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  • Hi coaches-quick check in as I'm trying to write this on my kindle fire which is challenging!
    My car skidded today, I'm not even sure what happened it was so quick, but I was able to right it quickly fortunately. I guess it was slush with maybe ice underneath, very scary but I wasn't going that fast and other cars weren't that close. Timely after all that talk about ice!
    Credits for another stir fry today to use up the leftover periods. Lunch is already made for tomorrow,yay!
    Gardenerjoy-I agree with your pet peeve, candy should not be everywhere!
    Futurefitchick- your Mongolian restaurant sounds great!
  • Last night at the cabin. Credit and gratitude that I was able to ski for two days. Kept up with friends who are advanced. Knees held, no nerve issues, feet felt great. Sun was shining. I hosted two families which made for quite a mad house but grateful for the comeraderie. Tonite by myself, icing knees and listening to Josquin Deprez. I sang in an Early Music ensemble for years. It was another lifetime. Contemplating the free food pass I give myself in ski days. If Karen counts calories in multiple mile hikes, 4 hours of skiing should be monitored. I'll have to think about it.
  • Almost forgot to check in!

    Good day. Food on plan. Stopped myself from eating bread while standing. Also left food on plate and tossed it rather than bringing home leftovers.

    Stay warm, east coast friends!
  • Restart

    Woke up after napping today and was much better. Throat 1/10th as painful as yesterday. Feel like I'll be out of the house tomorrow. Maybe even organizing my studio.

    I'm taking a lesson from last week. I'm refocusing on my original plan to only work on calming my environment via decluttering and to get back to my studio to continue my artwork projects. I completely derailed myself last week and went against my intuition. I know I am not up to much at this time if year yet I pushed it and I got sick. Being sick gave me the time to simply stop and prioritize once more. I need to keep things simple.

    I have chosen a foodplan and will shop for it tomorrow and officially begin on Thursday. I am making it a trial run for a month.

    Have a good night everyone.
  • Tuesday - Australia Day (1788)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies Yes! The Boston Globe was delivered this morning. Perhaps that chapter is behind us and we'll all increase our tips to the carriers. My walk, CREDIT moi, included bringing an item to Good Will where, of course, I snooped at all their books rather sad that I didn't need any. I also stopped at the library to pick up two that had arrived for me. The 8 pm walk was just to the corner store for bananas for today's breakfast. They were 50 cents each or six for $2. I wanted four. It didn't take a great deal of mathematics to realize that I was going to walk home with six. I refused a bag to just carry them in my hand - they're already individually wrapped in a banana peel.

    Lunch was peanut butter sandwich with pecans but without banana (as described above). Snacks are still a challenge. This morning when I entered the kitchen my moonbeam was waiting for me; I do love the full moon.

    onebyone Glad to hear that your throat is returning to normal. A trial run for a new food plan sounds like a sane way to start.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) When I'm sick food has no appeal. But I don't have the courage (or insanity) to initiate an illness to jump start weight loss.

    FutureFitChick Always Kudos for avoiding eating while standing.

    maryann - Had to google Josquin Deprez- now I've got to figure out how to listen to him. Four hours of skiing is a bunch of exercise.

    nationalparker I'm stealing this, "one treat does not mean it deserves another."

    curlyjax - Congrats for handling a skid on ice without making it worse - that's hard for those who didn't grow up driving on snow.

    Sandy (love2garden) - Another Maggie Smith fan here. Hope you get your city's life back after that walloping of snow.

    Readers -
    Chapter 4 Emotional Eating Traps

    #1: The Trying to Numb Pain Trap

    "And what had you eaten since you left the doctor's office?"
    "Nothing," Elizabeth Replied.

    She had a perfect example of an experience when she was very upset but didn't eat. She had gotten through it. And how would she have felt if she had access to junk food and had eaten it all afternoon?

    "Bad," she said. "I mean, I would have excused myself some, but I know it's unhealthy for me." She captured that experience on a reminder card so she could remember that she didn't need to self-medicate with food to get through a trying experience:
    I was really upset after the appointment with
    Dr. Ross, but I got through the whole rest of the
    afternoon without eating. This shows it's not true
    that I need to eat when I'm upset. I may want to
    eat, but I don't need to eat.
    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., Deborah Beck Busis, The Diet Trap Solution, Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good (Blue book), pg. 67
  • Hi Coaches!

