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  • Found Beck online and have been reading the daily support for a week. It has helped. Put book in Amazon wishlist. But can I just buy the workbook and start the program?

    I have been doing the 5:2 fasting diet and it has been very successful. I am in this for the long haul. I am changing the way I think this time. I have never felt successful even when I lost weight because of my defeating thoughts. My thoughts are going to be different this time and I am going to learn to maintain this time.

    Some of the reasons I want to lose weight:
    Be healthy
    Smaller size jeans
    Live longer for kids
    Feel more comfortable in skin/clothes

    Hope you are all well.
  • Good Friday morning, fellow Beckites. Beckians?

    And the best I can say about this week is, it will soon be in the rear-view mirror. Back OP last night and this morning, credit. Plan for lunch, credit. Did my walking yesterday, credit.

    I think I'm beginning to understand the difference between settling for less than I know I can do, versus accepting what-is at a particular time. This is also partly because I had the chance to see the same distinction this week about another big goal in my life - a writing project. Interesting.

    LoseToAll, I do a modified on-off plan. I'm OP (on plan) 6 days per week, and usually allow one free (but not insane) day per week. You've also started what looks to me like your Advantages list - you'll read about that in the book. Me personally, I'd encourage you to get that book off your Wish List and to your front door ASAP! It'll be the best $15 or $20 you spend!
  • Thanks!
    Thanks all for welcoming me and offering your support

    BillBlueEyes Surfing for a diet tracker led me to Fitpal. Searching there (for something I can't now remember) I came across a reference to a B thread there, which apparently wasn't well used. Curious, I Googled to find out more - and here I am. And yes, I'm reading the "Pink Book".

  • checking in on a Friday in November
    Coaches, Hello.

    I did not get to my weigh in yesterday as I had to have proof of my monthly pass which needs to be printed from the Weightwatchers online site, which I put off and put off and then we lost the whole of the internets. Since you are reading this you can rest assured it is up again. Thank goodness. Weigh-in will be tomorrow morning instead. *credit for not using this glitch to eat*

    My 2-years-in-the-making collaborative art show opened last night to a full house! Amazing. I am in a potters' guild and we have a weavers and spinners' guild above us in a century+ historical home. As part of the deal with our town we also manage and run a historical tea room and craft/art gallery. It seemed natural to me that the two guild should meld their mediums and so we proposed the idea two years ago and the opening was last night,a huge success. The place was full and everyone was thrilled and they felt a little "pride of ownership" so to speak, something that was sorely missing when I joined almost 3 years ago.
    People were asked to contribute appetizers or desserts and I held it to my minimum. *credit moi* I kept thinking I did not want to undo my efforts at the gym. I completed my first week of 4 workout this morning btw. *credit moi encore*

    Tonight I am crafting a grocery list and finally we get to go real grocery shopping. Thankfully my commitments are drawing to a close. Will report back in the morning with the results of my weigh-in. Good to be back amongst you all--new and old and returning and lurking!
  • Good Evening, Coaches.

    Welcome to MikeB and LosetoAll. I think the workbook and the book offer the same information but someone may correct me. I know it is tempting to jump right into dieting but what set this program apart for me was that I practiced the skills BEFORE I had to deal with the emotions that came up with eating less.

    I can sympathize with nationalparker. Work was all consuming today. I am beat but I still have a little boy to help through homework and music and a husband to help sort through the half of a pig we bought (FFA). Just ordered pizza so I don't have to cook but for me THE KITCHEN IS CLOSED. The pizza is for the boys.

    Checked in because I want to remember that eating pizza does NOT make me less overwhemed or tired.
  • Hi all,

    I have a credit for today--at about 1:45, I wanted my afternoon snack--I even took the bag of crackers from the cabinet--and then I thought to myself "No--you don't snack this early." and PUT THEM BACK. And waited until 3:00 (normal snack time) before having my snack.

    My daughter and I talked about it--I told her I think I'm going to put response cards in the car to read before I start driving home from work. Evening is my hard time--and that'll keep me focused when it's hardest for me. I need to remind myself how far I've come, how hard I've worked to get here, and how important it is to me to stay the course.

    I have breakfast planned with a friend tomorrow morning--but breakfast is one of the easiest meals for me to order out and stay OP!

    maryann: Credit for closing the kitchen--especially in the face of pizza.

