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Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was a very long day dealing with family stuff. Any opportunity for DD to decide to get help seems to be passing and the reality of the situation of care for 2 babies is overwhelming. There are many obstacles. I spent the evening with dad and babies and returned home after 9 pm. This morning I had two different paths of thought running through my brain.
1. Solutions for day to day challenges with babies
2. How to stick with my food goals while dealing w #1
It's great for me to be able to acknowledge that my brain wants to aid me in practicing self care even when presented with my next life challenge. Credit. Weight same as beginning of month. I will take that.
Yesterday morning I had my green smoothie. Lunch was a wonderful salad at the hospital, enriched by bringing my own organic cottage cheese, and I practiced "hunger not an emergency" and waited until I returned home to eat "my dinner". Credit.

Thanks everyone, for all the effort put in to posting and working food issues along Beck principles. Together we achieve what would most certainly be more difficult "alone".
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Good Morning, Coaches.

Phone Checkin. Super busy Sat. DS has boyscouts, recital and the grandmas At grandma's (my mom) DH and I are going over her books.she asked for help about a month ago. In three years of retirement she's gone through about half her nest egg. It is uncomfortable and scary but as I told her, better now than when she is in danger of losing her house. She has no debt except the house. She owns her car outright. Hopefully she can lower her monthly output. It is hard not to resent my younger brother who has been sponging off her for years. By that is not my business. I believe with clarity comes some peace so she has promised to get all her numbers for us today. I know this is life- the reverse when you start taking care of your parents. Many mixed feelings. Mostly though I am glad I can help. And I'm glad DH is with me. It helps me get over our disagreement knowing he really is a partner.

Weight is 2 pounds below ticker. Glad I have no Super Bowl party to face. I have a walk planned. Stage 2 success skills filled in. A little daunting I need 2weeks of 100% to move on

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Post tomorrow


Tomorrow I teach screen printing to 3 guild members plus a son of one of them who wants to use ink. I will try to accommodate them all. I'm feeling stress because it's the night before I do that. Normal for me but not that pleasant.

I had a chat with my sister who got under my skin over the prices I ask for my artwork and that I am continuing to devalue myself. She says it makes her mad. She's always on me for this. For years now actually. She says I have to tell people my work is valuable and they have to pay for it. It's a big conflict for me as I want anyone to be able to buy my stuff. I loathe pricing people out. But I see what she is saying as well. Artists will all tell you this is the worst of the art world. I'm always happy that people just want it.

Foodwise still OP. Weighed in exactly what I weighed yesterday. 278.3. Could not bring myself to exercise drink more water, or cut back the quantities so I don't expect the scale to move in the a.m. I simply was not willing to sit in discomfort emotionally today. The discomfort having less would have triggered while feeling discomfort over tomorrow and uncertainty over what I get paid for my work and wondering if I am devaluing myself my self esteem still really bad or what??

That's all just the truth of it Coaches.

I am happy to bid adieu to January. Farewell. I made it through my most hated month. Credit.

Have a good night.
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