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TeachMe 11-11-2012 05:32 PM

Hello all,

Am just finding time to read through all your posts. Entire house has been sick this week.

First thing is: Beverlyjoy, I, too, am totally grateful for the willingness to try.
BBE: ditto all the best wishes for your poor leg. Hope it's not too troublesome.

On the plus side, because I have not given up when I expected change (and maybe a little bonus for being poorly) I was down 2 lbs on weigh-in this morning. I can't say all my eating is OP, but the all the advice here has made me keep accountable and stick with it. (She said, as if 2 lbs was the end of the diet!)

Best wishes for us all to have a good week.

onebyone 11-11-2012 07:49 PM


After posting here yesterday DH and I went out for a walk around the block and it did help me feel better. I amfinding the longer night-time hours depressing. Like it's only 6:42pm and I feel like going to bed. Time was I was so busy getting ready for xmas craft shows that by the time I came up for air it was almost xmas and then it was Winter Solstice and I heave a sigh of relief that I got through it again. "It" being the lessening of daylight hours. Even though we are at height of long nights/short days, just knowing the the earth has slowly turned our hemisphere back toward the sun and the days get longer by a minute or two every day, well it just helps. I suppose it's not that far away really-7 weeks or something. I'll try and appreciate the season I am in for a change instead of wishing the time away. I do that a lot-live in the future. It just says to me that I do not have enough pleasure here in the present. No surprise there. I need to work on this.

credits: food from scratch
no seconds
ate sitting down
planned exercise
posted here

Nature Girl 11-11-2012 10:46 PM

Yesterday was a milestone day in two different ways and I don't know which to share first--I"ll start with a weight report because that is what this site is for. I got on the scale and I've lost 22 pounds - that's the 20# milestone, and the 10% milestone also. I'm feeling so good about that! I have worked hard and styed on course during some challenging parts of my life lately. It was easier to stay on track when we went shopping for new, smaller pants (:carrot:) yesterday--when you see results it strengthens your resistance muscle.
The other incredible news yesterday came from my oldest daughter - I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!! We are so excited! I really don't know how to write a sentence about this without exclamation points!! What an amazing surprise...trust me, we went shopping for teeny tiny booties, etc also :)

TeachMe 11-12-2012 02:44 AM

Nature girl: congratulations! That's terrific news on all counts.

Koala 11-12-2012 06:11 AM

Hello Beck Trekkers

I don’t know where last week went – busy busy busy on all fronts. Eating was a bit haphazard, I was up 400g for the week (0.9lb), but as far as possible I did my best to continue the new behaviours – regularly read my reasons for losing the weight, mindful eating, eat while sitting down. Exercise is still not happening, although I spent most of yesterday toiling in the garden (actually a very small courtyard which I can barely manage :dizzy: ). The jasmine had grown too heavy for the lattice and the whole lot had pulled away from the brick wall. Some friends dropped over and helped reattach the frame (and the jasmine) to the wall – that was a pretty big job. Fired up with enthusiasm, I planted tomato and chilli seedlings, and a new container of cat grass, and spread “moo poo” [I hope that’s OK to say? :o ] over the roses. I was pretty weary by the end of the day! Today, I am revelling in the feeling of a 100% compliant day – that is a first in a long long time. Long may it continue :D

Naturegirl – wow – what a trifecta, a wonderful weightloss milestone, shopping for a smaller size and impending grandmotherhood. Fabulous!

Onebyone – awww your new avatar is too cute :) Sorry to hear you are feeling down in the dumps – I know from my travels in the northern hemisphere that the short days can really get to you. I seem to remember being told about a special lamp which helps people with seasonal affective disorder – would that be worth trying? On the upside, you have a long list of credits.

TeachMe – Credit for 2lb gone forever, and for staying accountable – no mean feat in a tough week with all the family felled by an evil lurgy.

Beverlyjoy – credit for a healthy eating day and recognising what is an allowable “little something” and when it tips over to too much extra …

Lexxiss – a loooong afternoon nap sounds like the perfect strategy to quell a rumbly tummy LOL.

HaleyJu – wa-hay, way to go with changing your ticker down and being able to go shopping in your wardrobe for some “new” clothes. What a great feeling!

Gardenerjoy – nice work rescuing the red wrigglers!

Wannabeskinny – your words “my heart sank a little into self doubt” really resonated with me. Sadly, our own self image really does impact on how we see ourselves in the world.

BillBlueEyes – oh my goodness, so sorry to hear of your accident. I hope you are on the road to recovery soon. Credit for staying on plan with your eating, and credit for the change in your ticker! Getting around on crutches will more than compensate for any missed sessions at the gym.

Have a good day everyone.

