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nationalparker 03-08-2018 10:52 PM

Brief check in myself - the play, Appoggiatura, was superb. Now I want to return to Italy. (as always) ... but the longing is stronger now. On plan. Dinner in a super quick pinch was Trader Joe's chicken potstickers and I made homemade fried rice with peppers, onions, carrots, peas, corn, etc. I don't care for soy sauce so I hope it doesn't do a weight gain for just a tiny amount. Then DH didn't get home until the time we were supposed to be leaving, so I was in a frustrated tizzy. Getting to an event RIGHT THE MOMENT IT STARTS drives me absolutely buggy. I don't know what the solution is - drive separately? Then he's mad, not me? More tomorrow.

Just wanted to add, Mary, I'm the same way with baby carrots, but love regular carrots - raw and cooked. Maybe take the rest of them, toss in a smidge of olive oil and roast them. Takes away that bleachy taste. Luckily my DH likes them, so I cut my own carrot sticks and he takes the baby carrots to work for a snack.

bethturnaround 03-08-2018 11:35 PM

Still in Ajijic
Had a nice day split between wandering through the small town, visiting with my dad, and getting a foot massage.

Food choice for my one meal was good today—fish and vegetables and less than one piece of bread. All of a sudden I was full so I stopped—although the last few bites of bread and fish called to me. But I was full so I stopped. Big credit there.

Have another relaxing day of wandering planned for tomorrow.


BillBlueEyes 03-09-2018 05:50 AM

Friday - Amistad slaves ruled free (1841, US Supreme Court)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – The snow that was predicted for the day before was waiting for me to shovel. CREDIT moi for some exercise. It was too wet to be usefully removed by the snow blower. The good news is that it was easily shovelable. My hard-copy newspapers arrived by 8:00 am - fairly amazing since I'd already received emails stating that the weather would force them to be delivered the next day. A day late newspaper is wimp.

Food was OK, CREDIT moi. Dinner was leftover chili; it's even better when reheated. The secret is lots of chili powder and lots of beef. DW uses a 13-bean mix that we like so there's an occasional large lima bean in the mix. Evening snack was half of a California Navel Orange while watching The Exonerated for my class on Problems in the Prosecution. It was six stories of miscarried justice that were eventually resolved. Twenty years is a long time to wait on death row for favorable resolution.

nationalparker – We're headed to a play tonight that explicitly warns that there'll be no late seating. It's 90 minutes without intermission and the play happens around the audience. Getting there "RIGHT THE MOMENT IT STARTS" isn't a good idea.

millie56 - Super Kudos for resisting falling off the deep end because of one fast-food dinner. And Kudos, again, for resisting FREE snack foods at work. That would be a challenge for me.

Beth (bethturnaround) – Kudos for stopping just because you detected that you were full. That's so Beck.

Mary (mam1958) - Yay for the cardio and resistance exercise from shoveling snow. I remain a fan of baby carrots - raw with lunch. DW only cooks with 'real' carrots.

Readers -

day 6 Find a Diet Coach

How to Find a Diet Coach

If you're not sure whom to select, consider doing the following: . . .

Investigate internet support. Face-to-face interaction is usually more desirable, but if your absolutely can't meet with someone in person, investigate weight-loss support groups on the Internet. A study conducted at the University of Vermont in Burlington found that participants who enrolled in a weight-maintenance program over the Internet sustained the same amount of weight loss as participants who met with a support group in person.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 86.

silverbirch 03-09-2018 11:17 AM

I'm a rather intermittent poster at the moment. I think it's because I'm dragging along at the tail-end of the flu and it doesn't want to give up. I have a nasty dry post-viral cough which is worse in the cold and damp, or when I'm talking or laughing. And I feel exhausted. One way and another, I haven't been right since the beginning of November.

