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Gardenerjoy. Glad you are okay. Thought about you this morning watching Today show this morning.

Still waiting for Beck book to arrive. I am hoping it will be here on Wed. But read the daily solution posts on the Beck website and they help so much. And this site keeps me on track. I don't post often but I read always.

MikeB. I have a hard time with Kindle looking back. I do it often when I am reading and Kindle is hard to find maps, pictures, enlightening paragraphs. I read fast so sometimes I skim and want to go back.

I am having trouble with being hungry too. I know I am not going to die but I panic and get overwhelmed when hungry. I really comfort myself when eating and being full. Mentally I am messed up but I hope it will get easier with Beck.

I am doing 5:2 fasting and today is fast day so I am limited to 500 calories. I have my food plan and I have to make it until noon so I can eat two meals. I usually go vegetarian all day on fast day. That way I can eat alot of stuff and be full.

Hope you all have a good day.
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Good Morning, Coaches.

Like Sparks, BBE and others, I have to talk back to my body and say, "You have eaten enough. Your hunger is a trap set by our brain to check out of some emotions we are feeling." I am practicing resistance right now trying to back up my phone in a Starbucks. Lunch is in two hours. Not right now.

Weight is at ticker. I should clean house today and do Pilates. but feeling way to distracted to commit this moment. For right now, I will finish chores until the phone is done, have a spinach feta wrap at Starbucks and then make a plan for the rest of the day. I know I am a little exhausted still from the emotional weekend and an old pattern is to push myself even further so that I will break down. This would give me an excuse to eat.

So far this hour, I am cosy with an Americano and doing first things first.

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Hi everyone! I am not a stranger to either Beck Diet Principles nor to this group although I haven't posted any comments for about 15 months. To be honest, I am not even sure if I will pick up where I left off so I hope it is okay that I sit in for awhile as I work through the mental process of what it is I need to be doing right now for myself. About six weeks ago, I began posting once a week on another one of the threads here on 3FC. It was a start to getting back to being connected after a long absence but I just feel like I would like to determine what exactly I need to do next.

So, having said that, I hope that I may "re-join" this group effort. I still have both of the Beck books. I will break them open again and start from Day 1.

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Hello Everyone,

LoseToAll- I think you will be glad that you ordered the book. I have read many, many books about weight loss and it is the only one that has really made an impact on me.

maryann- I agree that special food days are a pain. I just want to avoid those right now and they pop up so much, especially at work. So much easier to deal with food at home.

BillBlueEyes- Laughing about telling the difference between artists, grad students and the homeless. A different world. We had about 6 inches of snow over the weekend and really enjoyed watching the birds at the feeder- blue jays, chickadees, pine grosbeaks, nuthatches, woodpeckers- our usual crowd. We invested in a webcam so are also entertained in the morning watching the racoons swinging off the feeder.

sparks17-good reminder that hunger is not an emergency.

nationalparker-so scary waiting for a tornado. Hope all is well.

MikeB- you are off to a great start!!

silverbirch- waving hello across the ocean.

gardenerjoy- isn't it great that even when things aren't in a routine we can still keep doing some of the things we need to do to be healthy?

ForMyGirls- hope you really enjoy your holiday at the beach. That sounds wonderful.

onebyone- so happy for you about going to the gym. How was Zumba?

anakin- credit for exercising with a bad knee.

Lexxiss- great job giving yourself credit for good moments in a day that was not perfect.

bethFromDayton- I had a really negative overfull moment on Friday night. I felt horrible and had trouble sleeping. I was glad for it because maybe that keeps me from doing that again.

pamatga- welcome back. I have been back for about the last month or so and am finding posting here very helpful. I am planning on staying put and dealing with my weight.

For me- have had a nasty cold for about 6 days now. I am sick of being sick. I took the day off work today but really need to get in tomorrow- dreading it as it is a hotel night and know I will want to be in my own bed. Winter arrived this weekend so am working on accepting that. I am sure the snow we got this weekend won't melt- especially as it is supposed to be -15 next weekend. I won't complain as we have had a beautiful fall.

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Default Back again again

Good afternoon coaches

I have survived the last few weeks of sitting vigil with my father and family, and dealing with his passing, and organising funerals and wakes, and doing honour to the man who he was. And now it is time to move on and get back on track.