BillBlueEyes 11-12-2012 08:03 AM

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Another day of puttering and adjusting. Eating remains on plan, CREDIT moi, for the reason that I tend to stay on the second floor where it's easy to elevate my leg and the food lives on the first floor. We did have a guest for dinner last night and I did choose to eat a rational sized meal when the serving dishes were on the table. Poor guy - he expected to be our guest at a restaurant but my leg wanted to stay home. He was delighted because we had some Armenian dishes we'd picked up.

Exercise was minimal. That's gonna take the back burner for a while around here.

onebyone – Yay for a walk to get the neurons moving. Double Yay for a walk with your DH for joint pleasure. Yep, the early dark messes with my mind also. I start wanting dinner at 4:30 because it's pitch black outside - I must be hungry.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Gotto get the army of red wigglers organized; there's work to be done. DW was soooooo happy the first time I came home with a pound of Red Wigglers for her compost bin. [Thanks for the tips; reading is the right thing - the stack of books is ready - just gotta get the mindset going.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Monster Kudos for standing down the obvious diversion of eating to counter a slow work day.

Nature Girl – Congrats on reaching Onderland!! Congrats on your 20 pound milestone. And Monster Congrats on your way to being a Grandmother.

Beverlyjoy – Hummus is one of those foods that slips up on me because it's "healthy." Well, it is - in its right quantity.

TeachMe - Congrats on those two pounds gone - every little chunk is to be celebrated. Wish your entire house well on a path to recovery.

HaleyJu - Congrats on the loss with Kudos for having no food in the car for the drive from Houston. Pants too big is a triumph.

Koala - Kudos for staying with your new behaviours despite the busy, busy, busy. “moo poo” cracks me up - I've never heard that one. Don't know "cat grass."

Wannabeskinny - Ouch for the negative thoughts beamed from a wall of mirrors. Perhaps you can have a Helpful Response at the ready, something like, I'm comfortable to be on my plan.

Readers -

chapter 1
The Key to Success

If you've had difficulty losing weight or have lost weight in the past only to gain it back, did you blame yourself (I'm too weak . . . I’m not motivated enough), your body (There's something wrong with me . . . I just can't lose weight), or your diet (This just didn't work for me)?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 17.

Beverlyjoy 11-12-2012 09:18 AM

Hi folks/coaches/beckies/friends. - yesterday was a healthy day - I am so grateful.

I made my daily food plan - however, DH kept changing what he wanted for dinner. First it was more of the soup I made on Friday, then pizza, finally he came home from the market with fixin's for spaghetti dinner. I was able to change gears and work within my plan to eat a healthful portion. I had 1/3 cup of pasta with 1/4 cup of sauce and, don't faint, it was enough. ( had a nice salad too) I am so grateful for the willingness to stay within my overall food plan.

I accomplished many of the goals on my list: logged/measured/stayed within plan, lots of water, stretches & strengthening, so seconds, ate seated (all but one taste), read arc/rc, 6 glassed of water, mindful of sodium, journal work & ate slower. In fact, I made breakfast and dinner last over 20 minutes - that' amazing for me.

Sometimes, I need to get my 'mind right' on this slowing down and really tasting food. I implemented my 10 second rule and 2 minute warning action - I call it. I consciously counted to 10 after each bite (in my mind). Half way through dinner - at the ten minute mark I just stopped eating for two minutes. It's the only way I know how to slow myself down. I am grateful for the willingness to try.

Even though the food plan I got from the dietician is very flexible in content of foods - she was very sure of how she wanted me to break up my meals and snacks. I go to see her next week. I am trying to stay within that framework

Next week starts the 'eating season' with Thanksgiving. I really want to get my healthy eating roots firmly planted so I can face it all in a sane manner. We will have my son and family, my sil & neice, and wonderful stepmom here all weekend. I have to start thinking about a strategy of feeding everyone for four days. Yikes. Well, at least I am thinking ahead. I always say: learn from the past, plan for the future, but take it one day at a time.

My sweet mama fell last week. I was with her. She fell into a shrub which braced her fall. She said she was fine and carried on with her day. I wanted her to go to the ER. She checked with the nurse who comes to her senior apartment and she said if she had landed on the concrete she would have to go to the ER - not so falling into a bush. Anyway - four days later she is covered in briuses. I finally convinced her to go to the doctor. Hopefully, he can get her in today. I am hoping she doesn't ultimately have something broken. She says that she doesn't hurt any more than she usually does. (arthritis, oesterperosis, etc) Send positive thought her way if you have a moment.

billbe - credit for stayin on plan. Double credit for staying home when it was best. It's ok to disappoint someone when you need to take care of yourself. Staying upstairs does sound like it's not alot of fun. Yes, the only good part is being away from the kitchen. Will you go back to work soon?

koala - credit for doing so many of the positive eating behaviors!! I do think that gardening counts for exercise! Carry on.

naturegirl - I am doing a happy dance with you - so many wonderful things you told us. Many credits, indeed. CONGRATS on your daughter expecting. I have Alex (five) and Maya (7 months)... it is the most joyful thing in the world. Happy day!!!

onebyone many good credits - awesome. I don't like the dark coming so soon in the day either. Last week I went to the store at 7pm - however, it felt 'funny'. I was thinking it's nighttime.. not time to shop. Kooky for sure. Are you doing any craft shows this year. Glad you got your long walk in.

teachme - I hope folks at your house are all better soon. Credit and well done on your weightloss! Carry on.

