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Hello Everyone,

Didn't make it here yesterday, day was okay. I had my annual checkup and was told by a new doctor that I was in excellent shape (for someone my age) and she was very happy to see how my weight had dropped from my last visit. I say annual visit but my personal doctor has been on a year long sabbatical dealing with her own medical issues and we just found out this week that she has to give up her practice due to her health. It was a blow to me as I've been seeing her for 16 years and really trusted and valued her input into my health and well-being. The replacement doctor was really good so I'm happy that I got the appointment out of the way.

I also am helping friends plan their wedding and we had to check out the location yesterday afternoon. They have chosen Aug 31 and will be married at a local garden centre/tree farm location. It's beautiful, overlooking a river valley and in the summer they have gorgeous plants and vegetation everywhere. Now we just have to hope for great weather that weekend so the festivities can happen outside. I got home later for dinner and DH wasn't too hungry. He planned to have a frozen pizza for dinner. I checked out the leftovers and decided on a tortilla with some lean ground beef mixed with salsa, some chopped lettuce and a tablespoon of sour cream. I had heated the tortilla a bit too long so instead of being able to wrap things up I ended up making a very slimmed down version of a quesadilla. I quite enjoyed it.

Right now my weight is up .4 from last week. At the event on Thursday I did well at the sandwich bar, filled 1/2 my plate with spinach salad and then added a bun with ham, tomatoes, lettuce and a thin slice of cheese. They didn't have the dreaded cookies there but other desserts, looked like cheesecake style. I did try one small brownie type and took 1 bite, didn't like it, so threw the rest away. CREDIT for that. I'm back at the same hotel tonight for another event and now know what they serve so I think I'll take my own dessert in the form of some fruit instead.

We got our DNA results back on the puppies. It's quite enlightening and surprising. We were told both dogs were German shepherd crosses, they are both rescues from native reserves and that's generally the breed of the dogs found there. The test list 5 different levels of genetics, level 1 is 75% or greater of a breed (one or both parent are generally purebred), level 2 is 37-74% of the breed (one parent purebred), level 3 is 20-36% of the breed (a mix carried down from the parents), Level 4 is 10-20% (from previous generations and some of the representation is recognizable) and level 5 is 9% or less, not always physically apparent but still appears as a low and measurable amount in the DNA. Wow that sounds like a biology class! So the breakdown for our puppies is:

Dexter - Level 3 Rottweiler, Level 4 Boxer and German Shepherd, Level 5 Great Pyrenees and Siberian Husky.

Masuka - Level 3 German Shepherd and Siberian Husky, Level 4 Irish Setter and Border Terrier, Level 5 Brittany and Basset Hound.

Guess we have a few more breeds of dogs we get to research.

Well I need to go and buy a few groceries and get ready for the day. Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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Dear Coaches/Buddies:

I am so disappointed. For all my diligence and committment I lost a grand total of 0.7 pounds this week.

My rational brain says "weight fluctuates day to day because of fluid and other bodily functions, be patient and the loss will show up on the scale eventually because you are following your plan" . My emotional brain wants to cry because .7 is such a pathetic result for a weeks worth of work. I don't want to be at this phase (losing) for 2 years. I've been in this phase for too many years. I want to be in the maintenance phase <read in a whining tone> "Pity Party, your table for one is ready"
I hope my buddies/coaches can talk some sense into me.

I guess I need to decide what I am willing to do exercise wise to speed this up a bit. I REALLY don't like to exercise. A WW leader that I went to once encourage substituing "activity" for "exercise". Easier said than done for a repeat offender like me.

On a positive front: I found my pink Beck book. Now I'm resisting opening it and working on the plan.

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Tazzy Out of the genetic analysis something that helps you train and care for your dogs? Does it help you know what you can expect from them. I don't know much about dogs, just that I have one and he needs food, water, exercise and affection. Good job thowing away the brownie. A friend once told me that if I'm going to have a treat/sweet, then I should have the best (that I like) and not to waste my time, money and calories on second rate.

Booted Kitty- congrats on nearing goal. That must be such a wonderful feeling. I like your planning method you described. It sounds like you don't have to plan meals for other people than yourself. That's where I get into problems. I'm not sure how to deal with incorporating my plan into their desires for meals.

Lexxiss- Kudos for identifying quickly your distress and not treating it with food. You are my shining star. I so admire your wisdom.

SlugLuv- welcome, you will find everyone here supportive and kind. Best wishes on your plan.

