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gardenerjoy 12-21-2013 09:01 AM

My 100% OP streak count is 2.

I rewrote my plan twice between breakfast and lunch but I followed the last plan I wrote, so I'm calling it OP.

I have a rant. MiL who is morbidly obese and had a heart scare after her knee surgery in October, went to a recommended diet doctor this week. He gave her a diet that is a limited list of foods she can eat (including only some vegetables) and a long list of foods that she can't. Apparently, it's the healthiest diet he could devise while on fellowship at Harvard over the summer. It's not South Beach or Paleo, but it doesn't allow flour, sweeteners (except Stevia), or dairy (except butter). So, at least as hard to follow as those two, but without the great community that, I think, contributes to their success for people.

Not only is there no community, he didn't even give her recipes or menus. No support at all. A nutritionist would have offered more. How does a diet doctor get away with just handing out a diet and not giving any help to follow it? I'm appalled.

One of my SiLs does Paleo, so I asked her to bring some cookbooks to our Christmas gathering. Hopefully, we can help the poor lady plan some menus of things that she can and will eat. Some of the things on the list are things that I doubt she'll ever eat (kelp, mustard greens, dandelion greens). Other things I think I can convince her to eat (bok choy) but she hasn't had before and will need some recipes and reassurance that this is edible.

I'm quite discouraged. I had hoped that he was going to provide her with an appropriate blend of psychological and nutritional support and, instead, he gives her a difficult diet and not even the most basic tools one would need to follow it. I fear that she'll never go back and won't even really get started on this. And, that's a shame because I think she was ready to tackle the weight, but it would take an easier plan to follow or a lot more support than she's going to get.

Suggestions welcome. I'm ranting here because I don't want to say any of this to MiL. I want to be encouraging and supportive and not critical of the doctor even though, at the moment, I think I know more about what it takes to lose weight in our current environment than he does. The healthiness of a diet is immaterial if no one can follow it. That seems like a rookie mistake.

WI: -0.5kg, Exercise: +60 940/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

nationalparker 12-21-2013 09:56 AM

I'm starting over on a fresh streak. Was doing well, even having gone to lunch with a few of the last coworkers still at the office yesterday ... Came home and loaded up our pooch to take to in-laws an hour away, returning home in a rush to get dinner on ... a neighbor had left us a BIG container of cookies. Typically we have a few. I thought, one is okay for my one snack. But then found two small ones in there that looked good and ate those before bed. SO... on top of a filling dinner, I was tempted with those cookies and gave in. Dinner included turkey bacon (breakfast for dinner) and so the scale is doubly reprimanding me.

I have complete control of my choices today - my schedule is filled with baking, chores, and errands. DH and I are celebrating our Christmas tonight, so want a dinner that's prepped and no dishes to do after dinner (which is always 8 p.m. or later on nights he works).

So, back to 0 because those four bites weren't on my plan. But those four bites were probably 200 calories if going with the 50 cal/bite theory.

GardenerJoy - I've never actually HEARD of a "diet doctor" ... I would have assumed that meant a nutritionist. That is so strange and rant-worthy. That will be hard for her to change to at her age to something so different from what she's familiar with. Sometimes completely changing a food plan - bok choy, mustard greens, etc., might just completely turn her off from a healthy weight loss plan. Would she be willing to meet with a nutritionist for another option and just chalking the "diet dr" visit down to a miss? I see checking in with someone else no different that a second opinion b/c this first dr. didn't seem to be on task.

Bill - 31 - Amazing!! I'm impressed! Great job.

Better get going and grab a late breakfast and get crackin' here.

maryann 12-21-2013 01:17 PM

Good Morning, Coaches.

Well, yesterday was the Big, Big Day. I turned 50. I think the term "abundance' has been overused these days but it is really the best word to describe the good feelings and love I was showered with. Calls, cards, and well wishes all while working my final reading "fun day" of the year. The day before, I wore the size 8 Jones New York suit - one of my advantage cards for over a year. I felt very proud and grateful. For the actual day, I was in a new pair of slim black jeans and a school sweatshirt, kneedeep in pixie stick dust and sticky tape. My office mate brought in sandwiches and five of us ate lunch in the office. There was a secret santa party. In short, sensory overload. I made no food restrictions for the day except to stop when I was satisfied. I was so proud of my ability to enjoy rare foods for me and stop when I had had enough. The lack of planning is not something I can do well. But yesterday was a magical day.

