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  • Thanks for the WARM welcome:)
    Thanks everyone, super fun to check in and read such encouragement along everyones journeys. Much appreciated Having good progress with resistance and exercise until today a hammering day at work and I enabled wine partake. I am living with this though as I really enjoyed the wine, knowing my calorie load would fit. I will get better with names (is there a cheat way to tag people?) but discovered the Beck Diet solution after reading into over-eating and this page mentioned the thin women brain. Looked into it, ordered it online and snail mail still awaiting delivery. Since then read more, and wished I had got the Beck book and decided an e book for $9 was immediate and way cheaper than again waiting! Still yet to receive the first book ordered but so glad I decided to buy the Beck one. Thanks and more appreciated than you can know.

    PS pretty sure some decisions made enabling wine that was not on my plan were poor (yup) but also realistic enough to know I need to be able to live for ever with this plan!

  • Thursday - Girl Scout Day
    Diet Coaches/Buddies Today was so warm that I spent some happy time 'calving' the edge of the glacier mounded at the end of my driveway. The mound causes difficulty both turning into my driveway and getting out. Snow was chipped off and spread into the street where it promptly melted. (When too cold to melt, it's illegal to dump snow in the street.) Walked, CREDIT moi, wearing a jacket instead of a coat for the first time this winter and shoes instead of boots. I felt naked.

    Completed another day of on plan eating, CREDIT moi. This was particularly sweet because I spent the evening with two friends over a coffee table of choice cheeses, crackers, and nuts. I had none. I learned of a vagrant Varied Thrush in nearby New Hampshire - vagrant by some 3000 miles because its normal range is the U.S. West Coast.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) Your Oyster Supper sound divine. (My google map doesn't show many oyster beds in Missouri, so I hope we've sent you some of our finest.)

    Debbie (Lexxiss) Thanks for "I am going to search out peaceful moments without food" - such a good reminder that we needn't try to gnaw out way out of chaos.

    silverbirch Waving back. I'm caught up in Killers of the King: The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles I. I thought it would help to understand England if I understood something simple like the transition to Oliver Cromwell. Hardly a simple time. I've decided not to be reincarnated into England of the 1650's - having a hard time figuring out which wave of beheadings would have included me. (Also not sure whether I'm getting a balanced view between the royalists and parliamentarians from a man named Charles Spencer.)

    maryann - Always Kudos for turning down an ice cream sandwich - although that wouldn't be so difficult for me right now.

    nationalparker We weren't interested in Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel simply because the first was so neat that we didn't want to spoil it; will have to re-consider. "Eating JUST a side" is such an easy way to order a sane volume of food; don't know why I don't do that on occasion.

    Violette_R - For me, the freedom from "always want to be eating all the things" was part of the reward of sticking to my plan over time. Keep the faith; it's likely to happen.

    p.a. - Yep, Kudos for walking.

    Readers -
    day 33 Eliminate Emotional Eating

    Had Ella been able to look at the situation more dispassionately, she might have been able to do some problem solving. She might have realized that she could have nicely, but assertively, turned down her boss's request. But even if there wasn't a good solution to the problem, she didn't need to eat. She could have responded to her angry thoughts and decreased her distress. Instead, she got riled up, couldn't stand feeling that way, and tried to soothe herself with food.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 227.
  • The Sun.


    I woke up feeling hopeful. Could be as simple as seeing the sun again. Third day in a row I think. And the snow is melting. I can see the two dishes I left on the back porch and the empty sunflower seed shells from the infrequent mid-winter feedings I put out there for the squirrels. I can also see the handlebars of my bike. Poor bike. It went through the winter out there. It'll need a tune up for sure.

    I watched a video about Joe Cross, an Aussie who decided to try to cure his health issues, including losing weight, by going on a juice fast. The video is called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead The comments of the ordinary people he meets along his juicing journey really affected me. And the secondary story of the truck driver who truly turned his life right around was inspirational. I am sad I am such a skeptic though. I can hardly take anything at face value these days and after googling for opinions about his juice fast, well you find an enormous range of thought on this. From those who think the whole movie was a very cleverly crafted infomercial-I don't buy that-to those who are die hard believers and people who are everywhere in between. I recall that fitness guru Jack LaLanne promoted juicers/juicing as well. He was one of the original "health nuts".