BillBE- congrats on your return to normal ROM. Enjoy the mountain climb even if its a "hill"

NationalParker Boy, I hate driving when there is a big snowfall. I am a very careful winter driver, if those other people would stay home I would be fine. Some people take so many reckless chances, it gets me so frustrated. My empathy for you being assigned a time sucking event plan. Here's to hoping that it will go smoothly and be over quickly. Good for you to stop after a 1/2cup and balancing it into your plan. I appreciated your story about the woman at WW who felt the need to confess. That story would stick with me too, I identify with the feeling of honesty that she seemed to have had. Your later post yesterday sounded like you are feeling discouraged. I'm there too but I keep reading and observing the people on this thread who have been successful. They remind me that it is achievable. I don't have advice for you but loads of encouragement. Don't ever give up! (I think the winter doldrums are coming into play too)

Maryann I hope the crying got you through the disappointing thing. I had not read that you had a high weight of 205. I'm very impressed and inspired that you have been able to keep it off and are so close to your desired weight. Chin up and hope your writing goes well this weekend.

Beverlyjoy So sorry that you didn't get to see your family. It's a great feeling of power to be able to say "No thank you" to the cookies. I'm getting good at saying "no,thank you" to things like that. I've come to recognise that they (sweets) are such a fleeting pleasure. The enjoyment is over in minutes and all you are left with is the extra calories.

OnebyOne It sounds like a lightbulb went on for you. You are doing such a good job with your decluttering goals. My clutter and weight are intertwined too. Here's to you!

IBelieveInMe- Way to Go on passing by the cinnamelts. Lots of Kudos to you. What a great feeling to have so much of your kitchen decluttered and organized! I'm resisting opening the Beck book so you are way ahead of me. I must be the stubborn toddler. I KNOW from past experience that I need to practice the skills that will make me "think like a thin person".

I'm sorry if I missed anyone that I intended to address. My (new) computer acts really weird sometimes. There are probably adjustments I could make. Things seem to disappear, never to be found again.

In writing this post I was re-reading many of your posts. My confidence and determination is a bit renewed by reading all of your successes and struggles that are so similar to mine. Again, Thank You for being here for me.
p.s. I start seeing the counselor for grief on Tuesday. I am feeling so much better grief-wise so maybe I'll work with her on my weight loss stuff. Weigh in with Jenny on Monday. I may have to cut off an arm to show a weight loss

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Hi coaches/friends - yesterday was a healthy day - I am so grateful. I had to put an impromtu plan into place as we didn't go out of town. I did that and it worked out well. Credit. I did my meditations - I should make it my number one priority - it's helpful. I wrote down my food, drank lots of water, did my exercises, and read some of the Pink Beck Book. And.. it was my fourth night of NO extra eating in the evening. Credit (and grateful, too!)

Today the cutie pie neighbor's were over for an order of Girl Scout cookies. We bought some from each sister. I donated half of our cookies to send to the military. I like that. $3.50 a box.. yikes. I just read that some places they are $4.00 a box. They were .35 - .50 when I sold them. I loved Girl Scouts when I was a little girl. (the cookies, too, of course) Some of the ones I ordered I"ll give to my mom and DH said he'd keep the others in his car.

Folks telling some funny stories via weight loss, etc.... Many years ago I joined Weight Watchers. The leader told us that her little boy one day asked her to cut the 'chubby' off of his steak. At that point she realized that she had gone a little too far telling her kids not to say the word 'fat'.

Julia I am sorry at your disappointment at the scale. Remember .7 of a pound is almost 3 sticks of butter! It's a number... you KNOW how you've done. It will show. Yes... it's information. As for exercise... I don't like it much either. One easy thing to do is to do the stairs two times instead of one time when you need to use them. Glad you got out your Pink book.

Tazzy - glad your doctor appointment went well. It can be hard to start again with a new doctor. See how it goes. Credit for doing well at your event. Another credit for throwing away the brownie instead of eating more to see if it would eventually taste better!

nationalparker - credit for the frozen dinner that 'saved the day' and kept you from eating way too much. I agree... folks here at the Beck forum are very caring and helpful. Most people can be helpful without being negative - most of the tme.

onebyone - sounds like a good time. Yes... decluttering our environment is helpful to decluttering our relationship with food.

billbe - credit for passing by the popcorn! How nice to have the pork chop leftover for lunch.

believeinme - CREDIT for staying away from the cinnnmelts! (and strengthening that reistance muscle) I understand the incentive coming back - to get back to basics. The hunger experiment will come in handy. I didn't think it ever would.. but, it did for me. Carry on.

maryann - credit for you OP day! Credit for moving forward with scale acceptance. They say after a while a temporary upage won't phase you... I am still working on that too.