Hope you all have a great day.

gardenerjoy 11-12-2012 09:20 AM

We're about to leave for an all-day business trip with a destination about three-quarters of the way across the state. I have a plan for lunch and I will figure out something appropriate for supper depending on the timing.

Congrats, Nature_Girl! All terrific activities!

Thanks, everyone, for being here. I'm most grateful on the days when I spend the least amount of time here. The Beck group is a bedrock of support for me and I'm grateful.

maryann 11-12-2012 02:27 PM

Good Morning, Coaches.

On the coach next to me is the Beck Book. I need to get more disciplined. I am logging food but then eating anything I want. Weight is at ticker but it won't be for long if I don't curb my bad habits. What is really going on, I know, is that I am feeling very vulnerable and visible. That always makes me very hungry. Being seen and heard (even with positive responses) makes me anxious. Crazy, but that is my hardwiring. I am really changing and challenging myself - the MFA in Writing, New Friednships, Letting go of old friendships. These are good things but scary. But if I don't give time and attention to food sanity, I will wake up one morning having gained back everything I have lost. So I am reading Day 1 today, logging my food, and writing here.

onebyone: You and I both know it is not how many times we fall off food plan, it is how many times we get back on it. I hate the rising ticker as much as you. I am glad we share the fear here.
BBE: I wish I was in a two story and couldn't reach the food (although I deeply suspect I would be much more acrobatics in my attempts at overeating) Credit for sticking to your plan.
Naturegirl: Congrats on all fronts.
gardenerjoy: Pleasant trip.
wannabeskinny:What instrument do you play?
Beverleyjoy: It is always good to see your post. You have been around longer than me and I like the consistency.

Lexxiss 11-12-2012 07:30 PM

Hi Coaches!
I weighed this morning and packed my lunch...ate my lunch then had 2 slices of wheat bread later during my shift..not hungry but bored. Ouch. I am going to reevaluate tonight's dinner since it included toast. Credit for willingness to do that.

NatureGirl, congrats on your milestone!

Beverlyjoy, kudos for a sane response whe faced with changing dinners!

BBE, yay for continued food sanity even if you're giving credit to your geographic location.

HaleyJu 11-12-2012 11:35 PM

Wow, we've had so many posts today! I apologize for being so late getting today's tip up. This is the end of a grading period and I am hustling to get things done so I don't have to spend the entire holiday worrying about school. If I can make it to Thursday and Friday, I'll be giving tests and will have the time while the students are working on tests to finish the remains of the grading required.

Today's credits..... still @ 172. That's three or four days in a row. I feel secure that it's not just a bounce weight. Made it to yoga and ate on plan.

Today's tip seems to be tailor made to me and many others in the group.

November 12, 2012 - Monday Motivation

Even though the prospect of continuing to work on healthy eating during times of stress may seem daunting, many dieters find that when they feel in control of their eating, it helps them feel more in control in general. So what they think might make them feel more stressed actually does the exact opposite.

Nature Girl 11-13-2012 02:05 AM

I was feeling pretty smug about my success so far and realized I'd better not let that distract me from the things I know work, so tonight I sat down with my Beck materials and made a plan, thought about goals, thought about which habits/actions I need to work on more.
I read the posts here every day - your victories encourage me and your struggles remind me of my own tough spots, and I'm always rooting for success for each one of you. But I'm often lazy about posting, and I need to start doing that and responding to your posts, so that is my resolution tonight!
Tonight I post, tomorrow I start with coach/buddy responses.
I also need to keep my 'Rules' (the most important Beck expectations) in the front of my mind so I don't get sloppy and start grabbing food on the run or forget about "No Choice" and "That's not about me"
And exercise - I can't rely on Kindergarteners to give me enough workout every day! So more thought about that is definitely needed---wait! I know better than that--thinking about exercise does no good! You have to actually DO it!!! OK, OK, but one thing at a time - that can be Thursday's goal.

--Accountability and Action--

MaryContrary 11-13-2012 03:00 AM

It's late, I just submitted my last job application of this year, and I want to munch. Boy, do I want to munch. I want to reward myself. But I look at my waistline and my clothes (and the fact that I have no idea what to wear tomorrow) and I tell myself one or the other. At this point I am so swamped I feel that it doesn't matter what I do. I can't catch up on the lost exercise. And more negative thoughts. But getting back on track doesn't mean catching up, right? It just means stepping back on the track. ::sigh:: I'm gonna do so right now.

