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  • Sunday - International Children's Day
    Diet Coaches/Buddies 18 days on my streak of sticking exactly to my snack plan, CREDIT moi. After we came home from the movie, Nebraska, DW served the fresh pineapple from yesterday. Do I ever like fresh pineapple. The bigger CREDIT moi comes from shopping when I didn't buy seedless green grapes on sale for $.99/pound since I didn't need more snack fruit. I lusted after them in the store both because I love a bargain and because I love a BIG bowl of grapes. I am so proud of leaving them in the store - seems like the first defense against over-eating is not to buy the food in the first place. Nebraska was slow moving and powerful. A challenging movie for males with gray hair due to deep identification with the addle-brained father. Every direction the camera pointed showed flat, flat, flat. Hard to believe there's that much flat in one state.

    Exercise was buying a Christmas tree, CREDIT moi. Not much exercise, but it sure was fun. We've bought our tree from the same guy for about 21 years (as remembered because the first one was purchased from a charity auction at my DS's middle school). So he made no money from us the first year and got 20 sales after that. We've watched his DS grow up each year helping him on the tree lot. Thanks to you Canadians who grow these and ship them down to us.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) Ouch for shoveling snow. What didn't fall on you might be headed to us. Impressive idea to plan the exact count of tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant - I've waffled and failed in front of that initial serving of chips and salsa yet never thought of the simple idea of planning a specific number.

    Cheryl (seadwaters) Super neat goal to "coexist in the same physical space with food that is not on my plan."

    nationalparker Grilled chicken is a good choice; down there in the deep south you gotta fight off the fried foods. Every time I step foot in Florida I get jealous of the weather without snow shoveling and blizzards. Good luck on your flight home today.

    Jo (veganasaurusrex) Good luck with your diet choices. There's an active support group on 3FC for most diets. Kudos for accepting your own progress rather than comparing yourself to others.

    Lulu (LuLu01801) Congrats for raising a DD who'll spend silly time with her mom. And Kudos for "back in the game."

    ForMyGirls - Love the image of your "contentedly OP." Kudos for choosing a new backpack to support more bike riding rather than all the other ways to spend money.

    Readers -
    day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

    Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits:

    Exercise helps you stick with your diet. When you exercise, you say to yourself, I'm serious about losing weight and getting in shape ... I'm willing to make a commitment, even if I start off very small ... I'm determine to succeed, once and for all. Viewing exercise in this way can help you better commit to changing your eating, too, as this determination can carry over into your dieting efforts.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 107.
  • Days 20-22: Get Back on Track, Weighing In and "Oh Well"
    My intention was to report yesterday but Saturdays is the only day that DH does not have a full schedule and, historically, it has been our day to "just talk". Six hours later I made a wonderful dinner then we settled in and watched some great classic movies.

    Day 20: Get Back On Track. I don't think I ever used this phrase until I read this book the first time. Now, it is something that I have said too many times to remember and have shared that "same sentiment" with others that I have shared this weight loss journey with over the past two years. Now, I feel that I have two modes of weight loss" Being On Track or Getting Back On Track. " I just don't see any other options anymore. I love Dr. Beck's description of drawing an imaginary line since that just speaks volumes to me about setting limits and boundaries; something that I have had to do to achieve peace of mind and soul for the past 20 years. I get it!

    Day 21: Weighing In. Well since this is my second tour of duty with the pink book and since I do not follow the good doctor's prescription of weighing only once a week (I weigh every morning), I will say no more except that I bought a much better (albeit more expensive) scale after "fooling myself" with a poor balance scales previously. Now, I can know within a fraction of 0.2 lbs. how well I am doing as well as how hydrated I am, my BMI and etc.

    Day 22: Oh Well! My absolute favorite saying that I picked up from Dr. Beck's pink book and one that I use on just about everything under the sun. IMHO, "Oh Well" is cliff notes of the Serenity Prayer. Is life tough, is life disappointing, is life just not where you want it to be? "OH WELL!" In other words, who said it was always going to be "sunshine and lollipops"?

