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onebyone 12-06-2015 08:08 AM


Foggy start to the day here. The temps are mild and it must be moist, I guess, for all this dense fog! I'm getting ready to head out to finish sh the things I should have already finished but am not quite awake enough to drive in that pea soup just yet.

Broke down yesterday and had a Costco ice cream right after I mindlessly consumed some dark chocolate bark sample with nuts and goji berry. I had resisted the other food stations as I got progressively annoyed at the samplers clogging the aisles. And then I did it. When I got home I made dinner then.had a second dinner of other.hig calorie stuff. I just gave in. My tension is fueling my desire/compulsion to eat. I need to send that email to my problem sister but don't want to until I have a chat with my father's trustee. My info is second hand and I want this to hear it from the source so I truly know what I am writing about. I just want to move forward on this.

Today is a big work day. I need to remember it's only one more week and this sales part is over. I have two potluck's to go to and DH's Xmas party Sat night. I have a lead on a plus sizes consignment store that I am assured is "funky". So tired of spend big dollars buying clothes to this event and never wearing them again. Hate most of the plus size stuff. Maybe this new place will be better. And if not better, it will at least be cheaper.

That's it. I am off now. Have a great day Becksters.

curlyjax 12-06-2015 08:17 AM

hi coaches-
i'm feeling uninspired these days; i seem to be fighting with DD more, she is just so impossible some days. And also the world, especially our country! is so scary these days. I have woken up a few times in the middle of the night just worrying. A part of me thinks what is the point of getting too worked up about what i eat, what does it really matter.
I know that is an excuse or maybe giving myself permission to eat whatever, and that is not a good road to go down.
Still Christmas will go on, so I am trying to focus on that.
Sorry to be a bummer today! I hope church today helps me reframe my thinking.

Karenrn- meant to say a few days ago I'm glad you found your ring!
Bill- garlic presses are a six of one for me- on the one hand it keeps your hands from smelling of garlic, on the other ours is impossible to wash. hope you find your meteorite, that is a cool gift!
Wishing all a good Sunday!

howyoulose 12-06-2015 10:19 AM

hey all - these days kind of suck, I go to bed when it's dark, wake up when its dark. They're finally giving me more days off so maybe I'll see daytime! We're getting minimal sunlight though so I'm going to have to start taking vitamin D. I'm at my mom's and she bought me ANOTHER sweater but I took the advice and told her I didn't like it and surprise ignored her comments for once. I had a rough couple days eating wise. Weighed myself thursday and was down to 169, Friday was up to 172. Not happy. Kind of upset about my current situation and not finding a job in my field, which is just making me want to eat my feelings. So far I haven't eaten all of my feelings.

onebyone - I wouldn't worry too much about slipping up, it happens right? I know it feels terrible but it does happen. Try to focus on the days coming.
curlyjax - i give myself the same excuse, that worrying gives me permission to eat whatever i want. I've set five alarms on my phone for reasons to stop doing that and lose weight and its kind of working. Maybe try that? It's honestly gone off at points when I'm about to eat and stopped me.

gardenerjoy 12-06-2015 10:25 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I'd forgotten that I pre-ordered a salad for my boxed lunch yesterday. When that arrived at the table, I felt like my past self gave my current self a healthy gift. A salad for lunch made it so much easier to have a light eating day.

WI: -0.35 in kg, Exercise: +40 190/1200 minutes for December, Food: 90% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: In honor of Monet, I'm attaching my best photo from Giverny. That was a hard place to photograph because it's packed with tourists. It's hard to find a shot that expresses the peacefulness that most of associate with Monet.

curlyjax: I don't know if this will help you, but it works for me sometimes when I'm worrying about all the things I can't do much about: there is so little that I can control, that I'm going to work on one thing that I really I can control -- what I put in my mouth. An unexpected bonus: when I'm feeling successful in that one area, I often get more ideas and more confidence to chip away at some of the other things.

nationalparker 12-06-2015 11:18 AM

Checking in quickly today and (as always here this week) hoping I have time this evening for personals, but it's dicey. We're heading to another town to catch a community theater performance this afternoon, and then going to a small pizza spot there - had a good breakfast and will enjoy their salad and we split a cheese pizza there. It's doable and a nice Sunday treat - no dishes and cleanup afterward.

