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maryann 03-31-2018 11:07 AM

Good morning, Coaches.

nationalparker: As curleyjax says, "hugs." You are of course more than you current figure but I certainly know that feels like small consolation. As does " all body parts working, healthy, etc. . . "What struck me when I was reading your post was that Beck has us pick two diets for a reason. Sometimes one doesn't work. I know it is also not something you want to hear but for seven weeks you have not gained. That is a big deal at our age. Weight watchers has always been a maintenance diet for me yet my mother lost all her weight on it. There are also many other programs to research. Maybe you can take your remaining month and a half, maintain and find something that gives you better results.

silverbirch: I have been to Regent Park! I remember it. So cool.

BBE: We had a downpour last week and ruin at crop. Sorry. I'm not sure the cherries are going to make it either.

Beth: Thanks for addressing Passover. I have Easter and I was thinking about it. I hate to be visible with my products but what the heck. I'll just bring what I am suppose to eat and eat it. Seems simple enough. People can say what they will. It is crazy but I'm in charge of buying and transporting five fresh pies. That has nothing to do with me, though. Super congrats on 40 pounds.

onebyone 03-31-2018 07:40 PM

Thought March was over

I am shocked that today is still March. Forgot it has 31 days. How could I forget that? Weird.

Food has been on plan but I've eaten too much at one sitting. I'll count the on plan with a big Credit and the too much with an Oh Well.

I am trying to "close my eating window" as in eat within a 4 or 5hr time frame. It was 8 today. But things are improving and I am willing so I'll get back to it.

I have news to report. Two area of the apartment have moved from the To Do List to the Maintenance List because they are...DONE.
1) Entry Hallway is cleared of everything.
2) Countertops on either side of the stove have been decluttered and re-arranged. Stovetop cleared off.
3) Forgot to mention I decluttered the top of the fridge. It's beside the counter beside the stove beside the counter. Made sense.
Yay! Credit Moi x 2

Kitchen is closed. DH is losing weight so I am staying the course.

Adieu mes amis.

bethturnaround 04-01-2018 12:40 AM

Hi everyone!

En route to the seder tonight, my daughter asked if I was going to eat. I'd brought shakes. I had some back and forth in my head about what to do--physical distress of the indecision. Pesach really does qualify as a 'special occasion'--in fact, that's the whole focus of the holiday.

So, I decided to eat. And I made really good choices. I had some chopped liver with matzoh (which was amazing), but stopped myself when I wanted more. I knew i had to limit my carbs, so water instead of wine. (Which is weird--the Passover service calls for drinking 4 glasses of wine.) I ate my boiled egg. I had the charoset with a bit more matzoh. I asked for extra carrots in my soup, and only nibbled at the matzoh ball. I had brisket and turkey (both also amazing) and limited my potato kugel. And then I stopped. Other people covered their plates with food. I had small amounts and you could see my plate :-). My mouth wanted more but I was actually full so I stopped.

Dessert time came and I had one piece of matzoh toffee.

I was still full by the time we got to the afikomen so I skipped that.

I ate so much less than I normally would have--and still feel like I ate too much. That is informative--that even eating much less than I have in previous years, I still have a sense of being overfull. Of course, my "meals" have all been small lately so I'm not used to meals at all.

Even though I hadn't planned to eat until right before we got there, I think it was a good decision for me. The meal is part of Passover in a way hat isn't true of any other holiday. The meal, the order of the service, the food we eat, the wine--it's all part of the observation, and it felt right to be fully part of the family observation. (Is that too much rationalization?)

Everyone noticed my weight loss :-). 40 lbs is pretty significant.

I don't know what the scale will show tomorrow, but it'll be okay. I took home leftover braised brisket and smoked turkey for DH, but I won't have any. I didn't take anything else. OH--and I helped clean up the kitchen and didn't eat ANYTHING while putting the food away.

(long winded, but that's my report to my coaches for tonight)

onebyone: HUGE credit for the decluttering work. Getting started can be the hardest part.

maryann: I hope your Easter plans go well. I know I made plans but then didn't follow through.

curlyjax: Sounds like a great and healthy breakfast!

nationalparker: You are so much more than what you weigh. Like maryann, I wonder if after giving WW enough of a try that a second diet plan might be worth looking into.

BillBlueEyes: I hope the grill is more cooperative than the printer!


BillBlueEyes 04-01-2018 05:25 AM

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