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Nationalparker! Good to know you are HOME SAFE!!! I bet your extra weight simply gave that new car the extra traction to the snowy road to help you get home OK.

Cee Jay: Glad you decided to come back to us. Whenever you can, please stop by. Join me as I try to accept myself "just as I am" with hope of improvement as 2015 goes along. Bet I'll be less hard on myself if I do.

Gardener: I also ate slowly as I was by myself for Breakfast. DH and DD went out early so I took advantage of a meal without distraction. Isn't easy, is it?

Bill, the movie "The Imitation Game about Alan Turing" will be put on my list to watch out for. Sounds like one that DH would also enjoy.

Mary Ann, your son's idea of the sticker chart is one I'll adapt for one or two of my problem areas. Always feels good to see that some progress is being made. Piano? Good for you!!! Wish someone would play ours, I simply cannot master both hands at once and make any music.

One by one, just thinking of the pleasure I'd also have giving away the clothes that are too big for me. Good image.

Cathydoe: Chocolate is my "jelly bean temptation" DH hid his bars in the freezer, but I found one 2 days ago and with rest of house asleep, I ate it all. However, I really never did really enjoy it.

Credit: Healthy breakfast eaten slower than usual. Credit: Journaling and discovering I need to accept myself as I am before I can actually do better.
Credit: Logging everything on line, in spite of the time and effort it takes.
Credit: Sore buns prove that I exercised well at the Gym yesterday.
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This morning I was here but had the "deer in the headlight" mentality and I didn't post.

love2garden "Join me as I try to accept myself "just as I am" with hope of improvement as 2015 goes along."

I love this comment. Since reading this I have been searching for another comment or idea that someone wrote within the last few days and I cannot find it. The words that are swirling in my head are acceptance, shame, and (not) good enough.

Today I want to believe, truly believe, down deep in my heart that I am good enough. And good enough is based on "being". Being me, today.

Whew, that was a lot!!

CREDIT: I asked dh to take jellybeans to work-and he did. Jellybeans are gone.
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Just checking in. On the road tomorrow & am woefully behind packing, etc.
Food so so but managed a quick workout in anticipation of hours of sitting.

Have a good week everyone!!!!
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Hello ladies and Bill and lurkers:

I am really happy to report day 3 of South Beach phase one is under my belt. I am feeling physically OK so far and have had no trouble with the plan. I have dropped 5 pounds of water I am sure but it still feels like a relief to know I will be back out of the 290's soon.

I put 2 new cards in my Advantages deck today- one is simply "Less Pain" and the other is "Being able to go for a decent walk".

Off to 2 nights in hotels tomorrow so will check back in on the weekend.

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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies A lost day - except for getting some things done that I'd been putting off. CREDIT moi for that. One task was to bring in the grill that DW had continued to use despite being winter. When the temps hit the twenties, it gave up. Cooking with propane outdoors is new to us so we're not sure at what temperature it just quits. Bringing in the grill had the not-so-minor problem of first creating a space in the basement for it to live and creating a space outside under the back deck for the propane tank to live.

Eating was OK. Evening snack was half a grapefruit - one of my favorites. Dinner veggie was Boc Choy which requires one to eat a plate full to get any calories. We love the stuff.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Kudos for continuing to take your three breaths. [Love your pictures of Bletchley Park - added to my Bucket List. Was glad to see that Turing's machine pictured in the movie was true - I'd had my doubts since it seemed too mechanical.]

CeeJay - Kudos for updating your Advantages. Neat the South Beach is working for you. (Presume that you know that there's an active South Beach forum here on 3FC.)

nationalparker Biscotti is just the worst food for me to see because it always wants to pop into my mouth. Kudos for the thin crust pizza - good for us all to be reminded that we don't have to give up a favorite food like pizza.

curlypudge - This seems as Beck as one can get, "Oh well. Onwards!" [Neat that you saw Breaking the Code in London. I don't remember when it was declassified that the Allies had broken the Enigma code.]

Mountain Mamma - Waving back to some road somewhere - have a safe trip. Kudos for working in that exercise.

love2garden - Thanks for the insight, "I need to accept myself as I am before I can actually do better."

cathydoe - "I am good enough ... I am good enough ... I am good enough ... I am good enough ... I am good enough ... I am good enough ... I am good enough ... I am good enough ... I am good enough ... I am good enough." There. Said ten times and it's true. Kudos for jellybeans sent elsewhere.