    DH and I went to our church's Christmas party Friday night. It turned out so well for me in so many different ways that I was almost floating on the way home. Finally, after hanging onto many of the clothes that I bought in the past when I was "hoping" that I would one day be this size again (after a 20 years impasse) I wore a black sequined tank top with black crepe dress pants and silver glitter low pumps. I had a semi sheer black shawl to cover my shoulders since it was in the low 70s but lightly raining. I took one look in the mirror and said "This is why I work out!"

    Knowing that this would the last large social function that we would see a lot of people whom we have known for the past ten years, for the first time in my life, my focus was all "Non Food!". I wanted to make sure that I said both hi and bye to as many people as I could. This took nearly an hour alone to do. I had already made a "parting is such sweet sorrow" speech about 3 weeks ago at our Friday night Bible study (of 30 loyal people) but this was to all who weren't present that night.

    Once I sat down, I had a chance to visit with someone who has been so kind to me for so long "from a distance" and I just spent some Q-time getting to know more about her. Again, the focus was "People/Relationships" NOT Food.

    Then, the big news of the night; I made sure that I followed my food plan while we ate. I got 1 TB of each food item. Fortunately, most people are requesting a much lighter fare when it comes to dinners so I don't run into a lot of foods that I can't eat. The exception being dessert but I really liked how they handled it. They set it out on the buffet table so if people wanted it then they could get it on their own. I also loved the fact that there were lots of hot coffee to go along with (one of my new strategies in keeping full) I had two bites of a chocolate cheesecake. I had 3 tall glasses of ice water. I actually came home feeling hungry but I was amazed that I handled the food situation so well.

    Then, my attention turned to the live music. The live band was fantastic and everyone danced. Although I can't dance like I used to (RA) the highlight of the evening for me was slow dancing with my DH to a great cover of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan. I truly felt like Cinderella at the ball with her Prince Charming. A very memorable night for me. One that I haven't had in a very long time. I feel that I would rate this as an A+.

    You know it is true what Dr. Beck says, "when you exercise your resistance muscle" it gets stronger. I also want to add it does wonders for a person's self-confidence too. Having handled both Thanksgiving and this Christmas party well has done wonders for my belief that I too am capable of handling former "slippery slopes". I am psyched to go the distance through the remainder of the holiday season. What makes this even "sweeter" is that all of this is my choice and my preference. Wow! I have come far this past year!

    vegan..rex I don't know how a person who is vegan could be low carb except possibly by having primarily vegetables as their main source of foods then you can stay low carb that way. My DD has been a vegan for 20 years and when she told me she doesn't like vegetables, I thought what do you eat? I have since found out that not all who do not eat meat eat the same. It was quite a revelation for me.

    BBE I used to eat fruit the way you do ---almost with abandonment. I love it that much. However, I have found that now I have to limit myself to no more than 2 servings, if that, simply because of how it impacts my blood sugar. I was drooling about the fresh pineapple and grapes. I never liked pineapple until I had fresh. It tastes so different than canned pineapple. So different. Now, I am slowly transferring that same love to vegetables. What helped me was participating in a "challenge" on another site to eat 7 servings of vegetables a day for a month. I really learned to appreciate vegetables in a whole new way that I hadn't before. Eating 4-5 servings a day now is really not "a big deal" anymore.

    I love the idea of the "tradition" of going to the same person for a tree or for any "tradition". It has such a unity and flow to life that I cherish. It does make a person feel tender-hearted though when watching someone grow up before your eyes, if only seeing them once a year. Time flies, does it not?

    Joy(gardenerjoy): I applaud your preplanned tortilla chips snack. I have done this with moderate success this past fall (see above with the dessert). I just feel that being "on plan" right now for me means "sampling" some former favorites. Some foods I can do this better than others. The ones that I can, I do and the ones that I still can't, I don't. That falls under "drawing a line". I think of it as Food 301; only for someone who has been at this a long time and has some of the other principles down pat. This also goes in sync with how Cheryl (seadwaters) has learned to co-exist with foods not on her plan. I honestly think that there are just some foods that I will never be able to eat like I would like. The list continues to grow but I am okay with that. I have a higher goal.

