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Good morning coaches

Where is my post from yesterday? I was sure I posted here yesterday. I have been very busy as we are going on vacation Monday for two weeks. I think I need a vacation...I know don't we all.
I will try to post while I am away. I know I will get much unplanned walking in.
I worked yesterday and I am struggling with whether I should stay at my job or move on. I volunteer and that energizes me, while my job doesn't seem fun to me anymore. I always said, "When I stop having fun here, I will move on." I am unsure if it is everything that has happened in my life recently or that it is time to move on. I will go on my vacation and maybe I will see things clearer. Eating was on plan yesterday. I need to make a plan for vacation as I know how appealing fast food can be when I am hungry. I don't enjoy it so I will try to plan for healthy eating.
Only walked about 20 minutes yesterday, guess that is better than not walking.
House need cleaning today so I need to go.
Thanks for all the wonderful posts that make me more aware of my journey. I appreciate all of you.
Have a great day everyone.
Take Care

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Hi Coaches!

Could slip in now and perhaps not later...weighed, smoothied, packed Sumo and am off to work. Food OP yesterday, except for an evening dip into the homemade granola. Ouch but grateful to make better choices...still.

Nola(Nola145), great job starting with exercise. I join BBE as one who started by going around the block(on a bike) was all I could do. You've got the idea...just keep making baby steps and they add up. I upgraded to a better bike several years ago then bought yet another last fall. I put cyclometers on both and have logged hundreds of miles. I'm grateful that I kept trying.

IBelieveinMe2, often my "success" is just getting here. Kudos for getting here and for finding strength to keep going.

Ok, work calls
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Hooping my Life Away
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I haven't been following Beck to a tee. I even went ahead and made all the cards and haven't used them yet! But I think writing all the cards has helped keep things in mind.

Today, I had a huge issue with a food pusher. Every time I was by her (and she was eating), she was trying to push food at me. I feel like she was even getting a bit upset cause she offered 3 times or more each time (this was 3 different instances through the night). Honestly the way I figured, if I was going to eat anything off plan, it better be worth it (like a chocolate truffle or something I rarely have). Peanut butter girl scout cookies and dill thank you!
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Happy weekend! I'm off to a good start today, seeing a two pound loss on the scale! Then my mind immediately puts it down - "it'll stay there for a while, it never drops more than a half or pound per week..." Shush, negative thinking. And if it does, it's better than going up!

Think we're going to go see Quartet today - not sure why DH is interested (?) but I'm thankful for that. We don't see many movies in the theatre.

Goal this weekend is to stay focused and not let up.
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Good Morning, Coaches.

I can't help but feel a little guilty when those of you from four season places talk about winter. It has been a sunny 65 degrees here for two weeks and the blossoms are out. We have the opposite problem—spring can't come until we get more rain. Farmer DH is facing draught conditions. So come on March rain. Bring it on.

I am officially changing my ticker back up a pound which is disappointing. I was hesitant to do it(just give me a few more days to lose) but I value the truth more than I value looking good. Food was healthy and reasonable like it has been for a week but the portions are just too big to lose. I am apparently a genius at maintaining. GRRR.

Still, credit for seeing the whole picture:
Once over two hundred pounds, I only shopped at Lane Bryant. I had one pair of pants that fit and a stained sweatshirt that was my everyday wear.I rarely looked in the mirror, had clothes that were ill fit, was baffled over hair and make up.

Today, every piece of clothing fits, some are single digit sizes. I weigh less than on my wedding day twelve years ago. I can complete an entire step class. I still can't do hair and makeup but I splurge on getting my hair done once a week.

These things sound superficial but they are evidence that I value mysel today when in the past I literally felt like I was an ugly monster. Today I only have people in my life that love me and treat me respectfully. That was not always the case. Today, when the blues hit, I can modify my schedule, be gentle and not participate in self destructive behavior. I am 25 years sober.

When compared to all these good things, a pound on the scale seems pretty insignificant.

Nola145: Although I lost the majority of my weight before BDS, the program has helped big time with the last of it. This program is different. It focuses on always being accountable rather just on what you ate. It talks about behavior not calories. Although my food plan is not causing me to lose, I have maintain with a great deal of peace for closing in on three years. That is the difference.