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Default checking in


*credit for weighing in (+2.2lbs- chinese soup/food!)
*credit for tracking
*credit for unplanned activity

Today I was way over my daily points. Yesterday too. Now, given all the activity points I've earned, I'm still good--except I am choosing not to apply them to my plan--though I can. Basically the rest of the week is:
-stay within my pts for the day
-meet with my wii fit trainer starting tomorrow.

On other fronts I am determined to write a poem for the local writers' group meetng Monday night. On the advice of my sister the writer, I am reading *mindfully* a favorite poet, Billy Collins. His work is like the breath of life to me. On top of that, reading his stuff makes me want to write stuff. A double bonus to be sure. I've copied here the first poem of his that gripped me. I you have a minute, savour it. It's actually better than chocolate! ha! Well, to me anyway.


The name of the author is the first to go
followed obediently by the title, the plot,
the heartbreaking conclusion, the entire novel
which suddenly becomes one you have never read,
never even heard of,

as if, one by one, the memories you used to harbor
decided to retire to the southern hemisphere of the brain,
to a little fishing village where there are no phones.

Long ago you kissed the names of the nine Muses goodbye
and watched the quadratic equation pack its bag,
and even now as you memorize the order of the planets,

something else is slipping away, a state flower perhaps,
the address of an uncle, the capital of Paraguay.

Whatever it is you are struggling to remember,
it is not poised on the tip of your tongue,
not even lurking in some obscure corner of your spleen.

It has floated away down a dark mythological river
whose name begins with an L as far as you can recall,
well on your own way to oblivion where you will join those
who have even forgotten how to swim and how to ride a bicycle.

No wonder you rise in the middle of the night
to look up the date of a famous battle in a book on war.
No wonder the moon in the window seems to have drifted
out of a love poem that you used to know by heart.

Billy Collins
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BeverlyJoy Thank you for the reminder, (.7 pounds is 3 sticks of butter indeed) and it is just a number.

OnebyOne Your credits are big positives in my book. I admire your artistic nature. The poem is both amusing and sad for me.

I did a bunch of decluttering today so probably went up and down the stairs about 10 times. Biiiig credit for me. That room is nearly done!


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Thumbs up Sunday

Diet Coaches/Buddies Good news is that the dishwasher leaked overnight! This morning I can see exactly which joint is slowly dripping. It's on the opposite side from where it had appeared when the baseboard panel was in place - the panel had channeled the water across the front before it came out. So today, I'll play plumber.

Eating was good enough, CREDIT moi, including dinner with friends where lots of veggies were served. It's nice to have some friends who are conscious of food. Not so conscious that chocolate chip cookies didn't appear just when I was internally gloating that I had made good choices. The cookies slipped under my self-righteousness unnoticed. Ouch.

onebyone Thanks for Forgetfulness - it's so hard to accept that we don't remember as well because our brains just don't function as well. Big Kudos for choosing to read an admired poet as Muse to your own writing goal.

Beverlyjoy LOL at ".35 - .50" a box when you sold them. At whatever price, Kudos for gifting them instead of eating them.

maryann - Just what I need today, "Acceptance, it would seem, then, is the answer." [Nope, I haven't read Life of Pi. Neither of my two friends who've read the book (one twice) have seen the movie - both are worried that it'll miss the point.]

Tazzy - Sorry to hear about your long-time doctor - glad you've got a good first impression of your new one. Congrats for keeping yourself in excellent shape. And Special Kudos for choosing wisely at the sandwich bar - especially for tossing the brownie after one bite.

nationalparker Interesting story: It might be easier to eat British WWII rations when no one else had much food either than it would be now when steak fries and Cinnamelts abound.

IBelieveInMe2 460 Kudos for resisting that many calories in McDonald's Cinnamelts. Inspiring that you "used my 2 pound regain as incentive" - "I can do this!!!" - rather than justification.

Julia (Julia150) LOL at "JuliaWhoNeedsAKickInThePants" - don't we all. Exercise is great for your body and your mind, but worth remembering that it's a pretty small component of weight loss. It's known to alter your body shape so that clothes fit better and hard breathing is reduced. Good luck finding the activity that's right for you.

