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onebyone 01-04-2016 12:05 AM

Mini-Declutter - Mon Jan 4 - Sun Jan 10, 2016
Mini Decluttering.
Pick something you can accomplish in a week.
Big projects can be accomplished by baby steps.
What can be done in a week to make your environment better?
What irritating project can you put to rest this week?

onebyone 01-04-2016 12:09 AM


Tomorrow I am going to clear the space to the left of my microwave, between it and the wall. I just shove stuff in there.

I am also going to go through the boxes of tea and whatever else is on top of the microwave. I have too many little boxes. I am going to condense what I keep and toss the rest.

And in the back bedroom I am going to declutter and condense the items in my cabinet in order to make room for my ceramic stock which I cannot store in my studio.

These three actions will move me forward.

silverbirch 01-04-2016 04:02 AM

Thanks for starting this thread, onebyone. It's a great idea. I'm going to tidy up the counter in the garden room. It's a kind of work bench. First I'll sort, throw away and put away, and then I'll mend.

I'll sort and put away the nails, screws, washers, split pins, bits of chain and all the rest. If they're rusty and I've got enough I'll throw some away.

Two small pieces of Bakelite are there, in a saucer. They broke off the bedside light when the SO dropped it a few years ago. I'll mend it.

I'll also mend or throw away the broken clay flower pots. Probably mend as they're very old and are a nice shape.

(Between you and me, I'd like this counter to be clear so I can put painting things there. I really want to finish painting the sitting room when the SO is away in January. It's been a work in progress for several years.)

Lexxiss 01-04-2016 07:36 AM

onebyone, thanks for starting this thread! I like the idea of weekly....

I decided to pick a room this week. My office. This morning I switched over files to 2016 and actually went through them discarding anything I don't need to save. I'm keeping the files on my newly decluttered desktop so I can put misc. items in as they filter in through the mail this week. I persisted and went through a small pile on my dresser-top which has been accumulating; mostly stuff I need to save but have resisted taking time to put them in their proper place. I have a small cabinet with personal toiletries. I went through it getting rid of a few things and putting some items in the thrift box.

Things look better already!

I find I need to continue to be pretty ruthless about pitching and donating. I can only use so much and can only store so much. Those "maybe someday" items serve me best when they go away. I would much rather have simplicity and space these days. Credit.

silverbirch 01-04-2016 07:52 AM


Originally Posted by Lexxiss (Post 5226659)
Those "maybe someday" items serve me best when they go away. I would much rather have simplicity and space these days. Credit.

Debbie, you're right of course. And for those of us who live in small houses it's essential. I think this weekly idea of onebyone's will help me to live with something for a week and really decide how useful it is.

I've done 10 minutes in the garden room, sorting screws etc and feel pleased. I'm considering whether I really will ever have a use for two metal corners from an old suitcase. I think they came from my uncle's old friend and neighbour when he died, and then to me when my uncle died. They seem as though they could be extremely useful in the right context and that's obviously why they've been kept. For probably 75 years. :)

onebyone 01-04-2016 12:07 PM

Today's Quest

Last night I wrote of the microwave area, beside and above and the back art cabinet. I am concerned I am resisting the Big Deal which is the dining room and so I am starting there first. I will continue with the declutter of this space and the sorting of things into labeled boxes and into trash bags. I will spend an hour doing this.
After an hour I will move to the kitchen and the microwave area.

I do have a shed available to me and it is at MIL's house. Last year I stored my show setup in there. I am going to call MIL today to see if that is still possible to do. That will help me immensely to clear out my studio space. I hadn't wanted to do this because of her illness but really what does one have to do with the other? Not much. Maybe I will ask my friend who has a much larger car than I do to help me out. Maybe not. Maybe I will ask DH. We'll see.


Originally Posted by silverbirch (Post 5226666)
I'm considering whether I really will ever have a use for two metal corners from an old suitcase. I think they came from my uncle's old friend and neighbour when he died, and then to me when my uncle died. They seem as though they could be extremely useful in the right context and that's obviously why they've been kept. For probably 75 years. :)

OMG silverbirch! Just *reading* about your metal corners of a suitcase makes me want to have them! LOL. Also having the future goal of painting this room is the perfect motivation for a step by step declutter/reorganization of a space. It is wonderful motivation for sure.


I think this weekly idea of onebyone's will help me to live with something for a week and really decide how useful it is.
I also love the notion of paraphrasing here: I will give it a week and decide at the end of the week if I can live without it.

