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Hi Coaches!

Another day OP and the scale moves down. Oh well, for holiday weight gain but I have given myself credit for being 10 pounds lower starting this year over last. It is progress. I am enjoying being by myself and am content to just continue to use my one written food plan and enjoy the same thing everyday (without cooking). I bought a pineapple and it is so delicious. I read about it's nutritional benefits and there are many. It's very high in vitamin c.

Beverlyjoy, my DH and I would have loved your soup over the wings. I wish we were closer. After all the holiday foods that had been at work I brought a dozen little clementines in for my coworkers. They sat for days and no one ate them but me. Finally, I just took them back home. I can't control what others eat but I know I need to stay on the path to health. credit for making your wonderful soup and it's nice that it freezes so well.

BillBlueEyes, yesterday I used "Not About Me" every time I triggered with food at work. I didn't eat one bite. Thx.

nationalparker, kudos for recognizing your lack of stress on Sunday and how you could carry that forward in the future.

BigChiefDavid, great distraction technique...taking cute photos of DS.

Julia, yay for only your planned pieces of pizza!

Tazzy, kudos for meeting another 5# goal!

MaryAnn, "Enjoy the quiet steadiness of this day given to me". Wonderful...I understand survivor's guilt. Yay for jumping right back on plan after only 30 minutes!

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Thumbs up Monday - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies – A terrific pair of walks in 40 degree January sunshine, CREDIT moi. Each was the right length before my foot complains. My physical therapist says to listen to my foot. I checked out a new house under construction - more like a mansion - to note some fancy iron railings. They're complex like French art nouveau. Nothing like being a voyeur to help keep interested in one's exercise.

Faced some snack foods that I hadn't planned to eat. I sampled the guacamole - a fav - then moved away from the food, CREDIT moi. It was good guacamole and I wanted lots of it. Now I'm glad that I had it since the New England Patriots lost last night so won't be going to the Super Bowl, where the quac would flow.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Congrats on a little weigh down to lift the spirits.

Beverlyjoy – Drooling - you can send that turkey soup over here. My heart was saved by my marriage yesterday. I didn't watch the fourth quarter of the New England Patriots football game when Downton Abbey started. I was spared watching a painful loss. Sometimes good deeds are rewarded.

maryann - Moved by the sentence, "guilt and the overwhelm help nobody." Kudos for jumping right back on the wagon.

Tazzy - Congrats for that new 5 pound sunny face. Yours is the first positive sentence I've read lately about the NHL, LOL.

BigchiefDavid – Neat plan to chase your DS when whole cows are BBQing under your nose. Kudos for making a plan in advance.

nationalparker – LOL at your image of a 1950's mom. Neat to plan your yoga for Downton Abbey. I'm a bit shocked that Lord Grantham is becoming exposed as such a dinosaur. I so want a butler to run my house.

Julia (Julia150) – Super demo that you can have a favorite food - in planned moderation. Kudos. I love finding cold pizza in the fridge that I can have for breakfast.

Readers -
chapter 3
How Thin People Think

Consider the following questions:
. . .. . .
  • Do you comfort yourself with food?
  • If the scale goes up, do you sometimes tell yourself that it "won't matter" if you eat a small piece of something you're not supposed to eat?
  • Do you sometimes eat because it doesn't feel fair that you can't eat just like everyone else?
  • Do you stop dieting as soon as you've lost weight?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you possess characteristics that can make dieting difficult.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 33.
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Well, in response to Bill's posting of How Thin People Think, that would be a Yes, Yes, Yes and No. Phooey.

Looks like a substantial area is getting hammered with frigid temps and some snow. The winds have been whipping here at 20-30 mph and light snow is just going horizontal. Very thankful that I have a holiday day today. DH finished his last night shift this series and will sleep until 1 or so, then try to get rolling. 9-1 isn't enough time in my book, so I might "forget" to wake him. I also like the solitude a bit with the pets, crummy weather day and a pile of magazines and books to plunder. I feel so rich when I have a stack of things waiting to be read. We have a wonderful library system here - anything in the holdings I can request and it's delivered to my library of choice for free. I shamelessly take advantage of that weekly. I had to break myself from considering reading time to be also eating time. Switched to a cup of tea for when I need that comfort.

