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Default Good Evening!

Hey Coaches and Fellow Becksters,

Ate well today, and although I'm craving some dessert right about now...I'm writing you instead. Credit moi! Tonight, I got in a little spontaneous exercise with my little guy by dancing in the living room while my wife and daughter were out at their respective extracurriculars. I have to say, with more than a month in, that when I do overeat nowadays, I have to consciously try not to think about what I'm eating--the opposite of mindful eating. Interesting irony and it reminds me that overeating is addictive behavior that relies more on the primitive parts of my brain.

BBE: Back to school? That’s sounds great. Good luck!

Nationalparker: Glad I’m not the only one who evens up casserole edges.

Onebyone: Congratulations on getting to 254, and “keepin’ on keepin’

Until that time...

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Quick flyby, I'm going to bed early tonight. I did some things out of the ordinary physically yesterday and last night my butt felt like I'd done 1000 squats. Instead of getting up and taking some Ibuprofen, I tried to get comfortable and ended up sleeping very little.
My appetite seems to be on the upswing I actually enjoyed some of my food today. Tonight I substituted an item on my menu for a much saltier thing that I used to love. It seems my taste for salt is diminishing.
I'm with everyone else regarding winter. OnebyOneyou aren't alone despising January.
Till tomorrow,
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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies So cold yesterday that I spent no time outside that wasn't mandatory. Did some indoor step climbing by using old fashioned stairs. CREDIT moi for at least doing something.

I had an urge to get something to eat and decided to try something different. Got a glass of water - even though I wasn't thirsty. Was surprised that I drank it all without feeling bloated. CREDIT moi for standing down a craving and Yay for at least thinking about getting more water during this dry heat.

onebyone Yep, Kudos to you and Francesco for staying together for ten days. Yay for honoring your muse.

Beverlyjoy "100% op" is splendid. Kudos.

maryann - Yep, Monster Kudos for graciously accepting the compliments about your job. Not many folks around here ever write, "homegrown walnuts."

Tazzy - Walking past food choices that aren't even that thrilling can be difficult - Kudos. Hope your open mesh shoes and you survived the cold.

BigchiefDavid Yay for dancing with your 4 year old for a challenging exercise. I like the new name for your Hornets; are you going to buy the little guy a New Orleans Pelicans shirt to celebrate?

nationalparker A Little Night Music sounds like a fun evening. Kudos for not nibbling the potatoes under whatever reason you were imagining.

Julia (Julia150) Usually we don't say this on this thread, but Yeah for the beginning of the return of your appetite. Kudos for some exercise that you felt.

Readers -
chapter 3
How Thin People Think

characteristic 2
You Have a Low Tolerance for Hunger and Cravings
Most thin people feel hungry and occasionally notice cravings, but they don't dwell on these feelings. Generally, they don't think that much about food at all. They figure they'll always be able to find something when they're hungry or be able to withstand the hunger if it's not convenient to eat.
. . . When you're hungry or have a craving, though, you might dwell on these feelings. You probably worry about when you're going to have an opportunity to eat again. Maybe you even become preoccupied with thoughts of food. You're likely to overestimate how strong your hunger and cravings will get and how long they'll last. It's likely you'll try to get rid of them right away by eating. In fact, some people who struggle to lose weight experience hunger and cravings as emergencies: I must eat now!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 34.
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Italian Sunny Girl!
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Quick Ciao to everybody! This week is really "flying" for me...a bit of "distraction" last evening during dinner, but credit to me for stopping before it was too late! Just walked 2,25 kilometers after lunch, now back to work and then swimming pool! My weigh in day is tomorrow! I'm sure everything will be fine.
Hope to be able to read you all more quietly tonight.
Have a good day.
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Closing in on the weekend. For a short work week for me this week, it sure has seemed long. And dark. And cold. The theatre performance last night was wonderful; we so enjoyed it. Dinner which wasn't planned at all - I didn't know how our time would shake out, went great - salad at Panera. I did, however, splurge with a strawberry scone for 430 calories. I had in my mind that it was 340 calories. Ah, well, it is my treat for the week and it was savored and enjoyed at intermission and then later when we got back home. I enjoy one every few months and started to kick myself afterward, but then thought, No. Volunteering gig at elementary school today, so Subway for lunch - NO CHIPS. Brought an apple to have later in the day if needed. I need to get back reading the Beck book ... I'm forgetting about it. I skipped the chapter on drinking since that's not an issue and then started the travel chapter - and need to read that multiple times.