    He ate two meals a day and avoided snacks. His breakfast, after working out for two hours, consisted of hard-boiled egg whites, a cup of broth, oatmeal with soy milk and seasonal fruit. For dinner, he and his wife typically ate raw vegetables and egg whites along with fish. He did not drink coffee.

    LaLanne said his two simple rules of nutrition are: "if man made it, don't eat it", and "if it tastes good, spit it out."
    I have my writing class this afternoon. I was so stuck. I couldn't write my 500 word character sketch until I discussed it with DH. Everything pre-discussion was over-written and over-thought. I'm not happy with what I will show the class but I am also out of practice so I need to cut myself some slack. It's why I am going to a class. To learn. To find ways to improve.

    Oh better go. Have to get some stuff done before I head out today. Have a great OP day everyone.
  • Thanks to the timely link from silverbirch, I doubly enjoyed my oysters and had interesting information to share with my supper companions.

    I forgot about alcohol when I was making my plans yesterday morning -- fortunately, I remembered before the event. I guessed, correctly, that there would be thoughtful pairings with the food and that I would want to taste those. So, I planned for tastes of alcohol. I turned down the glass of wine we were offered when we walked in the door (and was given a lovely glass of ice water with a twist of lemon, instead). I drank most of the small amount of champagne served with the oysters. I just sampled the two wines with supper and the very sweet drink offered with the dessert course. All of the alcohol selections were similar to ones that Henry Shaw might have served from his substantial wine cellar in 1885.

    I almost didn't weigh myself this morning because I can feel my body's negative response to the sodium and alcohol. But, I haven't missed a daily weigh-in for all of 2015. I'm glad I weighed! Seeing no change on the scale will motivate me to stay on plan today.

    WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +20 495/1300 minutes for March, Food: 100% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

    Violette_R: For me, the anxiety remains when I'm overeating -- whether or not I'm trying to keep it under control. It's better when I find a path away from triggering foods and situations. My plan is an oasis of calm in my life. But, it takes a fair amount of experimentation and trial and error to find the sweet spot. Fortunately, the attitude of experimentation takes me a step away from anxiety so some relief comes along pretty quickly.

    onebyone: looking forward to hearing how your writing class goes. I just started an on-line class for visual note-taking. Should be very enlightening since I have little experience on the visual part of things. Fortunately, I seem to have no fear these days. I'm taking the class because I've already put some things up on my blog that feature my drawing and no one seems to care that I can't draw. I'd like to improve the process so it's more efficient. I find that I don't much care if it's "better," just that it expresses things well, doesn't take too horribly long, and is fun to do!
  • Hi everyone. I've had success with CBT for insomnia, so I thought the Beck approach might work for me for diet. I actually read the Beck book a couple years back, but never really applied it. This time I am going to!

    I gained 15 lbs over the last year due to life stress - including dealing with my mother's lung cancer and death. I weighed myself a couple days ago and realized that I had crept officially into the overweight category. That was a wake-up call, and I'm committed to losing 20 lbs. I use calorie counting via MyFitnessPal, as well as running and weight lifting.

    I'm going through the "Get Ready to Being the Program" chapter. I know what diet I want to follow (calorie counting), though I don't really have a backup yet. I don't have a coach yet. I've written down a whole slew of reasons I want to lose weight for motivation. I'm going to do Day 1 tomorrow.
  • Here late tonight,,,,
    Stayed on plan today
    Got my exercise in
    Planning to reread a bit more of my book

    Last night I ended up eating more then what was on my plan. Trigger food. I know not to buy it but i 'convinced' myself I would portion it out....NOPE!!!
    ( banging head) I will do better.
  • Another fly-by post here; apologies for not being a supportive voice as work has sped up immensely. Stayed late at work, zipped home and made dinner for DH and me - salad with granny smith apple, cranberries, slivered almonds, romaine and homemade dressing ... peppers/onions and Trader Joe's chicken sausage medallions with red/green peppers. I was pleased with that "try" - no pork casing that I always have to peel off of other ones. I kept trying to until I read the package. D'oh.

