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Hi Buddies/Coaches,
Scale was my friend today. I am down 8 pounds even for the 2+ weeks since I got started back. I have 3 pounds to go until I'm below 200#.
I didn't check in yesterday but I did read everything.
SlugLuv You are going to get kicked out of the "Clean Plate Club"! Good job with eating half and saving some for later.
BeverlyJoy Happy Anniversary a day late. I'm sure it was devestating at the time but I laughed out loud more than once at your story.
Kitty So Friday is the big day? I'll be cheering for you from across the world. Good, no great, job.
BillBE You seem to be a cookie magnet, it's got to be hard to be bombarded with them. Thank you for the advice regarding my husband. I want him to be as motivated as I am but I know it's got to come from within him. Last time I had a significant weight loss, he joined in and lost 40 pounds. Lets hope he'll be motivated by my success.
Beth I'm proud of you for making the menu. It seems to be a real area of resistance for you and YOU DID IT! I can't wait to hear how it works out. Also cool the way you took 4 walks at work. That reallly added up for you.
IBelieveInMeI'm with you on the difficulty with evening meals and weekends. I have many of the same habits.
NationalParker I bet you are really looking forward to Florida! It sounds great-sea,sand and seagulls. I laughed at your comments on sunday about the nutritional balance.
OnebyOne You are so right, sometimes a good night's rest makes things more clear. I cleaned out the mess in my purse too. I can't believe what accumulates there sometimes.
MaryAnn Congrats on completing the paper. That's got to be a load off your mind.
Lexxiss Loved the water yoga story.

Got to get ready for work. Everyone, have a good day!
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Hi Coaches!

A quick check in....I traveled very early this morning and the usual 2 hour commute was 3 with some pretty slippery roads. I was tired after lugging all my stuff into the house. Leaving it wasn't an option due to perishables and freezing weather. I AM remembering this trip is taxing on the bod due to extreme altitude fluxuations and I am more hungry on these days. I made a protein lunch and am going to try resting/listening to the radio for a bit before resuming. I am hoping the rest will quell my feeling like eating eating eating. credit.
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Hi coaches/friends - I had a nice anniversary yesterday. Thanks to you all for the good wishes.

We were going to go to our favorite Chinese restaurant - however, DH had Chinese with a customer for lunch. So we went to the Greek restaurant. I had some nice salmon and salad and a small tringle of pita bread. I did well. Credit. But, when I got home - it didn't feel 'right'. I don't know how to explain it. I felt like I'd 'blown it' somehow. All the thoughts of wanting more food started spinning in my head. I ended up eating cereal (two bowls) and two pieces of bread. It's crazy. Everyday I write down in my journal what I need to do when I get the sabatoging thoughts. And for a week... I was able. But, last night I felt frantic for this extra food. I wasn't willing to use my resistent techniques. Sigh. Well, I will give myself credit for a mostly healthy day... and a kick in the pants for the evening. It's funny... I had a really healthy week previously. I guess it's always a learning curve on this. Seems like forever, though.

I woke up so mad at myself. It's a struggle today. But, I've made my plan, did my exercises, did my meditations and am moving forward.

Last night and today I've obsessing about chocolate. I told myself that I can have some a another day when I PLAN for it. I am holding on tight.

lexxiss - credit for your healthy lunch, a rest, and radio listening time to recharge -Hope you can get back to the yoga.

julia - I am doing a happy dance in your honor.. for those 8 pounds. Excellent!!!! Many credits.

billbe - I am glad to hear the PT person is giving your props for your progress. MAJOR CREDIT for not getting into the chocolate. Your Reader Quote from Beck today was right on target for what I need to be reminded of. Another concept I need to tatoo to my brain.

onebyone - I am always impressed with your decluttering efforts. Credit for logging your food!

BethfromDayton - Credit for those walks! I know what you mean about eating light early in the day. I've always done that. However, when I went to the dietician she said that it's best to eat a little more in the morning so you don't get anxious to eat sooner. So, I did what she asked: 1 protien, 2 starches, one fat at breakfast. And... she was right. It makes a big difference for me.

bigchiefdavid - wow, you are faced with alot of food in New Orleans. Remember to 'shout back' at those sabitoging thoughts.

nationalparker - I know what you mean about adding things in at the end of the day when you realize you didn't get 'enough'. Glad it worked well. Phooey on darkness and no outside walking. Credit for hopping on the treadmill.

maryann - major credit for sticking to yours schedule! It's major, really, when you can look at the scale and just carry on without it being a life altering experience. (as it can be sometimes.)

