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Beck Diet Solution A step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life.

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Default Beck Diet For Life/Solution – May 2013 – Support, Discussion, Buddy/Coach

Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:
The Complete Beck Diet for Life
and the first book
The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.
The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:
With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.
This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

If you’ve arrived from a search engine, you’ve landed at the site of 3 Fat Chicks (3FC), a remarkable place for those interested in a healthy life style, including mindful eating, exercise, and weight loss. More about the site, including how to register so that you can post, can be found here.

The books are available on Amazon through the 3FC store by clicking their names above; buying through 3FC helps to cover the costs of running this site.

You can find the list of previous (or more current) monthly Beck threads here on 3 Fat Chicks via:

List of Monthly Beck Threads for Support, Discussion, Buddy/Coach
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Thumbs up Wednesday - May Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Such fun to be out in the sunshine. Weather is predicted clear for the next few days so it's easy to enjoy the fresh air.

Walking, CREDIT moi, included a stop at that magic machine that dispenses cash. Gotta have cash because I need gas in my car and the local stations charge 5 cents a gallon to use a credit card - like the ones that advertise on TV that they'll give you 3% rebate. Paying 10% extra for a 3% rebate isn't attractive. And walked to vote because Massachusetts is having a special election to replace Senator John Kerry who abandoned his post to become Secretary of State.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I hate "awkwardly timed" food - it's a challenge for me to say NO. Kudos for stopping mid-plate to salvage your situation.

Beverlyjoy – Congrats for surviving your dietitian. That matches my experience - a donut makes my whole body want to eat sugar.

spanky - Great mantra: "Nobody can do it for me ... Nobody can do it for me ... Nobody can do it for me." Fun news about the new puppy.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – What a demo about getting out of sync and spending the day to recover. Kudos for being aware and working to figure out what you could do differently next time.

IBelieveInMe2 – Walking with dogs is just the greatest. Except of course for walking with dogs and DH. Hope your foot continues to heal each day.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – Kudos for choosing your Eating Plan. This sitting to eat business was hard for me because I just assumed that I always did. Was big time surprised when I discovered that I didn't. My only reminder was when I noticed my hand going to my mouth while I was standing.

Liz (lizagna) – LOL at the insight that we can do the 42 'days' of the Beck program by counting in "Beck Years."

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Thirty Kudos for sticking to your chosen eating plan for the whole 30 days. Just love, "I'm feeling spectacular!!!"

Readers -
chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Face Reality!
. . . Think about it: If your doctor gave you an antibiotic to get rid of a bad infection, would you take only half the pill? Of course not. Likewise, don't take shortcuts with this program. It's most effective if you follow it in its entirety.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 60.
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This came through Facebook today via The Beck Diet Solution:

Wednesday Sabotage: I’m too busy to eat healthfully right now. Response: That’s just an excuse to make unhealthy choices. In this day and age, there are almost always healthy options available that are as easy and convenient as not healthy ones.
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Happy May! Straining to put together a full day on track again ... Monday was good; yesterday I added too much to my dinner and then a snack later JUST because DH had the munchies and his munchies looked good. Today is lunch with a friend, and will go where she chooses and order wisely, eat until no longer hungry. DH goes back to work tonight and I can use the other half of meal for dinner.

DH and I spent a month last summer (the month where it was over 100 degrees for record number of days and then dropped 20 degrees once we took the "after" picture), sledgehammering out a concrete back patio, grading, doing all the fun stuff to create a larger paver patio and surrounding garden that looks wonderful. I can't wait to enjoy that more this year. Now we're thinking of eliminating one garden/berm further out in the yard that is hammered with weeds/seeds from the field next to us and building a wooden deck/pergola out there. I'm most excited about lighting it - ha ha! I love the looks of those that are beautifully lit at night. Then realized we have to be permitted with the city, etc. so DH said he must do the plans first. I, however, want to go look at lighting - ha ha - we operate TOTALLY differently, but work really well on projects together. So my mind is whirling with those ideas. I must rescue all that I want from this garden first, so will get to work on that tonight - before they grow any more. That'll be an undertaking in itself.

Know my weight will be up this Saturday, and just knowing that is causing me stress. Thank you, Lulu, for posting some of your thoughts, because NO CHOICE has worked in the past well for me. I "no choiced" when someone offered me a bakery donut yesterday - so why didn't that come to my mind when DH hauled out the hummus/pretzel chips?

Bill - Kudos for walking vs. driving on so many of your errands! I wish I had more nearby that was safe to walk to. I've called our mayor's action line for crosswalks/signal as one of the roads nearby is 6 lanes and no cross opportunities. And a handicapped bus rider is always trying to manage it. No progress yet.