I think that's brilliant and an excellent use of this thread. I am going to add that to my regular weekly tasks. This week it's the Tassimo coffee maker. My friend gave me her Tassimo. I used it for a while, used it alot. I love it but it is expensive and I feel like I am destroying the earth with those non-recyclable pods. And in a day I go through 4-6 of them. But it's fast. It's easy. It's no clean up. I have thought about using the Tassimo at the studio. I already have a regular coffeemaker in there though. It is the better of my two coffeemakers: the one I use in the my kitchen now is inferior but a crazy designs. 3 machines. I person. Two places. I will make a decision about the coffeemakers by the end of the week. Thank you for suggesting this angle to the declutter week silverbirch. Great job with the sorting already!

You remind me I need to get my financial filing off to a good start this year. I am truly working my small business again now. I need to keep good records.

OK off I go. Bye!

silverbirch 01-05-2016 04:01 AM

Onebyone, I think it's a good idea to ask your MIL. She's more than her illness, isn't she, and may be pleased to think about something else.

That Tassimo coffee maker ... Fwiw, I try not to drink too much coffee. So I make coffee at home (cafetiere), drink one cup and put the rest into a pre-heated flask to take to the office. So we've only got one coffee maker. I used to have a filter but I had to buy filter papers for that. That went long ago during a very serious belt-tightening period. Saved money, found a bit more space.

The suitcase corners. Now you're talking about them, onebyone, I realise there are only two and there should be four so ... two have either been chucked because they were too damaged or were used for something else. I've decided to put them in my grey toolbox - the one I use for larger useful items which aren't tools. Thanks for seeing how great they are/could be.

The Big Deal. I really do see what you mean. In my long experience of living in tiny places, there seems to be a sensible order in which things have to be done. And it can look so much worse before it looks better. In my case, it's looking like this:

clear worktop in garden room (small, quiet job)
use worktop to lay out painting materials
finish painting sitting room (lots of upheaval)
AND THEN (my real aim) ... move grandmother clock from bedroom into sitting room
move bookcase from garden room into bedroom
put things lying slightly damply on the window sill, the floor and under the bed on the bookcase
clean the window sill and the window

Today I'm going to clean the worktop, put down some newspaper and lay out the things to be mended together with the glue.

Good luck with the paperwork, Debbie!

onebyone 01-05-2016 12:02 PM

Tuesday - garbage day tomorrow!

I'm motivated and excited by garbage day tomorrow. And it's "real" garbage day not just recycling so that means EVERYTHING CAN GO!

In honour of this momentous event, I am focusing solely on the dining room area. I will begin at 1pm and finish at 5. 4 hours in this space. I could finish it.
Finish=sort everything, get rid of obvious stuff, be at the point of refining the space. That is a worthy goal for today.

silverbirch 01-05-2016 12:11 PM

Oh yes! Go for it, onebyone!

nationalparker 01-05-2016 02:38 PM

sounds like great progress!
Excited to join in when home and ID my projects! Enjoying reading your progress as it's interesting to see the individual challenges and progress.

onebyone 01-05-2016 05:44 PM

This update deserves a separate entry

5:03pm. I started at 1:36pm and took a break which was about a half hour where I contemplated stopping and then I read silverbirch urging me on so I got back to it. It's now getting dark and DH will be back in about an hour, so I am wrapping for the day re:dining room.

As it stands I have emptied 19 boxes of various shapes and sizes since I began this week's challenge. I have put back into service 7 of them and the rest will be broken down and tied as per town regulations (I found twine!! can you believe it? twine!) so they will absolutely take it away tomorrow.

I made 3 more bags of garbage and this makes a total of 11 bags of garbage so far this week. If I were to do it perfectly, much more would go to recycling but for now I just have to give myself permission to push on through.

I have 5 things in the donate box. Jan 5 = 5 items. This is good. I'll add another thing each day this month.

My dining room is almost all looked at/unpacked/sorted/re-boxed with a time limit written on the box. I have found a few things I do really need this month, some as early as this weekend. I have boxes remaining to be opened and sorted. I almost finished it but it is good enough.

The rest of my decluttering, now called tidying as I am in maintenance mode not catching up mode (:hat:), is returning the kitchen to a neat, clean environment. It's in disarray and the dishes are sitting in the drainer and in the sink once more. I can't let that linger. It all gets away from me too quickly and discourages me very easily.

Jump in anytime! Even cleaning off the top of a desk or a counter counts if it's bugging you. I look forward to your posts.

silverbirch I found a bunch of tool box related items and then I found my toolbox and opened it. Yikes! It's now on my decluttering list as well lol!
And I called MIL yesterday asking if I could use her shed again and she said Sure! Fill 'er up! Only things that are weather protected can go in their-stuff in rubbermaid bins, stuff I can wrap up in tarps, stuff mice can't destroy. And I reached out to my friend with the big SUV and we're set to go on Monday. Things are falling into place.

