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silverbirch 03-24-2018 03:52 AM

Morning. Went to the physio yesterday as the DB couldn't make his appointment because of flu. I had a few niggles in my usual places but hadn't thought it was serious enough to see the physio yet, and perhaps exercise would sort it out. Lo and behold, I have much more energy this morning!

Going shopping now and will collect a book that's arrived at the library for me.

nationalparker 03-24-2018 08:26 AM

Oh, phooey - I read the notes this morning and realize my post didn't make it in from last night. Oh well. And I'd felt like more of a contributor finally. C'est la vie.

The snow that they've been predicting has been falling for awhile this morning. I'm still in bed, having gotten up and brewed a cup of tea, returned to bed with a very happy dog whose allowed to curl up with me on the covers ... as DH fell asleep on the couch late last night and I've left him sleeping soundly out there. I secretly like time in the cozy bed all alone. I've opened the bedroom blinds to the top so the picture window is just the snow flying, heavy and fast. Peace. I do need to reheat my tea after emailing my sister apparently way too long of a note that I forgot my hot tea.

Am averaging a whopping 0.3 pounds lost per week so far on WW. A friend suggested I not eat any 0 point foods but those are the healthiest - fruits, veg and lean proteins, but in a search online, I'm finding that previously pleased WW folks are frustrated with gaining on this new program. I know you can find whatever you're looking for online :) but I have to get this figured out pronto.

Food plan today includes a frozen Trader Joe's three-cheese pizza as a snow day treat. I have salad fixings and the oven on will be nice. Also will review pantry and freezer and make up menu plan for the week. Marketing will be done quickly tomorrow, and want to keep it fairly light, so need to be creative. I need to update my excel sheet with several soups I make that I forget about.

House goal for today is to take some time to pull more items for goodwill. I'm still holding onto the smaller clothes that I wore last year but decided to clear out the smaller clothes that I did NOT wear when I could. That's a tell. A sundress that I love does me no good if I'm too old to confidently wear a halter top dress. Even if it was a great deal and is well-made, etc. I kept saving some items so when I meet up with my cousin, I could see if she wanted them. Maybe I just ask her if she wants me to post them her way, and if not, she can drop at Goodwill since she stops there regularly and it won't be an imposition. I was surprised the other day to see she was ringing me and what a joy to catch up with her, no matter the topic. Then she rang again after work. I'm so thankful. I'm hopeful she's coming a bit out of her funk. I brought up the possibility of us meeting up this summer and she's like I think you need to plan it otherwise it won't happen. So plan I will! :)

Silverbirch - Great to hear that you've got more pep today. Fingers crossed that carries forward.

OneByOne - I had you in my thoughts and then Bill reached out in a note - I hope you're doing well and look forward to your next check in.

Maryann - Credit for finding a solution that you're comfortable with - good luck with JC.

Beth - How long is your conversion from the product to natural food when you reach the point when you're ready to do that? Do they do it a meal at a time and then a month and then add in another meal, etc.? Curious on that front. You have many skills I would love to grow - seamstress, woodworker... ahh.

CurlyJax - I hope you and your DD and DS are navigating life OK this weekend. How many years apart are the kids? I'm thankful that your job provides the time for you to tackle all of the things you must do now. It almost seems like it takes a full year to get through the cycle of forms and things to handle. Agree on the elec snowblower - I'm one who HATES the batteries that always seem to need to be replaced and are never remotely inexpensive and never seem to fully charge well after a short period of time. That's just a peeve of mine - I just want to plug and go to work. :)

maryann 03-24-2018 11:45 AM

Good Morning, Coaches.

Welcome Weekend! Spring is outside my window and the forecast is 80 by Thursday. This a little soon for us. We need more rain. Nationalparker's snowy day seems more natural. Oh well, I'll take advantage and take a walk. The first week of my NS plan calls for limited exercise because it's pretty low in calories. although I am willing to go "with the flow" on just about everything else, I must continue to walk for my moods. I also decided to slip a little milk/creamer in my coffee. I don't believe in going below 1200 calories. Other than that, I have turn off the "judgo-meter" in my brain and have followed directions. The food is what it is and I am enjoying the freedom of no freedom. It is Beck at its finest - I know exactly what I will eat today, tomorrow and the next day. This freed up brain space is going to constructive exercises: go through my closet like Beth. Yes! Slacks are the hardest. I bought some at the consignment store. I also want to go through the budget. Tonite i Bye, Bye, Birdie at the high school.

Two big resistance credits: No big soft cookies at the art expo my son was playing at (first violin). They are my downfall. I passed by the free cupcakes at Sam's club. The frosting is my favorite. In fact, I had binged on one just last month. It feels good to be on a new path.

Nationalparker: good for you trying to tweak the program so that it works rather than chuck the whole thing.

We can do this.

bethturnaround 03-25-2018 01:59 AM

Hi everyone.

Tonight is a night I'm going to bed hungry. I don't have much choice--it's almost 1 in the morning, I have had my 5 products for today, and I want some food. But hunger is not an emergency if my blood sugar isn't crashing and it isn't--so I'm going to bed hungry.

Exercise today was the March for our Lives. DD and I went. The program was really good and then we walked (slowly) in a large group. We didn't bring signs, but there were lots of signs.

Tomorrow I will go the gym and walk the gym track, unless it's much warmer than expected.

I tried on a bunch of clothes--the pants all fit, but the tops are all about 10 lbs too small. So are the dresses, but they're summer dresses so I packed all of them back up and will put in a closet for another month or so (since I'm losing about 10 lbs per month) Maybe they'll fit for the change in weather!

maryann: There really is something freeing in not having choices. I didn't know that would be the case but it turned out to be. It's as close to giving up food altogether than I can manage. I'm glad it's starting out well for you.

nationalparker: Sounds like you're looking for the right path within WW. I hope you find out what the line is.

