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Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was 80%. I stuck with my meal plan but had about 10 animal crackers after dinner....(pauses...walks to kitchen...). The rest of them are gone...buried under coffee grounds. DH won't miss them and I am pretty certain they would call at me later. I didn't get any exercise in yesterday. Will do my 15 min weight/stretch at home before we head to church. credit.

everyone! It's getting time for mom to wake up so I'm headed her way.
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Green Tomatoes
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Just popping in to say Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!

And, that I'm feeling poised to be in a better, more focused space in April. I'm amazed to see a sudden Beck surge toward South Beach. Maybe I'll join you. I've never been interested in Phase 1, but I think Phase 2 would probably be good for me.
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Green Tomatoes
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Focused was the wrong word. Committed. That's better. Or possibly, deranged enough to be committed.

I requested a bunch of books on South Beach from the library.

Then, I ate breakfast and unrequested the books from the library.

Since we're going to France in late May, I'm reading French Women Don't Get Fat. I've attempted to read it in the past and always got annoyed, but I figure it's high time that I get over being annoyed by the French, so I persisted this time and it's growing on me (those seductive French). It's not a diet at all, but a grand experiment. Figure out what's worth the calories in my world and what isn't. Cost / benefit analysis. To do this well, I'll need more flexibility than I'd have trying to pursue South Beach at the same time. I'll save that grand experiment for late summer when I'll be stuck in the middle of the country wishing for a beach.

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Hello Becksters,
The mantra that I am saying in my head, almost obsessively, is "no choice!" Right now it is really working. Knowing that Our Easter tradition is to have cinnamon rolls, bacon and orange juice, I prioritized and planned to have (and eat slowly and enjoy every bit) one piece of bacon and to forgo the pastry. It is amazing how satisfied I can feel when I choose wisely and slow down and enjoy/taste what I am eating...kudos to me! I am going to get a walk in today before going to friends' for dinner. Luckily, the friends are doing that weight loss challenge with me so were in no way offended when I asked what would be served. I wanted to plan my is all planned and I am armed with my mantra and my other Beck strategies.

I hope you all are having a nice Easter. We have our wonderful Spring weather again this weekend...what else could I ask for? Til tomorrow...
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Default I got a ticker!

Hello, Becksters!

I'm so excited! I got my signature and my ticker--the reward for the tenacity of 20 days & 20 posts. Not that it was difficult, and certainly worth waiting for. Along with the ticker, I had a 2+ pound weight loss. I'd been doing so well this past week (OP weight & exercise, doing Beck workbook every a.m., planning, etc.) and the scale had not budged. Suddenly yesterday morning, zing! Down 2#. (And it wasn't just the hair--I weighed it, and it was under 4 oz.)

This afternoon DH & I hung pictures--when we travel we collect art, have it framed when we get home, then let it languish in some closet for years. We had made an appointment with ourselves that at 2:00 this afternoon, all other activities would come to a halt, we would break out a bottle of champagne, and we would hang those pictures. It was wonderful, and the wall (where the stairs ascend) we covered is magical and brings back the memories of our trips. DH used a level so the champagne would not influence the angle at which the pics hung, and I counted every ounce/calorie of the champagne. Planned, tracked, credit.

Today was my "personal first day of spring"--that is the first day after the first of the year that I'm able to take a run or wog wearing shorts. Wogged Emma the Rocket Dawg 4-1/2 miles and did 15 min of P90X. Still loving my MFP/Fitbit/Beck diet "cocktail". (Glad you found it entertaining BillBE & Rosebud.) Life, it be good.

Debbie (Lexiss) - You are doing so amazingly. Putting away the chip and animal crackers when they didn't do it for you was so good. (My response in the past would have been, "They always tasted better before. I should have a lot more and make sure.") Then having 10 today... the fact that you counted... great tracking. Credit! Also weighing, exercising, OP--WTG!

BethfromDayton - Sorry to hear your feeling challenged right now. I would guess that there's some emotional let-down after your big event last week (not trying to play Dr. Phil here). Your awareness of the situation is keen, which is the first step. You know what to do, and you'll do it.

BillBE - Nuts have been one of my great challenges, so I could so identify with the siren song they were broadcasting for you. Laughed OL about your DW & DD & the new phone. Glad you're getting some spring in NE--ain't it grand! Congrats/credit for OP & ARCs. Are you still making new ARCs or settling in with the ones you created last week?

OnebyOne - If it's any comfort, you know that you're not alone in having the feeling of defeat. We all have it sometimes after a particularly difficult day. Or week. Or year. What a great start to commit to your SBD plan!

Rosebud - WTG for OP and "no choice"! I'm so envious of your Paris trip! I think they do serve less "supersized" stuff, which generally I like--although my one complaint is that I want 20 ounces of coffee just for starters, and they have only "reasonable" serving sizes of that too. The planning you're doing in advance will serve you well. If you know any of the restaurants you'll be visiting, you might check online to see if they have websites with menus.

NationalParker - If you're reading ARCs, check out the "Get Back on Track" response card. (In the Beck workbook, it's #18.) It's tough being on the go, but you have the resources to get right back OP & repeat that string of good days.

GardenerJoy - Good luck with SBD! And you're another one Paris-bound. Enjoy, enjoy! Laughed & almost snorted about the "Committed".

IBelieve - Good to hear from you. Credit on "no choicing" on the candy most of the time. Glad you're having a good vaca.

New thread tomorrow?


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I can do this
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Hi all,

I'd say this weekend was a struggle, but actually I threw everything out the window at our party yesterday. My blood sugar was crazy this morning and I was exhausted this afternoon (possibly from the blood sugar). The sweets are almost all gone, though--frozen for the June big event (which I'm not in charge of), or they're going to work with me tomorrow (yeah, I'm one of those horrible people).

I didn't read Beck today. I didn't exercise. I need a real reboot--or a . But even though today wasn't written down, I ate totally within parameters--and I'm ready to get back on track. Deep breath. I can do this. Dr Beck said it would get hard at times--and having all of you here as coaches really is motivating me and keeping me from giving up.
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Post re-start

Well, hello there coaches.

Horrible food weekend. Ham took me down yesterday. MIL had easter treats. At the farmers' market I showed no restraint at all. Everything wa rare and unusual in my eyes. Truth is, I didn't even really try very hard. I pre-decided it'd be a wash out but then I got mad about it and then I used that emotion to just eat it anyway. Truly messed up thinking. Glad it is behind me. I will take credit for the 3hrs walking yesterday and the 45 minute walk this evening. I am also planning my food tonight and a grocery list for the 1st week of the phase 1 part of the south beach diet. Happy to be moving forward. I am very self-destructive without a plan. I saw 260.2 yesterday morning. Did not wigh this morning for fear of seeing something higher. My jeans tell me that could be so. The jeans test is very motivating btw.

So, moving on. Talk to you tomorrow.
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