Readers -
chapter 3
How Thin People Think

characteristic 2
You Have a Low Tolerance for Hunger and Cravings

The Beck Diet Solution
. . .You've probably read about hunger strikes, so you know people can go for days without eating. If you've ever fasted for a religious observance or a medical procedure, you know firsthand that hunger waxes and wanes.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 35.
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Good morning, All.

OP day yesterday. I am grateful. I put time in on my thesis which is a collection of short fiction. I overhauled the last story which is about a woman 47 days sober who is terrified she made such a mess with her little boy she will never be able to make up for it. Although it is not my story ( I got sober before DS was born) there is lots of me in it. I was crying by the end of the editing. I don't know if that means the story is good or just true but I'll take either.
Today are final proofs and process letter.
Faced a couple of old friends yesterday at DS basketball game. I say friends but in the end it turned out they never really were friends. I tried to keep up the relationships for years (basically became a doormat) until it finally hit me "Oh, they don't want me to be around." Here is the amazing part: DH was sitting right next to me and even though I was awkward, uncomfortable, and self critical, at some level I knew it was going to be all right because I have GENUINE love in my life now--a husband who is completely loyal, friends who have stuck by me for years. This little mini drama came in to play after the game when we went to ice cream. I was emotional inside but I ordered NOTHING. WOW! I guess the take home for me is if I am willing to feel the feeling,s I can be free from the bondage of compulsive overeating.

Julia150: I think .7 pounds lost in light of the personal losses you have experienced is a triumph. Credit.
onebyone: Credit for tracking ( I am just repeating your own great affirmation.) I truly believe we cannot fail if we are persistent in seeing the truth of what we eat.
Beverleyjoy: Congrats on donating the cookies to the troops. I am going to do that next time I am asked.
BBE:I looked in my dishwasher yesterday and the water arm had fallen from the ceiling to the floor. Now I have one rack and things will stay that way until after my thesis is ok'd. There is a beauty to being able to live without and making do. (DH might come to the rescue. But he swears he doesn't have any Mr. fixit in him.)

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Good morning everyone,
Checking in. I feel I have so much clutter in my mind. There are so many inspirational words in this thread and I thank each and everyone of you for those.
I am still just putting on foot in front of the other. I want to make a lot of changes in my life, as in my mind I can see so clearly. The counselor told me not to make any major decisions for a year as people end up regretting their decisions. Yikes. Eating has been on plan for the most part. The scale is not cooperating so I may need to add more exercise in.
Your posts are very encouraging, congratulations to each of you for your successes.
I am struggling with my son and I am not sure how to make things okay for him through all of this. He has been great through all this but he still needs to be a kid. I would appreciate any suggestions with this. Thanks.

Take Care

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Good Morning Buddies/Coaches!

I am pleased to announce that the scale was down to where I had hoped it would be yesterday. A grand total of 7.2 in 2 weeks and one day.
My gluteus muscles were hurting again in the night. A sign that I'd actually done some physical labor perhaps Jenny is not involved in my meal planning for the weekend (by decision planned by counselor and I) I did well yesterday staying within the guidelines but I didn't do any prior planning. That's going to have to happen eventually.

MaryAnn It sounds like your short story was truely from the heart. It is probably really good since it is so genuine. Another hug regarding the story about the "friends" and a pat on the back for not feeding the hurt and letting yourself feel the feelings. I think sometimes by feeding the hurt, the hurt gets squashed back and not resolved. It sounds like you are on your way moving past the hurt. I've got people in my life that are now "aquaintances". I can be cordial and polite but that's all I have to be.

BeverlyJoy Regarding the GS cookies. I used to feel so sad because I missed the Girls Scouts. I have a favorite but this year I'm not feeling so interested. I think my mantra "Sweets are a fleeting pleasure, they aren't worth it to me". is sinking in. Again, thanks for your reality check (3 sticks of butter). It really did help.

Ann So glad to see that you are reading the thread and staying OP. A friend told me the same thing your counselor did-don't make any major decisions for a year. It makes sense that some of those decisions might not be too well thought out. I start seeing my counselor on Tuesday. I think it's good to be honest with your DS about feeling sad but I understand the worry about the effect it has on him.

