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  • moving forward

    I had a better on plan day today but I'm looking forward to my fresh week which begins tomorrow. This week felt like a whole month.

    I don't hold out any hope for a good scale reading tomorrow and that's ok. Whatever it is it is. I am trying but need to do more to get the scale to move. I will do more because I do want the scale to move.

    I'll be at a new house tomorrow for lunch. No idea what will be served. It's the first meeting of my new, more serious, writing group. I'm hoping for an inspiring gathering. I think we may be coming up with a name for us. I have nothing in mind yet, which is odd, but a reflection that I don't have a handle on us yet. I will tomorrow.

    Have a good night.
  • Thursday
    Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, despite the stress of shopping for clothes. I kept thinking that some Ben & Jerry's high fat ice cream would help me calibrate my taste before Italian gelato. Yay for a brain that produces creative Sabotaging Thoughts.

    Exercise was walking, CREDIT moi, to the hardware store to buy battery powered timers that we leave on our lights while we're gone. I've used timers that are electrically driven by the wall power. However, our power company has 'scheduled' an outage for work at some unspecified time during the first week of our vacation which will offset the clocks that are timed for evening. These new ones have battery driven clocks so they will keep the lights on the desired schedule. I had only wished for such a device; I was quite happy to discover that they were for sale.

    onebyone – Happy "fresh week" beginning today. Hope your writing group can mutually decide on a name without major warfare.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) – Happy Birthday. May you have 39 more and 39 more after that. [LOL at your DH's linen scarf in Paris. Perhaps I'll buy an Italian fine leather man-bag since Italian men would never carry a thick billfold in their pants pocket that might break the line.]

    silverbirch – Ouch for the distraction of a tummy ache, but Kudos for trying to work out an eating plan to match your lifting.

    maryann - Congrats for your school's big award and for your part in earning it. Your bike ride sounds fantastic. I'd have never guessed that California's Central Valley grew wheat. When we took the Canadian National train from Montreal to Vancouver, we saw wheat - miles and miles and miles of wheat. Wheat could be measured in days of train travel.

    nationalparker – Yay for dinner on the grill. Glad to hear that your work hours might return to normal.

    Beth (bethFromDayton) – Good point, real hunger is a real distraction that can't be tolerated in the long run. Kudos for working to a plan that works for you.

    flnu - Waving back. Neat that you look forward to the step exercises.

    Karen (karenrn) - Kudos for half a burger to satisfy your need without the calories of the full thing.

    Readers -
    Day 37 Reduce Stress

    Three Steps to Lower Your Level of Stress
    On Days 33 and 34 of this program, you learned how to cope with negative emotions and to solve problems that cause them. You'll use many of the same skills to cope with problems that create stress. Here are the steps you should take:

    Step 1: Solve the Problem
    If you're stressed because you have too many demands or responsibilities, go back to My Priority Chart and divide your activities into essential, highly desirable, and desirable categories. Use the Seven Question Technique to respond to negative thoughts that interfere with problem solving. You might also find it helpful to ask a friend or your diet coach for help.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 244.
  • sitting down - day 14
    Yesterday fell apart in terms of eating. I know that it was linked to the heavy weights session so I’m continuing to work on dealing with the immediate effect it has on my body. Planning a small extra snack doesn’t work. Fuelling in advance backfired yesterday. Perhaps moving my meals around would work: small breakfast, weights, ‘lunch’-type meal mid-morning, snack at lunchtime, snack mid-afternoon, tea.

    Yesterday also wasn’t so good in terms of work. I had to focus on one major activity. In the event, several major activities turned up and could not be put off or delegated. This, together with the eating difficulties, and all the emotional difficulties chez Birch at present, led to a hard day. I’m hoping today will be better; it’s not a weights day so that won’t rock the boat.

    The DB remarked on my excellent muscles post workout. Credit!

    I’ve weighed myself – it’s information. Credit! I’ve had a small breakfast. Credit!

    I wrote all the above earlier. A sorry update …

    Hurrying to catch the postman … I have pulled my back. Bag of peas administered + two ibuprophen. Moral of the story: always warm up in the morning, even when you don’t have time. (I was late with a birthday card, the postman arrived early and so he had cleared the postbox before getting to our house and I wanted him to take the card for me and put it in his big bag.)

