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BillBlueEyes 12-30-2013 06:03 AM

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Streak to 40 for snacks on plan, CREDIT moi. The only snack I had of the three planned was splitting a Louisiana Navel Orange with DW after dinner. I later thought about how good it was and considered getting a whole one in addition. Then decided that that was just a Sabotaging Thought - I didn't need more food. The brain gets the benefits of the taste from half an orange. Despite reading a book about 17th century sailors, I'm not in sufficient danger of getting scurvy that more orange is warranted. At noon I faced a table of snacks, but they were all manufactured and easy to ignore; I had coffee.

Exercise was walking with DW, CREDIT moi. Despite the ice and mild rain it was a fun walk. Also did a session with a dance group. We face a family event in the fall where there will be dancing and feel the need to get our act together.

onebyone – Congrats on that loss in Florida with Kudos for that much walking. LOL at the Canadian sister finding the water warm enough and the Florida sister thinking it too cold. Super Kudos for keeping your sanity when dealing with your mother's real issues and your MIL's head issues. Statements such as "I know I didn't raise my son to live this way" are beyond out of line; any response that doesn't get you hauled off to jail is a positive one. Can't wait to hear how the new fitbit flex works out.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Love the thought of introducing "a good Advantages List" as a start to the strategies of keeping to a food plan.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Glad to hear that there's a Kindle Beck. I gave my DD some Kindle books for Christmas and felt odd that I merely told Amazon what day to deliver them to her. She got them Christmas morning as promised. - i.e. no UPS delays, LOL.

Pam (pamatga) – Thanks for the reminder, "Beck works if you work it."

maryann - Ouch for the pain of sugar withdrawal. But Kudos for recognizing the need for it instead of believing it to be a supernatural call to head to See's Candy store. [Why, you have the Horned Puffin in the Pacific that I've never seen. I do love our Atlantic Puffin, but I have to go to an island off the coast of Maine to see it. And you have whales visible from the shore.]

nationalparker – Happy Anniversary - may you have many, many more. Always Kudos for passing that tray of cookies.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Kudos for facing all that baking with your plans in place. Sorry that no car grabbed you - I'm saving my pennies for a Tesla.

systemsaddict - Neat idea to set up a rotating menu plan so you don't face a blank page each week.

Readers -

day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

Solve Common Exercise Problems
Though dieters have told me about many problems they initially thought were unsolvable, we were able to figure out solutions. Here are a few: . . .

Problem: I don't have enough time.
Solution: Schedule exercise into your appointment calendar. consider which daily activities you can decrease or eliminate to make time for exercise. Consider getting up earlier and starting our day with exercise. Make exercise an essential activity, not an optional one.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 110.

Lexxiss 12-30-2013 06:29 AM

Hi Coaches!

I always read posts and try to drop in when the stars align and I have a moment in time that matches up to a solid internet connection.

Life continues on at a fast pace....I really persist in keeping my food values on the front page because I know what happens if I don't. I've been weighing every day and am pleased with the results, even with a little holiday bounce around. I really noticed (again) last week just how much junk I need to negotiate around when I'm at the restaurant and still manage to make sane choices by using my resistance skills. I've not gotten much planned exercise in yet noticed how much extra physical energy I exert at the project. credit moi!

Tomorrow we're going to head over the hill after work for one day of soaking at the pool. I just remembered I'll have to p/u my suit at the club tomorrow as the Athletic club closes for NY day yet the pool is open. We'll return Thursday am to put in the vinyl flooring in the kitchen area which means the plumber can return$$. Life is good.

Kudos for all our successes during this holiday season and a welcome back to onebyone!

Take care all and Happy New Year (a bit early!)

nationalparker 12-30-2013 10:00 AM

Brief check in after weighing in this morning to my goal of 169.x before the New Year ... and was at 169.8. Initially, I thought, oh, phooey, it's a .8. Then I thought, this is what railroaded me off track before in October, that the 169.8 wasn't good enough and then I bounced back up. I'm happy with this, and hoping to enter the New Year in a different "decade" of weigh than last year, and 10 pounds lighter. For the first time in my life, I lost 5 pounds from mid-November through Christmas.