Ibelieveinme -Credit for planning the night before!! It take time to figure it all out.. and you are going in the right directions. Good progress on eating off the kid's plates. It's a tough one. You strengthen your resistant muscle each time you do.

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I can do this
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Hi all!

Food was OP today except that I added in a bowl of watermelon for an evening snack. Credit! (And credit for picking a sweet snack that was still satisfying.)

We went to Applebee's for dinner (as planned). I ordered what I intended to. I ordered the bacon bits, cheese, and dressing on the side. Half the salad (plus the bacon bits and cheese) is tomorrow's lunch. On PLAN!

Here's my big credit to me--I entered everything for tomorrow into MyFitnessPal already--all items and all quantities. I know exactly what I'm going to eat tomorrow and how much of it. I have a detailed plan!

I know I can get good at this planning thing--I seem to have mastered eating sitting down. I am eating so much more mindfully now and actually enjoying my food more than when I ate more of it! They weren't immediate--but I'm doing the sitting down really well, and the mindfully mostly well. I can conquor planning!

I also had "I want to eat" moments at work today that I successfully fought off. I recognized that I wasn't hungry, and it wasn't a craving for anything in particular. It was just a desire to eat that a month ago would have resulted in a candy bar. Today, it resulted in me talking back to myself and being glad that I didn't eat and waited until lunch (for the morning attack) and for snack (for the afternoon snack). Credit! I didn't have the 'cravings' sheet or the book with me, but I thought about how minor it was on the discomfort scale. (Back surgery--now that's painful. Feeling a bit out of sorts and wanting to eat--heck, that was only about a 1.

I appreciate everyone's encouragement on this planning thing!

onebyone--I hope today was easier to focus. Any declutter is good declutter! Credit.

BillBE--No super dark chocolates? That's a big credit! That's for today's quote--I think it helped me today!

Julia150--8 lbs for 2 weeks? That's awesome!

Lexxiss--Credit for recognizing how your body responds to your travels. I hope the rest and radio helped.

Beverlyjoy--I think you're right--it's always a learning curve. I've only been reading Beck a couple of weeks--and I've already gone back and re-read the first 2 weeks to keep me focused on it. You might have something there about increasing my breakfast and lunch--I'll do that for Thursday and see how it goes.

Take care, all.
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Dear coaches/buddies,
Today is DH's birthday, he wanted to go out to his favorite Mongolian Barbeque. Initially I thought I would eat tonights JC meal at home and have a salad with DH and DD. I ended up changing my mind and having barbeque. I had a variety of very thinly sliced meats and lots of non-starchy vegetables. I only chose 1 oil based sauce and had some rice. It was really good and I think I made good choices. For sanity's sake, I am going to forego the scale check in the morning as I'm sure I'm going to retain some water from the soy sauce and the large quantity of vegetables.
I may have a little piece of cake. I baked it last night for DH. Now, how many people do you know that can mess up a box cake? I mixed the batter, carefully poured it evenly in the 8" rounds, put it in the oven, washed the mixer, tools and bowl, turned around and saw the HALF CUP OF OIL I FORGOT TO MIX IN AFTER MEASURING.... I pulled out the cake pans, it was starting to cook after 5 min, poured everything back into the bowl, mixed it and put it back in the oven. I guess I could ask DH and DD how it tastes.

Until tomorrow..
p.s. saw the counselor today, I know her from the past, she is going to be very helpful working through my grieving.
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bethfromDayton: Congrats for continuing to exercise that planning muscle.
Lexxiss: a nap is always a good idea
Beverleyjoy: a good friend once left a message on my machine "I would like to report a murder, my mind is trying to kill me." Isn't that the truth with us overeaters.
Bigchiefdavid: Say "hi" to my 49ers.
Julia150: Credit for the three pounds to go and the counselor.Both take courage.

As for me, I was OP today except for chocolate foraging in a teacher's meeting. Credit for hopping back OP for the rest of the day. I think I was overeating because of Good News. Is that not crazy? My principal told me he was thrilled with my performance as lit. coach. He said I was one of the best things to happen in a long time to the school. He is rehiring me for next year in the same position. So I am taking the compliment (which is difficult for me) and moving on.
Food plan for tomorrow. Superbusy and I promise to sit and eat without distractions for the 30 minutes I have free.