    Zipped through clean up and reset the table with spring-like mats and plates for tomorrow, and right back at work. Took a breather here to say hi and wish a warm welcome to new faces/names that I KNOW I've missed welcoming so far. Goal was to be under 167 by Saturday and I fear I'll be above ticker instead of 1.5 below. So I might just revamp that dang goal to be BELOW ticker ... and aim for half pound increments if that's what it takes. Frustrated with choices. NOT an OP day today. Bypassed another day of freshly baked donuts from donut shops - boxes around the office again today and will be more tomorrow. I did, however, had a thin slice of a panera cinnamon coffee cake, about 1/3 of what you get there and figured it at 200 calories. Checked and their slice is 470, so I'm good with my count. Now to stave off any idea of a sweet tonight. Nothing needed.

    Warmer and rainy tomorrow. We still have some snow in the backyard but it's melting quickly - yay. DH works all weekend, so I'm going to both tackle work and use Lexxiss' aim to find tranquility without food as well.

    OneByOne - I would hate to go through life eating things that tasted bad/not enjoying good ones (unlike Jack Lalane ...) ... somehow I think that goes hand-in-hand with my enjoyment of life as a whole. Three days of sunshine is a certain mood-lifter. We had sunshine today and rains move in tomorrow... at least not ice.

    Bill - I would recommend the Second Best Exotic... you cannot pass on Maggie Smith, my friend! Not AS good but better than I was expecting... more dancing than I wanted, but ... colorful and vibrant and joyful.

    Joy - I keep forgetting to check out your blog for cookbook reviews! I need to mosey there with a cup of tea this weekend.

    Still discussing with DH the potential purchase of a stationary bike. We shall see. I think yes. He is more hesitant. I imagine I'll use it much more. Pushing forward with my views. We rarely, if ever, disagree on any financials ... his hesitation is space, I believe. So am encouraging him to offer the queen bed in the guest room to his older daughter. I came to the conclusion that a guest room that is used rarely if at all lately is a wasted room if we can better utilize the space on a daily basis.
  • Welcome Kilketay

    And, despite your 8 years here,

    How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

    And how did you find our Beck Forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?
  • Friday the 13th
    Diet Coaches/Buddies Eating 100% on plan, CREDIT moi, included an unexpected reception after an evening lecture. I avoided the cheeses and crackers and filled my tiny plate with roasted veggies, some lean meats, and a small wedge of killer-good ciabatta bread. There was ample opportunity to over eat on high calories stuff. We both declared it to be dinner. We had planned to have leftover grilled salmon when we got home. That now awaits us for tonight's meal.

    Walked, CREDIT moi, to our evening event on sidewalks clear enough to walk side-by-side. That felt like a long lost privilege.

    onebyone Thanks for the link to the juice diet movie. I blush at the pictures of man guts. Each time one of the folks in this forum tells of their juicing, I get a twinge to go there. Hope your writing class is inspiring.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) Yep, Kudos for recognizing that's it's a good idea to weigh when you don' wanna.

    nationalparker LOL at trying to remove the no-existent sausage casing. Drooling over your salad.

    p.a. - I recognize that Sabotaging Thought that "I would portion it out" - Kudos for seeing it.

    Kilketay - Sending supportive thoughts as you face the next phase of your life after the loss of your mother. It's neat to have someone join us who knows how to make Cognitive Therapy work. Kudos for the fast start. Glad that you've joined us.

