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  • Happy Friday! I posted yesterday to someone in the main weight loss support forum who was very frustrated after two weeks in and only lost two pounds, to not give up, that you're doing the right thing for your body, etc. I need to reread that reply this morning. My self-given official weigh in day is Saturday and I also check on Mondays to keep on track on the weekend. I was hoping to see a drop today, despite figuring I'd be up a little from water. No dip and my mind jumped immediately to the "i deserve" to see a drop on that dang scale (which torments me because it reads higher with me nekkid and cold than my dr. office with me clothed and warm - what stupid scale does that? Only one out to teach you to stay off the scale, I think.) ... So I'm sitting here thinking about the positives I'm doing and while the data from that scale didn't reward me that minute this morning, it surely will soon.

    I ended up snacking a little last night but kept the calories at the upper end of my target range. I don't have a plan for dinner yet, but will make that this afternoon before I leave work. No winging it tonight. The huge cake is still in the kitchen area at work, but no choice. Plus, it's the frosting I don't like. I'm embarrassed to say that if it were the frosting I LIKED, I might not report success.

    Goal - get out on the trail with the dog alone as soon as DH leaves for work.
    Also roll out yoga mat and just GET STARTED with that. (How do I let restarting my yoga become a stresser?) b-r-e-a-t-h-e, signorina!
  • Hi Coaches!

    We switched around meals a bit yesterday but I tried to remain mindful. Pizza out for lunch ended up being healthier pizza at home, which was fine. Dinner at home ended up being dinner out (mexican). DH and I split an appetizer...I used to eat a whole one by myself. I travel later today and am quite busy tying up loose ends.

    Jo(veganasaurasrex), my DH and I had been leaning vegetarian...purchasing meat only from local sources. Then DH got gout after a knee surgery and just said "done with meat" so I followed. As we started reading/educating ourselves I started to understand my stance with the ethical issues. Since I'm the cook...we lean towards vegan. When I'm shopping (usually WHFoods) I read labels and will buy w/o eggs as much as I can. I love that they have so many vegan options at their hot food bars.

    everyone else! I need to get going here.
  • nationalparker: we are both in the "no drop" boat today. Even though I logically tell myself, "You can't possibly lose everyday" it is still a let down. I think I am going to weigh twice a week like you. Everyday is too much in a losing phase.
    onebyone: Congrats on the weigh in.
    vegansaurasrexBelated welcome. everything we learn is pointing to the health of eating little to no meat. All summer I was on the Eat to Live plan which is tons and tons of fruits and veggies. I just couldn't follow it completely when school started but i should learned loads.
    Bethfrom Dayton: Great job planning your party beforehand.

    I am off to test out the ankle in step class. it feels much better today. I have to meet with a friend and then the rest of the day is working on my thesis. Still going strong with OP day #4 planned and logged.
  • I wish you this weekend we strengthen our resistance muscle!
    Hi everybody! Here I am again... finally the working week is finished! (Well, almost...I help a friend who owns a bar on Sunday morning..but I consider it a game more than working...).
    Before writing about me I wanted to say:

    Nationalparker allora conosci bene l'Italiano se hai vissuto in Italia??? and Veganasaurusrex/maryanne You went anyway to another nice country, I went to Barcelona and Madrid twice and I really enjoyed the experience there... anyway about our "beloved" scale, if it can help (just following the theory that "A trouble shared is a trouble halved") I really remained of the same weight for 1 or 2 months! And it happens many times while slimming. It's simply part of the process excpecially after the first months of slimming. Your body needs to "settle" (if I'm using this word correctly). You just have to reply to your sabotating thoughts about the scale as Dr.Beck teaches us. And this is one possibility. It happened to me and it happens to everybody. Then going on with my BDS experience I stopped slimming again, firstly I thought I was going on well, but then instead of supposing that that one was my lowest achievable weight I analyzed the situation and I noticed that actually I was a bit fooling myself, because it was true that I followed my food plan most of the time, but it was also true that I overate at least once a week and that was enough to make me stay at the same weight! In these cases I learned not to give up! Even after very bad and big happening of overeating I wrote down exacty what I ate and I started making new food plans for the following day in a way that i could save calories and compensate! I told myself I'm human and I can make mistakes, and I could learn from that experience finding out the triggers and eliminating them in some way. Now I'm not scared of the scale anymore, we are "in peace" and I weigh myself almost everyday. And it's very useful because you can notice that in one day you can have 1 or 2 kilos more but your dresses are fitting you in the same way because weight is really variable (correct word? Sorry for my mistakes).