Bill - You nailed it on the head yesterday - WHY do I worry about famine around the corner? I realize that I do that when prepping for camping trips. We're going to be hiking 8-10 miles each day - I need to pack in ALL THIS food when in reality, some of it I'm eating because it's there and easier than hauling it home sometimes. Major credits your way for being inventive and using your stairs for activity!

Beth - I, too, need to bring a spare lunch to work! Sounds like you had a great evening the other night with your son and now he and his roommates hit the food jackpot! Great plan! Have you thought of putting your main meals on index cards or in a spreadsheet or notebook and then choosing from them based on sales, etc.? I was having trouble thinking of what I made, and that has me making more of a variety of dinners - "oh, I forgot that I made that and we loved it" type of thing...

BootedKitty - Are you in Northern Italy? The last two visits I went in February as the tickets worked well with my work schedule... but I'm longing to go when the geraniums are in bloom. I have on my list for this weekend to buy cyclamen to remind me of my visits - cheer up my winter kitchen. I lived in southern Italy and we never got snow, but did on many trips north.

BeverlyJoy - Thank you for the reminder a few days back that it's all the little things that make us successful - I keep going back to that (um...NOT getting the scone would have been one, I know.)

BigChiefDavid - Great job dancing around with your son - I'm picturing him zipping around with his cape, though.

Julia - Here's hoping that when spring comes, it reawakens you in many ways - a true renewing. It's hard to just go through the motions, I know.

OneByOne - Great mindset with your summer goal! I, too, need to be making progress and not just be "okay, it wasn't a gain" ... I felt as if I were there so much last year - up one/down one/up one/stay/stay.

Tazzy - So many credits! Passing up the food choices in the stores, finding a treat that worked within your plan, prepping for the gym - great job!

I just read that there's an old English proverb that reads, "Don't dig your own grave with your knife and fork." That hit home. Make great choices!
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Default Thursday & Official Weigh-in Day


Managed to get a bag of donatable goods onto the porch outside for pick up today by the Diabetes Society. *credit* Doing this meant I just jumped out of bed cause I didn't get it ready last night. Then, after this, I wandered into the kitchen and stared at the coffee pot and asked myself if I want coffee since this is weigh-in day (at 10/10:30am) and what popped into my mind was Beverlyjoy and her recent post about not playing "tricks" with your food on weigh-in day. What I usually do is not have a thing to eat and then go to the meeting then eat a modest lunch and then eat a larger than average dinner with DH to "celebrate" another week on plan-no matter the results. I also weigh myself at home cause somehow the force of gravity differs at WW and their scale is not the same as mine. Sometimes it's better. Sometimes worse.

Anyway I weighed myself (+1.1 = 255 something again) and I am also having coffee. *whatever* There is more to "going to my meeting" than the number on the scale cause obviously I can do that at home.

Will check back in a few hours.
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I can do this
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Good morning, all!
I'm stalling with my written-down (or MyFitnessPal-entered) planning. I'm doing mental planning, which means I figure out dinner before I get home, but I need to get disciplined about day-before everything-planning.

I didn't have time for breakfast before my early morning doctor's appointment, so I grabbed a frozen breakfast as well as a frozen lunch today (and a banana). Credit me for not committing a drive-thru to get breakfast.

I ate my breakfast mindfully once I got to work--it does make a difference, in that I really enjoyed it. I didn't want it to be gone, but I know that I enjoyed what I ate and there will be more food at lunch time. Credit me.

We're going out of town this weekend to a weekend-long party held at a hotel. There will be constant snacks as well as meals. I know that I won't be able to eat well from all of the selections and that I always eat too much at these things. There will be some healthy snacks, but there will be a lot of chips and candy and baked goods, too. I can't predict the meals--every one of these does things differently.