    Readers -
    day 33 Eliminate Emotional Eating

    Contrast Ella's behavior with that of people without weight problems. It would never occur to most of them to eat when they were upset. They don't rely on food to help them feel better.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 227.
  • I've been having this sabotaging thought "I've been doing so well, it will be fine to eat a whole box of <whatever just caught my eye>." Except that it's always something triggering and it won't be fine -- I'll just set myself up to have to deal with several days of cravings. It's not worth it. *puts all that on a response card*

    WI: -0.35 kg (new low), Exercise: +25 520/1300 minutes for March, Food: 90% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

    Welcome, Kilketay! Sorry for the loss of your mother -- that's a tough time in life.
    I use Weight Watchers as my back-up plan. I don't want to do it, so I figure that's motivation to work harder on my initial plan. The second Beck book (the green one called The Complete Beck Diet for Life) has an eating plan in it, so that's another interesting option. If you're reading the pink book, now, that would give you an excuse to read the second book which says much the same thing but in a different format so it makes a great review of the concepts.
    Good to see another St. Louisan! Have you been in the new Fresh Market on Olive near Ballas? I went in yesterday and was able to get some of the same things I get at Whole Foods, but in a location close to where I get my allergy shots. Of course, just being in a new grocery store was one of the reasons that I noticed triggering foods that I wouldn't ordinarily even see at Whole Foods or Schnucks.

    nationalparker: it's been a while since I've managed a cookbook review and I don't have one scheduled this week. I have photos of steam engines from the Science Museum in London today, though!
  • Good Morning, Coaches.

    A blessed day off. I am under stict orders by DH to do "Something I like which will be relaxing." I have had a very hard time these last few weeks accepting life on life's terms - not just at work but at home as well. I sat bawling in the garage two evenings ago and that is upsetting for everyone in the family.

    Credit for not eating through the emotions. I actually woke up to a weight at ticker this morning.I am constantly surprised again how little I need to eat. I have my fitbit on, church and step class planned in the next few minutes - consecutively (not concurrently).

    Welcome to new voices. I agree with gardenerjoy and pa that overeating is much more connected to trigger foods for me than a stricter diet plan. My plan is simply a vitamix smoothie for breakfast and no wheat. I took the suggestion from the green book to just change one meal and day. The "no wheat" part comes from past experiments eliminating certain foods to detect allergies. I discovered that I am very sensitive to wheat.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
  • Thank you for the welcome and support!

    BillBlueEyes, I love to read so I'm always on the lookout for a new book about nutrition or health, so I was excited to find the Beck book since I know something about cognitive therapy. I KNOW a lot about nutrition and diet ... I just don't do it consistently.

    gardenerjoy, you have great suggestions. I was just thinking today that WW should be my backup plan. If I'm not succesful with calorie counting it's probably because I needed more in-person support, and we do have a WW group here at work. Avoiding joining that group is good motivation to stick to my current plan! I haven't read the green book yet - it's a good idea to get it and read it just to reinforce the ideas. It's definitely nice to run into another St. Louisan! I did go to Fresh Market a couple months ago - I came away thinking they were a cross between a Whole Foods/Trader Joe and a Dierbergs. Good enough in a pinch, but not going to replace my Whole Foods trip.
  • Morning everyone
    I woke up to a new low on the scale. Havnt seen this. Number in over 5 + years... Now to take gardener joys words to heart and not take this as an opportunity to think I can eat ( insert something carby) in moderation. I believe I'm the opposite of most people. If im upset or worried I don't overeat I clean ,but if I am feeling happy ( seeing that number on scale) I tend to eat more.

    Sticking to today's plan, get a long walk in and avoid trigger foods.

    Kilketay I'm going to look up the green book as well. I really liked the pink one
    Maryann enjoy the ' me' time
    Bill enjoying that killer good bread , small slice, and mindfully eating it!

    Ok off to move my buns here.....
  • tidying

    I've gone out and a back from my thing I had to do today. I am starving so I will take care eating my lunch today. I want to eat well and be OP. That's my goal for the day.

    I really just need to chill out so I'll send this off and do some chilling.

    Bye for now.

    PS. Made my first green juice today. I drank kale. Plus other green things. I liked it!

    PS 2. Got email notice that you can pre-order new Beck book out in April called "The Diet Trap Solution: train your brain to lose weight and keep it off for good". Blurb sounded similar to the two books we use.
  • Just checking in. Still reading, still trying, still lacking in conviction this will work.

    P.S. Eating when you're not hungry because you have a 3 hour afternoon meeting is a real bummer.