be troubled with. This is certainly a beautiful country! In all England, I do not believe that I could have fixed on a situation so completely removed from the stir of society. A perfect misanthropist's heaven: and Mr Heathcliff and I are such a suitable pair to divide the desolation between us. A capital fellow! He little imagined how my heart warmed towards him when I beheld his black eyes withdraw so suspiciously under their brows, as I rode up, and when his fingers sheltered themselves, with a jealous resolution, still farther in his waistcoat, as I announced my name.

Readers -

day 13 Overcome Cravings

I once saw a cartoon depicting a woman looking panicky in her kitchen while food from cabinets, the countertop, table, and refrigerator were talking to her, with balloon text saying, "Eat me! Eat me! Eat me!" Have you ever had a similar experience, when it seemed that food was calling out to you? I certainly have and so has everyone I've counseled. The good news is that even though foods might continue to call out to you, you can stay in control.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 127.

Penny. 08-21-2018 10:44 AM

Yesterday went well. I switched out the bike ride to my mom's for a longer walk. My daughter and I passed a little free library and scored a book each. Me, a collection of Edgar Allan Poe works, and her, a graphic novel.

I enjoyed my chicken chili verde and am loving the $5 pre-cut grilling veggie mix from the store. It probably prices out lower if I bought the individual onion/peppers/zucc/portobello myself, but not enough to beat the convenience.

Weight down another smidge and now I'm so close to hitting the next decade!

Bill, I think I'd be shocked if I saw a four pound "wiggle," more like a plunge. That must have felt nice, even if it does rebound a little. Credit to you! And, I am thoroughly pulled into the Wuthering heights saga.

Karen, my dog screams very loudly when he gets his nails trimmed at the groomers, even with valium and Trazodone. So, I understand the feeling. Credit for all your consistent exercise. I hope your shoulder pain eases.

Beth, I'm glad your rash and high blood sugars are resolving. I'd be afraid to return to the scene too!

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