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I can do it!!!
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Smile Welcome!

Daimere!!! Welcome to the group! Best of luck to you with using Dr. Beck's principles for your weight loss journey!!!
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Hi becksters - glad to say I stayed with my plan yesterday. I was mindful of sodium, too. It's been a while since I've kept track. I didn't keep track when I was feeling sick this week. I am better.. almost. DH is making progress.

Some of my credits: planned/measured/logged food, drank more water, kept track of my sodium, and prepped lots of healthy foods to have ready.

Tomorrow afternoon is a bridal shower for my neighbor. I don't know what will be served. I will make choices mindful of sodium and a broken tooth. (I will see the dentist on Tuesday morning).

Hope you are having a healthy day.

WELCOME! - nola145 & Daimere - I am so glad you posted. I've beenout of town and then sick so I havn't had a chance for a welcome, yet. Folks here are helpful & supportive. I find that Dr.Beck's principles are helpful in my finding some sanity with food.

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Hello and happy Saturday, Coaches. Today I am doing the day 11 exercise that I missed yesterday, of gauging how hungry I am before and after meals. So far no big surprises. I did my 10-minute walk again, this time indoors at work. Saturdays are quiet here, and I can work up a decent head of steam in the 50' carpeted hallway. Better than nothing.
After my stellar week 1, my weight is not budging at all this week. I am looking at making some tweaks to my calorie intake starting next week. As you all have talked about, it is discouraging to be working the program, eating OP, exercising and not seeing a change for all one's efforts. I know it is early in the game and I am not even close to calling it quits. There has got to be a workable change or two I can make.
Bill, loved your Michelin Man image. Three weeks from sidewalk to gym is impressive.
You all keep on keepin' on. Have a great weekend!
- Nola
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I can do this
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Hey all,

Just a quick check-in before starting to bake. We went out for Chinese for a fact-finding mission and I ate too much. I have uncomfortably full. I didn't eat as much as I used to and then I was probably used to being uncomfortably full. Now, I don't like that feeling at all--my stomach feels heavy and I am really regretting that I didn't portion off my food before before eating. The food was good-but I should have eaten less.

I will learn from this--eating as much as I used to does not feel good--it feels uncomfortable and unpleasant.

So, credit to me for recognizing what happened. And I think I'll take advantage of the uncomfortable tummy to do some baking of delicious stuff--I'll feel less tempted.
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Hello coaches and friends,

Today was my official weigh-in day. <Drum roll> I had a 3 pound loss!!! Last week was a very small loss so I guess it was averaging out. I'm down a total of 17.2 since 1/12 and 22 since 11/14/12. I need to fix my signature and ticker. I'm more than a third of the way to my goal. Now I'll focus on chasing the halfway mark.

<processing here> Yesterday I wrote a chronological history of the "tragedy". I put all of my memories, the facts and the emotions, into words on paper. I went to a trauma class that worked with moving the emotional memory into the factual, thinking part of the brain. I'll re-read it to myself and to DH to get those neural pathways established.

NationalParker I have often thought I'd like to learn Yoga, I went to one class awhile back. Right now I can't put out $$ for anymore classes. Do you think I could learn from a DVD? I'm so glad you have good news on your eye. I thought the previews to quartet looked good. LOL on not knowing what to make first when you get home from shopping. I do that too, it all sounds good!
Tazzy Too cool to have central vac.
Beth Your comment about having future opportunites for treats is something I use for myself. I tell myself the same thing when I'm tempted by a treat. I tell myself "later, when you are maintaining you can enjoy one of those". It helps me to remember that whatever it is will still be available someday down the road.
Nola Today was the end of week 7 for me. I haven't been perfect on following my plan but I've lost 17.8 pounds. I completely understand your fears about petering out after the first few weeks. I've done that before. I do the best when I have a support group. I lost almost 70 pounds a few years ago, what kept me OP was the support I got on an online forum. The people you interact with here understand what you are talking about and have the same struggles. It helps me so much to read about other people's success and gives me the opportunity to support other people. That's my word of advice to you about fizzling out. Look at the successful people here, Bill, Debbie, MaryAnn and Gardnerjoy are a few of the people I look up to. They stuck with it for the long term and they are maintaining their loss. (Maintaining is a real problem for me) The people who are in the process inspire me by their dedication. So, bottom line after that rambling: Stick around the fabulous people here who will support and encouage you. If you stumble as we all do, don't go hide away from us. Come back for all that the group has to offer. Perfect is good but 90% works too.
Bill Economy ugh. I don't need anything else to be depressed about. Thank you for encouraging me to process here. I'll try to put up a disclaimer so people don't read my rambling.
Daimere Food pusher can be such a pain. When I don't want to hurt a food pushers feelings or they persist, I accept their kind offering and tell them I'm going to save it for later. As soon as they are out of sight, in the garbage it goes. It goes against my grain to waste food but like a WW once said "It goes to waste one way or another" (pretty sure she was referring to it ending up as poo.) Welcome, I haven't seen your posts before.
MaryAnn May I say WOW on how far you've come. I like the way you just put it all in perspective. You may weigh more than what your goal is but major kudos for how far you've come. Your whole post was inspiring. Thank you maryann.
Ann, have a wonderful vacation!