I spent the weekend preparing for return to work after 10 weeks of sick leave (after spinal surgery - which was really successful for healing pain I had had for years). I spent the weekend packaging up and freezing meat plus marinades - chicken with shawarma spices, fish or lamb with chermoula, beef with porcini crust, etc. I just need to grab a package in the morning and put it in fridge and as it defrosts it marinates and then I cook it with veggies in the evening - very easy last night. If i don't plan and prepare I am a disaster - and I do like nice food and if it is all too hard I eat rubbish. The discussion about hunger was a useful reminder - it is not an emergency, I can deal with it, and it is good for building up my flabby resistance muscle! I need to apply it after dinner because my plan is falling apart a little then - all suggestions were helpful

Have a food plan
Close the kitchen after dinner
Walk up 4 flights of stairs (about what I can manage ATM)
Walk 5000 steps and > 3km

Thanks for listening
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Checking in at the end of another busy day. I'm weary but stayed on track today... stringing together several good days feels good. Even with my tornado worrying yesterday, I pulled out a small notebook and made holiday lists instead of grazing.

Goal tomorrow is to get out of work in the daylight and get in activity.

Still want to see Enough Said...maybe Thursday night. Next week we'll see Chris Botti ... this will be the third time ...LOVE him. Such a treat.
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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Standard walk, CREDIT moi, followed later by an extra walk to the library ostensibly to return four books but primarily to bask in the warm day. Walking in November without need for coat is heavenly. I checked out Malcolm Gladwell's new book David and Goliath with the full intention of hating it for being obvious, redundant, and long winded. This doesn't seem rational, but the librarian laughed and told me it was OK.

Food was good enough, CREDIT moi. The times during the day that I'm doing something I really want to be doing are easy; the times when I'm doing something I'm supposed to be doing snacks loudly call my name. Last night the disaster struck - the old Maytag didn't spin the clothes. We hung them on a line in the basement to drip dry enough to go in the gas dryer. Today I have to commit to trying to fix an old machine - me or the man who charges $150 to show up at the door - or go buy a new one before DW does laundry on Thursday. The conflict with buying a new one is between uber green front loading or a top loader like we've used for years.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats on your Hurricane Exercise Plan. Glad you sidestepped one awful storm.

CeeJay - Ouch for that lingering cold. Kudos for thinking ahead about your hotel stay. So jealous of your Pine Grosbeak. I've never seen one - they don't find desirable coniferous woods in Boston, LOL.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for "Scale is coming down."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Sending supportive thoughts on the passing of your father and all the emotions of dealing with that. Glad the surgery worked on the pain. Kudos for such variety in your prepared meals - appealing foods help with staying the path.

Pam (pamaga) – Good plan to get your head back into the Beck way of thinking by reading and remembering that you're part of this group. Yep, you may "re-join" this group effort and contribute to it.

maryann - Powerful thought to ponder next time I'm 'hungry,' " hunger is a trap set by our brain to check out of some emotions."

nationalparker – Good days when feeling weary is Kudos stuff. Amazing that you can make holiday lists when hiding from tornadoes.

ForMyGirls - "NOT buying chocolate" does wonders for the resistance muscle.

LoseToAll - Neat to go vegetarian when allocating a tiny 500 calories. I like the visual of a full plate and green salad serves that well.

Readers -
day 8 Create Time and Energy

For Lauri, Friday dinners were usually such a struggle because she was worn out from the work week. Although Lauri would have preferred to cook for her family on Fridays, she reluctantly recognized that it made more sense for her to buy prepared food to serve them. She was then able to reserve her energy for the many activities she had to do on weekends: attend her kids' sporting events, catch up with household tasks, and keep up with her busy social schedule. Lauri also negotiated with her husband to do more child care so she'd have time to properly prepare meals for her family and herself.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 98.
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Good Morning, Coaches.

Drs. Appt today. This is a new GP I am seeing in hopes of getting more help for my mood swings. It makes me review my last three months of cutting out processed and highly allergenic food. Ifeel things are different but it is difficult to assign causation.

Weight below ticker which is major credit because I had to sit in a Starbucks all day yet didn't eat excessively. Food planned. Reaffirming I will NOT eat my planned food standing up.

Seadwaters: I am sorry about the passing of your father.

