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gardenerjoy 08-26-2018 05:34 PM

Posting late for no good reason. It's been a quiet Sunday here, too. I was able to take some time to realize that the last two weeks of September are going to be super-busy. That's far enough away that I can do things this week and next that will make later in the month go smoothly. That's the kind of thinking that will keep me away from frustration and, therefore, away from eating over frustration.

  • posted twenty-six days in a row
Weigh-in: NA kgs, Exercise: +30, 940/1200 minutes for August

bethturnaround 08-26-2018 11:28 PM

Hi everyone.

Today wasn't a day without yummy choices, but I decided before we went to the party that this was going to be a product-only day. I withstood all of it--the cookies, the chips--and even the pizza. Everyone had decided to wait and order dinner (rather than order lunch in) because they knew I ate dinner and didn't eat 'real food' for lunch. But after 2 days last week of non-optimal choices, it seemed that a few days of product only would best get me back on track. I plan to do product only tomorrow, too. I think that'll shock my system back into "no carbs, silly". I feel good that this is happening this quickly. I'd be lovely to be in the habit of never slipping :-) but since I'm not perfect, I know I'll need to practice the habit of "get right back on it".

The party was a last minute thing--a friend is visiting from out of town and staying with a mutual friend and she invited a bunch of us over to play games. It was a lot of fun. I'm glad we went although we'd planned on doing some packing this weekend. That just didn't happen :-). No exercise today, either, but I had a good week--walked 5 days out of 7, and I feel good about that. My intent is to be at 5-6 days out of 7 but still feel successful at 4. 0-3 is just not enough.

joy: Big credit for recognizing what is going to be busy coming up--preparing for it can make all the difference.

maryann: I don't think I realized you were practicing piano! That's way cool.

Penny: Sounds like you're comfortable with the 'do the right thing but I'll still plateau for a few days' thing. You've been doing great.

curlyjax: Target has really marketed itself as the 'college stuff' store--and it worked. I think everyone shops at Target for freshman year! She'll be moved in this week one way or another--whether she's packed well or not.

BillBlueEyes: Nope, can't do college with a fridge and microwave. And possibly a coffee maker. She does sound super organized--baking the same week as moving to college is really impressive.

I'm including my week's chart today. Two blip days--so two days of all products seems right to get back on track. I think the accountability of posting this every Sunday night is good for me--doesn't let me go past a week without a plan for the next one. (If I were to forget/skip one Sunday, I would appreciate being reminded of it--accountability!)

G'night all.


silverbirch 08-27-2018 03:11 AM

Back from my mum's and have managed to get rid of the aches and pains caused by sitting on a train and not working out with weights apart from carrying two heavy bags of shopping for half a mile or so every day. All going well there. The DS is going there tomorrow for a few days which will be nice for both of them.

Food has been reasonable and I could have lost a smidgen of weight. Let's see. The challenge will be now I'm home. I had a quiet Sunday too.

Beth, great that walking is part of your life now.

Joy, planning ahead for busy times in September makes such good sense. I'm much happier now I've moved back to having a paper diary and paper calendar on the fridge so I can see patterns at a glance.

maryann, there was piano practice here too. Perhaps I'll take it up one of these days.

Penny, having the best job for you sounds wonderful. As does all the produce from the gardens. Great to have fruitful gardens.

curlyjax, I hope that it won't take much to solve your hip problem. My trainer/fixer and I have tracked down my difficulties to a bag I'd started to use again, across the body. Now I alternate the side I use, each time I take it. That, together with some simple exercises, has made all the difference. Well done with taking steps towards repaving the driveway. Brave to get rid of the car.

Bill, sorry to hear about demolition in your area. I understand how you had to have that brownie.

Off to complete the rest of my exercises. The others are still in bed so I have the run of the kitchen.

BillBlueEyes 08-27-2018 05:48 AM

Monday - Krakatoa volcano erupts (1883, west of Java in Indonesia)
Diet Coaches/Buddies Standard Sunday walk with DW, CREDIT moi. Chatted with yet-another guy headed off to Freshman Year. The older teen nearby was furious that he was all packed - ONE suitcase. "Guys have it made." Hard for me to believe that one suitcase will suffice. I happen to know that his mother plans to NOT make multiple emergency two-hour trips to stock his forgotten items. Civilized areas tend to have stores like Target where anything can be purchased. The odd part is that the mom has exactly a one hour window to drop him off and leave. Apparently, folks hanging around doesn't make the transition easier.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, except for a cookie - "You gotta have one of these" - at community hour. It was good, but not worth the calories.

