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Hi Coaches!

No scale here (traveled yesterday) but I do have a food plan for today. Food was good yesterday until I dipped into the choc.almonds I had purchased for DH. This morning I put them in his cupboard without taking any for my back over the hill trip tomorrow. credit. I also resisted (again) ordering pizza and made our planned dinner (AS PLANNED). My solution to the "pizza thing" that keeps reappearing is that we will go there for lunch. You can have one slice w/salad and that is a far better plan than the whole thing at home. That is the beauty of the Beck plan for me...I can plan ahead and enjoy something in moderation.

My food gripe for the day...we had sushi for dinner last eve and I got to thinking wasabi must be a superfood of sorts. Well it is but the wasabi council points out that most of us never get the real thing. Sure enough, the "wasabi" in our sushi is horseradish, soybean oil and blue/yellow dye to make it green. Arg. I'm not eating that anymore...horseradish is good for you but I can pass on the dyes. I'll check at the healthfoodstore today...I think I can buy REAL wasabi powder and mix it in small batches.

I may get back later...time is creeping up on me.

Welcome veganasaurasrex! My DH and I are very close to vegan...taking it a step at a time. I only purchase eggs now from our local friends and their CSA.

Julia and Ann(NewLifestyle), I'm glad you are taking care of yourselves during your difficult times. Checking in here with folks who care appreciated.

Beverlyjoy, I'm glad you made it through your performances and that there are folks to help out. credit for getting on the scale.
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Thumbs up Thursday & Official Weigh-in Day

Hi Coaches

I missed a few days here. Huh. So here I am. I've been OP but today's official weigh-in will not reflect it much. I ate soup yesterday and it seems every bowl wants to stick to me and the scale registered a 2.4lb gain from the morning before. This is what happened last week when I DUH did the same thing: ate soup the night before my official weigh-in. I always think soup=water=light weight/good weigh-in. Uh nope. Not when you use a "paper soup" (as my grandmother called it) ie. premade packaged soup in a paper envelope as your soup base = salt salt salt but TASTY. *sigh* I think I am getting MORE sensitive to salt and water retention. I even drank 2l of water last night--but not pure water. I had ice tea fake sugar flavoring in it. I may have to re-commit to avoiding that stuff again. I think it's not doing me any good.

Exercise wise so far this week I did the 1st workout with Francesco and then the next day I was getting supplies for a stint in the ceramic studio and I accidentally locked my keys in the car. Too many competing thoughts I my brain again. But this time I could walk to DH's work and get his keys, even though I had to face that "what did you do now?" look in his eyes. The walk was awesome! I thought I could do that walk on purpose at other times and just might. It was about an hour and it felt good. I still made it to the ceramics rom and did my thing and am going back this morning to tidy my things up and perhaps do a few more things. So 2 workouts this week. A 100% increase over last week ALREADY! *credit 100x over.

I also went to a poetry/story/music evening this week. I was the only "audience" whow ent there just to take it in. I heard 3 poets, 1 other who read stories she wrote all with similar themes, and then we had a young guy rop in ith his guitar and *poof* out of the guitar case and in his hands in a few mintues and there was MUSIC. OMG. How wonderful are we creatures? Geez. Felt so lucky. Everyone thought I was there to read and I found myself agreeing to bring something fo the next gathering right befre Valentine's Day and agreeing to show up at the local writer's group (not advertised) on Monday the 28th. Up until I started being a visual artist at about age 27, I was a writer. I still write *stuff* but not on purpose, like that, for purely creative purposes ie. to tell a story or to move someone in a poem. I do know sometimes that for all my visual mediums, sometimes only words can finish off my picture. I just find it very *lonely* to be a writer. Maybe that's changed.
Cause, I guess I'm writing now.