If everyone keeps posting about pizza, I think I must make pizza this week. I found a recipe for no knead yeast dough, which is calling out to me to make a pizza margherita. Power of suggestion. (Why doesn't it work for me when everyone talks about activity?)

BillBlueEyes - Many credits for your walks yesterday, taking advantage of the fleeting January sunshine. I LOVE iron railings and fences - a holdover from growing up overseas. though I do LKremember when we moved back to the States, I couldn't get over the lack of concrete walls with broken bottles plastered to the top. I thought every place had that. Laughed out loud at your line to BeverlyJoy that your marriage saved your heart by missing the fourth quarter in favor of D.A.

Lexiss - Great job for the work you're doing to get that scale to move down - and to be starting this year lighter than last! Kudos. Pineapple sounds good - that went on my marketing list - thanks for sharing.

BigChiefDavid - Looking forward to hearing how the birthday party went!

Sad to say but I need to go back and reread some of the notes because I'm mixing up who is doing what! Will check back in after lunch to stay on track, hopefully.
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Good Morning, Coaches.

Yesterday was terrific. Credit for exercise, OP etc... one extra snack, sticking to my writing schedule and grocery shopping for healthy food. Today's food is logged.I will have more writing and I just finished step class. Weight is a little higher but that is because of, I'm sure. my giant bowl of soup and starting to regularly exercise again. That always brings me up a pound while my muscles settle in. Just information and I feel very successful this week.

I think I am losing my movie watching muscle. I try to watch a couple of On Demands - - The Queen and To Rome with Love (Woody Allen) both were so boring I couldn't even finish them.

Nationalparker: Listening to your meatloaf prep, I am reminded how much effort and time must be put into healthy eating. That is just the way it is

BBE: Condolences on the Patriots. Iw ill still be subjected to guar since the 49ers were successful.

Lexxiss: I wish I could say I am ten pounds down from last year. I am five pounds up. Still we are both here and working the program.

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I can do it!!!
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Smile Busy Weekend!

BillBlueEyes: My daughter plays ICE sled hockey. They played (and lost) in the championship game in their weekend tournament, and came in 2nd place. She absolutely loves hockey, and since we discovered sled hockey, she has been in heaven finally having a sport of her own to play.

Thank you to those of you who commented on removing trigger foods from your home environment. Your ideas are helpful.

Well, we barely lasted 2 weeks after the loss of our Golden before we went and bought a NEW PUPPY Friday night!!! She is a Clumber Spaniel ~ white with little brown specks on her nose ~ and we named her Lucy. Her "big brothers," Griffin and Lucky, were a bit surprised when we came home with her late Friday night, but they are tolerating her well.

In addition to taking care of the new pup, I was busy with the sled hockey tournament all day Saturday and Sunday, but managed to get in pretty healthy meals on the go. I missed not spending as much time and effort on weight loss ideas, but mentally reviewed the Beck principles and held them forefront in my mind. Still reviewed my Advantages Response Card (ARC) each day. Last night, after the tourney was over, I revisited the Beck book and moved on with Day 9 (Select an Exercise Plan) and 10 (Set a Realistic Goal). Today is Day 11 ~ Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings. Such an important concept and one that I have struggled with. I will be working hard on this principle in the days and months ahead.

Haven't worked out in several days, so it is time to go walk on the TreadClimber and Treadmill! Best of luck to everyone in the week ahead!
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Italian Sunny Girl!
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Hi coaches and time today for reading you quietly! ;-( I had a good weekend because I stayed OP at my parents home for sunday lunch, but I got off track last night at "aperitivo" with friends...uffffffffffff!!!! Ok, that disappointment passed quickly, since I walked today at lunchtime, I went to swimming pool after work and swam for 3 kilometres (1,863 miles) and above all today I saved a lot of calories to compensate with the too many calories introduced last night! So I have to give myself credits and keep on staying on track...friday weighing in getting close.... :-)
Baci baci to everybody and...stay motivated!

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Hi Everyone,

Well the pantry took 6 hours to empty, clean, put down shelf paper and restock. But man it sure looks better, even DH commented on how much space there was. No time for personals last night after all.