For transitioning, I know we transition one meal at a time, but I don't know how long we stay with that single meal before adding in a second one. I hope it's at least 2 weeks--slowly is better than fast! If I continue as I'm doing, I could stay on the meal replacement plan into July (total of 26 weeks). As part of transitioning, I'll have dietitian support to work out what I'm going to eat and how much of it.

silverbirch: I'm so glad to hear you're getting your energy back. (Aren't libraries great?)


silverbirch 03-25-2018 03:03 AM

Saturday was a better day than I've had for some time. I bought some timber to redo part of the shed roof, went to the library and decided I'd re-walk the stairs in a building across the road which had hurt my knees and quads on Thursday night. (I'd been to a talk, the lift was slow so I walked up to the fifth floor.) It was fine! The physio on Friday afternoon has obviously sorted out some malingering problem. This newish public building is the only one I can think of round here with so many floors. I think I'll make walking up to the top part of my exercise programme. The views are spectacular so seeing them through the seasons will be lovely too. Then, yesterday afternoon, I put up a curtain rail at the front door. It's been waiting to be done for quite a few months. I am very pleased with myself as there were quite a few hiccups (old house) but all is working well now. Now we have to get a ceiling-to-floor curtain (have a short one rigged up temporarily). I'm considering dusty pink velvet. Food was quite good.

Beth, going to bed hungry works quite well for me but I eat so many vegetables it doesn't seem to happen much.

maryann, good for you, trying a new path.

nationalparker, Goodwill work sounds excellent.

curlyjax 03-25-2018 08:57 AM

Ii'm doing a little better with dealing with hunger. Although last night I did slip up with Cadbury creme eggs which are disgusting but I love them. Easter needs to hurry up and be over! I'm having exhuasting days with DD- we have these supportive chats where we are close, and on the same day we are yelling at each other. I REALLY miss my DH at those times. I am the only one she leans on and its hard, she has no interest in talking to a counselor. Sometimes its my fault, like last night I over reacted, but geez at 11:00 at night I don't want to deal with anything. at least I didn't eat over it.

Silverbirch- physio sounds great. I need to get back to a physical therapist, which I believe is the same thing. My hip is killing me. Libraries are indeed wonderful. Good on you for all the house work.
Nationalparker- good luck with new plan. It does sound like a challenge, I don't understand how so many foods can be 0 points. My kids are 2 1/2 years apart.
Maryann- good job on resisting some treats that you like!
Beth-great you went to March for our lives. I'm sorry I missed it, but I somehow couldn't pysch myself up for it.

maryann 03-25-2018 10:39 AM

phone check in,

Day 4 and The plan is getting easier. I know it won't always be so I must not take these days for granted. Maybe easy isn't the word. Maybe the word is relief. My meds are changing and school which was once my haven produces anxiety . This predictive food program takes away a worry. Good enough . Four days till spring break. I am looking forward to it

Good practice at breakfast. The product was bleh! I reminded myself it was just one meal and there will be others. I moved on.

Silverbirch: you're a dynamo! That was a lot to accomplish.

bethturnaround 03-25-2018 11:32 PM

Hi everyone!

Today was a lazy day where I accomplished nothing but laundry. I do feel relaxed though!

Food was short a product since I slept so late, but I have managed to get my water in. No exercise :-(. This has got to change. I'm working on getting my mind around it but don't have a good plan yet.

maryann: Some plans do get easier as you get used to them. A bleh meal is no fun, though.

curlyjax: Easter candy is tough. Your daughter may not have interest in talking to a counselor--is it something it is worth forcing--for your sake as well as hers? I don't know.

silverbirch: It is so cool that you are fixing your shed roof! Stairs are a great exercise--it's good to find a building where that works.


silverbirch 03-26-2018 02:08 AM

Thanks, everyone. I had more energy yesterday too, and made a couple of banana and walnut loaves as the SO and I are going to be away for a few days and the DS will be at home by himself.

I'll be at my mum's and energy will be needed there. But, first, I'm going to have my hair cut as I pass through London! It will good to see my hairdresser. He cuts it two or three times a year and it lasts well.

Beth, a day of relaxation is a good thing. How about starting exercise with something very small? A very short walk, for example. Or a few stretches? Then be consistent and build it up from there. Do you have enough energy, though, on such a low calorie diet?

maryann, the Easter holiday has just started here. And your spring break will be in your grasp very soon!

curlyjax, much sympathy over those 11pm chats. I run out of steam too.

BillBlueEyes 03-26-2018 06:54 AM

Monday - Dr. Jonas Salk announces polio vaccine (1953)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Travel plus family is a tough time for exercise and sane eating. I did well in spots, but often fell short in the eating choices. The good choices, CREDIT moi: I avoided the hotel's FREE waffle at breakfast - I know them to taste like Wonder Bread and to absorb an enormous quantity of syrup; I avoided pastries at the memorial service, although it was partially because they would clash with the BBQ chicken wings that I didn't avoid. I also avoided a GIANT pretzel covered in mustard when a relative sought to buy each of us one. I had an apple in my pocket that I ate - so for one moment I felt like a rational eater.

Walked, CREDIT moi, around the museums of the Washington, D.C. mall area. Met a couple of students from Parkland, Florida who were in D.C. for the March for Life. They were articulate and dedicated. And young and optimistic. The new National Museum of the American Indian is housed in a stunning building that evokes the South-west. A history of the treatries between different Indian Nations and the U.S. government is presented in detail. Newly build examples of canoes and other boats in the lobby can be touched and admired. The Air and Space museum remains as grand as ever. The Botanical Gardens is hosting an orchid show - saw more orchids than I have in my life. Made me proud of how our country shows itself.

silverbirch – Yay for fixing one's body with exercise. Wonderling how long "a couple of banana and walnut loaves" will last with your DB.

maryann - Yep, too much caffeine just doesn't work.

nationalparker – In bed with hot tea and a warm dog sounds like heaven.

curlyjax - Going to be hungry is a big step - Kudos.

Beth (bethturnaround) – Super to go shopping in your old clothes - what fun! Glad you made it to the March for our Lives. When we got to the D.C. Mall on Sunday, only one sign was left lying around. The zillion signs from the marchers were all cleaned up.

