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gardenerjoy 01-06-2016 09:31 AM

I pledged in another thread that I'd weigh myself every day for the rest of the month. This morning was the first weigh-in since Christmas Eve and I gained nearly 4 pounds. Sigh. Accepting that reality so that I can change what I must to get a better result going forward. CREDIT for weighing and for commitment!

CREDIT for taking another step in the structure that I know works best for me -- now I'm posting and weighing every day. By the end of the week, I expect to be planning my food, too.

maryann 01-06-2016 11:45 AM

Good Morning, Coaches.

Day 18: I am redefining fullness. Credit for leaving part of my breakfasts in the bowl both yesterday and today. I remember how easily I feel full if I am eating the correct proportions of my diet: 40% carb, 30% fat, 30% protein. Thank goodness I don't have a lot of resistance to throwing food away.

Pantry challenge included making a Pinterest board of the same name and pinning healthy recipes based on foods that need to be rotated in my stockpile. Most interesting were a whipped cream out of low fat evaporated milk and a sorghum grain granola (hubby gave me a bucket from his crop last summer that has just been sitting around.) Also, found out I can nutrimill the sorghum into a gluten free/high protein flour.
Credit Beck skill using time and space to focus on nutrition.

BBE: At least there are still newspapers to be delivered. I worry about the day there are no newspapers. Really enjoying the Greg excerpts.
Nationalparker: Imagine the scale if you hadn't been doing the work here that you have. It would be a great sequel to the movie: It's a Wonderful Scale Number :)
Lexxiss and onebyone: Yes declutterring counts at least as spontaneous exercise. I am making a run at my files today. I'll put on music and dance around the piles :)
curlyjax: I wonder the same thing. How did people live in the cold? I have such compassion when I see the homeless out in it. How miserable they must be! We have a homeless shelter right near my school. Some of my students experience it. I hope the work I do helps give tools to people to avoid such futures. But I could do more.

karenrn 01-06-2016 11:58 AM

Good morning coaches,
Food on plan and within calories for yesterday, credit. Yesterday's exercise was a combination of walking with a friend, strength training class, elliptical and treadmill, credit.

So far today food is semi planned and I have completed one of the three walks I have scheduled with three different friends. It's supposed to be a rainy day, but I think most of it got over with during the night. Today I'll be packing to go to Washington for 5 days and realize I don't have to worry about getting the suitcase out because the pup isn't here to worry about it. It will be the first time the dh has been home without me or a dog since 2002.

Gardenerjoy Isn't it amazing how we can be so on track sometimes and so off track on others? You're getting back at it one step at a time!

Curlyjax I think our ancestors went to bed early and worked so hard during the day they were exhausted.

Bill Sounds like you might have something to walk for each morning for awhile. I hope they get your newspaper delivery figured out soon.

Lexxis Do you hire out? I can't believe how much you get done!

Onebyone You also are getting a lot done and I hope to follow your lead before long. I think number one chore other than financial files will be photos.

Nationalparker Yes, welcome home. I'm glad you had a good visit. I'm happy to hear about your missing the pets too. I'm just thinking about how my life will be changing when we get a pet in the house again. I miss our pup, but I will admit it is nice to come and go during the day and not bunch all the errands for one trip. I'm in and out of the house multiple times without worrying that I'll hurt the pups feelings.

Maryann Thanks for the clarification on the journal. Good idea. I need to do a little rotation of the staples too.

Well, I'd better get ready to head out the door again. Have a good day!

nationalparker 01-06-2016 01:11 PM

Boy, taking time off is wonderful but it's so hard to return to the daily routine at work. Thankful for the job to return to and for the mobile devices that have enabled me to not return to a mountain of emails waiting for replies.

Weighed in this morning and have adjusted my ticker. Credit. Demerit for having to go up again. I'm calling this my starting weight and going from there. Hopefully down.

One kitty walked all over me for hours last night - purring and rubbing her noggin on me. This is completely different behavior for her ... so I skipped on sleep to reassure her. :) She is a major scaredy-cat and shows it by hissing at everyone, allowing only me and DH and oddly enough, our dog, to be near her. Makes for a lonely life for her.

Good breakfast and lunch and brought two halos in for a snack. Dinner will be leftover thawed homemade lasagna and a big salad. Credits.

Bill - I especially like the last bullet point on the avoiding food to de-stress ... I think it SHOULD be self-nurturing and often the things I do to avoid eating when stressed are not, and so I do eventually turn to food. That is a key point she brings up. ... Laughed at yesterday's article on the frustration felt by the customers missing their delivery... wonder if they got the irony.