Heading to the gym on the way home from work so will try again tonight to get back here.
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Hello all,
I am still on the wagon, one foot is out but I am faking it til I make it.
A lot of good discussion here, thanks for helping me to think things through.
I appreciate you all.
Take Care
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Hi.. checking in. Today is going well.

Bitterly cold and taking my mom to her appointments. She is going to be 90 July 4th. She has more good days than bad. I am grateful for that.

Tomorrow I go and check in with my registered dietician. I think I am a few pounds higher than last visit. For me it was holidays and then back pain that effected my eating. For a fleeting moment I thought I'd cancel, reschedule and 'buckle down' to lose the weight before I see her. But, really - that's disordered thinking around food. I am trying to learn to avoid going down that road. She will probably have helpful suggestions. I will see her in the morning.

Ann - hold on tight and your faking it will get you through. Glad you posted.

tazzy - credit for cleaning the cupboards!!! PLanning for the gym is great.

bootedkitty - credit for staying on plan with parents. OOPs with other. GREAT credits with all the exercise. Carry on.

ibeliveinme - sled hockey sounds so fun. I am glad you have a new pup to bring some puppy joy to your house. Credit for moving forward in the Beck book and techniques. You are doing so well.

- so nice to see that word 'terrific' in front of your day. Many credits.

nationalparker - credit switching reading and eating!

- glad your ankle/leg isn't complaining too, too much. Nice to see that new home emerge. Sorry about your Patriots. Seems like everyone is watching Downtown Abbey and loves. I am going to check it out. Credit for just a taste of the guacamole and then walking away.

lexxis/debbie - MAJOR CREDIT for being ten pounds less that a year ago. Great. You are living it. Yes.. you and Billbe should have been at my house for Turkey Soup!!!

Hoping everyone had a great day.

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Greetings coaches/buddies:
I am pleased to report a good day!Let's see...I was able to get a REFUND on the airplane tickets my son didn't use for Christmas because of going to my dad's funeral. The first customer service person pretty much said "too bad". She said the tickets could be used at another time but only by him even though I paid for them, even though this airline is discontinuing service to his city. I asked for another phone number for someone else to talk to. I called this morning and after I explained what had happened she gave me a refund!! What a relief! Now I can use that money for my winter getaway flight!
The therapist/counselor that I left a message for last week called to schedule an appointment!! I think I left a message last Wednesday, I was getting discouraged and ready to give up on her. I saw her about 15 years ago. I am hopeful that this will help.
Ran errands with DD, got groceries and had official weigh-in at JC. I was 7.5 pounds less than my last appointment 10 days ago. My counselor there said as soon as she saw me, she could see a differnce in my face. (i.e. smaller)! I
I don't remember who said this but I repeated it to her. She liked it alot and said she is going to use it with her other clients. It had to do with missing your exit and instead of turning around you continued to go the wrong way.
If someone could claim posting this I'd love it. I don't express it as well as it was originally and would like to put it better for her. I'll go look for it too.

BeverlyJoy- Kudos for not cancelling the appointment. I have been known to do similar things because of weight. I bet you will get good tips.

Tazzy- I'm jealous of your clean pantry! I don't have a pantry but a lot of shelves that are a mess. Big credit to you.

IBelieveInMe-Congrats on the new addition to your family. Great job staying on plan when you are so busy. That's hard to do especially when some events have lots of temptations.

BillBE Thank you for the chapter 3 quote with questions. I must be making some progress because my yes answers have turned into "occasionally" for the first 3 but still an emphatic groaning "yes" on #4.

Ann-so glad you are hanging in there. I'm happy to see that you are able fake it and that you are here. You are in my thoughts as we are both going through difficult times.

Lexxiss-Credit for starting the year lighter. You are an inspiration to me. You are so conscious of healthy food. With all your activities, it amazes me that someone can stick to healthy eating. Major Kudos and thanks for setting an example for me.

MaryAnne-Indeed, great day for you. I'm so happy to see others giving themselves credit for so many positive thing.

Beth-didn't see you here today but thinking of you.

NationalParkerI agree with MaryAnn about the effort needed somethimes for healthy food. I hope your turkey meat loaf is wonderful and if you like it alot, I'd love to have a recipie!

