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Green Tomatoes
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The green tomato cooking went well -- photo & recipe on my blog. Credit for that and two pesto-making sessions recently. My fridge and freezer now contains ingredients for easier meals for the next month or so.

WI: +0.1 kg, Exercise: +50 1165/1400 minutes for October, Food: 100% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Good morning! Today's plan involves pizza - my Dad and siblings and a bunch of the grandchildren are going out together for a special day to remember my Mom, as it has been just a year now since she passed away. We'll be visiting a few places where we lived and then having lunch at a place she loved. I feel surprisingly ok about it. She was suffering so terribly at the end that we were all thankful for her sake when her time came and I think we are all at peace about it.

Even on difficult days, though, I need to think about what I eat, don't I! A high-protein breakfast and planning chicken and salad for dinner, so not going to worry about lunch. I am, however, going to keep track! And I'm wearing a sweater she liked (that is too big now, but she would have liked that too!) and earrings she gave me. I am looking forward to seeing my family.

anakin - The big post-it is a great idea!

gardenerjoy - I am about to reveal my ignorance - are green tomatoes just unripe red tomatoes, or are they a special variety?

lexxiss - you made the right choice between McD and the library!!!

maryann - why are you on the allergy-free diet>?? It was very challenging at first but it is easier now.

nationalparker- oh no - 20 degrees is too cold for October!!!!

violet - Credit for tracking! It is the single most helpful thing I have done this year.

BBE - lol at your thoughts on Orion - Winter is Coming, though hopefully not in a Game of Thrones way!
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Good morning, Coaches.

I want to squeeze every second of enjoyment out of the last few days of October. It is my favorite month and it always goes too fast. We will camp out again on the ranch just the three of us because it is too beautiful to be inside. Here in California it is still getting down to only the 40s at night.

Credit for doing an amazing job not eating the fall treats I baked for DS's recital. Credit for not throwing the scale through the window when the scale again did not reward my exemplary behavior by dropping. OH WELL.

My plan is to pack two smoothies - one for dinner and one for breakfast. Lunch will be after recital and at a nice salad bar. I am so focused on making my goal by December that I don't consider any meal a day off. My hope is 153 by Nov. 1, 151 by December 1 and 150 by my birthday on the 20th. It is crazy to believe that the best I can lose is two pounds a month but that seems to be what is possible for me and I must accept it.

There is a line in the AA book that says: "Acceptance is the answer to all my problems." Boy, I can tell you I railed against that one for many a year. I was going to go down fighting. But similar to beck's ideas, I must accept that anything anywhere at anytime is exactly as it is supposed to be. God's world is perfectly efficient and peace is fitting myself to that world by changing that which I can.

Sparks: I am on a plan to discover the foods to which my body is sensitive. I had been maintaining a loss for years but resistant to any further losses despite terrific eating habits. I have discovered very interesting correlations between food and reactions.

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Enjoying la bella vita
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S/C/G: 25 pounds to go

Height: 5-4


Late check-in for me. Thoroughly enjoyed the day alone with the pets, sharing time with each of them (4!), tackled oddball chores, research on the internet for various things, before running errands. Have marketing to do tomorrow, but will keep it light.

I wonder if I would have hit my Halloween goal if I hadn't moved the carrot before I officially got there. Last dang time I do that.

New goal is one that I can completely control - activity amount. My weight is out of my control as far as seeing a number on a day, but I can set a goal of X hours of activity by 12/31 and I can reach that goal and if it positively impacts my weight and health and mood, all the better.

(Anyone know how to put an exercise ticker on here instead of weight one for awhile? I see them on here, but couldn't find it in the directions...and I'm not tech savvy. I still prefer to turn on the tv ON the tv itself. And to control the volume there, which drives DH bonkers. ...Probably because half the time I touch the wrong touchpad thingy and it changes the channel...)
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Just a quick check in tonight. Everything on track but my eating is way off. Need to regroup for the 1,000,000th time.