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There have been so many times I could have written just what you did. Sometimes the scale just doesn't play fair. When I see a gain after I've been so faithful to my plan I'm disappointed but try to remember that the number isn't always a reflection of weight loss. It's also a reflection of fluids you're carrying around and lots of variables. I try to be patient and I'm often rewarded with a lower number in the next few days. Like everyone keeps saying here, It's only a number, It's only a number It's only a number. That's a hard concept for me to internalize as the only way I have to measure progress in the short term is that stupid number on the scale. We can work on that together. In the longer term I measure progress in smaller size clothes. Also, you didn't take 2 steps backward with the melts, maybe a 1/4 of a step.
I think we all probably have unresolved issues that cause us to eat emotionally. Whether or not you get to the ultimate cause, CBT is a different kind of tool for rethinking. I don't think I'm telling you something you don't know, if I remember correctly, you have some past experience with CBT. Just don't give up darlin', I'm pulling for you.
If I might quote NationalParker again. If you took the wrong exit on the freeway, would you just keep going the wrong way? No, you'd turn around and get back going in the right direction.
Here's a big hug ((( ))) from me.
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Cool Saturday Night


Saturday night after a day of exploring new places. I *did* visit the original Tim Horton's in Hamilton. They promised a museum. They delivered two glass cases flanking the front door. A tad disappointing, but really, what does one expect to see in terms of the history of a donut and coffee shop franchise?

Foodwise today, well I had two items I don't usually eat at the Timmies. Counted the points, knew we'd be a) walking a lot = 2hrs worth right after and b) I'd planned for it. I did ok. DH made dinner, counted that too. It's all good.

Weightwise what can I say? The scale said I am up 2.2lbs overnight. According to my scale I have gained *almost* 5 lbs in a week all the while eating less and tracking more and staying on plan, What does that say? It says my body is a sponge-I already knew that(water weight/salt). It says what goes up, must come down IF I am on plan and that's the key. I CANNOT allow these "numbers" to be accepted as "facts". It is information for the day. It makes me concerned, yes, but you know what? If I could control the rate at which my body loses weight I would do it. In a heartbeat I would do it. And I'd tell all of you how to do it from my gold-embossed hand-spun gold coin laden chaise lounge. My people would tell your people cause that ability would make me rich. Alas, it is not so. My body metabolizes without my conscious mind. I *can* mess it up by actually going off plan. That's the part I, mindfully, consciously, am accountable for. And, for today, I'm good, thanks.

With this I am heading to bed. Have a good night.

PS attached a jpg showing a man enjoyng the "museum" and also the storefront with bronze commemorative plaque-terrible parking lot btw. waaaayyyyy too tight and small. No idea how they parked those much bigger cars from the 60's/70's and etc.
Attached Images
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I can do this
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Hi all!

After having too much for lunch, I made a small but satisfying salad with chicken for dinner--and felt much better with my more appropriately sized meal. We made 20 dozen peanut butter cookies--I ate 2 (one cooked, one raw dough). We made an 11x15 pan of fudge--when we cut it, I'll have one small piece before we freeze it. I also unwrapped 6.5 dozen mini reeses cups without eating one. I feel pretty pleased with myself--and it demonstrates to me that I can bake without going crazy. If I did it today, I can do it again tomorrow.