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Thumbs up good evening


Did better foodwise today and strayed only 3 over my daily points for the day. Yay. Had a short walk outside today in the fog which persisted all day long. Rainy and foggy. Day 2.

Was at the guild this evening to load the kiln. Three of us did one kiln. In the old days, when I was ceramic tech at the school of art, I did a kiln by myself. The guild is so much more detail oriented than I ever was at the school, but then again, the kiln is full of pots made by long time potters and they want their stuff to come out okay.

Anyway, my life will be ruled by the needs of the guild this week. I have volunteered to paint the tea room and have yet to choose the paint colours. Looks like I have lots of volunteers for Thursday and then may one on every other day. It really doesn't matter to me as the tea room will get done even if I do it alone. It truly needs a pick me up so that's where I am at.

Must go. Very tired. I did manage to complete my muse painting today. It's puzzling to folks and that pleases me. G'night.
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Italian Sunny Girl!
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Thumbs up Great!

Beverlyjoy I know I’m late…but good anniversary!
Bethfromdayton my compliments for your progress!! It’s fantastic when you realize YOU CAN REALLY DO IT and control your mind, isn’t it? (even if not always…but most of the time)
Julia150 “go go go”!!! (do you say that for supporting….??? )
Onebyone credit for going out for a walk in the fog!

As about me, good day yesterday! I had only 15 minutes break at lunch time so I couldn't go walking, but as soon as I arrived home, I did 20 minutes of step-machines plus some abdominals excercises! Credit to me!
And again since my mate was at the gym and was coming home late I had dinner alone and completely OP! I'm creating a good association eating alone/staying on plan!

Tomorrow great day at work: some important american customers are coming to visit us...I'll be thinking of you.

Have a good OP day!

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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies Another day to get my exercise by shoveling snow, a thin one inch CREDIT moi for it. Food was good enough with snacks being larger than planned. I'm still working on that one. I did use the glass of water trick once when the feeling to go grab something struck me.

A serious book had the phrase, "what's lost on the roundabouts is make up on the swings." Couldn't for the life of me figure out what it meant. But Yay for google. Apparently British schoolchildren loved the poem Roundabouts_and_Swings-by-Patrick_R_Chalmers. ('Roundabouts' are merry-go-rounds. Can't guess 'swings.')

onebyone Sounds so much more satisfying to be working with long time potters than with the pressures of your last kiln stuffing job. Happy Tea Room Painting Day.

Debbie (Lexxiss) Good strategy to relax and listen to the radio instead of eating. Is it the time of year for your pass to be blocked by snow?

Beverlyjoy I was laughing so hard at your story that I forgot: Happy 35th Anniversary. Kudos for flexibly switching from Chinese to Greek.

maryann - Monster Kudos for watching yourself accept the compliment, "best things to happen in a long time to the school."

Beth (bethFromDayton) The whole show in one terse sentence, "I ordered what I intended to." Kudos for your diligence working the sitting down, mindful eating, and planning.

Julia (Julia150) Congrats on those eight pounds gone forever. I can see Onederland from here. Mongolian Barbeque is so much fun - your mostly veggie order is worthy of Kudos.

Kitty (Bootedkitty) So neat, "I'm creating a good association eating alone/staying on plan!" Kudos for getting it right when alone.

Readers -
chapter 3
How Thin People Think

characteristic 3
You Like the Feeling of Being Full

Thin people usually like to eat to the point where they're reasonably full. It doesn't feel right if they've eaten so much they feel a little uncomfortable taking a brisk walk after a meal. Even if there is delicious food left, they don't want to keep eating. They feel no compulsion to empty their plates.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 35.
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in development
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Morning! Just calling in to help Bill out and to wish you all well.

What you lose on the swings you win on the roundabouts = life has a way of balancing out.

It's a saying from children's playgrounds, from a time when there were probably only these two pieces of equipment, if you were lucky, and there was a bit of competition to get on them. Search for images of 'playground swings' and 'playground roundabout' and you'll get a better picture.

Have just read the poem. So it's from the days of travelling fairs, much much older than playgrounds. Still look for those pics though.

Should also say it's a way of describing a finely balanced choice: it's swings and roundabouts. It's six of one and half a dozen of the other. It's as short as it's long. It's six and two threes.

Thanks for making me look. #insatiablycurious

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Hi Coaches!