Must go. Have a great day Becksters...
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Closing in on the weekend - cause for celebration for me! No big plans, but am itching to get my hands into some projects at home - organizing, clearing and taking to Goodwill, etc. Along with some relaxing and reading. Yesterday evening we walked the trail again with our dog, and were the only ones out despite it being only 6:30 - no coyote, no deer and no geese (visible)... Home to a dinner of a loaded veggie chopped salad with some black beans and an italian herb bread that I wanted to try to bake (ehh so-so, which for me is something since I LOVE bread - no temptation to have more than my one slice). Had planned for, calculated and made a very small apple croustade, which turned out wonderful. The smell of the apples and cinnamon ...ahhh... DH will handle the leftovers. Volunteering gig today at lunch and then Subway. NO CHIPS is my mantra today, not even baked. Don't need 'em. Challenge will be that DH starts working nights now and I struggle with snacking those nights, never the others. Why? Recognize it and will work on it.

Ann/NewLifestyle - I'm glad to see you've reached out to a counselor! Good plan. If you ever feel like you're falling off the wagon, know folks here are leaning over the back, reaching to grasp your outstretched arm!

Jo/Veganasaurusrex - Welcome! I'd like to stress to really do the early steps solidly. I don't read my cards often enough, and need to work on that. Keep us posted on the C-5K - have you picked a 5K to run when done?

BigChiefDavid - Good to see you back! Eleven down! YAY - Credits for checking in.

BillBlueEyes - Credit for recognizing now about the split brownies - you're "onto" those now - no more sneaking past you! Is the next book lined up a good one? Hope you're not getting too much snow out east.

BeverlyJoy - Kudos on your performance going well! Can I ask what kind of performances they are? I haven't picked up on that yet!

JuliaWithAPlan - I sincerely hope the counselor is able to work well with you to get through this. Credits for taking that step! If I were starting my careers over, I would be a park ranger - you nailed it. I have loved camping and hiking for years and now am lucky to have a DH who loves it more than I do so we get away when we can. (Or else he just loves all the ultralight gear and gadgets?)

Lexiss - MAJOR credit for passing up pizza again. LOVE the idea of the slice with salad at lunch. Hope you were able to get some sunshine yesterday to chase those winter doldrums.

BethFromDayton - GREAT job on facing down those donuts! Great system. Also for working on eating sitting down. I love setting a pretty table - nice plates, placemats, napkins, so always sit to eat, even at work (I bring in pretty plates, cloth napkin when I remember) Would that help?

IBelieveInMe - Know what you mean about going to bed with things cleared off - it clears the mind, too. Keep up the work with that - sounds like it's a sense of relief for you!

Tazzy - You're BRAVE with the ice - i hate it. Kudos for the good long walk again. Burning some calories tromping through all that snow. How long do your winters typically last - into April?

VioletDolphin83 - I have WW as my secondary plan, but mainly just the knowledge and info rather than to go to the meetings, in order to save $, too... Glad you've selected your plans that sound wise.

GardenerJoy - Take time to care for yourself, the weekend is almost here! I agree with you on the first steps with Becks ... need to practice that more myself.

MaryAnn - How has your streak of OP days been going - adding to it? Keep at it!

BootedKitty, OneByOne, and FutureFitChick - Hope you're all doing well - add one more day of success to the queue!
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Julia150: Thanks for the info on JC. Like I said, I will keep the idea on the back burner in case it is needed. My old back up diet was WW but I have lost nothing with it the last three times I tried
BethfromDayton: Great thought process on the donuts. There isn't a dieter on this forum that doesn't understand mental gymnastics when faced with a trigger food. Your resisting mantras are SOOOOO healthy. Credit.
Beverleyjoy: pain is very dificult for me to deal with as well. I am stronger than I know, though, and so are you.
BBE: What was the book you read for book club? Worthwhile?
Credit to our librarians gardenerjoy and bigchiefdavid: Just getting through the run and the day is a crowning success.

As for me: 100% OP yesterday for which I am so grateful. Trying hard not to forget that it is so much easier STAYING OP than getting OP. Food logged for the day. Maybe exercise, maybe not. Yesterday I was running around campus so frantically with my reading awards assembly that I took a misstep and fell off my shoe. My ankle is sprained - not disastrously but it is painful. the next six days off work will entirely be devoted to my 140 page thesis due Feb. 1. (Well, I will have to sneak in a few hugs with DS.)