BBE: We have both a top loader (new ) at the cabin and a front loader here. The new top loaders are supposed to be just as green. I kind of like it better because if I forget to put something in, I can just open the door mid cycle. No go with the front loader.
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Green Tomatoes
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I've got a plan for today. I even pre-selected a salad from the on-line menu of the place I'm meeting my brother for lunch.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +45 860/1400 minutes for November, Food: 80% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome back, pamatga! It's great to see you here.

seadwaters: wonderful to see you back as well. So sorry for your loss. It seems you have handled things as well as can be expected at this time and maybe a bit better.

BillBlueEyes: we were skeptical about a front-loading washer, but it turns out we like it just fine.
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Hi Coaches!

A quick check in...I have a meetup with the heating guy at 10, which includes a long crawl to a furnace we're going to look at together. I've already been up to crawl back and install new light bulbs so we can see. I'm grateful to be able to do this. It's another thing that wasnt possible at my high weight. credit.
I was VeganBefore6 yesterday then had dinner out w/mom and DH. I was mindful and had a small portion of fish with veggies and salad. I could have done better w/ dessert and could have also done worse. Scale still moves back down this morning which indicates I'm doing OK.

Cheryl(seadwaters), I am sorry to hear of your dad's passing, yet glad you shared that you were able to be with him and other members of your family. Sending supportive thoughts as you head back to work and get right back to your food plan, alaBeck.

Pam(atga), welcome back!

After the heating appt I take my mom down to a medical appt. I'm looking forward to a peaceful visit to WhFoods for a few groceries, and possibly a pay by the minute shoulder/back massage.
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Fast yesterday went okay. Went over calories by 100 but I just said "oh well" and tried to figure out why I stuffed that orange chicken in my mouth even after I was done with my dinner. I had already finished my salad and I was not hungry but I was making dinner for my family and there I was stuffing it in my mouth. I stopped myself before I got out of control but how can I just lose my brain and stuff my face with off plan food. I just go into a frenzy.... I don't get it. I did stop myself that is a credit and I didn't just say "I might as well have a bunch now that I have broken down" credit.

I am down 2 lbs to 230.5. I want to be at 230 on Friday weigh-in. I have a plan and I am going to stick with it and not beat myself up about messing up.

BBE We have a new front load washer and we have to keep the door open to keep it from smelling. I miss being able to throw my used rags in the washer out of sight between washes and I know it is supposed to clean as well but you use special soap that does not bubble up as much. Just the idea is all. The one good thing is that we stacked ours and now we have more room in the laundry closet so I am thankful for that.

Well hope you are all well. Have a great OP day.
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Smile Day One: Once Again!

Thanks all for the warm welcome back!

It will probably take me a few weeks to get everyone's name and where they "are at" in their own personal journey but I promise that I will do my best to acknowledge each and everyone of you as you work the BDS.

seadwaters (Cheryl): Condolences on your father's recent passing. My Mom was buried five years ago today, November 19th, and I understand what you are experiencing.

CeeJay: hope you are feeling better with your cold.

Lexxiss (Debbie): congratson the scale going down.

Gardener joy and nationalparker: I was flabbergasted when I saw that southern IL and the Ohio Valley was having tornadoes in mid-November! I learned this weather trivia this past summer: the U.S. has the most tornadoes in the world; some years as much as 1000. Canada follows us with around 100 per year and, on rare occasion, a water spout from the Pacific Ocean will come to northern Australia and spawn a land tornado. So, this is definitely a unique U.S. "weather phenomena".

ForMyGirl: Kudos on resisting your chocolate craving. Is this just any "old" chocolate or something specific? I allow dark chocolate (70-80% cacao) in my food plan as long as it is planned, recorded and within my daily calorie range for that day. I don't know if this is "kosher" with the rest of the group but dark chocolate beats out the competition in terms of anything sweet in my book. Now, what does Dr. Beck have to say about that? I will read and see, I guess.

LoseToAll: this past summer I was in a 4 week food challenge on another site and the goal was 7 servings of vegetables every day. Man, is that the way to cut your daily calorie consumption down by 1/3-1/2! I applaud you on your weekly cycling regarding that. Vegetables and lots of them is the KEY to so much that is good in life.

BBE: I plan on getting a new washer and dryer after the first of the year. All I know is I want red for the color. I had never thought about going "green". I guess, I will have to find out if my favorite red ones are also "green". Decisions, decisions.

Mike: sounds like you like the Kindle a lot. So does my sister. I like books with pictures that I can touch, mark in and go back over and over. Progress comes slow to me. I am always one step behind everyone else.

If I have missed anyone else, I apologize.