After work, The boys and I went up to the cabin. DH treated us to a gourmet dinner on the edge of Lake Tahoe. I ordered something I had never had before - scallops on wonton/ potstickers (something like that). We ordered sides of wild mushrooms sautéed and smoked bacon mac and cheese. I am proud to say I ate a third of my entree and a few bites of the sides. I expected the standard candle in a slice of cake but to my great surprise, DH had traveled another hour to go to our favorite bakery and bring up my favorite cupcake which I savored with decaf coffee. I was touched by the effort.

Still, the best gift of the whole day was when a high school girl showed up out of nowhere at my school just before my meeting. I had taught her English four years before. She said, "I have been thinking about you for a longtime. I have AP English and all the other students think the class is hard. I just tell them that I learned it back in 8th grade from you. I wrote a whole essay on how you influenced my life and I wrote you you this letter. Thank you."

Well, I burst out in tears and gave her a huge hug. I told her how much it meant to me, how teachers doubt themselves all the time. I told her I remembered her and that she was one of the best writers I have ever had. I also told her she had been a tough cookie to teach. I gave her my email and told her to let me hear of her successes. She left, and I thought, " I can keep teaching for ever."

A long post, I know. Tomorrow I will back to personals. Today I have had a planned smoothie, part of my dinner from last night. Dinner will be a smoothie. I am glad to be quiet and process all the emotions I am feeling.

Best to all. How proud I am of your accomplishments during this tricky time.

pamatga 12-21-2013 01:59 PM

Day 40 & 41 Enrich Your Life/ Make a To Do List
I see these two days are going "hand in hand". My interpretation of both Enriching Your Life as well as Making a To Do List to accomplish that has us "Becksters" doing a paradigm shift: going from a food-centric focus to a non-food centric focus. IMO, I feel that Dr. Beck saved the best for last because I do think that in these last days in her book this is where the cornerstone of our maintenance program will be anchored. IMO, there is no point in losing the weight and not realizing at some point that it served the purpose of filling a life that had become boring, vacant, stressed, problematic, etc. and that once gone a big "hole" is left.

In fact, the impression that I was left with when I first read this book a couple of years ago was this: excess food served a purpose in my life at one time. Once that excess food is removed, something must fill it or I/we risk returning to our "old ways". I had a similar experience with recovering from attracting the wrong people in our love life.

My original therapist, Lynn K., told me in 1992 to take "one year's sabbatical" from having any kind of relationship with a man. I did better. I took 7 years "off"; which shocked her because she knew how addicted to the wrong kind of men I was at that time. After all, I married two and it seemed like there were more in the wings waiting to fill their place. Then, I had a priest who told me about the book "The Joy of Being Single." I grumbled about the "idea" but I read it and, as part of my ongoing sexual abuse therapy, I was also abstinent from engaging in sex for that time as well. However, in spite of my initial reservations, I followed through on both of their advice. I learned to both love, enjoy and even prefer (at times) my own company.

Well, that is what this is all about: only with food. Food has got to cease being the center of my life. I have kind of known this based on what I just shared above but I didn't really put it into practice. Plus, it doesn't come right away. You just have to expect some emotional withdrawal for awhile before it becomes like what maryblu shared one day in the recent past: When she says that she doubts that she will ever regain the weight. I believe her. What will make the difference? Exactly what I want and need to do: to fill the empty spaces that food used to fill with more rewarding and fulfilling things, experiences, people, etc.

This concept works in every aspect of your life that you want to change. I did with removing addictive dysfunctional relationships from my life. I love being with myself. For one thing, I "get" who I am more than any one else. So, when I am with others I can truly enjoy them for who they are and not for what I am projecting on them or what need I may be trying to fill at the time.