More personals tonight - gotta run
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OMG, today is just the VERY BEST DAY!!!
I chewed food today, haven't chewed a thing since March!!
food is glorious, it's meant to nourish us and bring us pleasure (that's why we have taste buds).
God meant for us to have pleasure with eating our food, but he didn't mean for us to abuse ourselves with it.
Food is life, food is what keeps us going . . . but it's interesting what we choose to do with it sometimes that does just the opposite.
We developed unhealthy behaviors by living in this society that God did not create.
Let's try to go back to what is natural for us as human beings and eat to live.

I'm gonna do a little horn tooting . . . or more modestly, giving myself credit.
I am extremely proud of myself for committing to do something extremely healthy for myself this past month.
Some may beg to differ, not being educated in the benefits of fasting.
Fasting has been around for centuries, although not so much in the West.
It's a physical, emotional and spiritual experience and people do it for one or all of those reasons.
I am so grateful that I stumbled upon this particular cleanse five years ago and felt an overwhelming desire to be a part of it.
this was my 20th cleanse, although this was my longest one.
and I plan to do many more to maintain my health.
I wish I could be a little less toxic in between fasts, but I'm not perfect.
but I clean up my mess four times a year and for that I give myself a boatload of credit.

oh I hear what you're saying . . . maybe people think I'm a health freak because I'm a vegan but it is rather surprising what the diet can actually look like. I would say I eat mostly healthy food, but like my junk and booze and even smoking. Sometimes I hear "what vegan smokes?" I'm like "this one right here!!" Although I love the healthy food I do choose and the junk I'm forced to avoid because of my commitment to veganisam, my main motivation is for the animals.

yes, it is YOUR plan. nobody here is gonna tell you what plan to follow, you own it. it’s so fabulous to have all the folks here, to bounce ideas off of, get advice, or to just listen when things aren’t going well . . . a great group of cheerleaders!!
a puppy? oh, nuttin’ like a puppy….I’m jealous.
I’m not in a position in my life right now to have another dog after losing my golden retriever Romeo 7 years ago. He was my number one guy and I miss him terribly, but I just need the freedom at this point in time. I like having friends with dogs, that way I get doggie kisses all I want!!!

good for me to see someone like you getting off track just a bit and not blowing it completely. I need to learn from you. thanks for being here.

you talk about actually breaking your food addiction. I wonder if it’s possible for me to actually “break” it. I think of it as something I need to manage for a lifetime. And adopting Beck behaviors will make it that much more manageable.
yup, with the dogwalking it certainly is a win/win!! so nice to have animals that you adore. it contributes to good mental health in my opinion.
snack ideas . . . I love seaweed snacks that are really low in points and calories, they are salty and like eating chips. Also I do hot air popcorn with butter pam spray and sea salt. Make an all vegetable soup with tons of flavors with herbs and spices and chipolte peppers and a bowl of that anytime is a good filler.

I’m thinking I’m going to chew gum while I prepare food in the kitchen to remind myself not to pick and eat standing up.
anybody else do that with success?
or do you yank the gum out and nibble? lol

thanks for sharing those newsfeeds, great stuff to ponder. yes, it is just as easy to pick something healthy as it is to grab junkfood, and I wonder why I typically grab the bag of tortilla chips instead of an apple….UGH!!

what fabulous plans for your patio!! so nice to hear that you and DH work well on projects together. many couples do not, and when you can, it’s a nice way to spend time together and beautify the home you share. reading that made me smile.

everybody have a Wonderful Wednesday, and I'll check in again later.
I have a fruit smoothie coming up soon that will taste like flippin' icecream to me!!

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Green Tomatoes
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Welcome to the Merry Month of May!

I wanted to eat more all day yesterday. Credit for not doing it! Credit for making garden work into exercise some of the time. Planting lettuce isn't really energetic enough to count, but pulling henbit while doing squats and lunges is. We have one more warm day today before it gets cold and rainy again, so I'm going to take advantage and do my exercise in the garden again.
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Thumbs up Sun & swim

Good morning, Becksters!

This morning was the first day of my masters (coached) swim class 6 - 7:15am. I approached it with trepidation, nigh unto terror. Part of the terror was having to do a whole new morning (and evening) routine. CHANGE! Auuuggggghhhh! And part wondering if I would be able to keep up with the workout.

Last night I took Emma for a pre-emptive 3-mile wog since she wouldn't get one this morning. Made my green smoothie & put it in a thermos in the fridge, assembled healthy, OP lunch & snacks to grab & go. Got all my swim gear together & bagged. Also have NoBo tonight, so put all my running gear in a bag and hauled both bags up to the car. For all the prep, you'd think I was ascending Everest--but no oxygen tanks. (Although maybe I should bring those too.)