Readers -

day 7 Arrange Your Environment

Did this suggestion trigger sabotaging thoughts? Many dieters tell me, "If I make changes, I'll have to tell everyone I'm dieting. I'm worried I could fail on this diet, too. Then everyone will know. So it's better not to let anyone know." If you're having such thoughts, you're going to need a strong response or you may decide not to make environmental changes.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 90.

maryann 03-26-2018 09:22 AM

Good Morning, Coaches.

Welcome back, BBE. D.C. mall is one of my favorite places. I don't mean to be dense or ironical but I thought instead of American Indian it would be called Native American. Is American Indian back in style. I only ask because my school is about 40% Indian. Sikh to be specific. Interesting.

silverbirch: take care to not exhaust yourself at yr mothers. You just got back on your feet.
beth: I get trying to fit exercise in . . I know you work at home now which is tough. When I have faced this issue ( mostly when I was finishing my masters) I made myself get up and walk around the block for five minutes every hour. I had to do this because my PT said I could really mess my neck up if I sat in one place too long. I would walk a few times and then a few breaks I would lift my arm weights. Somehow doing it for "movement" instead of a "diet" motivated me.

Day was OP including exercise. I have a four day week because we get Good Friday off. So much for separation of church and state :) Yesterday day was the first day I felt hungry. I am sure it was because of the exercise. I pulled out a Beck "standard" and said "Oh Well." Weight is at ticker. Today's granola cereal was perhaps a fourth of what I would normally serve myself so I really am learning portion control.

nationalparker 03-26-2018 08:35 PM

Hello, coaches! Another workweek underway. A super busy morning after hours on the computer last night. I got so much done on the weekend that it really helped today. Stayed in points today, always helped by the 0 point split pea soup for lunch. I was thinking to try to adjust the plan to work better (as in FREAKIN' LOSE WEIGHT) despite being within points every week of the six weeks so far ... and I THINK my plan will be to cut sugar and up healthy fats - avocado, olive oil, etc. I think that aligns closer with the FMD plan. Of course, I didn't actually come up with this until I had a few tiny (they're 3/4" long) choc covered pretzel sticks. Counted and moved on but setting that intention here.

bethturnaround 03-26-2018 10:13 PM

Hi everyone!

I was short on water today :-(. I'll have to do better tomorrow. I didn't go for a walk tonight because I was waiting for a phone call--which didn't come. Frustrating. (and it was one I needed to take at home with DH)

Food was fine. I dropped my ticker today.

nationalparker: I'm glad to hear you're adjusting your plan. It seems as if all the 0 points aren't getting you where you want to be.

maryann: You might be right--I need to force myself to get up more. Today I forced myself to go up and down stairs immediately rather than grouping trips. Thanks for reminding me about "oh well".

BillBlueEyes: Those waffles smell so darned good. But you're right, they're not good enough for their effect.

silverbirch: Your exercise is really ramping up--that bout of flu really took a lot out of you. (I have plenty of energy--especially considering how little I'm eating--I certainly have enough to take a 30 minute walk!)


silverbirch 03-27-2018 02:50 AM

I'm now at my mother's. I had packed lunch which was good as I didn't have time to have a meal in London. I'd also ordered food to be delivered from a supermarket so we had something to eat when I arrived. Today looks OK for food as well, so I can get on with other things. I'll be walking to a bed shop to find a new mattress which will be a good stretch after sitting on the train for ages yesterday. Many thanks, maryann, for your warning not to exhaust myself. It's so easy to do that here. Part of my pre-flu plan to avoid that was the groceries delivery in advance, so I'm not always walking to the shops to buy food. I always have a long rest after lunch when I'm here. It's on the same principle as with babies: sleep when they sleep!

beth, like maryann, I set the timer and get up every 20-30 minutes when I'm working at a desk for long stretches of time. I can do a full workout through the day sometimes.

nationalparker, split pea soup - yummy. We had smoked bacon and lentil soup last night. Good idea to cut sugar and increase healthy fat.

maryann, interesting how you're learning about portion control.

Bill, "Travel plus family is a tough time for exercise and sane eating" - you're quite right! Sounds as though you packed in lots of things in Washington. You had an apple in your pocket? Good work, that man!

BillBlueEyes 03-27-2018 05:56 AM

Tuesday - First long-distance telephone call (1884, from Boston to New York)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – After all the work that I did cleaning the print head of my HP color inkjet printer to no avail, it finally started working. Apparently, it needed all that work PLUS a few days for the pads to soak themselves with ink PLUS one more 'Clean Print Heads' command to the printer. CREDIT moi for persistence that bordered on just plain stubbornness. Of course, I don't know how long this will continue. But it was refreshing to just print the few pages that I needed last night.

My goal for today is to make progress reading my book club's book before Wednesday night. When we postponed due to snow last week, I wasn't yet done. I dallied putting my time into the trip to Washington, D.C. Now I have to play catch up again. So that's my preferred style. Oh Well.

silverbirch – LOL at "sleep when they sleep!" Yep, that's the time. Seems smart to have food delivered to save time.

maryann - Kudos for pulling out your Beck "Oh Well." I, too, am surprised that 'Native American' wasn't used for the national museum. Perhaps those in South America and Central America, who were also well represented, have different perspectives.

nationalparker – The best news about mindful eating is that healthy fats include avocados and olive oil - just the best.

Beth (bethturnaround) – I HATE HATE HATE waiting for a phone call - particularly when the calling party has no idea that they're causing me inconvenience. Congrats for "I dropped my ticker today."

Readers -

day 7 Arrange Your Environment

Consider the following:

You don't have to tell people you're dieting. You can tell them that you've decided to eat in a more healthful way.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 90.

curlyjax 03-27-2018 08:47 AM

Credit for the water aerobics last night. It is cooold and so hard to get in- and get out of the water, but the actual exercise is great. It is such a workout but my muscles feel fine the next day. Plus its fun to be with a bunch of other middle aged ladies, everyone is laughing and in the same boat,body wise. I am out of shape with my cardio so this is a great thing to do.
Thanks for the reminder to get up and move every 20-30 minutes. I will incorporate the timer idea too!

maryann 03-27-2018 09:32 AM

Good Morning, Coaches.

