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BillBlueEyes 03-03-2018 07:45 AM

Saturday - George Bizet’s Carmen premieres (1875, Opéra-Comique, Paris)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walked, CREDIT moi, to the subway in strong, wind driven rain. About halfway there, without choice, I had to fold my umbrella under my arm to let the rain hit my face. Few people were on the streets; the subway, itself, carried less than half its normal Friday-night crowd. The concert played on despite the weather - to a half-empty house. Telemann's St. Luke Passion was new to me. There were melodies to be remembered; a soprano who sang like an angel; and a full chorus of enthusiastic singers. I'm not used to hearing anything sung in German. It's not a melodic language, such as Italian.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, helped by being out for the evening. At the supermarket, I learned an amazing fact about dried figs: they're seasonal! I asked if the ones that I wanted would be in stock later, "Yep, in November." The soft dried figs are seasonal; the hard dried figs are year-round. I've never noticed because I only eat dried figs on my morning cereal in winter when fresh fruits aren't in season.

silverbirch – I'd forgotten about hot water bottles. Don't even know if we have one. They were given to me as a kid but I no longer remember what they were used for. Glad that you, also, survived unreasonable winds.

maryann - I do know about, "My powers of justification are amazing." Kudos for keeping on.

nationalparker – I, too, wish the pounds would melt away faster.

curlyjax - Will be thinking of you and your kids today having your DH's memorial service. The rain seems to be over, so that won't be an added burden. I'll be at a memorial service, myself, this afternoon.

Beth (bethturnaround) – Waving toward Mexico. Hope your red-eye worked out. A layover in Mexico City doesn't sound that inviting. You'll do fine with your one meal a day substitution for your prepared foods.

Mary (mam1958) - Yep, you were lucky to only have rain; the snow must have been just to the West.

Readers -

day 6 Find a Diet Coach

How to Find a Diet Coach

Decide whom you'd like to be your diet coach and line up that person now. You might not need your coach's help at this point to assist you in implementing the tasks in the program. And you might not need the inspiration your coach can provide during the first few weeks of dieting, when your motivation is high. But you will need a diet coach at some point. Lining up your diet coach now is important because I've found that a dieter is much less likely to try to find a coach once he or she has hit a rough patch and is feeling discouraged - which is the time, of course, when the coach is needed most.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 85.

curlyjax 03-03-2018 09:00 AM

Whew! Survived the storm with no problems, so thankful. Maybe DH is pulling some strings for us:)Glad you Bill and Mary did too. I had a nice family dinner last night with brother in laws and I feel like I slept well enough. Its going to be a long day but it will be good to see so many familiar faces at the church. Then another family dinner with DH cousins etc then its done! Thanks for your supportive thoughts.
Beth- have a great vacation! Good time to go.

maryann 03-03-2018 02:41 PM

Curleyjax: thinking of you and yr children today. I know that love will surround you all and lighten the burden.

Silverbirch: hang in there. This storm shall pass.

Check in from phone. Waiting outside for DS adjudication in piano. Very nervous this morning but credit for walking through it remembering it is not about me but him.

He has a theory test afterwards. Historically it has taken a couple of hours to finish so I am going to use the time for a walk.

Weight at ticker.

Good luck to travelers. You know how to do this. You have proven you both can lose weight. Think of the people who haven't the skills you have

BillBlueEyes 03-04-2018 06:49 AM

Sunday - King Charles II grants charter to William Penn (1681, Pennsylvania)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Spent a long afternoon at a memorial service that drew friends and admirers from around the country and from Europe. The kids were honest about life at home with a man called 'irascible.' Healing took place right in front of us. It was different from the glossing over of any rough spots that seems to be the norm for memorial services. Healing continued during the reception as several folks talked about what they wish they'd been allowed to say at their parents' services.

I declared the food at the reception to be half of dinner and subsequently had about half of a normal dinner, CREDIT moi. DW and I watched Sacco and Vanzetti for my class tomorrow. It's getting wearing seeing the times that our criminal justice system didn't work. Being an Italian immigrant in Massachusetts in 1920 wasn't a great deal.

maryann - Yep, Kudos, indeed, for "remembering it is not about me but him."

curlyjax - Thought of you all day with your many events with relatives and supporters. Continuing to send support thoughts.