CurlyJax - I, too, wonder how the pioneers settled some of these areas, especially those north of us! I tell DH I'd have been yelling from the back of the wagon, go left, go left! I DO, though, think their quilts, and wall-size fireplaces were much more effective than our blankets and puny fireplaces. A nod to our insulation, though.

Lexxiss - Hope you were able to rest your mind from the stress. Good luck with your descaling project - hope that works to avoid the add'l charge.

Karen - Any chance you'll return home to a pooch due to DH's loneliness without one? I joke, but ... I could see myself doing that. Safe travels when you head out! Sounds like you've got a great day planned with loads of activity!

Maryann - Great job with continuing on the Beck restart and working toward nutritionally sound choices with the pantry supplies. Did DS enjoy the return to school to see friends after the holiday break?

GardenerJoy - CREDITS for weighing and taking the steps to get back into your healthy living routine - meal planning, etc.

I was mentally wounded (HAHA) yesterday when DH said he thought we spent a lot on food - I heard, "I think you don't do a good job marketing." But that's not what he said. I was the passenger in the car and ended up looking up average spending by income level on food (both groceries and eating out) and we're WELL below our level. I further explained that we buy very little processed food, that he's been adding beer and wine to the marketing the past year, and that the receipt always includes detergent, pet supplies, cleaning products, personal care items, etc., not just FOOD. Why did I get so defensive of it? Because I feel I really work hard to shop wisely and rarely buy the items that make food prep quicker. I chop and do prep on my weekend days off, instead of spending more and having more free time. Interesting that it really pushed a button of mine - I was calm but defensive. Had to get that out here to get it off my mind. Made me conscious that I need to couch my own statements/thoughts in a way that won't cause that for him at times.

OneByOne - Good list of credits yesterday. You are starting this year out GREAT! Does your DH remain committed to his walking or has the weather become a challenge?

Hello, flnu! How has this week gone for you?

FutureFitChick 01-06-2016 08:11 PM

Hi, Coaches and Buddies!

I'm jumping back in. So glad 2015 is over. Blegh! 2016 has been off to a good start.

I have been focusing on paying attention to my eating, sitting down, and noticing every bite. Meals on my own (breakfast, snacks, lunch) have been excellent (CREDIT). My husband and I have been watching a TV show during dinner, however. The last episode in the series is tomorrow, so I am going to suggest we move dinners to the table instead of the couch, at least for a while.

Hope you are all doing great and I look forward to catching up with you all.

onebyone 01-06-2016 11:01 PM

checking in before bed - 1st Wednesday night of 2016

Going to keep this short (I'll try anyway).

Credits: weighed myself (+2.2 277.2)
-made meals from scratch
-ate three meals
-continued to declutter
-maintained my kitchen

Challenges: did not get exercise in. No walking or dancing or anything. I sat a lot today in fact until late afternoon when I decluttered then back to the couch at night. I cannot trust myself to walk after DH comes home. He isn't walking with me and I don't want to go anywhere when he comes home. So I think I need to do it right away when I get up, after I have fed, brushed and snuggled with the kitty and he is back asleep. If I don't do that he attacks my feet or knocks things off of surfaces until I do do that.

My weight rose over night after it had dropped the night before. Oh well. Salt. A direct result of having eaten a bunch of salty foods that come in a bag.
Tonight DH brought premium ice cream home. I had some. Haven't had any of that stuff in a long while. Right after I finished I was assailed with cravings of MORE. Very strong cravings too. That stuff is seriously addictive.

I'm off to my studio tomorrow. I have to get some artwork out to put on display Friday afternoon for a show I am in over the weekend. I am gallery sitting/working. I also have a farmers' market indoor market on Saturday morning so need to find what I am bringing to that. And then I am moving stuff to MIL's shed on Monday with my friend who has agreed to help me transport. By this time next week there will have been serious noticeable changes made in my home and studio environments. And I should well on my way to a functional work space and a calming home.

Bye for now.

Lexxiss 01-07-2016 12:52 AM

Hi Coaches!

Welcome back FutureFitChick! I, too, am happy to see 2015 pass.

