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  • Good morning coaches,

    All of a sudden I am struggling too. I did get a good hike in yesterday, credit. Food was on plan until after dinner when I had two large portions of pecans and raisons. Weight this morning is up, but credit for getting on the darn scale.

    I read my cards this morning and picked up the book and did some reading regarding motivation and getting back on track. Today is supposed to be a Y day, but the weather is good today and expected to not be as good tomorrow, so I think I'll take a hike instead. I saw some switchbacks going up the hill at the end of a hike that I've done a few times lately and I think I may go explore that. It would be a nice long hike and I could use the calorie burn today.

    I'll check in later for personals.
  • I'm having a hard time getting going today. But, so much that I want to do. Including holiday newsletters. Feeling overwhelmed and undermotivated which is a very hard space to be in and can lead to binge-eating. I don't want that so I'm going to deal with the overwhelm. First, by making a plan for today that is not rooted in wishful thinking.

    WI: NA kg, Exercise: +55 365/1200 minutes for December, Food: 80% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

    BillBlueEyes: thanks for honoring Grace Hopper yesterday -- I missed that! She got an honorary degree at my commencement ceremony. She wasn't supposed to speak, but she shoved her way to the microphone (tiny woman, but people get out of the way for an Admiral). She said that she had something to say to these young people and she gave us her famous quote: "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission." My dad got a kick out of both the quote and being in the same space as the woman who found a bug in a computer.
  • Hi Coaches!

    As planned, we traveled over Tues evening anticipating some days off and my friends chemotherapy. Alas, Wed. morning I got a call that a pipe had burst in one of my moms rentals. I did what I could from afar, went to the hospital and talked with my friend and the nurses and explained I had to go. Came back over and went up for the assessment. We have to accommodate the tenants until this is repaired so a dash to homedepot for supplies and we start this morning. Old pipes in an old house. I will learn new things today. My girlfriend and I will fish the new pex lines under the floor and have everything ready for the plumber tomorrow morning. We all had a consult last night to come up with the plan. The good news is it's only two days of my life and *maybe* if we finish tomorrow I will have a day off on Saturday before I head back to the real job. My reality is my mom did very little (nothing) in 25 years to improve the aging infrastructure and now I get to do it. We are doing more than necessary on this one to hopefully resolve this issue for a long while. We are going to replace all the old pipes while we are at it instead of just fixing "what's broke".

    Foodwise, I am doing well. I notice that when I've been eating healthy that the continual "crises" in my life don't trigger the bad stuff. I actually underrate yesterday and grabbed a plain burger(McD), out of necessity on the way to hdepot. When I came home (830pm) I ate 3 bites of cottage cheese (while standing) lol and took my banana upstairs. Weighed this morning (down, yet still up) but I'm ok. I have health, energy and tools to stay on track. credit. Smoothie consumed this morning and I was mindful in it's making of all the beautiful colors of the vegetables I put in every day!

    Guess I'd better get my work clothes on and plan for a dirty day. Take care everyone!
  • Credit for - making food instead of ordering delivery, going for a run yesterday, not asking for the extra bacon on my salad the other night (they forgot it, but for me it was a happy mistake). I told the manager when she came over that it was completely fine but she took 10% off our bill anyway! It's hard not to feel like I'm eating too much. I know from My Fitness Pal logs that I'm really not but in actuality I feel like I am. I can't help but feel like I'm hungry all the time.

    more later.
  • Trying to get a lot done as soon as I get home from work and the house is getting cluttered with this and that from various projects. Unpacking decor and trying to put it up but not always in the same places ... freshen it up a bit. I'm going to take an oddball credit that was backfired... After the volunteering gig today I was heading back to work and thought, you know, those $5 lunch deal that Little Caesar's has look great. I had decided I'd get one before Christmas as a splurge - so I went in and asked for one, just cheese. I didn't know they were all pepperoni or that would have stopped me there. She said oh, we'll make one right up for you. So a bit later they bring out a LARGE PIZZA not a small square lunch one that I was planning to split into two lunches. The front cashier said NO - this is a lunch one, etc. they proceeded to each say they told the other one, etc. I said what's the upcharge and I'll pay and this is my husband's dinner as well ... for a couple of nights... well, no charge and many thanks later I finally got out of there. Ate one slice with three bites out of another and honestly, I wanted several slices but was not hungry (not FULL) and okay with that. I munched a bit more of it on the way home, and then heated the rest of that started slice and finished the last 5-6 bites. Pizza is SO my food that I can eat meal after meal on.