    Now lunch and then back to the finals manuscripts. I do 30 minutes and then get up for 5.
  • I'm adding the next three strategies from The Diet Trap Solution (blue book) at once. #6 is building the resistance muscle -- but that feels out of order since we haven't been told to stick to a plan yet. #7 is the infamous hunger experiment. I've done that twice and I'm not feeling a need for it today. #8, then, is where I want to be: Eat according to a schedule.

    I reviewed Reality is [Not -- oops!] Broken by Jane McGonigal on my blog yesterday: That's the book that got me to make a game of going through the blue book. I also learned about an online game called SuperBetter that helps with weight loss and other health improvements.

    WI: -0.1 kg, Exercise: +60 550/1300 minutes for May, Food: NA op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

    silverbirch: I hope your back recovers quickly. An advantage I've found with doing more workouts is that I recover faster than I expect from glitches like that -- I hope you do, too!
  • Turns out I vastly overestimated my importance to my extended family, LOL. No one batted an eye when I explained I'd made hotel reservations "so as to not put anyone out."

    I'm kind of just plodding along right now. Reading my lessons every day, working out and sticking to my diet. I find myself really uninterested in food prep and am relying on MRE shakes and buying salads at work. I'm in trouble if they close the salad bar for the summer (I work on a university campus.) I'm not feeling hugely inspired or motivated but neither am I feeling driving to binge.
  • Good afternoon coaches,

    I am having the laziest day I have had in a long time. I have stayed on plan with my food, but only because I am rereading the Green Book and read my cards. I didn't feel like hiking today, which usually doesn't stop me, but today it did. I'll get back out there tomorrow.

    Onebyone I hope your week is starting out great today.

    Bill I'm glad you found the new timers for the lamps, but what about the clothes. Did you find some things that will work for your trip?

    GardenerJoy Have you downloaded SuperBetter? I looked at it on the Ap store, but wonder what you think of it. I didn't download it yet, but I could use all the help I can get.

    Nationalparker Hang in there!

    Violette R Glad you made the hotel reservations and no one is upset. It will be far easier for you. I have a cousin with a home that is so cluttered that it makes me crazy to visit her even though she is the closest thing I have to a sister.

    Silverbirch Yahoo for the excellent muscles, except the pulled one!

    Waving to everyone else.
  • Well, I haven't weighed all week - or at least I think it's been all week. Just up and at 'em - in the shower and haven't thought about it. But will weigh tomorrow and move my ticker since I fear it's up again. Now I'm skating until I get through this, which is terrible. I feel as if I'm committing 95% to work and 5% to myself and DH and home and I'm never like that.

    Now I'm on the "kick" of us trying to see if we can retire early...and seeing what we spend and where we can save. Didn't go over well with DH last night for who knows what reason. Finally I said all I hear is you hate the hour drive to your work, you count down the days until you're off (4 on/4 off), etc. Will see how we move forward on that front bc I'm not dropping it. I want to know 10 years? 7 years? 12 years? 15 years - what the heck are we looking at. Not sure that belongs in this forum, but after we bickered a bit, today I said the fact that you don't want to track going forward is like saying we want to lose weight and not tracking what we eat.
  • Hi all,

    Adding that extra 100 calorie allowance to my day seems to have made a big difference--I didn't have any trouble eating to my schedule today. I was hungry this afternoon and looked at the time--slightly past the 3:00 magic snack time. I'll still be eating at a good deficit--but I think that extra little bit will make it easier for me to handle.

    I still haven't managed to get any planned exercise in. We're going cabin camping this weekend in Indiana--I know there are going to be lots of treats and such, but I'm not feeling threatened by that. This is early, when motivation is still high :-)

    My biggest issue is going to be to avoid sweets completely--I have such a sweet tooth that once I get started, I binge on them. So, my ticket has got to be to not get started. It's one thing if it's somewhere where there's only one serving available. Even one fortune cookie tonight made me want (and eat) a second. So, I just have to not get started when there are treats out all weekend at our group camp.

    Credits for today include weighing (2 under ticker), ordering wisely at dinner, breakfast, lunch, and snacks to plan, putting everything in MFP, eating sitting down and paying attention. I didn't read my ARC--didn't realize that until just now.


  • Hi, all. Don't know if you remember me. I was on these boards in January and then went to work in a new job. I've fallen off the wagon pretty hard...though managed to cobble enough "good" days that I've maintained my weight.