    About being vegetarian or vegan just a suggestion for whom is on the way to that: it was very nice and useful to me reading a book like "vegetarian for dummies". Because I learned that being vegetarian means not simply cutting down animal proteins (I did that the first time I tried to do that and I got to be anemic, and ended up eating very bad) but it's introducing and substituting them with a lot of vegetal proteins (legumes, wholemeal cereals, seeds like nuts, sesame, etc...). And to me it worked because my blood exam was perfect then! And basing always on the principle "fake it untill you make it" I can say I don't only crave for chocolate... but mostly for these good and healthy food!

    Well...that's it! Ah, great success this morning! 600 grams less than last week! Good job!
    Ciao to everybody.
  • Hi coaches/friends - yesterday was better than the day before. But, still I am not where I need to be. I did eat extra. I threw away DH's chipolte carmel corn after having some. However, I got on the scale today... I am giving myself credit for that. (stayed the same). I woke up today and wrote down my foodplan. This is always helpful. I am feeling more hopeful today about doing what I need to do to have some sanity around food.

    The house smells so good. I am making stock from the Thanksgiving turkey. We can put it in the cold garage and skim the fat tomorrow and I"ll make some turkey soup - healthy style.

    lexxiss/debbie - credit for finding a way to make it work with the pizza. A slice and a salad sounds great. Carry on.

    onebyone - that unplanned walk sounds like it turned out to be terrific. Glad it worked out . Hooray for the scale going down at WW.

    nationalparker - your walk/dinner/one slice of bread.. many credits. Awesome. I am a performing artist - telling stories (in the oral tradition - no books), do puppets, and sing children's songs. It's the most joyful job I could have ever imagined.

    maryann - ouch on your sprained ankle. Glad you had a 100% day. Credits... awesome.

    - wonderful that you will start your official food plan days... and you've already seen your weight go down. I am glad to hear that the Beck techniques are helpful for you. YAY

    veganasaurus - I don't know if I"ve welcomed you yet... so. WELCOME!! Credit for reading your ARC and slowing down between bites. It all helps, for sure.

    newlifestyle - hop right back on your plan and you'll be just fine!!

    Julia credit for finding time to do some personals. It's not always easy to do so. It's good that you broke it up. Good thinking.

    beth credit for planning ahead for your party!! Five pounds is a great goal. (look under my ticker!) It's more doable.

    bigchiefdavid you said: it can be pretty tough to eat mindfully when your four-year-old is bouncing around in a restaurant booth--like meditating on a roller coaster. I love picturing this. Sounds like it all ended up well. Yes.. emotional eating... it's a big one for me too.

    gardenerjoy - yes... love the weekends too!

    billbe - credit for your walks and all the gym doing's! I like that you are still moving the dumbells. Glad you are healed enough to be doing all this. Ouch on the trail mix... major credit for passing on the chocolate. It seems everywhere I go... there are bowls of candy. Phooey. Carry on.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    This came thru on Facebook today via the Beck Solution:
    Friday Weekend Warm-up: If you go out to eat this weekend and think, “I need to get my money’s worth by eating everything on my plate,” remind yourself that cost of doing so (weight gain, not fitting into clothes, reinforcing bad habits, feeling overly full, getting off track, etc.) is MUCH greater than the cost of leaving food behind.
  • Coaches
    Late night and writing fast...Stayed mostly on OP today, but dinner ended off plan: 1.5 slices of pizza and large salad. Not bad and I credit myself for not eating more, and although going off plan isn't good practice, when you lost the time to cook sometimes you have to make acceptable changes.

    Swam today and it felt good and provided a useful metaphor. My lane lacked a line on the bottom, so often I would unintentionally veer over and clip my arm on the plastic floating line. Yep, I require guides and a plan. Without those resources, I veer off course.