My plan is to go grocery shopping tonight and buy food to eat rather than relying on what is provided. I'll wash and prepare fruits and measure them out for meals, make sure I have veggies and even pre-make at least one salad and purchase some frozen meals. I called the hotel and there's a refrigerator and microwave in each room.

I have to find a way to do these gatherings well, since we go to 8-10 a year. This will be first attempt at actually having a laid out plan that will allow me to eat reasonable meals because I brought them, rather than relying on being able to eat from what is provided.

BillBE--Credit for recognizing you have to allocate reading time the same as food input! I hope you're enjoying your classes. Credit for finding a way to get some stairs in while managing to stay inside!

nationalparker--Credit for finding a snack that fit into your plan when you knew it'd be a while for dinner--and then finding an appropriate dinner after the theater. I've read through the rest of the Beck book, but now need to concentrate following the planning steps for Days 14 and 15.

maryann--Sweet potato added in, snack removed--sounds like a great swap.

Beverlyjoy--Way to go on the no extra nighttime eating!

Tazzy--Credit for errand-ing off your craving--and not giving in to temptations in the stores. I have to remember that Failing to plan is planning for failure. myself. Thanks for the words--it's going on the planning response card for me!

onebyone--Credit for determination--big credit. And definitely credit for moving the workout along!

BigchiefDavid--Great distraction to write to us instead of allowing the dessert craving to win. I like your observation about the correlation between mindless eating and overeating.

Julia150--An appetite on the upswing is probably good. I'm thinking caring thoughts at you in this rough time.

Bootedkitty--You recognized your distraction and beat it! Great!

Have a great Thursday everyone--and for those in the colder climates, stay bundled up!
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I can do it!!!
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Unhappy Frustrated!!! :-(

Well, after my awesome weight loss last week, I gained back 2 pounds this week. I am so upset, but I will use that information to figure out where I went wrong this past week. I really thought I'd at least maintain, but ~ looking back over the week ~ I let myself get too busy to make weight loss my #1 priority. With the sled hockey tournament and the new puppy, I got too busy and lost my focus. Didn't read my Advantages Response Card often enough; didn't consistently track my food; and didn't get much exercise in. Still not properly planning ahead either. You (and Dr. Beck) have all helped me to realize how valuable and critical planning is, but I am so resistant to it. Prefer to eat "what I am in the mood for" at each meal. BUT: it is painfully obvious that doing that is NOT working for me. If I always do what I've always done, I will get the same result: no lasting weight loss. I so need to change what I am doing, but it takes constant vigilance for me. I guess, to some extent, I am already rebelling against the constant vigilance. YIKES!!! There is my rebellion again........... and so soon! How do the rest of you deal with rebellion??? I need help!

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Good Morning, Coaches.

I used a sick day today. This weekend is the last push before I mail my thesis on Monday. Woke up cranky on the couch because DH is a roller and a snorer and most times these days I can't sleep through his shenanigans. Anyway, It is 9:00 and I am restarting my day. I am going to have another cup of coffee, putter around, and enjoy this morning.

Food was chaos yesterday with the brunch I had so carefully planned for. The minute I ate something sweet my mind gave me permission to go wild. Oh well! Weight at ticker this morning. Food planned (it is tough for me, too, BethfromDayton) and maybe a nap later.

We out West have been hearing about the terrible cold snap. It is something how you carry on with your lives when an egg will freeze on the sidewalk (so I am told.) Being in Vermont gave me a little taste of it but I didn't have to do daily stuff like food shopping.

So, in terms of attitude adjustment, a gratitude list is forthcoming:
DS and DH
61 degree weather
a new professor that does scare the heck out of me
this blog

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Exclamation rebel rebel

Back Again Coaches.

