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Hi Coaches!

It's one of those mornings for me...It is important to check in, thought! Food OP and a travel day for me. I will weigh in at the pool. Take care everyone!
Beth(from Dayton), love your pic! Great, that you're progressing with your foot (and other things), too!

Shannonde, kudos for a successful day learning that you can live without food when you need to. That knowledge has been very useful to me. On a travel day, like today, I know I don't need to stop midway if I'm hungry that it's ok to wait until I get home. Congrats on a scale that moves down!

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Yesterday was a healthy day... grateful.

I am disappointed, however, my son has the stomach flu and we aren't going to visit them. I still want to go... but, it's really for the best that we don't.

I got up today and the scale was down almost two pounds. I will wait and see if that sticks around before I change anything. Actually, Wednesday is my official weigh day.

I had some credits yesterday... planned/measured/logged food, always left a bite, exercises/sodium/water was good, journal work, read Adv. cards, slowed down at dinner (took 20 minutes), and checked in here.

I wasn't working parts of my plan well - need to eat seated only and not take unplanned nibbles on things. I know I didn't go over my calories or anything... but, unplanned food just is a habit a must break.

This came through my Facebook Newsfeed today from The Beck Diet Solution:
Friday Weekend Warm-up: If you eat out this weekend, go in with a plan! And, remind yourself that you don’t need to eat everything on your plate (because eating it won’t bring the money back), and that just because everyone else is having something doesn’t mean you should (because your body doesn’t know or care what anyone else is eating).

Hope you all have a great day.
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Hello there everybody!!

So, I’m hanging in there, still feeling good.
I went out on my lunch hour today and tried on three dresses that I’ve had my eye on, fabulous dresses!! It was fun to try them on and feel really good in them. I didn’t buy any of them, too much money! hahaha I was just happy that they all looked great and that I felt good about myself in that dressing room.

So last night I was thinking I needed to shake things up a bit, in some way. So I decided to change my hairstyle a bit. I went to the salon and got bangs, I haven’t had bangs in a long time. I love them!! I look so different and it sorta feels like a new me!! I changed my profile picture here with the new hair.

Today is Day 12 of my 30 day master cleanse and I’m still feeling good. Longing a bit for eating but I’m able to dismiss the thought and just carry on. This cleanse it just too important to me, I will finish.

Tomorrow I have a baby shower to go to. 170 people going!! That’s like a wedding reception!!! Whatever. There will be loads of food, loads of cocktails, I just know it. But I won’t have a thing and I’ll be good. I’m hoping that since it’s the size of a wedding reception that maybe they’ll have a live band and I do some dancing to keep myself busy!!!

Credits: I oil pulled last night, stayed OP, reading my ARCs, reading Beck book every morning (reading and rereading the early chapters), journalled.

you should be proud of your accomplishments!! nice psycho babble!!

what a fabulous list of credits, WOW, you are in the groove!! Two pounds, GREAT!! Good restaurant advice you posted there, thanks!

Not eating the skipped meal . . . now that’s impressive!! I woulda been all over that one….ugh!! Another pound down, YAY!!!
why not take a meal on the plane, and maybe some fruit? I like to fly and eat too . . . I like to do everything and eat!! *sigh*

Kudos to you for recognizing that you had five bites after you were full. At least you are paying attention and aware. My problem sometimes is that I just plain ol’ forget to sit down, pay attention, go slow, leave a bite . . . all those habits I must break.

Stopping at two cookies, credit!! Yes, I can be calm with my son in NYC. I trust. I figure whether I worry while he’s gone or trust while he’s gone, the outcome will be the same. So I’m enjoy my two days with the house to myself and look forward to him coming home late tonight.

Congrats on your weight loss!! For 12 days you didn’t eat all day and only ate dinner? I love your comic in your sidebar, it’s funny!!!

Another OP day for you!! They keep piling up!!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope to check in over the weekend. This really is a fantabulous group!!