    I have said this before and I do want to take the opportunity to say that you can come to Atlanta (at least) and not have anything deep-fried. Having lived here 10 years and counting, I live within 2 miles of the best vegetarian restaurant of Atlanta and one of the larger Whole Foods Market. Also, there are several organic food co-ops that sell food at weekly food markets; one of which I have been an active participant for the past three years. With an influx of Mid-Eastern as well as Indian peoples in recent years, we also have some great restaurants to choose from their respective regional cuisines. In fact, neither my DH nor I (and I was born in the South) like fried chicken and there are plenty of places that do not offer any of the kind of foods many people associate with the South.In fact, many of the Southern chefs now are akin to New York chefs in their shared passions. Yes, you probably can find some place that has something Andrew Zimmerman would eat but it is not the general populace any more. Healthy tasty regional food is the main course from what I have witnessed. As a foodie; this is a stereotype I feel compelled to dispel with great zeal.You can visit here and eat fresh, healthy (both good and good for you) foods every day of the year. Our tomatoes are even bright red in the dead of winter since we have multiple growing seasons. For example, right now, I am waiting to pick my snow peas and brussels sprouts from my winter garden. Okay, I am done now. (sorry).

    Lulu great job on raising such loving children who love Mom.Major Credit there!

    I've got a concert to get ready for. Have a great day everyone Pam
  • Good Morning, Coaches.

    Back from four days of Disneyland. All the preparation really paid off. I ate almost all the meals. There were a few special meals over the trip but the exercise balanced out the treats and now I can lower my ticker weight by a pound. I am two pounds away from my goal and have 12 days to lose it.

    Today we go get a Xmas tree and I try to get back to routine. My anxiety is pretty high due to a big disappointment. The California Community College system did not accept my waiver application. I will not be teaching at the junior college in town unless I go back and get more UNDERGRADUATE coursework in English. My MFA is acceptable but I was not an English major and they won't take my work experience (an English Credential and 24 years of teaching) as equivalent. I feel shame that my application was denied. I feel lost. What to do next? DH is very supportive and says we will figure it out. Life is very confusing and painful sometimes.
  • My 100%OP Day streak count is 1. I'm most pleased with following my plan at the restaurant, including the precise number of tortilla chips that I wrote on my plan. It made a kind of nice game for my brain, keeping track of conversation while keeping track of the number of chips I ate.

    WI: -0.35 in kg, Exercise: +20 335/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

    maryann: That sucks. Nothing to be ashamed of -- I would totally have tried the same thing, with your credentials, and fully expected to have it approved. What a disappointment that it wasn't. But it reflects badly on whoever is processing the waivers, not on you. They obviously have no imagination and no understanding of the experiences you've had.
  • Hello everyone,

    I am still here---just mostly in lurker mode. I have been so busy and barely able to keep up with reading let alone posting. Your posts help so much. Just knowing that it is possible to wrestle this monster into submission is comforting. Maybe I will be there someday. Some days I am eating healthy, exercising, reading cards, logging food and doing all the good things I know help me. Other days I am overeating and eating too much sugar/fat/salt. I am in a constant state of turmoil- when I am eating healthy I worry about when I am going to mess up and when I am eating badly I am unhappy and distressed. I am generally a pretty happy person and am so sick of this being the one thing in my life that is hurting me. How can I be competent in so many parts of my life but so unable to deal with food?

    Sorry for that rant. I hope this does not sound too much like self-pity.

    Plan for tomorrow:
    eat planned healthy meals and snacks
    ride exercise bike
    read response and advantage cards
    don't eat any sugar
    log progress at Sparks

    Take care everyone
  • Pamatga - thank you for "IMHO, "Oh Well" is cliff notes of the Serenity Prayer"!

    Maryann - so sorry to hear of your disappointment. What is it with bureaucracies and their inability to look a the big picture rather than which boxes are ticked??? I have a saying for times like this "when one door closes, another one opens". And invariably what is behind that other door is so much cooler than the one I was trying so damn hard not to let shut. Hope it pans out that way for you.

    Ceejay - when I have been in the space it sounds like you are in I have found it has helped me to focus on credits and make myself find something I deserve credit for each day - looks to me like you deserve a heap of credit for staying committed to this weightloss and making the effort to read the posts even in such a busy and challenging time. You go girl!