Well, I have seen a glimpse of that this past holiday season. I scored two very important social food-centric days by not making them all about food. For me, those two days were more important to me than anything else right now. It proves to me that I can take the focus off of food and myself and take in whatever the experience has to give to me. Also, as a "precaution", since this hasn't become exactly natural yet, I have made sure that celebrating the holidays has also been about music, decorations and touching base with family and old friends.

There is a saying in the 12 Step community: aim for not being a "dry drunk". What that means is that one day (even if it is only for that day) you will experience a release and a freedom from the clutches of addiction. Maybe, if you are one of the fortunate ones, you will never experience addiction ever again but being a "dry drunk" means that you are still white knuckling it through your sobriety or abstinence. This is to be expected initially since you have to figure out how to replace what your "substance" meant to you but, it is a red flag, if you are still white knuckling it after a longer period of sobriety. Basically, you need to do more "work" on creating the internal environment so you don't want the substance nor what it does to you. Dr. Beck talks about this about the uncomfortable feeling of being overly full.

I used to marry men who continued to put me down because I didn't feel worthy of being loved and respected. The relationships were emotionally vacant so the next best thing that I did was fill that emptiness with food and lots of sweets. Isn't it interesting that Valentine's Day, which is about two months away is associated with sweets, sweethearts and love. We even call them chocolate kisses. :chockiss:The candy industry are no fools. They have seen this association forever.

By the time, I met Paul, my dear loving DH, I didn't "need" to be married and eventually I didn't need to support myself with excess food. The problem was that I had been propping myself up with excess food for so long I just didn't know where or what to go to next. Here is this Day's message: life itself has so much more to offer than excess food. Seek it. Experience it. Embrace it.

If you don't know where to start: then make a "to do" list and start checking that list off. If you are busy doing something else, chances are you won't be thinking about food.;)

Tomorrow is the last day of this book. I have spent some additional time reviewing what I read this past 6 weeks. I have also made some notes on some observances of my own experiences during this time.

My OP day yesterday meant staying under 50 grams of carbs per meal and staying within my calorie range. Streak=1. :lol: I noticed that today was the first day of December (well, these things sneak up on a person, y'know) so I decided that I am going to "attempt" (a person's reach should exceed their grasp or what's a heaven for) to lose 25% of the remaining weight that I want to per season for the upcoming year. This sounds silly but sometimes I can be: I am going to change my tickers according to the season and "reward" myself for every 5 lbs lost with a cute little icon on my signature page.

gardenerjoy I think nationalparker said it best. I too could go on and on about so called "diet doctors" since I have both seen my share and threw good money after bad in the process. My heart does go out to her but if it is any consolation, I am living proof that you can lose weight at any age. I am 60, I have pre-diabetes, I have crippling arthritis and so on; I am still doing it. You are never too old to begin to eat healthy and live a healthier lifestyle. There is hope for MIL. There is.

BBE Great Job on the 31 days of streaking. I feel crowds like you are describing sap my energy. I just feel all of my existing life breathe being sucked out of me. I do love to eat out but it is a landmine fraught with booby traps every which way you turn. Extra Kudos on strategic pre-planning.

seadwaters As a person who has not had health insurance for nearly ten years and has needed the most during that time, I am envious at a $27 bill. My DH went to a doctor for a referral that cost us $400 out of pocket and the DH took his pulse, B/P and then said "yep, you need a different doctor." I especially felt ripped off. I don't know what this Affordable Healthcare Act here in the U.S. will accomplish but I guess I am willing to take the risk and find out. Good luck on your back surgery. My back has hurt ever since falling in the shower three years ago. That is on my "to do" list when I get health insurance sometime in the future.

bethfromdayton: Great Job on all of your planning. It sounds like it is paying off. Have fun on your wintery road trip. You are going to be dealing with a lot of severe winter weather heading to St. Louis. Stay safe and warm.

Well, I changed my ticker already. I know that an unknown amount of this regain that I have had this past fall and early winter is water weight so I am basically re-losing the weight that I regained in the past several months. Still, I am excited enough to move that ticker down. I hope to be returning and doing that a couple more times before the New Year arrives.