"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." Margaret Thatcher

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not sure why I uploaded my new pic, got rid of the old pic, and the old pic is still there. that's weird!!!
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Time for a few personals. It feels strange to not be at my son's. Am kind of sad about that.

lulu - wonderful to have fun trying on those dresses. I know it made you feel great. 170 people at a baby shower... WOW! That's a lot of people, for sure & a band, too. I can't wait to hear all about it.

maryann - congrats on getting you book done and off. Take a deep breath and give yourself a nice pat on the back. Thanks for your quote.

Billbe- nice to hear about the beans. I agree... no meeting should be longer than 30 minutes. Credit for stopping at 2 cookies... true... it's not often easy to stop.

bethfromdayton - I totally understand about something popping into you mouth with out even realizing it at first. Be kind to your foot so you don't have pain - ouch. Yes, I agree... folks here are helpful as we make this journey to have sanity with food.

nationalparker - enjoy your alone time! Kudo's for having a plan as you head to the BBQ place to eat with folks. Credit for reading ahead the Beck book as you prepare a plan to travel. I like eating on the plane too... it's a habit for me. Maybe you could have a planned snack that you bring with you.

lexxiss/Debbie - safe travel. Another OP day is awesome.

shannon - glad you got through the skip eating exercise. It really proves to us that we don't NEED to eat often when we think we are hungry. Great to see those 2.5 down!! Credit for stopping at one twizzler when it was more that you wanted!

lizagna - credit for having a 'plan b' as you figure out your exercise. It's true... that on the 'road of life with food' there are twists and turns we face along the way. But - it's good to keep moving forward the best we can.

onebyone - phooey on more snow. Credit for having a plan and sharing. It helps. Glad looloo is doing better today.

- you said:Just this breakthrough has me motivated and energized again, which feels good, too! So, for the moment, I am feeling very positive, hopeful, and empowered ~ and ready to move forward!!! Yes, it's a process and a journey. I think we find things in many place to help us find a way to have sanity with food.

I hope you all are having a great day.
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Thumbs up Saturday

Diet Coaches/Buddies – An oddly busy day - meaning that I distinctly recall being busy but don't have distinct memories of getting much done. Last night was 'Easter Sunday' dinner with our two adult kids and their SO's. It was a fun evening. I prepared, as I have for the last seven years, Easter Baskets full of non-candy stuff. I just love that the kids and SO's look forward to this as in, what will he get us this year? Since I stopped eating junk candy, DW and I decided it was silly to give junk candy to our kids . . . and they bought in. CREDIT moi for changing a family tradition. Top of the heap in each basket was a magnificent red Bell Pepper just because it caught my eye at the store. Also included: beef jerky, salmon jerky, Bare Naked smoothies, dried cranberries of different flavors, mangoes, kiwis, oranges, tangerines, avocados, and apples.

Minimal exercise, Ouch. Must have been walking in circles or something.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – "I will weigh in at the pool." Good idea . . . one weighs a lot less in a pool, LOL.

Beverlyjoy – Ouch that you aren't able to visit your son and your DGS laugh therapist. Kudos for the resolve, "unplanned food just is a habit a must break."

nationalparker – Congrats on another pound. The first bite is really the best. When I can comfortably limit myself, I like one bite of dessert.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Good grief, 170 people at a baby shower is a mob. Kudos for a plan, "But I won’t have a thing and I’ll be good." (Your profile picture is separate from your Avatar picture. It was updated - click LuLu01801 and you'll see it. Neat bangs.)

Shannon (shannonde94) - Big Kudos for conquering day 12 where you demonstrate that you can skip a meal and live. How much hunger did you feel?

Readers -
chapter 5
Get Ready: Lay the Groundwork

day 1
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

Benefits of Weight Loss
So, why do you want to lose weight? Take a moment to think about this question. How will weight loss impact the following?
  • Your love life, friendships, family, career, and social life
  • Your energy level and participation in hobbies and recreational activities
  • Your body, health, self-image, and mental outlook
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 55.
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Hi Coaches!

Yesterday OP, with the exception of some switches in the menu. I have weighed this morning and am mentally preparing for the weekend influx of off the chart pastries at work. credit.

BBE, yay for healthy Easter baskets!

