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Interesting to me at a gals' night out last night after work to celebrate a birthday (first time we've gathered for that) ... evolved into a gripe-fest and I kept my trap shut, but it was interesting before that. One person said how she absolutely dreaded coming in to work every morning, would sit in her car and think how can I get through this. Now she's loving her job. The difference? 90% of her job has been given to me in this project. And now I'M the one dreading it. Thankfully I'm now sharing the project with someone; we're working through it a day, sometimes an hour, a meeting, an email, at a time.

They've "moved" Halloween here to tomorrow night. This blows me away - I trick-or-treated in rain as a little kid in Florida, but not here. Next they'll move Christmas to July so it's safer roads without snow.
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Ilene the Bean
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gardenerjoy : Thank you!! I've joined the thread ....
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I find myself not wanting to stop by until I have time to both read everyone's post and think about a way to comment or encourage I feel guilty and then I don't post at all!

I am doing ok. No Halloween candy around here - we live in an apartment building and the kids in the building must go elsewhere because no one has ever knocked on our door. We never took our kids trick or treating, but often went to a party where there were plenty of treats.
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Wow, sparks, you're down 37 pounds?! You're my hero!
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Ilene the Bean
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Originally Posted by sparks17 View Post
I find myself not wanting to stop by until I have time to both read everyone's post and think about a way to comment or encourage I feel guilty and then I don't post at all!
that's how I feel too! But at least we're reading and learning
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God Evening, Coaches.

I survived the day at work. Halloween in a middle school is scary stuff. This morning, I final saw the number I want to mark down tomorrow so I am trying to be extra careful what I eat today. The sum total of sugar I had was a palmful of jelly belles (gluten, soy, peanut, dairy, egg, artificial sweetener) but alas not corn or sugar free. Oh Well. At least I made sure I ate them just before I left so I wouldn't be tempted to take another serving.

Tonight we are off to my sister's. They are ordering Thai food and then passing out candy while DS trick or treating. I have decided to eat my smoothie before I arrive and then CLOSE THE KITCHEN mentally and eat nothing for the rest of the evening. I checked in here first because I really want to post tomorrow saying, "I did it."

Best to all.

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I can do this
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Hi everyone,

Food was OP today, although I didn't have a written plan. I haven't worked exercise back into things yet.

DH was supposed to stop and get candy for the trick or treaters on his way home since I was going to stop and do real grocery shopping. Well, we ended up being at the grocery store at the same time. We got two bags of "good" candy (thinking we'd have a light turnout) and then a bag of "not as good candy" (defined as "doesn't tempt me"). I didn't have a single one. I did have one of my low-cal ice cream treats, but that was part of the plan--one planned treat (which I can eat just one of) and not go down the spiral of overeating chocolate! Success--and credit to me!

The grocery run included lots of produce so we had strawberries, pineapple, carrots, and celery with dinner!

One of us will take the licorice to work tomorrow--and my "I don't eat sweets (or other unplanned snacks) at work" is so engrained now I'm really not too tempted, even though lots of people will probably be bringing in leftover candy tomorrow!

I'm writing up some new response cards--things that speak to me now. My "why I want to lose weight" is differently focused at half way to goal.

gardenerjoy: Your details about the concrete really made me laugh! (Especially once I figured out that concretes were like blizzards or glaciers) Credit for an apple and cheese instead!

Ilene: Credit for resolving to have it be no candy tonight!

BillBE: Major credit for an all lettuce salad winning out over nuts! (I'm jealous of your baseball joy. I'm a recovering Cubs fan and have never known happiness.)

CeeJay: It is awesome that things are going scarily well. You have lots of stuff to give yourself credit for!

nationalparker: Credit for not falling into a gripe-trap! I'm sorry you're dreading work--having a horrid job is so stressful.

sparks17: Post. Just post. We all coach and are coached in our own ways--and those ways aren't even always the same for the same person.

anakin: Welcome! Wave!

maryann: Hope tonight went just as planned!

Take care, all.
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