Last night, while watching the semi-finals of DWTS, I read the first three chapters of the pink BDS. I have read it cover to cover a few years ago and I read all of my highlighted parts as well as took some notes. So, today is "officially" Day One. My reasons for losing the remainder of my weight still remain the same with improved health still #1. What I do hope to gain from the BDS is the ability to handle life's stresses without resorting to falling back into old food behaviors as well as stalling my weight loss overall; which is what has happened in the past six months.

However, I am quite pleased to share that many of the "skills" that the good doctor proposes have "stuck" and I have been using them, even if I had forgotten where I had learned them in the first place. So, now I just need to put the ones that I most need into daily practice.

Today's "to do" list: is to continue with my pre-moving "organizing" (time to start boxing up books and such), doing my chair aerobics and playing cards.

Take care everyone
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Default Patience, Patience . . .


BillBlueEyes, Ceejay, Pamatga, Sparks17, LoseToAll Thanks all for your support!

Gardenerjoy How interesting that your hunger instinct is “broken.” Did you do the “breaking”? One diet recommends eating only when not hungry, which often means waiting until hunger wears off. Is that what you did?

ForMyGirls You say that for you: “ . . . a little bit hungry is actually a normal / perfectly tolerable way to be . . . “. A lot of people agree with you: some eat until they feel only two-thirds full, whilst others put on their plates only two-thirds of what they think they can eat. (BTW - Rachmaninov “Vespers” – here it’s often sung at a one-day event by singers who’ve practised at home with the score, MIDI files and an on-line MIDI player, which is what I’m doing)

Lexiss Ooops! I seem to have developed such tunnel vision about my own diet that I thought no diets allowed snacks Thanks for putting me straight

Today I checked out my target weight loss on two different trackers. Alas – Unrealistic Expectations Seems I’m in for a longer haul. Oh, well! So I “arranged my environment” a little, by throwing out food that wasn’t going to be eaten in the foreseeable future, and ordering in supplies which will hopefully offer enough variety.

Also ordered the Beck workbook.

Current mini-goal – lose another 5 lb.

Take care, all of you
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Hello coaches,

Welcome back Pamatga - committing to doing something and then taking the time to think what the 'something' needs to be sounds like an excellent plan. Looking forward to hearing what the 'something' turns out to be. On the topic of tornadoes - I have not ever heard of a tornado in Oz but we do have cyclones a fair bit (especially up north) - not sure what the technical difference is, but it seems like the trauma is pretty similar. And on the chocolate front - yes, any old chocolate. Probably my biggest bad eating habit is opportunistic "now's my chance" snacking - the " I am doing the grocery shopping - therefore I deserve some fudge" or "I'm here checking the PO Box so wouldn't it be a good idea to have a snickers bar while I'm at it" variety!

Seadwaters - so sorry to hear of the loss of your father.

LosetoAll - loved your story of the orange chicken. For me one of the MOST useful things from Beck is the "no eating standing up". I have slipped on it recently but when it as well imbedded it meant that those "oops I just ate 5 handfuls of cashews" moments just don't happen!

Having a lovely birthday at the beach. Healthy and delicious meals with small amounts of treats like croissants and Camembert cheese and lots of luscious fresh fruit and vegies (we are just arriving in the season of mangoes and ripe luscious watermelon) - YUm. So thrilled to be able to run around on the beach with my babies. Reflecting last night on where I was the last time I crossed into a new decade. Particularly delighted by how "in the moment" my life is right now - as opposed to my 30th when life was very much about anticipating the future.
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Hi coaches
Survived a stressful day - work - I will be pleased to retire at the end of next year. There comes a time to go.

BillBE - I converted to a front loader when I went to Stockholm in 1997 and washed a black top with a white tissue in the pocket. The tissue came out whole and the black faded not a bit over 8 weeks of washing. I have had top loaders ever since - good for constant drought and guilt about water usage in Australia

Thanks for all the welcome backs - it helps

I stayed on plan and have my dinner in the oven. I walked 4.2 km (over required 3 KM) and walked 6230 steps - more than the 5000 I am for at the moment. I closed the kitchen last night which worked. I only walked up 2 flights of stairs - need to work on that tomorrow

Goals for tomorrow
Have a food plan (Pack lunch)
Close the kitchen after dinner
Walk up 4 flights of stairs (about what I can manage ATM)
Walk 5000 steps and > 3km

Thanks coaches
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