Readers -
day 30 Stay in Control When Eating Out
If you dine out without overeating, give yourself lots of credit. But don't undo your good eating when you get home. Some dieters tell themselves, I was so good ... Now I deserve to treat myself, and then eat an unplanned snack. Of course, it's fine to plan in advance to eat something when you get home. I purposely avoid eating dessert when I'm out because I look forward to my evening snack every night. If I've already eaten dessert, I won't be able to have that snack.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 215.
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Good morning coaches,

I'll post this morning before I get distracted. I still have an upper respiratory bug so probably won't hike again today. I can keep things under control with OTC medication and Sucrets. Food was not so good on Monday, better yesterday. I kept trying to tell myself if hunger is not the problem, food is not the answer but I wasn't as successful as I would have liked to be.

Joy, I loved your photos of Bletchley Park. I saw the Imitation Game yesterday in an uncrowded theater where I could stay a bit away from others. Loved the movie, too.

Bill Glad you made space in the basement for the BBQ. It was difficult moving from having a basement to this house which is quite a bit smaller. We definitely got rid of a lot of things prior to moving and lots more goes away sooner cause we simply don't have the storage. Since I have only one son and he lives in Thailand, I am always considering "who will have to go thru these things?" Hopefully no one for many years.

CeeJay Good job getting 3 days of SBD under your belt. It always feels so good to have some success and feel some confidence in the ability to continue.

Mountain Momma Be safe on the road.

Cathydoe I hear you on being good enough. I think they called it the "Imposter Syndrome" when I was in graduate school. As in "Somehow I have deceived these people into thinking I am intelligent enough to be in this program." When I heard about that syndrome, I thought "yes, that's true for me". Luckily as I've gotten older those thoughts have subsided somewhat.

Love2garden I just love the positive way you see things. I bet you're a joy to be around, seriously.

Nationalparker Here's to a successful start to the year. Oh I hear you so much on feeling like a failure. The biggest thing for me is that, "I never give up".

Curlypudge I agree there are a lot of great posts here and they are so helpful to remind me of what I need to do. I'm so glad to have this "place".

Nuxmaga I hear your about December being an obstacle course. Then with family that arrived 1/1, it lasted until 1/4. I wish it didn't feel that way for me. I hate to wish my life away and wish I felt more in control so that the food in December would not be a problem. Maybe someday.

Although I haven't written down any goals for the year, I have started filling in my "Bucket List Book" that a friend gave me for my birthday last year. After doing so, I decided to sign up for backpack of the John Muir Trail with Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides. I just don't have more experienced friends to plan with. There is so much information on the internet, Yahoo group, FB group, but it's more than I wanted to do. So I will pay to have others do that part. So, my goal for this year is to get as strong as possible for backpacking trips 7/9 thru 8/2 and then possibly the Wonderland Trail 9/1 thru 9/11. If I can get 20 pounds off my body, it will be a lot easier to carry the weight of the pack.

My goals for today are the ironing and bathing the dog and trying to get over this darn bug!
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Hi Coaches!

I have been crazy busy and have not found moments to post here, however my mindfulness around my food choices is still center front. Credit.

I started getting sick last Friday and my cold is still winding down. I have exhibited many good behaviors during this time and I'm happy the scale is still moving down.

We have a serious family issue which is consuming much of my time right now. Let's just say that my DH's 29 yr old daughter is practicing some very risky and disturbing behaviors right now. Her two babies are still doing well (I saw them yesterday) but what she is doing is not in their best interest long term. (Once an addict always an addict). Law inforcement may be involved soon. It's very sad but what I have learned VIA Beck over these past years is that I must continue to take care of myself-every single day. Credit. I would rather stay home today and take care of my own business but instead I am going to Denver to get an oil change then stop by her house for awhile. I'll return home then travel back to the airport (120m r/t) tonight to p/u my sis.

~I will continue to read here every day
~I will post when I'm able
~I will weigh every day
~I will practice my Beck behaviors
~I will follow my SBD plan-strictly.
~I will remain joyous for making positive changes in my own life which keep me healthy and emotionally responsible.

BBE, hmm, you got me thinking on the propane.I wanted to go out and see if my grill would start, but fortunately sanity returned and I stayed indoors. LOL. I have a recipe for a "Blood Building Green Juice" which includes Bok Choy, spinach, celery, cuke, green apple and lemon. I will let you know if I try it. Kudos for your steadfast mindfulness and your devotion to our all important forum here.

CeeJay and onebyone, I lend you any support I can offer as you both start your journey w/ SBD diet. Bill mentioned there is a great forum here. It's where I started so I post every day. I found it very simple:eat the approved foods and don't eat the non-approved ones. Best wishes!

Mountain Mamma, kudos for your continued mindfulness with exercise and food. and your sense of humor which always makes things easier.