Nearing the end of my "turbo week" designed to jumpstart weight loss. Apparently starting in two days I add add few"super carbs" and "super fuels" which we in the real world know as "healthy" (the cara orange, olive oil, whole wheat, etc. . .) Gotta love propaganda of Madison Avenue. Nonetheless, as with everything about this diet, I am simply saying "yes." It is important to put food in its proper perspective. Food is "fuel" per Beck. As Beth says, everything off program is just not about me and won't serve me well.

Beth: The stairs story reminded me of a two week conference I attended. Sitting all day, I decided to pack my lunch and eat during class. We had two 15 minute breaks and a thirty minute lunch. I walked up and down 4 flights of stairs for each break and then walked the river for the 30 minutes. I remember making a conscious decision to not care about the strange looks I received on the stairwell. To my knowledge I never saw those people again. In a similar vein, I have done yoga in the airport with a mat I packed, and balanced on one leg standing in the grocery line.

curleyjax: I imagine the exercise is so important for you not because of weight loss but because of mood and companionship. Certainly when I am low, a wlak is a must. Science says it actually GROWs cells in your brain which for whatever reason helps with depression.

silverbirch: great self care with ordering groceries. I love that my meals showed up on my doorstep.

national parker and BBE: wave to you both this morning.

nationalparker 03-27-2018 09:59 PM

Weight? Same as six weeks ago (seven)? Decided to IM the "ask an expert" and while she was friendly, no real advice other than stop worrying, move a bit more, eat a bit less.

A good day at work; busy but productive. Brought my lunch as always and instead of walking a bit around the building, I just read. I don't know why I didn't just get up and move. Tomorrow.

DH has it in his mind that a possible job opening at his company in Florida at some point this year is a great opportunity for us to start the transition to move to Florida when we retire. The issue is that i'd stay in our home here while he'd find a house down there that we want, etc. This is not a good idea in MY mind because we're paying for two households and I do NOT want a mortgage when we're in our late 50s/60s and we won't be saving money. I'm frustrated. He said this gets us where we want to be. I said I never said I wanted to be in that part of Florida. He's usually very much on the same page (not counting wild hairs like wanting a sailboat or a muscle car) financially ... he's like we can go back and forth visiting. Seriously - I can't even get home to my brother as often as I want. He said I can work on selling this house, etc. then as soon as I hit 55, I leave work and move down. Well, that's a few years and just not reasonable. i need to have us put it all out on paper so he can see the dollars involved. This job would be a lateral move, and I make about $15k more than he does so this shouldn't be a defining job. He said he's afraid to let this opportunity go. Well, it's not open yet. The pets would remain as my responsibility, etc. Thanks for letting me vent my frustration here now. One thing - I wouldn't be cooking as much HA. But I don't see this taking place because I do NOT think it's a smart financial move. I said if we did that, then it'd extend the years I need to work, well, that we both need to work, because we'd be spending 2x what we are now.

orange123 03-28-2018 01:31 AM

Hi coaches!

I was totally blindsided by something that happened at work. Shook me to my core. Feel like I'm getting back into a good, 1/2 time routine again.

Credit for going to open swim with our DS. We watched Big Pacific documentary together on PBS last week. So, we were pretending to be hammerhead sharks. Super fun!

Hope all is well!!!

bethturnaround 03-28-2018 01:41 AM

Hi everyone.

My class tonight was on creating a healthy food environment. Everyone agreed work can be very challenging. I got some good ideas on how to handle keeping my shakes cold when I’m out and about.

Took my aunt to an outpatient surgical appointment and then the grocery store today—it was my first trip since I started my program. I did really well with it—helped her find what she needed and didn’t feel tempted. She didn’t realize that "I’m not eating" meant I really wasn’t eating—she wants to feed me—and I’m supposed to be taking care of her!

I’m staying at her house tonight. Stayed up too late talking but it’s been a wonderful visit and she seems to be recovering well.

I have my shakes and bars for tomorrow.


silverbirch 03-28-2018 03:29 AM

Some good steps forward yesterday, here at my mother's. I ate some sweets to keep going which I'd rather not do, of course, but there we are. Food is otherwise good. A good amount of walking. The SO arrived late afternoon, which will be a big help.

beth, glad your aunt's recovering well. Tell us a tip about keeping a shake cold! I'm not a shake eater/drinker but it sounds as though the tips could be transferable.

orange123, lovely to hear of you being hammerhead sharks! The DB and I used to be otters. We probably could be still.

nationalparker, no weightloss could be stress-related. I'm coming round to thinking that it's playing quite a large part in my lack of movement.

maryann, I balance on one leg when I'm waiting too! You're quite right about the funny looks - you're never going to see those people again. In fact, some of them may be thinking they wish they could be walking the stairs too.

curlyjax, water aerobics always looks like such a laugh!

Bill, that printer is leading you a merry dance!

I'd better get on with the day. More investigating of a new mattress, I think, so I'll walk up into town. It's market day so it will be busy.

curlyjax 03-28-2018 08:25 AM

I'm down two pounds this week. I guess the going to bed hungry is working, not to mention dealing with hunger at other parts of the day. I ate over some stress yesterday but i still work up hungry. I still view the Easter candy as a "rare" treat which it isn't but soon it will be gone. I have to do some errands today so I will get in some exercise at the mall!

Nationalparker- good luck with DH. Maybe he's feeling the desire to get to Florida sooner because of the long winters? Or wanting a change. Putting it on paper is a good idea. Sometimes men really need to see things concretely to get it (no offense to all the men out there!!).

BillBlueEyes 03-28-2018 08:57 AM

Wednesday - Constantinople and Angora renamed Istanbul and Ankara (1930, Turkey)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – The saga with my HP inkjet printer continued. After printing four perfect pages, it reverted to half-printed pages when offered the List of Future Book Choices that I need to bring to my Book Club meeting tonight. By jumping through hoops, I got the four pages done, one by one, with extra 'Clean Print Heads' procedures. DW took the four pages to be copied. In the olden days, like a year ago, I'd just print a dozen copies of the four pages as if that's what printers are for.