I knew I haven't been taking enough time for focusing on the Beck techniques this week, so today I created a new response card for myself.

Things to tell myself
  • A year from now I’ll be glad I started. Every day counts.
  • I’m not really hungry—but I’m really tired of being heavy and tired.
  • As I learn to resist, resisting will get easier. Practice resisting!
  • I choose not to eat that—I choose to stay on plan.
  • I have the right to be healthy. I want to be healthy more than I want that treat.
  • Every day staying on plan leaves me healthier than the day before.
  • I want more energy—losing weight will give me more energy.
IBelieveInMe2: I am sending strength. I don't know what else to add, but I do know that "numbing out" with food hasn't really made you happy. I think it's one of those "one step at a time" things. Do you think it would help to follow Dr Beck's idea of keeping a counter of each time you give yourself credit? Credit for recognizing what you were doing, credit for posting here, credit for your workout tomorrow morning...

BillBE: Avoiding stress isn't easy--and thinking about the economy certainly doesn't help that.

NewLifeStyle (Ann): I hope your vacation is somewhere warm and/or fun! I think it makes sense to wait until more rested to try and see things more clearly and make decisions. (My job isn't fun either, unfortunately--not sure what the solution is there.)

Lexiss: Thanks for introducing me to Sumos--they are amazing. I'll be buying some more at the grocery tomorrow!

Daimere: Welcome! Credit for resisting the food pusher (although I went so far as to plan for peanut butter sandwich Girl Scout cookies). Treats--especially ones as wonderful as truffles--need to be planned for and fit into the plan!

nationalparker: I'm glad you're seeing improvement with your eyes. Congrats on the loss--it's great to see hard work paying off!

Nola145: 10 minutes of walking is 10 minutes more than you were doing. When we walk at work, I remind myself we're lapping everyone sitting at their desk--lots better than nothing!

maryann: Credit for listing all the ways you've made progress--that leve of progress and success is a real inspiration to me, only two months in.

Beverlyjoy: Kudos for prepping healthy food in advance--easy to grab and serve food gets served more often!

Julia150: Congrats on the loss! There are yoga videos on YouTube--I haven't tried yoga, but it could be a way to get started--I'm going to explore YouTube for some variety in workouts at home.

onebyone: What a positive way to think about it--what comes up must go down--especially when it can be discouraging.

Take care, all.
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I can do it!!!
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Wink CREDIT to my coaches!

Julia150, Lexxiss, BillBlueEyes, and bethFromDayton: Thank you for your thoughtful words and ideas. It helps to receive coaching from all of you here. Just to know you guys are in my corner helps a lot, too! You always have a way of putting things into perspective. CREDIT to you for good coaching!

I made progress today. Still battling an off and on migraine, but forced myself to work out and felt great afterward. Food was okay. Dinner was a bit heavy at a special steakhouse for my son's birthday celebration with family. Definite room for improvement. Really want to buckle down this month and make some progress before our vacation at the very end of March. I had hoped to be much further along by now, but it is what it is. I will move on from here. One day at a time. One moment at a time. One meal at a time.

bethFromDayton: Thank you for sharing the response card you made. It helped me to review it. CREDIT to you for not beating yourself up too much about overeating at lunch, but instead recognizing that you do NOT like that feeling of being too full and learning from it. You are an inspiration to me!

Julia150: You are so sweet to dedicate a whole post to me! You are doing so well on this journey! Congratulations on your 3 pound loss and for all of the progress you have already made! Keep the ball rollin' in your favor! You are an inspiration to me, too! Thank you!

onebyone: Remember, as I am trying to, that the scale just provides us with a number at a point in time. I hopped on my scale the other night (usually weigh first thing in morning) and was up about 3 pounds. I am sticking to weighing in the morning from now on. That # is often discouraging, but it is just information. Hope you are hanging in there!

maryann: Much CREDIT to you for recognizing how far you have come, rather than getting too discouraged about a single pound! A great big CONGRATULATIONS on 25 years sober!!! That is awesome! My brother is just about there, too, with his sobriety, so I can appreciate how hard you have worked to get there! Keep on keepin' on ~ one day at a time!