Last night we went to see A Christmas Story in another theater and thoroughly enjoyed it, though we had to park a long distance away and hoof it quickly there. We got our tickets and went in ... to find we were the last three going in and had to split up to find seats. I was nearly to the point of calling out, "If you have an empty seat next to you, please raise your hand!" ... DH dislikes approaching strangers and asking anything, as does the my friend who went with us, so I felt compelled to find their seats first, and then search around for my own. I kinda smiled inside at that - I felt like we are all equals - just deal with it, but ... I also didn't want them to be uncomfortable. My Dad used to laugh at me, saying, "who is this new friend of yours?" when he'd find me in an animated conversation with someone at a store or wherever as a kid/teen/adult. :)

Did a few hours of yardwork in the cold yesterday, thanks to us waiting for the cottonwoods to finally drop their leaves. I will put out birdseed and suet today.

Dressed up nicely last night and felt oh, so much better about myself. Took time to do makeup carefully, styled hair, put together a flattering outfit. I need to take more time on that because I could feel the result in my attitude.

I found a place that I would LOVE to go and sent DH the information a few days ago and he's all in ... especially with the Canadian dollar vs. US dollar, it makes it more affordable for us - Emerald Lake. The more he looked at it, the more we want to go :) We were tentatively planning a trip to Banff, but now this looks like it's on the list for next summer if we can work out the financials. I'm willing to cut back on whatever's needed to make this work. DH would like to completely splurge with a night at the Lodge there, and I typically want to camp to save money, but this is calling.

CurlyJax - Sorry to hear that your mind is running rampant on you. Sometimes I have to return to that old story of the man and the boy on the beach, and the starfish (you can't save them all - but I can save THIS one) ... that's kind of how I look at a lot of the issues around us. Literacy, poverty, hunger - I can't touch on the violence and that worries me but those other things I can help with and maybe that helps down the line...

Beautiful photo, Joy. That is so peaceful. Kudos on the preordered salad. With Panera's changing menu and seemingly rising prices, that is the one menu choice for me.

Bill - I've only seen tiny pieces of meteorite in necklaces - good luck with that search. Enjoy the book Unbroken... I'd bought it for my Dad when it was first published and he thoroughly enjoyed it, and followed it up with Louis Zamporini's book ... DH listened to the audiobook on his commute and liked it but thought the movie was just "ok" ... Look forward to your thoughts. Do you ever listen to audiobooks while walking?

Fingers crossed for more later. Or else it'll be holiday decorating.

karenrn 12-06-2015 06:11 PM

Good afternoon coaches,

And let me thank you for being part of my efforts to procrastinate from writing Christmas cards. I have been in the office for several hours and not one card is written, yet. I promise they will be finished by the end of the week.

Hike with Suzanne on Friday ended up being 10.4 miles. It was easy miles but I will take credit anyway. Yesterday's hike with dh was 8 more strenuous miles. Food was just okay both days. Thank goodness I burn some calories with my hikes. Today has been an easy day, church, a visit with a friend and a couple of phone visits . . . no exercise, but the calories so far are within plan. I'm making a salmon curry for dinner that my sister-in-law has recommended. I hope we like it. I know I will, and for dh I am disguising the salmon.

Nationalparker Emerald Lake looks lovely. Something I would love to do. Have fun making the plans.

Howyoulose It is no fun when you don't see any daylight. Even I take Vitamin D (when I remember) and I live in Arizona.

GardenerJoy I've been worry more than usual too. That's a good idea to focus on what I do have control of. Thanks for mentioning it. The doctor told me I'm a ruminator and he's right.

Curlyjax I hope church was helpful today. I know it most often helps me. I find this is not an easy time of the year.

Onebyone I hope you had a very productive work day today. Let us know what you think about the consignment store and may it be as funky has you hope.

Bill I loved the book Unbroken. I had remembered that my first husband's uncle was a POW and was told that when he got home he wanted lots of mayonnaise. He was on a ship, Oryoku Maru, from the Phillipines to Japan. His sons couldn't bring themselves to read Unbroken because it was too near their father's ordeal.

SuzLen So sorry to hear about your shoulder pain. Stress doesn't help those things either. I hope it is better soon.

I really need to get on the stick this week and quit wasting so much time. Specifically I need to write the Christmas cards and start studying Spanish. I have time for both of those even if I do spend half the day hiking. I'll let you know how it goes.

SuzLen 12-06-2015 08:06 PM

Good evening Coaches,

I have spent the last two days making chocolate goodies for Christmas gifts for co-workers, friends and neighbors. Whew - I can honestly say I am SICK of chocolate!! But it was an affordable gift since I had all the ingredients at home. And they love getting them, so it is a win-win.