Eating was OKish. I did well during the day but had extra oatmeal raisin cookies at an evening lecture: Cruising Svalbard for Mammals and Birds. Svalbard is a group of islands north of Norway. It's city with an airport, Longyearbyen, lies at 78 degrees 15 minutes North Latitude. The Russian built ice breaking ship took them above 80 degrees. That's way up there - about 570 miles from the North Pole. They were lucky in that they saw some healthy Polar Bears. Some cruises only see the skeleton ones that aren't catching Harp Seals because the ice has retreated so far. Alas, one more place to add to my bucket list.

silverbirch – Kudos for those aspects of eating that you keep sane while visiting your mother. [Yep, "a merry dance" well describes the printer and I right now.]

maryann - Thanks for the reminder, Food is "fuel" per Beck. Just don't need that much extra fuel in the evenings.

nationalparker – Ouch for being confronted with an option that may or may not be a wise one. It might not feel that great shoveling snow while a spouse is on the beach in the sun. Sorry that your expert only offered, "move a bit more, eat a bit less" - that's not such a new approach, LOL.

curlyjax - Yay for the joy of water aerobics with everyone in the same boat.

Beth (bethturnaround) – LOL that "I’m not eating" meant I really wasn’t eating - the world is slow to catch on when we're serious.

orange123 - Love the notion of playing hammerhead sharks with your DS. Hope work resolves itself.

Readers -

day 7 Arrange Your Environment

Consider the following: . . .

How differently will people really view you? No matter what happens, if they've had a positive view of you, they'll probably still think of you positively.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 90.

nationalparker 03-28-2018 09:12 PM

Hello, coaches! Food was on plan again today - dinner was just tids and bits. I cooked up some chicken apple sausage in medallions and had that with toothpicks, almonds, veggies and hummus, cheddar, small crackers, etc. I chose well and it was a nice change for us for a dinner. I couldn't think of what hot meal to prep. Didn't get on the scale this morning - wasn't even on my mind.

This rainy morning I went looking for a nice jacket that I got as a gift through work last year - that was about two sizes (if not more) too big. I went rummaging through the bin of off season/too small clothes. No luck - I think I divest myself of too large clothes WAY FASTER than I do with clothes that are too small. I'll hold onto something for a decade to fit back into it. If it's too big, apparently I pass it on in record time. Argh.

Bill - Oatmeal raisin cookies sound like they go well with a talk on Norway. Or north of Norway. Did you decide on what future books your club will be reading - or was it just when everyone was submitting their ideas.

bethturnaround 03-28-2018 10:37 PM

Hi everyone!

Okay, I know I started out giving myself daily credit for weighing and checking my sugar. I haven't been mentioning it every day because I've been doing it every day. Since I stayed at my aunt's last night, I didn't have access to my scale this morning. (She told me hers is about 15 lbs light so I didn't even step on it) It has bothered me all day that I didn't get to weigh this morning. It just occurred to me as I'm typing this: "Oh well". "Oh well". Practice it--oh, well. (I'm calmer about it already)

I just kept putting and putting it off and didn't go exercise. I did lots of productive stuff tonight--but not exercise :-(

nationalparker: I wonder if it'd be useful to count calories for a few days or a week to see how the points/calories match up in terms of reaching your weight loss goals? (I love chicken apple sausage)

BillBlueEyes: That is what printers are for. You get to go to so many cool talks!

curlyjax: Congrats on the 2 lbs. We talked about special occasions at the food environments class. The problem is that it seems there's a special occasion every week/month. And somehow, we're all conditioned to celebrate those special occasions with food.

silverbirch: One woman told me she froze hers (they look like little juice boxes) and then just takes them with her. 3 hours later, it's thawed enough to drink, but it's still cold. Someone else drinks them over ice, which I hadn't really thought about. I obviously didn't do that in Mexico :-), but no reason not to stateside. Several people mentioned coolers, of course.


onebyone 03-28-2018 10:57 PM

recommitment time
Dear Coaches:

Thanks for keeping the home fires burning here. I have had one of the worst winters in a long time. Illness galore all around me, and everyone, including the cat, got sick in our house this winter. My usual remedy, making things, completely failed me as I was blocked on all levels. But today I started to paint. I will have something for Monday's juried show submission. I have an idea brewing for a local artist in residence submission due next Thursday and my ceramic work, which has an mid April deadline, is starting to get done.

My teaching ends this week. Another class may begin for another 11 week session April 11 and I have been trained by my fellow studio/garage co-habiting neighbour, who has a fire extinguisher servicing business to be an extra fire technician for him whenever I am around the studio. I now know how to re-charge and service a 5lb fire extinguisher. This gives me extra money on the side needed to help pay down credit card debt.

Weight wise and foodwise I have fallen back into old habits. Bad habits. While DH has kept the weight he lost during his bout of pneumonia off ,and is continuing to lose more. I regained all, no not all, I am in the 260's, the low 260's. I was on the cusp of 250. Oh well. I know why I am where I am and I am not happy and must change it again. DH is turning 50 on July 3rd and today over dinner he said to me that we would never have a nice house like his sister has. That it will never happen. This was an oblique reference to the clutter still in the house. My boxes bins and bags. I got really mad. Stayed quiet and went to the car. Tonight I thought "for DH's birthday I will clear out this space come h*ll or high water". His birthday, July 3rd, is my deadline. I work well with a deadline. I was feeling jealous of his weight loss and feeling grumpy of my weight gain and I can commit to changing back to what works for me to lose the weight for the same time frame. Tomorrow to July 3rd. Back on plan with decluttering and food. I can't take this always facing the same issue. DH is obviously depressed about the state of the house and sees it as all my stuff and all my fault and responsibility and feeling hopeless. When I change this he will see his part but not before, so I need to change this for me and for him. It may look like a birthday gift for him but really it is my own early birthday gift. I would love to get this monkey off my back. I need to see myself do this. I will commit to trying. Step one is reporting in with my coaches. Done.