Lexxiss How goes the office? I had a bonus yesterday when I emptied the cabinet to store my ceramics in. I had to move a box of files from in front of it to access it and I went Hey Wait a minute this is a filing box! And since I had the taxes done most of stuff in there is not needed, but I quickly looked in the box and there were extra hanging file folders and regular folders and so I am all set to set up a 2016 filing system! Not sure if DH will participate in it with me, or whether I will even ask (he is supremely resistant and has forbidden me from ever touching his taxes again. *sigh* I will not wade into those waters right now.) So... I have my answer. This will be my small business box. Some other week I will do that though. It's enough this week just to have the materials at hand.

Kitchen maintenance routine:
dishes done and put away?yes
tabletop wiped?yes
counter cleared and wiped?yes
floor under/around table clear?yes

curlyjax 01-06-2016 07:46 AM

Hi ladies!
Great idea for a weekly project onebyone and great job on all your boxes! Wow! that will make a big difference and must feel great!
I'm jumping in here midweek-my project is sorting photo boxes. I started last week so its kind of cheating but hey, maybe this will motivate me to finish it.
I have sorted 4 at this point, tossed many handset aside others 1) to be put in albums, 2) given to the kids so they can have their own albums 3) a few seaside in case i make a collage of funny/bad photos of which there are many!

I also want to sort through/get rid of some scrapbook materials that have been lying around for years because it simply isn't happening-more "someday items" that Lexiss talked about! But maybe I will save for next week.

nationalparker 01-06-2016 02:52 PM

Wow - I'd better get on the stick here and get something done. One quick goal is to have everything from the trip put away in the correct place, not just hidden in a bin. Gifts, hot weather clothes, food I bought and brought home, and clothes that must be handwashed - do so.

Other goal was to have the Christmas tree down and all specific Christmas decor away by Sunday evening, leaving winter decor (snowflakes, snowmen) up. I'm wavering on this bc our tree has lost basically NO needles and I missed 10 days of enjoying the tree, but I know DH will want it down before too long. Will see on this timeline. I could replace all the Christmas ornaments with the box of snowflake ones and see if he notices :)

love2garden 01-06-2016 06:54 PM

Good luck on the snow flake disguise for the tree.

Books, I have them in closets, 6 book cases, and on top coffee table. I've already filled up a pillow case with donations to take to Library tomorrow. (garbage bag wouldn't quite hold them all but old flannel pillow case is far stronger.)

Second: Finances: Several hours needed tomorrow to get caught up and get final estimated Federal Taxes sent off. OUCH.

Thank goodness DH and DD take care of the multitude of tool boxes here.

Sewing supply cabinet really could use a cleaning out but may save that for next week.

onebyone 01-06-2016 10:45 PM

Projects! So many!
Hi Everyone

Good to see all the energy here. Makes me feel, well, energized.

I should have read it before now though. I had a hard day today and really dragged my feet. I didn;t get to the declutter until 3:30 or so. I made soup this morning, cleared the kitchen and then just simply stopped. I was put off by seeing all the empty boxes that didn't get broken down last night so they didn't make it to the curb this morning. I loathe breaking down boxes. The sound, and the feel sometimes, of the cardboard brushing against itself as it folds up makes my skin crawl. I asked DH to help me yesterday he didn't and he would have had I started but I didn't. And this morning it was too late. Garbage guys come early. I did get all the regular garbage out and the other recycling and we have even had discussions about where to place the recycle bin in the kitchen. We have no good place. The kitchen is a horrible design. DH is actually willing to work this through though which is a first. he likes the new space we have on the counter since I turned the microwave sideways. I like it too. The recycle bins will cut us off from using this space if we do it the same way we have. Anyway, first world problems for sure.

So what did I do to move forward?
I emptied three more boxes-2 were like trays, one was another deep box. These ones were pretty old boxes. They were packed a long time ago.

I have found myself not following the label system again. My problem happens everytime I run across some materials or supplies for my artwork. I just don't want to box this stuff. I need a better solution cause now I have little stacks all over again. Maybe it'll come clear once I finish the big stuff. I am trying to stay focused on the big picture and just finish the boxes I have had sitting there all this time. I am letting go that they have been pushed into other boxes, some of the stuff but some has been tossed and the important thing is I am touching and deciding about the objects. even if it's not right now, it's happening soon.

I did maintenance in the kitchen and will do the same tomorrow morning in the kitchen. It's a bit of a mess now but since it's really been cleaned up, it takes only a sinkful of dishes and some minor putting things away to get it back in shape. What a treat.

That's it for now.

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