Seeing Bill's 40-day streak has me wanting to back up in these posts to see what my number actually should be and post that. It might be nearing double digits :)

We've discussed a variety of dinner options for our anniversary, from pizza and salad by the fire, to a new-to-us Thai place (which is SO out of my zone here, but I now love two meals at the one in Florida), to a nice joint down the road, to a steakhouse for DH. I will be smart at whichever one we choose.

onebyone 12-30-2013 10:10 AM

the day today

Today's plan includes:

spontaneous exercise:
I'm working around the house today with a goal of moving/unearthing a small rectangular table and moving it into the kitchen. It may work as a kitchen table, or not. I would like to get the newspaper delivered again and sit at the table and read it while drinking a coffee. Simple pleasures are where it's at.

planned exercise
A return to the gym and trying my first workout class tonight at 8pm.

tracking my points and staying wth three meals a day and 2 snacks if needed.

Advantage and Response Cards
I'm making new ones today. And I will read them three times.

My fitbit flex and scale are due to be delivered today. I look forward to seeing what these gadgets add to my fitness goals.

gardenerjoy 12-30-2013 11:31 AM

My 100% OP streak count is 11.

DH is sick. I was at the grocery store before breakfast this morning to get him cough syrup and to get groceries in case I come down with it next. But I'm determined not to. More often than not, that works for me!

I weighed myself for the first time since Christmas Day and was happy with the result.

WI: -0.6 kg, Exercise: +50 13155/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

LoseToAll and pamatga: The monthly exercise thread for January is up and running: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/chic...challenge.html

systemsaddict: I get an extra burst of energy from starting new things on New Year's Day, too!

onebyone: so great to see you here. Have fun at your exercise class!

CeeJay 12-30-2013 12:03 PM

Good morning.

Not even going to talk about the eating for the past weeks. Great Big Oh Well.

Credit today for:
Getting on the scale.
Doing arm/shoulder exercises.
Riding exercise bike.
Packing lunch for work.
Healthy dinner is in the slow cooker.
Checking in with my coaches.
Reading advantage and response cards.

Now all I need to do today is eat what is planned and only what is planned and write in my new food journal tonight.

Hope everyone is well and has a wonderful day!


veganasaurusrex 12-30-2013 01:11 PM

Hello all! I hope everyone's holidays were full of joy. Mine were full of joy and also full of food, and sadly lacking in control. I struggle so much with the feeling that once I've had one mistake, I've failed. If I haven't posted on the forum that day I've failed so why post the next day. If I over eat one day then I've failed and why should I try again. Does anyone else struggle with that feeling of failure? How do the rest of you cope with it?

Otherwise I'm on day 4, Ironically giving myself credit. I think that once I get better at giving myself credit hopefully I won't be as crushed by mild setbacks. What methods do you wonderful folks use to "track" the credit you're giving yourself or do you just do it mentally?

Today's plan includes:

Reading my ARC At 9 (read at 10 instead) At 3 (reminder set) and at 6 (reminder set)

Sitting while eating (no eating in the car) Good so far!

Giving Credit Credit for posting here even though I was nervous. Credit for writing in my journal. Credit for eating breakfast sitting down. Credit for drinking water (but not enough yet!)

BillBlueEyes Thank you for being a constant and steady beacon of support and positive role modeling. I am grateful to you and to this community for that! Also thanks for enjoying our lovely produce :)

Lexxiss Happy new year to you too! Thanks for sharing your success with us - it's always lovely to see your positive posts.

onebyone Thanks for sharing your plan in such an organized way. It inspired me to go back and reformat my post as well.

gardenerjoy Congrats on your streak! So glad to see another success reflected.

Ceejay Thanks for your excellent posting format as well. I am inspired! I'm with you on the "Oh Well!"

maryblu 12-30-2013 03:36 PM

New Year's shout out to my Beckmates
'Lo, all. Hard to believe Christmas is over and another new year close at hand. Happy to see that for the most part, all of my Beckmates are doing well. Credit to all who have long strings of on-plan days.

Just wanted to wish all a great new year.


ForMyGirls 12-30-2013 06:05 PM

Hello coaches,

My tip for the day is to never trust a septgenarian with an electric bicycle when they invite you on a “little ride”!

Had a late and big lunch yesterday so decided to have dinner after the ‘little ride’ in the evening with my parents. nearly 2 hours and a lot of hills later I staggered home for a quick snack before bed. Fortunate as it turns out though because the late and big lunch proved to be even bigger calories than I had thought when I added it all up this morning. Thanks to the little ride, plus the gardening and house cleaning I did earlier in the day I was still OP for the day calorie wise - phew. Having fallen into bed I realised at 10.45 that I hadn’t taken my multi-vitamins yet - and taking them is one of the requirements for getting a streak point. Conversation in my head: “Never mind - it’s been a good streak - you had to break it sometime” - “Yeah but I’m on 24 - that will take a really really long time to catch up” - “But it’s so nice to be lying down”. Pleased to report I made the enormous effort of walking to the kitchen and swallowing 2 tablets so can report (thanks to having a less strict interpretation of 100% OP than Joy) that I now have a streak of 25. Woohoo. Team total is: 127!!!