I'm suffering from a head cold that makes me an unpleasant companion. Methinks I'll spend the day hiding under my bed. Men in general aren't good patients and I suspect that I'm among the least good among men. It'd be great if I could take it as a reading day, but reading doesn't appeal.

Joy (gardenerjoy) September calendar if filling up here, also.

silverbirch Shopping bags are a good resistance exercise tool.

maryann Glad to hear that your back is getting better.

curlyjax Congrats for taking the big step of getting rid of that car.

Beth (bethturnaround) Neat to plan a few day of product-only to get back on track.

Penny. Yay for garden bounty instead of boxes of candy.

Readers -

day 13 Overcome Cravings

Today, you'll learn how to prove to yourself that you don't have to give in to cravings and eat to make them disappear. You can take control and make them go away. First, you'll collect information about your craving so you can demonstrate this to yourself. Then you'll learn anti-craving techniques.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 128.

gardenerjoy 08-27-2018 09:22 AM

Yay! A morning post. Today's a busy day of trying to get ahead in advance of a busy September. Nothing to eat over. I've got a plan and I'm declaring my attention to follow it as written.

  • posted twenty-seven days in a row
Weigh-in: NA kgs, Exercise: +30, 970/1200 minutes for August

silverbirch: I've also gone with paper for planning because it's so much easier to see what's going on. I use scrap paper since I spend most of my time at my home desk. That way I can draw a plan for the next four weeks or six weeks or whatever time period seems most helpful to me at the moment.

BillBlueEyes: I hope you're feeling better soon. I managed to read most of the Harry Potter books on sick days. It definitely has to be the right sort of book to make reading appealing. That was years ago when the books first came out. I'm not sure that reading would win out over the many options that a laptop provides on sick days.

karenrn 08-27-2018 10:23 AM

Good morning coaches,

I figured I would wait to post until I can use my computer which I am now able to do. On Friday my son and I explored some of the redwood groves and then on Saturday we drove to Shelter Cove. It is very near where
he lives, but my what a curvy road.
I read about a backpacking trip called the Lost Coast that ends in Shelter Cove. We had already discussed doing that next year and lucky for us visited with some guys at lunch that had just finished the trip.
It is 25 miles and right on the portion of the beach where it is so rugged there isn't a road that parallels the beach. We'll shoot for next September. I'm thinking I had better backpack as much as I am able in the next
two years, because I think my husband may retire about then. He won't be a backpacker and I may not feel like I want to leave when he isn't working. Yesterday I drove to my brother and sister in laws in Longview,
WA. It was a 420 mile drive and the first part is up the 101 in CA. I left at 4:30 a.m. cause I woke up at 3:15. It took 9 1/2 hours and I drank several Mountain Dews and had a couple of protein bars. I thought
about stopping for some food, but by that time I was decided I didn't really feel hungry and was afraid it would make me sleepy. It was funny in the car how I was really hungry but reminded myself it would pass and
sure enough it did.

GardenerJoy You are doing so well with your consistent posting and planning. Right now I am living without a plan which is very unusual for me at least as it pertains to food. I hopped on the scale her at my
brother's and it looks like I'm doing fine.

Bill I hope you're feeling better soon. When I do get sick these days I am always so thankful that I don't have to go to work feeling that way.

Silver birch Glad to hear you had a good visit. Are you still liking your hair? Sometimes I'm not sure how much I like mine until I do it myself.

Beth I think you're learning the most important thing in weight loss or maintenance . . . Get right back on track, and in your case undo a bit of the damage with eating just products first.

Maryann I hope you had a great day yesterday. I wish I had kept up with piano. I know myself well enough to know I probably wouldn't use it if I got one, but I do love music. I guess
I'm like the joke, "I play the radio as my musical instrument."

Penny It sounds wonderful to get some of your patient's bounty. I am a retired nurse that only did nursing for half my career. I started in the ICU, then home hospice and then I was a palliative
consulting nurse in the hospital, which I liked best of all.