Just enough time to check in. Radio and rest wasn't working yesterday and I recognized I was probably at a jumping off point with food. I called mom and arranged a short trip to the health food store and bank. I got caught up on groceries and felt much better by the time I got back. credit for creativity with distraction techniques. I've weighed this morning and have a plan for today. Off to work.....
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Enjoying la bella vita
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S/C/G: high water mark/working on it

Height: 5-4


Good morning - halfway through the week. Made a very early dinner of breakfast last night - change in my plan (from homemade pizza) ... yet it worked out perfectly with calories. I, too, have been trying out MyFitnessPal and really like the input once I find the item I truly need to add in to the day. I'm sure it'll get more fluid as I input more days - still just under a week on there. I like it better than the previous WW one and the sparkpeople one, and my small notebook - so win there! I love breakfast for dinner, though unless I add peppers/onions to scrambled eggs, it's a sparse veggie meal. I got dressed to get on the treadmill and sideways asked DH, "You don't want to go on the trail do you?" - only asking because he'd just gotten up to eat dinner after working all night, and had only had about 4 hours of sleep. "Maybe..." and so I went and changed into my jeans and some hiking boots that I'm trying to break in and leashed up the dog, and we all headed out for a three-mile route in the wonderful 55 degrees last night - today snow flurries. It started raining when we got back into our driveway. Good karma.

BethFromDayton - I, too, am really struggling this week with wanting to eat non-meal food at work. To the point where I'm opening my desk drawer repeatedly to "look" for something. There is nothing in there but one chocolate bar that I couldn't pass by from a month ago - but I daren't open it because then I'll eat a square/day. But I'm saving it for ? an air raid? Rationing? WHAT? But it sits there, safe. Mind games.

Bill - You'll hopefully get some warmer weather that we're shooting your way now that it's leaving us... and be able to enjoy a warm walk outside.

JuliaWhoIsKickingButt - - GREAT JOB on the eight pounds, sticking with it and finding a good counselor. on the cake prep! I've done it with applesauce but not without ANYTHING. Not sure what I would have done...

Lexxiss - Yikes on the slippery roads (I typed scary roads - subconscious) ... kudos on the trip to the health food store to refocus. I need a run to my Trader Joe's before our trip - that might be tonight if the roads are NOT slick.

BeverlyJoy -
Hugs to you - hang in there. You did great at dinner!! Do you enjoy bubble baths - anything like that able to distract you at night when you have those thoughts? Every so often, I take one piece of chocolate and savor it while in the tub as a treat/mental relaxation. ...
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I can do it!!!
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Smile I am changing my definition of full!!!

Yesterday was and today remains Day 18 for me: Change Your Definition of Full. I am spending more time on this skill because it is such a challenge for me and ~ now that I am working on it ~ I realize that, until recently (since Beck), I have been consistently overeating and had lost touch with the experience of "normal" fullness. I have been practicing the skill of stopping myself early in my meals to keep from overeating. The other day, I met my good friend for lunch and ordered a mini veggie pizza from the "EnLIGHTened" menu (under 595 calories) ~ and NOTHING ELSE! Oh, how I wanted to eat more (their tomato soup was calling my name!), but I knew I had enough and had to remind myself that if I ordered the soup, the meal would no longer be under 595 calories! I consciously and continuously responded to sabotaging thoughts and repeatedly exercised my resistance muscle, and gave myself CREDIT for doing so (all the while holding a conversation with my friend). I ate the mini pizza as slowly as I could, savoring every bite. When I was finished, I reminded myself that the pizza was all I needed and that I had had enough; that I was experiencing NORMAL fullness, as opposed to overfullness. It made me a bit anxious to still not order the soup "to avoid feeling hungry again soon," but I continued to RESIST! I was very proud of myself! I really put all of my Beck principles into practice at that one meal. Today, as I read over Day 18 again, the following sentences really hit home for me again, and I'd like to share them with those of you who also struggle with normal -vs- overfullness.

Beck says, on page 158 of the pink book, "You might eat beyond the point of normal fullness for several... reasons... you might be concerned that if you don't load up now, you'll be too hungry before you can have your next meal or snack. You might link the sensation of overfullness with feeling safe or protected from discomfort. In other words, you eat more now to avoid feeling hungry later."

I don't know about all of you, but issues from my past make "feeling safe and protected from discomfort" so important to me now. In this way, I believe this whole passage can help us apply the Beck principles to emotional eating as well, which is a challenge for many of us. I need to continue to work on getting comfortable with this whole concept of NORMAL fullness for many reasons.