Nola145: CREDIT to you for your 10-minute walks! Focus on PROGRESS ~ not perfection! You are making changes and they WILL pay off eventually!

Beverlyjoy: Good luck with food at the bridal shower! Sending you strength to make good choices. Ouch on the broken tooth! Been there many times. What a hassle! CREDIT for remaining mindful of your sodium intake, planning and prepping food, and giving yourself some well-deserved credits!

nationalparker: CREDIT for the 2 pound weight loss and squelching those negative voices in your head! I can relate to the negative thinking. It requires constant vigilance to combat it. I drive myself crazy at times!

Daimere: CREDIT to you for resisting the food pusher!

Newlifestyle: Have a wonderful time on your vacation! Best wishes to you as you decide on what to do about your job. Follow your gut!

BillBlueEyes: Yes, the U.S. economy is a depressing subject at the moment. Hope your stresses ease up. CREDIT for keeping the snacks under control in the midst of it all! Don't forget to count your blessings, too!

to anyone I've missed and those who might be lurking.....
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Thumbs up Sunday

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Walking, CREDIT moi, included the slow pace of our birding in the morning. Spring is indeed coming, as evidenced by two American Black Ducks choosing that exact moment to mate before our group. A couple of new birders were royally excited - it hadn't occurred to them that mortal people would ever see this. Seems a bit presumptuous to me since water can still freeze over in March, but I leave it to the ducks to decide when the time is right, LOL. FWIW, the female initiated the activities and the male leapt (literally) at the offer. Faster walking happened in the evening getting to a gospel music performance that was off the charts. Mystic Choral Gospel sent everybody into the streets singing. Jonathon Singleton played Oh Happy Day on the piano with gusto to bring down the house.

All meals on plan, CREDIT moi. I ignored Fig Newtons being gulped around me in the morning, special CREDIT moi, and skipped evening snack since we were out. Afternoon snack was extra large - standard reasons - Ouch. I'll keep working on it.

onebyone – My mind just boggles that there's a Tim Horton's museum. Glad you keep to your vision, per "IF I am on plan and that's the key"

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Naturally, given your avatar, when you "dip into the homemade granola" I have that Scrooge McDuck image of a basement full of it, LOL. Yay that the daily smoothie continues.

Beverlyjoy – Not sure that I want to sign up for it, but the Broken Tooth Diet might be effective, LOL.

maryann - Sending appropriate supplications to the rain gods to get water to your walnut trees. LOL at "apparently a genius at maintaining" - wish I could just borrow that from you.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Hope you're headed somewhere fun and warm for that vacation. Seems wise to defer all major decisions until the brain is restored to its rested state. Kudos for remaining on plan despite whatever.

Daimere – I need help understanding your new Avatar. I presume it's got a hoop and fire, from stuff you posted in the past, but I can't decompose it. Triple Kudos for standing down your food pusher at work. You might be encountering someone who is having a hard time facing the 58 pounds you've lost without her own negative feelings. LOL at "like a chocolate truffle or something." Sounds like you've made yourself ready to start reading those cards - good luck.

nationalparker – Congrats on another two pounds gone forever. Ouch that negative thinking needs to be kicked to the curb to savor your success. DW and I absolutely loved the movie Quartet - although admittedly I'd love Maggie Smith if she was reading a phone book. It's a good movie to see in the theater since it has a near constant music track of high quality singing.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – My head spins from "Chinese for a fact-finding mission" - half of my excess weight probably came from Chinese food, eaten past satisfied to full and beyond. That's a Beck-worthy strategy to bake when your tummy is uncomfortable. Great reminder, "If I did it today, I can do it again tomorrow."

IBelieveInMe2 – This perspective is so helpful to me, "I will move on from here. One day at a time. One moment at a time. One meal at a time."

Julia (Julia150) – Congrats on those three pounds gone forever. Kudos for diligently working the processing to move those memories out of the neurons where they're causing distress. So smart of you to have a trauma class.

Nola (Nola145) – Kudos for another 10 minute walk - neat to take advantage of a quite work place to get good walking indoors.

Readers -
chapter 3
How Thin People Think
the solution at a glance
  • If you struggle with weight loss, you have a different mindset about food and eating then people who don't struggle with their weight.
.... . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 43.
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