Credit to me for adding up the calories in my late and big lunch as it was very tempting to say “I exercised so much I’m sure it will be fine” - which is true this time but it is very valuable to know how large it was calorie-wise so that if I am ever tempted to go there on a day that hasn’t burnt so many calories in exercise I will know to steer clear (or climb a mountain first!)

Seadwaters - yay to you for your walk to the shops - that kind of change in habitual behaviour is HUGE. Well done.

BBE - your leaving behind the “just in case I get hungry” granola bar story was helpful - made me think about how hard it is to break that belief that hunger is an emergency. LOL on scurvy as a sabotaging thought!

Nationalparker - Good on you for thinking through which parts of the program you are managing to follow and which are eluding you at the moment - to my mind that is what it is all about so fraud you are most certainly not! In terms of the number of your streak - I have you on 8 - let me know if you think I have it wrong - there were some days I wasn’t quite sure whether your post meant it was a streak point or not :-) Yay to you for a first ever holiday season weightloss.

onebyone - I laughed out loud of your story of Alzheimer’s resulting in constantly repeated critical commentary - no doubt not as amusing when you’re in it so well done you for surviving it and checking in with us to report your progress. Are you able to identify what the key to your success was while in Key West and then try and replicate it?

Maryann - thanks for the second site - I have gotten myself well and truly imbedded in MoneySavingExpert so will stay there - but will definitely check out the other one too. Really liked your system for managing not reading emails. Such a relaxed way of redirecting.

Pamatga - it was very inspiring to read your words about your relationships with your daughter and father. And woohoo for breaking a life long habit of gaining weight in the holiday period!

Beth - yay to you for such good thinking about your plan for your holiday weekend. We will all be cheering for you.

Systemsaddict - now I see why you are called SystemsAddict. Though truth be told I’m part of the same club :-) Yay to starting the new eating with the New Year

Ceejay - well done for getting back on track. Would you like to join our streak challenge and see if that helps motivate you to stay on track? Maybe pick one of your list of things to commit to doing everyday - I find that when I commit to doing one key thing so much else follows - and there is less chance of being overwhelmed. No obligation to join us but the door is always open!

Veganasaurex - good on you for sharing your struggles with coping with feelings of failure. For me the biggest antidote to that is giving myself credit - the old thing of turning a downward spiral into an upward one. In terms of system for recording it what I do is insist on giving myself at least one credit in my daily post. A lot of the time I give myself credits along the way as well - but having it as an essential step at the end of everyday means that I do it even on the days where I am in a negative, critical headspace (which are the days I need it most). I also have “give myself credit” as a discrete item on my to do list everyday - I use a computer based to do list system called Things - you can set up repeating to do items (on just about every imaginable repeating cycle) - so this one comes up in my to do list every single day. You can also choose to have a “due date” on items - which means they come up in red. Giving myself credit has this so it is a red item - along with the other health activities I need to do that day (which vary from day to day). All of them are red so that they are differentiated from the to do things for the rest of my life, most of which don’t have a critical deadline. So I start the day by doing the red things and then work out what is next on the agenda. It works mostly (except for when, for some inexplicable reason, I decide that taking my multivitamins can wait till later!) (See why I say I am part of the system addict club systems addict!)

pamatga 12-30-2013 06:25 PM

Less than 30 hours to 2014....
Hello all, "regulars and irregulars"! For all of the readers and lurkers alike :newyear:

Today was a busy busy day and I have only had time just now to get on my computer and post.

For everyone who is doing great and there are just so many in this group, all I can say is "Major Credit" and drinks (of your choice) all around!:hat:

I will respond to one post however: vegan since what you said struck such a chord with me. I feel that what is at the root of such thinking is a need to be perfect and/or setting such high standards for yourself that are both unattainable and/or unreasonable "at this time" for yourself. I have been there, done that.....

How do I cope with this? I stop having such high expectations of myself and also others that no one would feel comfortable being in my world. On the other hand, I also don't have such low expectations that even an earthworm could accomplish it (without trying)....I try to find a "happy medium". I also apply the acronym K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetie!) I applied that this year to the holidays "across the board" and it made for a much saner period. I break all projects (including self-improvement) down into smaller and attainable bits. One meal/snack at a time. One day at a time. Sounds cliche but it certainly helps break the perfectionist hold on me.