LuLu, kudos for doing so well with your fast...I look forward to seeing your new haircut.

Beverlyjoy, so sorry your trip was surely doesn't want to catch the crud, though.

Work calls!
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Green Tomatoes
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My French Women Don't Get Fat review went up today. And the first comment says it's all a pack of lies. Heh. If she's right and French women stay slim with cigarettes and diet pills, I'll go for the advice in the book even if it isn't authentically French. It's here:

Exercise: +45 510/1400 for April

BillBlueEyes: love your Easter baskets. Red peppers are beautiful!

Lexxiss: French women have to deal with pastries, a lot, apparently. This book's take is keep it to very rare and very special occasions.

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S/C/G: wk#3/ lost 3lbs/ goal 1lb wk

Height: 5'6


Spent first really free day watching HGTV "Hawaii Life" and decided all my problems would be solved (including weight issues) if I lived in Maui.Then I noticed all the realtors had skin like leather and hair like straw. Maybe every place has its challenges. Maybe I would still be a compulsive overeater there.

Re-instituted reading aloud to my son (even though he is ten and reads as well as I do.) I think that practice slipped when I started the MFA two years ago just because I got REALLY tired at the end of the day. I love how he cuddles up and is completely at peace, listening. I know these days are finite. I am glad to have remembered that.

Credit going to the launch of the new yoga program at my club. Credit for being a little excited about it. Credit for a standard breakfast. The family is going camping out in our "pecans" tonight to celebrate my new freedom. We farm about 2,000 acres along the Sacramento river (mostly walnuts) but we have five acres of "beach" in a grove of pecans. We have promised DS that we will play Apples to Apples in the tent.

BelieveInMe2: Thank you for the idea of the need to truly believe in yourself to maintain the diet. Halfway through the day, I will take a big sigh and say, "This is too hard. Not today!" when I need to say, "Nothing is too hard for me."

Beverleyjoy: Great reminder. "What we think will make us feel better actualy makes us feel worse."

Lizagna: I am making a conscience choice to feel grateful instead of guilty when I hear of your weather.

Lulu: I had to reread the line "haven't eaten any food for eleven days." That sure is tempting to try.

gardenerjoy: LOL "French women stay slim with diet pills and cigarettes."

Lexxiss: Good Luck shunning the pastries.

BBE: I love the idea of baskets with no junk food. I have yet to evolve there.

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Hi folks - yesterday was a healthy day... always grateful for that. Many credits.

In the scheme of: things happen for a reason... I started with some stomach flu last night. So... if we had gone to visit my son, it would be both of us recovering from the stomach flu's together.

So today it's been some water, gingerale, and a couple of rice cakes. Maybe some broth & noodles later. Just laying around. Oh well.

Have a good day.

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Fighting the Good Fight
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Default Doing "Plan"

Very busy Saturday here at work. So far on plan today and yesterday too.

But my plans are maybe a bit too spontaneous to be called "Plan".

I'd like to throw this out to the group:

How do YOU "do" Plan?

At night do you write down everything you expect to eat the next day?
Do you wing it?
Do you have a set of meals that you shuffle?


I think that planning is a critical piece and that I need some serious coaching here.

Thank you from Spanky.
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I can do this
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Planning it:

Right now, I wing it, with known acceptable breakfast, lunch, and snack choices and then keeping dinner within known calorie range.

However, once I go back to work in 2 weeks, I'm going to return to entering everything into MFP the evening before. Even now, I need to do better with that for our evening meal, because it is easier to stay OP if I made the choices before I'm hungry! It also greatly decreases pre-dinner "what should we have" stress.
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I can do it!!!
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Unhappy Yikes..... eating too much food!

I know I am going to sound bipolar ~ again ~ but I am really struggling to transform my breakthroughs into ACTION! I just found out that an old friend's adult child took his own life...... and all I want to do is eat. I know that doesn't solve one darn thing, but it "feels"/tastes good in the moment. OUCH!!! I just feel so, so bad for this guy, who is left to pick up the pieces for his heartbroken wife and other 2 adult children. I know what heartbreak feels like after losing my infant son, but I can't imagine losing an adult child under these circumstances. My heart just aches and breaks for the family.