My weight has been a little discouraging but I know that I am not following all of the steps - so I will start back at square one. December is tough, isn't it!!

karenrn: I admire you send out cards. I don't think I have sent one out for the last 20 years.

A trip! I love planning for summer outings, I hope yours comes along smoothly.

I love Monet! I used to teach "art appreciation" to kinders and firsties when we lived in another state. They learned to recognize a Monet right away!

howyoulose: I wish for you some sunshine, but it is hard this time of year. But only a few more weeks and the days will gradually start getting longer!

curlyjax: I have had to stop watching and reading media and focusing on my own little work where I DO have control. It is a scary time for us, isn't it?!

onebyone: hope your shop quest turned into a success.

Billbb: Good luck in your meteorite quest. My DS wants shoes for Christmas and I have no idea why!!

I saw a visitor at church today who looked latino (her son goes to my school) so I thought I would practice my spanish. HAHA, she responded to my greetings by saying "I'm Filipino". lol She was gracious. After three weeks of no lessons my Spanish needed a boost - I best look elsewhere.

I have had Handel's Messiah in my head for the last three days after hearing it on the radio. Love. It.

Hope everyone has a great evening!

maryann 12-06-2015 08:43 PM

Super phone check in
Well, I am standing in a line at Kohls that lines the perimeter of the store. Oh Well. I have my headphones on and your posts to keep me company.

I know I have been MIA. This is just my stage of life I guess. I have hundreds of commitments and most of them seem emotionally loaded. Catechism, AA, school, mom duties. I have been doing my best to follow the guidelines Es of my food plan and I must say I have eaten much less than I would have in other circumstances. Tomorrow's plan is exercise and written food journal. Weight is three plans above ticker after a sushi dinner.
Suzlen: I feel like you are my twin separated by six months. Physical issues and weight gain. I am a literacy coach wondering if I should get back into a high school English class. Keep posting. I think there is peace to be had here.

BillBlueEyes 12-07-2015 05:41 AM

Monday - First day of Hanukhah
Diet Coaches/Buddies Did a bird walk, CREDIT moi, looking for ducks enjoying that the waters aren't yet frozen. The biggest surprise was a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk perched only 20 feet from our noses on a low branch - the closest I've ever been to one that wasn't on a tether. Had to be a very naive hawk. European Starlings dominated the skies - such pests.

Meals were on plan, CREDIT moi. Snacks continue to be a challenge. It's a better day when I'm active outside. DW asked me to help her trim a vine that was outgrowing its space. She's worried that it's so big it could pull down the fence with a big snowstorm. Joy (gardenerjoy)'s picture inspired me to post Monet's picture corresponding to her photograph (alone with a few others).

onebyone Ouch for junk foods that contain goji berry to convince the mind that it must be healthy. Kudos for planning ahead to your potlucks and party.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Thanks for the photo; Giverny is now on my Bucket List. Honking Kudos for discovering that you had already chosen a salad for lunch.

maryann - Smart to have headphones for your wait at Kohls. Kudos for making plans to address the busy.

nationalparker Those pictures of Emerald Lake do look appealing. Smiling at the notion of waiting for the Cottonwoods to drop their leaves in time to rake them before the snows arrive. [I've never gotten into audio books - perhaps they would entice me into multi-hour walks.]

Karen (karenrn) - Drooling over your salmon curry. Good luck with your Christmas cards and your ambitious plans to learn Spanish.

curlyjax - Kudos for spotting "what does it really matter" as a Sabotaging Thought that you can counter. Ouch for those things that are truly scary.

SuzLen - I wish I could achieve "SICK of chocolate!!" - it'd help my snacking issue. Yay for a head full of Handel's Messiah.

howyoulose - Super Kudos for recognizing and standing down those feelings, "So far I haven't eaten all of my feelings."

Readers -

Chapter 2 Foundation Strategies to Escape Your Traps

Are You Ready?