I will do personals in my next post, so that I don't somehow lose this one to cyberspace!
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Height: 5'4 1/2"


HI coaches... yesterday was mostly healthy. I almost got through the entire day on plan. Once again evening came up and bit me in the hiney.. I've thought about. I was 'mad' at myself all day. That is such a waste of energy... but, I did it. Evenings have always been a challenge for me. I like Nationalparker's idea... take a bath (or shower). Lately, I'll go to bed early, if necessary, I guess. I must get through the evening.

Yesterday I did have many credits, too. I planned/measured/logged, tried to eat slower, journal, read ac/rc, meditations, exercise, and more. I weighed this morning (up .5). Seeing that number go up makes it real. I am planning and hoping for a healthy and on plan day.

silverbirch - so nice to see your posted today!

I have read everyone's post but have to scoot. I"ll try to do more personals later.

Thanks again to you all for the nice anniversary good wishes.
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I can do it!!!
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Height: 5'4"

Smile Personals

bethFromDayton: BIG CREDITS to you for planning for the whole week ahead of time!!! You are doing so well!!! Neat that you are also on My Fitness Pal. I started a group there, called "Mind Over Body." I really just stick to that group and tracking my food. Love their food database! My username is IamSlimandFit. Great to hear that you seem to have mastered eating sitting down and that you used Beck's discomfort scale when you just "wanted to eat."

onebyone: Good for you for saying, "Oh well!" and moving on when you ate over feelings of frustration the other day! As you may know, I am also working on decluttering, and I can so relate to your difficult time focusing your energies in one direction. The story of my life, especially lately! Come on, WE CAN DO THIS!!!

SlugLuv: You said that you don't feel comfortable throwing out food yet. Remember Beck's advice that it is either wasted on your body or wasted in the trash can. Either way, it is wasted, so don't let it go to YOUR WAIST!!! It sounds like you did great staying in control of those chips at the Mexican restaurant. CREDIT to you!

BillBlueEyes: That must be wonderful to hear your PT point out that you are getting better! Way to go on exercising that RESISTANCE muscle on those dark chocolates at the PT office! Bet you're glad those are finally gone..... and you didn't eat one bite! I ate on plan at our anniversary dinner last night, but when logging my food later, realized I should have checked out the calories ahead of time, because it was way too many. Also, I gave in and ate some unplanned desserts that they surprised us with at the end of our meal. OUCH!!! Thank God today is a new day! Moving on!

maryann: Congrats on completing your thesis and getting it in the mail!!! What is your topic? Also, congratulations on getting such high praise and rehired for next year in your position ~ and for accepting the compliment! I can relate about the difficulty accepting a compliment, so I know what progress that is for you! Way to go!

nationalparker: Florida sounds awesome right now, as I live in the midwest, too, with our recent crappy weather. Nothing like "sun, sand, surf, and seagulls" to put your world into perspective. Enjoy every minute!!! Thank you for the no-guilt french fry recipe. It actually sounds easy and really yummy! I will definitely try those soon! Thank you, too, for the reminder that I deserve my own warm and fresh fries WHEN PLANNED! Neat that you are also tracking your food at My Fitness Pal. Feel free to check out my group "Mind Over Body." My username is IamSlimandFit.

BigchiefDavid: Yes, New Orleans would be a tough place to diet! Good luck!

Julia150: Down 8 pounds in 2+ weeks!!! That is fantastic!!! Here's to both of us getting below 200 soon. It has been waaaaaay too long for me! Sounds like we DO both battle many of the same challenges. But we can do this ~ together and with the help of all of our other coaches here!!! So happy to hear that you saw your counselor and that you feel like she will be able to assist you in processing your grief. That is so vitally important and I am proud of you for taking that huge step!!! CREDIT to you!

Beverlyjoy: Darn it that you felt "frantic" for extra food the other night after you were so good at dinner..... and then indulged. BUT at least you had the courage to recognize what went wrong and to "come clean" to us, your coaches. Give yourself CREDIT for that! Sorry that you woke up so mad at yourself, but happy to hear that you are committed to moving forward! Use those RESISTANCE muscles on that chocolate craving, or PLAN ahead of time for a small amount. You can do it!

Bootedkitty: I can appreciate your good association between eating alone and staying on plan. That is the case with me, too, most of the time. The challenge comes when we throw our significant others in the mix..... but I guess we have to!

This group is keeping me going right now! Just knowing that there are others in the same boat who are working hard to put the Beck principles into practice ~ and seeing results ~ helps me a ton! Thank you to each and every one of you for your input!!!
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