Tomorrow I need to:

ride exercise bike in morningdone
ride exercise bike in eveningwalked instead
weigh myself (might as well get it over with )done
plan menus for the week done
make lunch for Monday done
check in here done
read advantage and response cards done
record progress at Spark's P. done
eat on plandone

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

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Thumbs up Sunday

Diet Coaches/Buddies Clouds with a light drizzle came between me and my moonbeam this morning. Perhaps it's unreasonable to feel like Romeo wishing Juliette's parents would be more reasonable and let us be together. But feelings don't reason; I miss my moonbeam this morning.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including three snacks; My Resistance Muscle is warming up. I walked, CREDIT moi, to Whole Foods for legitimate reasons and took my afternoon snack wandering about their FREE samples without thinking. Even if I'd been thinking responsibly, grilled swordfish is a candidate for my rare-or-unusual exception. But the Hanukkah sweet cake wasn't. If you went by the crowd jostling for FREE samples, you'd estimate that 90% of the customers were Jewish. Methinks there were some conversions of convenience, LOL.

onebyone Waving. Voted today. Four days left to vote.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Neat picture of your "Green Tomato Sabji" (on your blog). Had to google jaggery to learn that it's an uncentrifuged sugar. Congrats on your Cardinal's win last night.

CeeJay - Yep, regrouping fits into the "seventy times seven" category of things - at least. Kudos for seeing that and moving forward.

maryann - Kudos for having a plan you can do instead of one you can dream about with Extra Kudos for "and I must accept it." (While out camping, if you see my moonbeam please tell her hello.)

nationalparker Yay for an activity goal instead, which you directly control, instead of a weight goal.

sparks17 Beautiful idea to celebrate your mom by eating at pizza place she loved - especially wearing a sweater that's too big. Kudos for realizing "Even on difficult days, though, I need to think about what I eat, don't I!"

Readers -
day 7 Arrange Your Environment

Changes at Work
You need to be realistic; you won't be able to eliminate all environmental triggers at work. As time goes by, it'll become much easier for you to resist temptation. In the meantime, consider a compromise, such as taking a small portion of food and saving it for later, or eating a small portion at a time when you won't be tempted to eat more. The latter is a strategy that worked well for David, a dieter I counseled. He decided that he would choose one snack (whatever he wanted) from the vending machine once a week - even though it wasn't on his list of permitted foods. However, he allowed himself to buy this snack only on Fridays and just before quitting time. Although he had to pass the snack machine many times a day, he was able to resist buying treats at other times by reminding himself, I'll have it on Friday.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 93.
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Height: 169cm


Hello coaches,

Long time no post! I am at the end of a long hard week. Had a retreat for work last weekend - it was incredibly helpful and fun, but really full on and walked straight out of that into a busy work week and kids who were particularly high maintenance.

I was very scared about my weigh in last week because I had stopped planning and tracking so really didn't know how off track i was. Turns out it was fine and I lost another .6kg. I am choosing to take that as a sign that I really have made big changes and what feels "off track" nowadays is actually pretty healthy.

That said the last 48 hours have been "f%#^ it" space rather than "off track" so I am pleased to be here so that the being back on track starts right here and now. Credit me for seeing I needed to do this and credit me for doing it. Credit to you all for being there to turn to.

My commitments for tonight:
- I will plan tomorrow's food tonight
- I will switch the lights out by 10.30
- I will eat 100% OP tomorrow
- I will meditate and stretch tomorrow
- I will post again tomorrow evening
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Height: 67"


It's fun to get to know people. Nationalparker, can I ask where your moniker comes from if it's not too personal? The reason I ask is, I'm a big fan of many.

Maryann, I teach college biology and do research in teaching and learning.

I seem to be doing well so far, so I think I'll keep my goals this week of:

1. Planning dinner (that means, more than 5 minutes before I eat it, and not when I'm desperate).
2. Tracking everything, weighing every day.

I'll add a new goal to visit my gym three times - and by "visit" I mean do actual walking/weight training workouts. Given my schedule this week, that is both challenging and attainable. Today, I'm planning on a 4-mile hike with one of my dogs.