Okay! Now that you're armed with the ten foundation strategies and the instructions for creating your escape plans, turn to the chapters that correspond to your highest scores on the "What Are Your Biggest Traps?" quiz starting on page 19. Read through each of the personal stories, paying close attention to the situation and sabotaging thoughts that resonate with you. At the end of each chapter, you'll put the lessons of these stories to work in your own life by creating an escape plan for each difficult situation you expect to encounter. Continue to read through the book to learn additional strategies and keep refining your escape plans. You'll understand in a very personal way how universal your struggle is and how effective escape plans can be in overcoming your traps.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., Deborah Beck Busis, The Diet Trap Solution, Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good (Blue book), pg. 44

karenrn 12-07-2015 08:38 AM

Good morning coaches,

Here we are at Monday again. Boy do the weeks fly by. I'm feeling like I'm coming out of my low level funk. I hope it lasts. Food was on plan yesterday and the salmon curry was good. Even dh liked it and said he would eat it again. I will admit the house smells like a Thai restaurant this morning. When I get home from my hike I think I'll get something going on the stove or burn some candles.

I'm heading out shortly for my 10 mile loop hike to start the week off right. I have a plan to make a chart on the computer when I get home with my daily to do list. A couple of items for it will be planks twice a day and shoulder exercises. My friend's husband (retired orthopedic surgeon) said he thinks if I do the exercises I did after I broke my arm, he thinks it will improve my range of motion, soreness and stiffness. I still haven't really done them though. I also need to spend about 30 minutes a day on housework that doesn't get done, such as cleaning out drawers etc. I do it for a while, and then it just drops off the radar. Dh went thru his closet and drawers several times recently and filled several bags for donation. Oh, and the Spanish studying. I've taken a few classes and spent a month in Mexico and my Spanish is almost non-existent. I may not have a knack for it, but I need to learn a few things before Peru and Spain.

Bill Yes, I find being busy is the key to not snacking. I do take something to eat on my hikes, but it is planned and counted.

Maryann Good thinking to have your headphones with you. Listening to something really helps when you have to wait in line. I can't believe the line you were in.

SuzLen I wish you could transfer your Spanish to my brain. I'm not stupid but I'd have to say I don't think languages are my thing. I will keep trying though. Dh and I are going to Handel's Messiah on Thursday evening. It's the Phoenix Symphony at Camelback Bible Church which is supposed to have extraordinary acoustics. I'm really looking forward to it.

Nationalparker I looked further at your Emerald Lake Lodge. Boy would it ever be a beautiful place to go for Christmas.

Well off I go to get ready for my hike. I hope we all have a great start to the week!

gardenerjoy 12-07-2015 11:51 AM

Like karenrn, I'm having a hard time right now getting the daily stuff done. I'm playing with ToDoist -- a new toy always helps, at least for a day or two.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +40 230/1200 minutes for December, Food: 100% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

curlyjax 12-07-2015 12:35 PM

hi coaches-
just saw some cider donuts up for grabs and I am posting here to resist them!
I am trying to get back into exercise again and experiment on which stretches hurt and which help. Really annoying to have quad pain but not bad enough to see anyone about it yet.
howyoulose- thanks for the phone alarm idea, I may try it. Glad its working for you!
Gardenerjoy- beautiful photo! true words that we can indeed control some things like what we eat.
Nationalparker- good reminder about the starfish! Sounds like you are enjoying some nice holiday events. you always do such fun sounding things! I also would love to see Emerald Lake!
Karenrn- I think I'm entering the funk you're leaving:) but glad its leaving you! Good luck with those cards!
Suzlen- sick of chocolate sounds great! That's nice of you to make those treats, homemade treats are the best.
Bill- Unbroken does sound interesting, maybe I will check it out for DH.
Onebyone- hope your find a nice outfit! I do not have a real shopper mindset myself, I don't like the feeling of "I need to find something for this event!" and getting stressed about it.
Maryann- Ah yes, the commitments at this time of year! All the regular ones and more added on!
Wave to Lexiss, lovetogarden and anyone else!

nationalparker 12-07-2015 08:33 PM

Yep, another Monday - just what I was thinking. I'm like a school kid counting the days down to summer vacation or to Christmas. Thirteen work days until my holiday break starts.