    LoseToAll, if you possibly can, buy the book. There are some used ones on Amazon for $1 plus $4 shipping. (I don't know how it compares to the workbook--I have the pink book and really like it. I have the other book, too (mine is white but that's because it doesn't have its book cover). I re-read the pink one more.

    anakin: One poster used to call us "Becksters"--I always kind of liked that one, but I don't think we ever reached a consensus or anything. That's a useful distinction--what is settling and what is accepting.

    MikeB: Sounds like a great trail led you here.

    onebyone: Congrats on your opening--and credit for keeping to your food plan in the face of that temptation.

    gardenerjoy: Congrats on facing down the wine--that can be hard to do--especially good wine! Thanks for the hugs--I needed them. And now I'm going to make tomorrow's food plan!

    nationalparker: I hope this weekend rejuvenates you from your rough week.

    BillBE: I think I want it tattooed on my eyeballs "not about me".

    Take care, all!

    Edited to add: tomorrow's food is planned and in MFP.
  • Welcome LoseToAll

    And, in case you didn't get one of these 18 months ago,

    How did you find the Beck online?

    And how did you find our Beck thread here on 3 Fat Chicks?
  • Saturday
    Diet Coaches/Buddies Walk, CREDIT moi, included the library where I picked up the book Captain Phillips. I wanted to see how it differed from the movie. It's one of those books where the movie was better. The book reads like a transcription of his story as he tells it at a party - needs some editing of cliches that we accept so readily in personal speech but find tiring in written works. I also wasn't interested in the drama that his family experienced back in Vermont which was a large part of the book.

    Eating was OK, CREDIT moi, although I found some tree nuts for my afternoon snack - the kitchen needs restocking of healthy foods. The supermarket had huge stacks of pumpkin pie filling - was good to see seasonal stuff that wasn't candy. I was tempted to buy dried figs, but didn't since my urge was for LOTS of figs, not just a small addition to breakfast.

    onebyone Monster Congrats for making the onebyone collaborative art show a reality. Yep, Kudos for giving yourself "credit for not using this glitch to eat."

    Joy (gardenerjoy) Yay for seeing the exhibit and leaving the walking appetizers behind.

    maryann - Sending energy to keep going when you're beat and have a DH, DS, and half a pig in need of your attention.

    nationalparker Here's to leaving work at the office - I know that's a tough one.

    Beth (bethFromDayton) Evening is my hard time, too. Kudos for designing strategies to counter that.

    anakin - Figuring out the difference between "settling" and "accepting" is one of life's ongoing challenges - Kudos for working that.

    MikeB - Glad to hear that google still helps folks find us here.

    LoseToAll - Kudos for a week already reading the Beck daily support. Re books: onebyone has used the work book only and was happy with that. If you're going to buy a book, I'd recommend buying one of the others. I used the Pink book, others have used the Green book; you can read reviews of both books at Book Reviews. My take is that you do need one of the three books to really get the strategies into the brain. (I got the Pink Book from the library before I bought my copy.)

    Neat that you've already found your diet, and specially neat that you already have committed to, "I am in this for the long haul." Glad you've joined us.

    Readers -
    Week 2 Get Set: Prepare to Diet

    How did Week 1 go for you? If you accomplished each day's task, then the likelihood that you're going to succeed on the Beck Diet Solution program is excellent.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 97.
  • tonight and this week and everything

    *credit* for my official weigh-in of 266.9 a whopping 8.3lbs down from my start on Oct.31st! I credit the gym workouts giving me that extra boost and a very late evening weighin after soup for giving me an extra high start weight--but I credit moi for re-starting.

    I am going to decide on a reward for reaching my 5% weightloss goal=261.6. I think seeing two movies in a row at the theatre will be my reward. I used to love doing that when I worked at the cinemas.

    Today is a challenge. We are off to see Evil Dead The Musical tonight. We have tickets "in the splash zone" and we were told to wear white t-shirts and there was discussion of "ruining the car seats" on our way home so maybe we should take public transit. Hmmm.
    We are going with DH's Brother and his wife--whose father is being released from hospital today and sent home as there is nothing the dr.'s can do for him -- he was supposed to have a bypass and dialysis and nothing is going to happen so he's being sent home to die today and his only living relative, his daughter, my SIL, is going to this musical? I'm a bit incredulous. My BIL is emotionally clueless always and doesn't like his spouse's father and she is his only family... I can't understand being able to be away from your only relative, who really, may die while you are out. ? Anyway, we'll see what's going on there. I didn't know she was on her own. I would have gone to the hospital just to support her. I sure hope she has friends who did that for her...