Thank you so much for being here. You guys mean the world to me and make me feel like it is possible to accomplish this goal which is a commitment to 1) decluttering the house by July 3rd and 2) committing to my foodplan from now to July 3rd and allowing my body to do with my efforts what it will and 3) to get some exercise. I feel weaker and creakier and just OLD which is really not like me and not healthy for me body mind or soul. Time to try some physical activity and see if I can find sometihing I like.

Bye for now.

silverbirch 03-29-2018 02:18 AM

Quick post to keep myself on track. Still at Mum's and will be here until Saturday. Food is reasonably OK but I was reminded yet again that shop bread does not agree with me. It makes me cough and almost wheeze so that's not good. I keep forgetting as eating it is such a rare event and I foolishly bought some rolls for the others and ate one. Lesson learnt - again.

onebyone, good to see you. I'm impressed by your fire extinguisher sideline.

beth, thanks for shake info.

Must go. I'm walking the SO to the station and then going to buy a bed base. As Mum has got shorter in recent years her bed is now too high and it's a slip hazard getting out of it.

BillBlueEyes 03-29-2018 05:15 AM

Thursday - U.S. purchases Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million dollars (1867)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was chase the (2.5 year-old) DGD day. On her own, she spews out 'stuff' she knows. During a discussion of time, she recited, "Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty." Good enough for me. As we were getting out of the car after the day was over, she offered, "I'll ask daddy if you two can come tomorrow." Clearly, she understands authority, asking permission, and that grandparents are fun.

Food was OK. Dinner was the potluck before our book club discussion of The Homing Instinct: Meaning and Mystery in Animal Migration by Bernd Heinrich. I never tire of stories of long animal migrations, wondering how they navigate. It makes me jealous that some seem to be able to perceive the earth's magnetic field. I'd love to infallibly know which way was north any time of the day or night. Dinner was all vegetarian to make me a vegetarian for a day. My take is that that's good for my heart.

onebyone – Ouch for a winter full of illness. Congrats for getting back in your stride to start painting again. Love the thought of a specialty business recharging fire extinguishers.

silverbirch – I also know that thought of buying stuff 'for others' - that then becomes 'for me'. It's sobering to be reminded that we get shorter as we age.

nationalparker – Neat to have "just tids and bits" for dinner. [Next book is The Map That Changed the World: William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology by Simon Winchester.]

Beth (bethturnaround) – Thanks for reminding me that I can just set my scale 15 pounds lighter and stop worrying about these pounds that won't go away. Kudos for weighing and checking your sugar every day.

Readers -

day 7 Arrange Your Environment

Consider the following: . . .

Won't most people think it's better to have tried to diet than not to have tried at all? They'll probably see your efforts at self-improvement as an admirable goal, even if all doesn't turn out as you expected or hoped.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 90.

maryann 03-29-2018 09:29 AM

Good Morning, Coaches.

Credit for self care yesterday. I was reacting poorly to the new medicine. Thoughts of self harm were plaguing me. So I called the shrink and then called my mom to come and stay with DS and me last night since DH is out of town. Both ideas worked well and I will do the same tonite if necessary. This is a super credit for me because I never take myself seriously and I hate asking for help (especially because I really feel I don't need any meds.) But the scoop is this. I have a precious boy who needs his mother. I will do anything to protect him.I believe this too will pass. ( Well sometimes I act that I believe this too shall pass.)

On the food front I finish turbo week. If i maintain the loss I will change my ticker downward in two days. This is a big deal because many say the meds I am on ALWAYS put on weight. Period. So I have proven to myself that that is not the truth. Good. On to the next thing.

Gratitude list:
dozens of people I can call anytime.
Flextime at work.
The means to pay for the incredibly expensive shrink
a God of my understanding
a place to post this

bethturnaround 03-29-2018 04:43 PM

maryann: I sent you a private message

nationalparker 03-29-2018 09:55 PM

On plan today - lunch was leftover chicken tortilla soup that I'd frozen a while back, dinner was refried veg black bean, onion and cheese quesadilla with guac. I just couldn't think of anything from what I had available that was quick/easy except that. The later in the week it goes, the less effort I'm putting into the evening routine. Dishes didn't get done tonight - DH is off tomorrow. I'm hoping he does a bit but I will honestly be shocked if he does. Laundry piles up until I do a few loads one night. DH fell asleep on the couch after saying he was going to reutrn the redbox movie (has to be back by 9). So at 8:45 I headed out in the rain to take it back. Took the pooch out for her last walk of the night - she's not a willing partner in the rain. I feel bad but I'm not thrilled, either.

Watching a fascinating show on the first Outward Bound for girls (PBS) in 1965. I wish I'd caught the beginning of the episode - will go online to check it out. Now I want to be in the outdoors. Now I want to be more active there, too. I'm hoping my cousin will meet up with just me or DH and me this summer and camp/hike. I would LOVE to have that as a weight loss/healthy life goal. Maybe I just set it as one and when I get there, I just plan and go.

Very busy work day tomorrow - at least the morning and early afternoon. Off to bed for some needed sleep. I feel like I can't get caught up. No Easter weekend plans, and it feels freeing.

bethturnaround 03-29-2018 11:08 PM

Hello everyone!

I went to the gym and walked today! Yay me! I felt good after doing so, too. Put in my earbuds, cranked up Teri Clark, and walked. To be repeated soon.

Food and drink on target. Weighed and sugar checked. My sugar has been pretty reliable under 125 since we got back from Mexico. I updated my ticker again. (I don't have the patience maryann has to do it once per month!

nationalparker: Outdoor activities is a great goal--after all, that's where you got your name! I'd like to do some camping this summer--and it'll be a lot easier at a lower weight. I haven't camped in 15 years--but I miss waking up outside, under the trees, to birds singing.