Till tomorrow I am

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FOUND IT! Thank you again NationalParker
Originally Posted by nationalparker View Post
I am on an email listing from Dr. Beck's e-mail and today's email points out that we should never assume we'll get back on track LATER - it might take a few days, few weeks, a month, a year or more to actually get back to our healthy eating habits after a slip... it goes on to say:

If you were walking down a flight of stairs and stumbled down a few, would you think, "Well, I've really blown it now!" and throw yourself down the rest?

If you were washing your fine china and dropped a plate, would you throw the rest of your plates on the floor?

If you were driving on the highway and missed your exit, would you continue to drive 5 more hours in the wrong direction?

I loved these - as one time I had a WW leader who asked us out of the blue what we'd do if we stumbled getting out of bed - would we lay there the rest of the day? Of course not but it was a great visual for me, as are these.
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Hey Coaches and Becksters,

The asado (BBQ) strategy worked, and I shot some good pics. I weighed in today--I find weighing in on a Monday has made me more mindful and responsible about weekend eating--and I'm down an additional 2.5 pounds. Credit moi! I stayed mostly OP today and when I was off, it was a matter of substituting vegetables for vegetables (my diet plan is flexible as long as I'm eating plants).

Busy MLK day: took the kids to a parade, shot pics for work while there, took the kids to the park, cooked a healthy, tasty family meal and closed with a community meeting. Great day.

Until that time...
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I can do this
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Default Monday check-in

Hi all.

Yesterday was just a few calories over goal, and otherwise OP. It was my first non-walking day in 2 weeks, but it was just so bitterly cold.

I count Monday as my personal "official" weigh-in--and after a week of being down 1-3 pounds every day--I was at 228 again this morning--no change from last Monday--I was so disappointed. When I got into work this morning and saw that there were flavored tootsie rolls in the candy jar, I even thought "If being good for a week, eating carefully, walking hasn't produced any results, why am I bothering?" Fortunately, I balked at myself, channeling so many of all of you! "The scale is just data. Just because the scale didn't show what you wanted today that doesn't mean you aren't doing what's best for you. You will regret going off plan." (Yeah, I talk to myself like that.)

Success--and big credits to me, since I love those flavored tootsie rolls! When I looked at them longingly, I reminded myself that they would not taste good enough to justify messing up my plan--and risking getting off plan and having to get back on. I told myself "You've gone two weeks without a sweet snack at work--you've done it before. You can keep doing it."

I knew I wouldn't walk outside tonight--just too darned cold, so I did an extra indoor building lap at work. Credit for me.

Today is Day 11 of the book for me, and I marked my hunger levels and how my stomach felt before, during, and after each meal. (I started to do it yesterday and then forgot to do dinner!) It was actually pretty easy, since I'd read ahead and have been trying to identify the difference between being hungry and desire to eat. Cravings are easy for to identify, although I think the exercise on tolerating them will be good for me!

I'm skipping Day 12. If I were to not eat for that long, my blood sugar would do horrible terrible things to me, and I would end up with the shakes. I'm trying to take it to heart, although for me, at certain points, hunger is urgent, if not an emergency. Perhaps when my weight is lower, my sugars will be more under control--that's been true in the past. It's one of my reasons for losing weight.

BillBE: "I also knew that if I started, I'd feel permission to continue to nibble." Credit for recognizing that (and for sharing that with us--I just started a response card with it.)

Lexxiss: Credit for sticking with your plan--and congrats on having the scale reinforce that. I'll be interested in hearing how you proceed with possibly eating a different supper than you prepare for him. DH is also watching calories, but DD isn't--and so she eats larger portions than we do--but she eats the same food. I don't think I could eat the same thing every day--but I intend to start reusing plans soon!

maryann: Credit for returning to plan after briefly hopping off--you can do this.

Tazzy: Congrats on the pantry--and even more so on having a good week OP. I am lucky enough to have 3 pantries--and I have one that really needs to have new shelving put in and be re-organized. I hope you're my inspiration!