    Anyway, pizza is planned for us when we get there. I will have 2 slices.

    Bye for now.
  • Good Morning, Coaches.

    I spent a fun morning in my closet trying everything on and donating anything a size too big. I felt a little hesitant because they weren't THAT big but I stayed the course. I am not going back up to the weight they look best. They are very nice and expensive work clothes but I reminded myself someone will love to get them. It makes me happy to know that everything in my closet now fits and is becoming. One of my advantage cards for the last two years says "I will wear my two Jones New York suits." I did that this morning. They fit beautifully.

    The next big milestone is my new black boots. If I see 149 on the scale, I am taking the day and go to my favorite mall and buying myself a pair. I want to go today but I know that even though I am currently less than three pounds away, it will take me a least month to lose that. Acceptance is my answer to all my problems.

    Kept the kitchen closed last night. Pilates is planned for today as is LOTS of puttering. It is the opening of pheasant hunting today. My boys are not hunters but there are lots of traditions (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) of which I bowed out. It feels good to not have to battle three food events. Tomorrow evening is game night out with adults and there will be lots of food. I am thinking of having my dinner smoothie before I go and just closing the kitchen down promising myself a nice sushi dinner by myself the next day. That worked for Halloween.

    BethfromDayton: i completely agree that mainentance requires as much effort as weightloss. Doesn't seem fair. (Review my "acceptance" comment above.)

    onebyone: Credit for the big loss. That is terrific
  • BillBlueEyes. I did a search online to find the Beck website and did a search on 3fc for "Beck" and it came up. It is not easy to find unless Beck is a keyword.

    I still haven't decided on the book yet but I may buy it used from Amazon. I think I will go with the pink one. The question is if the workbook is worth it.

    I am doing well today staying in calorie count even going out to breakfast with husband. We went shopping together and got all this holiday food. High calories but I am going to try and work in a little into the diet. Small portions and accountable. I just need to not go shopping with my husband. If I had not been there we would not have bought it. I have no self control that is what I am working on. Always having a plan to overcome challenges is my goal.

    Hope you all have a good day.
  • Happy weekend, all! Not been the most productive but this evening, I'm relaxing and melting into the couch for a bit here.

    Last night we went out for a bbq dinner and planned on a cheap movie ... then went to a hardware store to roam the aisles before the late movie start time. Looked at the vanity tops/sinks that we would like. Well - let's just buy it now and do this project tonight. Jackpot! Found faucets we both liked on sale and hauled everything home at 10 p.m. ... old vanity top/sinks was removed and box opened and new one was broken. ARGH. Stores are closed by this time. So that meant the project is now on hold as DH is back to work nights now. Got everything squared away, including vanity top for another bathroom and a stove while we had the truck. Projects are piled up for DH ... poor guy. There is only so much I can help with, too. ... I'm the one who runs back to the hardware store for whatever we need mid-project.

    Trying to talk myself out of dinner tonight - lunch was late and plenty to get me through the rest of the evening.

    To those considering buying the Beck book - I checked it out several times from my library before getting it from as a used book (pink one). Now if it just FOLLOWED IT more honestly to myself.

    In an attempt to see positives, credits today include not getting lunch from chipotle on the way home with the goodies from the hardware store ... so far skipping a meal I don't need just because it's dinner time ... hm. That's all I got. Phooey.

    Bill - Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the book, Captain Phillips ... I liked the movie - the intensity of it surprised me because I knew how the situation ended of course. But I think it was because I didn't really click with the captain on his "tour" afterward. Tom Hanks, however, I like. I saw the previews for Saving Mr. Banks coming out next month and again, Tom Hanks will draw me to the theatre.