Bill, a hot-water bottle is ideal for moulding around pain or when you're cold. Perhaps people with microwaves (we don't have one) heat those bags full of grain to do the same job.

mam1958, love chicken soup too. We had a good bean soup with leftover lamb and chicken scraps yesterday evening and I felt very much better. I think roast chicken might be on the cards for the weekend and that will lead to stock and then probably minestrone. Good food is medicine.

gardenerjoy, hope you're reading here and are OK.

nationalparker 03-09-2018 04:00 PM

I have been fighting harder than I think should be necessary for every 0.2 pound. (this is because "last time" it was about 2 pounds per week...so my thinking is expecting same result.) Three weeks on WW, 3.2 pounds down. Now I'll bump up a bit, then level off, and hopefully drop back down. That's the TRUE cycle of life, it seems. My life, anyway. :) Good healthy lunch and then ran an errand to an upscale market, and picked up more than I anticipated, so had to go back for a cart. Not a good sign. Stopped at the dessert/bakery for a treat for DH - he loves their tiramisu, so picked up an individual portion for him. I don't like it, so it's no temptation. The fresh fruit tart, however, was. I picked it up and planned to split it into two servings to enjoy this weekend. Got back to the office, stowed them in the fridge, and then got to thinking. That wasn't wise choice. So I thought some more and someone was having a rough day and I gave it to her (still in the container of course) and she was ecstatic. She asked how I knew these were her favorite dessert? Lucky guess. Sometimes I think it's pretty cool how things work out.

Bill - I can only imagine that a play that takes place around the audience would likely involve the last to be seated, as well. Looking forward to hearing how you enjoy it, though.

Mary - I'm using WW as my method at this point, but taking from the plan what makes sense and fits in with my desire for a nutritionally sound plan, not just fat-free or sugar laden options. I feel I must add that disclaimer.

Silverbirch - Boy, that flu really gripped onto you. Hopefully as the weather improves (?), you'll be able to shake the after-effects.

Joy and Beth - Hope your trips are going well! Kudos for passing on add'l bread when full - that is a very hard "skip" for me.

Millie - Great job in not following a fast-food meal with more! That's major credits there.

bethturnaround 03-09-2018 11:14 PM

Last night in Ajijic
We wandered around a market today, had a 3 hour lunch with my dad (DH and dad took great advantage of the endless margaritas—I drank water) and DH and I each had a massage. (400 pesos for the two of us—roughly $22)

I’ve been weighing every morning and checking my sugar. Made medium decisions at dinner tonight—ate 2 onion rings I probably shouldn’t have and only ate 2 bites past when I should have stopped. I'm proud of how I’ve done this week—stayed with only one meal per day, kept up with my products, and drank lots of water. I stuck with my "no alcohol" pledge. (The no alcohol is part of the program commitment during the active weight loss phase). I’m down about 2 lbs since we left.

I feel pretty comfortable that I’ll be able to go back to all products starting Sunday. I’m not ready to slow down my results.

Back to the cold tomorrow!

mam1958 03-10-2018 05:41 AM

Hey everyone,

Just have to say how glad I am that I found this thread and bought this book.
What a difference it is making for me. Since getting this book and following it I am down 10 pds. It feels so good. Eating is good exercise I have to start scheduling that in. Today I am making a cornbeef dinner since next weekend I will be away.

nationalparker thanks for the reminder to roast the veggies. I did and they were delish. Yeah for your 3.2 pds down. It's going in the right direction.

beth you are doing great on your vaca with staying on your program..Love messages. I wish they only cost 22 dollars here....

bill I miss getting a newspaper. Too many problems with the carrier. so cancelled it. But I will still buy a Herald once and a while gotta keep up with the sports news. I still like holding it in my hand. Your play sounded interesting.

silverbirch glad your feeling better nothing like good old soup when your sick.

I am melting away.....


BillBlueEyes 03-10-2018 06:19 AM

Saturday - Great Jewish temple completed (515 BC, Jerusalem)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walked, CREDIT moi, to the subway to see the world premiere of the play by Claudia Rankine, The White Card. It was a regularly scheduled play that thrust the discussion of racism to make everyone uncomfortable. It was followed by 'Act II' - a discussion by all of our feelings about the play. Having folks discuss racism in Boston in public is a first for me. By happenstance of the gods, I was seated next to one of the few black men in the audience - who happened to be a friend of mine. We'd never met each other's wives, so that happened. The white characters were a tad one dimensional, but the writing was exquisite. The young black female artist used subtle facial expressions to steal the show.