I think my odd hours are reminiscent of my many years in Alaska. You fished when the tide was right and the time didn't matter. Back then, my restaurant work was 4 pm-11pm. I'd come home, stay up for awhile, sleep then have the entire day to do something before I went back to work. Today, I felt like that. I got so much accomplished in the wee hours, went to Denver for shopping, meeting and a haircut, came home and napped then got up around 830 pm thinking....wow a day when I didn't have to do anything lol.
Anyway the best part of my "relaxing" day was I treated myself to the hot springs here. I never go here because we have annual passes in Glenwood. This is also a different setup. There are caves which were bored in the early 1900's. The womans' cave has 10 baths and is quiet and dark. Very relaxing. $21. The potential issue is too many people. Well I went right when they opened (8am) and again tonight right before they closed (930) and never saw another person! I had the entire cave to myself both times. Now that was a great deal. I'm now motivated to do that more often.

Foodwise, OP. Scale still moves down. I restocked juices and planned for several more days of light eating combined juices. I'm feeling great.

Mom asked me tonight if I would join her and my Sis for high tea after work on Saturday as our belated Christmas. I said yes. She is 95. It motivates me to stay my course until then, and I will try and see what their fare is, although I have a pretty good idea. I'll make a plan to eat before I go, since I'll be legitimately hungry after work.

Ok, bedtime.

BillBlueEyes 01-07-2016 05:53 AM

Thursday - George Washington elected US President (1789)
Diet Coaches/Buddies So sobering to be reminded that George Washington was elected by white, male, property owners - the only demographic allowed to vote 226 years ago. Walk, CREDIT moi, included a much needed haircut, books to the library, and buying coffee filters. A carefully designed three-for. I got the lecture that I get every time that I get my hair cut - "Why didn't you come in sooner?" This does remind me of my dental hygienist. Thankfully, the librarian is just glad to see me. (The Boston Globe was delivered! They've re-hired the old delivery firm for half the routes, including mine.)

It was an on plan day, CREDIT moi, that I'll declare since snacks were under control. In fact, lunch grew larger as I forgot to serve my portion and ate more than I would have planned had I done so. I was uber busy finishing The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge by Matt Ridley. Complexity exists in many places without a CEO directing the operation. A highly recommended read.

onebyone That's one demanding kitty, LOL. Good luck getting some art production going.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Yay for moving forward.

Debbie (Lexxiss) Just loving the phrase, "You fished when the tide was right." Can't wait to hear about your High Tea since it sounds so grown-upish.

FutureFitChick Welcome 2016 for a fresh start. Kudos for thinking about changing where you eat.

maryann - Neat that you invented sorghum flour. [I, too, worry that the financial problems of newspapers means that reporters will become scarce and that all our 'news' will be repeats of web blogs and comments - like the Drudge Report.]

nationalparker Yep, it's nice to have a job. Kudos for servicing your email while on vacation so that your return had some sanity.

Karen (karenrn) - A three walk day is some good exercise.

curlyjax - Have a happy trip to the gym. Let us know if the Start-Gym-in-January crowd is there.

Readers -

Chapter 3 Stress Traps

#4: The When Things Calm Down Trap
You think it will be too difficult to work on
healthy eating during a stressful time.
When she was younger, Kristen had been able to maintain a healthy weight without much effort because all the sports she played. However, she was now getting older and, as an accountant, had a sedentary desk job. She had been steadily gaining weight each year for at least a decade. After gaining an extra fifty pounds, she realized she couldn't ignore the problem any longer; it was time to work on losing weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., Deborah Beck Busis, The Diet Trap Solution, Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good (Blue book), pg. 60

karenrn 01-07-2016 08:27 AM

Good morning coaches,

Food on plan but probably a little more than necessary yesterday, especially the sodium. I usually eat some exercise calories back, but should try to limit that when possible if I plan to lose weight.

Yesterday's 3 walks/hikes totaled 10.1 miles. I used the MapmyHike ap on my phone which shows me that my Garmin band underestimates my mileage by quite a bit. I knew it, but now that I'm doing the 2000 mile challenge I realize I need to use the phone ap for my intentional walks or end up going quite a bit further. The Garmin is really just a pedometer device whereas the ap is GPS.

I'm flying to Washington today and will return on Monday. My goal is to stay on plan especially with alcohol, which I'm limiting to one day a week. This week it will be Friday at my friend's retirement party. I'm telling you for more assurance that I follow through with that plan.

Bill Good job on the three-fer and also that snacks were under control. Seems like that has been the trouble spot lately.

Lexxis Enjoy your high tea. I have never been. So wonderful that you have a 95 year old mother.