Question for the group. I used to be a runner, but I've developed arthritis (diagnosed by X-ray) in my right knee. There is still cartilage, so if I continue to lose excess fat, there's a possibility I could halt the progression. Anyone have any experience with being a runner and developing knee arthritis?
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Enjoying la bella vita
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S/C/G: 25 pounds to go

Height: 5-4


Happy Sunday! DH left for work at 5 a.m. and it's funny in that he seems to work hard to wake me up pretty solidly before he leaves ... more than the "I'm leaving, see you tonight, I love you," type of conversation, but more in-depth stuff and cold hands under warm covers meant that again today I was solidly awake WAY before I wanted to be on the weekend, but persevered and finally fell back to sleep (Thanks to I Love Lucy on the Hallmark Channel that I can doze to - for some reason that show is a comforting one to me) ...

Awoke to a sunny day here - gorgeous. I'm going to be more thankful of the sunshine as we head into the winter months. Plans today include a trail walk with our dog, Lucy (yep, named after the show - DH's plan of subliminal persuasion when she showed up as a starved stray to keep her.)

My activity from yesterday was only 40 minutes. Decided to do a signature to count up to 3,000 minutes by New Year's Eve, rather than down to it. Now to figure out HOW to do that

Have come to realize AGAIN, that Dr. Beck is correct - I need to track my food. Not tracking has resulted in the scale not going in the right direction. Well, that and me overindulging, apparently.

Anakin - I love the national parks and many of my trips as a young, single female were to the parks and I felt such a sense of accomplishment because I had many friends who wouldn't leave our city alone. Now I'm thankful that I'm married to someone who loves camping more than I do. It's hard to get to a lot of them easily here in the midwest, isn't it? (Is Michigan called the midwest? As a transplant Floridian, I never know where the lines of demarkation are.)

Bill - I thought of you and your moonbeam - sung to the tune of Me and My Shadow - this morning when I was up at your ungodly hour. LOVE the line about the number of conversions to sample the Hannakuh cake.

ForMyGirls - Glad to see you're back and major kudos for a weigh in that reflected how everything is getting to be de rigeur for you!

CeeJay - I join you in the millionth "day one" regrouping. The consolation I take from these is that at least we're still "at it" ... plodding away.

Maryann - I, too, will enjoy these last few days of November with you. It's typically a month that has me worried about what's coming up with the winter weather (UGH - mainly for the road conditions), but I need to get out in the garden, prep it for winter, and enjoy today. Thanks for the reminder.

Missing a few on personals and will catch up, but waving to Sparks, GardenerJoy, Lexiss , OneByOne, and others - have a super Sunday!! Ilene are you still on here? Hope you're doing well. Looking forward to hearing how it's going.

Will hit the market and get some basics, but hopefully keep it a brief order this weekend. Planning our dinners, but also know to work in something extra simple for Monday night after a workday that's rough. That has been working well. For those of you with Trader Joe's, they have a frozen gnocchi that is three servings for 170 cal each, and it's the gnocchi and sauce discs in the bag - from freezer to table in 7 minutes. That was our late dinner last night along with a salad. Now I wish I'd saved that for tomorrow night!

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Green Tomatoes
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I was hungrier than usual yesterday. That makes me feel better about my odd oversized snacks earlier in the week. I think I'm responding to my Northern European genes that think this is the time to put on some extra weight for fear of food shortages in the late winter. I'm using my large human brain to be grateful for the survival of my ancestors while reminding myself that I have never gone hungry in my life. If I do gain five or ten pounds now, then I will have to create the conditions of scarcity in late winter to get them back off. I'd rather spend my winter at a stable weight.

WI: -0.35 kg, Exercise: +50 1215/1400 minutes for October, Food: 100% op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

sparks17: There are a few varieties of tomatoes that are still green when fully ripe, but most of the time when people talk about green tomatoes, they mean unripe ones. Green tomatoes have an entirely different flavor, more reminiscent of cucumbers than tomatoes. In the American South and in India, they apparently appreciate green tomatoes as much or more than ripe ones. Where I live, you tend to only have green tomatoes at the end of the growing season -- all the tomatoes on the plant that aren't going to ripen but can still be consumed in recipes for green tomatoes.

anakin: I'm sure everyone is different but I ran after my arthritis diagnosis. I don't run now due to a different problem (ilio-tibial band syndrome). The only thing the knee arthritis makes me careful about are squats and lunges. I do them, but very carefully with weight in the heels, and I use support unless I'm feeling very strong.