Have a great day, all Pam :comp:

nationalparker 12-21-2013 02:41 PM

Maryann - What a wonderful WONDERFUL life day you experienced. I hope the memories and warm feelings stay with you to bring forth whenever desired. I am sitting here with a wide smile on my face, as if I had experienced your joyful day. Years ago I had written to one of my hardest (i.e., best) teachers who expected more from me and it was my heart speaking to hers. I am thankful that this student recognizes your gift to her and all of your students. Probably should have PMd you this but MAJOR credits for all of your successes this year - the size 8 suit you've been targeting to wear, the black jeans, eating until satisfied, and savoring it all. I hope at some point next year I'm able to have followed your example of slow and steady and just keep on trekkin' ...

Happy Winter Solstice, folks! I have all of our candles ready to light and dinen and open gifts by candlelight tonight.

ForMyGirls 12-21-2013 06:38 PM

Gardener joy - that Dr sounds like a shocker. Such an example of professionals who forget that the "problem" they are trying to solve is actually a person and that you need to find a solution that will work for the person!

My thinking is that it might be helpful for you MIL to know that you think the diet might be "too hard". It might be hard for her to tell you that she doesn't think she can do THIS diet, particularly because she has seen you be successful in weightloss (the old "she can do it so it must be me that is the problem" thought). If she knows that you think this might be a hard way to do it and that there are other options it might be easier for her to ask for help in finding alternatives, or to try something else if this doesn't work for her.

Depending on how assertive you are feeling you might even want to feedback to the Dr that you think help with how to actually follow the diet was missing from his advice :-)

Maryann - Happy Birthday! I am so pleased to hear you had such a fabulous day and that the fates were kind enough to send that student to talk to you on just this day. I still remember my year 8 English teacher who persevered with me and taught me how to write an essay. Writing well has opened so many doors in my life that I am constantly grateful to her. I am pleased that a bunch of students in California are lucky enough to have you enriching their lives the way she enriched mine.

GosfordGirl 12-21-2013 07:21 PM

Summer officially starts with a swelter
Morning coaches

It is going to be a hot few days here - your stories of snow and ice on the other half of the world are very enticing. I was never happiest than in Stockholm at -10C - I do like the cold and the snow. Oh well I guess the heat will pass - eventually.

Thanks ForMyGirls - I have now checked in 14 days in a row then. OP means that I ate what I planned to and didn't deviate from the plan. Well done on a streak of 16;

BillBE - yes your sardines stir a memory - I have never been able to imagine how one ate sardines (canned I assume) without toast under them. I tried your way with lettuce but just can't do it - no matter how healthy they are so credit that you can. Avoiding mounds of carbs at breakfast is a real challenge. BTW - I like the new name you have given me - I wonder who SeaSideSparkle is - but I wish I had thought of the name first :);

GardenerJoy - the diet doctor needs a bit of straight talk I think. It sounds like he might even be on to something by offering an evidence-based diet which is increasingly being shown to be effective. But he is totally unlikely to succeed and demonstrates a total lack of appreciation for the audience. An older female patient would require quite a bit of handholding as you have said to make the adjustment. If the diet appears sound it would be good if you could find resources to support her in the change - there are a couple of really good, really structured websites for an approach like this. And frankly she can pick whatever leafy greens appeal to her. I think he is just cashing in on a current fad (even if it is effective);

Nationalparker - Ouch for thoughtful neighbours leaving a little ambush for you - but you are moving on. Enjoy your Christmas tonight! Do you have dieticians and nutritionists? In australia dieticians also have undergraduate courses in science and nutrition to bachelor level - nutritionists can be diploma or no courses at all. Mind you they are still all ultraconservative;

Maryann - Happy birthday - fabulous 50! Credit for the way you managed food on the day - and I can imagine how you felt in your dream clothes. It was lovely to read. And as a teacher I totally get how you felt - thanks for sharing;

Pamatga - the shift from food-centric to a focus on something else is indeed the challenge and thanks for summarising that - I like your thoughts that we need to get to a place that we appreciate that life has so much more to offer.