Cathydoe, kudos for getting back here to post despite your morning mentality. Believe.

Love2garden, credit for getting rid of the jellybeans. It's such an important skill to use as often as needed.

Nationalparker, I'm sending your support as you accept your reality and move forward. It was a tough year, not an excuse, but reality. It's also winter. You will thrive and survive. Reevaluate your goals and then take action steps. (hugs)

Gardenerjoy, so glad you are back and are taking deep breaths. Credit.

Curlypudge, I do a modified version of South Beach. It works for me. Best wishes as you set your goals for 2015.

Nuxmaga, kudos for holiday maintenance and for a loss in 2014.

MaryAnn, sending you support and thanks for your continued willingness to share honestly your struggles AND successes. Best wishes as you start the green book. Stage 4, The Think Thin Lifetime Eating Plan, has some very helpful info, which I think you would be full qualified to dive into, even as you also start from the beginning. She has some very helpful and encouraging thoughts on maintenance weight.

Karenrn, continued kudos for your many hikes!

Silverbirch, thanks for your continued check ins and kudos for your 7 pound loss, no matter how achieved. Reminding myself how I used to stress eat even when I was under the weather.

Thanks everyone! I will be back as soon as possible.
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Here I go (10 times):
1. I am good enough.
2. I am good enough.
3. I am good enough.
4. I am good enough.
5. I am good enough.
6. I am good enough.
7. I am good enough.
8. I am good enough.
9. I am good enough.
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Rough day ahead after a tough morning. We had to have one of our cats euthanized after a blood clot formed and moved, paralyzing her back end a few hours ago. I had her for 16+ years and am reeling. I took the day off from work, and hope it's okay. I just do not want to be around people and have to be "on".

One day OP. That included a piece of chocolate in the evening with DH - one from the "fancy" box that I hand selected at Fannie May. One was sufficient. Actually, I had a half, now that I think about it. DH bit one in half and it was one I'd like more, so I took the half. THAT'S the way to do it. ha.

Scale down and reflecting that in ticker. Think part of the loss was tears. One of the other pets will be completely lost without her - she takes her cues from that one.

Dinner tonight is leftover lasagna with salad. I know that'll be heavier so will plan lighter lunch and hope I follow through.

Want to stop back by this afternoon with personals.

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I just realized that I didn't have a response card saying "I take 3 deep breaths before I eat." Now, I do. I'm so close -- maybe the card will be the talisman that gets me the rest of the way.

WI: -0.15 kg , Exercise: +45 245/1200 minutes for January, Food: 100% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

nationalparker: Welcome home! [Edited to add: just saw today's post -- so sorry about your cat. Take care of yourself -- it's a tough time and will re-awaken your other recent losses. Hugs!]

love2garden: the only way I got myself to eat slower was to put my fork down between bites. Without that, I forget and go back to shoveling it in.

BillBlueEyes: We grill all winter. Wind is the biggest frustration and darkness can be a problem. DH wears a headlamp, like for camping. I hate to send him out in the cold, though, so we celebrate winter days with highs over 40 by grilling turkey legs.

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I am so sorry, nationalparker! Please take care and thank you for letting us know.
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So sorry about you cat nationalparker! I said a little prayer for peace for you!

Yesterday Fed X comes and delivers a rather large box for what I had ordered (a new calendar & paper punch) for my planner. I didn't take the time to open the box.

Fed X just came and delivered what I thought was one of the books I ordered about the Beck Diet Plan. I was so excited...yeah...a tool is here...I can't wait to read it...I ripped it was the calendar for my planner! Really?? So what is in the much bigger box...I opened it...the paper punch (and a bunch of packing paper) Really?? Very sad.

As I am typing this I am thinking...why am I telling these folks this?? And the little voice said, "Cuz you didn't even think about eating"

And as BBE says, "Who? MOI!"

The past view days I have been thinking how can I drink more water. I read a thread on here and was reminded about making a water intake chart. As one of you mentioned on this thread (sorry can't remember names)-that your son suggested you make a chart--something so simple, yet so valuable. So on the island is a piece of ratty paper with 8 squares on it. I measured out a cup of water (8 ounces) into a cup I would like to drink out of today (I picked a special glass). As I drink I will put an "X" in the square to keep track of the amount of water I drink.

The book delivery was a BUST. The water idea is a PLAN! Whoot for me!
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Good Morning, Coaches.

Continuing to work through Green book. I have new advantage cards and I weighed myself. 1 pound below ticker. Step class done. Yesterday had a walk. Tomorrow will be yoga.

Lexxiss and nationaparker: Sending warm thoughts as you deal with crisis and grief.