I made it to my meeting and saw a 254 number! 254.8 (-0.4 official lbs). I was looking over my weigh-in stats since I re-committed to WW and it goes like this:
re-start at WW 254.2 nov 28
-3.0 251.2 dec 8
+1.8 253.0 dec 13
-0.2 252.8 dec 20
+4.6 257.4 dec 29
-1.8 255.6 jan 3
+1.8 257.4 jan 10
-2.2 255.2 jan 17
-0.4 254.8 jan 24

So in two months I have gained 8.2lb and lost 7.6lb.
These are two months where I often say to myself "Oh you can lose 20lbs in 2 months." Well, I guess I can say that the total amount of lbs I experienced over two months is 8.2+7.6 = 15.8lbs. That's kind of interesting but really all these NUMBERS mean not very much. I am almost back to where I started. Given how lax I have been and how often during these weeks I didn't pay full attention and I was taken away
by emotional eating I'll take a *credit* for continuing to embrace the 250's and not anything higher. For sure in 2 months I can easily GAIN that 20lbs I think I should lose, so I will be happy for NOT doing that *credit*. In this way, something is different.

I can sense that I am ready to lose more weight, to go down. I know I can do this, I want to do this, I am acquainted enough with the 250's. Let's get to the 240's now and the 230's before Spring would be great. 15lbs in 2 months. March 20=spring. I am ready to try.

IBelieveInMe2 I know deeply and viscerally of the rebellious state you are feeling. I meet it almost every day. I feel my rebellion is my inner saboteur. Mostly, for me, when I am rebelling it is usually an act of fear. Basically, I try to thwart my perceived failure at following program, or even worse, following program only to find that I don't lose weight-it won't work, it doesn't work, it's ok FOR YOU but not for me... like IF I DO ALL THIS *waving hands in a wide arc* I STILL won't lose weight so WHY BOTHER? Eat. eat more. Eat this. Give up. Don't try. Forget it--it's not so bad. You're doing fine/better/better than ever stop now.... All lies I tell myself to not try. That's what the rebel does for me--it's a warped method of self-protection against (what I think) will ultimately be failure.

Such a heavy weight.
So untrue.
Such a liar, though it means well.

Talking back to the rebel means I say things like "I don't know if this planning thing will work for me, but I am going to try it and see what happens." "Lots of people here say this works and I can see it IS working for them and they are gaining lots of great coping skills with food and with life and I am no different from them and it can work for me too. I am going to try this." "This is not an emergency. I can calmly plan my food. I DO NOT have to be rigid. This doesn't mean I have no flexibility. I can plan for that too. I can have several meals I like--I can spend some time discovering things that satisfy me on all levels and I can choose from them on an on-going basis. Planning does not mean I no longer have choices available to me. I can also choose a foodplan that allows me choice. What is most important is that I am honest with myself about my food and promise to make changes if change if needed to move forward."

Basically, I'm right there with you. again.
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Hi coaches/friends/becksters: Yesterday was a good healthy day. I am always grateful for that. I made my plan at 6am. Later in the day I had a little stomach ache. So, I changed it around for later in the day and stayed within my plan perameters. It worked out fine. Credit. I also didn't eat extra in the evening. That's two days now. YAY Credit. I did my meditation in the evening. Credit. Also, I weighed in the morning, did my journal work, always left a bite, had lots of water, and gave myself credit through out the day.

I need to figure out a plan for when we spend time with our ds, dil and 2 grandkids which will be coming up. I will read the chapter on special occaisons, etc. - and start to put a plan in place. I am hoping for the best.. sometimes it trips me up.

Time to go clean my office. Yikes! Have a great day.

I'll try to get back for personals later.
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Hello Everyone,

Yesterday ended up being a good OP day, I didn't freeze walking to the train or the 10 minute walk at the other end to the gym, I looked at it as a warm up to my workout. Spent 1 hour at the gym doing some cardio but mostly weights. And I did not take the dogs out for their walk, by then I'd had enough of the cold wind. Today the weather has changed and it's sunny and calm and should be about 3C (about 36F). I took the train to work today as I have an event tonight and I hate paying the parking rates at hotels, DH will pick me up from the station about 10:45pm (hopefully in a nice warm car).