Left the house at 5:30 this morning after feeding Emma & Watson; and after all that, the class was almost anti-climactic. It was great! I'm the slowest in the slow lane (I like to think of it as "controlled"), but not painfully slower. And I managed as much of the workout (2300 yards) as the others in my lane. I'm SO pleased. And everyone in the group is really nice! During the workout, the came flooding through the windows & lit up the water. Beautiful.

Eating OP. I feel great!

Lulu - Major congrats on your successful cleanse. I'm so glad you're pleased with your results. Enjoy all the chewing! I've been reading a book on mindfulness & have been working to intensely focus on every bite/sip, the texture, taste, & every nuance of the food/beverage. It really is like exploring another universe.

BillBE - Kudos on walking and thriftiness when you do have to purchase petrol. Enjoy all the wonderful weather, and please report on it to provide vicarious pleasure for those of us forecast to be plunged back into rain & 40s tomorrow. Thank you for setting up another month of our Beck forum, and being our fearless and generous leader. I appreciate it so much.

IBelieveinMe2 - I'm so glad you're feeling more comfortable about controlling food. Re snack suggestions: I enjoy apples, red bell pepper, Oasis fat-free lentil or black-bean dip (unbelievably low calories) with baby carrots or celery, reconstituted PB2 (powdered peanut butter that can be reconstituted with water--although I use it in smoothies in powdered form--1/4 the calories of regular pb & 85% less fat) on apples or celery, low-fat string cheese. I used to indulge in the 100-calorie snack packets, but those are the devil to me--I'm more likely to rip open & eat 10 of them before I'm through than to stop at one. (Yes, dear Lulu, as you suggested for yourself, my food addiction is one to be managed and probably never entirely overcome.)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


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Hello everyone! It's mid day on Day 3 - Eating while sitting down. I'm sitting right now, finishing a delicious plate of rice and beans left over from dinner and a lovely salad.

I'm not on giving credit - YET - but credit to me for refusing donuts, skittles, and a multitude of fast food this morning even though I was very hungry and knew it would be a half hour drive back to my office and my lovely lunch.

I'm not much of a cook but I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to enjoy baking. Last night I baked zucchini chocolate chip muffins that were delicious.

I've also been focusing very hard on upping my water intake. I have to pee constantly but I think that it's been beneficial for my mental and physical health.

BillBlueEyes It's pouring rain here and when it's not raining the air is thick soup. Very annoying not to be able to get my running in - I suppose it's time to join a gym for the summer so I can work out less miserably!

BeverlyJoy Thanks for that! I struggle so much with that issue when I'm out and about and need lunch quickly. I guess I should make a list of healthier options around me, it's very hard though.

nationalparker We're working on building raised beds so we can start a produce garden - yay for gardening!

Lulu I'm right there with you - for me it's an ethical thing not a health thing. I need to get my health things other ways I guess

Lizanga My mother's favorite thing is swimming up through the water into light. I've developed a real love for it also. Kudos for doing such a fun sounding thing!
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so, for the first time in my life, I just intentionally stopped eating and threw away uneaten applesauce. I savored every mouthful and when there was one spoonful left, I threw it away. goes against every morsel of my being!! haha . . . but I did it!!!
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and now I'm home, eating standing up and picking at a few things that were not planned!!
I'm a piece of work, I tell ya.
well, I guess I'll cut myself a little slack because I'm just a little over the top excited about food today.
I'm eating some plain cooked fresh pinto beans.
and a few slices of tofu.
I don't need to munch junk food today . . . the simple healthy stuff is just so delish to me today!!
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Fighting the Good Fight
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Default My Gig

Continuing on a 3 day roll. OP this evening with calories left if I choose them.

I think I'm going to open up the Beck Workbook and start on Day 1, just to have that lifeline to hang on to each day. I actually got a little better understanding of why I must read my Advantages each the thinking gets ingrained. I get that, I think, but my Advantage card now has a picture of a midsection with a generous spare tire on it. A visual sort of prompt since that is what works right now.

To you maintainers:I realize how tired I am of being in the same wearying space. I realize I'd like to treat this as a task to get done. To get closure. To think of something besides my weigh issue for once. Is that realistic to imagine I'd actually feel a sense of closure? What is on the other side of that "Made It To Goal" Wall?


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I can do this
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Hi all,

I was OP today until dinner--we went out with a bunch of other people. I ordered a "slightly more but reasonable" entree (which wasn't even that tasty and I didn't finish). But then I ordered a piece of carrot cake. I don't even know why. Non-optimal behavior.

I need to start re-reading Beck every day--I don't think I'm spending enough time on it. Tonight is another late night, too. I have to pack tomorrow's breakfast and lunch and head to bed now!
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Exclamation hoist the mainsail

Hi Coaches, it's been awhile.