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Italian Sunny Girl!
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Default Hi there!

Good Evening Coaches and Buddies! And welcome to Jo/Veganasaurusrex
As I wrote in my introduction I'm vegetarian...and very happy of that.
Nationalparker..."Enjoy la bella vita" is your "motto", do you speak Italian? :-) Today I can add my success to this list, because my "non-dieting" week ends now: my official weight day is tomorrow morning and I'm sure I'll have lost at least 300 grams, almost half a kilo. I know this because counting calories from last friday till today I saved almost 3000 calories that is exactly half a kilo...slimming is mathematics! But my real success is that I didn't have cravings because also thanks to you all, my motivation is high.
I have to give myself credit for having excercised (I went to swimming pool twice) as planned and also for walking every day at lunch time like unplanned activity. And finally last night I re-wrote in .doc format on pc my ARC and other cards then printed them in pdf and sent it to my Kindle (a recent present received by my mate...wonderful!).
I would like to wish you all a great weekend "sabotating thoughts-less" if I can say that!
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Hi all!

Lex Awesome on the going vegan! What are your reasons? Mine were actually far more ethics than health related - I'm not sure I saw so many health benefits from it (and certainly no weight loss :P) but that's because I was doing it wrong. It IS possible to be vegan and eat plenty of junk food, as I can attest to. I think french fries became their own designated food group!

Onebyone Beautiful story about the music! I keep seeing people use the phrase "OP" - what does it mean? Thanks!

Maryann I'm sorry to hear about your ankle! I wish you a very speedy recovery.

Bootedkitty Thanks for the suggestions of ways to keep my ARC present and easily accessible - I find your motivation so inspiring!

My day went pretty well! I only read my ARC once, so far, but I'm making a mental note to go read it again as soon as I finish this post! I have eaten everything so far sitting down - but some of that was eating oatmeal in the car on the way to an early meeting. Certainly sitting but I'm not sure how mindful it was . I was on mindfulness today and really struggled. My oatmeal was in the car and then my lunch was at my desk. I made sure to pause each bite and actually take a drink of water in between - but then ended up working on stuff while eating so I got distracted. It certainly took forever to finish!

Today is the first day this week I didn't go to the gym (taking a day off for mental and physical rest). I did get my oil changed after work but I got home significantly earlier. This means a lag inbetween getting home and eating dinner. I am struggling hard with food cravings. However instead of snacking I decided to log on here and make a post, hoping that it would inspire me with some motivation (I did!)

I'm giving myself credit for reading my ARC, for eating while sitting, for resisting a donut shop this morning (didn't even go in while my coworker did, thanks to the awesome donut story earlier this week) and for resisting this bad snack craving right now! This too shall pass!

Tomorrow's step is choosing my coach - which I've done! So I'm skipping to Day 7 and thinking about arranging my environment. We don't really keep junk food in the house - I have much more trouble with eating it when I'm out. I did a quick purge and threw out stuff that was hanging around that wasn't so healthy. I was inspired by another poster here and made a rule of "no food from a gas station" and I think that'll help me a lot with eliminating unhealthy food.

Tomorrow I'm going to super commit to slow and mindful eating.

Thanks everyone for all your support!
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Hi all,
Plan kind of fell by the wayside, I did well all day until about 530 and then for some reason I agreed to go to Cici's pizza, it is a pizza buffet place. I lost all track, it was a one time thing. Lesson learned. It is funny how I felt so bad doing this,
Have a great night.
Take Care
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Beverlyjoy Thank you for the quote about giving food the power to make us feel better. So simple and true and difficult to change. Yes, credit for getting back on the scale and recognizing how you eat more when you are physically in pain (I hope I understand that right)
BethfromdaytonBelatedly want to say that I enjoyed your conversation with the doughnuts! Well done, and kudos for having the last word "I felt good leaving the room without having a doughut"
BillBlueEyes Question: Are sweets something you allow yourself when planned? I am projecting forward when I am maintaining...are you someone who doesn't stop at one brownie so it's best not to start? I'm very curious.
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Ann - If I'm going to go off track, I can think of fewer things I'd enjoy more than pizza. Hope it was good. It's done and you're on track again right now.