I have decided that I need to rethink the snack bars - I notice that one a day has crept to two - all within range and planned but...Once I have finished the current lot - at the rate of ONE a day I will think seriously about their impact. For Christmas day I will try to adopt Maryann's strategy of "no food restrictions for the day except to stop when...satisfied" and to avoid wheat. I will see how successful that is...

Weight - same / Same as ticker; 7950/5000 steps; 5.3/3 km; Food - on plan

bethFromDayton 12-21-2013 11:26 PM

Hi all,

Today was OP food-wise. I made a ton of changes to my plan because of how the day went, but stayed well under my intended calorie count. The changes were all good choices and made sense.

Today makes Day 11 of tracking everything I ate in MFP. It'll be a bit harder the next few days while we're traveling but that's how I'm going to measure "success"--recording everything.

No real exercise today--couldn't move fast enough while running errands or shopping to even pretend that was exercise. It's certainly warm enough for a walk--but it hasn't stopped raining all day.

maryann: It sounds like the most wonderful of all possible days. Happy birthday!

Take care, all.

ForMyGirls 12-22-2013 05:00 AM

Hello coaches,

We are quite the record breakers this week. 80 points tonight :-)

My personal streak is at 17. Credit highlight of the day for me was countering and end of swimming pool excursion request for icecreams with a suggestion of waiting and having some Icecream at home instead. Saved money and allowed me to have some fruit while the others were eating Icecream. There had already been a sausage sizzle at the farmer's markets that I sat by the side for and wasn't convinced I had the willpower to not join in on Icecream. Two birds with one stone as it were.

The bit I am not happy with at the moment is helping my kids to get healthier. Hit a patch of significant resistance from my older daughter a couple of weeks ago and knocked my resolve about. I think that for her I need to not push because this needs to come from her - but I feel bad that I gave up for my little one as well. Had a useful conversation with them about it today and feeling renewed and invigorated to help the younger one and just let the older one know that the door is always open for her to join in.

BillBlueEyes 12-22-2013 07:40 AM

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Kept to my plan for 'breakfast' at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum; by skipping cereal at home I was happy to have croissants with coffee there. I did skip the sticky buns with pecans - for some reason those have twice the calories of anything else. The next challenge was a potluck dinner with friends followed by a Christmas Party with a different set of friends. I couldn't figure out how plan to do both and stay the path. Karma sometimes falls helpfully. At the potluck dinner, I ate reasonably and skipped the cookies and cake being passed around the table. At the later party where the host had insisted that we come even though it would be late, we discovered that it was a catered affair where the caterers removed all the food as part of the cleanup on their way out the door. Not long after we arrived, the food was all gone; I had not a single calorie! Such good luck. CREDIT moi for a successful food day that had multiple pot holes waiting for me to fall in. And inc my streak to 32.

Exercise was last minute shopping. Ouch. My body is ready for the holidays to be over so I get back to gym.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Good Grief! What an awful 'diet doctor' story. Kudos for bringing in your SIL's Paleo recipes to look for a way out of this for your MIL.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – The snack creep thing is a challenge - I've certainly been there. Kudos for seeking a solution early. [Ooops on my responding to you using the wrong name. D*rn cut and past.]

Pam (pamatga) – Thanks for "life itself has so much more to offer than excess food. Seek it. Experience it. Embrace it." As well as thanks for so much to think about in your post.

maryann - Can get teary-eyed here from your students words. Yay for an amazing day. And Happy Birthday.

nationalparker – Ouch for the neighbor's "BIG container of cookies" - I do wish BIG hearts could find an alternative way to express love.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – It is interesting that running around doing errands doesn't ever make it to real exercise. Kudos for a plan with a metric, "recording everything."

ForMyGirls - Congrats for remembering that your year 8 English teacher taught you to write. Kudos for reaching for sane parenting instead of beating up on yourself for not achieving your own ideal parenting.