    I called DH and raced home a bit early to overlap with him before he left for work so he had dinner to take to work. I have GOT to get the marketing done. He was off several days this week and didn't pick up a thing. It's NEVER on his radar, even when I ask him to stop for bananas, etc. Anyway, he said this is better than a pb&J that he'd made ... I got offended as I felt he was implying that I really let things slide this week. He challenged me and said that is NOT what he was saying, just that we have nothing in the house. So ... tonight I've made him a farmer scramble and finally have carrots and onions roasting.

    I put on White Christmas (love it) while tackling things tonight. The costuming is just stunning. So much to be said for classy, not trashy. Last time we watched it, I had to look up Vera Ellen ... apparently she was one of the early Hollywood stars known to be anorexic and was "recognized for her figure" re Wikipedia, not the most accurate source, but seems valid. I should have saved this movie for when I'm sitting and paying attention. That has absolutely nothing to do with Beck. Sorry.

    Personals tomorrow, but meanwhile GOOD LUCK, Lexxiss - you GO girl on the pipe repairs. Impressive!

    Goals for Friday - 1) weigh again to see the truth. 176.6 today. I was 176.6 last night. I hate when the morning is the same as night bc I think, "oh, this scale is wonky." 2) MARKET for healthy meal ingredients. 3) Bypass Donut Friday but plan to enjoy a homemade treat if there's another plate of them in our area. 4) Don't eat the leftover pizza for breakfast.

    I miss talking to my mom tonight. Miss the anticipation of spending Christmas with them.
  • Friday - Edward VIII abdicates (1936)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies I didn't freak out yesterday, CREDIT moi, when the scaled jiggled up three pounds after the Japanese soup meal. This morning it jiggled back down. Yay that sodium leaves in due time.

    Walked, CREDIT moi, to my class where, unfortunately, the last session of that class was celebrated with cookies from the best Italian bakery in Boston - Mike's Pastry. I indulged; will call it morning snack and move on. Don't get Mike's Pastry often because the line going out of the front door is so long. In class I fell in love with the sentence, "There's a cottage every now and then through the valley." The joy is recognizing the challenge for a computer to understand what is obvious to us (walking through the valley) instead of wondering why a cottage appears and disappears. English is wonderful.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) It's amazing how easily "overwhelmed and undermotivated" can sneak into the brain - Kudos for fighting that. [Yep, Grace Hopper is a favorite of mine also. Neat that she was honored at your graduation. I loved that she often held up a one foot length of wire to demonstrate a nanosecond.]

    Debbie (Lexxiss) What a neat idea that you pull the pex lines and let the plumber connect them. I've never attempted pex lines myself. Kudos for separating the continual "crises" from eating.

    nationalparker Love the notion of that pizza falling out of the sky like manna from heaven. Kudos for sticking to a sane portion.

    Karen (karenrn) - Yay for having the goal to explore switchbacks. Congrats to Arizona for the win by its football team last night to cinch a playoff spot.

    curlyjax - The daughters of Bill Gates complain that they don't get the good phones that their friends have even though their father nearly invented it. It's tough being a teen. Yep, Kudos for not snacking.

    howyoulose - Double Kudos for getting paid to skip the bacon - that's a new one.

    Readers -
    Chapter 3 Stress Traps

    We find it baffling that all diet programs don't help dieters prepare for and counteract stress. "Just follow the program," they say. But to be successful, you need to know what to do when you inevitably encounter demanding and hectic days, weeks, or even months. How can you get through these difficult periods without letting stress traps derail your healthy eating efforts? You need to learn how to problem-solve, prioritize your activities, respond to your sabotaging thinking, and take care of yourself, so you'll have the time and energy it takes to stay on track.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., Deborah Beck Busis, The Diet Trap Solution, Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good (Blue book), pg. 49
  • Good morning coaches,

    I totally changed the plan for yesterday. For some reason I just wasn't feeling that great. I wondered if I was coming down with dh's cold or just what. I've had a few non-specific little symptoms but yesterday I just didn't feel strong. So, I just decided to stay home and take it easy. I was totally on plan with food and it wasn't even difficult, credit. Weight is back down, yahoo, but needs to go lower. I read a book that I need to finish to return to the Camino group I will see the day after Christmas. I have a horrible time sitting still long enough to read. And I took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. In the evening we attended the Messiah at a church with great acoustics. It was very good and would have been even better if it had only been half as long.