Two goals this week: no late-night snacking and intense exercise 3xs.

Thanks for being here.

Koala 11-13-2012 06:38 AM

Hello Beck Trekkers

Here I am posting 2 days running – I am on a roll LOL! I’m happy to report Day 2 of being 100% on plan – I give myself credit, it has been a long struggle to get in the right mindset and stay with the program. I can’t even say it’s a day-by-day thing, sometimes it’s an achievement to just get myself from one quarter of an hour to the next … :dizzy: Still no exercise – at least these days it’s an action plan – even if it’s all plan and no action. That’s something for me to work on.

MaryContrary – hello! That must be a great feeling to have submitted the last job app for the year (although it’s a bit scary to think how quickly the end of the year is barrelling towards us!). Credit for recognising that the past is the past and it’s onward and upward from here.

Nature Girl – good strategy to revisit the basics and keep yourself on track. I try and try to outsource my exercise effort, but they keep telling me it doesn’t work that way LOL! I agree - the support we give and gain through this group is pretty special.

HaleyJu – a conga line of credits for you - staying on plan, exercise and a solid loss – woot! Hope all goes well with your plan to get your marking done by the holidays. Thanks for the daily tip – I’m noticing that as I am needing to be more organised and in control with my meals, I’m becoming more organised and in control in other areas of my life – that’s a novelty for me!

Lexxiss – credit for the common sense approach of accounting for a lapse by changing dinner and staying within the day’s overall eating plan.

Maryann – credit for having the fortitude to stay on track with Beck in the midst of all you have to contend with right now.

Gardenerjoy – hope you have an enjoyable trip!

Beverlyjoy – credits for all your day’s achievements. I’m glad gardening counts as exercise – I’m still a bit stiff and sore after my efforts! My mind is boggling at the thought of taking 20 mins to eat a meal - I am improving my ability to eat mindfully, but 20 mins for an everyday at home meal - wow! Sorry to hear about your mother’s fall – I hope she is back on deck soon. Healing thoughts are winging their way to her.

BillBlueEyes – good effort to stay on track in your current situation. I’m sure I would find a way to push through the pain if I were determined to mollycoddle myself with treats! I don’t think I’ve ever tasted Armenian food – is it similar to other Middle Eastern food (Turkish, Lebanese etc)? By the way, “cat grass” is completely innocent – nothing more than wispy tender young grass shoots which my babeez (aka the kittehs) love to eat :)

Hope everyone has a good day! I have dinner with friends tomorrow night, I will be doing my best to stay on the straight and narrow.

BillBlueEyes 11-13-2012 06:47 AM

Tuesday - Sadie Hawkins Day
Diet Coaches/Buddies – A repeat of yesterday. Remained on my eating plan, CREDIT moi, as I remained on the second floor for most of the day except for three trips downstairs for the three meals. Dinner was leftovers from two meals with guests; I had salmon, chicken, turkey, and beef all on one plate in moderate servings. Was a lot of different meats for a modest meal. Snacks were also OK.

I'm getting better at stairs. Instead of going down slowly on my bum, I went down kind of hopping. It was faster. My dream is to simply hop up the stairs on my good right leg but it isn't strong enough to do that now. This afternoon I go to the doctor for my real cast (to replace the temporary splint held with Ace bandages). I'm hoping to feel more mobile.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – All day business trips can be challenging. Hope all went well.

Debbie (Lexxiss)"Bored" is probably the real trick the serpent used in the Garden of Eden.

Nature Girl – LOL at "thinking about exercise does no good" - were it not so I could lie here with my leg propped up and run along the Atlantic beaches nearby.

Beverlyjoy – Yep, 'eating season' is coming. Neat that you are planning ahead.

Mary (MaryContrary) – Such an important reminder, "getting back on track doesn't mean catching up, right? It just means stepping back on the track." It's a Sabotaging Thought to carry the burden of all that we coulda/shoulda in our face when trying to go forward.

maryann - Kudos for "changing and challenging myself" despite the feelings.

HaleyJu - Seems like you're really packing your school day by grading tests while the students are taking a test. Congrats for holding that weight.

Readers -

chapter 1
The Key to Success

I'm happy to tell you that there's a completely different reason that you haven't been successful. You just didn't know how to diet. Once you know how to diet, you'll step on the scale and see a lower number reflected week after week after week. You'll drop clothing sizes. You'll experience all the wonderful benefits that come along with a slimmer body: more energy, more confidence, better health, and improved self-esteem, as well as fewer aches and pains. You can have all of this - and continue to have it for a lifetime. It doesn't ever have to slip away from you as it may have in the past. You can end the weight loss-regain cycle - permanently.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 17.

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