Readers -

day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

Planned Exercise
Since exercising is not optional if you want to lose weight, be sure to choose a form of exercise that you like and can stick with. If you're not sure what you want to do, consult a friend or health-care professional (the latter is especially important if you have a health condition or have been sedentary for a long time).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 109.

gardenerjoy 12-22-2013 09:00 AM

My 100% OP streak count is 3.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts about MiL's diet. I need to get more details and make sure I'm not missing something, since what I have so far is second-hand from two different people.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +45 985/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: I love how you celebrated your birthday! Such a beautiful day with your response from your former student. A friend of mine, who turns 50 in May, is calling this her "jubilee year."

maryann 12-22-2013 01:04 PM

NationalParker: I hope your winter solstice was as beautiful as it sounds. Good luck in Florida.

Pamatga: I still have to remember this truth:life itself has so much more to offer than excess food. It is especially difficult when a plate of cookies is staring you in the face. It feels like the truth is at the bottom of the pile.

seadwaters: I can't tell you how many times I have begun using a dieting "tool" and suddenly it has taken over my meal. The most notable was when I was on Weight Watchers and ate 6 ice cream sandwiches because they were one point each. How do you justify six ice cream sandwiches?

bethfromdayton: Safe travelling. I think it is an excellent idea to stick to the basic rule "log everything you eat." I have come to understand that my compulsive overeating is at its most destructive when I let go of accountability.

ForMyGirls: It is difficult to get kids to think healthy. I have stuck to the basics with my son. I have asked him to ask himself if he has had five fruits and veggies for the day before he makes other choices. He has been pretty conscientious about it. He also eats all the meals I prepare which I try to make healthier. Then I can let go of the cr** his dad and he eat when they are on their little "excursions." Now I am teaching him to cook so he will have options in ten years when he goes to college. But he is not go to eat what I eat. He will eat smoothies with kale but no protein powder. I just think healthy living is a LONG race.

BBE: Yay for having the opportunity for naughty ripped from your hands. I wish that was more often the case for me. One of the best breakfasts I had was a pastry and an Americano in the Legion of Fine Arts in SF.

Gardenerjoy: I will now think of this as my jubilee year.

As for me, I made a couple of last minute switches in meal planning that were dubious in nature but I closed the kitchen hopefully before much damage was done. Credit for a planned walk in the mountains and a spontaneous basketball match with the boys. DS kept holding up numbers to run plays I didn't understand. DH dominated the hoop to our great regret.

pamatga 12-22-2013 04:48 PM

Day 42: Practice Ad Infinitum
Day 42: Practice and then some. This is the final day of the weight loss "walk through" in the pink BDS book.

First of all, I want to thank each and everyone of you here who have stoically allowed me to express how each day impacts me and my thoughts thereof. :thanks:

Yes, I probably took the longest of anyone here in "prepping" myself for the remainder of my weight loss journey but it has been building intestinal fortitude :lifter: which I need to cross the finish line :coach: in a very bold announcement that I will make here. I have fallen flat on my face before and if I do this year, so be it, but I will not back down from this challenge that I am about to undertake. Namely, I want to lose 2 lbs per week until I am at 135. lbs.

I love the "analogy" between the Winter Solstice and the one light in the darkness which then increases and increases until the brightness of the Summer Solstice. I want this to be an "analogy" with my weight loss journey this coming year. It is starting out small but I hope that it will end with a brightness that will carry me throughout the next 52 weeks. "Time will tell...":goodluck:

Two days "OP" so my (re)-newed streak is 2. In my decluttering recently I found a blank composition book dated 2001 (really?) and I decided to take notes of how each day goes; either observations of how well it went or what I would do better next time. :write:

Credit: staring now an unopened can of mixed nuts and package of dark chocolate last night. Talk with self: you have had all of your designated calories for today. You can wait and have this tomorrow. New mantra! It worked!:lucky:

Credit: Meals #2 and #3 were too close together and I wasn't very hungry when I made my choices for Meal #3. Wrote in my composition book: if meals aren't 3-4 hours apart (ideally 4 hours) then order less for the second meal or , be brave, and have only one very small item on menu.