Julia150: I'm glad the counselor called to schedule an appointment. 7.5 lbs--WOW. Do keep being gentle with yourself--be as good to yourself as you'd be to others. You deserve that.

nationalparker: Credit for having an OP Sunday! Did DH like the meatloaf?

Beverlyjoy: Credit for making healthy soup, even if the neighbors weren't in a healthy mood. Credit for keeping your appointment with your dietician--for recognizing disordered thinking, labeling it, and then taking action that rejected the disordered thinking!

IBelieveinMe2: Welcome to your new puppy. It's great that you're keeping the Beck concepts in mind even when not reading. I'm trying to do the same. Seems like we're at the same place now.

Bootedkitty: Credit on the swimming--and on compensating the next day for being off track the day before. Beck says that's what people without food issues do.

Newlifestyle/Ann: A very wise psychologist (who first taught me about CBT, as related to personal issues and not food), told me that "Actions come first. Feelings come later." I can still hear her saying that--do the actions and the feelings will follow. It isn't easy when you're doing that, but I found it to be true.

BigchiefDavid: Credit for having and following an asado plan! Substituting plants still seems pretty OP to me! Credit!
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Height: 5'9"

Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Good exercise day, CREDIT moi. Physical therapy went well as he introduced yet another balancing on one foot exercise. Then walked to gym where lifting felt so good. Later I wanted a small item from the hardware store and had the happy thought . . . I'll just walk there and get it now. It's easy for me to get lost in a hardware store drooling over the sales and new items.

Food was on plan, CREDIT moi, with one larger snack - Ouch. At dinner, I choose not to take the last quarter serving of mac-and-cheese (the very last of that same old batch). Made the choice to just let it be thrown away. That's new behavior on my part, despite it being one of the core Beck strategies. It's one I'm learning very, very, slowly.

Beverlyjoy – Spotting that Sabotaging Thought to avoid the dietitian is a big deal. Kudos.

maryann - Yay for step class and writing - sounds like a good day. I've got that traditional conflict: root for the Ravens so that we'll have lost to the best team vs. root for the 49'ers to punish those awful Ravens for beating the Patriots. Either one is petty, so that doesn't have to be considered.

Tazzy - Six hours is some serious arranging your environment. Kudos.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Hang in there. When life is difficult keeping one foot mindfully on the wagon is a good position.

BigchiefDavid – Congrats on those 2.5 pounds gone forever. Kudos for following your plan at the asado.

nationalparker – I just read that Mark Bittman had expanded his no-knead bread techniques to pizza dough. Can't wait to hear how it works out for you. Have you done the bread?

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Big Kudos for standing down the flavored Tootsie Rolls when you were feeling bleh over your weight stall.

IBelieveInMe2 – Kudos for healthy meals on the go. Bravo for taking on your joyful new puppy.

Julia (Julia150) – Yay for an airline that does the right thing; Kudos to you for pursuing the issue up the chain of command. Glad to hear that the therapist/counselor got back to you.

Kitty (Bootedkitty) – Kudos for OP at your parent’s house where you can't control the food and old expectations lie in wait.

Readers -
chapter 3
How Thin People Think

characteristic 1
You Confuse Hunger with the Desire to Eat
Naturally thin people are more easily able to differentiate between when they're truly hungry because their stomachs are empty and when their stomachs aren't empty but they have a desire to eat.
. . .Thin people say to themselves, I know I'd like to eat [that food] ... But I just ate a while ago ... I'm not going to have it. You, on the other hand may label any desire to eat as hunger. You probably get the idea that you ought to eat whenever your stomach feels empty and you feel an urge to eat.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 34.
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Hi Coaches!

Weight up a bit this be expected because I CHOSE to bring home premade dinner last night. Today back to my written plan. credit.

BBE, yay for letting the leftovers be tossed. credit. Reality for me is that the mac and cheese I make loses it's original oomph as it sits around for days. By myself, I chose to pitch my leftovers from dinner last evening. The beauty of the BDS is that we have the opportunity to keep learning!

Beverlyjoy, I brought fresh organic grapefruit juice to work yesterday. I offered to share with coworkers who all politely declined. I enjoyed it anyway.

I work today and travel very early tomorrow morning. I'll be gone (to the other house) for a work-free week. If I pack this morning I'll be ready tomorrow.
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