Eating wasn't so good, Ouch. I had a large morning snack which, for attempted compensation, I called lunch and had nothing else. Even if the calories were close to OK, the attitude wasn't. The snow still sits on the ground with none of the grey slush that appears after thawing starts. Looks idyllic winter. I'm ready for idyllic Spring. A relative in Missouri told me that his snow peas were already climbing. Don't know how Missouri get to skip winter.

silverbirch – Sure hope your flu thing comes to its conclusion soon. Congrats for living without a microwave. Ours is so old that it takes three minutes to do a two-minute job. My adult son ridicules us for this. We, however, just compensate. We never stand there waiting; we just return when the bell dings. He also once said that it's so old it's probably leaky, making me sterile. I managed to keep a straight face when he said that.

nationalparker – Kudos for giving away your fruit tart - especially since you found a person in need of a boost. Yep, that was pretty cool.

Beth (bethturnaround) – You deserve to be proud for staying to your plan in a vacation environment in Mexico. A bargain massage sounds wonderful.

Readers -

day 6 Find a Diet Coach

What to Discuss with Your Coach

Your coach can help you in many ways. Ideally, schedule a regular time to talk (face-to-face, if possible), at least once a week and then in between by phone or by email on an as-needed basis - daily if necessary.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 87.

curlyjax 03-10-2018 10:29 AM

Hi everyone. We lost power weds night at midnight and it was finally restored friday sometime in the afternoon. I just couldn't deal with the freezing cold house (we lose heat when the power goes out) so i made a reservation in a hotel. My neighbors kindly snowblowed us out and the shoveling wasn't too bad, but I broke down sobbing, wanting my husband.

We have lost power for days before, but never in the winter. I was worried about the one bathroom pipes that are more exposed and have frozen before. Then yesterday morning before the power was restored i went home and discovered the furnace was dripping, due to the loss of power. Again i broke down. This is when you need your spouse to problem solve etc. He was always calm in this type of situation and knew more about the house than i do. I tried to turn off the water supply but it didn't seem to be turning off which isn't good. Something else i will have to deal with. The furnace guy came and put a cap on it (after two calls, the first guy just seemed to say wait it out and have water over the basement, not helpful).

So everything is back to normal and thank goodness no harm to us, house or cars, just food to throw away. But I sobbed and sobbed coming back to the house yesterday. Its getting harder now that reality is setting in, he isn't coming back.
I feel better today with the sun shining and after a good night sleep. The spring can't come soon enough.

thanks for letting me vent. I had a dream about resisting dessert- at least i'm doing it in my sleep!

Mary- great job on the 10 pounds!

maryann 03-10-2018 04:04 PM

Check in from the track meet. A long week. I had some standout resistance moments including today's California orange over candy at the snack center here.

Weight is one pound under ticker. It is my hope to lose one more before April to change my ticker down 2

nationalparker 03-10-2018 10:46 PM

Used some of the weekly bonus points today with some cinnamon roasted almonds and made homemade pizza for dinner tonight. DH wanted it and I felt I was more comfortable being in control of the meal, since tomorrow afternoon a new friend and I are going to a dinner theatre for Mamma Mia. Wanted to limit the indulgences this weekend. I walked part of the trail but was so cold - I cut it short. I should have worn my hat and scarf. Or should have gotten on the bike at home. It's been a super busy day - cleaning, errands and several hours of office work.

Helped DH with a tiny thing in the garage and feel like I got sawdust in my eye. It's really bothering me- nothing is working to clear it out. Driving me bonkers.

Scale nudged down a bit this morning but of course, with the extras today, that'll jump back up. I set myself up for disappointment ;) but I would rather have a bit more on a Saturday than a weekend when I'm so sedentary.

bethturnaround 03-11-2018 04:07 AM

We're home!
We got home just in time to lose an hour. To make life interesting, power went out while we were gone so the iPhone couldn't talk to the garage door opener and I had to call DD to get our garage door code, which neither of us could remember.