    Today I'm going to have another easy day. I am going to finish the Christmas cards and get them in the mail. The hiking paths aren't going anywhere and I will get back to it soon. I just hate having things hanging over me, like the cards, and I also need to do some filing and get the office in good order.

    GardenerJoy I hope you were able to formulate a good plan for your day yesterday.

    Lexxis You continually amaze me. Plumbing! Whoa . . the most I've even done is remove the u shaped pipe under a sink and clean it out and replace it and that was 30 years ago.

    Howyoulose Seems like you are on a roll, great!

    Nationalparker My dh also could live on pizza. He figures it contains all the food groups, so why not? Oh I hear you on missing talking with your Mom. I don't think that ever goes away, but I guess that is a testament to how much we loved them. I loved going home for Christmas. We always had such a wonderful breakfast with Harvey Wallbanger's to drink. When we opened gifts my Dad always had a large black plastic garbage bag and he put the wrappings in as soon as it was off the box. He was an engineer and liked things neat and organized. We all just laughed.

    Bill Glad the 3 pounds came off as quickly as it went on. I think I'll have to look up your bakery and see if there are any pictures of the sweets. Sounds delicious. Thanks for the congrats on the football, but we are really Seahawks fans. We do cheer for Arizona a bit, but they aren't our team even though we've been here for going on 11 years.

    Have a great day all of you!
  • Quick note - Karen - Parallel mom always made Harvey Wallbanger cake for Christmas and nearly all of the pictures of my Dad on Christmas morning have the black garbage bag alongside him; he collected the torn wrappings and packing material as we went along as well. That's given me a smile. Thank you.
  • Good Morning, Coaches.

    I finished my teaching week with a hoarse whisper. I lost my voice in a fight with DH. Not good. But two counseling sessions in three days, lots of telling people the truth, and some rest last night make things look better this morning.

    I am four pounds above ticker and the most immediate action for self care this morning was to schedule on my calendar phone exercise times for the next two weeks. No more sacrificing my health for daily duties. I now see six hourly exercise appts. That is plenty for someone who is trying to ease back into fitness without even MORE health issues. Those appts along with normal activity should help get me back on track. One of the appts will require research for a facility in the town my son does piano and violin. I can't plan on walking this time of year because it is too dark.

    Credit also for eating my steamer packets of cauliflower. Well worth the extra buck. I know I will get all my veggies in if I have one at lunch. Today will be fresh spinach -a salad with the last of the persimmons from my tree.

    And although the scale is not rewarding me, I will take credit for no sweets at work since November 1st.

    KarenRN: Good for you for listening to you body when it wanted rest. The memories you shared for nationalparker of your parents reminded me to be nicer to mine. I enjoy my mom's company nearly weekly. My Dad is tougher to be around. Still I am open to finding more ways to build our relationship. I think the key is to not expect what he cannot provide. And remember that he does love me.

    BBE: A cookie is just a cookie. Credit for knowing that and moving on.
  • MaryAnn Self care scheduled, and time out to let your voice recover sounds like wisdom at work.

    BillCredit for knowing when to take advantage of excellent pastry.

    KarenDH is also an engineer and the black plastic bag was handy and filled as fast as wrappings came off. Noticed our son, also an engineer, certainly does same and on to grandson with his little one for his birthday. All engineers, all downright funny, too.

    DebbieHope the repairs to your Mom's rental are going smoothly. Agree that doing it right is the best way to go.

    Credit, today's walk outside with temps in 60's!!! Wow, last December we had snow on this date. Credit: Lots of veggies and good fresh trout.
  • Posting late today, but today has gone better than yesterday. CREDIT for running errands early this morning, reducing the likelihood of a really outrageous eating episode. CREDIT for making some mood-improving steps. I'm grateful that they are working.