Credit: Seeing the correlation between keeping my carbs under 50 grams per meal and not feeling hungry as quickly. Overall, total carbs per day is best for me when kept between 185-240 grams per day. It may be high for some diabetics but I have a fast metabolism and burn off carbs quickly. A mixed blessing because then I also crash faster as well. This is why it is critical that I monitor my blood multiple times a day. Medical name: brittle diabetic.

Credit: Looking back over the recommended meal plans that were drawn up for me last July and noticing the R.D. had half single servings at many/most meals. I did this! Wow! Revelation that I can reduce my carbs even more by using this "obvious" (except to me I guess) technique.

Credit: A group that I had been a participant in last year and which I had some shady "weight loss" reports that I am not proud of starts up on 1/1/14. The leader, a good and long standing friend, who thinks too highly of me I am afraid, emailed me and I promptly reported that I had regained a portion of the weight that I had lost last year. Honesty is truly the best policy. There, I did. I came clean. Major Credit to me. I want to earn respect, including my own.

maryann: :bday2you: I am going to sound like a real old fogey but gosh I felt like a kid when I turned 50. It just gets better! I am finally rocking 60 this year. :beach: What was an ice breaker for me when a friend (recall the food pusher) told me that he had shoes older than me. :lol: From that point on, I lightened up about my age. P.S. You and Brad Pitt just turned 50 together. Expect AARP to be sending you lots of stuff now.....;)

BBE I swear you are like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Is there no challenge that you can't step right over and say 'excuse me, but I'm walking here?" Keep on streakin' but watch the rear mirror, we are all right behind you. :D:bike:

Well, for all of the rest of you, my coaches and Becksters, have a great day.

BBE: I have been noting your titles on your post so I thought that I would add one of my own: yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle. I hate them but I do hear that they are good for your brain. Although, I might add not for your peace of mind. Now do you know a 5 letter word for "I'm outta here." ;)

Only 2 days until :hohoho: Santa comes, so be good all, Pam :comp:

nationalparker 12-22-2013 06:08 PM

I'm nearly all ready to fly out early tomorrow to my folks in Florida, escaping the "bitter cold" we're forecast here for tonight- wind chill is to be five below and should arrive to the low 80s. Day was mostly cleaning up from the baking extravaganza, and wrapping up laundry. DH is still working and dinner will most likely be a frozen trader joe's cheese pizza, which is a nice treat for me more so than DH. Will able to be within my calories today, despite treating myself to biscotti and a snickerdoodle. Only because I shrunk lunch down quite a bit. Somehow there's a credit floating around in there. I find that I tend to focus TOO much on any straying from what should be a PERFECT day, so I thank you, Bill, for reminding me that enjoying a flaky croissant in place of a regular breakfast can still allow me to be on track - the modification doesn't mean failure, and I tend to get bogged down in thinking that something that tastes better must be getting me off track. (As I get bogged down in run-on sentences, when chugging along here, too.)

Committing to checking in daily on my trip. Even if it's just a few lines from my tablet. I am reading all posts but writing few personals here lately in order to keep on track with what I have to get done around home/work.

Went out to find a replacement pair of Levis after partially scraping off the knee of my favorite pair. Thankful to find a pair that should work, but were petite, so keeping fingers crossed that they don't shrink length-wise. Well, hope they don't shrink at all, really. Looking forward to buying a new pair in a smaller size in the next few months.

bethFromDayton 12-22-2013 11:42 PM

Hi all!

This is my first 3FC post from Pegasus (my new iPad).

I did well today food-wise, in terms of making good choices. We had lunch at home before we left, which was a typical OP weekend lunch. I brought an acceptable snack with us, so that was easy, and we stopped at a Boston Market for dinner--also easy to make good choices. I have to record my evening snack yet, and then I'll be at the 12 days in a row of recording everything in MFP.

I'm hoping the weather cooperates for taking a walk tomorrow (and it'll give me an excuse to escape from my brother-in-law). Tomorrow is totally unplanned since I don't know what my in-laws will serve or if we'll go out--I have no control over most of that (although will have input in restaurant selection). However, I remain committed to making good choices and to recording everything I eat.

Best to all!

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