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  • Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:and the first bookThe Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

    The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:
    With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.
    This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

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  • Friday - National Freedom Day
    Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was walking to a neat talk about the evolution of birds last night. Since the dinosaurs are gone, crocodiles are their nearest living relatives - quite a contrast. It felt good walking in the warmth as dusk fell. Only an hour later, it felt cold walking home. Now it's bitter cold outside. CREDIT moi for the exercise and for letting the mind get a workout.

    Eating was only OK. I did manage to eat a smaller dinner since I'd overdone my snacks. The joyful stress was finally purchasing a replacement computer for DW - her's is ancient. It's fun to find that everything I know about computers has become obsolete between purchases and so much fun to catch up. I came out of it with a neat printer from the group called All-In-One: scanner, fax, wireless printing from all computers anywhere in the house, special cartridge for printing photos. On sale by itself but with an additional 20% off when purchased with DW's new laptop (she'll continue to use her old printer).

    Debbie (Lexxiss) – Congrats for choosing a mom who shows up with tickets to an NBA basketball game - that's planning ahead, LOL. Kudos for that simple banana decision - one small step.

    Beverlyjoy – It's worthy of Kudos for planning and logging despite exasperation. Hope that pain gets under control.

    maryann - Good luck at the family wedding. Wish wedding weren't designed for over eating.

    BigchiefDavid – With Mardi Gras and Superbowl upon you, day 37: Reduce Stress is just what you need. Read on.

    nationalparker – LOL at two coats on the dog. Walking in the cold is its own joy if you're moving fast enough to stay warm. Neat that you do audio books in the car.

    Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yep, three days of recording your food into MFP is a Kudos series. So good to hear that panning is getting easier.

    IBelieveInMe2 – And you crack me up with "JuliaWhoWearsTheGrayPantsAgain!" - I'm loving these names.

    Julia (Julia150) – Yep, it's "schizophrenic weather" around here. LOL at keeping a book until overdue to avoid facing that you don't want to read it - that's so like what I can do. I have several books in my current reading stack that linger because I don't feel like finishing them. Wish they were library books so I'd return them. Congrats to JuliaWithoutIronedClothes for a fun NSV. I love it when my clothes tell me that my body is changing.

    Readers -
    chapter 3
    How Thin People Think

    characteristic 3
    You Like the Feeling of Being Full

    . . . I noticed this phenomenon recently when I had dinner at the house of a colleague. There were 10 of us in all. Although I'm usually oblivious to what people eat, on this particular night I decided to pay attention. This is what I observed: Two of us (both women) ate sparingly. Three of the men (all of normal weight) ate more than we did, but not a great deal more. The other five (all of whom are overweight) ate much more than the rest of us.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 36.
  • Good morning and TGIF! I'm alternately stressed and happy. Cold water pipe in the bathroom froze up last night. I forgot the temp was dipping low (5 this morning and -10 with the wind chill as I walked from the parking garage to the office building). Misery to me. Dr. appt yesterday ended with biopsy, so will know more in a week but I'm anticipating it's nothing and keeping positive. We then did a little shopping at Trader Joe's, and Dick's Sporting Goods where I had a major score with a black Columbia shirt that'll be perfect for cold hiking and camping for $3.69 down from $36. I rarely find deals like that as I hate slow shopping. But DH loves that store and so we lingered. Plan was for Panera for dinner, but he spotted Noodles and Company, and asked if I wanted to try that. Ok. I went way out on a limb (yes, sarcasm) and ordered the smallest mac and cheese with a grilled chicken breast. Ate the chicken and half of the mac and cheese (which was so-so), logged it and it fit in perfectly with my day and I left the rest. Double score. I felt good about that.

    Weighed this morning and down a pound finally. Official is tomorrow, but the way things are going, I'm counting this and still weighing tomorrow. No scolding please.