As you can see here everyone is working on something very individual and personal to them so we are all tracking different things. I can not participate in the streaking because it brings out the "beast" :devil: in me. I have days. Period. I am so competitive with myself and others that I just have to lay that one to rest in the corner. Now, sit, I said sit. :D

The "methods" that I use to track myself are: a pocket calendar which I write in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I log all of my food every day. I weigh myself every day. Depending on the day I exercise specific exercises.I post here and in several other groups. I journal every day. The list goes on and on. Idle hands are the devil's workshop. Busy is good for me. Hopefully, that will give you an idea.

Today's specific credits: I rejoined a group that I have been a part of for 3 years. I reported my actual scale weight to someone I both respect and equally fear of reprisal. She is so busy getting things started I don't think she noticed although I had forewarned her earlier.

Credit: I bought another person (in same group) a pedometer today online who both is deeply depressed and emotional overwhelmed and doesn't know how to help herself. I have also committed to emailing her to cheer her up and being her prayer warrior. It is all about giving back what I have been given.

Credit: leading a new 8 week weight loss challenge here on 3FC. It is all about service and the 12th Step.

gardenerjoy: I have also bookmarked the exercise challenge thread and I will be joining y'all. I am going to be one very busy and active person this coming year. My other group leader has a ton of things for us to do and I am determined to give it my best shot.

To everyone else: my posts will probably be a lot shorter from now on because as gardenerjoy said once about her exercise group "busy exercising so not much chatting." I want to be busy losing weight this coming year. As someone once said "Actions speak louder than words." Watch my little snow people line up. That will say more than all of my words combined. :)

Thank you all for walking along with me. I appreciate your presence and support.

Love, Pam :comp:

bethFromDayton 12-30-2013 10:41 PM

Hi all!

Today was Day 20 of my streak--everything is recorded. I actually served myself less dinner than I had planned on--it just looked like too much food when I had it in the measuring cup! I stopped about 3-5 bites past when I should have at dinner--but credit for stopping before eating it all.

I'm doing the planning for our big weekend party--and that means recipes and last year's food lists and emails from people about what they're bringing--all sorts of reminders of good food--much of which couldn't possibly be considered OP. I managed to get through the planning stuff tonight without any snacking, though!

Tomorrow's day is mentally planned--when I finish here I'll enter it in MFP.

Have a good night all!

GosfordGirl 12-31-2013 02:44 AM

Happy new years eve!
Hi Coaches

Tonight will be a quiet one - but possibly sleepless depending what the neighbours get up to of course. Given I always wake up at 5 or a lot earlier I find the whole NYE madness a bit trying - especially if it keeps me up! I didn't get my steps in today - worked all day on a project and not much opportunity to walk. First day in ages I haven't made the count and will have to make more effort tomorrow

Food has been logged and is on plan so far - there is still dinner to go but I have it prepared and organised so should be OK. I am looking forward to starting a new spreadsheet with weights etc. tomorrow - NYE is a bit inspirational and I hope I live up to the intent.

BillBE - thanks for sharing the Razorbills link - they are certainly dapper looking birds. You continue to be a (virtually) snack free inspiration

Nationalparker - have you sorted out where you are on streak yet? ForMyGirls is pretty good at keeping our tallies (THANKS!). Hopeless at presents for males sorry. Hope you make it to the 169s very soon - you deserve it! I have just bought (for the second time) the Beck book because I think I need the structure of the principles and need them in my face

Onebyone - so pleased to see you checking in. Family - what is there to say. Honestly - the best and the worst, credit for living through it successfully. Great planning for NYE

GardenerJoy - glad to here you MiL diet is more approachable than thought. Credit for helping her to come to grips with it. I will have to track down that book - what a name for the author - belongs in the list of totally appropriate authors names. Good luck with positive thinking as a deterent for a cold!

Maryann - Yay for back on plan - ouch for sugar and fat and salt. Enjoy the ocean

Pam(atga) - nice to see you back. Good luck with the first weigh in of the year and may it be a very Happy New Year for you!

Beth(fromDayton) - you sound like quite a party animal at this time of year so good luck with both the planning and the reality. Sounds like serious fun! Keep up the recording streak and credit for 20!

Systemsaddict - planning helps me so much - without a plan I am a mess and eat anything just to get on with it - so credit for planning and good luck with it

Debbie (Lexxiss) - glad you are still out there and getting on top of things. Indeed kudos for your successes and progress

CeeJay - Hope you had a wonderful day - and yes - it will be lovely to get past this time of year. Great example of planning

Vegan...Rex - nice to see you post. LOL for full of food as well as full of joy. I can relate. I totally understand the belief that a small lapse becomes a major relapse - credit for recognising the behaviour so you can put it in its place

Maryblu - Happy new year!