    Thanks Coaches and Becksters for giving me a line in the pool (much better than sand).

    Until that time...
  • Hello all,
    I am here just reading posts not feeling like posting.
    I went for a walk it was a very brisk walk so I felt great once I was done.
    Food was on plan.
    Have a great day.
  • Hi Coaches!

    My great food day (and plan) went by the wayside after I traveled yesterday and returned home (by myself) to my empty house. I had my planned dinner but went right into unplanned snacking before I finally recognized tired and went to bed. I will try again today with a written plan AND permission to go to bed early again tonight. I didn't feel like weighing this morning but did it anyway. credit.
  • Saturday
    Diet Coaches/Buddies Went for a walk, CREDIT moi, to discover that it's cold outside - Duh! Did my usual snooping to find that some new construction is much larger than I had thought. Guys were working seriously bundled up against the cold. I made my way home rather quickly. But we had no new snow and that from a few days ago is gone.

    Eating was good enough, CREDIT moi. Still larger snacks than I had planned. Dinner was leftover mac-and-cheese that DW had made with a slightly different combination of cheeses - yummy. Fortunately, there was only enough for a modest serving for each of us. In my past life, I would have two or three servings. Despite the white flour noodles, mac-and-cheese did make it a vegetarian day.

    Debbie (Lexxiss) Neat idea to give yourself permission to go to bed early. Kudos for splitting that appetizer.

    Beverlyjoy Just love the smell of soup being made. Kudos for throwing away that chipotle caramel corn - that stuff is addictive.

    maryann - Taking your ankle to step class is pretty aggressive physical therapy. Hope it responds happily.

    Ann (Newlifestyle) - Kudos for a walk, Double Kudos for a brisk walk.

    BigchiefDavid Terrific analogy - Kudos for discovering "Yep, I require guides and a plan" while swimming.

    nationalparker What a gift - to dislike frosting. Yep, scales spend most of their day thinking of ways to torment us.

    Kitty (Bootedkitty) Congrats on those 600 grams gone forever. Kudos for recognizing that overeating once a week can counter an otherwise good food plan.

    Readers -
    chapter 2
    What Really Makes You Eat

    the solution at a glance
    • Eating is not automatic. You can learn how to take control.
    • Many situations trigger thoughts about eating, but there are techniques that you can learn to avoid or minimize these triggers.
    • When you encounter a trigger, your thought determine whether you act in a productive way that strengthens your resistance muscle or in an unproductive way that strengthens your giving-in muscle.
    • Responding to your sabotaging thoughts is a skill that you can use for your lifetime to keep off excess weight permanently.
    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 32.
  • Finally - the weekend! And a long one for me, so I'm triply thankful. Managed to stay close to plan yesterday, but clearly not OP.
    BigChiefDavid - Less than (fewer than? help!) two slices of pizza and salad is a major coup - i'm proud when I do that! Great job!! Love the imagery of the lane lines! You're doing great.

    I'd chosen Saturday and Monday to be the days I check in on the scale to see how the week went and stay on track on the weekend... yesterday taught me to just hang tight and stay off on Friday - today was down nearly all of a pound, so took it and will keep on chugging. Did not get out to walk yesterday; ended up having to stay later at work, so will bundle up and take our dog out while the sun is shining. Made a scrumptious breakfast and was actually satisfied with about half of what I typically eat with this (farmer's scramble - everything is measured/counted and now I have more for tomorrow or DH.

    Bill - Kudos for the vegetarian day! The mac and cheese sounds delish. A fave dish of mine yet a rare treat to be savored. Credits for your continued activity - how is your leg feeling now in general walking?

    Lexiss/DebbieR - Thanks for posting what you did about the snacking. It makes me feel like I'm not the only one who is in an empty house and thinks, Hmmm... I don't understand mine since I'm typically not tired, and no one polices me anyway, but boredom perhaps for me.

    As I'll be alone this evening, I'll be back later so don't mind me... to keep myself in check from the noshing...after I reread and rewrite my response cards.
  • Good morning, Coaches.

    I successfully navigated step class. I put no risers under the box and kept low impact on things like jumping jacks. Credit for icing afterwards. The ankle is stiff but reasonable. Yoga today to help stretch out the muscles.