    Enjoying a tribute to the Blues this evening with DH and my plan is very fluid for dinner - local cajun spot if their chalkboard menu has an item that fits my food plan/eating preferences (no seafood, pork, etc.) If not, have alternate plan.

    BigChiefDavid - will consider home swap during these crummy single-digit times for festive times in the Big Easy. GREAT attitude with the back on plan despite all of the parties and great news with no gain.

    JuliaWhoNowGoesShoppingInHerCloset - YAY on thegray pants working out perfectly. I haven't begun to explore all that's available on MyFitnessPal - excited that Maryann shared about the UPC symbols, so will figure that out this week, along with opening up to others on there. Lunchmate was a bit of a blowhard, to be honest. With work, family life, pets, etc. I won't reschedule and we'll see how it rolls.

    BillBlueEyes - Great deal on your printer and I like your attitude of learning the new technology that's moved forward since the last purchase. I find myself being stressed about that. I say tech is passing me by (but I am also the one who wants to adjust the volume ON the tv, not via a remote, etc. which drives people bonkers).

    IBelieveInMe2 - Great attitude that those pounds are OFF TO STAY! You're doing great! Keep up the strong focus this weekend!

    BethFromDayton - It seems that you tackled the REAL work with the extra food on your plate because you left some the other day that wasn't the spare/intentional addition. That seems to be even HARDER when it's part of the "real" meal, if that makes sense.

    Lexxiss - I'm impressed with the great job with the bar food choices and splitting the veg burger and fries, etc. I, too, get home from an event and often think - ahhh, I need something extra now - I ate five hours ago. But to stop and think and put back - credits abound!

    Maryann - Good luck with weigh in! I couldn't go a month without changing my ticker if I was less than it said - so good restraint! I wonder why that is. And I didn't do personals recently, but what a great compliment from your boss that you've been such a bonus to the school. Hold onto that feeling!
  • Good Morning, Coaches.

    Happy Dance! I moved my ticker down two pounds this month. Last night I remembered what Beck taught me two years ago, "Eating is not an emergency." I also planned smart. I am birthday chair for our AA group so I am responsible for buying cupcakes once a month. I FINALLY bought the kind with the frosting I don't like. Wow! Who would have thought it took six months for somebody getting an MFA to figure out to NOT buy the food she likes. But that is the way it is with food addictions. It is not an easy program but it really is very simple.

    Excited for the day and spending time with DH and DS during the five hour drive to the wedding. Decided not to bring snacks in the car. I'll eat before I go and then have a nice meal when I get there. I'll be thinking of nationalparker when I walk along the shore. I miss the beach as much as you do. If I could have changed one thing about my life it might have been not moving away from the sea. But then I wouldn't have my farmer husband. Can't pull a walnut tree up from the roots and take it with you.
    BBE: Your dinosaur lecture reminded me of a show I brought DS to when he was five years old. It was in a huge arena and was called, "Walking with Dinosaurs." It had HUGE animatronic dinos -amazing. Then came out the T Rex. Every little boy in the stadium was hiding in mom's lap with eyes closed.
  • Happy Friday coaches and buddies,

    My every other Friday off work.

    Today's big news Tomorrow is my official weekly weigh-in but today the scale is <icon for drum roll> at 201.4. Getting so close to a milestone!

    Oh, last night I was so close to disaster. DH's birthday cake is still loitering in the kitchen as are my very favorite sun-dried tomato rolls. I was bargining with myself "one piece of cake or one roll will be OK", "I'll just have ONE" Yes, one piece or one roll would probably be OK but I'm just not confident that I could stop at one just yet. Plus the thought of endangering my downward trend stopped me. So..I went to bed with my nightly treat of 1oz of dry roasted peanuts and my book. Whew, danger avoided.

    BillBlueEyes Yes, my obligation/commitment to crummy books is pretty nutso. I pondered today's quote for a bit, I can't remember if I felt good being overfull or if I just never paid attention until I was stuffed. Kudos on the evening walk! Brrr on the way home.