I had a good food day today. I knew we'd be having dinner at the airport and was concerned about the possibility of getting a protein and vegetables without a bunch of added stuff, so I had my "real" meal at lunchtime and ate a bar at the airport. My concern was justified--I don't think Johnny Rocket was going to be on plan.

We did a bunch of walking around, enjoying the sun, then spent a couple of hours with my dad before we headed to the airport. Tomorrow will be laundry and organizing--but for now I'm headed to bed.

nationalparker: Credit for walking at all--especially in the cold.

curlyjax: I feel for you. It must be so hard.

silverbirch 03-11-2018 05:15 AM

The sun's up and it could turn into a reasonable day. Lots to do - still clearing up after the snow. It'll be good for me to be outside.

Food - OK.

Precision Nutrition - getting a bit bored now as I either know/have done it all (:D - I know, what am I like?) or it's simply not possible for me (choose a new 'veggie' and see whether you like it - I've probably been through the veg in our supermarket about a million times).

BillBlueEyes 03-11-2018 06:23 AM

Sunday - Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley publishes Frankenstein (1818, Geneva)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Major accomplishment was writing five paragraphs that I have to present at a meeting today. CREDIT moi for doing what I had to do. Writing takes me longer than I think it should. In my next life, I'll major in English Literature and English Composition to become more fluent.

Eating was OK. Dinner was pumpkin soup served with Kale and cheese toast. Usually we each have one and a half slices; last night we had only one. "I calculated that I need to drop 100 calories a day to stay even," DW explained. "What about me?" "No comment." Oh Well; she's right. Dropping a few calories would be good for me also.

silverbirch – Love the thought of "choose a new 'veggie'" - perhaps there's a Chinese green thing that I can get from big Chinese supermarket in downtown Boston that we haven't had. Yay for sunshine.

maryann - Kudos for standing down the candy in favor of a California Orange.

nationalparker – Absolutely, "should have worn my hat and scarf" - it's still ten days until Spring! Hope you eye washes away that irritant.

curlyjax - Ouch for the loss of power just when you didn't need another stress. Kudos for taking care of yourself. I share your thought, "The spring can't come soon enough."

Beth (bethturnaround) – Welcome home. Congrats for knowing that it's Daylight Saving Time. Yay for having a DD who remembers the garage door code.

Mary (mam1958) - Congrats on those ten pounds gone forever. Thanks for the reminder about corned beef - a favorite of mine.

Readers -

day 6 Find a Diet Coach

What to Discuss with Your Coach

During your scheduled weekly meeting, you should talk about:
  • Your change in weight during the past week. You don't have to state your actual weight, just how much the scale went up or down.
  • The successes you had during the past week. Use the to-do lists at the end of each day to report on what you've done. Mention anything else that you deserve credit for, so your diet coach can positively reinforce what you've done.
  • The struggles you had in the past week. Talk about your cravings, slipups, or life stressors. Mention anything that might interfere with executing the steps of this program. Ask your coach to help you find ways to deal with setbacks and challenges in the future. Report your sabotaging thoughts and ask for help with how to respond to them.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 87.

bethturnaround 03-11-2018 09:39 PM

Hi everyone!

No exercise today--haven't even left the house. But the laundry is done, the mail is mostly dealt with, and the toiletry travel kit is restocked and ready for our next trip.

Being back on product without a "real" meal hasn't been difficult today. I was concerned that eating real food again would be so compelling it'd be hard to go back to 5 meal replacements a day, but it just seemed straightforward.

One interesting thing I realized while I was in restaurants is that I can enjoy a good smell without having to eat it. That a good smell is its own pleasure--it doesn't require eating the food that smells so good. It makes sense--smell is a trigger for me, but just like I don't have to eat food that looks good, I don't have to eat food just because it smells good.

I'm working on separating "smells good" from "want". I'm hoping these months of meal replacements helps me get there, since DD's dinners often smell good--but it can be an observation rather than a behavior trigger.


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