    Sorry I haven't posted....have been in an eddy, of sorts. I keep trying to get out but keep swirling around. Foodwise, doing ok. Still bringing my lunch to work and making large efforts to resist and make better choices. Credit.
    Yesterday.....gave away the pumpkin bread slice given to me by a customer. I knew she made it from a box and it wasn't worth it. After a very long day which included post work trip to Denver I resisted the thought of all you can eat ribs at the local place and came home to my chix noodle soup. Many small decisions are helping me to maintain my weight right now. Credit.
    Personally, life is just too crazy....not much for me to do about it until some items have resolution. The non paying tenant is still there. He had until last night to move but is fixing the neighbors car and promised he'd have $$. I can't do anything about it from work so we shall see. Whether he pays depends on what my schedule is for the next few days. I brought my friend over with me....she needed a break. Now she's visiting the friend in Denver and we will travel back over this evening. She has chemo tomorrow.
    Based on events out of my control I will stay either one or two nights. Then I'll bring the sick pup over with me for a trip to the cardiologist. (one last time)

    I recall a moment out on my porch the other morning. It's a "card" in my mind. Toughing it out and being mindful of my food choices even during extended stressful times is MUCH easier than regaining all my weight (alot) and having to start all over again. It's a very powerful card and keeps me focused.

    Take care everyone!

    onebyone, hope you are feeling better soon!
  • morning coaches!
    Somehow i have a few extra minutes this morning so i will get back to posting in the am- i do like to "wake up" with you all!
    Feeling better mentally today even though I did a terrible job snacking last night after my healthy stirfry- I was hungry at least, but i didn't need to go to such extremes. Okay, another day to start over, enough is enough!!
    bill-glad you are getting your paper again! That whole process has sounded very frustrating!
    Lexis-you sound very wise and I like your "card". you are another inspiration for me!
  • Good morning coaches,

    Yesterday I was off the rails a bit. I did get a 3 mile walk in before doing greeter duty at the trailhead. My plan was to get lots caught up in the office in the afternoon. Instead I dealt with the bank on a new credit card that I got for airline miles and it was frustrating as there was apparently fraudulent activity. I was putting the main expense to our Peru trip on there to get the miles and they denied it. I believe it is all corrected, but I did some emotional eating and stayed home from my diet meeting and drank 2 beers with dh. Ended up with 500 calories more than I should have for the day.

    Also it came out that dh thought I was going to be gone 4 weeks in the Fall, not the 6 weeks that I am going to be gone. He is okay with it, but it does seem like such a long time. The only other time I was gone about that length of time was to Nepal and Thailand 3 years ago. I wasn't with anybody I knew, so that made it especially hard. This time I will be with my friend, Sandee, and I will make sure I can call home regularly which I could not on my previous long trip.

    Today I'm hiking Bluff Springs Loop in the Superstitions with 2 good friends. Lots of calorie burning, credit.

    Curlyjax Glad you're feeling better today.

    Lexxis Great job with the food choices in spite of so much going on.

    Bill Let's hope the newspaper really will be there each day.

    Onebyone I hope you are feeling great this morning. I've been fighting a very slightly sore throat, but I think I'm going to hold it at bay.

    Maryann I'm sure you burned a ton of calories with the skiing. I love getting a little more leeway in my calories from the exercise.

    Love2garden It's hard for me to imagine all your snow. So glad you can be home and safe when you need to be. Maggie Smith was excellent in the movie and she did have some great looks. She has the largest eyes.

    GardenerJoy Well it's happened. I have too many good books on the phone to get thru them unless I walk nonstop day and night. Well, that might not be entirely true. I am finishing a book today and then have The Obituary Writer and The Art of Hearing Heartbeats to listen to within 14 days. We'll see.

    Nationalparker I am also a food sneaker at times. Lately there isn't much to sneak, but I have added some pecans here and there. I do put it in My Fitness Pal, but I'm not so sure I'm as accurate as I should be. Glad you enjoyed the dinner theater.

    FutureFitChick Good job keeping your food on plan even through a tough time. I hear you about tracking when there are lots of veggies. It's so time consuming. Sometimes I lie a little bit and call it one thing, instead of four or five, just to have the calories tracked.

    I am declaring that tomorrow I shall get caught up in the office. I need to complete medical forms for the Peru trip, get flights from Lima to Cusco and return to Lima, reservation at a hotel near Lima airport for one night, get tax information together for the accountant and continue with some shredding. I will work my exercise around that and a lunch out with old co-workers for a birthday celebration.

    Have a great day!
  • After saying recently that I never eat at meetings, I ate at a meeting last night. But it was ice cream which is one of the few sweet treats I allow myself since I don't find it triggering in the same way as baked goods or candy. I counted it as my evening snack. When I got home, I really wanted my planned evening snack, too, but I managed to talk myself away from that -- CREDIT.

    WI: NA kg, Exercise: +40, 940 /1200 minutes for January, Food: 90% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
  • Hopefully last phone check in. On the fence whether to ski a half a day. First things first. Meditation, prayer, breakfast logged. Food in MFP. Now an hour of cleaning and then I'll decide. It feels good to be back to a disciplined style of eating.
  • MaryAnn What a delight that you not only had friends to share the cabin with, but you got to ski!!! I've never done so, but it reminds me of what it would feel like to fly. So glad for you that your knees let you do so. Bet the moral boost was great.

    CurlyJax Glad your attitude is that you can start fresh today.