    4 points for me today as I was 100% OP plus some bonus exercise with the new travel plans. I so enjoyed my ride - I recently changed the handlebars on my bike to make it a more upright riding position (in the hope of avoiding back injuries) - it makes it feel like a very hippy trippie stop and smell the roses kinda ride. I was wearing a skirt today too which added to the feeling. Backpack worked a treat too :-) credit to me for stopping and smelling the roses :-)
  • Monday
    Diet Coaches/Buddies This is so much fun - 19 days in a row on-plan for my snacks (and my meals - which aren't a problem for me), CREDIT moi. Sunday is always a challenge since I face a coffee hour where friends gab and share some homemade goodies. It's a challenge talking to someone with crumbs dribbling from their mouth and not joining in. But for me, having none is easier than moderation. In the past, I've scheduled one snack as my morning snack and that worked also; for now, I'll stick to none.

    Exercise was a walk with DW, CREDIT moi. The who-done-it happened when I spotted a seed pod from a Locust Tree - but couldn't find a nearby Locust Tree. She finally spotted one a full block away. Maybe a kid picked it up and dropped it. Yay for mysteries.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) Kudos for "keeping track of conversation while keeping track of the number of chips" - perhaps you've invented a new exercise to forestall Alzheimer's.

    CeeJay - Ouch for the blunt reminder just how awful we feel when we don't meet our own expectations with regard to food. Kudos for facing that and making a plan for today.

    Pam (pamatga) Joining those who love, "IMHO, "Oh Well" is cliff notes of the Serenity Prayer." Super Kudos for handling the food situation with all those buffet desserts.

    maryann - Ouch for the rigid response from bureaucrats. I would love to take an undergraduate course in The Canterbury Tales. Or William Faulkner. Reminds me that it's time to go read The Sound and the Fury again. Kudos for planning and executing your food for Disneyland.

    ForMyGirls - LOL at, "very hippy trippie stop and smell the roses kinda ride" with Kudos for doing just that. Glad to hear that your new backpack serves you well.

    Readers -
    day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

    Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits: . . .

    Exercise might help control appetite.. Although study results are mixed, some physiologists believe that regular exercise helps to regulate the appetite control system.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 107.
  • My 100%OP Day streak count is 2.

    Today's tasks include a long list of errands. I have one planned treat and that will be that.

    WI: -0.7 in kg, Exercise: +30 365/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

    CeeJay: sounds like an excellent response card in there somewhere. Something like "I'm a happier person when I'm following my plan." Yep -- stealing that.
  • Good morning, Coaches.

    Thanks Everyone for the support on my disappointment. It really helps. OP yesterday. Just trying to get by today. I am facing another over-scheduled week. All of my energy needs to remain on what is important - the look on my son's face when he sees our new Christmas tree and a healthy eating plan. The rest can be minimum requirement (difficult for little old perfectionist me!)

    Wave to all.
  • Day 23: Counter the Unfairness Syndrome
    Day 23: Counter the Unfairness Syndrome: I no longer feel this when it comes to food simply because life seems to be putting people in my path who are also at different junctions in relation to "food consumption and/or control of that" so I realize that what may seem "unfair" to me may seem like a "luxury" to other people. For example, there are diabetics that I know who need to take insulin if they even want to have a dessert. I have been dining with a friend who gives himself a shot before he had pumpkin pie. I am not at the point, and I pray to God, that I never am but it is a reality for him. Friday night; my DH and I were seated next to a couple whom actually ate less than we did. I do know that the man has had some serious health issues in the past although he seemed in good spirits Friday but his DW made sure that the amount of food he had on his plate was quite small so something tells me he has to watch his "diet" as well.

    So, for this Day's message, I just "suck it up" and then say "Oh, well.." and move on.

    maryann I am so sorry that you did not get the teaching position that you so deserved. Have you considered teaching at a private school? Private schools treat accreditation differently since they are privately funded (for one thing) and, secondly, IMHO, they have "common sense" something that the public school system seems to have "lost" along with people's pensions et al. I taught religion and history at a private school without a teaching degree simply because I do it well (and yes I will blow my horn on this one!) and the fact that my students came away better equipped in both subject areas.

    Considering that there are so many flaws (too numerous to mention here) in the public school system, my "suggestion" is, if you are open to the idea, I would look into private schools. You have impressive credentials and if you love to teach (as I do) they will welcome you with open arms.

    gardenerjoy I am at a point where I too am experimenting with allowed pre-planned snacks that seem off the radar from what I used to eat. If something is a "problem" (and we all know what that means) then it is taken off of my "acceptable" list until a future date (TBD by my mental and emotional state).