    BeverlyJoy I hope your back is better. I have experienced back muscle "fatigue" and that's nasty but never severe discomfort. I can't imagine what your going through with real pain. Lots of credits for all the positive things you did.

    IBelieveInMeToo Last time I lost weight (grrr, hate saying that) I gave away all my "fat clothes" too. I had started a nice new wardrobe for my 150 pound body and went up, up, up. I packed away all the size 6/8 because they are quality, classic pieces. So I know I have my plus sizes and I know where my 6/8 clothes are but I can't figure out what I wore in between and where those clothes could be. I know I wore SOMETHING. While working on declutter this weekend, I'm going to do a search/rescue because it won't be long before I'm going to need something. <Wait a minute, this was adddressed to you, not all about me> I wanted to second your statement "this is it" no more up and down. You and I are so close weight wise and goal wise. We CAN do this and we will.

    BigChiefDave Kudos on the stable weight with all the celebrating going on. That's an achievement. That's how thin people do it, I think. They handle big food events in balance and moderation. And yes, getting into clothes that didn't fit before is a big deal. So much more tangible than the numbers on the scale.

    Beth I'm so admiring your committment and work on planning. I am going to check out MFP today. (I am eating 2 days with my own plan this weekend) I identify with what you have said in the past about typically eating what sounds good at the time. I do that as well, but it frequently resulted in last minute choices that were not so healthy, eating out etc. It sure contributed to my weight. Anyway, big to you. And, ummmm, being able to get your jeans off without unbuttoning...WhooHoo and time to go closet shopping!

    Lexxiiss Big victory over the old habits by skipping the banana. I'm impressed with your excellent choices in the face of "bar food". How was the game?

    NationalParker Great score on the shirt! Yup, on your assessment of lunchmate being a blow hard. You were being so diplomatic in your first post about her she sounded like a PITA to me. I very much dislike being preached at. I can do my own research, thank you very much. Plus eliminating a huge food group (unless medically necessary) is a short term proposition (in my humble opinion). I have a friend who has celiac disease and can't eat gluten. She snacks on Cheetos . Wild temperature swings in your world too? 5 degrees???? ouch, I'll quit complaining about the 20's. I grew up in an area where it was rarely above 10 degrees in the winter. After a certain point it doesn't matter what the temperature says: it's just damn cold. Yay on the pound drop!

    MaryAnn Safe trip to you! Great job chosing treats you don't like, good disincentive! Enjoy your time on the ocean, I'm pea green with envy . Congrats on the official ticker change! I'm a mental stickler for "official" weights (for myself). What's up with that?

    Today is a big day for BootedKitty. I hope it's wonderful. OnebyOne I hope things are going smoothly for you today.

  • Personal response cards...
    Hi coaches and buddies, busy day today, but I'm so happy! When I weighed in this morning I could see a number I did'nt expeceted, but most of all I measured my self and actually I've lost half centimeter of waist and...can I say..bottom???
    In Kilos, I've reached my goal!!! I was 52,5!! half a kilo more (lost) of what I planned for this month! Next step is arriving at 52! I can do it.
    The response card which represents me today is: BELIEVE IT!
    As about response cards I wanted to ask you all something: is there a particular one you created personally, not suggested by the book or by Dr.Beck's blog which has been very helpful in some kind of situations for you?
    For example, I had the problem when I used to go to the restaurant mostly, but also at parties for example, to keep on pecking at bread, or "grissini", (did I explaine myself correctly?), while waiting from one course and the other... so when I realized that that brought me to eat much more of what I wanted I wrote this response card:
    Well, this card was very helpful, because now I've learned how to master those situations when I'm at the restaurant!
    Tell me about yours, I think we can learn from each other.
    Have a good on-track weekend!
  • I got a ticker
  • Happy February everyone!