    I kept to my writing schedule. I enjoy the revisions of my new story "I Married the Incredible Hulk." Last semester's adviser said I had idiosyncratic sensibilities and a mordant sense of humor. I had to look up all those words. Once I did, I was alright with that. Food is logged for the day. As Always, I am amazed how I am simply not hungry when I follow the ZONE precisely.

    BBE: Mac and Cheese is un muy grande rabbit hole food for me. I am impressed. I would have eaten DH's share.
    Nationalparker: Congrats on saving half the food. That is a big deal.
    Lexxiss: Thanks for reminding that food won't cure tire or angry or sad.
  • Quick Hello!
    Hi Everyone! My handicapped daughter, who is 13, is playing in a sled hockey tournament this weekend, so my time to post is short. Don't remember if I posted this yesterday or not, but the scale gave me wonderful data at my Thursday weigh-in! DOWN 4.2 pounds, and I really worked for it, so it feels great to get that encouragement! I will use that information as motivation to keep up the good work on my program. I worked out 3 times during the past week, so there is still room for improvement in the coming week. I also received my Fitbit, which is helping me track steps taken and calories burned.

    I noticed a lot of resistance to the principle of arranging my environment. I feel that I should be able to resist the temptations in my home environment, because they will always be here (with kids and a hubby, although hubby is working on weight loss, too). I want to do what I need to do in the long run from the beginning. Did ALL of you rearrange your environments and throw out all temptations? Our "snacks" are actually fairly healthy since we have been working on weight loss for a long time.

    That's all I have time for now. We are headed back to the hockey arena for her next game. I will make my best effort to write personals later tonight. I hope all of you are doing well!
  • Dear Buddies and Coaches,

    Today was my official weigh-in day. The scale is down 5.5 pounds. It's hard for me to take credit. The voices in my head say "big deal, you always have a good loss the first week" "that's not really fat, just water" Am telling myself that "the loss is to be expected, you stayed OP all week, good job" and that's extra water you don't have to carry around".

    I am not going to many individual messages to people but I do want you to know that I read your posts, I learn so much from you, I appreciate having this forum to learn from other people and reach out for the support we all need to change our food relationships.

    My last posts were pretty disjointed. I was trying to respond to the posts that I read and kept getting interrupted. I decided to post what I'd written rather than lose it.

    My last post was interrupted by a phone call from my sister who lives across the country. She and I are having very similar grieving feelings. Our grief over our father's passing are complicated by a lot of guilt feelings. Our father was not an easy person to love, nor is my mother. It was good emotionally for me to put those guilt feelings into words and say it out loud. It's still hard though. It's good to be able to share my grief with her.

    I don't have the emotional energy to work through the Beck steps properly but I am using many of the concepts. I know I will need to do the steps, I may need to do them much slower. In the meantime, JC is planning my meals which is a good thing. I don't have much appetite but when I'm hungry at least I don't just cram unhealthy calorie laden junk in.

    Credit for recognizing that you were tired and went to sleep instead of continuing to snack!
    Ann Me too. Reading posts and responding when I am able to energy wise. Big Hugs to you.
    beth Good party planning!
    Bill, dave, parker, kitty, IBelieve, and everyone...have a great weekend!
    Off to make my weekend calls.
  • I've been busy all day (mostly working on putting a floor outlet under my desk for power, ethernet, and USB). Party starts in 15 minutes. Just checking in here to give me strength and remind myself that I'm in control.

    I walked this morning, I've been OP all day. I managed to put out the first round of food--pretzels, chips, pita bread, two kinds of cookies, apples and caramel, veggie tray--and didn't put a single bite in my mouth.

    I've calculated what I get to eat of the appetizers (not heated yet), and pita bread and which two cookies, so I have a plan, and am also allowed one of something else that someone else brings--and that's at weight loss calories.

    I re-read all my response cards just now (with DD reading over my shoulder). I host lots of parties, so I have to get good at eating under control at them. And then, when I have a success under my belt, I'll know I can do it again.

    People are due here any minute! I can do this!
  • BethSo proud of you for having a plan and reading your response cards! Have a wonderful time!