We're slowly returning to pre-Looloo status in the household. Caesar looked for her a bit the other day,expeccting her to be on the bookcase shelf she favoured. I haven't removed her papers there, the ones she used to lie on, nor have I been able to wash off the small footprints her always-wet feet left on top of the printer as she moved from litterbox to bookcase shelf. And then, when I thought it was all fading, I had to pay the vet for her last appointement and they handed me an envelope containing her pawprints. They took prints before she was cremated. It just killed me and to compound it, I saw her blankie, the one we donated, the one she was wrapped in last, in the box by the door for the cat rescue people. Oh man.

So, the upshot of all this is I have had a few food items not on my plan. I have eaten more than I needed a few times. I have eaten to keep DH company and eaten because he told me it was ok (he was a food pusher which is really out of character) so long as I was reasonable and eating only a modest amount. For me, this never works. I didn't get to within a hair of 300lbs using moderation and being rational and reasonable with my food.

My weight has been 251.5 the last two days. The culprit mostly is salt. Today I was on plan all day until this evening. I had a snacky thing and a bread thing. This slide was precipitated by too much cheese, which wasn't on my plan today because I have noticed that cheese triggers me to eat more things.

Upcoming events include a week away in Ottawa with a jam-packed schedule. Ottawa and visits there, as the oldtimers who know me here know, is a real powderkeg for me on all levels. I've decided to let the farmer's market go that weekend, which is Mother's Day weekend and a bad day to miss *sigh* but if I push to make it, it'll be worse for me personally. Also coming up, the opening market weekend this Saturday and I had a job interview today for the local art store. My applicaton was submitted last year when they opened the store. I heard nothing. They want someone from 4-9:30 during the week in the crafts section. I wouldl do it, and work other things around it as it is guaranteed $ and I want to pay down my debts. I'm never productive during those hours anyway. usually DH and I are just hanging out, watching the tube. I wouldn't need to work weekends, which was a bottomline for me given I am committed to the market now for the season. I'll know if I get it in a few days after the police check comes back.

So, yep, here I am. Not looking forward to the scale, of course, but knowing what I need to keep doing. I have said no no NO no NO to many many offplan things *credit*, emailed my support people daily, *credit* and written out my food daily even it changed which I noted in other emails, *credit* and here I am again. *credit* Time to move forward again. I'm ready. And so glad it is May.

Thanks for reading.

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Hello coaches,
Not much to report. I ate OP but did do an unplanned snack of that blasted Pirate's Booty tonight. I went to water aerobics and was really hungry (not an emergency) and wanted a snack. I indulged. It was still within my calorie range but unplanned and high in sodium. OH WELL!

I have read what a few of you wrote about Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and want to try to watch it this weekend. It looks like, from the website that I will learn a bit about juicing from it too!

I must hit the hay so I can function tomorrow! Goodnight all....
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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies – First time birding in May, CREDIT moi. Expected to see a bunch of early warblers but, for their own reasons, they've dawdled this year and weren't here yet. Oh Well. The Yellow-rumped Warblers are here and feisty as ever. In a few weeks they'll be ubiquitous and annoying since we'll be looking for their more rare cousins.

Too much snacking - Ouch. I had to make some reservations for a trip to see grandma that includes my adult kids. Young adults have predictable unpredictables in their lives to disrupt any sane plans based on non-refundable deposits. I am so looking forward to being a totally centered person - just know it's coming. It doth seem to be dawdling like the warblers, LOL.

onebyone – Ouch, Ouch, Ouch for the pain of continuing to process the loss of Looloo. Kudos for being realistic about what works for you with food.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Had to google 'henbit' - what a delightful looking invasive. Yay for exercise while doing something useful.

spanky - Seems to be the reason, "so the thinking gets ingrained." If there's a place when I don't have to think about food, I'm not there yet.

nationalparker – Marital co-munchies are a challenge. Good luck rescuing your plants (possible) and good luck moving your mayor (dubious?).

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Sometimes "slightly more but reasonable" is victory - Kudos.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – Rice and beans is just the best - per my sister's New Orleans' recipe that includes about half ham, LOL. Hardly vegan food. Kudos for refusing all the junk food.

Liz (lizagna) – Kudos for all that prep for swimming - maybe that counts as exercise, also.

Rosebud170 – Maybe the sheriff will come take that Pirate's Booty away, LOL. Yay for water aerobics.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Taking credit is required - it's not considered tooting one's horn around here. So Kudos for even one spoonful of uneaten food - even healthy food like your applesauce.

Readers -
chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Face Reality!
. . . Your Advantages Response Card is the first of many Response Cards you'll create to answer back to sabotaging thoughts. At the end of each day of this program, you'll create Response Cards to help carry out that day's task.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 60.
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