    Lots of credits to me for today--I did two walks at work (and in between I got a cortisone shot in the big toe on my right foot). (If that doesn't work, I'll have to schedule surgery.) And today was my first day of the 30 Day Shred. Wow--kicked my butt. But I got through it all, or at least, kept moving through it all.

    I'd stuck a post-it on tonight's dinner, so remembered to put extra chicken on the plate (beyond the weighed chicken I intended to eat) and mashed potatoes which weren't on the plan at all. And I didn't eat them. And it was pretty easy. I didn't finish the chicken I had measured out either. By eating more slowly, I am recognizing full better. (Which is the goal, of course)

    Two people on my team brought donuts today. One of them even brought them to the daily standup meeting. There was a lot of donut talk, but I didn't eat one--and wasn't even horribly tempted. I admit, though, I'm really looking forward to the weekend in March when I've promised myself a donut. I walked out of the meeting saying to myself "I'm glad I didn't eat a donut!"

    Like many of you, I have clothes in various sizes. I'm also planning on putting darts in some of the jeans that are just a bit too big so I can wear them a while longer.

    Time for me to plan for tomorrow--which is bound to be a full day and weekends, as we know, can be harder than workdays.

    BillBE--Thanks so much for making the new thread happen! Credit for adjusting dinner based on snack size. Congrats to your DW on her new computer.

    nationalparker -- Let's both homeswap with BigChiefDavid--he can go between houses, and we'll party (OP) in New Orleans. Credit for making a plan appropriate dinner at an unplanned restaurant!

    maryann -- Credit for cupcakes-I-don't-like selection. That's a great way to be sure you aren't tempted. Have a great drive and time at the wedding.

    JuliaPostingBeforeThisNovelGetsAbductedByAliens -- Credit for averting disaster--that's got to be hard to do with cake and tomato rolls both calling your name. I've heard good things about Lose It! as well as MPF, but I find it really helps to be able to record everything (and have it look up the calorie counts for you). (nice ticker)

    Bootedkitty -- WONDERFUL! You are almost there! Losing weight and CM--I'm so excited for you!

    Here's one of my response cards:
    I’m at a party—why can’t I eat?
    • Once I start, I’ll feel permission to continue to nibble. I don’t want that to happen
    • I am not really hungry. I have a desire to eat, but not a need to eat. I want to only eat when I need to eat
    I can’t nibble at a party and lose weight. Once I accept that I cannot nibble at parties, dieting will be easier.
  • Hi coaches/friends - I am feeling some better today. We are with our family and my two grandchildren bring smiles to my face. I am being very careful about my back.... not lifting. It's doing some better.

    I've been cooking and making things for their freezer. I tried a new healthy recipe.... Itaian Sloppy Joes make with turkey sausage. I've renamed it: Sloppy Giuseppe's. It's delicious.. I'll post it later on. I have been eating some chocolate... but, thoughtfully.

    I will check in again tomorrow. Have a great weekend.
  • Saturday - Groundhog Day
    Diet Coaches/Buddies – DW's new computer works as expected. She's thrilled with the speed improvement over her old clunker. It came with Microsoft Windows 8 that imitates a cell phone - must seem neat to those who've grown up latched to their cell phones, but seems gratuitous to me. My new HP printer is both amazing and freighting - it wants to collect all data about me, including resumes, so that headquarters can "serve me better." Right! So far I've managed to fend off that feature. Kinda neat that it's driven over the air from my router rather than over a cable. Don't mind me - kid with a new toy here.

    Exercise was a walk, CREDIT moi, that included a trip to the local hardware store with its coupon for a free compact fluorescent light bulb each month. Since this was February 1st, I just assumed that I'd lost the January free bulb. But the clerk punched both January and February and gave me two bulbs. They just made me a loyal customer for life.