Beth (bethturnaround) – Ondulación. Ten un buen viaje.

Readers -

day 6 Find a Diet Coach

How to Find a Diet Coach

If you're not sure whom to select, consider doing the following:

Enlist the help of a close friend or family member. It isn't necessary to select someone who has had experience with dieting. It's more important to choose someone who is positive; good at problem solving; and truly supportive, motivating, and proud of you.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 85.

mam1958 03-04-2018 07:49 AM

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was a good eating day. Exercise not so much.
Spent too much time on my computer.. Love to research and read so I get sucked in and before I know it 2 hrs have passed. have to start timing myself.

Exercise during week is easy cause of work. Put tons of steps in.

Went to Marley's (DN) basketball game yesterday. Fun to talk with family.

Went shopping and bought the food for this weeks planned meals. Gonna roast a batch of sweet potatoes today for the week and cook some chicken on the grill for salads for the week. Plan ahead..

Billblueeyes I like Chinese figs. They are dry sweet and chunchy great snack.

curlyjax continued prayers for you.

maryann great idea for a walk to ease your nerves and also get your exercise in.

I am melting away.


maryann 03-04-2018 02:33 PM

Good Morning, Coaches.

DS finished his grueling recital and three hour theory examine. I didn't get the walk in because of the weather. It hailed right here in the central valley. Crazy. Truth be told any form of wet from the sky is desperately needed. I was anxious all day yesterday, probably from past experiences with the adjudication. I ran around from place to place shopping or trying to shop for what ever. I spent very little money but the mania part was very painful. We took my mom to the King's basketball game and she really enjoyed it. Some of my anxiety resulted in attacking the dessert bar. I am 1 pound over ticker but know it will go back down this week.

Today I will exercise with stairmaster and weights. I will read some the book I committed to for Lent - my Life with the Saints by Father Martin. DS was reading it and i told him he wasn't allowed to read about Saints. usually the books about fanatics who live on a grain of rice. He said this one was different and it is. I will log my food into MFP/

Mary, good job planning food for the week. It helps so much keeping on track.

BBE: I can't do the depressing injustice thing. i feel too powerless. I just focus on my little world in my classroom. There can be respect and equality there.

nationalparker 03-04-2018 04:15 PM

I'm popping in quick to send hellos all around. The sun is out, the marketing is done and put away. DH is at a movie and I'm going to hit the trail with my book on tape and the pooch. It's cool enough for a jacket outside in the breeze - snow coming on Wednesday so I'd better not get ahead of my seasons. Decorated for Easter/spring yesterday. DH realized that the house is decorated for each holiday JUST YESTERDAY. Thank goodness he's not in the FBI. WOW. Oh well, I do it for me, not him, thank goodness. Ha. Food has been on plan except for popcorn that I used bonus weekly points for. Weight is not moving. Frustration is mounting, but sticking with the course. I'm starting to second guess myself again. If I don't get out now, I won't walk, so will come back to personals tonight.

CurlyJax - I'm so glad that all went well for your DH's memorial. I hope the good memories keep rising and slowly the sad ones will come less often. I know you'll have so, so many reminders the next few years. I join the rest of us here who held you and your children in our thoughts especially yesterday.

bethturnaround 03-04-2018 09:56 PM

From Guadalajara
Hi coaches!

The weather is perfect. We spent today walking and walking at the zoo. A giraffe ate lettuce and carrots right out of my cupped hands. It was incredibly cool.

Doing well with my 3 products and 1 meal. It’s hard to keep the drinks cold though—but I’m doing what I need to.


silverbirch 03-05-2018 05:56 AM

My post did not post as 'your token has expired'. This happened twice with 'quick reply' but 'advanced' OK. No more time except to say have a good day, everyone.