Curlyjax I hope you find someone who can help your hip. You have been going through so many things. What a lot of changes to manage. Swing dancing sounds like it would be a lot of fun and
a good goal to have.

I will be at my brother and sister in law's until Friday morning. My brother just went back to work this morning after being off 9 weeks with a broken leg. It wasn't too bad, but he wasn't able to bear
weight for a majority of the time and he's an electrician. My sister in law is retired. I have the basement which they finished off a couple of years ago and it is beautiful. It also is a daylight basement,
so I see out into their yard. I've made my own pot of coffee down here, but I hear Laurie up, so I'll head upstairs.

You all have a great start to the week.

maryann 08-27-2018 02:36 PM

Good Morning, Coaches.

Today I awoke to a shock. My entire face was swollen. I must admit I was freaked out. I rushed to urgent care and they said It might be a withdrawal reaction. Good News is that it did not affect my breathing or heart. They put me on steroids and benadryl. This school year is one of the rougher ones I must admit. Oh well.

Illness is no excuse to hop Off Plan. There is no bad situation that a compulsive bite can't make worse.

So, I need to relax, let the medication work, watch old movies and be gentle with myself.

Wave to all.

Penny. 08-27-2018 03:28 PM

Karen, your trip sounds wonderful! I have worked in a couple acute care settings as well, one being an ICU/and Progressive care unit combo. My mom worked in the ICU and I worked nextdoor in the PCU. That was fun, until it wasn't. Lol

Bill, sorry about the cold but credit for sticking to your goals anyway.

Maryann, how scary to wake up that way! Credit for still checking in and staying mindful. You've had a lot going on.

Gardenerjoy, good planning! It seems to make all the difference. I was reading something about people who procrastinate and put off chores lack empathy for their furure selves. I often feel like I'm overly concerned with my future selve's need to be lazy, so I might as well get it done now.

Silver, congrats on being mindful of eating at your mom's.

Yesterday was a major success navigating old thoughts with new beck tools. DH and I (spontaneous decision) took the teens out for dinner and a movie and I only had a small amount of calories left. My mind started to wander into thoughts on justifications but then I remembered the suggested responses. "I'd hate to break my record of op days" and "it's really about socializing, not about the food."

I looked up the menu and picked something ahead, and planned within my calorie limit. It really is such a short mental hurtle to get over, with such great potential backsliding if I don't. Anyway, I'm very pleased with myself.

bethturnaround 08-27-2018 11:13 PM

Hi everyone.

Today was an OP food day--I stuck with 5 products as part of recovering from my two difficult days this past week. I've got dinner planned for tomorrow (taco salad)--have to get the meat out of the freezer. (Our taco salads don't have chips or taco shells.) I took a nice walk tonight--it was getting dark when I finished but I'm really glad I went and that I walked outside.

Spent some time talking with my son--we're meeting up in NYC this weekend. DH and I will be their Friday-Monday and DS and his girlfriend are coming Sat-Sun. I've only been to NYC once--and at that point, I was younger than he is now! I'm looking forward to the Metropolitan Museum of Art--I am so excited about finally going! We're planning what we'll be doing and some of it we'll just wing. DS has never been to the Met either, although his girlfriend has been many times and isn't a big fan of art museums. They'll go with us one day and we'll go on our own for our second day there.

Penny: I loved your "It's about the socializing, not the food" so much that I made a card of it.

Maryann: Oh, no! I hope your recovery is quick and not to uncomfortable. Unless the problem is starvation, food won't solve it--and can make it worse.

karenrn: Sounds like you're having an amazing adventure! Your outside time sounds incredible.

Joy: You've been doing great with your daily posting this month! Congrats and credits!

silverbirch: I hope the aches and pains stay away--and your scale gives you the smidge!

BillBlueEyes: It's no fun when you're too sick to feel like reading--I hope that passes soon.

G'night, all.


BillBlueEyes 08-28-2018 06:00 AM

Tuesday - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream" (1963, Washington, D.C.)
Diet Coaches/Buddies Spent a blah day - just me and a box of tissues. The minor silver lining is that DW refused to let me empty the dishwasher; I'm in quarantine, LOL. Thanks for all the well wishes.

Eating was on plan. If I was really sick, I'd lose weight but a cold doesn't give me the side effect that a stomach virus does of a free five-pound scale drop. Oh, Well.