    In one of the days in the pink book, Dr. Beck does make the suggestion that if you live with other people and they have their "favorites" then her suggestion is to mediate about the amount of certain foods permissible in "shared space" including the single serving size. One of the former junk foods that I just love (and IMO there is no substitute and I have tried them all) is Lay's Classic potato chips. I literally went a decade without having one and I still rarely have them because I just love them. However, they do sell them in single serving size and, on a rare occasion, I do have them.

    Great Job on handling the situation with forethought and then ease.

    BBE Major Kudos for the 19 day streak. I think you are unbeatable. You certainly are a master at the BDS I too like the idea of thinking outside the box when it comes to what is considered "exercise" or what I like to call "activity or movement". In my 30s and 40s I belonged to several fitness centers. My workout schedule included: dragging my huge gym bag to a fitness center then work out before going to my paid work all while using public transit and making bus changes! It worked for me then but I would rather fit in "movement" in other ways "these days". I will leave that "lifestyle" for the "younger set". After all of these years it is the simple "activities" that still resonate with me: walking, biking, hiking, swimming, yoga.

    ForMyGirls Great Job being OP for 4 days in a row!

    CeeJay "Lurk away!" I guess, "struggling with perfectionism" seems like a common theme in so many of the groups that I have belonged to but where was it written that we have to do "anything" perfect, let alone weight loss? Progress not perfectionism is my motto. I am rejoining an old group after the first of the year and I know that I will be reporting a higher weight than when I left there. I have been nervous about that because then there is all of that "explaining" to do but then I got to thinking it is only the first weight that you report that is the toughest :, right, so I will just "suck it in" and then say three times while clicking my heels, "Oh, well..."

    To put things in perspective, I had big plans for the past two years. First, I wanted to lose over 100 lbs by my 60th birthday. It was doable but I hadn't yet gotten down some of these skills and so I was all over the map. However, when my birthday came, there was still a lot to celebrate: 1) I was 20 lbs lighter and I had kept that off for close to a year. 2) I also had lost 35"+ inches all over my body and I was 4 sizes smaller! 3) I set some boundaries with a very toxic relationship twice and said in no uncertain terms that I will not allow someone, even someone I love more than life itself, to treat me like a dirty rag. I deserve better! 4)I assessed my good characteristics and I acknowledged them to myself.

    I finally have stopped feeling guilty that I have chosen to be semi-retired at a time when we have taken some major hits financially. My concession that I have offered is to be a good and sound financial manager. My DH sees the value in that and trusts me even more. and finally 5) I have been able to face you and many others in my life by admitting who I am really am. In the process, I have discovered not only am I am not "half-bad", in some instances, I am even better than I once thought.

    So, to sum up things, CeeJay, give yourself credit where credit is due. That is early on in the pink book and if you learn nothing else from BDS this is probably one of the more important ones. Practice the "Golden Rule" love yourself first and mean it. Once your cup is full and starts to run over, then you can love others but not before. You can't give what you don't have to give. Simple truth. Someone said (and I am sorry that I don't know who) that "Nothing good ever came out of self-hatred." I like to take that further and take a line from the movie "The Hurricane". Denzel Washington portrays a man wrongly accused of some crime and is in prison. He says:" Hate got me in here and love is going to set me free." I hated myself to 301.8 lbs. CeeJay, I am going to love myself to 140 lbs. Won't you join me?

    If I missed anyone else, I am sorry. I am putting up the Christmas tree as well which includes vacuuming, rearranging major pieces of furniture to find space in our living room and then making dinner. It is a rainy, cold and dreary day. I think it is a "perfect" task to do on a day like this. Credit me for working out the old-fashioned way: housework.

    Take care, Pam

    P.S. My diabetic friend's approach to being able to eat pie is not uncommon but it is NOT endorsed by any registered dietician or the American Diabetes Assoc. It is a dangerous way of circumventing spikes in blood sugar since the results are quite unpredictable. I simply shared that to show that some people will take short cuts to get what they want.
  • Hello, all! I'm so thankful to see many check-ins during this busy month. Was OP yesterday despite the traveling and thankful for short layovers to ensure less meandering the airport concourses looking at the decadent or nutritionally crummy options. Decided to eat a late lunch before my first flight and count it for lunch/dinner and then had a small snack at home much later. I did great; one of the few times I've said that on a travel day that I've traveled alone.