    Beverlyjoy – LOL at "Sloppy Giuseppe's" - hope you do post the recipe in our recipe thread. Glad the back is healing.

    maryann - Such a smart decision with the cupcakes - glad you're putting your new MFA to work already. Now I want to see "Walking with Dinosaurs" to see if I can face them with eyes open.

    nationalparker – Love that Columbia shirt for 90% off. I savor such bargains. Yep Double Kudos for mindful eating at Noodles and Company, with an extra Kudos for tending to your DH's choice of restaurant. (If you have a "local Cajun spot" then you don't need to fly to New Orleans, LOL.)

    Beth (bethFromDayton) – Bon Voyage on your 30 day Shred. Double Kudos for the extra chicken and the unfinished chicken both. And more Kudos for the donuts ignored. I hate that donuts are socially acceptable at work.

    Julia (Julia150) – Onederland keeps creeping closer and closer. LOL at "DH's birthday cake is still loitering in the kitchen" - you just need a NO LOITERING sign.

    Kitty (Bootedkitty) – Yes you can say "bottom" - or "hips" if you like. If you try to write ***, however, it will get replaced with ***. Big Kudos for standing down the bread on the table. That's a BIG challenge for me. I try my favorite phrase "That's not about me." Helps me a lot.

    Readers -
    chapter 3
    How Thin People Think

    characteristic 3
    You Like the Feeling of Being Full

    . . . We light eaters skipped the hors d'oeuvres and several of the side dishes altogether and ate some of the entree, vegetables, and rice. The moderate eaters had some hors d'oeuvres and finished most of what was on their plates. The big eaters ate lots of hors d'oeuvres and side dishes and finished just about everything on their plates. They couldn't possibly have still been hungry, yet all of them had seconds. They also ate much larger portions of dessert.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 36.
  • Hi Coaches!

    I guess I did not post yesterday....I had an incredble Beck inspired success last eve. Much stress late night a drive by McD and home to my own healthy dinner. credit. weighed this morning as expected up...I didn't eat until pretty late and "not eating" after a long day was not an option. Work calls. It has snowed at the ski areas all week so we will be very busy.

    Keep on truckin' everyone!
  • Quickly checking in with my official 3rd week weight-in.


    The last time I weighed under 200 was 4 years ago. I'm feeling pretty pumped today!


    Will check in later.
  • Happy Saturday! It's been a productive one so far. Last night we went to see Blues at the Crossroads, a tribute to Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. Superb! Thrilled with a few of the best from days gone by. Came home and we'd done a light, quick dinner early, and both of us were hungry. I waited it out, and then finally gave in and had an english muffin. I didn't hold out like Lexxiss, but I had been tempted to toss a frozen Trader Joe's imported from Italy and scrumtious cheese pizza (I added a few words to what they call it).

    On the treadmill for only two miles this morning and DH and i will get out on the trail this afternoon for a snow walk. It snowed through the night and more coming later today. Have chores to get done, packing to get done, and hope to get good sleep before a too-early wake up for the flight.

    I'll be following when I can, but sporadic check-ins. Aiming for 80% wise choices and 20% things I would not normally order, sliver of DH's birthday cake, etc. Now that I write that, it looks like a big chance for slipping. Maybe I need to go 90-10 ... I KNOW I don't want to come back with added weight to work to remove.
  • Hey Coaches and Beckters:

    I don't usually lose weight around the Super Bowl, but that became a possibility after last night. DW and I headed down to riverfront--temporarily renamed Super Bowl Park--and spent the night dancing away at the outdoor music fest. Funny, but you would have thought you were at a Saints rally with all call outs and responses to "Who Dat Say De Gonna Beat Dem Saints?"

    Um, just the majority of the teams they faced this year.

    Beautifully clear, slightly chilly night with thousands of your new best friends surrounding you, and it all ended with fireworks. It wasn't planned exercise but the spontaneity inspired me.

    Until that time...
  • Julia150: Congratulations to you on being so darn close to ONEderland!!! You are doing great!!! I need to refocus and PLAN again, so that I can follow in your footsteps! I haven't seen the 100's in a few years either. I miss it dearly!!!