    Bill Can't resist books, can you. Wish I didn't start so many. I have 4 books going, 1 in each room near a place to sit including the bathroom. Enjoy books to learn, to experience another's life, to just get lost in.

    Karen What a relief you were able to get the fraudulent charges corrected. We can't let our guard down for a single minute it seems.

    CREDIT: No eating after supper for several days straight. Battle at times, but so worth it.

  • I wish I'd allotted more time for a check-in but will do better tomorrow. Food was good today, despite only about two hours of sleep - too much tossing and turning. DH called me a "wiggle worm" but he was as well. Feel a cold coming on and will try to stave it off with an early night.

    OneByOne - was pulling for you to beat your cold, but if it's got you in its grip, take time to heal and rest.

    Karen - Thanks for the alert on Lady in a Van - not playing here YET but I've had it in my outlook calendar to keep checking. I, too, am a Maggie Smith devotee. Bill has the best line - he wrote last year that he'd pay to see her read the phone book. I love that

    Bill - You HAD to check out the books - there might have been one terrific one you needed for the little free library!

    Scale is up but food has not been overboard today. I need to get more aggressive with it, though. Target I have in mind is to lose 10 by a major event I must work in May. That means I need to get much more forward progress. More personals manana.
  • Hi, Coaches and Buddies.

    I think I am getting to the point where I normally peter out of habits I am trying to newly acquire. That would explain my flakiness on posting the last couple of days, may resistance to walking the last couple of days, and the anxiety over all of the other stuff not getting done that I am blaming on dieting (though it is probably not related). Hanging in there. Committing to writing in the morning, first to journal about this stuff, then for work.

    Dinner was not on plan, because I let the early evening get away from me and did not have time to cook what I planned. My meal substitution was reasonable though. I had to get something at a convenience store tonight and lingered outside the ice cream case. I didn't utilize "NO CHOICE", so I am disappointed that reaction is not automatic for me, but I did reason I did not want to physically and mentally feel the way I would had I purchased and ate it. My walk was good today, and I included some stretching afterwards (a la Gardener Joy).

    Bill Blue Eyes, hope the cookie proportioning is going well! I never think about using another nut to garnish peanut butter -- interesting.

    Curly Jax, I am glad that you are safe after a scary skid! Bummer about snacking last night, but Wednesday will be better!

    Gardener Joy, your enjoying ice cream made me think of Ted Drewe's. I never lived in St. Louis long enough to run in to people I knew there, but any time we meet up with my husband's friends there they would see at least 3 or more people they knew. Great job avoiding the snack after the ice cream.

    Debbie R (Lexxiss), it was exciting to read that "many small decisions are helping me to maintain my weight right now". That was awesome and inspiring.

    Karen, RN, argh to fraudulent activity!!! Tomorrow will be a better day and no need to eat over that!

    Mary Ann, I am so excited that you got to ski! I had my phone with me while skiing (downhill) two weeks ago. Neither that, nor my fitness tracker when I had one in previous years, does a good job have measuring energy used for skiing. Did you come up with any ideas?

    National Parker, awesome job at skipping the dinner theater roll! It sounds like you have a solid goal to work toward for May. That is great!

    One by One, congratulations on selecting your food plan! I hope the shopping went well and you are feeling much better!

    Sandy (Love 2 Garden), glad to hear your family is managing the snow. Hang in there! Great job, for not eating after dinner!
  • Still on the mend

    Thought I'd be able to get back to things today but no. Opted to rest another day. Maybe tomorrow. I am much better though. Thanks for the well wishes.

    Food has remained soft and warm and mooshy, which is slightly softer and a bit gooier than mushy.

    I weighed today to see scale up 0.7. Ok.

    I was going to start new foodplan tomorrow but will wait until I'm better. For now I am three meals a day and a snack. I have had to fight eating standing by the stove again. Doing that more and more.

    Decluttering waits. Everything waits. And that's OK.

    Maryann: just wanted to say how great it is that you have done the hard work to get to a place where physically you are traveling and skiing and for hours. I was marvelling at your physical comeback from last year when you had much less mobility. Amazing work Big credits for your perseverance and focus.

    Have a good night.
  • Hi Coaches!

    I got home too late Monday eve and didn't get up early enough yesterday. I have a back up plan for smoothie and I grabbed and took to work. My veggies were still there from Sunday when there wasn't time to eat. I enjoyed both my fresh juices and my veggies while working. Credit. Brought home 2 cinn, rolls and saved one for DH. I enjoyed's been quite awhile since I've had one. Credit for NEVER eating one while at work. Dinner was simple and I added my salad even though I didn't feel like it.

    I'm on the run this morning. Finishing chores before heading over the hill for my days off. Tenant stuff still totally unresolved but he stopped at my work yesterday and pitched $200. at my hostess. It is not total resolution with $400 still unpaid for Jan. BUT it gives him another week which gives ME a pass for some nice days off. I've learned to let the worry go when appropriate. Credit.