I am struggling to not snack tonight. I do this every time DH works nights. It's such an issue and thought I was in control. Dinner was large salad and a potato. No extra protein, so not too smart. Allotted snack eaten and savored. Now it's 9 and my kitchen is closed. CLOSED.

BootedKitty - I spoke enough Italian to "get by" when I lived in Naples YEARS ago but then we moved to Spain, and I pretty much supplanted the Italian with Spanish. Maybe I need to return for educational purposes, right? Good vibes to you for weigh in tomorrow!
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Default Coaches Update

Hello Again.

*credit for getting to my WW meeting and seeing the scale go down to 255.4. I was 257.6 last week so -2.2lbs. Yay. It wasn't at all what I "knew was going to happen".

*credit for a workout session with Francesco my wii fit gold's gym dance workout coach. I did his 2nd of 3 workouts for me. *credit to Francesco for making them light, short and mostly fun and for making me break a slight sweat. Looking forwad to comletng this first round of 3 workouts by Sunday. * credit for 3 workouts done this week.

*credit for coking from scratch and *credit for sitting down to eat 100% even when I was testing a slice of potato from the crockpot. I Had it speared with my fork and was about to pop it into my mouth when I thought NO CHOICE GO SIT and I did and I tested it whilst sitting neatly on the futon. It was a tad underdone but my plan was adhered too. Yay.

veganasaurusrex Hi! OP=on plan. I ate my breakfast in the car today too. I was sitting down and that's what counted. I hate eating in the car when it's not in motion like on a road trip. Then I have to be carefu about mindlessly eating for sure. But I was having some food before heading to the ceramic room where it isn't wise to eat food because of the clay particles in the environment. Plus it's not a good plan to keep food in any art studio. I've heard lots of stories of peopl e drinking their paint water when they wanted their coffee or tea. Blech!
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Default Good Evening!

Hey Coaches and Becksters,

Pretty much OP although we went to dinner tonight and we made a few micro changes. Nothing that would constitute a fall, more of an agreed upon switch with DW. Admittedly, it can be pretty tough to eat mindfully when your four-year-old is bouncing around in a restaurant booth--like meditating on a roller coaster.

Last week proved to be difficult without my DW, and I'm very glad and back on track now that she's returned from her business trip (it also helps that she's doing Beck). My fall, however, hasn't depressed me, which is fairly groundbreaking in my diet history. The CBT helps combat the sabotaging thoughts, so I've found it easier to forgive the sins of the father's fast food and pizza dinners. But back to strengthening my resistance muscles and weakening the giving-in muscles.

Currently, I'm reading the Beck section on emotional eating. Pretty sure that's something up my mental highway.

Until that time...
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LexxisI like the way you substitute your desire to order pizza with a compromise to have some in a controlled way. Perfect (if I don't get to the other thread I put away some old clutter this afternoon. #1 completed)
OnebyOneKudos on the extra exercise AND enjoying it!
NationalParkRangerOK now that is just cemented in my brain. You are now the Ranger in my mind. Do you think snacking is a companion when your husband is working nights? And best wishes on the writing
MaryAnnOuch on the ankle. Hope it heals fast! Thank you for repeating "it's easier to stay OP than get back OP" The more I hear it the more it sinks in.
BootedKittyBest wishes on official weigh in day
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I can do this
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Today is Day 10: Set a realistic goal. Somehow, I'm simultaneously thinking "lots of pounds" and "5 pounds is a good first goal--5 pounds at a time!"

I've had an OP day but didn't think through my plan well enough--higher calorie lunch and dinner than I should have put together. I threw an extra walk in this morning and it came in under my calorie target.