BillBlueEyes: My brother has tickets to the game tonight! He won them at work. You, and some of the other folks who have been around for awhile, will remember being supportive when my brother lost his partner in December 2009. Her nephew has gone on to play some college baseball so my brother is taking him to tonight's game. I'm thrilled for both of them.
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in development
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Maryann, please would you say a little more about body sensitivities and inflammation - and/or point me in a direction? I am becoming more and more sensitive as I get older. I'm on strong antihistamines for allergic rhinitis but things are moving towards the asthma end sometimes. I gave up alcohol years ago but I'm suspecting other things like peanuts, shellfish and maybe fish. Yes, possibly eggs and maybe wheat. Currently and suddenly quite swollen with insect bites and heat in the S of France. (Other than that it is quite lovely.) Many thanks for anything you can share.
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Hello there Becksters,
Where has the time gone? One day with no check in, went to a week to not even reading the thread. no excuses... I did not make the time for it but am here now and still get inspired by reading everyone's happenings. I have still been losing through using Beck strategies. I have been through the book several times now and KNOW that the preplanning for attacking sabotaging thoughts has helped me! I joined the YMCA last March and started with water aerobics. I am currently loving the Zumba classes now. Is anyone else doing that one? It is so fun and a terrific workout. I also have a friend that drives thirty minutes both days of the weekend to walk THE hill in my neighborhood. It is a mile up with 10 percent grade. Lots of people walk it and it is also a great workout and time to chat it up with a friend! My knee has been swelling up periodically...a direct relationship with the amount of zumba I am doing. I have made adaptTions to any twisty or jerky knee movements and that does help.mi am avoiding seeing a doctor about it since I suspect the prescription will be less zumba or stay off it for awhile. It looks like a couple of you are dealing with the knees too.

Some of you may remember that I did two Healthywage challenges before and I just joined my third one. I got the cash from losing 10 percent of my body weight in six months (pay 150 going in and get 300 going out!) the team challenge is for 10000 dollars and the chances of winning are probably slim (pardon the pun) but it is a fun and interactive way to stay motivated and accountable. We just started on Friday and it goes until January 17 so it will be good to have one more support in place before going into the holiday season. I look forward to participating more than I have been recently...and BBE, you continue to impress me and inspire me with your amazing dedication to staying active on this forum so consistently and for such a long time. How is maintanence going for you?
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Ilene the Bean
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nationalparker I am definitely still here, reading mostly everyones posts... just getting a feel for the group , and the feeling is great...

I received my book this week and have read days 1,2 and 3 a couple of times.... Have made my ARC and am constantly reading and re-reading it... it helps me a lot...

Sorry gotta my parents are here for supper....
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I can do this
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Hi everyone,

Back from a weekend away. I had a real problem with the snack room at the convention we attended both Friday and Saturday :-(. This morning, though, I wrote out some response cards after my shower before going down to the convention space and I successfully did NOT have inappropriate snacking. I did have a banana, which I probably wasn't that hungry for, but compared to Friday and Saturday, I take that as a huge win.

I'm going to plan next week's meals now--and write out some new cards to keep in the kitchen for evening re-reads.

I have so many things going on right now, but I'm considering starting music lessons--I got a real taste this weekend about how miserable I am over not feeling comfortable singing. I have to honestly look at my time--my ENERGY--commitments.

Time to schedule food for the week--and then soak in the hot tub!
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Piggies obsessed
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Hi coaches!
I've lost another kilo and I know if I maintain that loss tomorrow weight watchers isn't going to be impressed with me because they'll say I lost it too fast. Oh well, any loss is better than nothing. Exercise seems to be going well for me. I ate a bit off plan yesterday and hope to eat on plan today.
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