Joy (gardenerjoy) A written plan seems smart. Harry Potter does seem like a readable book right now.

maryann Good grief! Thank goodness that urgent care got you back to working.

Karen (karenrn) So jealous you're walking the redwood groves.

Beth (bethturnaround) So neat that you'll have two days at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Penny. I, also, like, "It's really about socializing, not about the food."

Readers -

day 13 Overcome Cravings

Discovering that you can tolerate cravings is one of the most important things you need to learn to lose weight and keep it off!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 128.

gardenerjoy 08-28-2018 11:11 AM

The daily posting is making a real difference for me. I'm more tolerant of being hungry for a little while when it's not quite time to eat. I'm writing a food plan nearly every day and following it quite closely. I'm more aware that the choices I make about food are important to me and to how I feel physically and mentally. It seems easy when it's going this well.

  • posted twenty-eight days in a row
Weigh-in: -0.4 kgs, Exercise: +60, 1030/1200 minutes for August

karenrn 08-28-2018 02:51 PM

Good morning coaches,

I overdid it on the taco salad last night, but I hope the 7 1/2 mile walk we took in the morning helped some. This morning we walked around Lake Sacajawea which so many people do on a daily basis around
here. My Dad used to walk part of it every day after he retired. He carried peanuts in his pockets to feed to the squirrels. Once years ago I borrowed his jacket and the squirrels were coming up to me. Crazy, huh?
Laurie and I walked around it this morning. It is just 3.6 miles, so I haven't even hit my 10,000 steps yet. We are planning a hike up at Mt. St. Helens for Thursday. Tomorrow I will get together with a couple of
high school friends, one of whom I've known since first grade. I love having friends I've known forever.

I'll leave it at that and get back to personals later or tomorrow.

maryann 08-28-2018 07:31 PM

Phone check in.

A second trip to ER brought some relief. Thankfully my new job starts later in the morning and I could sleep in.

Weight is at ticker or maybe lower. Meds might be messing it around. I should go the gym but that might wait till another day.

Like gardenerjoy, posting is really helping me stay on track.

Wave to all.

bethturnaround 08-28-2018 11:38 PM

Hi everyone.

It is interesting how much difference posting makes. I report in--I get to report to success or if I've struggled, cop to it which makes me recognize I did--can't hide from it if I post it.

Today was an OP food day. After dinner, I walked to the library to return DD's books and pick up her new ones. I didn't have time to walk at the lake before it got dark so this was a good solution. It didn't start storming until after I got home--I was glad it held off long enough for me to walk outside instead of the indoor track of the gym.

I'm (finally) starting to plan details of our trip to NYC. We leave in just two nights! I'm super excited.

maryann: I'm sorry it took a second trip to the ER but I am so glad to hear you're feeling better.

karenrn: It sounds cool to have friends you've known forever!

joy: Following a plan makes such a difference! Failing to plan is planning to fail. I know I do best when I enter everything in MFP in the morning (or even the day before)

BillBlueEyes: Emptying the dishwasher isn't so unpleasant it's worth getting sick to avoid! Hope you feel better soon--and that the scale cooperates even if it is a cold.

G'night all!



BillBlueEyes 08-29-2018 05:38 AM

Wednesday - Michael Faraday discovers Electromagnetic Induction (1831, UK)
Diet Coaches/Buddies By laying low all day, I'm feeling like taking on life today. I'm sounding better. My suggestion of getting healthier was that DW 'allowed' me to make the green salad using the very hands that she didn't even allow to touch the dishes yesterday. Small step.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, despite having to fend off the notion that eating something would make me feel better. I didn't actually have a craving to eat something, just the idea that that would solve all my problems at the moment.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Neat that you're increasing your tolerance for feeling a little hungry.

maryann Ouch for a second trip to ER. Glad that you're finding a path out of this.

Karen (karenrn) Love the notion that the squirrels recognized your father's jacket. Glad to know that there's a Lake Sacajawea since she's one of my favorite characters in American history.

Beth (bethturnaround) Thanks for "Planning is required for long-term success."

Readers -

day 13 Overcome Cravings
The emotionally painful part about a
craving is the struggle you feel. Once you can
say to yourself with total conviction, NO CHOICE,
the craving will diminish.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 130.

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