I'm starting to think more about the party we're having Saturday night. I'm going to make a list of what we're serving and decide what I can have, and make that my dinner. There are a whole bunch of frozen appetizers in my freezer that I want to try--and I'll know how much I can have of each before everyone gets here. I've also promised myself two raspberry shortbread bars (they're small)--they've been in the freezer, untouched, since before New Year's.

I didn't get a diet journal, but I think I'm going to create a file of many of my posts so that they're re-readable easily, including a few emails I've sent to myself from work.

Hope everyone has a great Friday.
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Green Tomatoes
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Lovely reading everyone's posts! I'll try for a longer post this weekend. Thanks to someone for pointing out that it's coming soon! I work from home so it shouldn't mean as much -- but it does!

WI: -0.55 kgs, Exercise: +50 775/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Thumbs up Friday - Winnie the Pooh Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies Exercise was physical therapy, gym, and a walk to the library, CREDIT moi. My leg heals as expected; I continue to think that should be NOW, but mush onward. At gym I watched our gym's biggest, strongest, buffest guy working out with his GF - the best looking of all the females there, but far from the strongest or most toned. I tried to figure out the meaning of this, but only lost count of my dreaded lunges. Then I set a new personal record for taking every dumbbell that I used from the wrong place in the rack and returning it to the correct place my contribution to fighting entropy. I wonder what sane people think about at gym.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, until I had additional afternoon snack from my DW's infinite supply of trail mix - Ouch. My head was spinning about something and I didn't even think about Sabotaging Thoughts or Helpful Responses. Nor was I hungry, just stress. And it wasn't even serious stress. I did ignore the bowl of dark chocolates at physical therapy one more time. Those I saw as an off-plan lure easily thwarted with Not About Me.

onebyone Kudos for the long walk to solve your dilemma - wish all life's issues could be resolved with an hour walk. My regards to Francesco. LOL at the image of you wandering about with a speared potato on a fork.

Joy (gardenerjoy) I need me some of your "Food: 100%op."

Debbie (Lexxiss) So neat, "I can plan ahead and enjoy something in moderation." Ouch for the reality of U.S. wasabi.

Beverlyjoy Thanks for "eating will ultimately ALWAYS make you feel worse." Tattoo that on my brain also.

maryann - Ouch for that ankle, but welcome to the club of those getting reminded that mobility is nice to have. [Last book was Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms - The Story of the Animals and Plants That Time Has Left Behind - I loved it, but it's dense and it helps to be curious about what was around and about some 50 million years ago.]

Ann (Newlifestyle) - A pizza buffet place wouldn't work for me. Congrats just for coming out alive, LOL.

BigchiefDavid Yep, the old emotional eating was "up my mental highway" also.

nationalparker That apple croustade sound yummy. Love reading about your trail walks. Kudos for recognizing that evenings without your DH are a challenge. [Next book is Moonbird - the saga of a Red Knot's migration 9000 miles from South America to the Canadian Arctic.]

Beth (bethFromDayton) Five pounds is a terrific goal. Then a joy to decide another goal. Kudos for carefully planning your eating at your party.

Julia (Julia150) I do well with sweets that I plan. E.g., I frequently plan to have one bite of DW's dessert when we go out, or one sweet item from a pot luck dinner. When I grab an unplanned sweet, my resistance seems to evaporate and I'm likely to grab another.

Kitty (Bootedkitty) Walking and swimming both, Kudos. I agree that "slimming is mathematics" but sometimes my scale doesn't get the message right away.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) That "lag in between getting home and eating dinner" is when I used to eat tons of cheese and crackers - without the slightest impact on my dinner. Kudos for going after that. "No food from a gas station" is a mantra of Joy (gardenerjoy).

Readers -
chapter 2
What Really Makes You Eat

A Great Example of Helpful Thinking

If you're never had the experience of feeling proud of yourself for not eating, you're in for a wonderful surprise. Keep reading and do all the tasks in the Beck Diet Solution program. You'll not only lose weight, but also you'll be so glad that you learned how to control your sabotaging thinking so you can permanently control your eating.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 32.
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