    I have come to the realization that I will never lose the weight if I can't change my night eating/bingeing. I've purchased the new Beck Book and am finding it inspiring, especially the real life examples.

    I just recommitted myself this week, and so far every day has been a little better than the last. I'm trying to ease up on the perfectionism. I want to go from binge eating one night to perfect eating the next night. The truth is, it's just going to take me a few nights to get there.

    Credit for: getting better each night, getting back to posting here.

    I wonder if people would be interested in a "Night Eating" thread? Perhaps there already is one. I'll search around a bit.

    Thanks for reading this and being there for me in cyberspace. xoxo
  • good start
    Hi Coaches

    Good start with a bit of unexpected weight off. -0.2lbs BUT it puts me, finally, back at 274. What a slog. Credit for slogging. 4 more and it's 10 down. I want the 10.

    Credit for facing the scale.

    Tomorrow we are off to Windsor, Ontario to see Penn and Teller at Casino Windsor. We're staying at a hotel promising a panoramic view of the Detroit skyline. I'm really looking forward to that. I wish we could cross to Detroit. I'd love to see the art museum but DH let his passport lapse.

    Food challenges may include the casino buffet. I know what to do and will keep the spirit of Beck and my Beck Buddies close to me.

    Have a good night.
  • Friday - National Bike to Work Day
    Diet Coaches/Buddies – I survived visits to two brick-and-mortar stores to buy shirts for my trip. CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi. The benefit of buying under time pressure is that I'm less sensitive to price. Nevertheless, I got good values. For example, one knit shirt listed for $24 was on 50% sale. Then, another 20% for using the store credit card, then another 5% for some reason. Final cost: $9.50. I should have bought a stack. I did arrive home with seven - a summer's wardrobe - which are not absolutely, totally identical; waiting for the butler to remove all the d*rn tags, clips, pins, and labels so I can cram them into a suitcase. Exercise was walking from store to store thinking of reasons that I could just declare myself a nudist in Rome like a gladiator. Or wear a sheet like a Roman Senator. In my next life, my bespoke tailor will drop by with his laser measuring device to make clothes that convert bumps into a six pack. Methinks I'm genetically allergic to buying clothes; I should be able to get a prescription from my Primary Care Physician.

    Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi. We had the second half of the grilled salmon for dinner. It's even better after a few days in the fridge. We're in that stage of trying to finish all perishables by our last meal on Saturday. This takes some planning and some acceptance of odd combinations. I walked past all those aromatic stands in the mall offering cinnamon buns and various salt/flour/fat concoctions without even considering their FREE samples.

    onebyone – Yep, Kudos for facing the scale. Congrats for finding a number there to your liking. Neat that you'll see Penn and Teller - can't wait to hear how you like them.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for the review of Reality is Broken (check if the title in your post acquired an accidental 'Not') which I'll add to my post-travels reading list. Love the notion that "almost nothing makes us happier than good, hard work." Kudos for continuing to progress through the Blue Book.

    silverbirch – Ouch for that convoluted string of reasonings that always precedes an accident. Hope your muscles quickly heal so you're back on track. Kudos for raising a DB who's sensitive enough to acknowledge his mom's muscles.

    nationalparker – Ouch for all these long hours working. Neat to wish to envision your future.

    Beth (bethFromDayton) – Super Kudos for figuring out the small change to your eating plan to make it work. I know about that first bite of a sweet thing wishing to bring along all its friends.

    Karen (karenrn) - Kudos for an on-plan lazy day. You avoided the ol' lounging around quaffing bon-bons sort of day.

    Danielle (MarinMaven) - If I recall correctly, you had just taken a mid-winter trip to Hawaii - just before we started our nine feet of snow winter around here. Kudos for getting into Beck new book and recommitting yourself to your journey.

    Violette_R - Kudos for sticking out your neck to solve the potential family problem with staying with family. Hope they keep your salad bar open.

    Readers -
    Day 37 Reduce Stress

    Three Steps to Lower Your Level of Stress
    On Days 33 and 34 of this program, you learned how to cope with negative emotions and to solve problems that cause them. You'll use many of the same skills to cope with problems that create stress. Here are the steps you should take: . . .

    Step 2: Relax
    Chronic stress can make your body tense. Consider getting an audiotape that teaches relaxation techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation or guided imagery. Slow, controlled breathing, which I discussed earlier, should also help.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 244.
  • Hi Everyone... I hope you don't mind me dropping in to this thread...