Nationalparker I told dh what you said about coming home to a dog. He says no. He saw something on FB or TV with a very well mannered yellow lab. I think if he could order one up that wasn't a puppy he would. I can just see the mess that would be with the lab in the pool and then coming in thru the pet door. Really we will wait.

Maryann i need to learn how to use the Pinterest. I've got an account or whatever you call it, but haven't really spent enough time to figure it out. Good idea though.

Gardenerjoy I've been really trying to weight every day. It's not always easy, especially when weight is up due to water retention for one reason or another.

Wavings to everyone else!

gardenerjoy 01-07-2016 10:24 AM

CREDIT for a daily exercise streak that began on November 1 and didn't falter even when every other element of my healthy lifestyle did.

CREDIT for writing a food plan for today!

WI: -0.4 kg, Exercise: +40 230/1200 minutes for January, Food: NA op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome back, FutureFitChick!

maryann 01-07-2016 12:08 PM

Good Morning, Coaches.

Day 20 and I rereading all the ways I fool myself about eating. The one that really resonated with me is "I'll eat less later" as I dived off plan. This time around, I am trying to combat that kind of manipulation. I wanted "just a little square of dark chocolate" (Oh so healthy) and I moved to make the adjustment in the MFP. Then I told myself that this is where it starts. I flexed my resistance muscle and said, "If you want chocolate, plan for it tomorrow. Eat anything you want tomorrow. But today No Choice." And it worked!!!

Credit for continuing with counter ap. I am up to 71 food credits. I haven't decide yet whether to reset at 100 or keep going. I will certainly give myself a little non-food treat for each 100 credits.

Off to counseling session and then work. I wanted to catch up some before the kiddos come on Monday. To my counseling session I am bringing photos of me during some critical stages. Before the first big weight gain when I was in 7th grade and thought myself "fat" when I weighed 105 - then four years later when I had gained 100 pounds because of what I see now as family crisis. Then I was 35, had lost most of it but still thought I was fat. I see only a beautiful woman smiling with her friends. Since 40 I have range mostly between 158 and 164 until the last year before I came to Beck. What a struggle! How little compassion I had for that girl and that woman. If in 20 years I was to see a picture of myself today, would I say "what a beautiful woman, how great she looks." Why can't I say and feel that about myself this moment?

nationalparker: DS and I have 3 weeks. Crazy lucky. He is riding along wit DH learning farm stuff.
KarenRn: Enjoy Washington. Totally different terrain than Arizona.
Welcome back FutureFitChick.
Lexxiss: Credit for exploring new ways to pamper yourself that do not include food.

FutureFitChick 01-07-2016 04:32 PM

Hi, Coaches and Buddies.

I am really grateful to have had this last week before the semester starts again. I had forgotten, or never fully appreciated, how much time it takes to eat healthfully and exercise regularly. I haven't even been doing any major meal planning yet, and feel like half of my day is spent on this. I know it will get faster as the routines get back in place, but in the meantime sheesh!

Credit for not grabbing the small handful of peanuts I wanted to while standing up. Phew! That was a close one and I am happy to strengthen my resistance muscles. I have been tracking all of my food, and sat to eat all of my meals since my last check in. I may not for dinner tonight, as we are finishing up the last episode of a TV series we have been watching. Also credit for leaving food on my plate at breakfast and walking 1.55 miles this morning.

Bill Blue Eyes, great job on the walk. Bummer about the lunch portion, but it sounds like you compensated well.

GardenerJoy, great job keeping exercise on track. I'm hoping you didn't end up with any residual water issues.

Karen, RN, hiking sounds lovely! On my 1.55 mile walk, the elevation change did not deviate from the flat 500 ft that I started at. I imagine lots of hills and loveliness on a hike! Have a great trip and good job for setting in place a plan for alcohol.

Lexxiss, hot springs sound fantastic right now! Awesome for food being OP and the scale moving in the right direction.

Maryann, I've never asked if you are Mary Ann or Maryann in real life. Wonderful question about how different in terms of compassion we can see our former selves, but struggle to issue to our current self. What I notice in your statement is tremendously positive -- you are able to look back on your former self with compassion. That self is part of what made you who you are, and I think it is terrific that you are positive about that. It took me a long time to get to that place as well. I too struggle with the lack of compassion for the now-me. I am focusing on the faith that I will continue to grow and that the appreciation for self will catch up so that I can experience "real-time" self-compassion in the near future. It is getting closer, especially when I realize that all of the changes don't have to happen on the same day, and that I don't need to require perfection of myself.