Okay, sorry for that major downer, but I can't think of much else right now. However, I am acting like the serious food addict that I am right now, so I must "work my program." I need to carry on with MY life. Right?!? I feel like something always happens to throw me off my program, but I am realizing that "life happens" and I must be able to maintain my composure and decent eating through it all. This feels like my biggest challenge right now, in addition to just NOT overeating in general.

Now, onto personals:

Lizagna: I wrote you a PM about the program I am starting. Hope you got it!

LuLu: Thank you for the encouragement. You are doing so well now! Happy for you, too! I smiled when you said how great you felt in the dressing room when trying on the 3 fabulous dresses. Hope you will find a way to treat yourself to one!

maryann: A great big HOORAY for completing and mailing your thesis!!! You must be so relieved and happy to have that behind you. Love to hear that you had the chance to read aloud again to your son! Thank you for sharing the quote about reaching outside of our comfort zone.

Beverlyjoy: Food 95% OP = YAY for you for that and the many CREDITS you are racking up!!! Happy to hear that the "information" on the scale rewarded your efforts! Sorry you weren't able to visit your son. Hope that stomach flu flies away as quickly as it came!!!

nationalparker: CREDIT to you for no stress eating! That is huge! I can relate to the phenomenon of always wanting to eat on a plane. I think it IS to pass the time. Boredom eating..... OUCH! Hooray for another pound gone forever!

bethFromDayton: Love your realization that "...success makes continuing easier." Thanks for sharing. I hope to get to that point soon! You are so, so close to ONEderland. GO FOR IT!!!

BillBlueEyes: sugar snap pea seed + rain = YUM!!! CREDIT for walking to your meeting! What meeting?

shannonde94: Down 2.5 for this week..... Wow!!! You are off to a great start! Keep up the good work! Congrats on conquering Day 12 and proving to yourself that you can live without food! I skipped that step since I am supposed to eat something healthy every 3 hours, but I might need to revisit the idea, as I need to "feel" this truth in my bones.

Lexxiss: CREDIT to you for mentally preparing for the pastries at work! Hope it will help you to flex and strengthen that resistance muscle!!!

spanky: I can relate to a "PLAN" that is a bit too spontaneous. I, too, still need coaching on this critical part of the program. Thanks for asking for help. I will take note of the answers you receive. It sounds like you are successfully getting back into the game! That is awesome!
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Enjoying la bella vita
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S/C/G: high water mark/working on it

Height: 5-4


Hello, all! The sun finally came out this afternoon, but the wind is still strong and it’s a heavy sweater and jeans day. Pumped by the 10-day forecast, though, I’ve spent a few hours switching out my dreary winter wardrobe for my spring/summer one in bins and doing some sewing repairs on items I put away missing buttons (why?) … Trying to figure out what to take to LA for the work trip – the issue is everyone else will be dressed to the nines (where did that saying come from)? And I will feel like a frump. It’s something I need to change mentally. Because I’m certainly not changing in three days.

Some of my new “reasons to lose weight” on my latest card are: easier hiking, NO thigh rub that has shorts inch upward, finding it easier with heavy gardening, hauling mulch, mowing the lawn … and being able to get dressed quickly because more clothes fit.

Made my dinner and decided to just plate up the protein first and then was satisfied with that and left the carbs for a bit later. They're still there.

Spanky – My method of planning varies greatly. Some weeks it’s been every meal thought of in advance when I went marketing. Lately with the work schedule, I feel I'm on plan if I've stayed well within my calorie range. I do, however, plan to enjoy a splurge every few days and work that into it. (like a leftover maple cream easter egg for 110 calories that may or may not be calling to me from my closet today) …

IBelieveInMe2 – Sending supporting thoughts your way as you grieve with your friends, and I’m sure this brings up pain from losing your infant son earlier. But right now you’re done with the stress eating. Done. You indulged a bit and it won’t remove the hurt. Take a mental break from then and now – a bubble bath, a cup of tea sitting somewhere you never sit to drink. Then look at yourself and take stock of 5-6 things about yourself that you love. Be positive. Is it your kind eyes, your capable hands? Your strong calves that can power your walks? This is the body that you will care for this weekend. You can so do it!