BillBlueEyes: Everything you share about DGD makes it clearer that she is adorable beyond words.

silverbirch: Credit for walking--and recognizing that some foods--like store bread--sound and smell more enjoyable than they end up being.

onebyone: I'm glad you're back. (I too know about needing to recommit) For the declutter stuff, I actually do like Marie Kondo's book. If we stipulate that she is extreme (I don't talk to my socks), the ideas of tackling groups of things at a time and only keeping that which brings you joy really helps. If finances permit, perhaps some time with a professional organizer would help? Or a friend who is good at getting rid of stuff? (If I were local, I'd come help)

I'm going to spend some time tonight re-reading the pink book. If I'd forgotten about "oh well", what else valuable do I need to put back into my active brain?


BillBlueEyes 03-30-2018 06:07 AM

Friday - Hyman L. Lipman patents pencil with an eraser attached (1858, Philadelphia)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walked, CREDIT moi, to an evening event that, unfortunately, was followed by a table of cheeses, crackers, and fresh fruit. DW insists that we're shortening our lives by eating cheese for dinner. I insist that we're adding to our lives with the fresh melons served - (we don't buy fresh melons anymore since we're just not that good at selecting ripe ones). Walked home in a slight drizzle without rain gear just because we hadn't even considered that it would rain. Learned that Teotihuacan in what is now Central Mexico has been ignored as one of the great cities of antiquity because . . . the Europeans who wrote about such just never considered that the Americas would have had great cities.

Eating was OKish. Lunch was a bowl of clam chowder at an exhibit about Georgia O'Keeffe. Her presentation of herself in self-designed wardrobe was part of her art. Lived to be 98, she did, active all that time. She became the most recognized artist in America. There is such advantage going to a museum in the middle of a weekday. Wish I'd retired when I was twenty, LOL.

maryann - Super Kudos for taking care of yourself and for seeking help. Thanks for sharing your gratitude list; it helps remind me that I, also, have much to be grateful for.

nationalparker – Ouch for a trip in the rain just to return a movie. Need to crank up my outdoor time, also. Good luck with your very busy workday today.

curlyjax - Kudos for continuing with going to bed hungry. However rare it is or isn't, Easter candy will soon be over.

Beth (bethturnaround) – Kudos for doing both gym and walking. Yep, rereading the Pink Book periodically is a great idea.

Readers -

day 7 Arrange Your Environment

Consider the following: . . .

Finally, think about how likely it is that you will lose weight this time - because now you have the power of Cognitive Therapy and the Beck Diet Solution - if you follow all the steps. Now, are you ready to read about how you need to change your environment?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 90.

maryann 03-30-2018 11:07 AM

Happy Spring Break, Coaches.

I am officially vacationing for ten days. I put the "out of office" message on my school email for all the students trying to get a grade bump.

I am feeling better this morning. I have had two chats with the shrink and the med adjustment seemed to help. DH will be back tonite. It is beautiful weather here so all in all, I feel grateful that i survived the emotional downturn.

Responding to BBE's Beck snippet: My mom came up to stay with me for support. She was staring in the fridge and said "There is nothing sweet in here!" Yeah. I have arranged my environment very well.

I am a pound down from ticker and motivated to keep it that way so I can change the number tomorrow. That would be a total loss of nearly 4 pounds in about 9 days. I know it will slow way down as I eat the more reasonable second week food but I am comfortably away from the ceiling that is 170.

Beth: I sent a response. Let me know if you don't get it. I am not sure about pms.
nationalparker: Marriage is so funny because sometimes i feel like I am doing everything and then I feel so grateful having someone help me with everything. My husband asks if I could live "in the middle" a little more.
onebyone: I wonder if there is someone or some group near you that you could join up with on the decluttering. It seems like a scary, lonely process. In AA we have a sponsor to walk us through the rough bits. Is there anything like that up where you live.? I know for members of my husband's family, decluttering is a VERY emotional process.
silverbirch: I wish we had a viable transportation system aside from cars. I'd love to walk to a train or subway.

onebyone 03-30-2018 11:30 PM

Begun again
Good evening coaches.

Phone check in so I'll be brief.

Stayed on plan today when all I wanted to do was change my plans and "get some lunch" a euphemism for "go off plan". I had food waiting so I reminded myself of that like very 2 minutes. I also remembered that "DH is losing weight right now!" as in he's for sure on plan and getting thinner. Do I want to stay big? No. So stay on plan too. I did. Credit. It took a lot of self talk not to give in.

Clean up has begun. Credit. I made my detailed checklist which always works for me. It's coupled with a timeline/deadline which is even better. I'm feeling happy that I am finally getting to this.

Scale rose today. I ate soup made with a commercial stock base. Yummy but salty. Cauliflower Cheese soup. Omg. So good.

Tonight I checked into aquatic classes nearby and there are quite a few. I think I'll get a 10 class pass. If I use that up I'll move to a one month pass or whatever the next level is.

maryann: decluttering is very emotional for me. But I'm at the point where I need to change this. It's more painful staying the same. I am confident I can do the work. What I haven't resolved is what to do with my art pieces, especially paintings. Do I throw them out? Destroy them? Taken them off their stretchers and roll them up? Take their picture and destroy them or paint over them? I have a lot of canvases. But I don't have to decide this today :) I have one friend I can lean on for this topic. And I am returning either to therapy and/or overeaters anonymous for support. I need some support for the changes I want to make.
Thank you for your thoughts.

Have a good night everyone.

bethturnaround 03-31-2018 01:41 AM

Hi everyone!

As of this morning, I am exactly 40 lbs down for the year.

I'm weighing and tracking daily and my thought processes are a bit obsessive. DH pointed out to me that I only have two speeds with regards to weight control (and other things)--I'm all in, or I act as if it doesn't exist. When I thought about it, I realized he was right--I've gone (more than once) from carefully watching everything to throwing all concern out the window. I made an appointment with a behavioral therapist in my program--I need to find a way to a happy medium.

onebyone: Major credit for self-talking and for listening to your self-talking. That's hard--big success. (Decluttering--start with things that are the least emotionally difficult. Kondo suggests that clothes for most people)

maryann: Yay for your food environment--even if Mom couldn't find anything sweet. It's hard to eat it if it isn't there--you're doing great with that!

BillBlueEyes: Your events sounds so awesome (and you can walk to them) but wow, do they have food! You've now put Teotihuacan on my bucket list.