I'm sorry if this is a question you've had too often. I see that you lost a total of 81 pounds. How did you get started with your weight loss? What kind of a plan did you follow and did your wife participate a lot? I ask because my husband is quite overweight. I've tried to help when he asks for it but I don't think he is fully invested when I do the planning and preparation. It drives me insane when he asks me if he can have this or that. I just want him to do the same research I did so he knows what he should and not have. I know that the desire to lose weight needs to come from within but is there anything you can recommend for me to be supportive and motivate him as well?

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Good morning everyone!

Weigh in day again for me and I stayed the same. And I am absolutely fine with that, my planning this week was not as good as it could have been and I didn't exercise as much with all the events I had. My goal was not to gain so credit for that. And Julia150 I would have been happy with a .7 loss. I know the last time I did this with losing 30 pounds that my body has a pattern of lose/lose/lose/gain and it used to frustrate the heck out of me. When I put it on a graph and could see exactly when it would happen it was much better as I was mentally prepared for it. There were occassional weeks when it varied but it was pretty accurate. Not sure if that's the case again but now being on WW online it makes a nice little graph for me to look at already.

Dinner last night at the hotel was sandwiches (pre-made) so I had a couple of small halves, the dreaded cookies also made an appearance but I did share with a colleague so that made me feel better. It's over and done and the points did fit into my plan.

I feel like doing more cleaning today, not sure where this is coming from but figure I should go with it. I'll work on the cupboard where DH keeps all his coffee stuff, it got stacked with stuff that I took out of the pantry last Sunday. Hoping it's not another 6 hour job. Also need to get these 2 puppies out for a nice long walk, it's about -8C right now so will wait until it warms up a bit more.

Julia150 Congrats on the -7.2 over 2 weeks, you'll be in Onederland before you know it! We had the DNA tests done on the dogs because we didn't have any accurate information on their breeds. It will help with training, their health and any issues they are prone to as well as knowing what to expect with temperament. And honestly we were just really curious. I keep joking when walking them in ice and snow that next winter I'll be on a sled behind them, now that I know they both have Siberian Husky in them I'm sure it's in their genes as well!

Good news is that the dishwasher leaked overnight!
, can't say I've heard anyone excited about that before. Good luck with your repairs and ouch for the chocolate chip cookies. I guess we were both in the same boat last night.

newlifestyle to you and your son. Emotional health is just as important as physical, the scale will follow.

maryann Credit for realizing that food does not replace "old friends" and good job on your thesis.

onebyone Credit for checking in. Ouch for Chinese food, it's one of my favourites and I know that the scale is up for 2 - 3 days after I eat it! Thanks for sharing the poem.

Beverlyjoy Credit with the girl scout cookies and donating them. Not sure we have a program like that in Canada. I used to really like the standard vanilla cookies and others in my house as a kid liked the chocolate. I didn't like the taste as much when they changed the recipe, here in Canada they also have a chocolate covered mint one (you might have them in the States too), I don't really like those ones at all. So I guess I can say they are not too tempting for me now at all and I'm happy with that. And they are pretty darn expensive for a "store bought style" cookie.

You mentioned the funny WW story I have one of those too. The last WW leader I had was in her 70's, she had done really well and had been at goal for quite a few years. Her DH thought he should lose a few pounds so he asked to follow the program with her. She was happy to do that until he commented that it was too hard to follow, she wasn't sure why as she figured out his plan, points, made all his meals and set them down in front of him. The only work he had to do was eat it. I would love to have someone do everything to get the food to the table!

Julia150 You asked BBE about ideas for your DH and I'm going to chime in here about my DH. He too wanted to lose some weight but had no idea where to start. I would be giving him all kinds of information on what to eat, what not to eat, how much, how little, etc etc. I then realized that being male he had not spent his whole life wondering if his weight was right or if what he was eating could be a factor. He had not read the numerous books on the latest fad diet or next great exercise plan. He didn't even own a scale until I brought one into the house and in the over 7 years we've been together I'm guessing he's stepped on it less than 20 times. If we want to make any major purchases my DH will research to death the information but when it comes to weight loss it holds no appeal to him so he' wouldn't consider learning about it. I'm pretty lucky that my family will eat pretty much everything that is set in front of them so I don't have to prepare two meals. On nights when they want things like nachos I just make sure that there's something easy for me to eat and no one ever questions why it's different. I grew up in a house where there were 2 choices for meals - take it or leave it, we follow the same philosophy in our house, so I know they are getting better choices based on what my plan is than if they were doing it on their own.