KarenRN: Having just been to Yosemite I can expertly say you will love the hike.

Wave to all.

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Hello fellow Beck Solution Lovers! Im so glad to find you all. I first found the Beck Solution after losing about 40 lbs on Jenny Craig many years ago. Like most of you, Ive struggled for many years with food, weight, and yo-yo dieting. And when I say many years, Ive been pudgy since age 2, first trip to Weight Watchers at age 10, and now Ill be 40 at the end of this month and Ive managed to re-gain weight that I NEVER thought I would.

Specifically, Ive re-gained about 27 pounds in the last 2 years. This makes me sooo sad. Briefly, heres what happened. I was using the Beck Method and had seen my weight slowly go down over the years. Although it had become a real struggle and I was in a real yo-yo pattern. Yo-yo dieting is code for bingeing and dieting. I decided to no longer diet (or binge). I worked with a hypnotherapist (which was kind of a joke and a waste of $1000). Then I began using the Geneen Roth books (the premise of those is we need to love ourselves unconditionally and listen to our bodies hunger cues). 2 years later I was 27 pounds heavier. UGH!

So just last month I decided that I had to do something and tried Intermittent Alternate Day Modified Fasting. Thats basically where you eat 500 calories one day and whatever you want the next day. Well, that set off a binge/diet cycle in me something fierce! And I quickly stopped that diet and tried to do my best to get through the holidays moderately. The diet did teach me to tolerate hunger (a step I had skipped in the Beck Solution).

After much thinking and journaling, Ive decided to use the Food Addicts diet (although Ive slightly modified it), The Beck Solution, and Im going to use you guys as my coaches! Ive decided on the Food Addicts diet because I believe that I have a real substance abuse problem when it comes to sugar. White flour is a close second. I do believe I can eat these things again, but I think that eliminating them for now makes following a diet much, much easier. I also like the Food Addict diet because it is about eating REAL food. It tells you to eat 1 Protein, 1 Grain, 1 Dairy, etc. Im also counting the calories on this food plan so that I can get an idea of what is working for me. If this diet doesnt work for me, my back-up diet is to count calories and aim for 1600 calories most days, and perhaps 1-2 days at 2000 calories.

Im really excited to have some fellow Beckies here to support me, and I hope I can do the same for you. I think that her methods and tools are really excellent and Im looking forward to moving back down the scale, 5 pound goals at a time!

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S/C/G: 25 pounds to go

Height: 5-4


Well, my good intentions to return with personals were shot today because I didn't accomplish much at all, and fielded calls from my sister (who called several times), brother and DH, and then didn't really want to do much. I'm sorry and feel guilty that I've not posted personal notes here in a while, because I do enjoy reading them all from everyone to anyone!

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and wishes for peace. I had her for more than 1/3 of my life, brought her here from Florida, and she's my nighttime snuggler. DH gets fake aggravated because I'll snuggle her all night long but wrench myself away when DH hugs on too tight to me at night. Go figure.

Bill - Your evening snack sounds so healthy - I have to add WAY too much sweetener or sugar for most grapefruit to be a benefit to me. Our grill stands outside all winter and becomes a haven for birds to hop around underneath as I scatter seed under there for them to fell safer without the hawk eyeballing them. Then in the spring, I have to clear out all of the weeds that have sprouted between the patio pavers from the seed they missed.

Lexxiss - Hang in there with your family situation and credits for recognizing that taking care of yourself is a priority.

KarenRN - Way to go getting through the holidays so solidly. Impressive! You successfully balanced time with company with maintaining your activity, getting out in nature, and eating well. Great job!

CathyDoe - YES - you ARE good enough! Good mantra! I ordered the green Beck book back in november and STILL haven't started regularly reading it. The pink book started me off and now I feel I need a review!

GardenerJoy - I like your celebration of 40+ degree winter days! I need something like that Last week DH and I were talking about the 52 Fridays we have in front of us, and that we wanted to take advantage of more date nights - even the frugal ones by the fireplace with the candles and a classic movie one of us has chosen - those seem to be among the most enjoyed.

Welcome, MarinMavin/Danielle! I can completely see how the high/low days would set off a cycle, I know even just a very high calorie day has me wanting another high cal day. I should look into the Food Addict's diet because I'm not familiar with that one. Any tips?

Maryann - Credits for getting right back on track with focused goals and specifics to reach them. I need to look back on 2014 with more caring thoughts than I initially did. Even today, I thought the past six months have been a test for me. I guess I should say I'm thankful to have had parents who I miss so greatly, rather than family that I'm relieved are gone.
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