I did not weigh this morning. Yesterday evening was okay for dinner - on track with what I'd planned and with only a protein-solid breakfast, I was hungry but not starving at 4 ... but then I suggested froyo with a coupon I had later that evening and so we stopped on errands. The kid doing the register said he'd in essence double the coupon (half off both) and so he got the extra in his tip jar. A win for each of us. That could have worked in as well. BUT since in my mind, I only had two meals, I thought this is okay, that is okay, and added in extra crap during the evening - a slice of fresh bread that wasn't even baguette. Just BREAD. I allowed that with fat lady thinking. Frustrated with myself. DH conked out super early and I stayed busy with housework and laundry with NFL on ... but finally petered out. Snacks were two cinnamon twists that I baked to bring in to work today. 200 cal there. Then I read a link from one blog post to basically an "in-your-face" blog from a trainer on "why you're still fat" and it was brutal, but I hate to admit it, true. Treats are no longer treats. If you have it more than once a month, it's not a treat. (like a piece of chocolate, or dessert) ... The comments were brutal as well - and I don't typically read comments bc of the ferocity with which people feel they need to write to explain themselves... hate and love. I feel like I took from it what I could last night and will probably reread it in January for a bootcamp reset again. I KNOW it's only me standing in my way - not anyone's for bringing in treats, not DH for suggesting a meal out - honestly I can choose anything anywhere for dinner ... it's all ME. WHY do I get in my own way?

I'm honestly nervous to weigh again with the food and normal body cycling. I want to bury my head in the bathroom mat and not know.

Bill - When we first got together, DH said he didn't like audiobooks, he couldn't follow along well. I checked some out from the library for road trips and he was HOOKED. Now every few weeks he gets e-files from the library and listens in his car. I enjoy them when I'm walking alone, but not in a city or where I have to cross streets.

Food day today was "ok" - added in an unplanned snack of a nut treat a coworker brought in. One day does not a success make.

I join those looking forward to the days lengthening here soon. Two more weeks until the winter solstice. While I use a lot of candles on winter evenings, that night we stick to only candlelight. Dinner tonight was my leftover Thai that we shared along with some potstickers I made, enjoyed by my candlelight.

Does anyone buy a live tree to plant after Christmas? We did this overseas but not here. I was a kid/teen then ... do you have luck with it?

SuzLen 12-07-2015 09:45 PM

Quick post just to say I did something Beckish today.

For the first time in I can't even count I ate a donut. Usually they are no temptation, at all, whatsoever, but something today crashed and burned. Was it because they were still warm?? Who knows - but I lived a life of regret for the rest of the school day. In fact, I didn't even eat dinner, I was still full from that donut, that I ate at 9:00 this morning.

I go in for an MRI tomorrow to see what is still causing me pain. Wish me luck.

nationalparker: Your words ring true - a treat just isn't a treat anymore. I sabotage myself as well.

curlyjax: congrats on avoiding the donuts!

karenrn: It is so hard to learn a foreign language when you aren't around it all the time. I find I have to immerse myself deliberately. I watch (listen) to Disney movies because they all come in Spanish. And I read a lot of spanish books - It is tough. Good luck! When you travel it will probably all come back to you.

Have a great night, all!

BillBlueEyes 12-08-2015 05:51 AM

Tuesday - RIP John Lennon (New York, 1980)
Diet Coaches/Buddies Waked, CREDIT moi, to class where I'm getting better at accepting the inflationary period of the universe in its first second. It's so unintuitive that the expansion of space is different than the movement of galaxies. Next life I'm going to be a cosmologist to find an easier explanation for the wild and wonderful stuff that's out there. Last night, we saw a nature documentary about ducks with superb video close-ups. The videographer must have been in the water - a neat trick in the shots in the Arctic.

Meals were on plan, CREDIT moi, with only modest snacking. It felt like a better day. DW and I did an inspection of a gutter on our roof that needs help before the winter snow and ice arrives. Last winter's ice build up did some minor damage that looks difficult to fix, but we'll try.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Now that's good Cognitive Therapy, "a new toy always helps."

nationalparker Thanks for the reminder that in two weeks the days start to get longer - even though it takes me about two months to begin to believe it, LOL. Kudos for a froyo - doubled for the coupon, doubled again for the kid's action, and then again for his tip. What a neat experience. [I'll try to keep an open mind about audio books.]

Karen (karenrn) - Yay for finding a set of exercises to help with arm motion.

curlyjax - Always Kudos for resisting cider donuts.

SuzLen - Good luck with that MRI looking for your neck pain. Kudos for responding to that donut with reduced food later.

Readers -

Chapter 2 Foundation Strategies to Escape Your Traps

Are You Ready?

The strategies to get out of the traps - and stay out - are powerful. Using them consistently will allow you to finally achieve your goal of lasting weight loss. And the strategies can be adapted to help you achieve other goals that are important and meaningful to you.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., Deborah Beck Busis, The Diet Trap Solution, Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good (Blue book), pg. 44

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