I'm re-reading the pink book--paying attention to the sabotaging thoughts, since I know they'll be a real issue when I start eating again.

Tomorrow we're going to my cousin's for the second night of Passover. I'm bringing shakes/bars. It'll be a bit strange eating them when everyone else is eating matzoh and brisket. <break for googling> Just did web lookup--I'll bring shakes but no bars. Optifast isn't kosher for Passover but they are halachically acceptable for those who are ill (and I'm counting my weight as a medical condition). Liquids are preferred to solids, though, and since I'll be at someone else's house, I'll go with the shakes. (We're not observant at all at my house, but my cousin and his family are more so)


silverbirch 03-31-2018 03:38 AM

From the train
On the early train. Packed brekkie and bought caffe latte which was really hot milk with a little coffee. I've been thinking about this. Never used to drink it until coffee in shops got so strong. Think I'll stop drinking as a default in cafes. I simply don't need that extra milk, however occasional it is. Meeting a friend in London later and we'll walk round Regent's Park unless it's pouring with rain. Then I'll get on another train, straight through and I've booked a seat. Looking forward to being home.

BillBlueEyes 03-31-2018 04:29 AM

Saturday - Alexandre Gustave Eiffel opens the Eiffel Tower (1889, Paris)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – A quiet day getting stuff done. The trip to the supermarket discovered NO strawberries. A sign read "There will be a Gap in the supply due to rain in California". Ouch. I do like strawberries with my breakfast. Later, DW found some at another store. Don't know how they avoided the rain, but I'm happy.

Had a phone conversation with a friend who was traveling down the highway in Florida - his wife was driving. He interrupted each minute to tell me the traffic problem of that moment. Apparently, he's not usually the passenger - they swapped because we had a scheduled phone call. It's strange to get road reports in real time, LOL. My challenge for the week is to replace the 'Burner Tube' in our Weber grill in preparation for summer grilling. Looks easy - says the man who's still working to get his HP printer functioning.

onebyone – Kudos for using "DH is losing weight right now!" as a Helpful Response to the Sabotaging Thought to go off plan. Dealing with old paintings is a challenge. I have two paintings on my wall picked up from the trash pile of the artist who lives up the street.

silverbirch – I do like caffe latte. We had it as kids on cold, rainy days. The 'caffe' part was a miniscule flavoring to induce us to drink warm milk, which, in those days, was considered good for us.

maryann - Yay, indeed, for "There is nothing sweet in here!" Welcome to the start of ten days of vacation from teaching.

Beth (bethturnaround) – LOL at "only have two speeds." Kudos for finding a halachically acceptable way to stick to your eating plan.

Readers -

day 7 Arrange Your Environment
Prepare your home and work environments
by putting tempting foods where you won't easily
see them - and
by putting wholesome foods
allowed by your diet in plain view.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 90.

nationalparker 03-31-2018 08:19 AM

I don't know that I've ever felt worst about myself, my physical self, than I do right now. Before when I was this heavy, I wasn't really as aggravated, frustrated and ready to just throw in the towel. Seven weeks on WW with a net loss of one pound. Every week was counting with freebie points leftover - but the free/0 point items weren't over the top. I tracked daily, each meal and snack, not trying to remember, yet forgetting items. I'm not going to skip lean chicken, fruits and veggies because they're now 0 points. The portions certainly weren't like two bananas in a day or 1/4 of a chicken. I did have two mandarin oranges in a day, but at 50 calories I'm not sweating those. So, while i have another month and a half paid for, I need to think it through. Last night I threw caution to the wind - it was late and we hadn't prepped anything. I ran out and picked up Chinese from the local spot down the street. DH noted that we each shared one of the small rice containers and still had half of one left. I just pulled up the points listed in the ww program and used that, though I think it was massively high for the amount eaten of which most of it was carrots and celery. Onto another day. I am again (AGAIN!) entertaining the thoughts of do I just return to the FMD for one last gasp month and see what I can do? The restrictions apparently were doable. I'm more frustrated now than I was before undertaking it initially. I have paid for three months of ww and DH said, wow, that's $40 for the one pound. I said more than that - it's become the obsessive counting of everything. Before the food was obsessive in the planning (which this is but the counting this vs. that is annoying/tedious). So while the choices have opened wider with the allowance of more than just spelt or almond flour, sprouted grains, raw nuts, etc., depending on the day of the week/phase, we're not spending less. I considered trying the program with the vegetarian slant on the two lean protein days and using the split pea soup as a main choice for that day's lunch proteins. Sorry for going on and on and on.

I need to find a solution. Now I have been so lazy, and I know it's because i'm tired from hauling all this weight around. Getting up from the floor is harder, squatting down to get into a low cupboard, I almost have to haul myself up by pulling on the counter instead of just unsquatting/standing up.

We have DH's grandson this afternoon/evening. I think he's taking him home around 10-11p when his daughter gets off work and gets home. I have hours of work to do each day this weekend - looking at 7-8 each day, split up morning and night. It looks like we'll be rain-free for a nice change from this past week, and I just want to get out on the trail for some fresh air, will put in my ear buds and just clear my mind. And hopefully show up here tomorrow with a better outlook.

I know I am more than my weight and body shape. Just at times I feel I'm stuck in neutral, sliding back each week.

curlyjax 03-31-2018 09:14 AM

I fell way off the wagon for a day and a half. Some from real hunger and some from that oh well, may as well keep eating thing. Today is a new day.
I'm going to share my breakfast which is healthy and filling: I toast a piece of ezekial bread, then put on a bit of avacado, cheese and tomatoes, and broil that. Then I have about 3/4 cup of kefir, and sometimes a little fruit. i'm trying to get my yogurt into my system and this is a good way to do it.
It's all healthy stuff (i do have to watch the cheese) and i really enjoy it. plus coffee of course!!
I promised myself i would get something in the mail THIS morning, i have been so bad at getting things done, so that will be a good start to the day. so off i go!
sounds like both Beth and Maryann are looking for a happy mediium in various parts of their life. I can certainly relate to that!
Hugs to nationalparker and onebyone.

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