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Smile Day Thirteen-Overcoming Cravings

Day 13: Overcoming Cravings: Okay, fellow Beckies, now we are coming to the tough stuff for me. However, I have learned a few things from the last tour I took through Dr. Beck's book and, IMHO, this is one chapter that I wish she would have either consulted or added an co-author to. Here is why and it is based on what I have learned about my own body, metabolism, nutrition et al.

I have discovered by chance that the best way for me to "reduce cravings" is simply to eat a balanced, nutritious food plan. Period. If I want to almost wipe them out entirely then I need to add supplements to the mix. Again, by chance, last spring I decided to respond to a catalog that I kept getting and order some mega multi-vitamins from a very well-known "weight loss surgery" companion catalog. I kept wondering why they were sending this catalog to me since I have never even remotely considered having WLS (although I am not personally against it, BTW). Boy, was I ever glad that I did order those mega multi-vitamins. I swear they are the size of horse pills but they filled in the gap.

It was then that my mind starting "clicking" and I mused, "could it be that the basic of much of my unexplained cravings (barring PMS which is a whole other issue) that my body is really "starved" for nutrients that for some reason my actual food is not supplying and/or is it possible that my body simply is not absorbing all of the nutrients from the actual food that I am eating? Well, this was not a true scientific experiment since there was no blind test and test groups but it seemed pretty clear to me that when I was combining the two: the mega multi-vitamin as well as eating a balanced and healthy food plan my cravings all but "hit the road".

Which has me returning to what I "wish" Dr. Beck might have included (or if she ever writes a third book) and that is a nutritionist or doctor who specializes in obesity and weight loss to add the medical/health/nutrition aspect of weight loss. After all, since the majority are eating a lot less, we have to make each of those calories count. As I once heard or read: "nutrient rich, calorie poor".

seadwaters: I echo everyone else's sentiments. If I have learned one thing during this whole weight loss process and maintaining the loss that I have thus far is that you have to "arrange your environment" which I also take to mean the "interior space of my head between my two ears". I have discovered that, at times, I have to fight for myself and my needs in this area. Someday, you will look back and realize that part of developing your resistance muscle is also trying to put "pleasing others" in its rightful place. The Golden Rule is you can't give away what you don't have to give. By nurturing yourself daily and often, you will have that much more to share when the time comes. You will please us when you put yourself first. " 'Nuff said".

I am sorry that you "used" food to punish yourself. Forgive yourself. Give yourself a wonderful non-food reward, shrug your shoulders and say "Oh well." Congrats on being OP for part of the day. Yes, that does count!

maryann Oh my dear. I am so sorry that your Mt. Vesuvius had to erupt right before the holidays. I had a mini melt-down about two days before T-Day. I just broke out crying. I simply don't why other than all of the "expectations" a person has for the holidays and how it sometimes brings back all of those "perfectionist" tendencies that I have worked so hard on releasing. Love is being sent your way. Take care.

gardenerjoy Good Job on staying OP 6 days in a row.

ForMyGirls: I was also OP with both my food plan and workouts for Friday as well so for me it is 5 days in a row or 10 points. Great Job on the stand off with hunger. I have accepted that hunger is just plain a part of my weight loss journey and so I just "shrug" when it happens. I stand my ground and refuse to eat something until "it is time" for my next meal/snack. I also have found copious cups of hot coffee or tea also work well in keeping my stomach full.

BBE: I used to hit all of the Black Fridays but I didn't this year because what I wanted was not on their list of "deals". I am holding out for a bigger flat screen t.v. for one thing. I was half-surprised about some of the crowds being less than they had expected. I wonder if by opening up on T-Day evening at 8 p.m. it took some of the "air" out of some people's balloons. One young woman interviewed said that was the case with her. Congrats on getting yourself a new washer/dryer and an apple to boot. You are my role model. You are as steady as the Rock of Gibraltar.

nationalparker: I just love it when our men folk listen to us. I keep telling DH that a man's wisest counselor is his wife. So glad your sweetie realized that. GB him for doing all of that work. Being a handyman rates high on my list as "desirable and enviable" traits since I am always "either in the middle of a DIY project, planning one or just finishing one up." I am not happy if I am not.

To all those who are reading but haven't the time to post, I am sending out your way. You too are in my thoughts even if I don't mention your name here. Love to you!

Take care, Pam

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Hi Coaches

Spent day working and ignoring cravings! I realised some undesirable foods had "snuck" into my plan. So at the moment I am eliminating all sugar and sweet things because I think they trigger problems. And I am going to stay away from milk in my smoothies in the morning as I think it leads to an insulin spike - so went out today and bought low carb, organic almond milk.

I went shopping for food and ignored the sweets and the other liberties that have been sneaking in. I am back on track hopefully. You don't know how it pains me to alter my ticker up and remove myself from onederland

Checked in 2 days in a row - credit
+ 0 lb (today) / + changed tracker
5.8 / 3
Had a plan and followed it well - no sweets, no wheat, no gratuitous carbs
Logged food in MFP

stay well

Short Term Goal

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