One by One, awesome that you made a plan for getting in exercise and realizing what didn't work for you yesterday!

nationalparker 01-07-2016 07:35 PM

Day had gone well food-wise until DH and I got on the subject of his daughter and her pregnancy (came to be true) and how unprepared she continues to be for her life at 23 ... not 16. She's unemployed and doesn't really want to work (or she would be), no goals, no ambition, no drive, no car now, no ANYTHING. But she thinks she can handle this. I'm so bent out of shape. Took a biscotti, sat down when DH left to run an errand, logged in here and the biscotti is gone. I wolfed it down, sitting at the table, and didn't even wait to brew a cup of tea. This cannot be my norm for this whole time. But two days of it has me brewing. OH - that's good mental image for me - brew tea, not me. (aren't you glad i"m not a copywriter?)

I'm hopefully not going to gripe here about her contact with him when I check in each day. I will avoid that and if I do, PM me and remind me haha. (actually not joking).

Lunch was apparently too light, and need to work on some quick protein options that are light to have more balance. I will prep tomorrow's lunch this evening and not just snag some dry cereal and fruit.

DH said he'd think about what healthy eating plan he was going to follow so I could help with meal information - calories, whatever ... I asked today and he said it'd not really crossed his mind since we got home. OK. Whenever I get excited that we'll tackle this together I need a reality slap that it will not be the case. I feel like I delude myself and that I almost WANT to do it. Not sure why. To make me feel less alone at home fighting this weight?

Personals tomorrow - want to finish my clearing project and reset the table nicely so I wake up to a cleared surface.

Thank you for your continued support and honesty.

onebyone 01-07-2016 10:46 PM

Night time

Trying to keep this short and sweet:

Food from scratch
Three meals
Drank some tea today
Ate less meat
Walked 55min today
Completed first go through of all boxes
Flattened all boxes
Boxes in car.now for recycle place tomorrow +2 bags garbage
Extra credit: 19 boxes and more than 5 bags worth of things looked at

Challenge: kitchen needs Tidying
Ate.more.ice cream but at dessert ok but not ideal
Did not deal with or plan art things =extra stress tomorrow

Have a good night.

BillBlueEyes 01-08-2016 06:20 AM

Friday - R.I.P. Astronomer Galileo Galilei (Italy, 1642)
Diet Coaches/Buddies Good enough eating day, CREDIT moi. It's lunch that's giving me grief these days; I'm serving myself crackers from the box instead of taking a planned amount. It's hard to regulate portion when the hand can keep dipping back in.

Walk, CREDIT moi, to the library for a 2016 book Amelia Earhart: Beyond the Grave - yet another book of unfounded speculations. But I haven't read any of the others and this one includes unfounded speculations about her navigator, Fred Noonan - an interesting chap who is seldom mentioned as if his death didn't matter. A clue to its level of authenticity is its breathless style denouncing all other speculation as baseless. I'm the first person in our library network to check it out. Maybe the last also, LOL.

onebyone Going through 19 boxes is certainly worthy of Kudos.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Since Nov 1st is a long streak.

FutureFitChick Kudos, indeed, for not grabbing that handful of peanuts. Yep, sane living does take time. I was glad when Beck admitted that it was so.

maryann - LOL at "Oh so healthy" - it takes so little to seduce the mind. Kudos for the "No Choice."

nationalparker Continue to send supportive thoughts as the reality of your DSD unfolds. This forum is a great place to vent so it doesn't eat into your real life.

Karen (karenrn) - Great news that you're walking more than previously thought. When I read "I'm flying," I immediately assumed that you were flying to Minnesota to watch your Seahawks play in brutal cold (3 degrees F) weather.

Readers -

Chapter 3 Stress Traps

#4: The When Things Calm Down Trap

Kristen was able to move through the initial steps of the program with relative ease, incorporating new habits into her daily life. She was feeling in control and on top of things when a double whammy hit: tax season started, making her hours at work much, much longer; and her husband's small business started having financial problems. Suddenly Kristen's stress levels skyrocketed and she found it much harder to get herself to practice the healthy eating habits that just a few weeks earlier had been no sweat. Some days she was able to get herself to practice her new skills and stay on track, but some days she wasn't. "I think I'm just too stress to work on dieting right now," she said. "I just have too much to handle."

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., Deborah Beck Busis, The Diet Trap Solution, Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good (Blue book), pg. 60

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