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onebyone 05-02-2014 10:53 PM

May Days are Decluttering Days
It's May and we begin a new month of small projects to move us forward in our decluttering plans.

Pick a project you'd like to tackle and post it here and stay accountable until you get it done. We'll help you stay focused and celebrate your every accomplishment.

How does this realte to food and overeating? Simple: sanity and clarity. No more stressing over what you should have done or how bad things are or have gotten. Instead take pride and gain confidence as you see yourself meet your challenges and achieve your personal goals. Positive actions in one area of our life help us in other areas as well. A peaceful orderly environment helps us have a sane relationship with our food.

onebyone 05-02-2014 11:37 PM

Starting with a big day tomorrow
I curse my landlord who is fussy (DH says he's a germaphobe)but because of his impending visit (maybe) on Sunday (if the furnace guy needs access to the thermostat in our apartment) I have to clean up the front rooms in here and the hallway. He always manages to comment on the way we keep house. I find it infuriating but on the other hand I also know I need to do this so I will take it as true incentive to get back to the decluttering/organizing job once more.

Tomorrow I need to remove all extraneous boxes from the dining room and the living room. I need to be able to see the floors and to clear off surfaces. The dishes need doing and the kitchen counters need wiping. My main goal though is to remove the stuff from the dining room floor. Even if I haul it into the bedroom and pile it ceiling high I am moving it out of there. With the space I freed up in front of the dresser I can move it into there and into the back room. We'll see. Anyway the goal is to make it look "normal".

Will check back tomorrow to stay on track and focused with this.

Anyone else starting any projects for the month?

GosfordGirl 05-03-2014 02:14 AM

I'm in - the recipe folder project
I need to sort through my recipe collections - hard copy and as pdf files.

I always mean to have them so organised that I can just pull out the recipe in its plastic sleeve and put together the meals for the week. But chaos reigns and it never really happens :(

So this month I will do an average of 30 minutes per day to the project and by the end of the month I will at least know if it is even a reasonable thing to do

Will report back daily with progress and what was tackled

Thanks Onebyone for initiating this :bravo:

silverbirch 05-03-2014 03:22 AM

I have to finish sorting and moving the files back into the cabinet. There aren't very many to do but time keeps getting eaten up elsewhere.

Will move my two Italian files after I've finished here. They don't have to be on the window ledge.

Lexxiss 05-03-2014 05:38 AM


I wrote a long post and internet (or lack of) took it. I'll continue to declutter in the yard during the month of May...perfect because I can't reliably plant until June 1 anyway. I continue to focus on keeping up in the house, too, and that's helped by my 3 essentials every day...laundry, dishes and make the bed.

I'm almost finished digging out some invasive bird cherries in a 6 x 12 spot in the yard. It's been hard work and lots of exercise. After that one is done I'll cut them out of the hedge and other parts of the yard. I did some research to learn that if I keep all the suckers cut that come off the remaining roots that eventually they will stop going crazy. Why take something out that feeds the birds?? They are eating into my historic rock wall to the East and it's much easier to eradicate these then to rebuild the rock wall. Glad to attack this early this year instead of procrastinating until it's too hot.

onebyone 05-03-2014 09:00 AM

great start everyone!
Thanks so much for joining me GosfordGirl, Silverbirch and Lexxiss. Truth be told, I was feeling very lonely this morning thinking/feeling my decluttering issues. It's really important to me that I keep going and push through this issue to the other side.

So I am doing what Flylady calls "crisis cleaning". http://www.flylady.net/d/getting-sta...isis-cleaning/


Living Room
1. clean coffee table in living room :carrot:
2. clean floor in living room:carrot:
3. living room rug shaken out/aired out :carrot: (NOTE:I'm not fond of this rug even though it's fairly new. I may not bring it back in from outside. It may be donated.YES it is being donated.)