    I just picked up a copy of the BDS and the BDS Weight Loss Workbook this week and I have to say I'm pretty amazed by the change I feel I am already experiencing from just having written out my Advantages Response Card and using it, feeling comfortable with the diet plan I have in place and now having a back up plan too, really working at sitting down to eat (who knew that would be so hard... lol), giving myself credit (something I definitely need to work on... And today as luck would have it I've been invited out to my favorite Japanese restaurant which couldn't be more perfect for practicing eating slowly and mindfully... I mean I love going there anyway, but now I'm even more excited (plus I've been craving really good sashimi for awhile now... So today's the day... Yippee!!!)

    So I guess by all of this everyone can tell I'm at Day 5... Lol...

    I'd like to say how I'd wished I'd found this book sooner and all that, but the truth is I don't think I was ready yet... You see I began this latest round of weight loss a year ago after somehow getting back up to probably 225 lbs or so... AGAIN!!!... Well, the good news is I managed to lose over 50lbs... The bad news is it was one of the most incredibly difficult things I've ever done... AND I truly believe that I would not be able to do it again... I mean I really think I just wouldn't be able to face it...

    So now that my goal is finally within sight... I really felt that I had to start thinking about a lifelong "solution"... And I really think CBT is the way to go for me... So I'm so glad that I found BDS and I'm looking forward to what lies ahead...
  • TripSwitch Good to see you here. Your change sounds very good. Enjoy your sashimi.

    Karen It is about time you took a day of rest. You sure push yourself hard.

    Beth Hope you are able to go even a week without sweets. Recently I was able to do so and am finally going the right direction on the scale.

    Bill Good buy on shirts and discovered battery timer to keep your home looking occupied! Sounds as if that trip will have less worries, more time for enjoyment.

    NationalParker Sympathy for the work pressures. Certainly understand the exhaustion you must feel. There is hope for future. Retirement has given me new energy, enjoyment, and as we are both retired our relationship has changed, actually with each of us adjusting, and it is very good.

    DH is outside mowing our lawn, and edging the curb for our neighbor across the street. He loves being out of the office and outside!!!

    Yesterday I gardened 4 hours from 4 till almost 8:00 PM. At first, not sure I could keep going, but with big glass of water and short rest, I actually did all on my list outside!!! 2 Tylenol before bed and slept 9 hours.

    Inside work HAS to occupy most of today, darn it.

    CREDIT: lots and lots of exercise each day except for Monday. CREDIT: No sweets all week. DH's candy bars in sight that I usually crave and was able to say "NO" the easiest I remember. CREDIT: Love basketball but left at the end of second quarter and went to bed for that delightful, restful 9 hours of sleep. Feeling so good now.

    May each of you have a good day, do the right thing and give yourself CREDIT FOR EACH THING YOU DO RIGHT.
  • Eating on schedule proved easy. I've been doing that for years, now, unless I'm really off the rails. In fact, eating at odd times is a really good signal to myself that it's time to rein myself in because something isn't right.

    WI: -0.15 kg, Exercise: +40 590/1300 minutes for May, Food: NA op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

    karenrn: I'm still figuring out SuperBetter so I'm just using it on the website for now. When I'm more comfortable, I may try the app. Let me know if you want an ally!

    Welcome back, MarinMaven! What strategy are you working on to prevent night-eating. I've had successes, at different times, with a small planned snack and with "closing" the kitchen after supper. We eat late in the summer time, so the latter strategy is working for me now.

    Welcome, TripSwitch! So glad that you found the book, and us, at just the right time for you.
  • Thanks love2garden... and thanks gardenerjoy love those screen names... I love to garden too...

    Congrats on giving yourself credit... I absolutely love that...

    One of the response cards that came with the BDS Workbook says..

    Enrich My Life Today

    I need to work toward developing a rich and rewarding
    life - right now

    Sounds like people are doing that here... and actually, after reading that message on that card yesterday morning I decided to go to a lecture on a topic of interest to me instead of just sitting at home last night... And I'm so glad I did! So I'm giving myself CREDIT!!!

    ETA: the "exercise no matter what" response card is also really helping me out...especially the "5 minutes is better than 0 minutes" part... I've swam laps 2 days in a row now just from keeping that card on my nightstand... So what if I've only swam for 10 minutes so far... I'm still taking CREDIT for it... Lol...