With the event tonight I know we are having a "make your own sandwich" bar and I've got 13 WW points to use for it so I'm confident I can make some good choices. There are usually cookies as well so I'm going to have to think Oh well, I can have one of those another day. And they never taste as good as my homemade ones so I'll keep that in mind too.

beverlyjoy Credit for 2 days in a row OP. It all adds up if we do it one day at a time, or sometimes 1 meal at a time.

onebyone I know how you feel not having your Key West trip for motivation. For me it was the cruise that we did last year as well that really kept me going. I have to do this for me, not for an upcoming occassion or event. Credit for your workouts with Francisco.

maryann Credit for your gratitude list. It does put things into perspective.

bethfromdayton An idea I try to incorporate when I'm heading into unknown food situations is that I only have 3 bites of each type of food. I find that I still get the taste, I don't need the extra calories or points and I don't feel deprived because I can't have something. It might be worth a try. I also try and fill half my plate with veggies or salad to start so there's less room for other things. And I figure I can eat bread or buns at home so stay clear of those choices.

nationalparker Credit for planning your meals (even takeout) and knowing which part of it you are not going to have, like the Subway chips!

BBE It's funny how a glass of water or two can take away "hunger", it reminded me to have a drink from the big glass I keep on my desk. I'm very good at getting the water I need during the week, weekends are more difficult but everyone in the house has a big plastic glass that sits on the counter and if it's there and full it's much easier to grab.

to bigchiefDavid, julia150, ibelieveinme2 and bootedkitty

PS - added a new photo of Dexter and Masuka to my avatar.

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I can do it!!!
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Smile Adorable doggies!!!

Tazzy: I absolutely LOVE that picture of your pups!!! They are just adorable!!!
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I can do this
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Hi all,

I did my Thursday night grocery run and picked things up for the weekend. So, that plan is coming along pretty well. I'm recognizing that I don't always have time to make lunch, so having a lot of frozen meals is helpful to me. (Not as healthful as homemade stuff, but way better than the pizza slices I used to get at the building canteen!) So, it's a plan, at any rate.

I did really well today with eating mindfully--at least half of each meal I was aware of the texture and taste of my food. Last night, I re-read all my cards (which I ought to do daily but don't quite), and focused on that one--and realized I was eating slowly but not mindfully. Something snapped into place with that. It wasn't a timing issue--it was a concentration thing. Credit!

Exercise is going great--walking at work inside still, which is good, since it's too cold for an outside walk. The hotel we're going to this weekend has an exercise room, so I'm packing my sweats and will use one of their machines on Sat/Sun.

I'm still having trouble with planning. I know I need to plan. I'm not resisting the need, I just don't seem to be doing it and following through very well. Tazzy reminded me of what I need to hear: "Failing to plan is planning for failure."

I'm going to spend some time this weekend thinking about why planning is so hard for me and what little steps I can take to make myself do some of it. If anyone has any ideas of "baby steps" for those of us who are struggling with it, please share.

I know planning is essential for success. But even when I've planned for this week on a high level, I've had at least two days where we've done something else. That something else has still been within the parameters of my overall diet plan, but I can't count on that continuing if I don't start being more planful. (not a word, but it works for me.)

It's almost as if my brain stalls when it comes time to commit to an overall plan--and stops completely when it comes to details. Help!
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Hi Beck buddies/coaches,
Just a quick note tonight. I'm reading and learning from all of you. Thank you for your wisdom and sharing.

Beth I am really resistant to planning too. For now I don't have to because my friend "Jenny" is doing it for me. I am doing the weekend without Jenny food. The weekend is coming fast and I haven't planned yet. Maybe if I go with the thought of "it results in success for all these other people, it will for me too. they don't have any special powers that I don't, they just have stronger "planning" muscles.

I weighed 202.4 this morning! Two days til official weigh-in (for an even 2 weeks) I just know I'm going to drop below 200 REALLY soon. I took geriatric dog for a 20 min walk tonight. Exercise is another area that I am really resistant to. I'm just setting a small goal-walking 3 times a week for a minimum of 20 min each time and going up the stairs at least once/day at work. It's embarrassing to not be able to talk after going up to the second floor.


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