1.kitchen table cleared off:carrot:
2. dishes done-started--looks like DH is doing them
3. stove wiped down/cleared off
4. counters cleaned up/organized:carrot:
5. floor swept and mopped:carrot:
6. cat food area cleaned up:carrot:


1. extra stuff lining hallway moved%2

silverbirch 05-03-2014 09:04 AM

You can do it, onebyone!

onebyone 05-03-2014 10:07 AM


Originally Posted by silverbirch (Post 4997115)
You can do it, onebyone!

Thanks! I really needed to see that! :hug:

silverbirch 05-03-2014 11:33 AM

Good idea about the rug. I find myself getting rid of things like that when I'm clearing up. Even if they are new and even if we can't really afford a replacement. Things that niggle, things that don't look right, things that I realise upset me.

You're doing very well.

I'm building a raised bed with the DB and am just in for a cup of tea. It's going to transform part of the garden (and tidy up a lot of things which have been waiting). It is also exhausting work. :)

BillBlueEyes 05-04-2014 11:30 AM

For those who feel their de-cluttering task daunting, take cheers that you can't be worse than this guy who lost a turtle in his clutter for 32 years.

VermontMom 05-04-2014 04:38 PM


Originally Posted by BillBlueEyes (Post 4997691)
For those who feel their de-cluttering task daunting, take cheers that you can't be worse than this guy who lost a turtle in his clutter for 32 years.

:eek: :D I will definitely keep that in mind :devil:

Hello to de-clutterers, I know I am sporadic here, I'm with you in spirit every day though as I halt, view something that 'needs to be taken care of' and wonder if I can do it without help and without resistance from others :D

I'm glad Lexxiss counts outdoor work as de-cluttering ,because things accumulate outdoors also, right? Man-made AND organic. Congrats on battling those invasive shrubs/trees.

I took care of an outside trouble spot yesterday, in about 1 1/2 hours. It is the view from a living room window, onto a side yard, that I just gave up on last summer, I didn't mow it (not much grass really, it's under pine trees) but the fall leaves, then the ten THOUSAND little sticks, big branches were a pain to rake but I was determined and got it done. Now when I look out that window, it makes me happy.

onebyone, you got many dancing carrots next to your accomplishments! way to go!

Silverbirch, the raised bed will be great!

I go back to work full time later this week, so that might be the end of hearing from me, about tackling big projects, until fall. I wish all of you unimaginable amounts of energy and ambition in de-cluttering and making your lives easier and tidier :)

silverbirch 05-04-2014 04:48 PM

Thank you, Holly. I've had a shower and collapsed into bed after a long day on the raised bed project. It's now in place and the search for 54 cu ft earth/compost is on. I don't know if that's an accurate figure for what we actually need but I'm scouting around. I think we've got it in the garden and the compost bins.

And I've done a file today. (No turtle there so I'll keep on looking.)

:wave: to all. Keep calling in, Holly! Hope your summer job goes well and that a new door will open for a winter one. :hug:

GosfordGirl 05-04-2014 06:53 PM

Plodding on
Great progress happening here - and as our instigator you are making a lot of fine progress Onebyone - all those carrots! I know you will get there.

I wrote a post last night on my iPad and clumsily poked somewhere on the screen which meant it was obliterated - so I am back

Yesterday I went through my computer recipe files and realised I have many versions in different parts and no way to find anything really. This project could well take a year rather than a month of half hour a day but that is all I have at the moment. So I will just keep plugging away. If the electronic system was sorted it could all go to iPad and I wouldn't need to print off my favourites

The whole decluttering and organising and simplifying mindset has an impact on everything doesn't it.

Gabby481 05-04-2014 07:22 PM

I recently moved and I have a few boxes left to unpack which I placed in the garage. There's not much left but would like to have everything in it's place by the end of May.
I plan to unpack one box a day which I did one today.
Whenever I write down a to-do list, I always get everything accomplished. This is very motivating and I'm eager to hear how everyone does this month.

Shannonsnail 05-04-2014 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by BillBlueEyes (Post 4997691)
For those who feel their de-cluttering task daunting, take cheers that you can't be worse than this guy who lost a turtle in his clutter for 32 years.


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