Enjoy the day everyone!
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Hi coaches/friends.... I am grateful and glad to say that I had another healthy day yesterday. Aside from a nibble of DH's dry Frosted Flakes before I put them back in the pantry, I stayed with my plan. Completed many of my goals: planned/measured/logged food, always left a bite, made a big effort to eat slower, did my meditation, exercised, read arc/beck, & took several cleansing breathes before eating. Many credits. Also... NO extra nighttime eating. YAY (five days)

The kids came over to finalized the Girl Scout cookie order. They all wanted a snack and I served up some tortilla chips. I didn't eat one bite. Credit.

I am struggling with licking the spoon, eating seated only, and I must slow down. It always fascinates me how I can think about my meal for a good portion of the day and then eat it so fast that I don't always enjoy it.

I hope everyone is having a great day.

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Hi Coaches!

I've been keeping busy taking care of many tasks, including a procrastinated visit to the dentist. It's one of those times where I let the Beck program flow into the rest of my life. By the time I leave on Tuesday morning lots of "have to's" will be accomplished so my DH can stay on here another week (without a car) while I return to work. We've had some outrageously healthy meals and I have also loosened a bit on my usual snacks. The pool has been very enjoyable and I will miss it when I go.
I'm thinking....any especially memorable moments with food...We haven't eaten out but have been content at home. I did create a new salad (for us). I was short on our lettuce mix so took my box grater and added the larger sized gratings of raw carrots and beets. Well the orange and red intermingled and the carrots turned scarlet. Beautiful and yummy.
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Trying to stay relaxed today, despite the restart of the workweek tomorrow. The Last of the Weekend turns into The Last of the Mohicans in my mind for some oddball reason.

Planned to just hunker down and relax today while DH was sleeping, with one run to Target. Found the workout pants I wanted to pick up, but then put them back - they'll be a reward when I get under 170. I have some now that are okay. Have not done well on meals today - well, decided to nibble on this and that and count it all - amazing how much more nibbling I want once I start. Now have 220 calories for dinner. Smart move - grr. I shouldn't really WANT much, but my mind does. So will work through that and come away proud to report back that I stuck with it, I hope. Dry cereal for lunch, so added this and that and found tostitos queso (40 cal for two tbsp) in the fridge ... clearly a major discovery as I soon had a serving bubbling away in the microwave and a few pretzel chips waiting to be cheese dunked. High quality nutrition there, sheesh.

Beck book is beside me on the couch - wish it beckoned as much as the dang queso. Will open it and reread the travel chapter and move ahead one space. Trying to come up with some credits and nothing is coming to mind. Well, credit for tracking everything despite my snacks listing being the longest of all.
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I can do this
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Hi all,

I had a good weekend away, and actually stayed within the parameters of my plan, even with all of the constant food available. I was glad I'd brought a pre-made salad and frozen breakfast and fresh fruits--otherwise, I'd have been more tempted.

I managed to stand down the ice cream Saturday evening--reminded myself that I didn't need ice cream, I just wanted it. Reminded myself that I'd be glad I didn't eat the ice cream. I am glad I didn't eat the ice cream.

I even managed to make it to the fitness room twice to use the treadmill. I didn't want to this morning--but I don't need to want to. I need to do it. And I knew I'd be glad if I did it, even if I hate the treadmill as opposed to "real" walking.

My first bites of two different cookies were standing up--once I realized it, I didn't feel right until I sat down to finish them. (Two small cookies was nothing in the face of all that temptation.)

The drive home, though, we stopped for a late lunch, and that could even have been within the parameters of the plan--if I'd been more restrained at dinner. But I left myself get too hungry--hungry to the point of the shakes. That is always a huge mistake, because I want to keep eating until the shakes are gone. Of course, I've given my body the anti-shakes food already--my body just doesn't realize it yet. (The shakes are why I didn't try skipping lunch and why I have to have a mid afternoon protein snack if I have a light lunch.) I forced myself to stop after just a little bit of extra food--but it was hard since my shakes still aren't gone.

Eating mindfully is hard--but when I do, I enjoy my food more, so that's good.

This week, I'm going to concentrate on planning. I don't have to want to plan. I don't have to find it easy. I just need to do it. And I'll do the week's dinner plan at 9:00 tonight and plan out grocery shopping for tomorrow after work. At least the high-level meals will be all figured out, even if I have trouble with planning quantities. I can do this.

No personals tonight--too much to do after my weekend away--but I thought of you guys while I was gone, and realized that I wanted to be making decisions I could post about.

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