    Beth - Hang in there and kudos for working to figure out a way to stay on track in the evenings. You've been a major inspiration to me for focusing and just doing it every day. Stick with it. I'm interested to see the next phase because I'm struggling with it myself. In my early 30s, I was 190 down to 135, then up to 150-155 after 10 years and I was okay with a few pounds a year adding up there... but up 20 more now is not okay but I'm fighting it like crazy to get a pound down now. Not following my words and thoughts and desires with actions. Sorry for the long "me" note - but I almost want it in my face that it's so doable and I'm just not doing it

    Maryann - you're still showing me to stick with it and I thank you. Acceptance of stuff is very hard for me sometimes. I'm really struggling to keep focused with work stress and a DH who loves me dearly and for whom my weight is not an issue. I get to thinking, well, heck, I'm not getting anywhere, I deserve extra food after a hard day... certainly not what I need to do. MAJOR kudos for getting into those two suits. I love the visuals that it CAN be done.

    Apologies for ramblings here.
  • Hi everyone,

    Checking in after 2 days of not doing so well. Eating poorly and too much. Tomorrow needs to look like this:

    -weigh myself done
    -exercise bike in AM done
    -walk in PM done
    -track at Sparks done
    -read advantage and response cards done
    -breakfast- egg whites and oat bran done
    -lunch- salad, chick peas and tuna done
    -afternoon snack- yogurt and berries done
    -dinner- brown rice, chicken, veggies done
    -PM snack- oatmeal and yogurt and berries done
    -make a plan for next weeks dinners done
    -check in here to make sure all these are accomplished done

    Edit: going to bed right now so that eating more today is not an option!

  • Sunday
    Diet Coaches/Buddies Worked all day running a new Cable TV cord to the wall in the Living Room where DW wants the TV to live since we repainted a year ago. The cable had to go through the major sill beam of the house - Ouch. I don't like drilling into supporting beams. CREDIT moi for doing what I had to do.

    Snacks weren't best as I want to eat to deal with frustrations doing what I had planned to be a simple job. Someday I'll remember that no job is simple. Walked, CREDIT moi, to dinner at an Indian place where I ate reasonably, including only a small chunk of DW's nan. Nan, which my digestive system knows is just white bread, tastes like heaven. And it carries much butter - like English Muffins.

    onebyone Yay for the consequences of gym. Can't wait to hear what "in the splash zone" means at a performance.

    CeeJay - Kudos for checking in and moving forward.

    maryann - Yay for suits that "fit beautifully."

    nationalparker Ouch for the reality of any construction task facing such pains as a DOA faucet. Kudos for biting the bullet and starting the project at 10pm at night. [I didn't like that aspect of the book, Captain Phillips, where he spoke of himself in the what-a-great-captain-am-I tone. Made me think it was his salvo against the lawsuit from some crew members that they weren't well taken care of during the pirating. I did build a respect for the Merchant Marine of all nations from the reading, though.]

    LoseToAll - "Small portions and accountable" sounds like a great plan. My take is that you don't need the workbook in addition to the Pink Book, but someone here might have used both.

    Readers -
    Week 2 Get Set: Prepare to Diet

    Okay, on to Week 2. There's much more that goes into successful dieting than you many have realized. By the end of this week, you're going to know a great deal more. You're going to have more time and energy available for dieting, to be able to motivate yourself to exercise, to understand the importance of setting a short-term weight-loss goal, and to differentiate between and tolerate hunger and cravings. It'll be so wonderful once you find out - once and for all - that you never have to be concerned about feeling hungry or compelled to eat.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 97.
  • Hey everyone. I am down two more pounds. I am liking the eating for over 8 hours very well. I have found now that 10-6 works really well. I had one treat this week - it was not planned, but I adjusted the rest of the day as well as the next, so I think I bounced back well.

    I joined the Y last week and worked out this morning and I feel...tired in a stretchy way. I went intending to try out the pool...but I left my swimcap home (and I thought I had packed well and was so prepared!!) so I went to the fitness room instead. I tried out the stationary bike and several of the weight machines. I hope to get there once a week on either T/W/Th and then once on the weekends. It was fun and I think it will be a nice change.

    so far skipping a meal I don't need just because it's dinner time ... hm. That's all I got. Phooey.
    I think this is a huge credit!!!

    - you have a great plan!

    Waving Hi to everyone, especially MikeB and LoseToAll!!

    OK - just wanted to ask onebyone - does your art show run for a few weeks or was it just the one night?? Also, great weight loss!!!