ForMyGirls - YAY for streak count 27 - LOL at being exhausted (unfairly on a motorised bike!) by a septegenarian - Happy new year

Congratulations all and take care tomorrow

systemsaddict 12-31-2013 04:52 AM

Loving hearing about all your systems :-)

ForMyGirls 12-31-2013 05:52 AM

Happy New Year from Australia
Happy New Year coaches!

Pleased to report I am ending 2013 on a streak of 26 and as part of a team of streakers with a combined score of 129!

My credit for the day is to congratulate myself for keeping on track on weightloss while devoting a lot of time and energy to learning how to think like a frugal person. It would be easy to let my healthy eating and exercise fall away in the wake of a new challenge but I am managing to do both.

BillBlueEyes 12-31-2013 07:22 AM

Tuesday - New Years Eve
Diet Coaches/Buddies Walked to the library, CREDIT moi, to return the book I wished I hadn't read and to get one that I really want to read. This week I've been reading in the living room with the lit Christmas tree; it makes me happy. Moving to a new reading spot forced me to admit that I'm reading five books at once - at different rates. Typing that is the first time I've had the obvious thought that multiple books are possible because each is being played with by different time-scale thinking processes. A Christmas gift, 1001 Ideas That Changed the Way We Think does well with a few ideas read that rattle around my brain for a day. A thriller can be read from cover to cover in one sitting if I had that much time - all I want is to find out the answer.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including Snapping Turtle soup for dinner - a first for us. It was from a can, something that Santa provided out of curiosity; it tasted like canned gravy with very tiny chunks of something or other. We won't have to do that again, LOL. The only snack of my three planned was splitting a Louisiana Navel Orange with DW after dinner - designated my evening snack. I had the same thoughts about having another whole one for myself; used the same responses. Sometimes repetition is good; streak to 41.

maryblu And Happy New Year to you up there in the frozen north. (I do like seeing your summer avatar despite the cold outside.)

onebyone Reading the physical newspaper at our kitchen table is one of the joys of my day - hope your table works. Kudos for recognizing, "Simple pleasures are where it's at."

Joy (gardenerjoy) Sending virtual chicken soup to your DH for that cold. LOL at your typo, "13155/1400 minutes for December," - 'salota exercise.

CeeJay - Everything in one sentence, "Now all I need to do today is eat what is planned and only what is planned and write in my new food journal tonight."

Debbie (Lexxiss) Will think of you having a good hot soak when our expected temperatures drop off the charts.

Cheryl (seadwaters) Yep, "NYE is a bit inspirational" - thanks for the reminder to grab that inspiration and apply it to a chosen goal.

Pam (pamatga) Thanks for "K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetie!)" - it's so easy to look for the complicated way. Your snow people will be talking for you.

nationalparker Congrats for entering the new year in a new decade with Super Kudos for acceptance, "I'm happy with this."

Beth (bethFromDayton) Kudos for wallowing about in all that food planning without going to the fridge. Stopping food before it's served is a winner.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) Oh Yes, the Sabotaging Thought to just chunk it all after a single setback races into my head even as I'm taking the bite. It's gotta be the most common and most effective Sabotaging Thought of them all. My strategy is to recycle all the old saws like I wouldn't miss the next exit off the freeway if I missed one. Probably what works best for me is to recall that I've been in this spot before when I was losing and that jumping back on my horse is what allowed me to lose a chunk of weight. Kudos for confronting this and Extra Kudos for recognizing that this community can help.

ForMyGirls - LMAO at, "never trust a septuagenarian with an electric bicycle." Writing it down but not sure how often I encounter the situation. Kudos for getting out of bed to stay your path. And thanks for keeping the streak tally - I'm unabashedly using this streaking to my advantage; so glad it's here.

systemsaddict - Yay for our good systems and for acceptance of those that challenge us.

Readers -

day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

Solve Common Exercise Problems
Though dieters have told me about many problems they initially thought were unsolvable, we were able to figure out solutions. Here are a few: . . .

Problem: I'm embarrassed to exercise where others will see me.
Solution: Exercise at home to a fitness video or with a close friend who can provide moral support. Best of all, develop a more helpful mindset. Besides, who cares what others think? I've found that most exercisers are only concerned with their own activities. If they notice you at all, it'll be for only a brief moment, then they'll return their attention to what they are doing.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 110.

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