BillBlueEyes 03-05-2018 06:23 AM

Monday- Charlotte Bronte declines marriage (1839,Hawthorne on the moors of Yorkshire)
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Another day spent eating someone else's idea of snack food. I called it lunch and may have come out at a reasonable number of calories, CREDIT moi. At dinner I only ate half of what I was served. A nutritionist wouldn't give me high marks for the day.

There is a light dusting of snow outside right now which I resent since February is over and I'm thinking Spring. I have to get to two classes today; snow, however light, messes up traffic and parking enough to cause problems. We allowed a neighbor to store some grass-fed beef in our freezer because her coastal home lost power and might not get it back for a week or more. First-world problem to be sure when you've lost power at your vacation home but it does create difficulties. Another friend who lost power for a couple of days just loved it: no Internet; no TV; reading quietly; and the neighbors with power held a potluck dinner to feed those without. Small town living at its best.

maryann - Don't associate hail with California - but if it gets water to the ground without damaging the trees that sounds good. Congrats to your DS for surviving a three hour music theory exam.

nationalparker – LOL at observation powers of the adult male. Kudos for "but sticking with the course."

Beth (bethturnaround) – I don't associate giraffes with Mexico but Kudos for "walking and walking."

Mary (mam1958) - I do know that feeling of looking up to note that I've been on the computer for two hours. Kudos for cooking ahead for the week.

Readers -

day 6 Find a Diet Coach

How to Find a Diet Coach

If you're not sure whom to select, consider doing the following: . . .

Consider starting this program with a friend or family member. Some dieters find it very helpful to choose someone who also wants to lose weight, so that they can be each other's diet coach.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), Pg 85.

curlyjax 03-05-2018 07:47 AM

DH's memorial service went very well on Saturday. It was nice to meet a few co workers of DH from the past, and I reconnected with a friend of mine I haven't seen in forever. The kids did wonderfully standing in the receiving line and many of their buds came to support them which was great. We now have two huge bouquets in the house from the service which is wonderful, more flowers than room. I heard so many people say they really got a great sense of DH from the eulogy and family speakers, and what a warm, personable service it was. I do pat myself on the back for arranging everything through the grief.
Now back to real life again. I have been putting off things like filling out forms etc and am taking off a day to decompress and start all that.

maryann 03-05-2018 10:02 AM

Good morning, Coaches.

Quick note: OP yesterday although the scale does not reflect it. Food is planned for the day. Exercise is planned as well. Pretty extended blue period last night but I am up and out this morning. Having to "show up" for the students is an automatic lifter. It can not be used in isolation but it is a good push every now and then.

Have a good morning all.

mam1958 03-05-2018 06:46 PM

Hey everyone,

Today was good. I walk 10,700 steps. Food good except took a few bites of my air fried sweet potatoes standing up. Need to sit.

Very busy today. Real tired will personalize tomorrow.

I"m melting away....


nationalparker 03-05-2018 09:55 PM

Another OP day - including dinner at Panera so we could hit Trader Joe's for a few things. I ordered wisely and am satisfied. I do like their ancient grain and arugula salad. Weight was still the same this morning, but I thought it'd finally break tomorrow, but now after eating out, I'm thinking not. Keeping on. I need to pull out the pink Beck book again as I've been skating on this stuff other than credits and reasons why, etc.

Cold and windy and rainy here - and it looks like that's the forecast for the week. All I want is a good night's sleep in a warm bed with my flannel sheets. Luckily I can control 2/3 of that.

Bill - I'm with your friend who lost power - other than mindlessly still flipping a switch when entering a dark room, I do like the peacefulness of life then. I think a nutritionist would give you high marks for considering the snacks lunch and eating half of dinner! Kudos.

bethturnaround 03-06-2018 12:48 AM

Hi buddies!

We did a ton of walking at an indoor market today. Food, including my 'real' meal was just what it was supposed to be. I ordered dinner with double zucchini and no rice. DH ordered dessert. I didn’t have a bite. He laughed when I told him I was exercising my resistance muscle but it wasn’t a joke. No bread. No cake. I’m keeping myself in check to go back on the full meal replacement when I get home.

Weight slightly up. Sugar down from yesterday but still a bit high.

The Guadalajara cathedral is gorgeous!


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