BeverlyJoy – Oh no, on the stomach flu. Take care of yourself! Agree with things happening for a reason. Get good rest.

Beth who has lost 27 Pounds! - You are doing SO GREAT!! You are motivating me! Love your new avatar, too.

Maryann - Your camping trip sounds wonderful tonight - will look forward to hearing how it went! Envious, I might say! I love the reading aloud; I know a couple who alternates reading aloud to one another at night on agreed-upon books. I like that idea. More than DH, I suspect!

Bill - I LOVE your Easter basket idea - they sound glorious! I can just picture their goodness. Kids I used to watch always got beach/sand toys from their Easter bunny, and knew nothing else. These were kids who got up after a tv program and turned the tv off. I loved it

Lexxiss - Hope the preparation for the pastries was not in vain. Sounds like you have great self-control! Sadly, that sounds like the rare and unique food to me (is that what BBE calls it?)

Lulu - Love your new 'do - i clicked on your previous photo and it took me to a page with your new one. I am non-tech gifted so I can't help you with that one... I have NEVER heard of a baby shower with so many people. I consider 20 people a lot at a shower!! How was it?

Julia - Are you still here? Hoping that you are doing well. You've been in my thoughts today for some reason.

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Height: 5'2"


Happy Saturday night!

I've started re-reading the pink book, just to keep it all fresh in my head. It's interesting reading my notes where I filled things in. One of my responses to the coach day was to say I'd post to 3FC every day, and if I missed, to never miss two in a row. I've been doing that! Yay, me.

In the giving myself credit section, I said I'd include two credit worthy things in my daily posts--haven't been doing that specifically, but I definitely feel I've been good at patting myself on the back. I'll think about that more deliberately for a while.

Food was OP, if light. Credit :-). For exercise, I did leg lifts--somewhat precariously perched.

I've had bad news tonight about a long-time friend who is moving from the hospital into hospice. I'm not inclined to eat over it, rather it is upsetting my stomach horribly.

nationalparker: I'm adding 'no thigh rub' to my ARC immediately! Of course, I had 'thigh rub' at what is now my goal weight. Hmm. Thanks for the congrats--I'm excited about how close I am to ONEderland. BTW, if I finish before DH, I physically push my plate to the other side of the table as a 'done with this' signal.

IBelieveInMe2: I'm sorry about your friend's son--that is heartbreaking. Is this a time where "NO CHOICE" would help? I sometimes find it useful to visualize myself as "split in two"--one part follows the program (NO CHOICE) and the other part hurts for yourself and friend and offers support.

spanky: I wanted to add one more thing about planning. Planning works best for me when I plan in two "stages". Sunday night, I plan for the week at a fairly high level, which gives me a plan and lets me make the shopping list. I use a lot of the same meals with a fairly short rotation, which seems to be okay with my family. I do all 3 meals for this plan. Every night, I enter the detailed plan into MyFitnessPal, using Sunday night's plan as the basis and fill in the exact quantity of each dish. When I do MFP each night, I rarely make a change to the planned dinner, but often adjust breakfast and lunch. I find I stay completely as planned on workdays and weekdays often get adjusted on the fly.

Beverlyjoy: I hope this finds you feeling better. In a dark humor kind of way, it should assure that your down 2 lbs sticks around.

maryann: I love the vision of you reading to your son. I remember reading the first of the Harry Potter books to my kids. I hope your campout was a lot of fun! (For an adult only version of Apples to Apples check out Cards Against Humanity)

Lulu: You didn't buy any of them? What willpower! Like everyone else, I want to hear about the baby shower with 170 people--and maybe some background, like how the heck does this mama-to-be have 170 people to invite (and how many were at her wedding).

Lexxiss: How did the 'steeling yourself against pastries' go?

BillBE: Your baskets are almost enough to make me want to adopt the holiday!

shannondee: Down 2.5 and a successful starve yourself to dinner day, that's awesome!

Take care, all.
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