    WI: +0.25 kg, Exercise: +40 405/1200 minutes for December, Food: 70% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
  • I ended up eating a quick small dinner and then running out on errands, not getting home until after 11:30 p.m. Much too late for me. I don't like walking around parking lots that late, even though the market was still fairly busy. Then to put everything away. I bought a LOT and we should be set with the skeleton of what we'll need for most of the rest of this month, with the exception of hot turkey italian sausage, which I cannot find anywhere. I'll run by one more market tomorrow to see if I can find it. I have two recipes that call for it that are in the queue to make this month.

    Credits - this one is both eating and financial...after a lunch outing walking to a museum and walking all over the museum, we stopped at the cafe there which has unusual food and is pricey. I didn't care for the soup options and finally settled on a pb&j with sliced strawberries and some diced peanuts on wheat. I ate half and saved the other half for part of dinner. $6 for a pb&j. That's hard to pay in my mind, but on the other hand, I found a new way to make a tasty one haha. I have NEVER put strawberries on it (it had strawberry preserves) and it was very tasty.

    Off to bed - feet are really sore. Weight at ticker ... was really hoping to be close to 170 by now, not panicking that I'm closing in on 180.
  • Saturday - Trans-Atlantic telegraph (St. John's Newfoundland, 1901)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies Did Treadmill Bootcamp at gym, CREDIT moi, with only one other person in the class; felt like a personal session. The other person was a younger guy with serious determination. I had to accept that I couldn't keep up, but I kept going with what I could do.

    Meals were on plan, CREDIT moi, with an afternoon snack unplanned - Ouch - but less than it would have been if I didn't recognize that I wanted to stop. DW and I went to the movie Bridge of Spies with Mark Rylance. We became big fans of Mark Rylance after seeing him as Thomas Cromwell. The movie was terrific; Rylance just stunning. And a guy named Tom Hanks was also in it; he's older now - at first I didn't recognize him.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) Pre-emptive errand running sounds like a good strategy to me.

    maryann - Kudos for planning exercise despite being busy. Rest is a big help.

    nationalparker Strawberries on a peanut butter sandwich is new to me -sounds good. Kudos for having that instead of the alternatives. At our present opening, DW always has a paper bag for the ripped wrappings - hadn't thought of it as a tradition that the kids will remember.

    Karen (karenrn) - Yay for hearing the Messiah as a way to feel the season. We're going tonight. Kudos for "totally on plan with food" with no points off for it not being difficult.

    Sandy (love2garden) - Yep, walking in the 60's in mid-December is a treat. (What happened to the prediction that we wouldn't see over 50 again until next March?)

    Readers -
    Chapter 3 Stress Traps

    Chances are you have dozens of personal stories of stress ("Everything was fine until X happened") that impeded your efforts to lose weight. Consider the experiences of the dieters in this chapter and see if they ring a bell. These dieters were able to decrease their stress - and you can, too, once you learn how.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., Deborah Beck Busis, The Diet Trap Solution, Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good (Blue book), pg. 49
  • hi coaches-
    I have got to get another job, i am so bored/uninspired and then i eat junk when its around. I will get through the next few months and then see- i'm really trying to stay part time/flexible hours so I can pick kids up from sports. Plus ferry them around in the summer so they don't sit around on the computer all day. If it wasn't for needing health insurance it would open up options. Or if DH could get a job soon please, that's all i really want for Christmas!!
    Also eating too much candy at home, i haven't been trying the last few days. I guess the other food intake is okay and i'm still eating my salads for lunch.
    Bleagh. Well, onwards and today is a new day.

    Black garbage bag- my mom picks up the wrapping as we go; she is not an engineer but highly organized! Sadly i only inherited a little of that from her!

    Bill- I love Mike's Pastry! My favorite is the Italian cookies that have jam in the middle and are half dipped in sprinkles. They are indeed always crowded there.
    Wave to all, more tomorrow!
  • It doesn't seem right that I got a jump after a relatively good eating day. But it was stir-fry last night so I'll drink lots of water today and assume this will take care of itself.

    Today includes a long meeting, but lunch will be at a location where I've been many times. I know exactly what I'll eat and I know that it will be good and healthy.

    WI: +0.45 kg, Exercise: +40 445/1200 minutes for December, Food: 90% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes