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Default Beck Diet For Life/Solution – March 2013 – Support, Discussion, Buddy/Coach

Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:and the first bookThe Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:
With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.
This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

If you’ve arrived from a search engine, you’ve landed at the site of 3 Fat Chicks (3FC), a remarkable place for those interested in a healthy life style, including mindful eating, exercise, and weight loss. More about the site, including how to register so that you can post, can be found here.

The books are available on Amazon through the 3FC store by clicking their names above; buying through 3FC helps to cover the costs of running this site.

You can find the list of previous (or more current) monthly Beck threads here on 3 Fat Chicks via:

List of Monthly Beck Threads for Support, Discussion, Buddy/Coach
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Thumbs up Friday

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Great walking day, CREDIT moi. Hoofed it to two different events and to gym. It was just chilly enough to make walking pleasant. All sidewalks are clear. There's that false sense in the air that winter is over despite the logical part of my brain remembering that many a blizzard has arrived in March. Gym was special because I worked out next to a guy who was using really heavy dumbbells that made me want to work even harder. It's hard for me to imagine ever lifting an 85 pound dumbbell in each hand as he was doing.

Meals were on plan, CREDIT moi; Snacks were about right because I skipped my planned morning and evening snacks and doubled my plan in the afternoon. DW made pumpkin soup for dinner - one of my favorite cold weather meals. Having survived February, I'm ready to bring out the patio furniture.

onebyone – Love the sardonic perspective, "Cry me a river." Congrats on your new Richeson Baby Press. Methinks it's the salt in ham that draws us - like cows to a salt lick.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – The reminder I need, "many frustrations but I did not eat over them" - Kudos.

maryann - Now that's a motivator: "gunny-sack of oranges." Congrats for giving yourself space to mail off that packet.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - An hour of shoveling snow is great upper body exercise, Kudos. Gratitude for snow seems more likely after it's been shoveled, LOL.

BigchiefDavid – Yay for a "goofy dog" physical trainer to push you when lazy thoughts might have offered an out.

nationalparker – On plan, all week wasn't a miracle; you did it, Kudos. And Kudos for facing reality with your eye and taking a whole week. It's so easy to ignore the needs of our bodies.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Now that's working your strategies, "not finishing what I was too full for, even though it was portioned out" - Kudos. [Yep, I see excess nibbling in the scale wiggles that don't wiggle down until I've compensated.]

Nola (Nola145) – Big Kudos for seeking ways to exercise that work for you. With an extra Kudos for planning the kind of short beginnings that are a proper fit for a body that's just beginning. (My first walk was exactly around the block and no more; I was mortified, of course, LOL.) Congrats for getting your Avatar picture up.

Readers -
chapter 3
How Thin People Think

characteristic 8
You Stop Dieting Once You Lose Weight

The Beck Diet Solution
In order to lose weight this time, you'll learn crucial Cognitive Therapy techniques that you'll use for the rest of your life. They include planning what you eat, choosing healthy foods, resisting cravings, soothing yourself without turning to food, using good eating habits, and exercising, to name but a few. You'll also learn essential skills to counter sabotaging thoughts that would otherwise lead to overeating, demoralization, and giving up. And you'll learn how to motivate yourself to use your skills in the future.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 41.
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Happy March... I've been really sick.(cold, fever, body aches, etc) Our darling little Maya Jane gave DH & I the a cold or flu. Am starting to feel better. Grateful. She started daycare last week for two days a week. Son and DIL had to wait until she was 10 months old to take her.(policy of center) Of course, she came down with a cold. I have always said that child care centers are like 'petri dishes' - lots of growing germs dispite all the precautions they take.

DH just woke up after sleeping for 13 hours. Yikes. Sleep is healing, though.

Yesterday I broke a tooth.. eating a cracker! I guess it was ready to break. It doesn't hurt too much because it's had a root canal years ago. Grateful.

Today I will catch up on drinking alot of water. I've got out my notebook and have started to journal. My weight has stayed the same all week.

Talk to you later.

This Beck Solution information came through my newsfeed of Facebook this morning:

Friday Weekend Warm-up: If you get off track this weekend, remember that there is NO SUCH THING as “blowing it for the whole weekend,” because if you stay off track, you’ll continue to take in more calories. There IS such a thing as making a mistake and then continuing to make mistakes, but it’s impossible to ‘blow it’ definitively because at any point you get yourself back on track puts you in a better position.

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HAPPY MARCH to everybody!
And have a good weekend!
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Good Morning, Coaches.

Last night I had my birthday chair position and, for the second month in a row, I did not eat a cupcake. More specifically I did not scrape the frosting off a few cupcakes (I don't like the cake part.) Credit for resistance. I ate less then plan because I was hoping to drop a pound for the month and what happened? I went up a pound. I really hear onebyone about disappointment regarding expectations for good behavior.

Let's all chime in: It is just a number!

Mailed off my packet. Step class this morning. Credit, credit. Woke up blue—my little neurons are not efficiently processing serotonin (I listen to Dr. radio). I am making fun but it does help to know my blue periods are a direct result of biology—not moral fiber. And I can help that biology by eating right (check), exercising (check) and getting off my back for a day (check check). Didn't get to sort oranges yesterday but I will. I think I will cook some soup for the weekend. I think I will snuggle with DS tonite (the best serotonin booster in the world.)

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Dear coaches and friends,
I have really fallen behind with my support system here. I've caught up reading February's thread.

My little trip to Arizona was so nice but the return to real life has been rocky. I'm having strong feelings of discontent. I hope much of it is weather related and spring fever.

I'm continuing to struggle with the stinking income taxes. (The inital estimate was that we owed $5000) I saw a tax preparer last week, she was able to whittle it down to $4000 but we still have a complicated real estate sale to sort out. The frustration is that we didn't get much money from the sale but enough to hurt tax wise. I've been working on looking for records with family (through e-mails) and calling agencies. I think I'm at a dead end but at least we can get the taxes out of the way.

<skip this part if you like, in the next paragraph I'm just processing>

I'm still seeing my counselor that I started seeing after my dad's death. I am coming to grips that my sadness over my dad has tipped me into the overload area. I think I've referred to a stressful family tragedy (for lack of a better word) that started about 2.5 years ago. Much of the heavy lifting fell to me and I've never put it to rest in my mind. The situation has pretty much resolved but the emotional memories of that time linger and still leave me in tears and sadness. I want to reach a state where it is a part of my life that I made it through and not a source of pain that feels like it's still going on.

Weight Loss: I'm hanging at 195.4. Less than 1/2 a pound from 20 pounds total. Tomorrow is my official weigh in so I hope I'll be there. Food has been pretty good, exercise doesn't exist. This shall be the month to change that. I remembered I have a Walk Away the Pounds video that I will start with.

Bill So glad to hear that you have been pronounced "healed" as far as your leg. I got the giggles with your umbrella story.
IBelieveInMeLast week you posted about being at your lake home and the mentality of "vacation eating". I also have a summer home too and I have that same problem there. It's a strong mindset. Thank you for the sunshine you sent to me last week.
NationalParker So sorry to hear about your eye. It sounds painful and worrysome. I hope it's on the mend. Your doctors sound like they are on top of things. How frustrating about the child support issues. That just sounds crazy. Good luck for a quick resolution.
BethI'm sending positive vibes for you to find a strategy to prepare for your gathering without the anxiety of going off plan. You are doing so well, I have so much admiration for you. Back a few days ago you said that you have a hard time sometimes with your step-kids but your husband's is awsome. I had to think for a minute, lol.
OnebyOne I'm so impressed with the way you talked your way through the scale disappointment. You are spot on in your analysis. (I'm referring to yesterday's post) But I did laugh at your reference to the G-D ham. I did find 2 useful points on the list for the HCG diet (planning and sleeping) otherwise, no, just no.
NolaWelcome! We are in different areas of the state but yes, enough of winter. My son lives in Portland. I plan to get over there to see him the first week in April. I miss him so much. You are off to a fabulous start, I'm right with you on being out of shape and would rather crawl into bed with a book most evenings than think about exercise.
DaveWelcome back to getting on the wagon again.
Ann So glad to have you back. Like I said on the declutter's thread, you sound so optomistic and determined. I missed you and thought of you often.
BeverlyOuch on breaking a tooth on a cracker. It's almost funny when it happens. You are doing so well. Kudos for your planning and staying on track!
Kitty Sorry to hear you are having to work extra but major kudo's for not neglecting your exercise. that's always the first to go for me when I get too busy. I'm impressed.
Debbie I love how you reflect on the changes you've made like walking past the Costco samples. We all need to acknowledge the changes we've made and not dwell on the ones we've want to make.
Tazzy You were right when you said you'd jinxed the dogs to wake up.
MaryAnn I hear your frustration with the degree but I KNEW you wouldn't give up now. We just juiced the oranges we picked up in AZ, so good.
GardeningJoyOh, I struggle with snacking when I'm relaxing. Good for trying new strategies for avoiding.

I think I caught up with everyone, if I missed anyone, it was not intentional. I'm glad to be caught up with all of you and met the new people. See you tomorrow (if not sooner)

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Happy March - and the ever-closer sliding to spring at SOME point! Spitting snow/sleet here today, but I put three small pots of yellow primroses in the window over my kitchen sink for cheer. Good news from the dr. today in that my eye showed definite signs of improvement and to follow the every two hours of meds for a week and I return for another check and steroid Rx next Friday. YAY. SO relieved about that. I let my worries get the best of me last night and tossed and turned until close to 3 a.m. I hate it when I cannot turn off my brain.

I am hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow, but know it might be a bit higher with water weight. If so, so be it. I know I've stayed within my calories (nutritionally, not so hot but a trip to the market will help with more veggies/fruits here this evening).

Maryann, I can feel your pain with just wanting to see that number. And how come it always seems to be that we go lower and go up and indulge a bit and go down. Contrary to what seems logical

Bill - GREAT job on keeping up the activity/exercise. And LOVE your positive thoughts on patio furniture in March - even just pulling them in and putting by a flickering fireplace ha ha! I keep wanting to grill because Lexxiss is across the country. I think we've got another month until we'll be doing that, though.

BootedKitty - Have you just been swamped with only news about the Vatican? It's certainly leading many newscasts here! I haven't been completely following it but have enjoyed the views of Roma and Vatican City! Have a super weekend - family time?

Julia150 - I think I've been stressed; I cannot imagine what you've been going through longterm. Have you ever tried yoga for mind clearing? I'm going to set that as a goal for me for March - to get back into it (lately, I've just pulled out the yoga mat and stretched out and did floor exercises. No asanas.) Hang in there and good luck with weighing in tomorrow!

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Post good day to you all

Hello Coaches

Bit of a bumpy day so far today, leftovers from yesterday's big events and the continuing story of those into today.

Specifically we took Looloo to the vet last night. She gets the sniffles and gets all stuffed up and it comes back again and again. This is our 1 yr anniversary of having Looloo come to live with us. Also, one year that I came home from my Key West residency.

A year goes by so fast.

Looloo's been to the vet 3x in this one year. All for nose stuff: being way too stuffed twice and then the nosebleeds inbetween that, when she collpased on the floor. We thught she was a goner then, but she's still here, sniffling away. Actaully my old vet, who we consulted after the nosebleed episode, called it "snuffles". So I guess he's snuffling---which just sounds way more adorable than it actually is.

Anyway, at the vet last night at least she could be handled. Much improved in that way. He gave her the antibiotic shot and we wait. She doesn't seem great today though but it's too early. She isn't hiding though and that's a good sign. Even ate a bit and drank water and got up to sit in the window in the sun until she was so hot you could hardly pat her. (HEY WE HAVE SUN!)

So food today is more than I wanted and I didn't plan my lunch--just pulled one o the leftover's DH brought me home and dug in. Dug in and should have stopped earlier BUT *credit I stopped, I threw the extra food away, I tracked my food, I'm making a plan for dinner so I don't do the same thing twice in one day. I also didn't step on the scale. We had takeout last night and I tracked it but just didn't want to see that scale even higher than it was on weigh-in day. Now I wish I had seen it cause I am just imagining the worst. My brain is not my friend when it comes to food and things related to food. It's why I need a plan and coaches and this sounding board. Thanks, and have a good day.
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Happy March, new friends and coaches. Day 11 for me. I enjoyed reading your posts. I am learning so much from you all.
Although I planned my meals for the day (credit), I didn't get to my BDS reading today until after lunch. That's when I found out I should have been gauging and tracking my hunger all day today. I will have to push that exercise to tomorrow. I do notice I feel resistant to doing it; I want to eat what I've planned and not pay attention to how full I may be getting. Yikes!
Did my 10 minute walk as planned. (credit) It was a bit of a stretch to go past 7 minutes. I will probably stay at 10 for a few days. Yes, I am a wimp. Bill, how long did it take you to go from just getting around the block to showing up regularly at the gym?
Coaches, I have been pretty much perfect in the planning/eating food department since I started and that really worries me, because it feels like all the other diets I've been on where I start out great and peter out after two weeks. That two-week mark is getting close. What made the biggest difference for you all between this program and others you tried? Appreciate your insights.
- Nola
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Hi Coaches!

I finally got here....tried this morning but internet was too slow to let me reply. It's still slow so I'll be brief:

Overate OP foods yesterday but didn't binge on junk. credit. Weighed this morning then had to change plans from "day off at home" to take mom to Denver...snow was coming. I already had a Sumo in my bag and grabbed a banana and filled my water bottle. I ended up not eating either, and enjoyed a healthy lunch at the asianfusion place. credit. Dinner is planned...a vegan BLT.

I don't know what's happened to my internet service and I have to be to work at 530 tomorrow morning so I'll check in later tomorrow and will zip an email VIA iphone to my personal beck buddy. credit.
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Good news! At eye appt. dr. said it's showing marked improvement and continue on the meds every two hours for the next week and a followup next Friday. WHEW. I was worried! I feel a sense of relief.

Did a solid marketing trip this evening - and have wonderful ingredients for healthy meals. Does anyone else come back and want EVERYTHING right away? I am thinking, hmmm... the turkey and bean chili sounds great for the weekend - lots of tomatoes, peppers and onions, but so do the chicken and bean and onion enchiladas... hmmm... how about the pesto chicken panini? So to work on the meal plan for the week. DH is working tonight - his last shift for this go-round.

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Hi Everyone,

Wow, the March thread already. Where does the time go? Did well yesterday until dinner time. Didn't have DS here as he is at his mom's house on Thursdays. Not always a good thing for DH and I as then we both use fend for ourselves. And I apparently have a whole new category of the major food groups: cereal, yogurt (at this point it was still looking good), ice cream, crackers, chips and chocolate. Pretty sure those last 4 are not major food groups! I was having one of those "I could eat everything days" and apparently I did. This morning at work I put it all in my tracker and realized that points wise it was not as bad as I expected, still no excuse for doing it though. Must have been those darn chocolate covered macadamias! I'm going to send them to you BBE. I'm sure a trip across the continent would be fine for them.

I had a better day today, took the dogs to work briefly before dropping them at doggy daycare to get their nails done. These boys get more spa days than me. Everyone I work with was so surprised at how big they are, the last time they saw either of them was probably at the 4 - 5 month age, Dexter is now around 11 months old so really big change there. Picked up a couple of tired pooches at the end of the day and they've been sleeping most of the evening. Time to get them upstairs and settled into their beds for the night.

Most exciting thing for me today is that we had a central vaccum system installed and I spent all evening vacuuming everything I could. It's quite cool to have a powerhead that pulls itself along because it has so much suction. Makes the task almost enjoyable.

Busy weekend ahead, eye dr appt for DS tomorrow, want to check out the home and garden show happening and one of my nephews is coming to live with us for 2 months while he does his second year of apprenticeship training. Looking forward to having him around.

In case I don't make it back tomorrow have a great day everyone. We had temperatures of +12C here today and it's predicted for tomorrow too. Sunday is supposed to be 10 - 15cm (4-6") of snow so will likely stay in the house more that day. Oh the Alberta weather, ever-changing.
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Hi all,

Food was OP today--credit for that. I hadn't been able to plan a specific lunch (college cafeteria day) but had a lovely salad that fit perfectly into my day. Dinner was OP and delicious--and my BFF arrived today to spend a few days with us.

Exercise was all spontaneous--traipsing around that college campus. It's strange realizing DD will be off at school next year--we'll be empty nesters with all three out of the house.

I can't even plan my meals for tomorrow--we're having both lunch and dinner out in order to pick a restaurant to cater one night of our event. I'll just have to be mindful.

Tomorrow we start our baking and cooking. We're making multiple treats. I'm really glad I've been practicing and really succeeding at not eating standing up--it'll keep me from spoon licking and such while baking. Once the treats are in the freezer, I don't have a problem leaving them alone. So, I'm planning one of each treat as we make it and freeze it--and that's all. (Believe it or not, every year we make 40 or 50 dozen cookies/bars/etc, and no one in my family touches them once they're bagged and frozen and marked!)

At least I'll find the black beans easy to resist :-), and chicken is easy to resist compared to peanut butter cookie dough.

By Monday night, we should be done with all of the baking and cooking. I'll still have lots of pre-event planning and shopping to do, but I won't be facing temptations in the kitchen the same way.

There will always be other opportunities for any food--I can just have one now and there will be times in the future where there will be other chances.

Take care, all.
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I can do it!!!
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Unhappy Binge! :-(

I feel so inadequate right now in the weight loss department. I weighed in Thursday and was up a pound. Temporarily threw in the towel....... and thought, "I have been working so hard and this?!?" and proceeded to go get those damn Cinnamelts from McDonald's this time. I was craving them and my mouth was salivating waiting in line (sorry if TMI), so I know it was emotional eating. How do I break this pattern of food addiction??? Despite years of therapy, there are obviously still underlying issues that I am not facing in a healthy way. Part of me really wants to face my fears and get to the bottom of things and the other part of me wants to ignore it and "numb out" on food. It feels like a constant struggle for me. Does anyone else feel this way? When I read your posts, I feel like everyone else is making progress and, just as soon as I begin to, I somehow sabotage myself and take 2 steps backward. I am really feeling defeated tonight, but I will attempt to pick up the pieces and begin fresh with a workout in the morning. Please send me strength!!!
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Thumbs up Saturday - Sequestering along

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walked, CREDIT moi, to hear a presentation about how the U.S. Economy is doing. Ouch. What a depressing subject. Trillions of dollars are hard for me to envision when I think the price of a new car is a bunch. And it makes me happy to buy salad dressing at a dollar off. The speaker wasn't wearing Prada, herself, but tossed trillions of dollars from chart to chart with ease. Ouch, again.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, with snacks under control by being busy but not stressed. The pattern is obvious; the solution escapes me. I don't know how to eliminate all stress in my life - certainly not by thinking about the U.S. or World economy. Or taxes. Or home repair. Or the need for new cars. I'm off this morning to see what early Spring birds have arrived. That's relaxing for me, but small birds don't live through a harsh winter night if they haven't found enough food during the day. Now that's stress!

onebyone – Ouch for Looloo's sniffles - without even going to daycare, LOL. Yay for enough sun to warm a cat. Sunshine helps my brain focus on non-food things.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Just love the notion of a "a vegan BLT." Before our local vegan restaurant closed, DW would order the vegan Bacon Cheeseburger and I'd laugh the entire meal.

Beverlyjoy – Petri dishes indeed. Enjoy the thought that you're part of your GD improving her immune system for her lifetime. Ouch for the broken tooth - hope there's a fix.

maryann - It is just a number! It is just a number! It is just a number! Congrats for getting your packet into the mail. Sending your blue neurons some cyber hugs to get their axons firing.

Tazzy - I'm green with jealousy for your central vacuum system - the geek in me has always wanted one. LOL at your expansion of the major food groups. And shuddering at the thought that chocolate covered macadamia nuts are about to arrive at my front door - I'm off to find an appropriate filing cabinet they can sit upon.

nationalparker – Yes, if we keep cheering Spring will just slide in - officially in only three weeks. Yay for yellow primroses to encourage it along. Glad to hear that your eye is improving.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – "40 or 50 dozen cookies/bars/etc" is one whole lot of sugar. Kudos for having a one-each plan and quickly getting them to the freezer.

IBelieveInMe2 – Yep, the old way of eating drops by the visit from time to time. You got back on your path, the most important thing, Kudos, Kudos, Kudos. It's probably true that twenty years of psychoanalysis will find the root of your food thoughts. But it's also probably true that some carefully crafted strategies can get you past MacDonald's Cinnamelts in less time. Can you devise a plan for getting past MacDonald's? Maybe walking a different way so that addictive smell doesn't hit you. Sending my best supportive thoughts for you to find the strength and wisdom to stay your path.

Julia (Julia150) – Kudos for processing. Process here and then process here some more. Repetition changes the pathways of the neurons in your brain. Good luck at your weigh-in today.

Nola (Nola145) – It's a big step to be aware of how full you feel at every meal - Kudos for that. [My walking increased more rapidly than I expected; I added extra minutes every day. Amazes me that the body can respond that rapidly. I started going to the gym after about three weeks. First sessions were wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. I sat on a yoga ball moving small dumbbells looking at myself in the mirror and seeing the Michelin Man. Ouch. But, I just kept going.]

Readers -
chapter 3
How Thin People Think

characteristic 8
You Stop Dieting Once You Lose Weight

The Beck Diet Solution
...The good news is that once you learn these skills, dieting becomes much easier. And so does maintaining your weight loss. The dieters I counsel tell me this all the time. It doesn't require as much effort to maintain your weight as it does to lose it - if you learn the skills you need along the way.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 41.
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