    Good to see DH and the four pets. Right back to work this morning and taking a few minutes from it now to check in while files are processing. Ended up with a super light lunch because I ran out of time before a two-hour meeting, and now am going home RAVENOUS, which isn't wise. Nothing in the house (DH was working nights) so I might pull out the Panera choice. Was pleased to see the scale below ticker this morning by a pound, and you can bet your bippy (what show said that?) I'm moving my ticker. Weight lost on a trip is worth its weight in gold some months.
  • nationalparker . . . I think it was that show Laugh In that said that!!!

    hello everyone!!
    I had another great day today.
    feeling like a million bucks!!
    I had a great day at work, OP, worked hard at the gym after work, and now I'm in bed relaxing, feels soooo good!!
    I'm gonna keep it short because I'm fading, but will check in again in the morning.

  • Awesome day today. On plan all day and I am not hungry. Read cards and kept under control. I was up 2 lbs this morning but I am doing a 5:2 fast today and I am hoping that I am back down tomorrow.

    Hope you have a great day.
  • Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Today was a better day than yesterday. Credit today for eating 80% on plan, weighing myself and checking in with my coaches!

    ForMyGirls-thank you for the reminder to focus on credits. It does help. Good for you for a 100% on plan day and for bike riding in your skirt!

    BillBlueEyes-your 19 days in a row is an inspiration! Like the thought about having none being easier than moderation.

    gardenerjoy- hurray for a 100% on plan day. Stealing that thought back again and making a card "I'm a happier person when I'm following my plan."

    maryann-wishing you strength in your busy week. Making healthy eating a priority is so important- reminds me of the Pink Book advice that dieting takes time and energy and we need to accept that.

    pamatga- liked your perspective on the unfairness syndrome. And thanks for sharing about your accomplishments you thought about on your birthday. You are right- we have to look at what is positive about ourselves and in our lives.

    nationalparker- credit for an OP day while traveling- that's hard to do. Coming home and seeing a pound gone is excellent!

    LuLu- enjoy that great feeling, you earned it!

    LoseToAll-happy for you for your successes today!

    Take care!
  • Good Tuesday afternoon coaches.

    So much for checking in everyday and in the morning! Yesterday my weight was up again and this morning it was down a lot - that could be why I didn't check in yesterday and why I did today. I was a little miffed. But today I can change my tracker down which is lovely (I'm pretending I am in US and it is Monday ). I was at a workfest all day and I knew it would be challenging so I had decided that I would ignore all the carbs and most fruit. Morning tea was scones and jam and cream - I didn't go there so credit. There was also fruit but I decided I would wait till lunch. Fruit is a bit high in carbohydrates / sugars for this stage of my diet. Lunch was manageable - left the potato on the plate and had no sweetened drinks. Afternoon tea was the most wonderful looking chocolate brownies - I had one strawberry and feel very good about it. I survived hungry and craving and didn't die or anything. Credit. So thank you coaches for wisdom and opportunity.

    Exercise today was getting to the workfest. I got off my bus (I usually drive and don't need public transport) and was going to catch a second bus to the venue. I decided walking would be good. Half way there I wondered why I had made such a questionable decision (it was 32 degrees C today) - but I made it! I made sure I got the bus back in the much hotter evening though but I am pleased with my post operative body's performance.

    Maryann - I am sad for you regarding the job you wanted. But you have bounced back with resilience so credit. Not sure academia is a happy place to be but it has its advantages; BillBE - you continue to streak so credit with your snacking successes; Pam (pamatga) as usual you are full of good sense and experience; Gardenerjoy - like the idea of that response card - I am indeed happier when I am on plan; Credit LoseToAll for an on plan day - it is so annoying when the scales don't reflect our behaviour; CeeJay - I don't know why but I feel a kinship with you and your journey so it is nice when you are checking in - good or bad to report! So it was nice to see you today. Waving to all my other coaches who I may have missed out.

    Checked in today and blew it yesterday - Credit!
    -2 lb (today) / -3.4 lb from tracker - YAY
    Great - totally on plan today (and yesterday) with lots of enticements